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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. "today" show is next. >> you can always get updates with our nbc 10 app. thanks for watching. good morning. breaking news. disaster in the carolinas. deadly rains wash away homes, roads and cars. dramatic rescues caught on tape. thousands without power, schools shut down, and officials are warning residents do not go outdoors. >> if you are in your house, stay in your house. this is not something that be out taking pictures of. this is not something that you want your kids playing in. >> we'll talk to south carolina's governor, and al is live in columbia as the rains keep coming. holding out hope. the coast guard discovers more debris in the search for the missing cargoship that mysteriously sailed right into hurricane joaquin carrying 28 americans. >> until there is confirmation
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that the materials within the debris field came from the el faro we'll continue to hold out hope. why didn't the captain call off the trip? and doctors without borders demanding answers for the attack on its hospital in afghanistan. at least 22 of its patients and staffers are dead. pancakes and politics, fresh off her return on the "snl" stage. >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like ugh, you're all losers. >> hillary clinton joins savannah live from new hampshire for a special ten houn hall meeting today, monday, october 5th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is special edition of "today," a town hall meeting with hillary clinton.
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with matt lauer live from studio 1a and savannah guthrie live from new hampshire. good evening, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. savannah, i'll take my pancakes with syrup and my politics straightforward. >> that's great, math. i've been flipping flap jacks all morning long. you'll have people come in and get up this early you have to feed them so we'll give them a few pancakes and politics straight ahead. >> i don't know what the weather is up there. i hope it's okay but as you can see the rain is still coming down in the carolinas. this is being called a once in 1,000-year event, that's columbia, south carolina as the light starts to shine there, water everywhere. it's been a devastating weekend. al has made his way down there. we'll check with him in a bit. meanwhile, savannah, let's get more on this special town hall meeting with hillary clinton. >> that's right, matt. this is, of course, in new hampshire. these are residents who have gathered to ask hillary clinton
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some questions. you should know that we have invited the front-runners in national polls from both parties to participate in special town hall events live here on "today" so this morning we are proud to present our first. it's with secretary clinton, who is, of course, the national democratic front-runner. we should also mention on the republican side we're pleased to announce that donald trump has just accepted our invitation for a town hall, so we look forward to bringing you that event in a few weeks, we hope. so, matt, back to you for now. >> we'll see you in a couple of minutes. meanwhile, let get right to our top story, the deadly rain in south carolina still coming down, and a state of emergency is in effect as the record-setting storm literally washes away cars, roads and homes, stranding drivers and homeowners, many of whom were rescued from rooftops by helicopters. in a moment we'll talk to south carolina's governor nikki haley urging people to please stay inside and let's start with al roker in the devastated state
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capital of columbia. al, good morning to you. >> good morning, al. it is still a mess here. we are dealing with a dire situation, the rain letting up a bit but we could still see another 1 to 2 inches in columbia and 4 to 5 elsewhere and this is what the latest we know so far. at least seven people have died in north carolina and south carolina. hundreds rescued, thousands evacuated. we've got 30,000 people without power right now. in columbia alone, all 375,000 residents have been told to boil water, and, in fact, the university of south carolina says they are in an emergency situation because they are without water. the dorms are without water so they are having big problems. here along the congaree river, you can see the water level has actually dropped 12 to 14 inches from yesterday, but harry sanders, this water problem, as you were saying earlier, the big problem is you've got too much water and now a lot of people
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don't have enough. >> exactly. i mean, this is the real problem. people need this, they need fresh drinking water and there is none because not only is there no water pressure in some homes but those that do have water pressure can turn it on and maybe put it in a pot and boil it, but there's no power to so many people as al just said. this morning because of that, this morning there is a plan instituted, may pull the tryinger to evacuate two hospitals here, and if they do that, because they don't have enough clean water to support the patients, it will be a very complicated day. this morning the misery in south carolina is not letting up. scenes like this playing out across the state as raging floodwaters swallow everything in their path. this man rescued from his pickup truck, lucky he made it out alive. instead of traffic, boats are floating down flooded streets, carrying people to safety. >> the waters are rising and
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cars are under water, stuff is moving and who knows what could be lurking in the water right now. >> reporter: a mom and her 15-year-old daughter were plucked from the roof of their home by the coast guard. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in 1,000 years. >> from charleston, to columbia, to greenville, from the elderly to the youngest, no one is being spar spared. >> you just had a baby when? >> two days ago. >> overnight curfews in several cities kept people off dangerous roads, more than 200 impassable, in some cases gone all together. >> the water was on the top of the car. >> reporter: this morning surrounded by floodwaters thousands of columbia residents faced widespread outages of drinking water. >> this is not something you want your kids playing in. the water is not safe. >> two stalled cars in the middle that have water. >> reporter: dispatch centers are being inundated for calls for help, first responders joined by the national guard are scrambling to keep up with all of the emergencies.
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relentless rain leading to relentless pain. >> this is ridiculous. we're at a total loss. everything is gone. >> >>. >> reporter: if they choose to evacuate the hospital it will be complicated, some patients put in buses and others in ambulances, and because there are so many patients and so much need there's talk of a possible airlift because some of these patients, al, will actually least state. >> we'll speak with the mayor coming up at 8:00, and we will update us on that. kerry sanders, thank you so much. more rain. let's look at the radar and show you quickly what's going on, what to expect. this coastal low eventually lifts out, but as you can see, we're looking at additional heavy rain through carolina, north carolina, 40-mile-per-hour winds near the coast. rainfall amounts, expecting another 2 to 4 inches and the wind diminishes eventually and
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here at the congaree river, our river gauge to show you what to expect, we'll be looking at a little more rain gauge rise for right now. the record, 39.8. we're nowhere near that, 30.4. we expect the river to continue to drop as we get towards tomorrow morning, but in the meantime we still have a very volatile situation here, matt, and we're going to continue to track because there are still people without water, without power. it is a dangerous time here in south and north carolina. >> all right, al. thank you very much. we'll be pack with you shortly. nikki haley is the governor of south carolina. governor haley, good morning. how are you doing? >> good morning, maimpt we're hanging in there. >> you've called this a 1,000-year event. it's still raining down there. what's your priority? what are you going after first this morning? >> well, just to put it into perspective, that's exactly right. they talk about 100-year rains and they are referring to this as a 1,000-year rain so obvious priority is safety. we have 381 roads that are
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closed and we've got 127 bridges that are down. we've had six fatalities right now. we've got people without power and water. the number one thing is to keep people inside. keep them safe. our goal is to get supplies where they need to have them. we've got 27 shelters open, but the real heros of the day, matt, we've got 1,000 law enforcement men and women out there on the streets. we've got utility crews all over the place trying to get these 30,000 outages back up again, and we've got 1,000 d.o.t. maintenance crews out there just trying to get the roads safe. >> you talk about the roads. you asked people over the weekend give us the space we need to do our job. it's easy for them to obey that on a weekend. they can stay home. the workweek has begun again. are you worried that some people might start to venture out? >> i think they get it, you know. all you have to do is look out window and see the flooding. it doesn't take long for you to get in your car and realize that you've got to turn back around. this is historic levels of rain.
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we've never seen anything like this before and we're used to rain on the coast. to see it all the way in the upstate and mountains, that's not something we're used to. i think the highest level we've seen so far is 24 inches so this is not anything people want to get out in. we have a lot of county closings, school closings. our focus is keeping the power on and right now we're dealing with clean water issues and making sure people have water. >> i was thinking about you a couple minutes ago. so many tests for the people of south carolina this past year with the charleston shooting and, of course, now this. >> right. >> what have you learned about the citizens of south carolina? >> oh, i continue to be very proud of the citizens of south carolina. when these floods happen, the first thing they did was make sure they had their families together, make sure they were safe and then they started checking on their neighbors and that's what we're seeing right now. we've having generous donations of supplies. the american red cross is doing a great job. you know, people are really for the most part listening to us. there's always going to be the chosen few that don't, but south
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carolina, we're strong people, and right now i feel for those. they have lost their homes. they have lost a lot of their -- their, you know, belongings, but at end of the day they recognize their blessings, and so right now we're a state in a lot of prayer and a state that's really trying to take care of each other. we're a strong state and will get through this. >> the people of south carolina are in our thoughts. governor haley, thanks for your time. i know you're busy. >> thanks very much, matt. now to a new discovery in that desperate search for a missing cargo ship carrying 28 americans. the coast guard says it's discovered some more debris that could be connected to the "el faro" which vanished four days ago in the eye of hurricane joaquin. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in jackson with more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. two coast guard cutters searched through the night and two coast guard planes are headed back out to sea and the question is that debris from the "el faro" and when does it mean? that's what families in
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jacksonville are desperately waiting to hear. from the air above the search the ocean appears spotted with clues. a 225-mile debris field with things like life rings, life jackets, cargo and an oil slick. overnight nbc confirmed three new missing crew members as 46-year-old jeremy rime, 51 steven schultze and keith griffin. >> we just continue to wait with the hopes of finding survivors. >> reporter: this weekend the coast guard definitively linked one of the life rings to the 7290-foot cargo ship missing since thursday when the "el faro" sent a distress call from its last known position near crooked island in the bahamas as hurricane joaquin bore down. now rescue teams are looking for signs of the crew on board. >> we're starting to look for some of the life rafts in case the crew had to abandon ship. >> reporter: lori bonio, the ship's second mate, sent her an
7:13 am
e-mail before the "el faro" disappeared. >> there's a hurricane out here and we're heading straight into it. love to everyone. >> reporter: now she waits holding on to hope. >> she always said me if anything happens to me out at sea, mom, it's okay. i died doing what i want to do. >> reporter: the families though aren't giving up hope, they are gathering again today, hoping for what they finally would be some good news. the coast guard, matt, plans to hold a news conference later on this morning. >> all right. kristen dahlgren, kristen, thank you very much. we're going to turn to a major story developing that involves the u.s. military. doctors without borders is now calling for an independent investigation this morning after its charity hospital in afghanistan was bombed in an apparent u.s. air strike. this as the death toll climbs. nbc's keir simmons has more on that from london. keir, good morning to you >> reporter: u.s. military has launched an internal investigation, the president
7:14 am
offering his deepest condolences to this apparent u.s. air strike on a hospital. 12 members and staff were killed alongside 10 patients saturday according to that charity doctors without borders and this morning it's calling the american air raid a war crime and says it's pulling out of afghanistan. the raid happened after the taliban stormed into a crucial provincial capital of afghanistan kunduz. the hospital is in the city. the chaired the strongly denies the taliban were firing from inside that hospital building. this was the most important city to fall to the taliban since they were evicted from power by u.s. forces 14 years ago with all the blood and treasure spent. u.s. and afghan forces have fought back through the weekend but the president plans to withdraw u.s. combat troops from afghanistan by the end of 2016. matt, the world may be focused on syria, but afghanistan is rapidly becoming another headache for the u.s. >> key simmons in london, thank you very much. want to go back to savannah now up in new hampshire getting ready for politics and pancakes.
