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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 5, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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msnbc. we'll be back next week with the big show. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press."úoú'@ú7ú'@@@o college campuses across this area are on high alert this morning after the fbi issued a warning about a pobszable threat today. and this morning we have new information on the social media post that led to that warning and how it could be connected to the massacre in oregon. also day of rain and flooding are still causing problems. we'll show you some of the worst of the damage on the shore and more of this dra mat i believe helicopter rescue. we have a risk of showers still for the jersey shore this morning but we'll continue to be dry and breezy with cool conditions for most of the area. 53 degrees. good morning, welcome to nbc
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10 news on this monday. i'm chris cato. we're starting with this. colleges and university in the philadelphia area are on high alert this morning. matt delucia is live with the details on this post. and matt, what is this all about and what are schools doing about it this morning? >> it's all about promoting vigilance in the wake of the school shooting last week. campus safety is being taken a lot more serious. word started spreading about this yesterday afternoon. the fbi put out an alert saying out of an abundance of caution, the threat was made beon social media, someone will take up arms against a university near philadelphia on october 5th. this is the same web forum where a post was made about the shooting in the northwest and the very next day there was a shooting in oregon. no specific school was mentioned in this threat. still our local colleges and
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universities pushed out text and e-mails alerts to their campuses. some saying they were increasing security patrols and urging students and staff to be watchful, mindful and report any suspicious activity to campus security or police. no specific school was mentioned. and we did speak with several students in our area about that threat. we'll have those reactions coming up at 4:30. now live in the digital operations center, matt delucia. and umpqua unit college in o oregon is back open today. family members and loved one gathered at a church last yieth. the pastor's daughter is one of the nine people wounded in that attack and she sed the gunman, kris mer harper mercer forced everyone into the center of the classroom and singled out one classmate before giving him an
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envelope and a chilling message. >> called for another young man to come up front saying you're the lucky one, you're going to live today. everything you need to know about me and what i'm doing is in any backpack. >> police have that envelope and what they call a mas fes to of several pages. classes at the community college are postponed but students and faculty are allowed back on campus. a leading voice for civil rights died last night. tracy davidson joins us live in the studio. jerry's mondy sire's death came of a weekend vigil. >> his family and friends were at his sides when he pass away yesterday. he was known for his cowboy boots and hats as well as his activism. the former head of the philadelphia naacp died last night at thomas jefferson hospital. he suffered a brain aneurysm on
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friday while having dialysis at chestnut hill hospital. he was born in harlem in 1949, later worked adds an assistant to congressman bill gray. he then started a weekly newspaper, "the philadelphia sun" and in 1981 he took over the local naacp chapter. the national office suspended him last year after he was accused of misusing funds. we spoke with a friend who worked with him for 25 years. >> made sure that he stood for the right thing at the time. i do. i think that somebody needs to pick up the baton and we're sorry that he died. i mean it's just an untimely death and he'll sorely be missed. >> he was also the founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalists. the organization released this statement saying jerry used the power of the pen and the bull horn to advocate for those in philadelphia without a voice.
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he fought for philadelphia's black community but for all people of color and wanted nothing more than for all people in this city wob treated justly. he was 65. a memorial service is being planned. we have now information now on the fatal fall of a college student that we first toll you about over the weekend. swarth more college identified the student who accidentally fell from a cliff on saturday and died. he was a sophomore, falling 40 to 50 feet from a cliff at the pack of the campus in delaware county. neighbors found his body. the college is offering counseling to students and staff today. be ware of this sinkhole in the kensington neighborhood. it opened up yesterday, 6 feet deep, 5 feet wide. crews have roped it off. neighbors say this is the second sinkhole on the block in the past few weeks.
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if you live in pennsylvania, this is the last day you can register to vote in the 2015 general election. the election is set for tuesday, november 3rd. the mayor's office and several city council seats are on the ballot. you can check the nbc 10 news app for a link to the state website that can get you registered to vote. 4:06 check this out. we have video of a harrowing rescue in choppy waters off the jersey shore. this video shows the coast guard rescuing a jet skier who fell overboard yesterday. when the helicopter crew flew over, they spotted the jet ski but didn't see the rider immediately. the strong waves pushed the man toward a jetty. the coast guard crew lowered a rescue swimmer down to the water. if you look closely to the left of the guy on the rope you can see the guy in the water. the man was only in the water
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for a few minutes but he was already exhausted from trying to swim through the rough ways and this photo shows the air station crew that saved the man's life. well back to the heavy rain we saw on friday and saturday, look at this. the steady rain really took a coal on cape may county. water filling the streets. in stone harbor, beach erosion is a big concern there. this is happening two years after that area saw a beach replenishment project that cost several million ondollars. >> normally we have a beautiful beach out here, 100 yards, 150 yards out and the do you know structure. and now this angry sea has just chopped away at it. >> now those storms are coming ahead of the peak nor'easter season which is january through march. officials say the driver tried to cross south inlet road and the truck got stuck?
