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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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at 7:00. we're on the verge of 70 at 1:00 this afternoon. >> right around the gerard exist off ramp we have construction, there are active crews on the scene so slow down as you pass by. we have expect drive times to increase in the next 20 or 25 minutes or so. the blue route doing just fine as well. we have one inner drive rein closed between 22nd and logan square and an outer lane drive closed. and later on this evening, watch out for stadium traffic about 7:00 p.m. we have w.w.e. smack down.
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when i come back in the next ten minutes we'll check mass transit. breaking news overnight, two police officers hurt after their suv slammed into a tree. katy zachry is live on scene with us. >> right outside of the prehospl where one of the officers are being treated. here is video of the early morning crash that happened overnight from bartram avenue, not far from the philadelphia airport. a police captain on the scene tells me two officers out of the 12th district were driving on bartram avenue when they hit a tree. and from the looks of it they hit the tree pretty hard. both airbags went off the driver, an officer in his
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late 30s, we're told has neck and back injuries. he is here at press bthe hospit. the police on scene would not release the names of the officers involved in the early morning crash. i'm told they're trying to figure out what caused the vehicle to leave the roadway, if it was a mechanical or driver error. they're also looking for surveillance cameras and video. they're reaching out to local businesses in the area. there are a lot of questions and when we get answers we'll bring them to you. >> thanks, katy. terror on a trolly bus last night. police say the septa trolly bus
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was stopped at the intersection but the car traveling behind it never slowed down and slammed right into the bus. >> the vehicle behind the truck didn't stop. the only thing that stopped it was the fact that there was a bus in it's path. speed was definitely involved with this accident. >> his passenger is in critical condition right now. 19 people on board the bus went to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and police say vigilantes attacked a driver that accidentally hit a 3-year-old boy. the driver will be okay. sky force 10 was over the scene yesterday. officers say the boy darted out into the street into the path of the oncoming car. >> a come could face 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to beating her daughter last year.
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tansay s t tanasia milligan could have faced up to life in prison without a plea. a brick wall fell on to a salvation army store in 2015. six people were killed and dozens were hurt. an architect testified in the trial yesterday that he told campbell that the building was in eminent danger of collapse and needed to come down immediately. campbell's company was in charge of the demolition. and ridder university is advising the students to lock their dorm room doors. cannon entered two dorm rooms
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last mont and touched women until they woke up. it is unclear how he got inside the buildings. ridd rider university say that's have increased security on campus. and a lawsuit against kathleen kane's office. her office says that barker was fired as part of a restructuring. barker wants his salary, damages, and legal costs repaid. and a fire at three-mile island nuclear power plant is out. officials say there is no danger to the public. the fire broke out around 10:00 last night. the company that runs the plant says the fire was put out quickly and the plant was fully operating again. authorities say there was never any danger of a radiation
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release. it was part of a partial melt down 36 years ago. along the jersey shore, it is clear that some beaches took a beating from bad weather over the weekend. in ocean county several businesses were still blocked with sandbags and boarded up. officials say things could have be much worse. all of the rain, wind, and flooding caused erosion problems. what was once rolling dunes are now 50 foot drops. some streets are still filled with water and beach access remains limited. >> now your first alert weather with bill henley. >> it is 6:06. less than an hour before sunr e sunrise. temperatures at this hour are coming down and temperatures cooler than yesterday. the chill is in the air. a warming trend will be in the 70s this afternoon. it's later in the weekend that
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the trend will come to an end and we could see some showers. unfortunately it looks like some showers will continue into the beginning of the weekend. right now we're beginning with 40s for reading. very low 50s for philadelphia and cape may. clear skies at the shore. the wind is finally dieing down. the flood threat is out of here for today. sunshine, the drying process happening in the area. look at the temperatures now down five degrees. we are dry, so no sign of any umbrellas needed for today. that will come later in the week. the radar completely clear in our area. 70s for allentown, reading, quakertown. trenton a high of 73 degrees. cooler along the coast. rehoboth will top out at 6 and 73 in vineland, 71 in dover,
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sunshine and low humidity. look at those temperatures, perfect fall weather. 70s in west chester and wilmington. a look at when the showers aryan in the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. and we have some police activity to report. >> yes, westbound on woodhaven road. a cover turned vehicle, another vehicle up ahead along with fire and police. only one lane is squeezing by right now on woodhaven near academy road. right now that vehicle is still overturned, so we will expect it be out there for some time for clean up. garden state parkway, watch
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for that. and we'll go back over into pennsylvania to the schuylkill express way, no problems yet going well. all green still. more updates on the accident scene on woodhaven road to come in the next ten minutes. 6:09 right now, a bucks county man who volunteered to save people is being held on $2 million bail for trying to hurt a little girl. >> as one passenger put it, all hell broke loose when an amtrak train derailed. and a mid flight death sends the crew into emergency mode. why the 147 passengers on board were never at risk.