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savannah? >> i don't know if it's the politics or pancakes but we have a fantastic turnout for our town hall this morning with hillary clinton fresh off of her appearance on "saturday night live." secretary clinton will join us to answer questions from residents, but she's also unveiling a controversial plan to stop gun violence. let's turn to nbc's andrea mitchell here with me in new hampshire and has the specifics on this plan. andria, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thank you to you and to everyone here. today hillary clinton is unveiling controversial new proposals that would close the gun show loophole if congress doesn't act and also for the first time permit gun victims to sue gun manufacturers. as hillary clinton unrolls her gun proposals here in new hampshire today, our new poll shows her losing to bernie sanders in the primary. sanders would also do better in clinton against leading republicans in a general election in both iowa and new hampshire, sanders is already surging and if joe biden enters
7:16 am
the race sanders lead over clinton would jump from 9 to 14 points and biden and clinton drew separate cheers over the weekend before lbgt activists, a major democratic support group. >> there's plenty of homophobes left. i think they are running for president. >> i've been fighting for you and others for equal rights and i'm just getting warmed up. >> reporter: clinton has started breaking with president obama on major issues, the latest, endorsing a no-fly zone in syria, prompting him to take a subtle shot at her friday. >> there's a difference between running for president and being president. >> reporter: but if running for president means trying to be likable, clinton hit her stride on "saturday night live" as a bartender. >> i wish you could be president. >> me, too. >> all anyone want to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one whose like
7:17 am
"ugh, you're all losers." >> reporter: also in "snl"'s crosshairs trump and his wife. >> i don't say i raise this thing from poll numbers. i speak from my heart. >> really, because i hear your numbers go down a little week. >> mexicans are stealing our children. >> you think? >> reporter: trump is still leading republican field in both iowa and new hampshire, but our new polls show his lead has shrunk in new hampshire in the last month from 16 points to just 5. for the candidate who trumpets he's a winner, trump even hinted to chuck todd he could drop out if he starts falling behind. >> if i were doing poorly, if i saw myself going down, i'd go back to my business. i have no problem with that. >> reporter: and as for joe biden aides say he will not decide in time to appear in time for next week's democratic debate and knows that time is running out and by the end of this month he has to decide something because next month are the filing deadlines to get on
7:18 am
the ballot in the first primary and caucuses. he could be deciding very soon. >> andrea, thanks. we've heard that hillary clinton is on her way, a few minutes away from starting our town hall and will take questions from the residents here as well as an interview with us. first, let's go the back to the flooding in south carolina. al, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, savannah. as we look at congaree river. you can see it's still moving very fast. it continues -- it's not rising now, but the water is going so fast, and we expect it to start dropping in the next 24 to 48 hours, but, still, it is a dangerous situation here. we'll look at rest of your country's forecast. you can see that we are going to see showers, thunderstorms through the southeast. also a lot of wet weather in the southwest as well. sonny skies pacific northwest and northern new england starting to see sunshine as well. we're going to get to your local forecast com what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next?
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>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up, our live exclusive interview with hillary clinton and the questions of these good new hampshire residents we're sitting up with this morning, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. ry
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then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at good morning, just a few minutes before 7:30. he's get the fist alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley mpl clou. >> the gusty winds will continue into this afternoon. there's a mostly cloudy view of center city. right now we're looking at winds of 17 miles an hour in philadelphia and stronger gusts at the jersey coastline during the day today. but we'll see sun shine and into the 60s this afternoon. thank you. let's get a check on traffic. >> we're on 55 right now. so you can see right in here,
7:27 am
this is northbound headed towards the 42 freeway or 295. to get over the bridges, both lanes completely backed up. slow going there. and unusual backup this time for 422. we have a 20-minute delay here. this is typically about 7-minute trip. give yourself extra time. colleges and universities in the philadelphia area are on alert following a threatening post on social media. word started spreading yesterday after the fbi put out an alert. the posting said someone will take um arms at a university near philadelphia at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. some local schools said they would be tightening security and urging students and staff to be watchful. we'll have another update coming up in 25 minutes. we'll see you then.
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7:30 now on this monday morning, it is the 5th of october, 2015, and you are looking at devastating flooding in south carolina. a state of emergency has been declared. we're going to go back to al who is in the hardest hit areas of that region in just a moment. good morning. we are here in hollis, new hampshire, this morning. we're going to be holding a pancakes and politics town hall meeting with hillary clinton. we're talking to her as a new poll shows she's on top nationally but losing the lead to bernie sanders here in new hampshire, and we've got a barn full of democrats who are self-identified and independents ready to ask her some of the tough questions. we'll send it back to you. >> something you don't get to say very often. we've got a barn full of people.
7:31 am
we like that. >> that's right. >> look forward to that meeting coming up in a couple of minute. joined here by carson and natalie. we'll take a look at a couple of headlines. the coast guard says it has discovered more debris that could be connected to "el faro," the ship carrying 28 americans that disappeared four days ago in the eye of hurricane joaquin. officials have discovered life jackets, life rings and other materials. also in other news, doctors without borders calling for an independent investigation after its hospital in afghanistan was bombed in an apparent u.s. air strike. at least 22 of its staffers and patients were killed. and north korea freed a south korean national a student at new york university. the 21-year-old was arrested back in april for allegedly entering north korea illegally across the chinese border. earlier he was handed over to south korean officials at the border. let's begin this half hour with more on deadly flooding in
7:32 am
south carolina. al is there and we'll start with gabe gutierrez in charleston. >> reporter: matt, good morning. a short break from the rain, and as you can see many neighborhoods in this state remain under water. there were more evacuations last night, more emergency shelters are open. now we've seen many dramatic scenes like this, water rescues where the driver of a pickup truck was rescued just in time and managed to survive. we expect more water rescue teams out and about today, checking on people that are trapped in their homes and making sure that they are okay. but it wasn't just people being rescued by boat. the coast guard managed to pluck a mom and her 15-month-old daughter from the roof of their homes in another part of south carolina. now, governor nikki haley says that this is a 1 in 1,000 year rain event.
7:33 am
there's rivers that are still rising and fears it could reach record flood stages. many areas in the state are under boil water advisories, and they are considering evacuating two hospitals in columbia. all around, matt, utter devastation here in south carolina. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, gabe, thank you very much. let's go to the state capital, al in columbia. still raining there, al? >> it's let up quite a bit. kind of comes and goes. we've got a great bird's eye view of the congaree river. right behind me it's fairly calm, but you look there to the left, and you can see how fast that river is raging and it continues. the good news is it's reached its peak at 30 feet and will start to drop. in the meantime the flooding does continue. the evacuations are still under way and we continue to track this. let's also show you what else is going off. this is the latest on joaquin. remember, we were all worried about joaquin. the good news is category 1
7:34 am
storm moving away, 125 miles northeast of bermuda and 85-mile-per-hour winds, and it moves quickly out to sea. it will become probably a bit of a problem for the folks in the uk, but meantime no other problems for us. that's what's going on around a chilly start in the morning within a warming trend with 73 degrees on tuesday afternoon, and warmer on tuesday and still nice on thursday with plenty of sunshine. friday could see some scattered showers before we clear out for the week en. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. now let's head back up to new hampshire and savannah. >> all right, al. thank you so much, and hillary clinton has arrived for our town hall.
7:35 am
she's got supporters outside and a lot of folks with questions for you. are you ready? >> i am ready. i'm looking forward to this event. >> all right. our politics and pancake town hall event straight ahea too weak. just a moisturizer. not good enough.
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7:40 am
here in this barn in just a moment, but first, let me say good morning and welcome to secretary clinton. >> thank you. it's great to be here. >> we have a few minutes to talk before we get to hear from the voters. >> great. >> i'll start with your saturday night. here you were on "snl." let's take a look. >> you are really easy to talk to, hill. >> thanks. that's the first time i've ever heard that. >> secretary clinton, it's a funny skit. does it raise a serious point? there are those who say, look, we get it. we know your resume. you were secretary of state. were you a united states senator, but they just don't connect with you. they don't trust you. they might not like you. >> oh, that really hurts my feelings, i have to tell you. you know, look, i think that i was elected to the senate twice from new york. i was asked by my former opponent to serve as secretary of state. obviously in this campaign i'm fighting for what i think is important for our country and
7:41 am
particularly for families in america, and i believe by the end of this campaign people will know that i will fight for them and they can count on me. >> that's surprising to hear you say that because you've been in politics for 0 years, so it's not like people don't know you so just to get real about it are you having a problem connecting? >> i don't know. you can ask me that and obviously it's not the nicest question to hear because i feel like i have a long record of working on the issues that i believe are important to people, and i'm going to continue to do that, and, you know, i think some of it is just the -- the idea, that you know, people want to know what you really feel like, and, you know, i'll add mitt, i'm a more reserved person than maybe some people in politics, are but as you can see from the skit i also like to have a good time so we'll mix it up a little bit in the campaign. >> we just have some polls out this morning, i'm sure you've seen them. it shows bernie sanders winning
7:42 am
here in new hampshire. >> right. >> at moment. >> and it shows me winning in iowa, south carolina, nevada and nationally so i'm happy to be in new hampshire to talk to the people here. >> it's interesting to talk about bernie sanders. >> right. >> because as you mentioned he's winning here, not everywhere else, but he's raising some serious money, raising hillary clinton money for his campaign. what do you think he has tapped into, and is it at all a reflection of your campaign? >> well, as you point out, i've got work to do in new hampshire. i'm very excited to be leading everywhere else, and i'm going to keep working hard everywhere else, but i always thought this would be a great contest, you know. it's important. we're trying to elect the next president of the united states. that's a tough job, and the people of our country have to evaluate candidates, bernie is a neighbor here. he represents vermont. i am, you know, out there every day doing the best i can to communicate what i will do, and i'm looking forward to the debate that we'll be having next
7:43 am
week. >> let's talk about your favorite subject, the e-mail controversy. >> mm-hmm. >> i think i read every single thing you've ever said about it as i was researching for this interview, and i have to tell you i see two things. on the one hand you've said sorry and you've apologized for the confusion that it creates. >> right, right. >> on the other hand, sometimes you say it's the work of your republican rivals going after you. it's the same old partisan attacks. >> right. >> and i guess my question to you which is it, if you're blaming the republicans, some might wonder how genuine is that apology? >> well, actually it's both. i mean, i'm sorry that i made a choice that has result the in this kind of, you know, situation and i've said i've made a mistake. obviously if i had to do it over again, it was allowed and everybody has confirmed that, but it's also as we now know very clearly the way that the republicans are trying to bring my, as they admit, poll numbers down, so, you know, i'm very
7:44 am
committed to answering questions and being as transparent as possible. i'm scheduled to testify before their committee which we now know is nothing but a partisan exercise, so it's really both, savannah. it's both, hey, you know what, turn the clock back, it was allowed. i was thinking about many other things in my e-mail account when i became secretary of state. >> it's allowed, but you know, this and anybody who works in government knows it's really not encouraged to use your personal e-mail, and i just -- do you get how bad it looks? it looks like you set up a personal server, you set up your own e-mail so that you would have control of those e-mails and you and you alone would decide when to release, whether to release them and that's in fact what happened. >> well, savannah, first of all, it was allowed and i've said it wasn't the best choice, and every government official gets to decide what is personal and work-related. if i had had two separate accounts, as many people do obviously, i would have decided
7:45 am
every hour what was personal and what was work-related. the law also says that the official gets to determine that and that's what i did, and i have gone further than anybody that i'm aware of in american history, it's not a long history because we haven't had e-mails that long but as long as we've had them, i've gone longer and farther to be as transparent as possible. nobody else has done that, and by the time this is over, i'm a little, you know, i'm a little embarrassed that the e-mails are so boring in many instances, but, they will all be out there and people will be able to make their decision you. >> mentioned your republican rivals making hay of this. i have to ask you, if the tables were turned and it was dick cheney or karl rove who had a private e-mail account and a private server on which they conducted all their government business, would you be as understanding? >> i never would have done that. look at the situation they chose to exploit, to go after me for political reasons, the death of four americans in benghazi. i knew the ambassador. i identified him.
