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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breezier at the shore. could see gusts beyond 30 miles an hour. right now it's a steady wind in wild wood at 18 miles per hour. so wind will be blowing. the temperatures will be cool. but for this time of year not so bad. we're going to be warming into the 60s. a bit warmer than what we saw yesterday. 6:00, 52 degrees, 9:00, 54 degrees and up to 61 degrees at noontime today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. 4:30 now. right now colleges and universities in the philadelphia area are on high alert >> it's all because of a threatening post found on social media. matt delucia is live in our digital operations center. >> everything right now appears to be out of an abundance of caution. in fact those were the exact words used by the fbi to describe this alert. several colleges and universities in our area pushed
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alerts to students via staff -- students and staff i would say via e-mail and texas message yesterday. the online post on social media made reference to someone taking up arms near a university in philadelphia today. this is the same forum where a post was made threatening a shooting at a school in the northwest and the very next day there was the shooting in oregon. so now just a few days later, many students are still understandably rattled and concerned. no specific college was mentioned in either post and according to the fbi's statement, no specific school in our area was named. so we went to several campuses and talked with students who had just gotten the alert from their safety officials. >> maybe it's fake, maybe it's someone messing around on their computer. at at the same time it's scary and i'm not sure if i could go to classes tomorrow. >> the oregon thing scared me because my sister lives an hour away from the community college.
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it's horrifying that that's happening. >> so for now students and staff are being urged to be cautious and report any suspicious activity to campus security or police. live in the digital operations center this morning. meantime in oregon, family members and loved ones gathered at a church last night in honor of the nine students who were shot and killed at umpqua community college. a victim who was wounded now says the gunman singled out a classmate before giving him an envelope telling hum you're the lucky one, you'll live today. the police have the envelope and a manifesto. the school campus is back open today but the classes are canceled. police have a suspect in custody following a string of burglaries that happened during friday's storms in atlantic city. police arrested 48-year-old deonjoyce yesterday. officers responded to four break-ins on friday in a span of four hours. in all of those cases the front
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locks of businesses were destroyed. new jersey's fourth medical marijuana dispensary opens today in camden county. we told you that they received the green light to start the growing process. the state health department issued a final permit on friday. it's one of six dispensaries allowed to legally grow or sell marijuana to patients with certain medical conditions. happening today, septa will start building a new parking garage at its lance dale train station. the new garage will nearly double the spaces for the commuters. the project is expected to be finished in 2017 but parking will be limited during the construction. you can tap. the nbc 10 app on how to access the station during the project. preseason is alive.
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that what is going on with this team after the birds' third loss in the first four games of the season. they fell behind 13-0 in washington yesterday before making a game of it. demarco murray was questionable before the game, he did play though. in the fourth quarter the eagles took their first lead of the game. the birds were on top. but then the defense caved. washington gashed the birds for a 90-yard drive to finish with this kirk cousins pass in the end zone with 26 seconds left. the eagles lose 23-20. >> our offense struggles with the ball and we don't do our job. that's been the thing since the [ bleep ] beginning of the season. it's a disgrace right now. >> opportunity to win on defense and they had to go the whole feel almost. >> so offense is taking
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responsibility. defense is taking responsibility but how do they fix it? the eagles are one and three in the season and in the last place at the nfc east. they're at home next sunday playing the new orleans saints who won last night. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you coverage before and after the game. we're drying out after days of wet weather. >> but down south the rain keeps coming. look at this. cameras were rolling as the driver tried to navigate the raging flood water there. only one example of extreme weather in the carolinas. putting philadelphia on the international menu. we'll tell you why they're so interested in food from our area. sunshine on tap for today but a cool breezy start, 53 degrees at 4:35. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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4:38 and it is a cool start this morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. still some wind blowing in our area. the wind will be dying down over the next 24 hours. we'll see sunshine today. we had blue sky yesterday afternoon. we'll see more of that today and the temperatures will be claiming. we're watching the shore for a chance of some scattered light showers, nothing more than that. and the wind will be elevated at the shore today. that's a live view from the lafayette hotel. the winds could be gusting as high as 36 miles an hour this afternoon. but will be dying down tonight. this morning the temperatures cooled down, clear skies in redding, 49 degrees, while it's in the low 50s for philadelphia, 53 with clouds over cape may,
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just clouds, showers offshore, 57 degrees at this hour. there's a live view from south philadelphia. we'll see sunshine today. it was in the low 60s in south philadelphia yesterday. a high of 63 degrees. it's going to be warmer today, in fact over the next few days, the temperature wills be climbing. we've got really nice fall weather ahead. but we've still got to get through today which could be challenging along the coast. 51 in northeast philadelphia, wriethstown is 51 degrees, most of the area north and west is in the 40s. blue bell at 50 degrees, shen then doe what down to 41 degrees, upper 40s for allentown. delaware right in the 50s. the school spart in newark 51 dex, middle 50s for middletown and dover is 55. south jersey, mount holly is at 50 degrees, a little warmer for
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millville and stick city at the airport 57 degrees. right along the coast beach haven is 59, clouds overhead and so far no showers at the shore. the wind, it's gotten stronger in just the last few minutes. wildwood now reporting winds of 20 miles an hour. sustained winds. we're seeing higher gusts this morning and some of the gusts will be coming inland. millville, 14 mile an hour wind, philadelphia holding at a 12 mile an our breeze and 10 mail an hour breezes in the pocono mountains. nothing to show you this morning on the radar. it is dry along the coast. but we could see some scattered isolated light showers. nothing heavy about what's going to happen today. you can see the showers way offshore for now. the rest of the area stays dry. where it is still raining unfortunately is that one area
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that's had so much rainfall, epic rainfall for south carolina. look at the heavy rain that's still streaming inland. showers and heavy rainfall and extreme southern north carolina as well. over the next 24 hours, conditions will be improving there. but for now they've got more rainfall moving in. moving out the door, temperatures will be climbing. you'll see partly sunny skies for campbell back, morgantown 64. sunshine and a nice breeze this morning that will die down later today. new hope a high of 67, 66 for abington and morristown. at the shore there's a slight chance of a shower. 60s for cape may, rehoboth 67 degrees. partly sunny skies, we seal see more sunshine during the day.
