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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it will be a beautiful tuesday. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> we'll have more on the breaking news in a moment. let's talk about the sunshine today with bill henley. >> just a couple hours away from seens the sunshine. temperatures have come down under clear skies and calm conditions this morning. most of the area is in the 40s. right now 43 in pottstown. look at south philadelphia, northeast philadelphia is in the low 50s but falling at this hour. the forecast, we will see sunshine from this vantage point. 50 degrees to start with, by 100, 61 and near 6 -- 70 degrees
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by 1:00. >> i just got a live update on the scene of this accident investigation in southwest philadelphia bartram and seeington avenues have reopened. be caution for residual delays and police activity. the 42 freeway is looking okay, no delay right now for the walt whitman bridge. it is clear right now around 5:00, but the 42 northbound ramp to 295 is closed. probably opening in the next couple minutes or so. ville more details on an accident in concord township coming up. again, more updates on this and we'll check out cameras in the philadelphia area when i come back, chris? >> all right, jessica, thank
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you. 5:01, the breaking news we're following for you. two officer that's are recovered after they crashed into a tree. >> it is still unclear exactly what happened, but katy zachry is on scene right now. >> we're on bartram avenue. they're looking into this single police car crash. the suv right now you can see is being put on the tow truck and it will be taken out of here while accident investigators don't to look into if there was a mechanical failure or if it was driver error. we know two police officers were in this car at the time of the crash. the driver we're told is in his late 30s and is suffering from neck and back injuries. he is at a local hospital. his female partner is suffering from a broken leg and he is is
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in her early 40s. accident investigators don't know what caused this police suv to lose control. it crashed into the side of the street and hit a tree. many branchs are on the shoulder right now. there were no witnesses in the area and no one saw this accident happen. so what accident investigators are doing as well is going to nearby businesses, we're in a industrial area, and they're hoping they may have some surveillance cameras that may have caught what happened. reporting from southwest philly, katy sazachri. a fire that was at three river nuclear plan is now out. they tweeted the fire was put out quickly and the plant was fully operating again.
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authorities say there was never any danger of release of radiation. three mile island has a partial leak that brought about chances to safety procedures. and dozens of people finding out that a flu shot they go may have been coming from a reused syringe. he is gave flu shots to dozens of employees from a pharmaceutical company last friday. investigators are looking to why the nurse would change needles but continue to use the same syringe. employees concerned about their exposure were tested for hepatitis and hiv. >> you never know what any diseases people are carrying.
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>> we feel it is important they are aware of their health status and they understand what the risk is and what the potential is. >> total wellness is the company that hired the nurse for the clinic and they sent a statement to nbc that reads in part total wellness is dedicated to ensuring all participants receive any and all appropriate screenings, care, and counselling until this matter is resolved. they did not say if any disciplinary action was taken against the nurse. a chester county woman is accused of injecting her 14-year-old daughter and another teen with heroin. police say jessica riffey injected those teens several times at her home in honey brook last month. he is in jail on charges of endangers children and corruption of minors. they also snorted heroin be her
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boyfriend. and tanasia milligan was arrested last year for the murder of her daughter, autumn. he is is facing 10 to 25 years in prison for murder. terror on a trolly bus last night as the driver of a speeding car slammed into the back of the trolly. the bus was stopped at an intersection, but the car, traveling behind it, never slowed down and slammed into the bus. police say the car was definitely speeding. >> the vehicle behind them just didn't stop. the only thing that stopped it was the fact that there was a bus in it's path. speed was definitely involved with this accident. >> the 34-year-old driver died at the scene, his passenger is in critical condition. >> and police say that a man
