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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the locker room. >> a souvenir for that man there. >> it happened since the 1990s. on to something a little more palatable. the annual under 30 summit kicked off with a food festival last night. forbes magazine hosted the event for the top chefs under 30 years old. philadelphia's growing restaurant scene is really grabbing global attention. forbes under 30 is a huge deal for philadelphia now as well. bringing in thousands of young s entrepreneurs. it was like june when we knew the phillies season wasn't going to go well. >> i thought it was may for me. >> at least football season is coming. we've got the eagle to count on. >> thank for inviting us. >> what about the 6ers? >> you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now.
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an online threat of violence is made against universities around philadelphia and the fbi and police are taking it seriously. heavy rains and winds are gone and now people are cleaning up the streets flooded at the jersey shore this weekend. here's a live look outside in philadelphia where the streets are dry this morning. a little later, the sun will be out. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i was in my bathrobe for the entire weekend. started a fire if the fireplace. that was nice. >> let's go to bill with the forecast. am i going to need a fire today? >> it would be dangerous if you're just wearing a bathrobe. it's a little chilly today. we're an hour away from sunrise.
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no showers this morning. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle at the shore but overall improving conditions today. 51 at philadelphia international, 40s for allentown, redding and pottstown, wilmington is down to 48 degrees. the wind, that's still blowing. not going to be as strong as we had over the weekend but the winds could gust more than 30 miles an hour. at the shore it's a steady 15 mile an hour wind in philadelphia. skies, you start to make out a few thin clouds as the skies start to brighten a little bit. we'll see more of that in the next hour. 11:00, 59 degrees and 2:00 this afternoon, 65. that's two degrees warmer than it got all day yesterday. and the temperatures will still be climbing. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, first alert traffic. we're starting off with a mass transit update for patco,
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dart and new jersey transit and septa, no problems or delays. the lansdale doyle town line, buses will replace trains from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. monday through friday until about december. start planning your trips accordingly for the morning. montgomery country, two accidents scene, north lewis road and the route 422 overpass. no problem problems but you kind of see the volume looking the same in both directions. the eastbound is what we pay attention to in center city. the backup has budged yet. when i come back in the next ten minutes we'll go over the area bridges, vai. >> this morning, matt
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delucia is live in the digital operation center. the threat didn't name a school, but did it specify a date? >> and that would be today at 2:00 p.m. the threat was big enough to get the fbi and atf involved and issue an alert to local colleges and universities. the fbi says the threat was made on social media. we found the posting where it said that someone will take up arms against a university near philadelphia. by the way, it's the same web forum where a post was made threatening a shooting at a school in the northwest and the next day there was the shooting in oregon. according to the fbi, no specific school was mentioned in the threat. still our local colleges and universities pushed out text and e-mail alerts to their campuses. >> maybe it's someone messing around on their computer. at the same time it's scary and i'm not sure if i should go to classes. >> if you're unfrt kbl walking to class at that time, i think it's understandable not to go to class. >> and on that note, according
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to the campus alerts that we've obtained, none mention the canceling of any classes or activities, simply asking students to report suspicious activity to security or police. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. information on a fatal fall of a college student that we first told you about over the weekend. swarthmore college identified the student who fell accidentally off the cliff on sunday. the sophomore fell about 40 to maybe 50 feet from the cliff at the back of a campus. neighbors found his body. the college will offer counseling to studentsary their staff today. beware of a sinkhole, it's 6 feet deep and 5 feet wide. neighbors we spoke to said it's the second sinkhole on the block in the last few weeks. it's 6:05.
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a leading voice for civil rights died last night. jerry mond jerry monday demonday da dire suffered a brain aneurysm on friday while having dialysis. he was 65 years old, born in harlem in 1949, was an assistant city editor and then he started a weekly nund, the philadelphia sunday sun. and in 1991 he took over the local naacp. the national office suspended hymn last year after he was accused of misusing funds. we spoke to a friend who wrk wo mond mon desire for 25 years. >> i think that somebody needs to pick up the baton. and we're story that he died.