7:46 am
i asked him to go there. i asked the president to nominate him. there have been seven investigations led mostly by republicans in the congress, and they were non-partisan and they reached conclusions that, first of all, i and nobody did anything wrong but there were changes we could make. this committee was set up as they have admitted for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four americans. i would have never done, that and if i were president and there were republicans or democrats who were thinking about that, i would have done everything to shut it down. >> you're scheduled to testify before that committee. >> that's right. >> do you think it should be disbanded? that's what nancy pelosi has called for. >> well, i have to say that now that they have admitted it's a political partisan committee for the sole purpose of going after me, not trying to make our diplomats who serve in dangerous areas safer, that's up to the congress. if they are going to have it still running, i'll be there, and i'm looking forward to answering questions about real things when i'm there, and i'm
7:47 am
looking forward to having a chance to explain everything we've done, everything that i asked to happen, but it's not -- it's not appropriate what they have done from obviously their own admission. >> you've mentioned there have been seven or eight benghazi committees. this is the first to actually discover and find your e-mails. was that a public service? >> no. no. i mean, before this whole thing, you know, was a big controversy, you know, the state department was looking for information. my e-mails were on the government account, more than 90% of them. the state department was pulling them out. they had been handed over. you know, look, i've been around this political situation for a long time, but some things are just beyond the pale, and i'm happy to go if it still is in operation to testify. i'm happy to turn over my e-mails. i've gone further than anybody ever has. that's okay. i'm willing to do that, but the
7:48 am
real issue here is what happened to four brave americans. >> well, secretary clinton, this group has a lot of questions for you on gun control, on middle class economics, health care. we have a lot to get to and we'll do that for the full next hour. thanks for being here with this morning. we'll hear from the candidates and voters here this morning and online. your questions right after this. >> hi, i'm christina from new hampshire and i want to ask hillary how we can make paid family leave affordabl
7:49 am
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wow, i love it. the tobin stance! that is totally what it is! coming up on a monday morning. we'll head back to south carolina. people there being warned to stay inside and out of those dangerous floodwaters, and while savannah is in new hampshire with hillary clinton, carson's in the original room with a quick look at the most popular questions for the democratic candidate. carson. >> that's right. google shared what people are
7:52 am
searching for when it comes to hillary clinton, things like where did hillary clinton go to to college, where is hillary clinton from? what does hillary clinton want to change? we've also been monitoring or #hillarytoday. some of the words we've seen in the word cloud, words like education, employment, debt, so keep those questions coming, and we'll get to them and more with savannah at town hall right after this. look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death
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good morning. a few minutes before l:00 a.m. let's get our first look at the forecast with meteorologist bill henl henley. >> we have clouds blowing through the area. we'll see more and more sunshine. right now the clouds have fill back in and the chemp wur, well, it's holding at 51 degrees in northeast philadelphia, millville. still some 40s but it's now up to 50 degrees and cluming in trenton. you'll see more and more sunshine. and the wind will start to taper off later today. 65 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. >> thank you. let's get a check on traffic with jessica boyington. we're on the the skug l expressway. eastbound doing okay.
7:57 am
we have a 21-minute travel route here. if you're out in new jersey, watch out for this accident on 219 northbound. the right shoulder is closed. police are holding a suspect following a string of burglaries friday during storm in atlantic city. police arrested deon joyce yesterday. he's accused in connection with break-ins at four businesses in four hours. investigators say the front locks of those businesses were destroyed. today septa will start building a new parking garage at its lansdale station on west main street. the new garage will nearly double the number of spaces for the new commuters. tap the nbc 10 app for a link to septa to get details on parking changes and other information. you can always get the latest news and weather with latest nbc
7:58 am
10 app.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, it's a morning of pancakes and politics as we bring you a special town hall meeting with hillary clinton live from new hampshire. >> how will you as president be able to do what you did when you were senator which is work across the aisle to get your important policies passed? >> i want to ask what your thoughts are on gun control after the shooting in oregon. >> if you had one piece of advice for young girls being told that they can't do something because they are female, what would it be? >> we'll get answers from the candidate herself live today, monday, october 5th, 2015.
8:01 am
>> good morning, everyone. welcome back to this special split edition of "today." that's hillary clinton live greet willing some of the people who have come to attend this town hall event in hollis, new hampshire. in a moment we're going to get the questions that voters here have for secretary clinton and online carson has been monitoring the questions you've been sending to us via facebook, twitter and instaxwram. we want to know that we have extended an invitation to donald trump who is the leading republican candidate for a town hall of his own. he has accepted. we'll keep you posted on when and where that event will be, but for now let's send it up to matt for the news in new york. good morning, matt. good morning again. >> we know secretary clinton will be say a lot about the politics part. has she been taking part in the pancakes as well in is there she's not had pancakes this morning. she's been very disciplined. is meeting a lot of people but hopefully we can get her to do some carbo loading with the rest of us in a few minutes. >> all right. savannah, we'll check back in in a little while. let's start this half hour with
8:02 am
a developing story in south carolina. thousands of people there without power after historic rains have pummeled that entire region. al's in the state capitol of columbia. al, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt, and now that the -- now that it's gotten a little lighter out here you can get an idea the congaree river right now is down from its highest point, but you can see it is still fairly high and with the rain it's probably still going to stay high, at least until the end of the week and then continue to drop, but yesterday the swift water rescues that went on here, there were literally hundreds and hundreds of people rescued by first responders, people who drove into high water got caught and all of a sudden people from homes had to be airlifted off of their roofs. people formed human chains to actually get to other people to make sure that they were safe. this was a dire situation, and even though the high water rescues for the most part are over, the big problem now is the waters. we have too much water.
8:03 am
now a lot of folks here, all 375,000 city residents, have been told to boil their water, but i spoke with the mayor steve benjamin earlier, and he told me the big problem now, the hospitals in south carolina. >> we've had several system breaks. this is a 1,000-year event, so our staff is out identifying obviously where these system breaks are, and if there's not gathered water there attempting to repair them. we have three hospitals in downtown columbia. at least two of them require 0 100,000 gallons a day simply to feed their chillers and keep their equipment running. if in fact we're not able to rectify those system breaks right now, then we'll be working with the hospitals on the phone, with the president of the hospital, one of the hospitals about midnight last night. we'll have to move additional people. we moved some yesterday. we'll have to move a lot more if in fact we can't get this system repaired. >> matt, if they do have to move
8:04 am
those hospital residents, it will be a combination of airlift, buses, ambulances. it's going to be a really complicated system in an already dire situation. >> all right, al. we'll check back with you a little later. thanks very much. let's get a check of the rest of the top stories from natalie. >> all right. searchers have spotted more debris believed to be from that cargo ship that disappeared in the eye of hurricane joaquin, but the fate of the 33 crew members, most of them americans, remains a mystery. the "el faro" sent out a distress call last thursday and hasn't been heard from since. coast guard air crews said they spotted life jackets, containers and an oil sheen in the search area near the bahamas, breaking news out of north korea where the government freed a 21-year-old student. sao won moon was arrested past in april for allegedly endering north korea illegally across the
8:05 am
chinese border. today he was handed over to south korean officials. in oregon, umpqua community college's campus opens but there will be no college for yet another week. staff and student will be able to retrieve their belongings and speak to grief counselors after last thursday's campus massacre. nbc's miguel almaguer has now details into the calculated killing. >> he's exchanging shots and he's in a classroom. >> the suspected is down. >> reporter: he took nine lives in ten minutes and then his own. christopher harper mercer murdered classmates and staff one by one. >> she said, daddy, all of a sudden i heard a horrible bang. >> amen. >> reporter: pastor randy scroggins speaks for his daughter lacey too traumatized to break her silence. she says when student tevin taylorans batch savlost his life saved hers.
8:06 am
>> i'm frozen to the ground and can't move. >> reporter: covered in blood and unable to move lacey's life was spared. others weren't so lucky. she then heard another lady say to the shooter i'm so sorry for what you've gone through. i'm so sorry that you've been hurt, and with that he shot her. >> the shooter's father wonders how his son could ever amass 14 weapons. >> they talk about gun control every time something like this happens they talk about it, and nothing is done. >> reporter: a campus full of heartbreak. nbc's miguel almaguer. >> the supreme court gets back to work with some politically charged cases. the justices will decide to take up a case on a texas abortion law that requires abortion facility meet the same standards at hospital-style surgical centers. opponents say it's intended to limit access to abortion.
