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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, flooding fatigue. after several days of nonstop flooding telling engineat the js there relief in sight. plus the eagles are 1-3 after falling to the redskins with just seconds left. but first, on high alert. the fbi has issued a warning to all philadelphia area colleges and universities after a threat was posted online. good evening. that threat did not name a school but it did specify tomorrow's date. let's go to doug shimell live in university city.
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and this is being taken very seriously in light of the mass shooting at an oregon community college. . >> reporter: exactly. the fbi says they want to be overly cautious because this particular threat targeting a local school specifies violence at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. the threat is just vague enough to make every school panic. >> definitely could be a hoax, but we have to take it seriously. >> reporter: drexel krufunivers says a novembnonspecified threa been received. >> it's alarm willing. all right getting t >> reporter: and the threat made a lot of people pause. >> just bnk safety in general and the fact that schools are did it targets if you'll be a threat. >> reporter: the fbi says students need to listen to what
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their campus police departments are telling them, many of those departments are working with local law enforcement agency high school this order to step up patrols around those college and university campuses. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. turning now to flooding frustrations at the shore. here is a live look at cape may where you can see the effects of the high tide from earlier this afternoon. let's check in with brittney shipp. and are people finally going to get a break? >> things are already starting to improve. the coastal flood warning expired at 6:00 p.m., still an advisory in effect until midnight. so it's really not affecting atlantic city. cape may is under the coastal flood advisory. and our main concern is it's going to be minor tidal flooding for low lying roads and also this will occur after high tide for a few hours heading in to the evening. so once this advisory expires
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and we won't have as many coastal flood concerns. we're still dealing with the wind speeds, 32 miles per hour in atlantic city. up to about 30 miles per hour in wildwood and up to 37 in georgetown. but even the wind speeds will start to subside as we head into the rest of tonight and into tomorrow. our radar is clear finally, so we're drying out. we're also going to warm things up after another chilly day. by 11:00, mid-50s. overnight we'll drop down into the mid-50s. i'll go over how warm we'll get as we push into next week and how long we'll stay dry. in cape may, residents are not just concerned about flooding, but also beach erosion. andrea klein thomas continues the team weather coverage from avalon. >> reporter: the bay is just about a block away. this water is about 6 to 8 inches high. now, it didn't even rain today, it's actually the high winds that are making the flooding so
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widespread. this is probably close to one of the who nor'easters. >> reporter: for days the bay swelled sending floodwaters right to this hodge-podge store. >> when the water comes in, we're stuck, customers complaint get here by car, some walk here with wader, some by boats. >> reporter: and they're in the getting fishing supplies. >> they're putting an extra rope or two on the boat. >> reporter: a neighbor says it's the beach erosion that is the biggest concern. >> normally we have a beautiful we've out here 100 yard, 150 yards out. and the do you know structu"do and now the angry sea has chopped away at it. >> reporter: ramps are closed after there were dangerous clips along the beach. replenishment project. >> to have this happen, devastating. so soon after the season.
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it's sad. >> reporter: while flooding comes in quickly, the residents say it takes about five or six hours for it on to recede. andrea klein thomas, nbc 10 news. to delaware, rescue crews pulled two people from a pickup truck engulfed in floodwaters in bethany beach. officials say the driver tried to cross south inlet road when the truck got stuck in rising waters. firefighters were able to haul the truck to safety. the driver and passenger were not hurt. torrential rains are drenching south carolina. rescue teams used boats to fluk people from floodwaters across the capital city of columbia. slow moving storm has doused the area over the weekend and isn't expected to let will up until monday. 14 inches of rain fell in the columbia area overnight. president obama has declared a state of emergency in south carolina authorizing federal aid. and count on nbc 10 for your up to the minute weather updates on
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air and online. download the free nbc 10 news app to get the latest on the conditions in your neighborhood. it was not the ending the eagles were are hoping for. fans watched as the redskins scored game winning touchdown with just 26 seconds in the fourth quarter. the redskins beat the birds 23-20. and tonight we have team coverage of the tough loss. we begin with john clark live at fedex field. >> yeah, this is a bad loss for the eagles and once again the offense was slow to start, they were shut out in the first half. in the three losses this year, the eagles have been outscored in the first half 39-3. it is hard to get back into games doing that. and demarco murray had eight carries, but afterwards he says he needs to get the ball more. he is used to getting a lot more carries of course coming from the cowboys. and you wanted big play offense? sam practiced pord did get it
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going. four passes over 30 yards. how about the touchdown with milesaustin, 39 yards. redskins go on a 15 play 90 yard drive capped off by kurt cousins and pierre garcon, the 4 yard touchdown, eagles lose. so now they are in last place 1 did-3, all those preseason hopes and expectations, listen to sam bradford now. >> when you're 1-3, i think those expectations are gone. oof quusly i think there were a lot of expectations early. as a group we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to score every time we touched the football. but i think we just have to take a big breath, relax and just go have fun. >> we're not executing. i think they played with great effort, but we're not executing. i don't fault them for effort.