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i mean it's just an untimely death. >> monday sire was the founding member of the black association of journalists. if you live in pennsylvania, today is the last dana you can register to vote in the 2015 election. the election is tuesday, november 3rd. state senator vincent hughes will talk about online voter registration at city hall a little later this morning. check the nbc 10 news app for a link to the website that can get you registered. and we have new video of a harrowing rescue in choppy warts at the jersey shore. >> this video shows the coast guard rescuing a jet skier who fell over board yesterday. when the helicopter crew flew over, they spotted the jet ski, nobody on board. the strong waves were pushing the man toward a jetty. the coast guard crew lowered a rescue swimmer to the water,
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grabbed the guy and got him to safety. he was exhausted from trying to swim through the high waves. we have a picture of the coast guard crew that saved the man's life. in men time, the steady rain took a toll on cape may county. water filled the streets in avalon. beach erosion is a big concern. it is happening just two years after the area underwent a beach replenishment project that cost several million dollars. >> normally we have a beautiful beach out here, 150 yards out, and the do you know structure, and now the angry sea has just chopped away at it. >> these storms come ahead of the peak nor'easter season op january through march. yeah, they just made a mistake. there he goes. >> in flash flooding, the saying goes, turn around don't drown. that's sound advice here. raging flood waters swept away a
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driver in a pickup truck. a good samaritan who tried to help ran into trouble. and a rescue water team got them safely to ground. flash flooding closed dozens of roads and highways. mandatory curfews are in place throughout the south. south carolina the hardest hit. hundreds of people have been rescued from fast moving flood waters that took out roads in columbia. look at this. officials say that more than 200 state roads are impassable. the floods are blamed for seven deaths in the carolinas over the last few days and more rain is on the way. we were spared the problems they've had in the carolinas. >> we're drying out thank goodness. bill henley has your forecast. >> we have a chance of a shower at the shore but most of the air will stay dry today. it's gusty winds that continue. they could top 30 miles an hour. partly sunny to begin with, more sunshine through the day and a warming trend through the week.
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right now, cool, 40s and 50s. cape may, clouds and 57. it's 47 degrees right now in redding. this is a live view from sky top lodge. cloudy start this morning in the mountains but no sign of any showers. and you see the skies are starting to brighten now. a view of some of clouds in the area. we'll warm from the low 50s into the 60s this afternoon. there is still a flood threat, a flood advisory. minor flooding is possible. that's going to be the biggest threat during high tide. radar completely dry for our area. no sign of any showers for philadelphia, none expected today. but in the south, south carolina into north carolina, the very heavy rainfall continues to move inland. these are some spots that have
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already seen 20 inches of rain over the weekend. another inch or two is possible before things start drying out later tonight and tomorrow. today, sunshine, a little breezy, 60s for fleetwood, bet bethlehem and camel back. gusty winds at the shore. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle or a light shower but nothing like the rainfall we saw over the week en. 67 for smyrna, milford up to 66 degrees today and 60s with more and more sunshine for philadelphia, melbourne and wilmington. the seven-day forecast with more on the warming trend when i come back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. let's see what the traffic is looking like. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> i was trying to check all of
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the area bridges and roadways leading up to that. right here, this is the last exit to get off before you have to head to the bridge. that's the toll plaza all lit up. everything moving along nicely. no problems getting on to the prij. the pa turnpike, everything is fine. eastbound lanes no real delay yet, 22 minutes from valley forge to route 1. there's an accident scene still active out there, not blocking any lanes, it's over on the shoulder. you're in bellmawr, new jersey on the 42 freeway, watch out for the off-ramp, there is a disabled vehicle partially blocking the offramp and watch out for ongoing construction in bellmawr between 22 and the black horse pike. more drive times when i come back in the next ten minutes. it's 12 minutes past 6:00.
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a cargo ship and its crew disappeared during hurricane joaquin. hasn't been seen sense. now there are new clues about what happened. plus this -- >> we can't kick, we can't block, suffreceivers can't catc >> we'll break down what went wrong.