8:07 am
in another big case the court is likely to consider a challenge to the birth control mandate in the affordable care act. on a lighter note, most family dogs require that you take them for a walk, but there's one dog that is returning the favor, take a look here. this is daisy. now, if you needed a ride daysy is more than happy to take you where you need to go. only requirement though, you have to be fit enough to fit in daisy's shiny tiny red car >> is that dog steering. >> looks like it. so the little boy in the video, you see he's good to go. i don't think any of us will get into that car any time soon, but, yeah, turns the corners and all. >> drives better than some people here in new york. >> that's pretty accurate actually. let's get a check of the weather once again with al who is in columbia, south carolina. hey, al. >> i love that the little boy is telling the dog where to steer. that's pretty good. looking at radar you can see we still have rain in the southeast and also wet weather out in california as well. the southwest looking wet so we've got a lot of wet weather hanging around, but for the most
8:08 am
part things dry out after tomorrow. that's what's going on around the good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. breezy but warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 60s this afternoon. wind dies out tonight which means a chillier start tomorrow morning. but a warming trend, 73 degrees tuesday afternoon. even a bit warmer for wednesday. quite nice for thursday with plenty of sunshine. it's friday. we could see some scattered showers before we clear out for the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. i've got to tell you, savannah, those pancakes would taste pretty good right now. >> i'll save some for you. they will taste delicious tomorrow, just you wait. >> coming up next, as you can see hillary clinton is here and is talking to some of the voters who have questions for her right here in new hampshire. we're going to talk about the issues on their minds right after this.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
>> and welcome back to our special edition of "today." we're calling it pancakes and politics. this is a town hall meeting with hillary clinton. we're live in hollis, new hampshire for answers this morning. this is a crowd that's well fed and they have also decided to participate, all from new hampshire, some are democrats and some are independents and we've got willie geist here who has made his way here to facilitate and take questions from voters. willie, we'll send it over to you. you've got our first question. >> thank you. secretary clinton, welcome to new hampshire. this crowd is well fed and have a lot of questions. this is anna birch, secretary clinton, 45-year-old democrat, has an 8-year-old son and has a question for you about guns. >> that's right. >> hi. thank you for taking my question. >> yes. >> like so many i'm very distressed about the recent mass shooting last week in oregon, and frankly a bit ashamed to
8:14 am
be -- about the uncontrollable gun violence in our country right now, especially compared to other developed nations. again, my son is 1. i'm nervous to talk to him about it. there's regular lockdown drills at his school now. it's part of life and yet i feel like i'm not alone in saying enough is enough and i would like to know as president how -- what specifically you would do for gun control or gun control. >> first of all, i -- i share your feelings and, you know, just the sense that we have to take action. you have these terrible incidents like we just had in oregon. children being killed in school, people in bible study in a church being murdered and on campuses and so many others, and then there are about 92 deaths by guns every day, and most of them don't make the headlines. homicides, accidents, suicides, and there are more than 33,000 a year. if anything else we're killing
8:15 am
33,000 of our people we would come together and said hey, what are we going to do about this? so i've introduced my platform for dealing with gun violence because i think we've got to as a nation do exactly what you said, enough. what do we have to try to accomplish? we need universal background checks. we know that they will work. we need to close what's called the charleston loophole. the young man who killed the nine people in the church in charleston, there's a loophole in the brady bill that if you go to try to get a gun and they don't finish the background check in three days you can get the gun. they were still trying to find out about this young man, turns out he did have a criminal record. he wasn't eligible to get a gun but because of, quote, the loophole he was able to. we need to close the gun show loophole, you know. and i think it's 40% or so. gun sales in america are done
8:16 am
online or in gun shows and done by people selling out of the back of their cars basically, and we know where we enforce that kind of check. we do keep guns out of hands of people who are domestic abusers or in a hot rage, you know, go out to get a gun because of a domestic dispute, and we have far more women being killed by their partners than anywhere else in the world. it's not that we don't have disputes everywhere else in the world, but they become lethal in america. so i really do want to push hard to get more sensible restraints on gun ownership in the wrong hands and then to try to keep track of people who shouldn't have guns and i want to work with the congress. we got very close. there was a bipartisan bill. it didn't go all the way, but i will also look for ways as president to try to tighten some of these checks, particularly, you know, to get more of the background checks done on more
8:17 am
of the sales at gun shows and online than we currently have because i -- i don't blame you for, you know, looking at your 9-year-old son and thinking do i have to tell him to be scared, duck and cover, you know, exercises in the school in the united states of america. that's just wrong so i'm determined to do something about it and i'll try in every way i can to get those guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. >> there's a supreme court case that says the second amendment is an individual right and it was decided somewhat recently in the last few years. do you agree with it? >> well, look, i -- i think that there were a lot of cases before that that were different in terms of what the second amendment made, but that's what the court has decide, but even in that decision justice scalia said that that doesn't mean that there can't be restraints on gun purchases and gun ownership. that's what i'm advocating. we'll take the law as it is, but we'll have to look to see what we can do to make sure, that you
8:18 am
know, we prevent these kinds of terrible crimes that are happening in our country. i've got no problem with people who are responsible gun owners. there are millions of them, but if you actually ask not only americans but gun owners the majority of both say, hey, background checks make a lot of sense. let's do everything we can to make sure the irresponsible and the criminal and the mentally ill don't get guns. >> willie's got our next question. secretary clinton, bob carter, 59 years old, unmayor i'd from rye, new hampshire, undecided and has a question about income inequality. >> right. >> a lifelong democrat and i've admired your service to our country for many years but you don't yet have my vote. my biggest concern is what i see as the growing disparity between wealth and income inequality and i really feel it to my bones this is becoming an existential threat to our country. we're increasing becoming a
8:19 am
country of haves and have notes and unfortunately for many of us we have come to know that the game or the system or whatever we call it is just rigged against us and we really desperately want a champion who will stand with us. >> right. >> so my question to you and if you would please set aside the issue of who -- which candidate is more electable in the general election, help me understand why i should vote for you rather than bernie sanders. >> okay. >> thank you. >> let me talk about my self-. i'll let senator sanders talk about himself. we'll have a chance as we go through the debate to contrast our positions but i believe strongly that raising incomes is the issue, the top priority. that is what i'm going to spend all my time on, and there are different levels of what we have to do. we have to raise the minimum wage because right now you can work full time and you're still in poverty. we have to create more good paying jobs. that's why i've advocated for more infrastructure jobs with a infrastructure bank putting people to road, repairing our roads and building what we need to be competitive and strong and
8:20 am
also why i've said i want to combat climate change and the best way to do that is to create more clean energy jobs. those are good jobs that can't be exported because we'll be putting solar panels and wind, you know, turbines up. we'll doing things right here at home that will not only combat climate change and create new jobs and new businesses. i have advocated for profit sharing like market basket which i'm sure you're aware of, right? because more people deserve to share in the profits than just the ceos, and if you have contributed to the productivity of a company, you should be able to do that. now, i believe that if you look at the last 35 years, democratic presidents have inherited big problems with the economy from the republican predecessors. my husband game in exploding national debt, big problems and problems with job creations, at end we had 23 million jobs,
8:21 am
incomes rose at every level, the top, middle folks and the poor people. that's what i want to do. when president obama came in he was handed the worst financial crisis since the great depression so our real differences are with the republicans. they want to take us back to trickle down economics. if they get a chance they will once again wreck the economy and the inequality that you and i care so much about will be even worse. i know what to do because i've watched it up close and personal and i understand how we can get incomes once again rising, how people can feel they have a stake in our country and where we begin to narrow that inequality gap so we have broad-based prosperity that everybody can benefit from. >> secretary clinton, to bob's question about bernie sanders though. he leads here in new hampshire. he's got huge crowds wherever he goes, 20,000 people in boston and he's raised a lot of money, almost as much as you did in the quarter. are you surprised by the rise of bernie sanders?
8:22 am
>> oh, no. look, i really believe that is great for the democratic party and for this election because we want to turn out as many people as possible in order to understand and believe what we both believe, that the difference between us on the democratic side and the republicans is a huge gulf, and if you care about your income, your family's income, then you've got to look at the democrats. i happen to think my plans and my experience are going to get us where we need to go, and that's what i'm advocating. >> let's move along. candy, if you would stand up for me. candy is a 71-year-old married, four daughters from here in hollis and what's your question for secretary clinton? >> well, secretary clinton, like you i'm a grandmother, i have my grandson evan simon here today. >> that's great. >> i'm concerned about my grandchildren and young children in this country, and my question for you is how and what can you do, what will you do to make
8:23 am
college more affordable so that our grandchildren here, from middle class families, can get the education they need without overwhelming debt? >> thank you. >> that's one of the biggest concerns that i hear about everywhere, and i -- i have a plan called the new college compact because i think every young person who wants to go to college, number one, should be able to go to a community college for free. that's two more years of education on top of high school. i support president obama's proposal for doing that, but i want to go further. i think everyone who goes to a public college or university should be able to do that without having to borrow a penny to pay tuition, and i think that if we -- if we do i'm proposing, we will have many more young people being able to afford to go to college. now, i'm a little different than those who say free for
8:24 am
everybody. i'm not in favor of making college free for donald trump's kids. i'm in favor of making college free for your grandson by having no debt tuition, and then i do think because i worked when i went to college, i had a job. i went to law school. i had a job, and i also had loans when i went to law school. i think that if you are then having to figure out how to pay for your living expenses if you're eligible for a pell grant, they should be able to be applied for your living expenses, and if you are willing to work ten hours a week at your college you should get extra help. if you're willing to go into a public job like being a teacher you should be able to have your education as close to debt-free across the board as possible, and if you are a national service of some other kind you should also get a big discount, and if you are already a parent because, you know, we have a lot of young people in their 20s and 30s going to college, you should
8:25 am
get more help. we should have much more earl el childhood programs on campuses so that young parents can afford to have their children safely looked after while they are studying, so my plan is very comprehensive, and i think that it would very much meet your concerns and mine about what we're doing to our kids, but then there's another element of it. i think you should be able to refinance your debt if you already have debt. >> secretary clinton -- i'm sorry, we're up against the break. that will be the cliffhanger. i didn't want to interrupt you mid-sentence. we're just getting started with our town hall. a lot of questions and we'll come back and here also what your questions have been online. we've been getting a social media #hillarytoday and you're sending your questions for all of that, but first a check of your local news and your weather, and i promise you can finish your sentence. >> great.
8:26 am
good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley. >> at the shore side, wind is still blowing. we could see at high tides this afternoon some minor flooding at the shore. live view from cape may. there's a chance of a sprinkle at the shore. inland, winds are back now to 15 miles an hour at philadelphia. temperatures will be climbing. we'll see they climb into the 60s this afternoon. something that didn't happen for most of the weekend. >> if you're heading out the door, check the road. there's an accident that jessica boyington has been watching.