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thaz accidentally hit a 3-year-old was attacked by people on the street. this was in logan yesterday afternoon. the boy ran into the street, into the path of the car. the driver stopped but was attacked. he is expected to be okay, the boy is in critical condition. >> today in philadelphia, prosecutors continue to lay out their case for the center city building lapse trial. a four story brick wall under demolition came crashing down on a store and killed six people. an architect took the stand yesterday and said the he told the contractor the building was in eminent dancer of collapsing and needed to come down immediately. his construction company was handling the demolition at the
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time. >> ridder university is reminding opportunities to lock their doors. john cannon is accused of general actual contact and investigators say he got into into two dorm rooms last month and touched women who were sleeping. doors to both rooms were locked. it is not clear how he got inside the building. rider university said they have increased public safety on the campus. >> 5:08 now, all flags at new jersey state building wills be lowered to half-staff. this is to honor the nine people killed last week at umpqua community college in oregon. president obama will meet with families of those victims on families. and we now know more about the
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murder's manifesto. he complained about not having a girlfriend and people thinking he was crazy. >> there was no reports of violence yesterday after an alert from the f.b.i. went out over the weekend. there was a social media threat made against a university and that they were notified to take extra safety precautions. >> weather beaten. the jersey shore took a pounding over the weekend. nbc 10 was at the stand in association city yesterday. we found several businesses still covered by sandbags and boarded up. officials say things could have been much worse. >> we were fortunate enough not to have any breaches. so the beaches held up, the dunes, they did their job and
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kept everything safe. >> ocean city officials say they have a new, immediate need for an emergency stand because the new beach replenishment project will start soon. >> referee: the winds have died down. it is giving us a chillier start this morning. temperatures have dropped up to nine degrees this morning. we'll see a warmer afternoon. yesterday we got close to the 70 degree mark. we'll be into the 70s later today. showers are moving back into the area late this weekend. a few clouds in the pocono mountains. look at the 40s now in wilmingt wilmington. this is in the pocono mountains this morning. the clouds will thin out and we'll see sunshine for a nice warm up today. right now it is two degrees
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cooler in wilmington. the radar is completely clear. clouds in the area are not producing any showers. they're limited to philadelphia and new jersey. hour by hour forecast shows 8:00 this morning is nice and sunny. the clouds will be thinning out for sunshine that will lead temperatures into the very low 70s in the mountains this afternoon. so, the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 70s for reading, allentown, quakertown. lots of sunshine. 68 this afternoon in rehoboth, but just a little warmer. brilliant sunshine for cape may. the entire coastline seeing less rain today. 70s for west chester and
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narberth. the warming trend continues when i'm back in ten. a couple accidents out there this morning. >> let's see what is out there right now. >> what we're doing right now is on woodhaven road we have construction around the roosevelt boulevard. just up ahead and lane restrictions on the right-hand side. they are allowing traffic to move. as for something else in new jersey, in harrison township, you can see it in here on 55. the right should sere closed with police activity. watch out for that. as for what else you need to know in new jersey, a lot of ongoing construction projects. this one is out there. the two right-hand lanes will be
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closed for another 45 minutes or so. and the traffic shift watch out for that bridge work. >> the rain is gone, but the rain still exists in south carolina. we'll tell you why officials say they're still not in the clear. and a cargo ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin is believed to have sunk near the baa hhamas.
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we have new information now on the historic flooding in south carolina. at least 11 people are now confirmed dead with two more deaths reported in north carolina. nbc 10 joins us live in our studios now. the rain has let up for south carolina, but the threat is not other, right? >> they call this a flood of biblical proportions. it could continue for some side because of rising rivers and weakened dams. officials are also worried about drinking water being contaminated for thousands of people. in one town, the water caused several caskets to rise.