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recue workers pulled two people from a car this weekend. the driver tried to cross south inland road when the truck got stuck in the rising waters. the driver and passenger were not hurt. bad weather as a cover for crime? police have a suspect in custody
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after a string of particulburgl trick city. officers responded to four break-ins in a span of four hours on friday. an investigation is ongoing. new jersey's fourth medical marijuana dispensary opens today in camden county. we told you in june compassionate sciences in well mar received the green light to start to growing process. they issued a final permit after inspecting the facility on friday. it's one of six dispensaries allowed to legally grow or sell marijuana to patients with certain medical conditions. if you're flying out of town for thanksgiving, travel experts say tomorrow is your best shot at saving money for plane tickets. an annual holiday survey shows this entire week is the best time for you to get holiday flights. the best day to book flying
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around christmas is this coming friday, and for new year's eve, book on saturday. >> that's holiday travel. let's get you talking about the travel now on october 5th. >> on a monday morning. jessica boyington has that. right now you're good to go. you can see if you're headed northbound or southbound, no problems. there's no problems there. as for montgomery county, a few accidents popped up, one on 2nd a and park avenue, another in limerick. if you're heading out the door on any of these majors right in here you're okay. we're starting to see a slowdown on 95. if you're heading southbound, a 21-minute trip. that's typically 12 to 13. as for the cook l expressway,
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we're starting to see some traffic. the blue route is okay, southbound to 95 is a 15-minute trip. center city, 19th street watch out for the construction south between vine street and the ben fring lynn parkway. they have crews detouring traffic around the area. we'll go over more drive times in the philadelphia area in ten minut minutes. 19 minutes after 6:00. 40 minutes away from sunrise. we'll see sunshine today. live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. it's 51 degrees right now and the wind is blowing to make it feel chillier. we will see some gusts above the 20 mile an hour mark mainly at the shore. philadelphia will start with scattered clouds were more and more sunshine this afternoon. no sign of showers for the area today.
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the shore might see a sprinkle later on. right now it's a steady wind at 15 miles an hour in philadelphia. winds gusting to 16 maiiles an hour in wildwood. the thicker clouds are moving off to the northwest and that's going to give us some nice sunshine. after the clouds thin out we'll see a warmup. shower activity not happening right now. a slight chance of a sprinkle at the shore today. partly sunny skies, breezy and warmer than yesterday. we'll be in the middle to upper 60s this afternoon and the winds will die to night which will mean a chillier start tomorrow morning, 49 in the morning but 73 in the afternoon. and the warming trend that starts tomorrow will continue on wednesday, a high of 76. nice and sunny 72 on thursday after a morning low of 53. thursday night clouds start to
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move in, high clouds at first. could see some showers during the day on friday. a high of 74 degrees, a slight chance of thunderstorms on friday. then cooler, breezy saturday with sunshine on sunday up to 68 degrees for the eagles game and for the dill worth town wine festival sunday afternoon. donald trump's appeal may be starting to fade while the lone woman in the race for president on the republican said is gaining ground in the new polls. and we find out what it would fake for the donald to call it quits. and we're learning more about what happened inside the oregon college classroom just before the gunman opened fire. we'll tell you what the shooter told his victims.
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boy another late game letdown for the eagles. washington's last-minute touchdown yesterday sent the birds to the bottom of the nfc
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east. demarco murray questionable before the game. did play, 36 yards on 8 carries. les than 50 yards for four games now. fourth quarter the eagles took their first lead of the game when bradford hit austin for this touchdown. but they were gashed for a 90-yard drive that ended with this touchdown. the eagles lose a heartbreaker 23-20. >> as a group, you know, we put a lot of pressure on ourself to score. every time we touch the football. but i think we just got to take a big breath, we lax and just go have fun. >> the eagles are now one and three of the season in last place of the division. and the eagles are home next sunday at 1:00 to play the new orleans saints. count on nbc 10 to bring you complete coverage before and after the game.
