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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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happening right now, two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after crashing their patrol suv into a tree. we'll take you live to the scene in minutes. and a health scare in mercer country. several people may have been exposed to a deadly infection because of a flu shot. we're about six degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time. it will be a nice morning. this is nbc 10 news today, i'm
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chris cato. let's go it bill henley. >> temperatures have cooled down under clear skies and the wind finally died county. trenton, wilmington, millsville. pottstown is in the low 40s. low 50s in philadelphia. those are still falling. we should see them come down before they come back up. sunny skies, much less win than yesterday. a north-northwesterly breeze just four miles per hour. and we'll be in the upper 60s at noontime and 70s later in the afternoon. let's get a check of traffic. >> the schuylkill express way is currently clear. if you're going to the center
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city area to the blue root to divine city express way. there are local detours in the area that might tie you up. 19th street between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. if you're headed out the door right now, you're okay. check out the drive times here. eastbound is where we typically see the delay right now. when i come back in the next ten minutes we'll go over mass transit. breaking news from southwest philadelphia. a violent crash sent two philadelphia police officers to the hospital just a couple minutes ago. katie zack ri is lye on scene there. it is clear how the crash happened and how the officers are doing? >> accident investigators right now are between island and
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efington. the windshield of the suv is broken, both air bags were deployed. police here on scene say two partners, police officers were traveling in this vehicle and they lost control in some sense. there was a mechanical failure or something happened to the driver behind the wheel. they crashed into a tree out here. the driver, we're told, is a police officer. he is a male, assigned to the 12th district and he had injuries to his back and neck. his partner, a female officer, from the front passenger seat has a broken leg. accident investigators as i said are out here, they have been out
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here for some time, and they are extensively going over the scene. at this time there has been no witnesses out here and there are no other vehicles involved so there are a lot of question marks. we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes. live for you katy zachry. a fire at three-mile island nuclear plant is now out and officials say there is no danger to the public. a small electrical fire broke out. the company that runs the plant tweeted that the fire was put out quickly and plant was fully operating again in minutes. officials say there was never a danger of a leak.
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terror on board a trollly bus in philly last night as a speeding car slammed into the back of the trolly and killing the driver. the car traveling behind the bus never slowed down after the bus stopped, and they slammed into the back of the bus. >> the vehicle behind just didn't stop. the only thing that stopped it was the fact of the bus in it's path, speed was definitely involved with this accident. >> the driver died at the scene. the passenger is in critical condition. today in philadelphia, prosecutors will continue to lay out their case in the center city building trial.
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the contractor who was in charge of that demolition at the name, griffin campbell faces six counts of murder. a tractor said that the building was in innocent danger of collapsing. now to a story you first saw on the nbc 10 news work app. dozens of people that got flu shots at their work may have been exposed to illnesses because the nurse used the same needle. they say the nurse changed needles, but continued used the
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same syringe that could expose people to hepatitis b and c and hiv. they say the chance of infection is low. and they say ma workers got their blood tested and will have follow up tests. >> it's important they're aware of their health status. they understand what the risk is, and what the potential is. >> total wellness is the company that hired that nurse for the clinic. they sent a statement saying total wellness is dedicated to ensuring all participants receive any and all appropriate screenings, care, and counselling until the matter is resolved. a chester county woman is accused of injecting her 14-year-old daughter and another teen with heroin.
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police say 43 year old jessica riffey injected the teens several times in honey brook. investigators say the teenagers also snorted heroin provided by jameson burn. this new castle woman is charged with beating her children. he is faces ten to 25 years in prison for second degree murder. without a plea he is could have faced up to life in prison. rider university is suggesting that students keep their door rooms locked. he entered two dorm rooms last
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month and touched women. the doors to both of those rooms in those cases were unlocked. cannon is not a student at rider. it's unclear how he got into the building. rider has since increased public safety on campus. this is video from the jersey shore. they really took a pounding over the weekend. we were live in ocean city yesterday. we found several ambitions still covered by sandbags, boarded up, officials tell us that things could have been worse. >> we were fortunate enough not to have any breaches. the dunes did they job and they kept everything safe. >> officials there in ocean city say they have no immediate need for emergency stands because a beach replenishment project will begin soon.
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rain, wind, and flooding. some streets still full of water yesterday. officials are still limits access to some of the beaches there in delaware. and camden will start a new system to help handle flooding. there will be some improvements. environmental officials will be at a park this afternoon to talk about the project. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. ten minutes after 4:00, it is getting cool outside. a chillier morning for most of the area. we have a warming trend that we're in the middle of now. it was warmer yesterday than the day before. close to the 70 degree mark today. i'm still tracking the chances of late weekend showers as we
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head into the weekend. not today, however. in the clear for reading and cool. 45 degrees. 52 in philadelphia, cape may, and also clear skies and 52 degrees. here is a nice dry view of beach avenue. the wind barely moving this morning compared to yesterday. potstown, atlantic city, all calm. that let the temperatures get a bit chillier. look at atlantic city, nine degrees cooler this morning. radar completely clear for our area. unfortunately the rain continues. though lighter, it is still coming down to the carolinas. flood warnings in north and south carolina this morning. a few high clouds for the pocono mountains. middle 70s for allentown and
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reading. doylestown, mt. holly, all into the low 70s. rehoboth up to 68 degrees. west chester, narberth and willia williamstown all into the 70s today. let's see how the early tuesday drive is shaping up on 95 right now. jessica has her cameras trained on 95. >> yes, a lot of ongoing construction prokts. clean up around the 5:00 market. the 95, you can see the road work in the area. so, no real problems there. if you're out in the center city area as well, watch out for the ben franklin park way, we have
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ongoing construction there as well. >> all right, jessica, thanks. the rain stopped a couple days ago, but the misery continues down south after days of record flooding there. ten people are dead in south carolina. we look at the damage and what is being done to get emergency help to those in need. a midair emergency ended with the death of an american airlines pilot. we'll tell you how the plane and the passengers made it safely back to the airport.
