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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 5, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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outside. >> typical for this time of the year. we've got 40s and 50s this morning. what's atypical is the wind. still on the strong side. 15 mile an hour breeze in philadelphia. we'll see gusts of 20 miles an hour. but stronger winds have been detected at the shore. right now wildwood has a 13 mile an hour wind, down by 4 miles an hour from last hour. but gusts could top 30 miles an hour at the shore. and cooler, yes. 40s for the pocono mountains, pottstown, allentown and redding. 52 at philadelphia international. sunshine will break through the clouds. we'll see more sunshine as the day goes on. 56 at 10:00 and up to 63 and still climbing at 1:00 this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten. right around trooper road and through the work zone, moving along just fine.
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we had some small lane restrictions but ongoing. as we see, the eastbound drive time hasn't increased at all. we're doing ago. average speeds of 65 miles per hour. if you're heading out the door on the pa turnpike, you can see the same story with the green. everything is moving along. the eastbound from valley forge to route 1, 20 minutes. just checked in with the pa turnpike again, no lane restrictions there. this is completely off in the shoulder but it's eastbound between ft. washington and virginia drive. mass transit, no current problems or delays. but f se septa, starting today buses will be replacing the trains until about december. colleges and universities in the philadelphia area are on high alert this morning. >> this is all because of a threatening post found on social
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media. matt delucia is live in our digital operations center now. what do we know about this threat and the possible connection to the shooting in oregon last week? >> campuses throughout our area are increasing security out of an abundance of caution. several colleges and universities in our area pushed alerts to students and staff in the past 24 hours. the online post on social media made reference to someone taking up arms against the university near philadelphia at 2:00 p.m. today. this is the same web forum where a post was made threatening a shooting at a school in the northwest and the next day there was the shooting at the school in oregon. a few days later, many students are still understandably rattled and concerned. no specific college was mentioned in either post. and according to the fbi's statement yesterday, no specific school in our area was named. so we went to several campus, talked with students who had just gotten the alert from their safety officials. >> i think it is odd. i don't know why they would
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target like a random school. >> maybe it's fake, someone messing around on the computer. but at the same time it's scary and i'm not sure whether i should go to classes. >> students are being asked to be alert and report anything to campus security or police, especially if they see anything suspicious. live in the digital operations center this morning, i'm matt delucia. family members and loved ones gathered at an oregon ch k church last night. a victim who was wounded now says the gunman singled out a classmate before giving him an envelope and telling him, you're the lucky one, you'll live today. police are the envelope they're describing as an manifesto. the school campus is back open today but the classes are canceled. in the 24 hours following the shootings, there were a dozen shooting deaths around the country. more than 8100 people were
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killed during shootings last year according to an fbi crime report. >> and it was a violent weekend in philadelphia over the weekend. six people died in acts of violence, four shootings, one stabbing and one assault. none of the crimes are believed to be connected. crews will be hard at work cleaning up today after a weekend of heavy rain led to flooding down the jersey shore. steady rain and flooding took its toll on cape may county. water filled the streets in avalon and neighboring stone harbor. beach erosion is a huge concern. this is happening two years after the area underwent a beach reroegs project that cost several million dollars. >> normally we have a beautiful beach out here and now the angry sea has just chopped away at it. >> the storms come ahead of the peak nor'easter season of january through march. not everyone is fed up with the flooding. some people making the most.
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this viewer video shows a wake border making his way down a watery road in ocean city. bad weather as a kor for crime. police have a suspect in custody after a string of burglaries during friday's storm. atlantic city police arrested deon joyce on saturday. they responded to sfour break-ins in four hours on friday. an investigation continues. happening today, septa will start building a new parking garage. the four story garage is going up behind the station. the new garage will double the number of spaces for commuters. the project should be finished by 2017. the parking will be limited during construction. you can tap the abc 10 app for details and how to access the
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station during the project. new jersey's fourth medical marijuana dispensary opens today in camden county. in june we told you that they received the green light to start growing process. final permit was issued on friday. compassion gnat science is one of six dispensaries allowed to legally grow or sell marijuana to patients with certain medical conditions. research shows that drugged driving is on the rise. the percentage of drives that tested positive for marijuana or other drugs jumped 15% over the past five years. 36% of drivers who dried in traffic crashes had drugs in their system. offense struggled with the ball and we don't do our job. that's been the thing from the [ bleep ] beginning of the season. it's a disgray. >> the offense gave us a great
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opportunity to win the game on defense. we lost that matchup. >> well you heard it there, eagles fans utter disguise from the players in the locker room last night after the last-minute loss to the washington red skins yesterday. they came back in the second half but then saw things fall apart at the end of the game. demarco murray was questionable for the start of the game. he did play, didn't do much. in the fourth quarter the eagles grabbed their first lead of the game. but then the defense collapsed. washington drove 90 yards in 15 plays capped off by kirk cousins touchdown pass to pierre garcon. 26 seconds left. that would do it. eagles lose another one, 23-20. they have regraupi inregrouping before the saints come to town.