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we've got some scattered clouds over the lake this morning but you can see the parking lot is dry. no sign of showers for the area. it's cool this morning, 51 degrees here at nbc 10. we'll see sunshine and 60s this afternoon. if you see something, say something that's the message the police and fbi are trying to get out to college students this morning. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in the digital operation center with details on the extra precautions being taken at universities in philadelphia. >> they're not taking any chances after a threat was posted online targeting a philadelphia area school. today what the students are saying about the warning. i'll have that coming up.
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on university campuses throughout philadelphia today. a threat on social media, now campuses are on high alert dies after a deadly college shooting in oregon. yeah, he just made a mistake. there he goes. >> flad waters shut down roads and trap people in their homes in south carolina and the heavy rain is not over. and on top today, breezy and cool weather with the possibility of some light showers down the shore. we'll get your complete first alert forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. beautiful scene right there. good morning welcome to nbc news today. >> it's 51 degrees outside. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his fistrst alert forecast. >> right now we're looking at readings in the 40s and 50s. 45 in lancaster, allentown is 47, 49 in mount holly, 40s for wilmington. and the wind is still blowing.
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not going to be as strong as other the weekend but we'll see gusty winds especially at shore. right now the strongest wind is in philadelphia steady at 15 miles an hour. the skies are starting to brighten up. sunrise at 7:01. we'll see sunshine to start with, a few thin clouds at 8:00, 51 degrees, near 60 degrees at 11:00. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighbor in ten minutes. bill, we have a few problems right now on wood haven road. first some ramp restrictions because of ongoing construction. and we have a disabled vehicle right in the area as well. you can see right noo here, not a lot of red around the area of wood haven road. traffic moving along fine just beside it and 95 is doing okay right underneath it. something to watch out for
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there. one accident in limerick on knot lewis road and upper providence, college hill road. watch out for those. you're on the skoog l expressway, we're doing okay. westbound is dealing with a 15-minute drive from vine to the blue route and 17 minutes eastbound. we'll track the drive times and go over more cameras when i come back in the next ten minutes. 6:32. days after a college campus shooting rampage in oregon, someone posted a threat issued against universities in the philadelphia area. matt delucia is live in the digital operations center. what are the local schools doing in response to that threat? >> they're keeping watch and asking students and staff to do the same. there was no specific school announced in the threat. here's a look at some of the alert that have gone out via e-mail and text message in the
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last 24 mowers. the online post on social media made reference to someone taking up arm at a university near philadelphia. this is the same web forum where a post was made threatening a shooting at a school in the northwest and the next day there was the shooting in oregon. now a few days later, many students are still understandably concerned. we went to several campuses and talked to the students who had just gotten the alert from their safety officials >> could be just playing around with the schools in the area, trying to scare people. >> you have to be more safe than sorry. if you're uncomfortable walking to class at that time, i think it's understandable not to go to class. >> the fbi put out an alert out of an abundance of caution. now students are being asked to report any suspicious activity to campus security or police. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. happening today, the college campus in oregon rocked by a
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deadly shooting last week will reopen to students and staff but the classes ap umpqua community college will not resume for another week. the community held a church vigil yesterday where they learned more about the gunman's actions and the nine students who were gunned down. a pastor's daughter was wounded and managed to survive. the pastor said the gunman forced everyone into the middle of the room and then the shooter gave a student an envelope and told him something. >> he said you're the lucky one. you're going to live today. >> authorities say the gunman -- >> everything you need to any about me and what i'm doing is in my backpack. >> that's right say the gunman killed himself and police have his documents. record rain continue to fall in the southeast. at least seven people have been killed in south carolina, the hardest hit state. >> and in the midst of the tragedy there have been some amazing rescues. coast guard took to the air to
6:35 am