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we just have to execute. >> and center jason kelce in the locker room after the game said the eagles offense is a disgrace right now. and the eagles have more injuries to deal with as well. we'll have that and more in sports. i'm john clark, back to you. we continue our coverage where a look at how fans are reacting to the loss. randy gyllenhaal, tell us what the eagles faithful have to say. >> reporter: today was the most subdued i have seen these fans all season here at xfinity live. obviously very disappointed. right now a sparse crowd. you could see the disappointment in their faces. let me show you video. just at the end of the game, whether the turnover, the dropped passes or the sacks, this was not a good looking team out there today and now with three losses, fans are saying that something has to change. and it has to happen fast.
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>> we can't kick, we can't block, receivers can't catch. >> bradford looks like he just wants a paycheck. >> do you think they should have kept tebow? >> oh, yes. bring him back. the power of prayer. >> reporter: fans are also saying that mark sanchez should be put into the game next week against the saints. meantime here in south philly, fans are just calling this one embarrassing. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. and remember nbc 10 is your official eagles station. be sure to stay tuned after our late news tonight for eagles game day final. we'll have exclusive interviews with malcolm jenkins and coach chip kelly. the former head of philadelphia's naacp is in the hospital tonight. coming up, what we've learned about jerry mondesire's condition. plus the pope may not be here this weekend, but that doesn't stop people from packing the ben franklin parkway once again. we'll show you the parade that brought thousands.
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a local civil rights leader is in critical condition at jefferson hospital. former head of the naacp is 65 years old. the inquiry reports he suffered a brain aneurysm while having dialysis. he took over the local naacp chapter in 1991. the national office suspended him last year after he was accused of misusing funds. talk about a one-two punch. businesses dealing with flooding now have something else to be concerned. we'll tell you about the security warning they're getting from police tonight. and i do have a little bit of good news. things are starting to improve at the shore and as we head into your workweek.
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. from our south jersey burrow, a car wreck sends two people to the hospital. nudge tran transit officials were forced to suspend service due to the crash which blocked the tracks. no word on the severity of the injuries. a suspect is in custody following a string of burglaries during friday's storms in atlantic city. atlantic city police arrested 48-year-old deon joyce earlier this morning. officials responded to four break ins in a span of four hours friday and all the cases the front locks of the businesses were destroyed. the investigation is ongoing. for the second consecutive weekend, thousands of people lined the ben franklin parkway in celebration. ♪
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this was the scene at the 53rd annual puerto rican parade earlier today. an estimated 1500 marchers took part in this year's event. and pat raid was organized by the nonprofit social service agency. f good evening. as we head into the rest of today, we will continue to see calmer conditions at the shore. here is a closer look at some of your headlines. warmer days on tap for us, we will also stay dry. we definitely earn it after having so many unsettled days. for cape may, we're at 59 degrees. wind speeds out of the northeast at 20 miles per hour. wind gusts still at 29 miles per hour. we will continue to see the wind speeds relaxing as we head into the next 24 hours.