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nbc 10 is your official station for the philadelphia eagles. we'll have your complete coverage before and after the game. well as new jersey governor chris christie burning bridges on the campaign trail? we'll tell you about what his run for president in 2016 and why the candidate's comedic timing may be a little off. plus, prove that love really does conquer all, even bad weather. a couple braved some torrential wind and rain for their wedding on the beach. we'll tell you where they planned to honeymoon and why that may be a tough aware. we'll see some sunshine today but there are some areas still watching the high tide. a slight chance of flooding. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast just ahead.
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we've got sunshine in the future. you saw some yesterday. we've got a cool start this morning. the wind is still blowing 13 miles an hour. 5 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. 50 now in northeast philadelphia. there's still a chance of some minor flooding for portions of the area. a coastal flood advisory in effect until 7:00 this evening. it's high tide that's going to be an issue. just a possibility of minor flooding today. for today there's also a chance of a coastal shower, a sprinkle really. most of the area is completely dry. the showers are way offshore and will stay dry for philadelphia and inland areas. sunshine taking over, the clouds will be thinning out. 61 degrees for pocono mountains, 65 in quakertown. breezy for trenton, doylestown and mount holly. a sprinkle or brief shower is possible for rehoboth, cape may and atlantic city.
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more sunshine for williamstown, up to 66 degrees this afternoon. and there's some warmer weather in the future. got the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. >> we'll take that. thank you. 5:42 now. let's hope your ride to work is trouble free this morning. >> let's take a look at 92. jessica boyington is watching that. >> 95 starts to jam up a little sooner than some of the other majors. starting to see a little bit of the backup, into the certain city area is where you're seeing this happen. the northbound lanes are doing fine. we're still at a 14-minute trip. if you're out the door on 202, currently no problems. we have great drive times. northbound from 30 to the google expressway. if you're in new jersey also, on the 42 freeway, there is days abled vehicle blocking the off-ramp from the northbound 42 side to the black horse pike.
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you can still get by. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll go over more drive times. a mother and her baby get caught in rising flood waters. the coast guard pulls off a dramatic rescue and we have the video.
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5:46. the historic flooding has killed 7 people in the carolinas. there have been some amazing rescues. the coast guard took to the air to reach a neighborhood inundated with food waters. they rescued a mom and her 15-month-old daughter. both mother and baby are doing well. here's proof that love conquers all. a couple braved the wind and rain for their beach wedding. they said they planned a honeymoon in myrtle beach, south carolina. 5:46. we have new information about what may have caused that deadly gas explosion in brooklyn on saturday. investigators are now looking at suicide as a possible motive in the blast that killed a woman and injured three people and they say at least one woman is still unaccounted for and believe her body could be in the wreckage of the build. the exact cause of the blast is
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under investigation. it tore through the front of a building and sent debris flying into the street. the last gun store in san francisco is closing for good. owners say they can no longer operate in the city's political climate of increased gun control. the owner says the breaking point came this past summer when a politician proposed a law requiring the store to record every single gun sale. the store's closing announcement prompted an outpouring of sympathy and anger online and a steady stream of customers eager to take advantage of the going out of business sale. hillary clinton will today unveil a new plan for major gun restrictions. her plan includes closing the gun show loophole which lets private gun sellers skip background checks of buyers. they say the plan would also allow victims of gun violence to sue firearm manufacturers.
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clinton will make her announ announcement four days after that deadly shooting in oregon. hillary clinton still leads in iowa with 47% support. but in new hampshire bernie sanders tops clinton by nine points. the poll also shows that if vice president joe biden jumping into the race, clinton would lose ground in both cases. the savannah guthrie will sit down with the candidate coming up at 7:00. donald trump's lead in the race for the white house is shrinking. two new nbc news "wall street journal" polls show trump now only holds a 5-point edge in the early nominating states of iowa and new hampshire. and we know that new jersey governor chris christie wants to work at the white house but awarrant hi not on the hill. christie said quote i would
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rather jump off the brooklyn bridge than be in congress. the governor made that comment following a joke about whether he was running for speak are of the house. the current speaker will step down later this month. an american service member killed when a u.s. military plane crashed in afghanistan has ties to this area. kacy ruiz was originally from philadelphia, moved to georgia in 2004. she was based in massachusetts. ruiz was one of the six service members killed on friday when a transport plane crashed in an air base 80 miles if kabul. the cash is still under investigation. also under investigation is this, a u.s. war plane battling taliban militants may be responsible for bombing a doctors without borders hospital in kunduz afghanistan on saturday. u.s. defense secretary ash carter is promising a full and transparent investigation into the bombing.