reach a neighborhood inundated with water. the crew rescued a woman and her 15-month-old girl. they came up together in the rescue basket. they're both doing well. and then there was this rescue. >> i can't see the tops of the cars. u mean it is crazy and these families are just now getting out of their homes which are inundated with water. >> a reporter talked about what she witnessed being on the scene of the rescue in progress at an apartment complex in columbia. you could hear the panic in her voice and she watched the people trying to escape. talking about how hard the first responders were working to get people to higher ground and spoke to a resident who pretty much lost everything. >> i heard they had to kick out windows to get the children from around the other corner. it's very bad. very bad down here. >> meantime, emergency officials are advising people in columbia to boil their drinking water and a curfew is in effect until
6:36 am
later this morning. take a look at this video. it shows a current that's so strong it is washing away huge chunks of road. parts of this road in clum beep ya already missing and then that big piece collapsed into the rushing water. a dam collapsed in columbia. the dam was overwhelmed as water forced its way right through it. the roadway on top of the dam now completely destroyed. 6:36 this morning. we have a cool start and a breezy one. gusty winds during the day will be stronger along the coastline. partly sunny skies to start with. we'll see more sunshine the afternoon. it's a warming trend. today will be warmer than yesterday. we've got some really nice fall weather heading our way this weeken pocono mountains 42 degrees, 48 with scattered
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clouds in trenton, wilmington, you can see the clouds over the pocono mountains. no sign of showers with those clouds. there's a slight chance of a shower at the shore during the day and a flood threat for minor flooding at high tide still possible, a flood advisory in effect for portions of gare and south jersey until 7:00 this evening. no showers at the shore were nothing more than a sprinkle today. inland will stay dry. the heavy rain continue to stream online into carolinas, south carolina into southern north carolina seeing the heavy rainfall, could see another one to two inches of rain in some areas. for us, we'll be drying out. and after clouds this morning, sunshine this afternoon. 61 degrees for mt. pocono. a bit breezy for doylestown and mt. hoolly, temperatures in the
6:38 am
60s and a slight chance of a shower at the shore. 66 in dover. and more and more sunshine for philadelphia. 67 the high temperature while it's in the middle 60s for high chester and wilmington. i've got your seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. i see drive time still in the green on the skoog l, that's nice. >> jessica boynton is watching the roads for your ride to work. >> we're starting to see the typical delay. a little yellow keep bouncing back and forth. the expressway around the vine, where that splits off and you're head westbound here, eastbound is typically where we see the most delay right now is eastbound. we're at a 19-minute trip. and that ramp restrictions ape disabled vehicle that was
6:39 am
talking about on wood haven road just cleared out of the way probably just a moment ago. i was watching it on the life camera that i was just about to show you. as for the pa turnpike, we're moving clean right here. still no problems. we have an accident scene that's active out there but over in the should, not blocking the lanes on the turnpike between ft. washington. starting today between lansdale and the doylestown line, buses will replace the trains from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. monday through friday until about december. we have a lot of time to than or trips in the morning. it's a back and forth race for president and the new poll shows the battle between the democrats may be getting closer. rain and stormy weather could not keep this couple from the altar and you won't be where
6:40 am
they plan to spend their honeymoon. we'll tell you about it next.
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if you are looking for one of the best haunted houses for halloween, try delaware count. the bates motel is now ranked among the scariest in country. it just made's top ten list at number nine. this is the 25th year of the bates haunted hayrides, super scary actors and special effects. reopens on friday running through november 1st. donald trump's latest poll numbers have taken a dip. two new nbc "wall street journal" polls shows donald trump hold a 5-point edge in iowa and new hampshire. trump's lead is down by as much
6:44 am
as 16 points from a month ago. he's ahead of carly fiorina in new hampshire and ben carson in iowa. clinton's aides say that her plan includes the gun show loophole, eliminating that. that lets the private gun sale holders skip doing that. in democratic polling hillary clinton still leads in iowa with 47% but in new hampshire bernie sanders tops clinton by 9 points. the poll also shows that if vice president joe biden jumps into the race, clinton would lose ground in both contests. coming up ap 7:00, the "today" show will air hillary clinton's town hall in manchester. also savannah guthrie will sit down with the candidate for a one on one interview. the supreme court heads back
6:45 am
to work today for the start of the knew term. they'll decide whether to take 3adád two cases from texas, on cover facilities and medical privileges, the other affirmative action in college admissions. they're likely to consider a challenge to the birth control mandate in the affordable care act. jeh johnson will face the media this morning. they're under fire after they leaked information about jason cha vets's reaction from the secret service. saying he'll challenge kevin mccarthey in his bid to become house speaker. in the meantime, an american service member killed when a u.s. military plane crashed in afghanistan friday. we now know airman first class casey ruiz was originally from philadelphia. moved to georgia back in 2004.