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federal aid is on the way to south carolina now after days of
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historic rain and flooding there. at least 11 people are dead in the flood waters. tracy davidson? >> yes, the threat will continue because of the rising rivers and the weakening dams. officials are also worried about contaminated drinking water. in one cemetery, caskets are flooding in the water. >> we don't want to have to come out and rescue you. >> at least 1,000 people are now in energy shelters. the money authorized is expected today go towards temporary housing. the national guard is comparing
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the devastation to hurricane hugo. some who live in the state are calling it the biblical flood of 2015. >> the search for survivors of the cargo ship that sank at sea is expected to continue today. it disapeared near the bahamas when it was hit by hurricane joaquin. the coast guard says a mechanical failure stalled the ship as the form got worse. the brother of one of the missing crew members assessed the chances of a rescue. >> if it wasn't horrific circumstances it would be much easier to have hope. >> federal authorities are sending a team to investigate the accident. we're hearing now from
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passengers that were on board an american airlines jet yesterday when a pilot became incapacitated and died. the co-pilot set up an emergency landing in syracuse. there was 150 people on board, they were not immediately notified how serious the situation was. many are crediting the first crew, especially that co-pilot, for remaining calm. >> they knew exactly what they were doing and it puts you at ease. >> that's why you train. when you do something over and over and over it becomes routine under adversity. >> american airlines released the statement saying we're incredibly saddened by this event and we are sorry for the pilots family and colleagues. and president obama will
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meet with the families of the victims from the umpqua college shooting. we now now moreabout christopher's mercer. 4:19 now, the u.s. government finally reached a settlement with bp about that huge oil spill in the gulf of mexico. loretta lynch says the settlement is worth $21 billion. the larger in history. it happened after the deep water horizon oil ridge exploded and sank. >> deep below the surface, the well blew out and was gushing water into the gulf. the oil started spreading hundreds of miles from the well, coating the sea floor, forming
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vast slicks, and staining more than 1300 miles of coastline. >> bp settled with individuals and businesses impacted by the bill and that will cost another $6 billion. how about pancakes for lunch? an egg mcmuffin for dinner? starting today. the world's largest fast food restaurant is now offering breakfast all day. mcdonald's says all-d all-day breakfast has been their biggest request from customers. we're starting off with clear skies, a live view looking toward center city.
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notice the other change this morning. the wind has died down. the flag is at rest, clear skies and light winds, the temperatures have goten chillier this morning. 44 degrees right now in allentown, low 50s for philadelphia and atlantic city. we're waiting for sunshine. it will be up just after 7:00 this morning and we have brilliantly clear skies right now. brilliant sunshine during the day today. the satellite shows not a cloud in the sky in our area, but look to the west. clouds building in the midwest that are slowly moving to the east. behind them, not much in the way of rain. you have to look to missouri for rain. that system making slow progress. late in the week we could see showers, but certainly not today. drenched in sunshine. nice and comfortable, the humidity low today. 70s this afternoon, humidity
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low. a few scattered clouds. 76 in the afternoon. a beautiful day for thursday, but the clouds will be bidding later friday with a chance of showers heading into saturday morning. breezy and cooler on saturday. back into the 70s on monday. >> 4:22 now, i saw my favorite animated instruction icon over there. that could mean a slower drive for some of you later this afternoon. let's see where the excavator arm is with jessica boyington. >> this is the ben franklin parkway. look out out roadblocks there. one interdrive lane is closed between 22nd and low began square. the outside sere closed between 21s and 20 right now.
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right now into new jersey, no real problems yet. the northbound lanes and here is what is headed towards the bridges. still only a five minute trip, so no real problems. taking stock after the poke's visit, you saw the crowds and the security it took to keep the masses and the pontiff safe. the secret service talked about how they handled the historic event. if you ever wanted to see behind the scenes here on nbc 10 news today. if case you did not, you can on periscope. like when go to break i will apologize to the producer for butchering his writing. i'll see you there.
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happening today at temple, there is a panel to discuss the long-term impact of the pope's visit. they will talk about the economic impact and what challenges city leaders face for moving forward at future events. along with pope francis there was several other world leaders visiting at the same time. they're calling the measures taken to protect them massive and successful. the hope, the president of china, and 160 heads of state were all in the country at the
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same time in the past two weeks. thousands of special agents were on duty working to protect those leaders. >> all of those forces brought about safe and successful visits to the united states by the pope and other world leaders in a professional, precise, and well coordinated manner. and secret service leaders say they will continue to perform evaluations on the work both agencies did during that time. >> what 40 characters say about you. next at 4:30, research that reveals the connection between our tweets and how much money we make.
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we continue to follow breaking news in southwest philadelphia. right now two police officers are injured after their pa central car crashed. check out these photos after an amtrak train derailed. how it happened and the train's connection to this area. >> it's a cool, crisp start to the day. we will warm into the mid 70s. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. bill, it looks like it's going to warm up nicely. >> yes, if you say the leaves are changing color, i'll go with it i can't see. it is chilly to start


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