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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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tests after getting flu shots. and if you enjoyed yesterday we'll have another great day today. right now, clear and chilly outside. you'll need a jacket this morning but maybe not this afternoon. bill henley is standing by but maybe not this afternoon. . temperatures will be climbing, but we are chillier this morning. wilmington, a ring around the low 50s in philadelphia. 52 in philadelphia, it is a chilly start, calm conditions, and clear skies and lots of sunshine. the sun is an hour and a half from coming up. bright sunshine and 50 degrees at 7:00. the chill will start to subside.
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at 10:00, 60 degrees, and beautiful weather as we go into the afternoon. lots of sunshine. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when we come back in ten minutes. >> we're going to do a big jersey check quickly. in middle township we have an accident on the garden state park way on the middle township. we have reports of police activity broking the right hand lane in the area. if you're on 295 right now, all traffic is moving whether you're going northbound, southbound, or through the work as well. only about a 12:00 trip. when we come back we'll do a check on mass transit. >> one accident that cleared earlier, breaking news from
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overnight. a violent accident sent to police officers to the hospital. katie zachary has more. >> we're on scene where police officers are looking into the single car crash. it will be put on a tow struck and taken out of here. investigators are looking into whether it was a mechanical failure or driver error. the driver we're toll is in his late 30s and is suffering from neck and back injuries. his partner, a female officer that was in the front passenger seat is suffering from a broken leg. he is is in her early 40s. accident investigators don't know what caused this police suv to rose control.
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they crashed into the side of the street and hit a tree. many of the branchs are on the shoulder of the road right now. unfortunately there are no witnesss in this area, no one according to police saw this accident happen. so what they're doing as well is they're going to nearby businesses and they're hoping they may have some surveillance cameras that may have caught what happened. reporting from southwest philly, katy zachary. a warming for some people that got workplace flew shots. this story is pretty scary, and it's all because of what one nurse did. tell us more. >> it involves 67 people that work for a pharmaceutical company. they all had flu shots at their workplace last thursday.
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they may have been exposed to serious and deadly infections. the nurse that gave them the shots reused the sir ring. they say the nurse continued to use the same syringe. they said the risk of infections is low, and many workers got their blood tested yesterday and this they will need to be retested in four to six months. >> everybody is in a hurry. >> we felt it is important that they are aware of their health status and that they understand what the risk is. and what the potential is. >> they made a statement to nbc 12. total wellness is dedicated to
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ensuring that all employees get the appropiate tests, care and and counselling until the matter is resolved. nbc 10 news. >> we have information about a popular penn state fundraiser. you will see a lot of students on the streets trying to collect money to help fight childhood cancers. the weekend was supposed to happen on october 259. instead thon will under go an evaluation and look at additional safety precautions for student volunteers. the student involved died september 27th when the car that he is was rising in crashed on the pennsylvania turnpike. a philadelphia woman
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convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a girl will be sentenced to prison. a jury last year convicted her of abducted and sexually assaulting the child. the girl was found at a playground the next day. he is apologized in court yesterday during her sentencing. the woman accused of keeping mentally disabled adults locked in a basement of her homement to change her plea. linda weston wrote a memo asking her guilty plea to be changed to not guilty. he is also want as competency hearing to evaluate her mental health. police say they found four adults chained in her basement in 2011. prosecutors say that he is did it to steal their security
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. . now your nbc 10 first alert weather. the sun is not up yet, but we're less than an hour and a half away. a little chilly to start with, 51 degrees and right now it is calm in philadelphia with clear skies and calm conditions. the calm weather extends into allentown and reading this morning. the winds will be much lighter than in the last couple days.
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the radar completely clear for our area. the next chance of showers is late this week. today, you won't need the umbrella, but you will need sun glasses. bright and sunny skies. middle 70s today. there at the shore, cooler. less windy, bright sunshine. we are hoping it warms to 68 degrees. moving inland, you'll see plenty of sunshine and the temperatures warmer than yesterday. philadelphia is 74, 72 in wilmington. and the numbers are about to go higher before those showers move in. the timing with the seven day forecast in ten minutes. >> three minutes until 6:00 now. hopefully things are clearing up on the roads there. >> what are you seeing, jessica? >> we're doing okay right now.