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a 6-year-old girl is in stable condition after being shot last night. this is when sky force ten flew over bennett street. police say the girl was shot in the knee. now to bucks county where a former volunteer firefighter is locked up accused of attacking a young girl and attempting to kidnap her. a masked man started hitting and choking her. he is identified the man as shane mcmichael, a former volunteer firefighter. they found black clothes and a riffle in his car. he is being held on $2 million bail. passengers are crediting a flight crew who experienced an
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emergency mid flight. it was not until the nearly 150 passengers boarded a new flight, with a new crew, that they were told about the pilot's death. >> they knew exactly what they were doing and they were all put at ease. >> that's why we train. when you do something over and over and over again it becomes routine under adversity. >> american airlines said we're incredibly saddened by the event and we're focused on caring for our pilot's family and colleagues. an amtrak train that derailed last night made it to philadelphia today. they boarded buses and trains to continue their journey home. the amtrak train derailed yesterday when it apparently hit rocks on the tracks in northfield, vermont. seven passengers were injured, one seriously. one passier on board found the conductor after the derailment.
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>> i threw him on my back. he held on to my neck like this. and i just told him to hold on and just balance yourself, just stay in line so i can get us out of here. >> the vermont governor ruled out terrorism or speed, he said it was an act of nature that caused the accident. water is still rising in south carolina. ali is live in columbia, what is it like there now? >> we're currently at an area where the city has been blocked off. police blocked off any area where we can get further down into the city. you can look where we are right now, a neighborhood that has been evacuated. if you look over here, this is why we have been saying turn around, don't drown. that dumpster in the background there is about three or four feet into that water. that car definitely did not make it because you cannot tell where
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that puddle begins and where it getting deep. in the last few days people have been going through so much. people are losing power including super markets that are having to throw out food. we have massive amounts of water coming through. we were closer to the scene yesterday but police have been keeping media and people back because they're worried about dams in the area. certainly a bad situation. the governor here is saying they do not believe the situation is over even though the rain has stopped. that doesn't mean we're in the clear. nbc news here in columbia. >> aly, thank you for the update. the search for survivors from a cargo ship that sank in the caribbean sea continuing today.
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yesterday's search crews discovered a lifeboat and the body of a crew member. the coast guard says a mechanical failure stalled the ship as the storm got worse. >> if it wasn't for the horrific circumstances it would be much easier to have hope. >> federal authorities are sending a team to investigate. the state of philadelphia, the host of the world meeting of families will be the topic of discussion today. there is a panel being hosted today on the long-term effects of the pope's visit and the world meeting of families. they will talk about the economic impact and what challenges city leaders face moving forward for future events. and from our delaware bureau, the governor will attend a ground breaking today for new state funded housing.
