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tv   Today  NBC  October 6, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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better watch it. >> we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. thank you for watching, have great day. good morning. on the edge. in the carolinas the death tell rises as the flooding gets worse. nearly 20 dams now breached. more ready to burst. >> we've got so many that's breaking. they're tlaking as we're speak. >> homes under water. hundreds evacuations and roads washed out. we're there live. scare in the sky. >> medical emergency. captain sin capacitated. >> a pilot dies in the cockpit right in the middle of a cross-country flight. the american airlines jet forced to make an emergency landing. this morning the pilot's family speaking out. >> we've cried on and off today and just kind of feels like he's still on a trip. >> how the quick thinking crew averted disaster.
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rubio's moment? florida senator marco rubio picking up steam in the latest polls and becoming donald trump's latest target. can he go the distance? we'll ask him when he joins us live in studio 1a. andying mcdinner? mcdonald's hears the voice of the people. after much anticipation, it is finally serving breakfast all day, today, tuesday, october 6th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on monday morning. no one that likes a hot cake like matt lauer so i know you are excited. >> people united can never be defeated and the next thing they need to do for hangover sufferers is big macs at 7:00 a.m. >> our top story this morning is
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the weather in south carolina. there's flooding and it's continuing to get worse. at least 11 people have died and we are now considering it a disaster. president obama has said so. al is monitoring the situation from here, but we'll begin with nbc's kerry sanders on the ground in columbia, south carolina. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, savannah. they haven't seen the sun here in a week so today there will be sunny skies which will give folks better weather to continue their salvage operation, but state officials fear it will also send a false sense of security that this disaster is over. 181 dams have already breached, and this morning they are watching several others that are weakened that they fear could give out at any moment. this morning in some areas of columbia, south carolina, fell-scale evacuations are in effect. water bursting through several dams, flooding even more neighborhoods. >> if this dam were to breach right now we'd be dead. >> reporter: in the most threatened neighborhoods residents have only enough time
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to grab a few possessions and run. >> we're getting people out. >> reporter: for days now the dams have been falling like dominoes. one breaks and floods a neighborhood which in turn causes the next dam down the stream to break and flood yet another neighborhood. power has been returning. fewer than 3,500 customers now in the dark. but as many as 40,000 households are still struggling without running water. bottled water is flying off store shelves. the situation especially dangerous for area hospitals where the fire department has been forced to pump in water. >> we're going to continue to provide the water to the hospital as long as we can sustain it and we just don't know how long we can sustain it. >> that's all mud? >>ia. >> reporter: for many like luke richardson. what do you think when you look around your house? >> not much to say. >> reporter: seeing what the worst storm in south carolina's history did to his home is gut
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wrenching. >> you know, you don't ever expect something like this to happen to, you know, until it really happens. >> reporter: in just the last day this area right here was drenched with 20 muches of rain, if another dam breeches officials say the water will rise two feet a minute so, indeed, it could be another day of life-threatening situations. savannah, matt? >> all right, kerry sanders, thanks very much. al is here. the headline here is the rain for the most part has stopped and now it's a question of the residual damage. >> that's right. we have to watch everything going downstream and there's a lot of it, unfortunately, as you can see again this hovey rain. and the problem has been so much rain in such a short period of time. no infrastructure could handle this. as we look at the live radar, can you see currently there are showers pinwheeling around this upper level low. the good news it is getting out of here and the bad news it is this rain has had nowhere to go, and if you look at it charleston
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17.3 inches of rain, 450% of their october average. for the year they have gotten 33% of their rain already. myrtle peach very much the same thing. 15.5 inches and 447% of their rainfall and 30% of their yearly average and columbia, where they were not expecting this kind of rain. certainly on average 11.5 inches. that's 355% of what they would normally get. they picked up -- normally a year 44.6 incheses of rain. guys, they got 20% of their rainfall, and all of this rain it is just clogging all the rivers and as it heads downstream it's just go nowhere to go. so the good news is there is no rain in the foreseeable future for the next five or six days. >> we continue to think about the folks down there. >> absolutely. >> al, thank you. the search meantime for survivors intensified overnight as the u.s. coast guard now says it believes the missing cargo ship sank in 15,000 feet of water late last week during