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seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 20 minutes until 5:00. y, that's right. just had to double-check myself there. it's been one of those mornings. we'll see how the morning drive is shaping up. >> jessica boyington, what do you see. >> you can see the lane restrictions here. northbound or southbound, it's mainly the shoulders being taken out. there's not a lot of volume in the area. we have an okay drive time to the vine street express way. no problems there if you're heading in or out of the area. out on the turnpike, everything is smooth sailing, we have a 22-mile-per-hour trip. watch out foremergency construction eastbound between
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ft. washington. no problems for pat ko, dart or new jersey transit. so plan accordingly into your schedule for the morning. turn around, don't drown. you've heard the warning before top don't drive into moving or standing water. this driver did not heed that warning. rescuers had to sai the person inside. we'll show you more damage from this weekend's record breaking water. we know that governor chris christie wants to be president but there's another job he has no interest in.
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side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. new this morning, we have new information about a deadly gas explosion in brooklyn on saturday afternoon. investigators are looking at suicide as a possible motive for
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a blast that killed a woman and injured three people. they say one other woman is still unaccounted for and they believe her body could be in the wreckage of the building. the exact cause is still under investigation but i may have followed the removal of a stove. the blast flew through the front of the building. officials in south carolina say yesterday was the single rainiest day in the state's history. >> it's amazing the pictures coming out of there. hundred of people were trapped and had to be rescued in the capital city of columbia. we're live in our dij operations center with the look at the rescues. >> authorities in columbia want to make sure that everyone who needs rescuing has been helped. they'll continue the door-to-door rescues today. >> he just made a mistake. there he goes. >> in flash flooding, turn around don't drown. that's sound advice. raging flood waters swept away a
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driver in this pickup truck and a good samaritan who tried to help ran into trouble. a rescue team got them both to safety. flash flooding closed dozens of roads and highways. caused a dam collapse in columbia. the dam was overwheldmemeoverwh. this video show a current that's so strong it's washing away roads in huge chunks. parts of this road were missing and then a big piece collapse the rushing water. the historic flooding has kill seven people so far and in the midst of the tragedy, some amazing rescues. the u.s. coast guard took to the air to reach a neighborhood inundated with flood water. the crew rescued a mom and her 15-month-old girl.
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they came up in a rescue basket. and then here's proof that love conquers all, a couple braved torrential wind and rain for their beach wedding. the couple getting married as planned. no need for shoes at this wedding. the couple planned a honeymoon in myrtle beach, south carolina. speaking of south carolina, officials there say there's so much water it could take months to assess all of the damage. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10. tracking some clouds this morning and a chance of some showers. there's your seven-day forecast which shows sunshine for today and 67 degrees this afternoon. come tomorrow we'll get a cooler start, 49 in the morning, 73 in the afternoon. and you can see plenty of sun shine for wednesday and
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thursday. it's friday that could see the return of some showers, late day showers are possible during the day on friday. those clouds will be continuing into friday night. by saturday afternoon, breezy and 66. and 68 degrees we should see sun shine on sunday. this morning the radar screen, we're keeping an eye on it, nothing to show you just yet. but there is a possibility that we'll see some scattered showers at the shore today. i expect them to be light. and unfortunately, the heavy rain continues in the deep south for the carolinas, especially south carolina, those heavy showers streaming into coastal north carolina and making their way to the west just past myrtle beach into the south of florence and columbia. flood warnings are in effect there. chance of showers at the shore today but most of the area will stay dry. let's get you updated on your ride to work if you leave the house early.