6:46 am
the 21-year-old was based at the air force base in massachusetts. ruiz was one of six american service members killed on friday when the transport plane crashed in an air base 80 miles away from kabul. a u.s. war plane battling tall pan ban militants may be responsible for bombing a doctors without borders hospital in kunduz, afghanistan early on saturday. u.s. defense secretary ash carter is promtsing a null transparent investigation into the bombing that left 22 dead. doctors without borders has abandoned the hospital. five volunteer fire companies in abingdon are hosting fire safety open houses this week. each other house scheduled for this week is listed on your screen. the events are interesting and
6:47 am
very visual. they'll put out fires, climb ropes and teach people how to properly escape a fire in their home. fire safety took center stage in north town yesterday where the fiernd held a fire safety clinic at the elm park zoo. kids got a chance to meet first responders, operate a fire hose. there's no news on the el faro, en route from jacksonville to puerto rico when it lost power and tough on rough waters during hurricane joaquin. one of the people on board made a distress call near the bahamas yesterday. the coast guard located thousands of peaces of debris yesterday but only confirmed one life ring as belonging to the ship. >> i just want to say to this community, we really, as families of these people, these member, we're asking for your prayers, sincere prayers because in this situation that's all
6:48 am
that we can do. >> officials with the shipping company say they're meeting with family members and say coast guard crews will continue their search today. and how about this. here's proof that love conquers all. a couple braved torrential wind and rain for their wedding on the beach. the couple tied the knot just as they had planned. the couple planned to honeymoon in myrtle beach, south carolina. come people dealing with flooding othering getting out their wake board. this video shows a wake border making their way down the road for a little bit before falling off the board. making the most. 12 minutes before 7:00. minutes before sunrise. we will see some sunshine. you see clouds in the area right now. these are streaming past center
6:49 am
city. look at the flag. it's breezy outside. the wind will be with us today, finally dying down tonight. philadelphia running six degrees cooler than yesterday. wind out of the northeast at 15 miles an hour. a cooler start but it's going to be a warmer afternoon and that goes for the pocono mountains too. the frenchman nor, skies are starting to brighten up, still some scattered clouds but no showers. the wind, 15 miles an hour and steady at philadelphia international. much lighter for trenton, a nice brees in the pocono mountains and we've seen stronger wind at the shore. right now it's down to ten miles an hour in wildwood. thicker clouds off to the northwest. you can see offshore those clouds could bring a sprinkle or a light shower at the shore. but inland they're already thinning out. we'll see more and more sunshine leading to warmer temperatures. nothing to show you on the radar right now.
6:50 am
skies will turn partly sunny, breezy, 60s this afternoon. yesterday's high was 63. we'll be warmer this afternoon. part of a warming trend that continues tomorrow after a cooler morning. down to 49 degrees. that's an indication that the winds will be dying down overnight. clear skies, that's when you get the cooler temperatures. a nice warmup on tuesday afternoon, the nice warm weather continues on wednesday, little warmer than normal, 76 on wednesday, thursday nice and sunny, a high of 72. it's thursday that might need your rain gear. showers are possible, slight chance of a thunderstorm. high of 74 on friday. cooler and breezy for saturday but we'll be drying out. and the eagles take the field in south philadelphia against the saints this weekend. you know the game will be on at the daifr town wine festival just in case something happens in south philadelphia. >> bill is kind of focused on that one moment in time.