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hurricane joaquin. 33 people on board, including 28 americans. the body of one crew member has now been fourngsd and this morning families are speaking out. they are demanding answers. nbc's kristen dahlgren in jacksonville, florida with the late on this story, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this morning the coast guard tells us time is of the essence. three coast guard cutters stayed out all night. what they are looking for now is someone floating out there who was somehow able to make it through this storm. after four days of searching, a sign of just how rough hurricane joaquin was on the "el faro." one of the ship's life boats found torn apart by the massive waves. >> about 75% of was damaged so very bad shape. >> reporter: body of one victim was also found. even for experienced mariners in neoprene survival suits like this one, the conditions would be tough. >> they were abandoning a ship into a category 4 hurricanes 1, 40-mile-an-hour winds, up to
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50-foot waves, zero visibility. >> reporter: lesean rivera was the ship's cook, a father to two with a baby due this month. >> those are things that keep you alive. if there's a fight to be fought, he's fighting. >> reporter: for some there is also anger. >> in my judgment, you never should have sailed through those waters, period. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time that "el faro" sailed into a storm. just last month after tropical storm erika crewman clark posted this picture of a flooded ship. he wrote our ship made it through the storm. no rough weather can stop us from getting the cargo here. ship owner tote maritime says joaquin was a tropical storm when "el faro" left and had it not lost propulsion the ship would have been able to skirt the storm. >> what's regrettable in this is the fact that the vessel did become disabled in the path of the storm. >> reporter: now the company is promising to do all it can for the families as they wait for word on their loved ones still
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lost at sea. >> that is our family that's at sea, and we want to make sure that we bring them home. >> reporter: there is no word on how much longer the search will continue, but we do know that this morning an ntsb team is on its way to jacksonville, matt and savannah to investigate. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you. >> let's turn now to the race for the white house, and there's movement on the republican side. in the most recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, a national poll, florida senator marco rubio is now tied for third place, and what a coincidence. marco rubio, good morning. >> good morning. >> nice to see you, senators, how are you? >> you're one of the first people that we've been able to see here in the last month or so where can i say you had a good september. >> we feel good about it. we felt good about the entire campaign. it's a long road but it's a lot of fun to do this, to go out around the country and get to the meet people and talk about the issues. >> good news, bad news. good news, the polls are up and bad news that makes you a target for some of your opponents. let me tell you what some people are saying about you. jeb bush is telling people that
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when he was governor of florida he led and you followed. donald trump has apparently sent you some kind of a gag gift meant to poke fun of the fake that you have a tendency to perspire. from the other side debbie wasserman schultz tweeted someone had to say it, marco rubio is no foreign policy kid. flattered? >> yeah. that's what happens. when people are running for office they are looking for something that will give them a competitive advantage and if they think talking bad about someone is going to give them that, that's what they will do. apparently the water is very high quality water. it's top notch water that he sent us, that donald trump sent us so we're grateful for the gift. >> let me ask you a serious question about the attendance, one the topics people have hit you on lately. 29% of the time over the last year were you not in attendance when votes were taken in the senate. >> yeah. >> and i know you say you're running for president, but your record before that wasn't great either. are you placing your own personal ambitions above your responsibilities to your constituents down in florida? >> no, in fact, majority of the