8:27 am
jessica? >> 295 in jersey, tracy. two more on 295, one in lawrence township on 295 northbound around route 1 with the right shoulder closed and another one in long side on 295 southbound at warwick road with the left shoulder closed. i just checked the drive times as well. they're still doing okay no matter what direction you're going in. starting to see an increase, backed up to 8th street. slow going headed westbound. we can see that increase. as of the rest of our majors around the area, 95. schuylkill heavy into center city. tracy? this morning, colleges and universities in the philadelphia area are on alert following a threatening post in the social media. word started spreading after putting out an alert. take up arms against the university near philadelphia at 2:00 this afternoon. fbi says no specific school has mentioned in the threat. local school officials are on alert.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now. it's monday morning, the 5th of october, 2015, and welcome back to our barn, our little neck of the woods here in new hampshire and we're here with secretary clinton, live politics and pancakes town hall. >> we've done the pancakes. >> i guess you've probably flipped a pancake in your life. >> yes, i have, i have, never in a barn in new hampshire. i love these new experiences that come with campaigning around our country. >> this crowd has a lot more
8:31 am
questions for hillary clinton in just a moment, but for now we'll send it back to matt, carson and natalie in new york. >> hillary clinton trending this morning and in a moment carson will have questions and comments from people who are using the #hillarytoday. >> also coming up in our next hour, actor veteran broadway actor tay digsz will be here to talk about fatherhood. first back to al in columbia, south carolina, where he's been tracking this all day long. al? >> as we send our drone almost water level at the congaree river here's an interesting statistic, at height of this yesterday 1.4 million gallons of water was flowing per second past this point. to put that in perspective, that would fill two olympic pools per second. it's now down a little bit, down to about 1.2 million, but it's still an amazing amount of water
8:32 am
that continues to flow. let's show you the rest of your weather across the country for the next couple of days. for today we do have that upper level low lifting away. winds are going to pick up here in the mid-atlantic and the southeast. also a lot of wet weather through the southwest. they had flash flooding yesterday in death valley, sunshine through the northern plains and tomorrow we look to see more sunshine in the northeast. the winds will drop down a bit, but more weather, wet weather in the southwest and the four corners area. that's what's going on around the good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. partly sunny skies today. still breezy, but warm er than yesterday. middle to upper 60s this afternoon. wind dies down tonight, which means a chillier start tomorrow morning. 49 in the morning but a warm in trend. 73 degrees tuesday afternoon. and even a bit warmer for wednesday. still quite nice for thursday, with plenty of sunshine. it's friday. we could see some scattered showers before we clear out for the weekend. have a great day.
8:33 am
>> savannah, i think for the donald trump town hall it's going to be bacon and waffles. >> al, i'll put your request in. thank you so much. as you know, willie and i are here in new hampshire and the people who have joined us get a chance to ask the secretary what they want to hear about, and we've got carson in new york and he's monitoring the questions we've been getting in with the #hillarytoday which i guess is trending this morning, carson. what are people asking in. >> it is trending. people have a lot of questions. this question coming from facebook for ruth wanting to know did hillary ever get fired from a job and if so why? >> oh, that's a question. well, actually i did get fired from a job. i went to alaska after i graduated from college, and we worked our way -- i was with some friends. we worked our way, we washed dishes and then we ended up in valdez, alaska, and we got a job
8:34 am
at what was called a cannery, a fishery where the fishermen were bringing in salmon and then they were being packed to be sent, in this case it was to japan, so i showed up. high first job was i was given a spoon and some boots and i was told to clean out insides of the salmon, so i did that for a while, but the japanese workers who were taking out caviar thought i was too slow so they were yelling to me in japanese which, of course, i couldn't understand to go faster and then they literally kicked me out of that job and they put me on this little conveyor belt where you had to pack the salmon head to tail, head to tail, head to hail, and i don't know anything about salmon other than to eat it which i love and they were like green and black. they looked hoshld sorrible so to the guy running the operation and i said are you sure this is
8:35 am
okay, just do the job. don't ask any questions and i said don't look very good and they don't smell very good and he just yelled at me and then when i left i came back the next day, whole operation was gone so i think that was the equivalent of being fired. >> i guess so. >> they got out of dodge. >> yeah. >> they did. >> i think we've got one more question, carson. >> enjoy those pancakes after that. we'll go to twitter. kristin writing how has your experience for played it prepared you to be in the oval office? >> you know, that's a really good question because i'm usually asked about being elected to serve in the senate or being appointed to be secretary of state, but i have to say having been in the white house for eight years and, you know, watched how you have to work with everybody, even when you don't agree with them, and i watched my husband do that. i think it was a very important and strong position for him to be in. that's exactly what i would do. you don't get everything you want for the country right away,
8:36 am
and in some cases nothing what you had hoped for, but you have to keep working to find common ground, and i lived that. i watched that, and i think it has well prepared me for what lies ahead because the next president is going to face some really hard choices can and you have to be willing to keep working at them day in and day out. >> secretary clinton, stand by. we're going to get back to our questions right in this room. we'll let you finish your sentence from earlier, too. a lot more questions from here in new hampshire and first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
we're live in hollis, new hampshire, this morning with a rowdy pancakes and politics crowd. they have a lot of energy after all their carbs and secretary clinton is nice enough to spend
8:39 am
this hour with us answering questions and were you in the middle of a question on student loans. >> 40 million people in the country who have student loans already totaling 14 trillion and i want them to refinance their loans and get a lower price. if you can refinance your car and house you ought to be able to refinance your student loans. i also want to cap what you have to pay when you are making that monthly payment, at a percentage, a small percentage of your income as opposed to a fixed rate with an interest rate, and i want to forgive loans if you go into public national service of some sort, and, again, you know, social work, teaching, fire fighting, police work, all of that would be eligible for that lower rate, but mainly i want to get the costs down and i want to get the costs of going down and i'm expecting colleges to lower the costs. it's gotten too high and i don't think the federal government should -- i don't think the
8:40 am
federal government should make a profit off the loans that the federal government offers so we have a lot of work to do to make it affordable for you. >> let's get to willie who has another question. >> this is cliff hurdle, an undecided independent, 39 years old from portsmouth, new hampshire, who has a question for you. >> sure. secretary clinton, you've had a lot of you have to questions this more. this may be the toughest one you get all day but many years ago we saw another clinton in the inauguration playing an instrument or having a song. what song or instrument would you play at yours? >> well, you know on "saturday night live" i sang "lean on me" with kate mckickon who plays me better than i play me, and so maybe that will be the song because it wasn't as bad as i feared. all my friends from literally grade school in high school were just e-mailing me like crazy, i can't believe you sang, you know. the person who the choir instructor would say, you know, hillary, you can sit with your friends who are sopranos as long as you don't sing, so probably
8:41 am
that's a good start i think. >> and wise decision not to get up with miley cyrus on "snl." >> yes, right. >> let's turn to kristen, undeclared independent, a daughter and two sons and has a question for you. >> great. >> secretary clinton, thank you for this opportunity. i think when i talk to my kids, i talk to my kids about politics, a bit of a junkie when it comes to that sort of thing, and i tell them about how in order to make government work there needs to be cooperation, needs to be compromise and there needs to be consensus. honestly is there anyone left in the republican party, talking about the senate and the house, what you can work with. you're not going to be able to do most of what you want to do by yourself. who is there? >> that's exactly the right question. you know, when i was in the senate, well, actually as first lady even, i worked with republicans to pass the children's health insurance program and to reform foster care and adoption, and i worked with republicans i didn't have
8:42 am
anything else in common to work on. when i was in the senate i worked a lot across the lines. in fact, with someone now running for president on the republican side, lindsey graham, him and i teamed up to, you know, to make sure that national guard and reserve members got health care, not just when they were deployed, and the same as secretary of state, constantly working to try to find that common ground. i know it's not easy and our politics become way too polarized but i have a track record of actually doing it and getting it done and i think that as president i would start literally on hour one to start to try to reach out to see what i could do to reach what you tell your kids we need to do in a democracy which is some kind of consensus. thanks very much. >> good luck, he says. >> esther, come on back with me, esther dickinson from concord, new hampshire. >> have a minute for one. >> i want to thank you for your candidacy, such a role model for people my age so thank you for
8:43 am
putting yourself out there. >> thank. >> so in your e-mails you told senator mccluskey you should go out and celebrate with something unhealthy to drink so i'm wondering what your favorite unhealthy celebratory drink is. >> a martini, a vodka martini. and the james bond way, shake it. >> all right. >> more questions for hillary clinton. we're going to take another break and stand by, secretary clinton. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back to our special town hall meeting with secretary of state -- former secretary of state hillary clinton with us live in hollis, new hampshire. we're going to get right back to our questions and carson has one that came in online. what's the question? >> from facebook, randy asking do you think you have what it takes to take on the trump and
8:46 am
are you ready for the insults? >> i can't hear that one. >> the question is do you think you have what it takes to take on the trump, and are you ready for the insults? >> well, as you might have noticed, i'm kind of used to being insult the, and he's had his fair share of insults about me, and, you know what? what's important is what's happening in your lives. what's important is all these questions you have on your minds about how we raise incomes and afford college and make it, you know, possible for people to once again feel like they are succeeding in america, that basic bargain, so i've said if he gets the nomination, i'm looking forward to meeting him on had a debate stage. >> willie, a question. >> yes, secretary clinton, a veteran of the united states military, william hopkins, independent, married with two kids. what's your question, sir? >> secretary clinton, a bit of a long question. i'll probably mess it up. i've been practicing for a while. >> that's okay. >> do you mind if i read it? >> no, go right away.
8:47 am
>> yeah. >> all right. >> what's the core of the question, what's -- >> secretary clinton, i served in iraq as an army infantry man in 2004 and 2005, i lost a friend, a year of my life and i suspect i'll be coping with the experience the rest of my life and you gave a ranting rousing speech in support of the war powers act that allowed president bush to go into iraq. given your history and your close ties tollments within the military industrial complex, what assurances can you provide that companies and individuals who profit from war and militarism will not have undue influence in the clinton administration? >> you know, that's really an important question for everybody running for president, william, and -- and i appreciate it, and i also appreciate your service and i'm well aware that you and now millions of americans who have served are going to be living with the consequences of that. i've said my vote to give bush the authority was a mistake.