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officials are warning that conditions are remaining dangerous. >> we don't want to come out and rescue or add you to the number of fatalities. >> it also collapsed bridging and swamp roads. the money that the president authorized is expected to go to temporary housing. the head of the national guard is being compared to hugo that devastated charleston of 1989. some are calling these the biblical floods. the search for survivors of aship that sank at sea is expected to continue today. it december appeared near the bahamas during hurricane way keen. crews discovered a lifeboat and the body of a crew member. the coast guard says a
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mechanical failure stalled the ship as the storm got worse. the brother of one of the missing crew members assessed the rescue. >> it is wasn't such or riffic circumstances, it would be easier to have help. >> federal authorities are sending a team to investigate the accident. >> new this morning, california will become the fifth state in the country to allow terminally ill people to legally end their lives using drugs provided by a doctor. this comes after the highly publicized case of britney maynard. they say this legalized premature suicide. this morning we're hearing from some passengers after their
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pilot had a medical emergency and died hours later. the co-pilot took the controls and set up an emergency landing in syracuse. nearly 150 people were on board and were not immediately notified how serious the situation was. it wasn't until they boarded a new flight with a new crew that they were told the pilot died on the previous flight. many are crediting that co-pilot with saving their lives. >> they know exactly what they're doing. >> when you do something over and over and over it becomes routine under adversity. >> american airlines says they're incredibly saddened by the event and their focused on caring for the pilots family and colleagues. and we have some kresh areas that might slow you down.
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>> yeah, the ben franklin parkway eastbound between 22nd street and logan is where you will see the detours in the area. everything is still moving around fine in the area as you look, all roadways are green. no back up yet, but it is one interdrive lain close. and one outer drive lane closed between 21st and 20th. let's look out for that. look at the schuylkill express way. these are the eastbound lanes here. no problems yet. that is only a 12 minute trip. watch out route 322 is closed from an earlier accident. we now have a down fall in the area. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll go over some mass transit details. now were nbc 10 first alert
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weather with bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 5:00. it is clear this morning and chilly outside with clear skies and light winds. the breeze is barely moving the flag. 52 degrees in philadelphia. it is about as strong as it will get during the day today. the sunshine will be bright throughout the day today, you will need your sun glasses today. look at atlantic still and millville. middle 40s, we're in the clear. and there are clouds to the west. some of them will be moving in for tomorrow. so tomorrow morning will not be
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as cold, but you will not need your rain gear. so not much to those clouds. for today, clouds will be avoiding us. we'll see nice skies. humidity stays low. low to mid 70s this afternoon. tomorrow, a bit warmer up to 76 degrees. a warmer start will start things off this morning. 58 tomorrow morning. nice and sunny on thursday, and the clouds are set to return friday. we could see some showers late in the day on friday. friday night, and into saturday. we'll go from the upper 70s on friday to the low 60s on saturday. we'll be drying out late in the day on saturday and then sunshine for sunday and monday. monday afternoon, back into the 70s. >> 5:22 now. penn state's biggest fundraising group is suspending one of the main ways they collect
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donations. how they are changing the way they're doing things. and sending out those christmas gifts could cost you more this year. which delivery service is raising prices ahead of the holidays.
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here are details for this morning's cnbc business news, good morning.
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>> good morning, fed ex is raiding their surcharge for the second time this year. it comes as retailers and shippers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season. and fed ex says it is because of heavier packages and more residential deliveries which means more fuel. >> thank you. we continue to follow breaking news out of southwest philadelphia where two officers were injured in a crash overnight. we have watched two a police officer suv be towed away after it his a tree last night. >> and a woman that has been accused of kidnapping a girl out of her school and sexually assaulting her has been sentenced.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital after a overnight crash. >> and a wild story here. dozens of people getting blood
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tests after getting flu shots. and if you enjoyed yesterday we'll have another great day today. right now, clear and chilly outside. you'll need a jacket this morning but maybe not this afternoon. bill henley is standing by but maybe not this afternoon. . temperatures will be climbing, but we are chillier this morning. wilmington, a ring around the low 50s in philadelphia. 52 in philadelphia, it is a chilly start, calm conditions, and clear skies and lots of sunshine. the sun is an hour and a half from coming up. bright sunshine and 50 degrees at 7:00. the chill will start to


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