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job of being a senator is not walking on to the senator floor and lifting your finger on a non-controversial issue and say which way you're going to vote. majority work, the constituent service and work continues unabated. everyone who has run for president in the past has face this. there are times when you're not going to be there. we've cancelled events and traveled across the country to make votes, especially if we can make a difference or a high-profile issue. >> you don't think you're putting your ambitions above florida? >> my ambitions are for the country and florida and that's why i'm running for president and i honestly believe if i can become elected president we can fix some of these issues that we've been unable to address during my time in the senate. >> an issue coming up, should kevin mccarthy mcspeaker of the house? >> i don't opine on the leadership bodies of the other house. i know kevin but not well. >> you don't get at vote but he made some very controversial comments recently which seemed to tie the work of the house benghazi committed to a political move to damage hillary
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clinton in the polls. does that disqualify him from being speaker of the house? >> i don't think it disqualifies him. i think it's a bad idea to opine on the leadership race of the body. they will get to choose the speaker of the house. they know him better. there's a campaign going on over there for that office. we'll let them choose the speaker and will work whatever it is. >> if i say to you a young man 26 years old living in oregon with a history of mental illness according to his own mother owned 14 guns, what's the first thing that comes to your mind. >> that his family shouldn't have allowed him to do it, he should have been reported to authorities there. should have been more mental health services available for someone like that. what i know is there, many of the proposals that are out there now on gun control would not have have prevent that had attack or some of the others we've seen in the past. unfortunately, in cases of mental illness or in the cases of someone who just wants a gun to carry out a crime, they are not going to follow the law, they aren't. >> how would you lead on this issue? if you're the president of the united states, how would you lead so that issues and cases like the oregon community college shooting do not continue to repeat themselves. >> well, a couple points to make
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on this. number one, we need to start examining why it is people are taking violent sacks action, not what they are used to go commit the violent act with. we have two issues, one is mental illness we need to address more seriously as opposoppose ed stigmatizing it or pushing it aside and the other, of course, why have we become so violent as individuals? what is it that's leading people in this country not mentally ill to do the sort of drive-by shooltdings and things? >> we have two issues, why are people so violent, mental illness. you do not see guns as an issue at all. >> guns are what they are used to go commit the violence. again, in many of the cases the laws actually being propose would not have prevented them. these were not assault riflts, handguns he purchased. the same was true in a previous attack just a few weeks ago. the law that many are propose would go have done nothing to prevent these attacks. >> let me ask you one little thing before you leave. in a recent interview, former clinton campaign manager said that the ticket that worries the
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democrats the most is rubio/kasich or kasich/rubio. >> i like rubio/kasich better or rubio someone else. we have a very talented bench of people running on republican side. we're fortunate to have that. the democrats are still struggling to come up with one. >> would you agree to be part of that ticket in either direction? >> i want to be the top of the ticket. that's why i'm running for president. that's why i feel good about our campaign. >> senator marco rubio, good to have you in the studio. >> turning now to natalie. you're starting in washington. >> good morning. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is facing tough questions on capitol hill today surrounding that u.s. air strike on a doctors without border hospital over the weekend. that attack killed 22 people in kunduz. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in istanbul. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. i think generally campbell is going to have a lot to talk about. first, troop level. that is what he was meant to testify about, and he's going to be asked whether troop levels should remain at 10,000 or
7:14 am
should some extra troops stay on in the country even beyond 2016 when the vast majority of those 10,000 troops are supposed to come home. an indication of how volatile afghanistan is, how strong the taliban remains is what has happened this weekend in kunduz. the taliban took over kunduz which is a major afghan city and while afghan forces were trying to retake kunduz and push the taliban out and they did manage to do it, there was this tragic event at the doctor's without borders hospital. initially the u.s. military said that it fired on the hospital because american troops were in danger. then yesterday the u.s. change the the story saying that it fired on the hospital killing, by the way, 22 people. doctors without borders says it is a war crime. the u.s. said it fired on it only after receiving a direct request from the afghan military. three concurrent investigations are under way.