8:48 am
i misjudge the what he would do with it and i -- and i am very -- it's very regrettable about that so i am probably much more wary and prepared to say no because i saw what was done with a vote i gave a president so i will be even more cautious. i believe in diplomacy. that's why i worked so hard to put together the coalition to get iran to the negotiating table while you hear other voices, you know saying, no, no, we need to go to war, absolutely not. i'm with winston churchill. talking is always better than going to war and with my four years of experience in the state department i have a very clear idea of how we try to solve problems and how we work to bring people together around american values and interest and that's what i'll do. >> let me ask you about that. you recently called for a no-fly zone over syria. president obama has not done that so far. he was asked about your position on friday and he said there's a difference between running for
8:49 am
president and being president. what do you make of that? >> well, look, i know that, and i have said repeatedly that when you're in that situation room, as i was many, many times and you bear the full weight of the choice you're about to make, you have to be very sure and very careful. what i was advocating was putting together a coalition of those countries that have a real stake in trying to prevent this flood of refugees and trying to find safe spaces so that people can actually stay in their homes, and i know it's complicated, but i think we should be, number one, looking for a diplomatic solution to end the conflict, remove assad who is really one of the major reasons why the conflict is going on and seek a diplomatic solution, and i think trying to provide some safe areas for people which from my reading cannot be done unless we get everybody together to try to patrol the skies is going to be very difficult so that's why i said i think we should start looking for that. >> sorry, the fly was not
8:50 am
invited to this. willie, one more question. >> what's your question for secretary clinton? >> hi, secretary clinton. my question is what is your favorite book? >> oh, my gosh, my favorite boar, probably "brothers care" because i red it when i was young and i read it every ten years or so since because it's such an amazing story about, you know, faith and how people how people have to think about what they believe in on earth to try to get along with each other and whether they have any faith that will rein in their behavior and make them treat people better. i think it's a constant theme that i'm always reflecting on because i always wonder, you know, why are there people like assad in syria who are barrel bombing his people, killing women and children with no thought at all? i just -- to me it's just such a
8:51 am
continuing challenge of human nature so i like to, you know, delve in and and out of that from time to time. >> thank you. >> let's go to carson, a few more questions from our original room. this one coming in on facebook from sheila asking hypothetically speaking would you consider a vice president position? >> it says hypothetically speaking would you consider a vice president position? >> hypothetically speaking no. >> secretary clinton, would you consider a female running mate on your ticket? >> i would consider the qualified people of whom we have a large number in the democratic party because the most important choice is if something happens to the president, do you have full confidence that that person will step right in and do a great job for the country, that's the most important thing to me and it doesn't matter who that person is if that's what i
8:52 am
believe about him or her. >> i think you said your husband is not eligible. >> no, he's not. >> secretary clinton will be with us for just a few more minutes. back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc. mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family. well there is one. folks, i'm not your grandma. just a handsome kind hearted drifter who wandrered in years ago and stayed for all the yummy sausage.
8:53 am
feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. we are back now with the final moments of our town hall meeting with secretary hillary clinton. thank you for being with us this
8:54 am
morning. the crowd has enjoyed our time together. i have to ask you before we go, of course we know that vice president joe biden is mulling a run for president himself. there's a moment for him right now where his poll numbers are high and it seems like there's groundswell and everyone is almost beckoning him into the race. you experienced something like that yourself. do you have any words for vice president biden about how that looks once you're six months into it? >> well, as i've said repeatedly, this is a decision for the vice president to make, and he needs whatever time and space he wants to be able to make that decision. once you're in the political fray, he knows this better than anybody, he's been elected for many, many years from delaware and now in the white house with president obama. once you're in the political fray, then, you know, everybody begins to ask you questions and you are being pushed and pulled in many different directions. he knows that very well, but it's up to him to make his decision about what's best for him and his family. >> and in the few seconds i have
8:55 am
you often say you're not running because you're a woman, you're running on the merits and one of your merits is that you are a woman. >> right. >> so my question is what are the merits of a female leader? what does a female leader bring that a man doesn't? >> we have a very different life experience, i think it's fair to say, and i think that, you know, a lot of my agenda about how do we support families and how do we support working women and how do we get paid family leave, how do we do care giving, just talking to one of the people here, we're going to have a huge challenge on helping to take people with alzheimer's, people getting older with autism and a lot of other conditions. we live that in a much more real, you know, day-to-day way, and i will bring all of those, you know, feelings and experiences with me to the white house and people say to me, well, you know, folks want an outside near this election. what can be more of an outsider than a woman president? just by definition is an outsider, the very first time in our history. >> secretary clinton, thank you for your time this morning. i'll send it back up to the guys in new york. >> all right, savannah, thank
8:56 am
you very much. secretary clinton, thank you. >> comfortable in that situation. i thought the questions were great. >> really great questions, informed crowd and great questions online. >> still have a ton that hillarytoday was the trending topic all morning long. very successful event. >> absolutely. >> look forward to trump next. >> right? >> we're going to set a date for that and you have another hour good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast for this monday. meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill. >> good morning, tracy. cool temperatures to start with. we will see more and more sunshine and warm into the 60s, including in the pocono mountains. clouds have been thinning out there. temperature now 44 degrees in
8:57 am
the mountains. in the low 50s for philadelphia. wilmington is up to 54. climbing into the 60s past yesterday's temperatures by 4:00 this afternoon, sunny and 65. this morning, colleges and universities in the philadelphia area are on alert following a threatening post on social media. word started spreading yesterday after the fbi put out an alert. the posting said that someone will take up arms against a university near philadelphia at 2:00 this afternoon. the fbi says no specific school was mentioned in the threat. some local schools said they would be tightening security and urging students and staff to be watchful. if you live in pennsylvania today is the last day you can register to vote in the 2015 election. election day is tuesday november 3rd. in philadelphia, mayor's office and several city council seats are on the ballot. city hall later this morning. you can check the app for a link to the website that can get you
8:58 am
registered. camden county officials are offering flu shots from 4:00 to 7:00 pm in voohees. you can always get the latest news and stay up-to-date with the weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. now back to the "today" show. thanks for watching and have a great day.
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" daye diggs on starting the next chapter in his life and wearing fatherhood on his sleeve and then demi losta bears all. the photos everyone is talking about and "star trek's" george takai embarks on a new enterprise. all that comingp now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome back to "today" on this monday morning, october 5th, 2015. i'm natalie along with tamron and looky, looky, looky outside. >> look who the cat dragged in.
9:01 am
>> hi, kids. >> our good friend hody-ho. >> i always wonder what had happened at 9:00. >> you're supposed to be working. >> this is a pre-show to warm you up. >> the pre-show. >> this is when you're mixing and then you start drinking during your hour. >> hoda is here, of course. we've got willie in new hampshire and also al is down in south carolina covering the storms for us as well. we're going to touch base with all, but let's start off with you, al, and the historic flooding, something the governor hasn't seen there in 1,000 years. >> yeah, guys, i've got to tell you it is startling how this area has been brought to its knees but this weather. let's go to our drone. we've got a look at the congaree, how do i pronounce this again, the congaree river. i've been having trouble with if all day, but you can see the flow of this river. here's a statistic that just is
9:02 am
a mind-bogler. at the height of this yesterday 1.4 million gallons of water was flowing past this point per second, per second. that's -- that would fill two olympic swimming pools per second. it is now down to about 1.2 million, but it's still an amazing amount of water that's flowing, and the -- and the deep water rescues that went on yesterday, we have video to show you that is just unbelievable. cars that were being floated away. first of all, hundreds rescued. there you go. people using boats to swift water rescues. people using actually human chains to get people out of high water, along rope lines. it was unbelievable. of course, our four-legged friends had to be rescued as well. the animal shelter here is really suffering, and people,
9:03 am
unfortunately, driving into high water and having to be rescued. there was one video of a pickup truck that was floating down the street and a good samaritan grabbed a tire iron, swam out to the guy and bang the out the back window and he was able to climb out so thousands rescue. hundreds of people. thousands are still out of their homes. we've also got nearly 30,000 people without power right now. that's pretty amazing, and all columbia residents are told to boil water because they have had water main breaks and there have been sewage backups, big problems, and, in fact, they may have to evacuate. there are three hospitals in columbia, two of them downtown because of the lack of water they may have to start evacuating the high school and at the university of south carolina the dorms are without water so they may have to evacuate as well. a really still dire situation,
9:04 am
guys, that continues to be tracked. back to you. >> all right, al. thanks so much. you're doing a terrific job there. >> the human chains that they had to form to help each other. neighbor helping neighbor. ? it's hard to believe just a few days ago talking that joaquin is hitting and everyone breathes a sigh of relief and it's turning away. >> and there were always fears of a second storm system and al warned and predict that had sadly this was the potential outcome but to your point, natalie, seeing those people really and being since taken by a surprise even with the warnings, and you know, hoda, with your ties to new orleans, whenever we see people on the tops of roofs, you know, begging for help and assistance, that sends a special shiver through all of us and now we have another potential information. >> it's funny. when i worked in new orleans, and it was a day we remember, the may 8th, may 8th floods, not like katrina, but the images looked very similar to south carolina. everybody thought it was just rain, not going to be a big deal
9:05 am
and all of a sudden something like that happens. >> water rises so fast. >> let's lighten the mood, a lot of people enjoyed themselves over the weekend in other parts of the country. some tuned into "snl," season premiere. miley cyrus hosted. i was a little scared. you never know what's going to happen, but hillary made a guest cameo and played a bartender named val. she's in a sketch with kate mckinnon as secretary clinton. >> it really is great how long you've supported gray marriage. >> yeah. >> i could have support it had sooner. >> well, you did it pretty soon. >> yeah. >> could have been sooner. >> fair point. >> maybe you should take a vacation. >> a vacation? >> a vacation. >> what are you saying? >> a va-katon. >> did somebody say vacation?