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our humidity is at 67%. and as we take a closer look, you'll notice in allentown, we're at 62. atlantic city at 59 with mostly cloudy skies. and as we push into the rest of tonight, temperatures will get closer to average dropping down right around 50 degrees for philadelphia. temperature-wise we're at 62 in allentown. 59 in pottstown. 59 in wildwood. a closer look at our 24 hour temperature change map and that shows we're starting to warm things up as we head into the rest of today. we will gradually push back into the 70s as we head into next week and look the shore line, temperatures are still staying down. so we will start to see a coastal flood advisory in effect at least until midnight and this is mainly going to affect parts of cape may stretching into philadelphia and delaware. our concerns will mainly be a minor tidal flooding, also low lying roads are going to be a concern and then this is going to happen a few hours after high
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tide which is closer to 5:00 and 6:00 this evening. but then we will see things improving. winds still up to about 32 miles per hour. in atlantic city, close to 40. george utou down. this is a closer look at wind speeds. things will start to relax for us which is great news. we've seen a lot of coastal flooding. our "7-day forecast" shows that as we head into the rest of tomorrow, 67 degrees, take a look at tuesday, wednesday and thursday, back to the zetts. and the next chance of showers is saturday, temperature at 69 by next weekend. and comingl phillies try to avoid 100 losses. and not everyone the trio of second half touchdowns were enough to help reach the win column. a look at what went wrong coming
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happy sunday to you. the eagles were in washington with the chance to entheven the record. demarco murray was questionable. he did it play totaling eight carries for 36 yards. eagles shut out in the first half. third quarter, a different story. sam bradford airing it out. haven't seen much of this. it's riley cooper behind the defense for 62 yards and the touchdown. missed extra point. eagles down 13-6. next possession, bradford
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showing agility. we're tied. fourth quarter, bradford to a wide open miles austin turning back the clock. 39 yards. eagles lead. but cousins money when it mattered most. redskins use up most of the clock and a great td grab. that's your it game winning score, washington wins 23-20, eagles are 1-3. let's go live to the nation's capital where john clark has more. >> yeah, a lot of the eagles players are very frustrated in the locker room. take demarco murray, he had eight carries today. last year he had more touches than anybody in the nfl, averaged 28 touches per game. he says he needs to get the ball more. and other players on offense, as well, they're very frustrated. >> bottom line is our defense plays good enough, our offense struggles to move the ball and we don't do our job. that's been the thing from the [ bleep ] season. it's a disgrace right now.
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>> i think everyone is frustrated right now. this is obviously not where we wanted or expected to be after week four. >> most importantly, we had a great opportunity, off fence put us in a great opportunity to win the game on defense. and they had to go the whole field almost. and we lost that match-up. >> hard to imagine giants and red skins are both ahead of the eagles. birds are in last place in the nfc east at 1-3. we'll have a lot more tonight on egg 00 he wi eagles game day final. today big game, buchanan tries to core from first and he beats the tag. ties the game at two. we went to the seventh inning. phillies up 3-2.
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and he finds an empty space, bases clearing triple. phyllis win and finish the season 63-99. that's your look at sports. back to you. >> and now a look at what is coming up on "nightly news." coming up, flood emergency, catastrophic flooding in the carolinas. plus why doctors without borders is blaming the u.s. for a deadly air strike on a hospital calling it a war crime. and how the revival of cassette tapes is rewinding the way people are listening to music when we see you in a few minutes here on "nightly news."
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♪ a little music to go along with good food and more in
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chestnut hill. this is the 31st year for the fall for the arts festival. it featured more than 150 artists and craftsman showing off their goods and services. a little chilly out there today, but then the sun popped out. >> and things will improve as we head into next week. so we have warmer weather on the way. i think we've earned it. also drier conditions for us. we will stay breezy tonight heading into tomorrow, but at least the coastal flooding concerns will go down so the folks it at the shore will get a break. heading in to next week, we're right back to the average in the 70s. we don't track another chance of showers until we head into next weekend. so that's a pretty good lookin forecast. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. we'll see you back here tonight after sunday night football. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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and i bank human at td bank. on this sunday night, flood emergency, millions bracing for yet more deadly and catastrophic flooding on the east coast as more heavy rains threaten an already threatened south carolina. an apparent u.s. air strike that destroyed a hospital in northern afghanistan should be treated as a war crime. tonight, how could this have happened? shooters last words, chilling new details on what the gunman in oregon told his victims in the moments before he took their lives. and blast from the past, cassette tapes are making a major comeback with turns of millions sold last year alone. rewinding the way we listen to music. "nightly n


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