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natalie? >> richard engel in istanbul for us, thank you, richard. well, president obama will travel to roseburg, oregon, on friday to meet with the relatives of the victims of last week's community college shooting and meanwhile staffers and students were allowed to returned to the campus on monday to gather the possessions left behind. classes won't resume until next week. terminally ill patients can now be prescribed life-ending drugs in california. governor jerry brown signed the controversial measure into law on monday making california the fifth state to enact a right-to-die law. brown, a lifelong catholic, said he struggled with the decision, but in the end he reflected on what he would want in the face of his own death. as many of you sit down for breakfast this morning a major recall to tell you b.general mills is recalling an estimated 1.8 million boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios. the boxes were labeled gluten-free, but the cereal could actually contain wheat.
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the recall affects better in f used by october 2016. general mills has received reports of illness from consumers online. as we told you this morning, today is the day many of you have been waiting for. mcdonald's serving up egg mcmuffin and pancakes and sausage biscuits all day long. the all day breakfast begins today. some early bird stores have been doing it for a while now. mcdonald's says all-day breck fifths has been the number one request for its customers and maybe soon the big mac. if you didn't stay up last night a lot of football fans talking about the controversial finish on "monday night football." seahawks taking on the lions. down three late in the game, almost took the lead but kam chancellor forced him to foul and punch the ball loose. seattle's k.j. wright taps the ball out of the back end zone
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and turns out batting the ball in the end zone against the rules, but no penalty flag was thrown. detroit probably should have gotten the ball back on the half yard line. instead, officials ruled it was seattle's ball, and the seahawks held on to win that game 13-10. even pete carroll, the seahawks coach, admitting they got a lucky break on this one. >> no question they did. >> i didn't understand any of that. >> detroit is not happy today, okay? >> thank you, natalie. mr. rocker. >> a quick look at whales is going on across the country. we'll take a closer look next half hour about the heavy weather going on in the southwest. beautiful in the pacific northwest. here in the northeast we're looking awfully nice. we'll get to woke up l8, freaked, then remembered mcds all day bfast, #boomshakalaka. @mcdonalds yaaasssssssssssssss #alldaybreakfast soooooooooooooooo good yo mcdonald's is serving breakfast all day now? five goal hands emojis #bae @cowsgomookie fo'sho dear @mcdonalds. thank you for serving all day breakfast
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heart emoji everyone on earth. retweet favorite your retweet it's time for #alldaybreakfast ;p ♪ good morning, i'm bill henley, a beautiful day ahead, a bright start. nice, comfortable conditions and low humidity. warmer tomorrow in the morning and afternoon. high clouds coming in for wednesday. they're out of here for thursday. the high of 73, but clouds return with a chance of late day showers on friday and the shower threat continues into thursday. latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you, still to come, pilgt in airline. an american airlines plane forced to make an emergency landing when the captain suddenly dies mid-flight. we'll hear from passengers and from some members of the pilot's own family. >> plus, rossen reports has the
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ticket to help avoid you getting scammed trying to get into some of your favorite could be certs. plus, we have a big surprise for some very deserving taylor swift fans, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
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call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. just about 7:30. we're following breaking news. an accident at an apartment complex in delaware county. the information we're getting is trickling in and is very littled. police are on the scene and we're working to find out how badly people were hurt. we're working on getting as much information as we can. let's get our forecast now with bill henley. >> sun glare likely to be a problem for the start of the day here today. the glare coming off of some of the buildings.
7:27 am
trenton in the upper 40s. low 50s in philadelphia. warming into the upper 60s by lunchtime today. >> let's check traffic with jessica boyington. >> we're seeing the biggest problems on the betsy ross bridge. we have a disabled vehicle, trying to get this guy out of the way, a 39 minute drive time from woodhaven to the express way. two police officers were involved in an accident when they're suv crashed into a tree. the officer behind the wheel suffered neck and back injuries. his partner broke her leg. we'll have another update coming up in 25 minutes. you can aults get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. back to "the today show."