6:51 am
>> first thing first. >> ten minutes before 7:00 right now. let's get you to work on a monday morning. >> let's check in with jessica to see how the road construction is having an effect on the morning commute. >> we're going to do a check on the new jersey roads there, what's going on there. a lot of times the majors are okay until the later parts in the morning. the black horse pike where the roadways are only two lanes and not a lot of shoulder space. the white horse pike in both directions, watch out for the traffic shift for that bridge work. and also on 29 r5. the majors here, you can actually see reflected in the maps, everything is still green and moving. but it's 295 and bellmawr between 42 and the black horse pike. now i'm going to step over in this direction so you can see, this is actually route 55, headed northbound towards the walt whitman bridge, if you're
6:52 am
headed to philadelphia in that area just looking fine. if you're headed up, right what it comes up to the 42 freeway and they meet. everything is still moving around center road. once you get there, philadelphia area, no problems with the bridges. everything is moving along just fine. fyi, you may find this next story absolutely delicious. the annual under 30 summit in philadelphia kicked off with a food festival last night. forbes magazine hosted a competition for the philadelphia's top chefs under 30 yeergs of age. a chef from new york city said he's liking philly's foodie explosion. >> i don't remember philly ever being this inspiring with food and now when i come here i have a list of restaurants i want to go to. >> fast growing city for
6:53 am
millennials. >> one told us that philadelphia is not new york, we knew that, that's why we live here. but he said it's an exciting place and a great alternative. today universities in the philadelphia area are are on high alert. matt delucia is live in the digital operations center with the threat that has police keeping a close watch on area schools. >> yeah, that threat to a area has a schools on alert this morning.a i'll have the details on that and what they're asking the students to do coming up.
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the fbi and atf are warning universities and colleges in our area after a threat was posted
6:57 am
online targeting a philadelphia area school. now the post was made on social media, a website on friday saying the attack would happen at 2:00 today. now there is no mention of a specific campus. the fbi says it issued the alert simply out of an abundance of caution. this threat was posted on the same site where a similar remark was made about an impending attack on a college in the northwest and the next day we had the shooting in oregon. so law enforcement are not taking this lightly. asking students and staff to report any suspicious activity. we talked with several students over the past 24 hours, most who say they're not terribly concerned but given what happened in oregon just a few days ago, it is on their minds. live in the digital operations center this morning, i'm matt delucia nbc 10 news. i'm first alert report traffic reporter jessica boyington. right now we're on 422 right
6:58 am
around route 23. watch out for this disabled week sheer. but an eastbound delay starting to see the increase. 19 minutes, typically a 7-minute stree. t the pa turnpike is cleared up pretty early. accident on the right hand shoulder not blocking any lanes eastbound. the drive sometimes are doing okay. at the most it's going to take you 24 minutes from route 1 to valley forge. watch out for an accident on upper handover. once you get over the prij into philadelphia, you're going toe detoured around 19th street and the ben franklin parkway with ongoing construction. coming up a minute before 7:00, clouds over the pocono mountains, that's a view.
6:59 am
clouds around, no sign of showers, reading in the low 40s right now in the mountains, 51 here at nbc 10. center city, clouds and a little bit of sinlight now as we're getting closer to sunrise. 51 degrees at philadelphia international. the winds have started to die town a little bit. we could still see gust to 20 miles an hour during the day. the radar completely dry, nothing more than a sprinkle possible today at the shore. right now no sign of rain for atlantic city or cape may. there are still clouds overhead. the temperatures drop into the 40 was pottstown hold at 51 degrees. there you can see the winds extend into the pocono mountains, the winds will die down, the temperatures will climb. we will wind up in the 60s this afternoon. all right thank you.
7:00 am
we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. "today" show is next. >> you can always get updates with our nbc 10 app. thanks for watching. good morning. breaking news. disaster in the carolinas. deadly rains wash away homes, roads and cars. dramatic rescues caught on tape. thousands without power, schools shut down, and officials are warning residents do not go outdoors. >> if you are in your house, stay in your house. this is not something that be out taking pictures of. this is not something that you want your kids playing in. >> we'll talk to south carolina's governor, and al is live in columbia as the rains keep coming. holding out hope. the coast guard discovers more debris in the search for the missing cargoship that mysteriously sailed right into hurricane joaquin carrying 28 americans. >> until there is


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