9:06 am
oh, my god, they are multiplying. ♪ if we are one there's always tomorrow ♪ >> i heard hillary at the town hall asking if she had any kinds of musical talent and somebody that had to stand there. >> willie is in hollis, new hampshire for a pancakes and politics town hall with hillary clinton. hey, willie, nice to take a toss from you on a show, hoda kotb and i saw secretary clinton right before the town hall and what should i call you secretary clinton on val and, please, i like this val thing and this is an awesome venue in hollis, new hampshire, right along the massachusetts border with an amazing group of people who are
9:07 am
either hillary supporters, people thinking about supporting hillary or independents maybe supporting bernie sanders or somebody else, and they got the opportunity in a setting that we don't see very often with a presidential candidate sitting in the round for about an hour, hour and a half answer their questions. we did, of course, talk about benghazi, we talked about e-mails and about what her foreign policy would look like as president, but us a pointed out there were some lighter questions getting to know hillary clinton a little bit, including one that was asked about what song or instrument would be played at her inauguration. >> secretary clinton, you've had a lot of you have to questions this morning, this may be the toughest one you get all day, but many years we go we saw another clinton at his inauguration playing an instrument and song. what song or instrument would you play at yours? >> saturday night on "saturday night live" i sang "lean on me" with kate mckinnon who plays me better than i play me, so maybe that will be the song because it -- it wasn't as bad as i
9:08 am
feared. you know, all my friends from literally grade school and high school, you know, were just e-mailing me like crazy. i can't believe you sang, you know, the person who the choir instructor would say, you know, hillary, you can sit with your friends who are sopranos as long as you don't sing so probably that's a good start i think. >> were you impressed by secretary clinton today? >> absolutely, yes. >> anybody change their mind about supporting her? >> yes. >> yes. >> a very strong woman, very capable woman. >> very strong woman. >> we had a great cross-section, people representing the state of new hampshire which obviously, guys, is so critical if you want to become the nominee. got to win in this state. >> yeah, willie, thanks so much. a great crowd. thanks to them for participating. >> fun this morning. >> it was. strong women, friday we celebrate the breast cancer survivors right out on the plaza with our pink party today. it got us thinking of a promise that we made last year. >> let's get another woman
9:09 am
should join us, another hot woman should join us this fine morning. >> surprise. >> we're like connected. >> nbc is out of hot women so they sent me in. >> oh, dear. >> they are using every single one they have got today and then they said, kath, do you mind if you go in, fine, here i am. >> you are the one with the sheer lace top. >> oh, imagine that. >> you still got it, my friend. >> i still have too much of it, i know that. >> you've got presentee. >> how are you guys doing? >> how was your weekend? >> soggy, but not anywhere near like south carolina where people are truly suffering. i was thinking and praying for everybody over the weekend between the fires in california and the devastation on -- it's like -- >> yeah, yeah. there's no place safe these days. >> matt pointed out when he interviewed governor nikki haley, point the out the church shooting and now this and asked
9:10 am
about the resilience of the people in this state. >> and she is always emerging as such a leader and yet a calming influence and people love her down there. >> yes. it's a challenge for everyone. >> may be in the news, a couple of presidential cycles from now, who knows. >> were you surprised, and last year we challenged our viewers to help us raise $10,000 for breast cancer research. >> oh, i remember this. >> yes. >> it was a major moment. it went viral. >> somebody went under. >> i did in a gown and actually some jewelry from anne taylor lost that raised money for breast cancer. >> i want to point out your wet hair is good. >> you are being kind. >> hody is not kind but she's honest. >> okay. so, this year the stakes are as they say higher. >> okay. now what? >> like a blackjack table of some sorts. we're raising thetantics and we're gambling in a sense because we're asking you at home to help us raise $50,000 by the
9:11 am
end of the month. >> what's the thing in. >> here's the deal. last year i said if we raise the money all four of us, that would be willie, al, natalie and myself would all get dunked. i have never seen a dunker that fits four people. >> so you'll have to build that. >> we'll need a bigger dunker. >> anyway, we're asking you to head to if you could please start donating, even the smallest amount. >> yes. >> we had kids last year who raided their piggy banks, you know. >> it brings out the best in people. >> that's sweet. >> bricks out best in people. >> and you need to join us as well. >> that's nice. >> we're up the next hour. >> we have hair issues. >> oh, come on. >> there's going to be some surprises along the way. maybe you'll surprise us. >> oh, okay. >> are we being railroaded? >> we are so grateful to have this opportunity to be dunked for a great cause. >> it's going to happen. >> that's right. >> and all the proceeds go to the avon foundation for women.
9:12 am
>> awesome. >> let's head back down to al in columbia, south carolina, with a exwhich of the wetter. >> if you got two dunk tanks, if you make them for threes, if hoda and kathie lee would join and we got $100,000. >> someone just raised it even more. >> al roker just raised it to 100,000. >> i'm so glad i have an isb in. >> he said 100,000 and we have to get dunked, too. >> oh, okay, for that. >> we'll do it. >> are you guys in? >> we're in, we're in. >> you're in. >> 50 for me and 50 for hoda. >> no, we don't get paid. >> it doesn't go for me, for me to dunk and you to dunk, i think it's worth it. >> and we have a month and should be fair to our viewers. >> let's just keep it at 1 and you're in. >> we need to raise it and go for the 100. >> i need to pray about this. >> 100 if we're in. >> while she's praying will you update the weather there, please. >> all right, okay. amen. it's the lord's work. let's show you what we've got happening as far as our weather is concerned.
9:13 am
so look at this. you can see that this swath of rain is still coming in, especially myrtle beach, hearing word of evacuations going in right now and additional heavy rain, east and south carolina and southern north carolina, 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts as this low lifts up. we'll be watching this. again, another couple of inches before the rain is all over and we're also looking at the -- at the congaree river reaching not quite record flood stage, but it's going to be there right now. 30 feet and then start to drop as we head towards wednesday, but, again, volatile situation still going on here in the carolinas. we're going to continue to track it for you. i'll be with lester holt here in the carolinas tonight for nbc nightly good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. partly sunny skies today. still breezy, but warmer than yesterday. middle to upper 60s this
9:14 am
afternoon. the wind dies out tonight, which means a chillier start to tomorrow morning. 49 in the morning. warming trend. 73 degrees tuesday afternoon. and even a bit warmer for wednesday and still quite nice for thursday with plenty of sunshine. it's friday. they could see some scattered showers before we clear out for the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. guys, i think all six of us, 100,000, boom. >> boom. >> 100,000 each, come on! >> oh, okay. >> we keep raising it, kathie lee. we have a month. >> coming up, we've got daye diggs ri to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9...
9:15 am
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9:18 am
films as well and "the best man" and "best man" sequel. >> and made a return to broadway and wrapped up his starring role in "hedwig". >> and now he's writing his second children's book called "mixed me." >> good morning. >> you got your mixed me t-shirt on. >> people can go to to get this. >> very close to your heart and this one and the book prior hit home, this especially for your little boy and other kids like him. >> this bok as well as "chocolate me" hits on identity. this was inspired by my little boy walker nathaniel diggs the product of a blended relationship. his mom vanilla and i'm dark chocolate and i wanted to write a little something that touched on their experiences. >> he's adorable. >> you have a lot of questions as he was being raised. is that why you wrote the book? >> no, no, i wrote it from my
9:19 am
childhood because i didn't have anything like this to refer to when i was a kid. luckily a lot of the kids today, you know, are in the classes and schools that are a little bit more diverse but that doesn't mean that these issues don't need to be looked at. >> your first book "chocolate me" where you say you addressed so of the questions you got growing up. >> was that tough in. >> tough for me and then i think my cousin is of mixed race and, you know, people weren't as comfort ab d of standing up to where w they came from. this book touches on that and we hope it will make it even easier. >> does walker like the book in. >> yes. >> it is he read it to you or you to him? >> i read him to him and then he tells me which pages to repeat. >> that's so cute? illustrations are all in the family. kept everything all in the family. >> shane w. evans illustrated "chocolate me," andy straighted this one and will illustrate
9:20 am
everything else i write. >> i love a lot of things about you but your name in particular, day taye and then your nickname, scott-taye and it just stuck. >> i like that. >> when you get in trouble was it scotty when you were in trouble? >> it was scott or just the back of my mom's stade de gerland trouble with your first and middle last name. >> no name, just a smack. >> we teased a little bit in our open of the show about how you wear your love for your son on your sleeve literally. >> literally, my left arm. >> you got some art. >> this is his name, what camera should i look? >> right there. >> so that's -- his name is walker, his nickname. >> how long did that snake. >> no more than an hour because i'm a little bit of a sissy and these are two dinosaurs that he drew, really into dinosaurs and then he -- i had him write i love daddy.
9:21 am
>> that's great. >> this is my favorite one right here. >> and now i'm waiting -- >> daddy's boy for sure. >> and a momma's boy. >> adean ashe has a show at the hollywood bowl. >> she's doing well and has her concerts and we're trying to keep it moving. >> the book is called "mixed me" and give walker a hug for us. >> yes, i will. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up george tatai i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions... don't get me started on that.
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning, i'm chris cato. it's 9:26. we're getting good sunshine on this monday. first alert forecast with meteorologist. >> clouds are thinning out. still a nice breeze blowing. that will be with us through this afternoon. that's the view from the comcast center in center city. right now in philadelphia, 55 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 14 miles an hour. breezy day ahead. for now it's completely dry. only a slight chance of a sprinkle later today at the shore. >> and happening today,
9:27 am
four-story garage on west main street. septa says this will nearly double the amount of spaces for commuters there. their plans call for a new pedestrian bridge over the train tracks. the project is expected to be finished in 2017 and parking will be limited during the construction. check the nbc 10 app for details on how to access the station during the construction. >> it opened up yesterday in east boston street. six-feet deep, five-feet wide. crews had blocked the area there. neighbor weiss talked to said it's the second sink hole on that block in the past few weeks. and the annual forbes under 30 summit is under way now in philadelphia. the event kicks off with a food festival at the kimmel center last night. top chefs under 30 years old. the summit continues through wednesday. i'm chris cato. another update for you in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news through the nbc 10 news
9:28 am
app. now back to the "today" show. have a great monday.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at headlines, nbc news has learned the cargo ship that disappeared in the eye of hurricane joaquin likely sank. that's according to the u.s. coast guard. the "el faro" hadn't been heard from since it sent a distress call thursday. they found life jackets and oil sheen on the waters near the bahamas. the family members of the crew have been notified. two new records not to tell you about, not good news for consumer. atm fees and overdraft fees have hit new highs. the average fee for using an out-of-network atm rose to a trord $4.52 per transaction, a 21% increase over the past five years. meantime, the average overdraft
9:31 am
fee is up to $33.07. if you are flying this holiday season this is the week you'll want to buy your tickets. according to orbitz the best day to book flights for thanksgiving is tomorrow, october 6th. now as for christmas flights, you'll want to book this friday. orbitz bases its projections on holiday past and travelers are already in line to find cheaper flights with air fares 9% lower than last year. apple is setting its sights on target customers. the retail giant will start selling apple giants. target says some stores will have the watch by this week, and it will be available everywhere by october 25th. it will sell 20 models will prices starting at $349. millions of earthlings headed to the theaters this weekend helping "the martian" blasting off taking in $55 million in its debut "and hotel
9:32 am
transylvania two" was in second place. and a 20-pound french bulldog from monrovia, california, the surveillance video caught the pup fiercely chasing away two bears from his owner's property and proves the bark is worse than his bite. he is one fierce pug. let's get a check of the weather right now from al who once again is covering the flooding in columbia, south carolina. hey, al. >> the rain is coming down again, natalie. we could pick up another 2 inches here in columbia. this is the congaree river and have a drone over the river and just to give you an idea of the power of the water, look at that. you see that access road. it has been washed out in the middle there because of the congaree rushing. 1.4 million gallons per second yesterday. now down to 1.2 million gallons. this really is amazing, and they may have to evacuate hospitals here. there are three of them. two of them downtown columbia, south carolina, so we'll
9:33 am
continue to track that. let's show you that's going on right now for today as you look in the southeast. there's more wet weather and more windy conditions. northeast new england looking pretty nice and more rain in the southwest. in fact, they had flash flood warnings up for death valley, california yesterday and early this morning. sunny in the pacific northwest. tomorrow the sunshine continues in the pacific northwest through the northern plains and sunshine through the northeast and mid-atlantic states. finally starts to dry out here in the southeast and we look for more sunshine in the gulf good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. partly sunny skies today. still breezy, but warmer than yesterday. middle to upper 60s this afternoon. wind dies out tonight, which means a chillier start tomorrow morning. 49 in the morning. but a warming trend, 73 degrees tuesday afternoon and even a bit warmer for wednesday. and still quite nice for thursday, with plenty of s sunshine. it's friday, we could see scattered showers before we
9:34 am
clear out for the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latestkñ weather. guys? >> all right. al, thank you very much. george takei, a tv icon for many reasons, but certainly we remember him as the helmsman of the ""uss enterprise"" in the original "star trek" series. look at that cute face there. >> hasn't aged a lot. >> now at the helm of "the great white way" starring in "allegiance" based on experiences in world war ii. >> good morning, good to be with you. >> i know this show "allegiance" sat labor of love. this is a story of your life during world war ii. >> an experience i lived through as a child, during the second world war behind american barbed wire fences but toys now a musical opening this fall on broadway, and it's my broadway debut with of all people the
9:35 am
luminous leasolamga. >> you've talked about your childhood, same-sex marriage, you're very political as far as being a voice for the democratic party in many ways. what gives you that fortitude to say, you know what, it's time. i'm going to share this story, may be therapeutic but it's a story that other people should hear. >> i've been sharing this story all my life, from the time that i was in college, but i at that time didn't quite imagine it as a musical, but i met an amazing composer lyricist when i think is going tonight definer of musical theater from now on out after "allegiance" and so we started developing this musical nine years -- seven years from today, and here we are about to about on broadway this fall with
9:36 am
lea solanga. >> she's amazing, such a fan of her work. let's talk about your social media status as well because you are a social media icon. you have 2 million followers on twitter. what do you think the secret is to having that kind of online success? >> well, my social media campaign is interrelated to "allegiance" because when we started developing "allegiance" we said this is about the internment and people know very little about this story still, how do we get the people informed, rates awareness because that's what the musical is about, and so we thought, well, technology, social media. this is it. i had a blog, a monthly blog then, but we developed that into a campaign. >> yeah. >> got facebook, twitter and we started talking first about sci-fi which is my base. >> of course.