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the residents at river place will be built with money from a development grant. it is designed to rehabilitate neighborhoods in seaford, wilmington and dover. yes, jessica boyington, bring us up to speed. >> yes, right around academy road at woodhaven road, a vehicle overturned here. fortunately we have one lane getting by, but since that vehicle still on the wrong side, we imagine it will be out here for quite some time. we'll have more updates in the rest of the morning. for the rest of your morning commute, we have a few accidents to talk about. another out in soualford road. and again, when i come back in
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the next ten minutes, we'll have a update onm'o6 the overturned vehicle on woodhaven road. now your abc 10 first alert weather. 19 minutes after 6:00. temperatures have taken a turn for the chilly this morning. clear skies, look at that brilliant sky. that is the view from the bank building looking past the comcast building this morning. 51 degrees, a light breeze today. that wind from the weekend has finally dies down. look how clear it is looking towards center city. a few thin clouds on the horizon. you will need your sunglasses today. 51 at philadelphia international. look at chester county. west town down to 40 degrees this morning. 43 right now. a chill in the air, but not a cloud to be found. we're in the clear, plenty of
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sunshine today. form there will be clouds moving in, in fact they will mover in overnight tonight. don't expect to see rain with these clouds. showers are way to the west, and, unfortunately there is still some rain in the carolinas. much less than in the last couple days. you see the flood warnings that are still in effect in south and north carolina. for us, sunny skies, nice and comfortable. warm weather continues tomorrow. not as chilly tomorrow morning thanks to the high clouds moving in. it will be dry for wednesday and thursday will be dry. it's later on friday and into the weekend that may change. friday afternoon, 77 degrees. showers may develop friday night. saturday morning they look more likely with a high of 61 degrees later on saturday. sunshine back for sunday and monday. monday afternoon back into the 70s. >> thanks, bill. there is a new liquor lottery in pennsylvania. we'll tell you is up for grabs
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in this game of chance. and the u.s. is changes it's story about a deadly hospital bombing in afghanistan. today an army general has to answer questions on capitol hill.
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independence blue cross is offered riders a 30 minute ride with indigo bikes today, it happens the first tuesday of each month at any of the city's 70 bike stations. and the liquor control board is starting a lottery for pricey booze that is hard to find. the next lottery is next week. two bottles of buffalo kentucky bourbon will be up for grabs. they sell for about $50 a piece.
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residents may register to take part in the lottery. and good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're still watching woodhaven road right now where a overturned vehicle is now on it's side, police and a fire engine on the scene. crew and workers are walking around on the roadway. use caution and slow down as you're driving by. it is blocking most of the lanes. the left hand lane allowing people to squeeze by. we'll have more updates on this and drive times coming up at 6:30. for now, let's get a check on the gorgeous forecast. >> that is a gorgeous view for cape may. clouds in the distance, about a half hour away from sunrise. bright sunshine today and a
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warmer day today. much less wind and the wind has really died down now. a 6 miles per hour breeze in philadelphia. >> coming up, it's time for the flu shots but workers at a mercer county company are being tested for infections after getting their shots. i'll explain why, next.
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we are following breaking news overnight. a police officer broke her leg in a crash in the cruiser. >> taking a live look outside, that is beautiful. a chill in the air, but it will not last long. a nice warm up is on the way. it is 51 degrees at 6:30 this morning. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> let's find out about that warm up with bill henley and his
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first alert forecast. >> yeah, plenty of sunshine today. near the 70 degree mark yesterday. that 51 is in philadelphia. look at the rest of the area in the 40s. less wind, clear skies, and the temperatures have come down this morning. bright sunshine. we got close to 70 yesterday. we'll be into the 70s by 2:00 this afternoon. it will be a chilly start out the door right now. 40s and 50s. by 11:00, 64 degrees on our way to the 70s. temperatures will go higher than that. we'll go through neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> yeah, right in here are the westbound lanes, you can see the overturned vehicle in the area. crews on the scene are trying to get it cleaned up and out of the
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way. if you are going through the area again, it is woodhaven road. you want to be care of crews walking around. and clean up will have construction and road work there until about 8:00 a.m. earlier accident with the downed pole and requires down in the area. we're starting to see slow spots in the normal places. we're tacking on six or seven minutes to the schuylkill express way trip. the blue route is doing fine right now, if you're in the stadium area, it might ask your commute home and the wells fargo center about 7:00 p.m. >> 6:31 and we're following breaking news from overnight. two police officers hurt after a car slammed into a tree in