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♪ cause the players gonna play, play, play, play ♪ >> 7:30 now, tuesday morning, 6th of october, 2015, and we're about to interdays you a family forced to shake it off after they became victims of safers selling fake taylor swift tickets on line but rossen to the rescue. jeff rossen has a big surprise for them and a tip to avoid getting duped. good morning, nice to have you along. >> stories making headlines. devastating flooding still causing a lot of misery down in south carolina where more than a dozen dams have breached, and terrified residents know more could fail today. families have lost everything. homes have completely submerged. the national guard is out in force as water is still rising in some areas after historic rains soaked that area. >> president obama has announced
7:31 am
that he is planning a trip on friday to roseburg, oregon, to meet with the families of the mass shooting there. and desperate search for survivors. the coast guard was out all night looking for crew members from that cargo ship carrying 33 people that sank in violent seas churned up by hurricane joaquin five days ago. families are holding out hope but officials feherty worst. this morning we are learning more about the captain who collapsed in the cockpit of a cross-country flight. that american airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing, but passengers learned only later that the pilot actually died. his family is now speaking out overnight to nbc's hallie jackson. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, the widow of captain michael johnston died what he loved, flying planes, which he had been doing more than 25 years. early monday he had a heart attack the she says u.s. airliners always have two pilots in the cockpit and this is why. >> medical emergency. captain is incapacitated.
7:32 am
>> reporter: terrifying moments on the overnight flight, but passengers never knew the pilot, 57-year-old michael johnston, had collapsed in the cockpit. >> they said that the pilot was really sick and that was it, and then we saw like ambulances pulling up. >> reporter: four hours into the american airlines flight from phoenix to boston, the co-pilot saying only the captain wasn't feeling well descended for an emergency landing in syracuse. calm but clearly concerned. >> the ambulance will meet you on the top of the ice ramp. >> as long as they have a way to get on the airplane quickly. we'll need them to get to the captain, thank you. >> if it wasn't for the co-pilot using a cool head, it might have been more disastrous. >> reporter: passengers haueried off the plane. passed flight attendants who some say were in tears and watching as the emergency responders pulled up to the scene discovering later captain johnston had died. >> we've cried on and off today and just kind of feels like he's still on a trip and we can
7:33 am
expect him home on wednesday. >> reporter: it's incredibly rare for a commercial pilot to die mid-flight. only happening six other times in the last two decades. pilots must retire by age 65 and have yearly physicals. johnston's wife says he was required to have exams more frequently after a bypass surgery in 2006. this morning johnston's family, his wife, their eight children and five grandkids are honoring his memory. >> loved everyone that was around him, an amazing father to his children and the best husband i could ever ask for. >> reporter: b.j. tells me her husband loved flying so much he bought a plane before they bought a car. their second date, by the way, was flying in a cessna. this was 35 years ago. the ceo of american airlines, by the way, really praising the crew members here for their teamwork in what was an incredibly difficult time, but they thought fast. the co-pilot worked quickly and got the plane on the ground
7:34 am
safely. >> they worked quickly. thank you very much. >> now over to al with a check of the weather. >> look at this video, we know the photographer one young dylan dreyer who is on vacation in the las vegas, and she shot some of this video as well. they are at harrah's, and they will be looking at more heavy rain in the southwest. why? we've got a strong upper level low, very much the same kind of system that we had over the southeast. now it's over the southwest, and it is going to cause the risk of severe weather through the southwest. this afternoon favorable conditions, threat for large hail and damaging wind and also could be very strong wind gusts and rainfall amounts. looking at up to two inches. could be flash flood threats for today, and then as we move into tomorrow, the upper level low slowly moves east. look for the severe storms in southwest new mexico and periods of torrential rains and that moves on into texas. one-day totals near three inches of rain and the flood threat
7:35 am
also extentds a good morning i'm meteorologist bill henley. a bright start. sunshine and low 70s this afternoon. warmer tomorrow in the morning and in the afternoon. high clouds coming in on wednesday. out of here for thursday, but clouds return with a chance of late day showers on friday into saturday. sunny skies sunday and monday. have a great day. latest weather. matt. >> all right, al. thanks very much. how about this for pressure. would you name your baby after someone like your grandfather if your grandfather offered to pay you? >> how much? >> oh, sorry. >> we'll talk about that afterwards. >> up next, a special rossen to the rescue. hey, jeff. >> hey, guys, good morning. this is going to be real exciting. right now we're in the living room and kitchen of a family that is a huge bunch of taylor