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checking out roosevelt boulevard. no problems or lane restrictions. if you're going northbound or southbound, no problem. if you're going out the door on the p.a. turn pike, you're good to go there as you can see westbound or eastbound. no restrictions in the area with 22 minutes. mass transit in the clear so far. no problems or delays for new jersey transit. i'll check in with new jersey roads, a few accidents and problems out there. i'll give you a update in the next ten minutes. will he or won't he? the non-presidential candidate that everyone is talking about. next, we could know joe biden's plans very soon. >> a newborn baby stolen right out of the hospital and captured on camera.
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it is 5:45. a woman is shown on a security camera stealing a 4-day old baby in india. a woman asked to hold the baby, the mother agreed and realized ten minutes later the woman took off with her baby. hospital officials blame the mother for not saying anything
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when he is realized the baby was missing. >> a series of investigations are under way for a deadly bombing in afghanistan. the attack killed at least 22 people including doctors and patients. american forces are helping them retake that city from the taliban. they first said that the u.s. troops were in danger, but they changed their story saying afghan forces were under fire. >> hospitals and patients during war should be safe places where care can be given and this has been violated. >> they looked into the question did the u.s. military know that they were firing on a hospital. >> 5:45, a philadelphia man is behind bars accused of trying to defraud a new mormon temple being built in center city.
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he was indicted on charges yesterday. he got his hands on a $185,000 check. he posed as a bishop and attempted to cash the check. he took it to a check cashing store. once the check was processed he was taken into custody. >> it's crazy. people don't -- people will try anything, you know? they have no picks. they don't care. they don't care. that is crazy. >> if he is convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison. police records show he has a lengthy criminal history. >> 5:46 now, finally home. passengers on that amtrak train that derailed yesterday finally made it home to philadelphia. yesterday their amtrak train derailed after apparently hitting some rocks.
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seven passengers were injured, one seriously. one passenger on board found the train's conductor after the derailment. >> i put him on my back, he held on to my neck like this, and i just told him to hold on and just balance yourself. just stay in line so i can get us out of here. >> vermont's governor ruled out terrorism or speed, he called it an act of nature. a new report says that joe biden could make a decision whether or not to enter the presidential race this weekend. he is nearing a decision and will likely decide this weekend or in the days following. the unnamed friend's advisors were split on whether or not he will join the six other democratic candidates. it could come right before the first democratic debate that is scheduled for next tuesday. hillary clinton is unveiling new gun control measures he is pushing that are focused on strengthening background checks.
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he is also wants to repel legislation that shields manufacturers, distributors, and dealers from liability suits. he is made strengthening gun laws the centerpiece of her presidential campaign. about a debate between trump and clinton as what people want to see. it is dollar days. they happen on the first tuesday of every month until 10:00 p.m. where you can use the indigo bikes for 30 minutes for $1.
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it is a chillier start this morning, but we'll see sunshine today. we're waiting for a little sunlight. 7:02 to be exact for sunrise this morning. just over an hour away. clear skies and light wind, the temperatures are coming down this morning, a cool start, chillier for most areas this morning. temperatures in the 40s. a nice, clear view across the delaware from the aquarium. a nice sunny day will warm the temperatures up. philadelphia is 52, and 52 in cape may. speaking of cape may, it is dry and at the shore, less wind and the flood threat is out for the shore and for the delaware beaches. going out the door for school, the bus stop forecast got chillier this morning than yesterday. 52 in the city. no sign of clouds. a nice sunny day today. you'll seed sunglasses for today.