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>> let's check your ride in south jersey now. nbc 10 first traffic reporter jessica boyington looking at 42 for us. >> we're on the 42 right now in new jersey. so at the new jersey turnpike is really where this shot is. but headed northbound towards the walt whitman bridge, currently no problems this morning. you can see all traffic moving. no incidents in the way. we have a five-minute drive here. to problems getting to the walt whitman bridge. the rest of the bridges are fire as well. the ben franklin bridge is nice and clear, watch out for the ongoing construction whether you're heading eastbound or westbound. the white horse pike has some construction in both directions. watch out for the traffic shift for that bridge work. and i come back in the next ten minute, we'll go over cameras on the expressway. for the second consecutive weekend thousands of people lined a ben franklin parkway in
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celebration. ♪ this is the scene at the 53rd annual puerto rican parade yesterday. an estimated 1500 marchers took place in this event. ♪ and a bit of a different beat there. this was the 31st annual fall for the arts festival in chestnut hill featuring artisans and craftsman showing off their goods and services. if you're looking for one of the best haunted houses for the halloween season coming up, go no further than delaware county, the bates motel is now raunged among the scariest in the country. it just made's number ten. this is the tenth year of the haunted hayride which is filled
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with blood cuddling actors and special effects. bates motel reopens friday and runs through november 1st. someone get him a breakfast sandwich. he is hungry. if you're flying out of town for the thanksgiving dinner, travel experts say tomorrow is your best shot at saving money. but you're not out of time yet. this entire week is the best chance to get the deals on all holiday flight. airfares are 9% lower than they were last year. >> this early week in october is when prices are dipping the most before they head back up as we get close to the holidays. book your holiday airfare sooner than later. once you hit mid october, you're only going to see the prices continue to rise. >> and analysts say the best cato book airfare for flag
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around christmas is this friday, new year's eve? this at saturday. this morning, college campuses in this area 0 on high alert. the reason, a possible threat posted on social media. we'll get reaction from several local college campuses. the taste of philadelphia on an international menu. you i'm see why the city's food and freshest young chefs are grabbing forbes magazine's attention.
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the time is five minutes before 5 o'clock. an american service member killed when a u.s. military plane crashed in eastern afghanistan on friday has ties to our area. airman first class casey ruiz was from here, one of six american service members killed on friday when the plane crashed at an air base 80 miles from
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kabul. the crash remains under investigation. a u.s. war plane battling taliban militants may be responsible for bombing a doctors without borders hospital in kunduz. that was early saturday morning. u.s. defense secretary ash carter is promising a full and transparent investigation into the bombing that left 22 dead. doctors without borders has abandoned the hospital, leaving kunduz all together after declaring the hospital a total loss. on to decision 2016 now. hillary clinton, the leading democratic candidate at this time will today unveil a plan for major new gun restrictions. clinton's said say this plan will uncollude closing the private gun show loophole and say that the plan will allow victims of gun violence to view firearm manufacturers. clinton will make her announcement four days after that deadly mass shooting at the community college in oregon that left ten people dead.
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in the latest democratic polling clinton still leads in iowa with 47% support but in new hampshire bernie sanders tops her by 9 points. in vice president joe biden enters the race, clinton would lose ground in both of those contests. coming up at 7:00, the "today" show will air hillary clinton's town hall. and savannah guthrie will sit down with clinton on a one-on-one interview. donald trump's lead for the white house is shrinking. two new polls show that trump now holds on a 5-point edge in iowa and new hampshire. new jersey governor chris christie also wants to work at the white house but not on capitol hill. in a sunday interview christie said i would rather jump off the brooklyn bridge than be in congress. me thaed the comment about following a joke whether he was running for the speaker of the
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house. camden county officials are offering flu shots to residents today. it's in eastern high school in voorhees. they recommend flu shots for senior citizens, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses. the annual under 30 summit is under way in philadelphia. >> big forbes magazine event. forbes magazine hosted a competition for the city's top chefs who are under 30 years old. each of them served up a gourmet meal. the growing restaurant scene is grabbing global attention these days. j.j. johnson grew up in the poconos and runs a restaurant in new york. he's impressed by philly's explosion. >> i don't remember philly being this inspiring with food and now when i come here i have a list of restaurants i a want to go to. >> we want to do for this for
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philly. >> one millennial visiting from ohio told us that philadelphia is not new york but it is an exciting place and a great alternative. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 5:00 starts now. and right now on nbc 10 news today, a warning from the fbi after a threat against local colleges was posted online and now a possible connection to that mass shooting at an oregon college. details coming up in a live report. plus, this -- >> we can't kick, we can't block, receivers can't catch. >> how do you really feel? upset eagles fans have a lot to say about the birds poor performance on saturday. today's weather may brighten some people's morning, maybe not eagles fans but other people may enjoy the forecast. breezy and cool to start off
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with. temperatures heading into the 60s today. and we'll tell you what to expect for the rest of the week coming up in our nbc 10 first alert forecast. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tray zi davcy davida. let's get a look at your forecast. >> the wind will be with us today, won't be as strong as we head over the weekend. rating now cape may, atlantic city are in the clear, philadelphia a few clouds overhead and the temperatures have cooled. the wind now 15 miles and hour in philadelphia. much lighter in pottstown but a bit stronger for wildwood, a 17 mile an hour wind there. you can see the floog blowing this morning. sunshine will break through the clouds at times for cape may but we'll see more for philadelphia. the sun is up at 7:01 today. we'll see sunshine and 56 degrees at


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