7:36 am
swift fans, and they got swept up in a concert ticket scam that is spreading across the country. you could be the victim next. we're going to have a huge surprise for them, but we're also going undercover to expose this scam and watch what happens when i come face to face with one of the scammers. there he goes. you're going to see it all. a big live tv event coming
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7:41 am
we haven't spoiled the surprise pause they are upstairs and you can see the stairs over here, in a room without a television set. they are isolated aid way from us. they think we're just here to do a story about them. what they don't know is that they are in for a huge surprise this morning that we will reveal live to them and you at the same time in just a moment, but first i want to tell but their story because what happened to them could just easily happen to you, huge concert ticket scam happening across the country affecting the biggest hottest shows, not just taylor swift. this morning we are going undercover to expose it, and, yes, in just a moment that big live surprise. ♪ shake it off, shake it off >> reporter: these girls may be taylor swift's biggest fans. ♪ and the players gonna play, play, play ♪ >> reporter: 15-year-old cousins chloe and haley, all they wanted in the world was to see taylor in concert. scale of 1 to 10 how important was it for you to go see this taylor swift concert in the. >> about a 12. >> 12, 20. >> reporter: haley's mom saved
7:42 am
up all year and told them to get good grades and then they could go. the girls did, even making the honor roll, so mom went to buy tickets. one problem. taylor swift's, the 1989 world tour is sold out and she went online buying from a broker shelling out nearly $1,000. the girls couldn't wait. >> we waited for the whole entire year for this to happen and had a countdown on the phone. it was that big of a deal. >> reporter: but when they showed up at concert, devastating news, the tickets were fake. >> we wanted to see taylor swift so bad. >> reporter: and that moment getting turned away at the gate? >> it was very hard. >> reporter: you're still emotional about it. >> turns out these girls aren't alone. ♪ shake it off, shake it off >> reporter: and neither is taylor swift. it's happening at the hottest shows.
7:43 am
♪ >> reporter: from ariana grande to the piano man himself. the shows sell out in minutes, forcing fans to go online to buy tickets and scammers know it, making fake tickets that look so real. can you tell the difference? check out what happens when my producer jovanna goes online. she finds hundreds of posts, including this one for billy joel tickets. she meets up with the seller. >> you swear these are not fake. >> reporter: the tickets look real but at gate. >> not valid? follow valid. she's turned away. ticketmaster confirming that tickets were face. now check out this post for tickets to an ariana grande concert. to prove they are reeshlgs the seller even sends us a photo so we set up a meet. >> you swear these aren't fake. >> no. >> thank you. >> enjoy. >> reporter: what he doesn't
7:44 am
know, we sent that photo to ticketmaster confirming they are fake, but when i show up to ask him about it, well, just watch. hi, jeff rossen with nbc news. can we get our money back. those tickets are fake. he's fafrkts dashing across the street, running from our cameras there. goes 200 buck and we're not getting money back and we're stuck with fake tickets that will get us into nothing. too on the criminals get away leaving victims crying. >> no one should have to go through this because you had the chance to see someone that you really wanted to see and it got taken away from you. it's devastating. ♪ and we've got bad blood >> reporter: certainly some bad blood there. the family is downstairs and they are joining me now, and before we gheet what is going to be a surprise, guys, i want to give you the same advice to take away and that is only deal with licensed brokers, people you know and people can you track down. never pay for these tickets
7:45 am
online with cash. you won't make that mistake again or a debit card. you don't twhant money out of your account. use a credit card immediately. all right. let's get to the surprise. so we felt terrible about what happened and on the "today" show we're able to pull some swings. we got you some swag here. got you this bag. we got you some markets we got all this which is great. you love that stuff, right? >> yes. >> reporter: but then i got to thinking, where are you going to wear that, there are dress code policies and how cool would it be if you could go to one of these concerts. >> amazing. >> reporter: unfortunately the 1989 world tour for taylor swift is completely sold out, you know, but we know some people and we got you some tickets. taylor swift has a special halloween show in tampa, florida. >> what? >> reporter: boom. >> you're going to taylor swift. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: my pleasure. mom, you can't afford a trip there. you're crying. are you okay? >> i'm okay.