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southwest philadelphia. how are the officers doing? >> hi, tracy. earlier this morning we were on bartram avenue and it has now reopened. now we're outside of the hospital where doctors are working on one of the police officers that were brought here. we have video of the crash that happened earlier this morning. it happened on bartram avenue. police on scene tell me that two police officers working out of the district were driving when their vehicle slammed into a tree. there was a lot of front end damage. both of the air bags were deployed. the deliver, who is a police officer for fill in his late 30s has neck and back injuries. his partner, a woman in her early 40s, broke one of her
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legs. initially we were told he is broke both of her legs. police are not releasing thepuño names of the officers that were injured. when i last check with accident investigators on the scene they were not disclosing how this happened. they were looking into whether it was a mechanical issue or if it was driver error. we hope to get that information later on this morning. unfortunately there was no witnesses to see this crash happen. accident investigators are also relining on some surveillance videos they're looking for at businesses nearby. live in university city this morning, katy zachry. >> a woman is accused of injecting her 14-year-old daughter and another teen with heroin. riffey is locked up on several
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charges including endangers children and corruption of minors. they also snorted heroin provided by riffey's boyfriend. >> the room accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman will spend five years in friday. the jury last year convicted her of conducted and sexually assaulting the child. the girl was found at a playground the next morning. he is apologized yesterday for her sentencing. a health care for dozens of people that got workplace flu shots yesterday. a nurse used the same syringe over and over again. matt, what is being done to help those who got those injections.
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>> they notified the employees on friday. it includes 46 people that work for a pharmaceutical company in west windsor township. they got their flulj(s shot las wednesday. health officials say the nurse changed the needles, but continued to use the same syringe and it may have exposed people to hepatitis b, c, and hiv. >> even is in a hurry. >> you never know what anyone is carrying. >> we feel it is important that they're aware of their health status and they understand what the risk and the potential is. >> toeal wellness is the company that hired the nurse. it reads in part that total wellness is dedicated to
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ensuring all participants get any and all appropriate screenings. no word yet if any disciplinary action was taken against that nurse who administered those flu shots. nbc 10 news. >> the woman accused of keeping mentally disabled adults locked up in a basement wants to change her plea. linda weston wrote a memo asking the court to switch her plea to not guilty. last month he is agreed to accept a life term that spared her the death penalty. four adults were found chained in her basement in 2011. >> it is 6:36. president obama goes to oregon on friday to meet with the families of the victims of the mass shooting at umpqua
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community college. we now know more about the shooter's manifesto. he complained about not having a girlfriend and people thinking he was crazy. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're getting ready for a nice day today. look at that live view. clouds on the horizon there out of the picture for most of the area. for most of the region, temperatures are chillier this morning. clear skies overnight and temperatures have come down with light wind. we'll see them turn around. a nice warm up into the 70s today and it continues tomorrow. it is later in the week that we see a possibility of showers. it looks like it will continue into part of the weekend. philadelphia is 51 degrees and 46 degrees in atlantic city. you see some clouds in the
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pocono mountains. the sunlight is about to really illuminate things. filtered in the pocono mountains, but still nice in the mountains today. right now the radar is completely clear for our area. no sign of rain and clouds not producing any rain in the pocono mountains either. so partly sunny. lots of sunshine for allentown and reading. . mt. holly will see 73 this afternoon, low 70s for atlantic city and cape may. less wind today allows temperatures to get warmer. timing of those showers later this week,ly come back with a seven-day forecast in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. we have downed wires, overturned
6:39 am
vehicles, and we have not even checked in on the major freeways. a busy tuesday ahead of us today. the schuylkill express way is moving along nicely. we see red and yellow. we're slow eastbound and westbound adding about ten minutes in either direction. a few vehicles are involved there and we're starting to see progress right now on woodhaven road. most of the accident scene pushing into the right-hand shoulder. now two lanes getting by, but still watch out for that police activity on the scene and go slow when heading through the area. watch out on creek parkway. there is a downed wire from an earlier accident. we'll keep you updated on that. for mass transit, we're smooth
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sailing so far. we'll have one more big check on forecast in the next ten minutes. thank you, jessica. people are living in two different worlds right now in south carolina. in some places people are returning home after flooding and torrential rain. other communities are only accessible by helicopter and the death toll could continue to rise. >> acts of kindness that i have received blows my mind. >> two marathon runners focused on a man who would not have crossed the finish line without them.