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rising waters. this is what we're telling you not to do in flooding road situations. firefighters did pull the truck to safety. not even is fed up with the flooding, though. check this out. this shows a wake border making his way down waterway road. the aptly named water may road in ocean city cape may county. he stood up there for a bit before falling off his board. not bad. we know you're standing by for your morning forecast. we'll have that for you in a couple of minutes. right now there's still no sign of a 7 00-foot crew ship. it's been days since the crew and el faro vanished. and the birds lay another rotten egg. next we'll break down what went
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wrong for the eagles yesterday and what the players, coach and most of all you fans have to say about it.
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here we go again. a second half comeback for the eagles only to set up a late game letdown. washington east last-minute touchdown sent the birds to the bottom of the nfc east. demarco murray was crushed, he did play, didn't do a lot, though. in the fout quarter the eagles took their first lead of the game on this pass. things were looking good for the birds. but then washington gashed the defense for a 90-yard dive that ended with this pass, just 26
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seconds left and the'gs lost a heartbreaker 23-20. >> as a group we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to score every time we touch the football. i think we've got to take a big breath, relax and just go have fun. >> we're not executing. i think they play with great effort but we're not executing. it's the execution part. that's what i told them after the game. i don't fault them for the effort. i think they play hard. we just have to execute. >> the eagles are now one and three in the season and in last place in the east. the loss sent the birds fans into another funk, disappointment, frustration, anger, pick another emotion. birds' fans feeling any and all of them. we were live in philadelphia, fans hoping to see a victory sank to the depths of despair. now with the birds at one and
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three, fans told us something has to change and fast. >> can't kick, we can't block, receivers can't catch. >> bradford looks like he just wants a paycheck. >> do you think they could have kept tebow? >> i love tebow. yes, yes. bring him back. the power of prayer. >> they'll need some prayer all right. fans want to see mark sanchez take some snaps next week. really? are we at that point yet? all right. the eagles are home next sunday taking on the new orleans saints. you can count on us to bring you complete coverage before and after the game. 4:13, happening today. the supreme court will head back to work for the start of a new term. today justices will decide whether to take up two cases from texas, one covering facilities and medical privileges, the other
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affirmative action in college emissions. the court is likely to consider a challenge of the birth control manda mandate. there is no sign of a cargo ship still missing after the coast of bahamas. the el faro was en route from jacksonville to puerto rico. one of the 33 people on board made a distress call near the bahamas on tuesday. the coast guard locate thousands of pieces of debris yesterday but they only confirmed one life ring as belonging to the ship. families say they continue to pray for their loved one's safe return. >> i just want to say to this community, we really, as families of these people, these men, we're asking for your prayers, sincere prayers. because in this situation that's all we can do. >> well, officials with the shipping company say they're meeting with family members and
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they say coast guard crews will continue their search today. mandatory curfews are in place through the south as the record rain there continues to fall. south carolina is one of the hardest hit areas. hundreds of people had to be rescued from the fast moving flood waters. rushing waters took out roads in columbia, south carolina. and official say more than 200 state roads in south carolina are impassable. the relentless downpours are blamed for seven deaths in the carolinas and more rain is on the way. here's nbc's jay gray with more. >> reporter: flood waters continue to rush across the carolinas, running through or over everything in their path. >> cars are submerged, cars washed up against the porch and everything. never seen anything like it. >> reporter: in many areas, there's never been anything like this. rain for three days straight. at times more than 2 inches an hour.
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>> the rising water has collapsed bridges, overcome dams and destroyed roads, whole neighborhoods have found thepss under water and precious lives from having lost. >> reporter: at least five people have died as a result of the storms. hundreds -- >> the house is flooding and they can't stop it. >> reporter: pushed from their homes by a relentless curreand g water. >> we've lost everything. pretty much everybody down there has lost everything this morning, their vehicles, our clothes, our everything. >> reporter: forecasters say at some point today the rain should finally begin to ease. the first responders and officials warn the problems will not. >> this challenge is not over and the danger to life and property does not end when the rain stops. >> reporter: still, it will be a welcome sign for so many anxious for the recovery to begin here.
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jay gray, nbc news columbia, south carolina. and listen to this. a reporter talked about what he witnessed being on the scene at a rescue in progress at a columbia apartment complex. >> i can't even see the tops of these cars. i mean it is crazy. these families are just now getting out of their homes which are inundated with water. >> now that reporter says a concerned citizen actually alerted her about the people trapped there. you can hear the panic in here voice as she watched people trying to get out of the waters and she spoke with a resident who pretty much lost everything. >> i heard they had to kick out some windows to get children from around the other corner. it's very bad. very bad down here. >> and emergency officials are advising people to boil their
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drinking water. a curfew is in effect until 6:00 this morning. it's a breezy start this morning. we have some clouds that are streaming across the shore inland, a few scattered showers at the shore and temperatures that are starting out in the 40s and 50s. a nice cool start. 53 degrees here at nbc 10 at 4:18. we'll see sun shine today, dry and a bit warmer with a high of 6 # 67. you know efforts it rains or floods you hear us give you the same warning, don't drive into standing water and somehow it always seems to go ignored like in this situation. ahead in our next half-hour, this truck driver almost swept away by flood waters down south. if you've ever wondered what happens behind the scene at nbc 10, you would be in for an earful today.