7:46 am
i'm okay. i'm just excited. >> reporter: here's the next part of the surprise. we're flying you there and we're putting you up. we got you. the "today" show has you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: matt lauer has volunteered to bring you guys there and chaperon. >> i'm there. i'm there. >> oh, my gosh. ladies, you might want to check those tickets, seriously. it is jeff rossen. >> reporter: i have been known to scam tickets from time to time. these are real, these are legit and by the way they are really great seats, too. you guys will have a great time in tampa, florida. halloween night. >> you should have dragged it out a little longer. the poor girls are what's this is about. >> reporter: i make girls cry and make them happy. that's my circle of life. >> wow. >> fantastic. >> we might want to fix that for the west coast. >> and that's a wrap. thank you so much and congrats, girl. have fun. coming up on "pop starts," another controversy brewing over
7:47 am
the new steve jobs movie big star just publicly call out another for a bad performance? >> oh, brother. >> and carson's got an exclusive look at a very big anniversary. here's your hint. get your filters ready. it's a surprise. >> it's a big live event. my opioid pain medication makes me feel stopped up! millions of people are estimated to suffer from opioid-induced constipation, oic, caused by the opioids they use to manage chronic pain. oic is a different type of constipation. opioids block pain signals, but they can also block activity in the bowel. finding relief has been a real struggle! ready to paint a different picture? definitely! talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options. i can do that! i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating. campbell's organic soups.
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to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. ♪ it can even be a game changer. that's why choosy moms and dads choose jif.
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it can even be a game changer. i acidity was in my i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live. a couple big birthdays today. annette lauer, happy birthday,
7:51 am
sweetheart and instagram, according to carson. >> that's right. the photo-sharing app instagram turns 5 and we're counting down the most liked photo of all time. coming in at number three taylor swift theme continues, there she is with sal vin harris having a little fun on the coast 2. .5 and number two, another taylor swift photo, 2.1 million likes, some of them, i'm sure, jeff rossen, taylor there with flowers sent to her by kanye and number one is kendall jenner 3.1 million likes, the hair art photo that everybody loves. let's get to us here. matt lauer, that's your most liked photo on your instagram account right there. >> that's a good one. >> the yeah. >> next up we've got savannah, your most liked photo the family. oh. . remember that from thanksgiving last year. >> al, there's nick jonas helping you out with your most liked photo at thanksgiving day parade and nat mo, you when the
7:52 am
women's world soccer team won the world cup. me with my family at yankee stadium and wrangler. happy 5th birthday, instagram. >> it wasn't when you put him in the front seat and said the kids were in the trunk. >> might have taken that one day. >> that's my favorite. >> how to make a graceful exit when you're stuck chatting with someone you don't want to chat with at a party. >> and hugh jackman talks pirates and peter pan and
7:53 am
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7:56 am
sky force 10 over breaking news. a police chase and crash into multiple park cars. you're looking at the scene in glenolden avenue. we confirmed that police were chasing a suspect when the suspect's car rolled into this apartment complex. there are injuries. we're working to learn how serious they are and what caused the crashes. stay with nbc 10 for updates. let's get a check on weather now. >> bright sunshine and temperatures heading for the 70s this afternoon. chilly to start with, but look at that, not a cloud in the sky. that is a view from the melen bank building in center city. 40s around.