9:37 am
>> and then we discovered that in order to grow the base humor was -- was the honey. >> yes. >> and so we started doing a lot of, that and once the base grew then we started injecting a little information about history, the internment and about marriage equality, equality for lgbt people. >> you lured them in and got serious which is a perfect combination but the happy dance is enough to make anyone -- >> let's show the happy dance. it's enough to make anyone follow. >> i have one thing to say. ♪ >> work it. >> combination of a little bit of equality and happiness in which i genuinely feel, allegiance is going to be opening this fall on broadway and it's my broadway debut. >> wear that boa to the opening. >> work it around the red carpet. >> well, halloween night, 31st,
9:38 am
we calling it "star trek" night, and we're having all my fans from sci-fi come as who they really are. >> hello. >> you want me, that's who i am every day. >> in your red outfit or if you're a klingon warrior come in full regalia or an andorean princess or an officer. the theater will be filled with "star trek" people. >> i'm there that night. >> george takei, thank you so much. congratulations, by the way. we look forward to the show "allegiance." preview performances begin tomorrow, as we mention the, but also opening night in november. tickets available now. >> november 88. >> all right. >> coming up, what everybody was looking for online this weekend when we check out the hottest google se i thought activia was for big digestive issues. until i realized our body handles a lot. 1,100 meals a year...
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9:42 am
thso we got our new he washingzy machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in ½ the time well, "beverly hills 90210," o.j. simpson and demi lovato, what do they have in common, you might ask yourself. >> they were some of the hot searches and here's daniel to tell us about that. >> good to see you both. >> topic number one, i can't
9:43 am
tell i you how old we feel. 20 years ago today that o.j. simpson was acquitted. >> yeah, that's right. it was, of course, this controversial announcement in 1995. we saw searches around o.j. simpson himself, his football career. you know, entire generation has grown up maybe not being familiar with o.j. but with people attacheded to the trial, kim kardashian, daughter ever robert kardashian, attorney for o.j. simpson. >> a lot of people remember with johnnie cochran. >> people curious what happened then and 20 years later here we are today. o.j. simpson is still in the news. he's in prison in nevada. still a lot of people curious what happened back then. >> trial of the century as it was called back then. >> moving on to a show -- i have to admit i've never seen one episode "90210. ". >> where have you been? >> i've been reading and studying but my niece maya now 14 all into the old episodes so i'm going to catch up. 25 years ago. >> i feel like i grew up watching this show, and, you know, there were searches around sharon doherty and cast members, around some of their
9:44 am
relationships and flings that they may have it. >> tori spelling and jason priestly one hot summer according to a lifetime unauthorized show. >> over the weekend, an element of fact-checking going on, wanted to know what exactly happened during the making of the show, and just, of course, now another generation that has grown up learning about that and following these actors. >> like the time machine of google. >> exactly. >> a couple of notable anniversaries. >> next up one we love. a lot of people taking notice of demi lovato, so stunning and talented by striking a pose. >> exactly. >> has a new album coming out on october 16th called confident and these pictures were taken with a vanity fair photographer, and she actually recorded a video talking about how this was important for her own confidence. she had three rules. no makeup, no retouching and no clothes. >> wow. >> so obviously very revealing and sort of making a statement about confidence in herself and as a woman and about her body, so very powerful to connect with
9:45 am
her fans and just a lot of search interest around these images. >> i'll be talking with her in an hour on mental health issues and she's a very bold girl. >> very bold. >> people are asking when is daylight saving time? >> when is it? >> you save an hour of sleep so everybody is thinking maybe it was this weekend, felt a little cool. it wasn't except in australia where it did happen. >> november. >> not until another four weeks from now. >> okay. >> wait until then. we did see a lot of searches around daylight savings time and as we get closer to the date it will happen increasingly. all of our devices know. >> i don't get anxiety because i know did i miss it, did i miss it. >> we need to mentally prepare. >> daniel, what a good list. >> thank you so much. up next, one of the most popular takeout dishes. we've been salivating, our bodies are closing in because we want to eat these ribs so desperately.
9:46 am
these are some stick to your ribs good comfort eating for you the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay.
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9:50 am
comfort food. >> when i was growing up we used to go to a place in connecticut and get tons of chinese food, the ribs with the red coloring and maybe they are dry sometimes, get the same flavors and nice and moist and bigger and full of more flavor. sound good? >> start with the grid here. >> lots of ingredients. >> you want to do the whisky. >> i'll do the whisky. >> put you to work. >> we've got soy sauce. >> all right. >> already some honey in here so we're going for a lot of -- in chinese cooking layers of flavors, sweet from the hobby and salty from the soy sauce and we'll do a little more sweet from the maple syrup. >> oh, wow. >> and this is sort of a marinade and mix. >> you can make this days ahead, right. >> can sit in your fridge for days, dry sherry, sub in some bourbon if you don't have dry sherry. a lot of people have that around the house. a little bit of sesame oil.
9:51 am
>> ice. >> some hoisin. >> nice. >> and these ingredients for some people will seem like exotic things to have in their refrigerator but you'll find yourself using with different things. >> true, miso, this is red myoso, you can use white also. both will work in the recipe. nice and salty and has a funky tape. great for soups and stews. ginger and garlic, a little salt and chinese fried spitz, one of my favorite spice mixes. >> you can use that in pumpkin pie. >> a limb szechuan peppercorn along with the cinnamon and annise and people are wondering why is your pumpkin pie so good. >> marinade. >> reserve a little for later. >> let's brush on our marinade. >> these are beef or pork. >> these are pork ribs and this marinade is even great on chicken. >> slather that on. >> then we're going to wrap it
9:52 am
up. >> we've got foil and plastic wrap. >> only do one side or both sides with the marinade. >> do both sides to get it full coverage. >> we'll put that -- >> what's the temperature we're cooking it at? >> low and slow at about 325 for about flee and a half hours. the marinade is really sweet so you don't want to go too high because it might burn a little sglit and when it comes out, put it in plastic wrap and foil inside of the oven. >> the plastic wrap doesn't melt. >> i never cooked with plastic wrap before. >> we'll put more sauce right on top. >> just here. >> and we're running out of time. >> and then you'll put it back in the often. >> put it back in the oven so it gets nice and glazed and shim sglerg and you have it served up with some amazing fried rice. >> and use the marinade in the friday rice as well. >> look at that. fall off the bone kind of ribs, look at that.
9:53 am
>> this is amazing. >> you're from texas, what do you think of the rib sns. >> can i marry you. >> good answer. >> i'll ask my husband, see what he thinks. >> marry you and your husband. >> thank you, stephanie, my gosh. >> we'll enjoy this during the break but head to the website for the recipe. excuse me. this is "today" on nbc. >> this is so comforting. >> so delicious.
9:54 am
9:55 am
all righty. so we're still hungry after eating the ribs and more comfort food. >> this is really good comfort food. >> this is chicken and dumplings. >> okay, ladies, come on, try this. >> i know the ribs are great. >> chicken and dumplings you can make in a slow cooker, chicken breast in your slow cooker along with some chicken soup, creamed chicken soup and veggies, really
9:56 am
good morning. i'm chris cato. 9:56. sunshine out there. let's see if things are warming up. meteorologist bill henley has your first alert forecast. bill? >> steady breeze is with us. that will carry on into the afternoon. look at the flags on boathouse row. also notice, it's nice and sunny outside. the sunshine will stay. the winds, they'll stay through the day today. some scattered clouds in the pocono mountains, dropping down
9:57 am
this morning in the mountains, low 60s this afternoon. sunshine is upper 60s today. but a warming trend will have us in the 70s starting tomorrow. this morning, colleges and universities in the philadelphia area are on high alert, following a threat posted on social media. the fbi sent out an alert yesterday because of a post on the social media site that says someone will take up arms against a university near philadelphia at 2:00 this afternoon. a similar threat was posted on that same website last week one day before the massacre at a college in oregon. local universities sent alerts to students and staff, urging them to be vigilant and promising tight security. swarthmore college has released the name of a student who died from a fall. anthony chenza fell 40 to 50 feet from a cliff. he was alone at the time. they've ruled it an accident. the college is offering
9:58 am
counseling to students and staff today. i'm chris cato. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update. ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. you know what that is? >> what? >> only because i said so. >> what? >> "lay it all on me." and it is ed shearan. >> and it is funday monday and october 5th, and i hope many of you have had a good weekend and many of you through ow the kout


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