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this's a lot going on that we can tell you about. through periscope, you can interact with us. it's an app that allows you to see live broadcasts anywhere anyone is using periscope. we have it set up and we'll talk to you during commercial breaks. nbc philadelphia.
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if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. we're back at 4:21. five volunteer fire companies in abing don are hosting fire safety open houses this morning. the first is happening today at the abingdon fire company. each will be listed on your screen. should have known that wouldn't
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work this morning. officials -- hey! officials call these events interesting and visual. firefighters will put out fires, climb ropes and teach people how to properly escape a fire. it's a good lesson for the kids. fire safety took center stage in northtown, yesterday holding a fire safety clinic at the elm park zoo. the kids there had a chance to meet fire responders and operate a fire hose. look at that. well the phillies season is over. some would say finally. air ron broke the game open with a base clearing triple in the seventh. he gave the fans the shirts off their backs for coming out right there and the phillies won it 7-2. >> i lied to you.
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i didn't want to lose 100 obviously but i didn't want to lose 99. >> do everything that i can do to try to get better, working. >> it was fun. you know, i really enjoyed being here, enjoyed being with these gois and honestly i hope this isn't the last time that i walk through this locker room. >> it was quite a season. the phillies completed their third straight losing season. 4:23. on to decision 2016, new polls showing presidential front runners hill clint and donald trump are still on top but their leads are dwindling. tracie potts reports from washington. >> donald trump promising 7% growth, something the u.s. has never seen and suggesting more guns may have prevented the oregon school massacre. >> if there were guns in that room other than his, fewer
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people would have died, fewer people would have been so horribly injured. >> on the middle east. >> of course it would. >> and when he would end his own campaign. >> if it was dropping in the polls where i saw that i wasn't going to win, why would i continue? >> his numbers are going down in iowa. the new maris poll still has him on top there and in new hampshire. with carly fiorina now a strong second in the granite state. bernie sanders leads democrats there. it's the opposite in iowa. hillary clinton is ahead. >> hi, i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, you're all losers? >> but later in morning in an interview on "today" show, a more serious tone, clinton unveiling her plan to close the
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gun loophole without congress. she wants to roll out a law that prevents people from suing gun manufacturers. tracie potts nbc washington. the wind is blowing. we're watching for some showers at the shore. nothing more than a light shower during the day. you can see the flags blowing at the lafayette hotel. it's a life picture. 53 degrees here at nbc 10. winds of 18 miles an hour with higher gusts at the shore. now is the time for you to begin to prepare for hunkering down and dealing with the storm. if an evacuation is necessary -- >> we know that new jersey governor chris christie has his eyes on the white house, what about another job in washington. ahead what he said he would rather do than serve in congress.
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the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. right now on nbc 10 news today, college threat. campuses in our area are on high alert this morning after federal agents warned of a possible threat. flated in d.c., the eagles made it good in the second half but then crashed. just ahead, the players react to the team's third loss of the season. you're waking up to breezy cool conditions after day of showers. expect some troyer weather. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today i'm tracy davidson. and i'm chris cato. people may applaud like that after the news of some drier weather. bill henley is here with his
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morning forecast. it's pretty chilly out there. >> it's a cool start. the temperatures have come down, 40s and 50s and the wind is blowing. we're watching the radar screen for a chance of showers along the coastline, atlantic city, cape may. i'm not expecting anything more than light showers. you can see this entire radar screen for our region is in the clear this morning. but the rain continues to the south. look at south carolina and into extreme southern north carolina. those heavy showers continue to stream on shore. our temperatures have come down, 40s and 50s this morning. pots town 48, coatesville down to 46 degrees, 50 in wilmington, 49 in rocks boarry and northeast philadelphia is at 51 degrees. south philadelphia right along the delaware river trail 53, but just inland, 48 degrees. and the wind is blowing. not going to be a strong wind for most of the day but a bit
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breezier at the shore. could see gusts beyond 30 miles an hour. right now it's a steady wind in wild wood at 18 miles per hour. so wind will be blowing. the temperatures will be cool. but for this time of year not so bad. we're going to be warming into the 60s. a bit warmer than what we saw yesterday. 6:00, 52 degrees, 9:00, 54 degrees and up to 61 degrees at noontime today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. 4:30 now. right now colleges and universities in the philadelphia area are on high alert >> it's all because of a threatening post found on social media. matt delucia is live in our digital operations center. >> everything right now appears to be out of an abundance of caution. in fact those were the exact words used by the fbi to describe this alert. several colleges and er


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