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it is 6:43. check out this video of a guy whesling a gun away from a would
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be robber. the vick tin defended himself and fought the suspect who got the bad guy on the ground. federal aid is going to south carolina after president obama signed an emergency state. at least 11 people are dead with two more deaths reported in north carolina. in the town of ridgeville, flooding forced several caskets from the ground. conditions remain dangerous. >> we don't want to have to come out and rescue, and much worse we don't want you added to this number of fatalities. >> some residents are calling this the biblical floods of 2015. the 201 campaign trail could heat up again this weekend when a new report says joe biden
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could make a decision on whether or not to enter the race. according to politico he is nearing a decision and will likely decide this weekend or in the days following. it could come before the democratic debate scheduled for next tuesday. and tom wolf is making another push to come up with a budget deal. it has been 97 days since they have had a budget. if a budget is not passed turning a vote tomorrow, governor wolf is warning that deep cuts in education will happen if taxes are not raised. he spoke saying the republican plan does not son-in-lawly balance the budget. he is expected to unveil his plan this afternoon. >> the way we have been doing it is not honest and we have to stop it. it is not about anything but math. >> he says broad based taxes are
6:46 am
necessary to wipe out cuts. just about 6:46, happening today, the top u.s. commander in afghan will be grilled. u.s. air power destroyed the hospital on sad. the attack killed 22 people including doctors and pashs. american forces are helping afghanistan retake the city. afghan forces were said to be under fire. doctors without borders called the attack a war crime. >> california will be the fifth state in the country to allow determinally ill patients to legally end their lives. governor jerry brown announced he signed a bill a state lawmakers approved last month. it comes after the highly publicized case of britney
6:47 am
maynard. a texas teen's big brother may have saved his life after he was bitten by a sharken. they were swimming when the older brother says a big wave knocked him down. when he resurfaced he heard his brother creaming. >> i saw that he had my brother. i bunched it in the side, hit it, grabbed him, and swam to the shore. >> the shark did bite him on both hands. he has a fractured right thumb and a tendon injury but it expected to make a full recovery. >> are you craving an egg mcmuffin for dinner? the world's largest fast food chain is now offering breakfast all day. some restaurants have already been filling all-day breakfast
6:48 am
orders. it is an attempt to help with struggling sales. they say all-day breakfast has been the number one request from customers. >> fast food is getting slower at the drive through window. the average time is now just shy of four minutes. they also found order accuracy is improving. >> a new study shows that your twitter account may reveal more about you than you think. researches found those who earn more money are more likely to tweet about corporations and politics have and more followers that earn less. >> all right, so it's a race that truly had a photo finish. >> two minnesota marathon runners are getting praise for what they did over the weekend. the runners were almost at the end of the twin cities marathon
6:49 am
when they saw a 75-year-old man fall. the runner insisted on crossing the finish line so the two men grabbed his arms and the trio crossed the line in four hours and 50 minutes. they got thousands of likes on facebook. the men who helped out the runner say his determination was inspiring. >> he was addiment about getting to the finish line which i thought was cool. >> that runner who fell needed a little help. saying he has a bruised him but no broken bones. he has ran more than three dozen marathons. 6:49, let's get you updated on the roads as you go out to work. >> i don't like to follow that, that was so sweet. that was great. right now i will help you out as you go out the door. on the boulevard, a multivehicle
6:50 am
accident on route one between ridge and the schuylkill express way. this puts you over into the right-hand shoulder. traffic is moving by, but it's a back up behind that. we're at 23 miles per hour. down hire around the vine street express way, 23 miles per hour is your average. slow speeds are starting to pick up. in the center city area for ongoing instruction, watch out on the ben franklin park way. one inner drive lane is closed between 22nd and logan square, and outer drive closed between 21st and 20th. as for an accident that we have been covered on wood haven, this is around academy road. all traffic moving through the area. so we do have the police activity and the vehicle overturned now upright and over into the right-hand shoulder in
6:51 am
the next lane over. we're good to go there. if you're out and about in the stadium area later on this evening, you can see we're going to have problems there around the wells fargo center. a lot of traffic around the tail end of your rush hour. >> we're following breaking news from overnight, to police officers in the hospital after a crash. katy zachry is live in university city. >> these two philadelphia police officers were driving in their suv and that car crashed into a tree. coming up, what investigators say may have caused the vehicle to crash. >> what started as a routine flu shot clinic has participants being tested for dangerous infections. the details are next. >> count on the nbc 10 first alert weather team to keep you prepared.