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it killed 22 people. doctors without borders has abandoned the hospital after declaring it a total loss. screening your children for signs of abuse could help identify victims earlier. screening practices can differ among pediatric hospitals but certain injuries can still be linked to child abuse. half of all cases showing kids under two with rib fractures were diagnosed with abuse. and a quarter are of the cases showing bleeding on the brain and abdominal injuries had been abused. flu shot clinic is happening at eastern high school in voir he's from 4:00 to 7:00 especially recommended for senior citizens, pregnant women and people with chronic illness
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illnesse illnesses. nine minutes before 6:00. we seal see some sunshine today, a warmer day ahead and it's part of a warming trend that will happen. in the 70s for most of the week. h this morning, clear skies, cooler this morning. now 52 degrees. and the wind is kicking at 15 miles an hour. we'll see some higher gusts during the day. clear view from the pocono mountains. that's the view from sky top lodge. no fog there. heavy rain continues in the deep south unfortunately. south carolina into north carolina, that's a low pressure to the south that is going to keep them damp during the day today. but just a chance of a shower at the shore today. philadelphia should stay dry and with sunshine we will see the temperatures climbing. you can see the thicker clouds are already moving to the north. and offshore, that's where the showers are this morning. just a chance of a sprinkle during the day today for atlantic city and cape may. most of the day even at the shore will be dry.
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r partly sunny skies to mostly sun nigh skies and the warming trend continues. seven-day forecast, a cool are start tomorrow morning, a sign that we'll see less wind tomorrow morning. a nice warmup in the afternoon. and the warming trend continues for wednesday, 76 degrees, really nice and comfortable with low humidity. 55 in the morning. down to 53 thursday with plenty of sunshine thursday. but clouds building on friday. there's a chance you'll need your umbrella or friday but over the week enwe'll be drying out. eagles take the field on sunday. lots of people turning out for the lion festival an sunday. looks like a great day for that with a high of 68. the eagles fans may be running to that wine festival too. >> looks like we have a report of an accident out there.
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jessica boyington has the detail. >> yes, right in montgomery county on 2nd avenue and park avenue. watch out for that. on the pa turnpike we're still doing okay. watch out for this accident between ft. washington and valley forge drive. if you're out in bellmawr, new jersey, there's a disabled vehicle blocking the off-ramp if you're off the 42 northbound side to the black horse pike. if you're on the blue route, ytgermantown pike, everything is moving along just fine. southbound right in here moving. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll go over mass transit details. well the phillies season is over to the relief of many. we'll tell you what the team managed to avoid in its season
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finale against the marlins. philadelphia goes international and you'll see why the city chefs are grabbing attention from the forbes magazine.
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♪ >> that was the scene and the sound at the 53 third annual puerto rican parade yesterday. an estimated 1500 people came out to take part. the parade was organized by the nonprofit social service agency conceal yo. ♪ and a shiethly different groove there at the 31st annual fall for the arts festival. the street festival featured 150 artists, a few funnel cakes and lots of craftsmen showing off their goods and services. if one of the services you're looking for is a good scare, one of the best haunted houses for halloween is right there in delaware county. the bates motel is ranked among one of the scariest coming in at number nine. this is the 25th year of the bates haunted hayride which is
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still with blood curdling actors, like this gentleman. lots of special effects. the attraction reopens friday and runs through november 1st. okay. enough of that. looks like me before makeup. five volunteer fire companies in abingdon are hosting fire safety open house this week. the first is happening today at the abingdon fair company. each one scheduled for the week, officials call the events very visual. firefight wills be putting out fire, chilimbing ropes. fire safety took center stage in northtown yesterday with a fire safety clinic at the zoo. kids had a chance to meet first responders, use a fire hose and take a tour of the emergency
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vehicles. and speaking of fires that have been put out, this one was put out like back in june. the phillies season is over. finally some would say. applause there. the phils did manage to avoid a loss last night against the marlins. jeff fran core and his teammates said thanks to the fans out at citizens bank park by giving them their shirts of their backs. phillies won 7-2. >> i lied to you. i didn't want to lose 100 obviously but i didn't want to lose 99. >> a lot of work. go do everything that i can do to try to get better, working. >> it was fun. you know, i really enjoyed being here, enjoyed being with these guys and honestly i hope it's not the last time i walk through
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the locker room. >> a souvenir for that man there. >> it happened since the 1990s. on to something a little more palatable. the annual under 30 summit kicked off with a food festival last night. forbes magazine hosted the event for the top chefs under 30 years old. philadelphia's growing restaurant scene is really grabbing global attention. forbes under 30 is a huge deal for philadelphia now as well. bringing in thousands of young s entrepreneurs. it was like june when we knew the phillies season wasn't going to go well. >> i thought it was may for me. >> at least football season is coming. we've got the eagle to count on. >> thank for inviting us. >> what about the 6ers? >> you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now.


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