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tomorrow, clouds to the west. they will start moving in overnight tonight. no sign of rain for our area, that will be well to the west. the chance of showers out of the picture for today, but sunshine and 70s this afternoon. warmer than yesterday and that warming trend continues tomorrow with the high clouds starting to move in. temperatures will not be quite as chilly tomorrow. . sunshine back in full force on thursday. friday clouds are increasing. we could see showers late friday and into saturday morning. a breezy and cool day for saturday. sunshine is back just in time for big events this weekend. the eagles game, the dover wine festival. and by monday, i'll take any weather after the wine festival. >> eagles fans may need the wine. >> yeah, depending on how things
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go, right. this it is 5:50 right now. let's hope for a smooth ride to work, shall we? >> we shall. jessica boyington watching some construction. >> yes, clearing up in the next ten minutes or so. between the walt whitman bridge. expect residual delays and clean up. as for construction on 295. watch for that in both directions. white horse pike also dealing with construction. way down south on the garden state parkway, southbound around 147 one lane is blocked around exit six. if you're out on the ben franklin bridge today, no problems going in that
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direction. no problems getting over for the walt whitman or the ben franklin. >> still ahead, a melee on a high school football field. what caused the commotion and who was targeted in the attack. >> and how about an egg mcmuffin for dinner. that could be your plan now.
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all right, high school football fans, here is the blitz game of the week. mainland to st. augustine. if you're a fan of one of those fine programs, just call or text your vote. or vote on that's how i do it. we'll have the results for you on thursday. speaking of.
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high school football. a referee has been attacked at a game. the coach appears to punch the referee. police arrested the coach that says he only pushed the referee to break up a fight. last month in texas, he allegedly ordered players to hit a referee during a game. today we expect to learn the identity of my new best friend, the winner of last week's $310 million jackpot. the winners coworkers know who he is is because they say he is was working the overnight shift when he is realized he is won the power ball. they have probably not seen her since. and someone is holding on to a megamillions lottery ticket worth $2 million. here are the winning numbers, 4, 14, 29, 31, 47, megaball 9.
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the owner of the newsstand that sold it will get $10,000 for selling the winning ticket. your twitter accident may reveal more about you than you think. researchers looked at tweets from more than ten million users and how salary may affect those who use social immediamedia. they found those that make more money tweet more about corporations and have more followers. people with less money are more likely to link stories and videos and use swear words. >> how about an egg mcmuffin for dipper? the world's largest fast food chain is officially offering breakfast all day. some restaurants have already been filling those orders for a few weeks now.
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the company is counting on longer breakfast hours to help regain momentum. mcdonald's says all-daybreak fast has been a number one request for customers. and fast food is getting slower at the drive through wind window. the average time is now just shy of 4:00. last year's average time was 18 seconds faster. they're also finding accuracy is improving. maybe that's why it's taking longer. >> how often have you driven a mile away and then you find out they didn't include the fries. in jersey, you have to do the jug handle to go back and get your stuff. >> you're watching nbc 10 news today at 6:00, starting right now. >> nbc 10 breaking news. we're following breaking news in southwest, a single car crash sends two police officers
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to the hospital. we're live with the latest. >> a chilly start, but a warm up is right around the corner. we'll get your first alert forecast neighborhood by neighborhood as we always do. just about 6:00 a.m. in is nbc 10 news today. >> i wore my coat in today, but i don't think i need it later. >> yeah, you won't need it later on. temperatures warming up nicely. a beautiful day ahead. you will certainly need your sunglasses today. a live true from the aquarium. right now 51 degrees in philadelphia. just barely a breeze about six miles per hour. 47 degrees in wilmington and millville. heading to the 70s today. lots of sunshine, a light breeze
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at 7:00. we're on the verge of 70 at 1:00 this afternoon. >> right around the gerard exist off ramp we have construction, there are active crews on the scene so slow down as you pass by. we have expect drive times to increase in the next 20 or 25 minutes or so. the blue route doing just fine as well. we have one inner drive rein closed between 22nd and logan square and an outer lane drive closed. and later on this evening, watch out for stadium traffic about 7:00 p.m. we have


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