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i am katy zachry. one police officer is in the hospital behind me getting treated for injuries after a accident. it happened early this morning. something caused their suv to slam into the tree. no other vehicles were involved in the crash. the driver, a philadelphia
6:56 am
police officer had neck and back jurats police say when they first got the to scene, both of the officers were alert but too injured to talk about the specifics of the crash. in factors hope to talk to them later this morning. they're also looking at surveillance video from local businesses to see if it captured the crash taking place. workers at a pharmaceutical company in mercer county are under going testing after syringes were reused when giving flu shots last wednesday. the employees learned about the breach on friday and investigators are looking into why the nurse changed needles and continued to use the same
6:57 am
syringe. many employees got their blood tested for hepatitis and hiv. the nurse tells nbc 10 that everyone that got one of those shots will get screenings, care, and counselling. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're on 95 right now around gerard avenue and we're seeing a big jump in drive times. this is the southbound side here. we have a disabled vehicle pulled into the work zone shoulder right now. watch out for that if you're heading out the door there. and for a multivehicle accident on the boulevard southbound. actual drive times 14 miles per hour around the curve. now your nbc 10 first alert
6:58 am
weather. >> clear skies, a chilly start this morning. we have a few clouds way on the horizon, brilliant sunshine, and a chilly start, 51 degrees and the wind has died down. clear skies overnight allowed the temperatures to come down. we have a live view from the pocono mountains. those will filter out and you will see sunshine and 70 degrees in the mountains today. at the bus stop a chilly morning this morning. no sign of clouds for the area, not until tomorrow. some of the clouds will move in tonight and keep us warmer. as far as rain is concerned, missouri and western illinois, those are due in for us later in the weekend. today, sunshine. no problem warming into the 70s
6:59 am
this afternoon. not as chilly tomorrow morning with the high clouds coming in tomorrow might. a little warm ner the afternoon. wednesday it will be 76 degrees, plenty of sunshine for thursday. friday we will see a warmer day but the return of clouds. a chance of showers later on friday and it looks like it will continue throughout the night friday and into saturday morning, a cooler, breezy day on saturday. sunshine returns just in time for the eagles game -- >> and. >> and the wine festival to benefit chester county hospital. always a fun time. they have the game on just in case something happens. >> and the wine will be conveniently located near there. >> noon to 4:00. >> remind me to take my coat home, as you said. >> yes, you will need your jacket. >> and tomorrow morning you will be sorry.
7:00 am
getting to work on monday, you better watch it. >> we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. thank you for watching, have great day. good morning. on the edge. in the carolinas the death tell rises as the flooding gets worse. nearly 20 dams now breached. more ready to burst. >> we've got so many that's breaking. they're tlaking as we're speak. >> homes under water. hundreds evacuations and roads washed out. we're there live. scare in the sky. >> medical emergency. captain sin capacitated. >> a pilot dies in the cockpit right in the middle of a cross-country flight. the american airlines jet forced to make an emergency landing. this morning the pilot's family speaking out. >> we've cried on and off today and just kind of feels like he's still on a trip. >> how the quick thinking crew averted


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