7:57 am
43 degrees in northeast philadelphia at the airport. and, climbing into the upper 60s by lunchtime. low 70s at 3:00. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check of your commute right now. >> we're on the vine street express way right now. no wig back ups. the main thing right here is sun glare. westbound or eastbound, now problems, just visibility issues. at either end, you're really in the red. drive times are heavy and the blue route is little better. and the next thon canning weekend has been canceled after a student was killed in a car accident while returning from a canning trick. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app.
7:58 am
back to "the today show" we'll see you in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, if you build it, they will come. >> there we go. >> the yay! >> see with teamwork had thing fills up quickly. >> we get set to reveal the fruits of the labor of love as we pitch in to help some deserving kids to get a safe place to play. ♪ ♪ let's do the time warp again >> then, let's do the "time warp" again. >> did you ever learn the time warp. >> absolutely. i've had to do it. >> have you really? >> yes. >> four decades after it first hit the big screen we've reunited the classic from "the rocky horror picture show." >> and we're happy to be joined by the man who wears many hats,
8:01 am
singer, songwriter and "voice" coach is here to tell us about adding the title of author to his impressive resume, and it's jackman to neverland. >> mind if i ghut. >> the hollywood leading man stops by to talk peter pan and pirates today, tuesday, october 6th, 2015. ♪ ♪ let's go crazy, crazy, crazy >> the we love "today"! >> howdie, texas. ♪ ♪ >> it's hi birthday, and i woke up super early just to get a hug from matt. >> we're in nyc celebrating my mom's 60th birthday. yay! >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today."
8:02 am
it is 8:00 on a tuesday morning. nice to have you along with us on a beautiful, crisp, fall morning. >> hugh jackman plays black beard in that "pan" movie and you think he got into it. he got into it? >> yeah, can't twice catch up with him. let us catch up with the top stories of the morning. natalie is over at news desk. nat, good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning. once again, the rain has stopped in south carolina today. however, the fight with flooding is far from over. in some places swollen rivers are still rising after two feet of rain fell on the state in the last two days. the surge of water has broken through dams and swamped roads. hundreds have been evacuated. thousands still without water prompting president obama to declare a disaster declaration for the state. 11 deaths have occurred in south carolina. the "el faro" had a crew of
8:03 am
33 and many of them americans. officials say one body in a survival suit has been found floating on the ocean surface. one of the ship's two life boats has also been found but it was severely damaged. we're learning more about the gunman in last week's oregon school shooting and how his mother may have had an impact on his fascination with guns. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: startling new revelations about the mother of chris harper mercer, the shooter who killed nine people at umpqua community college last week. for over a decade laurel harper, a registered nurse, offered online advice on various medical issues like asperger's syndrome, an us atism spectrum disorder she wrote both she and her son struggled with. try sitting up all night, night after night with a screaming autistic headbanger and see if you feet same way in six months. on the yahoo! answers board using a profile named freeney
8:04 am
bird harper also wrote about her firearm and gun law fascination, an interest she also shared with her son. my monhas much knowledge in this field, she said. on keeping loaded handguns at home she wrote the ars and aks all have loaded mags. no one will be dropping by my house uninvited. mother and son, whom she never identified by name, went to shooting ranges together, according to reports. his father ian mercer told cnn -- >> how on earth could he compile 13 guns? >> reporter: more questions than answers in a senseless tragedy as a community tries to heal. miguel almaguer, nbc news, portland, oregon. >> and we've reached out for comment from laurel harper but have not gotten a response. florida senator and republican presidential candidate marco rubio says gun control would have done nothing to prevent the oregon school shooting. earlier here on "today" senator rubio also told matt that his decision to seek the presidency
8:05 am
is not about personal ambition. >> my ambitions aren't for me. my ambitions are for the country and florida, and that's why i'm running for president, and i honestly believe that if i can become elected president, we can begin to fix some of these issues. >> senator rubio portrayed himself as a foreign policy expert and the latest polls show his candidacy among republicans is picking up steam. now to a touching story out of north carolina this morning. 17 years ago brook and adrian walked down the church aisle together as a flower girl and a ring bearer. well, late last month they walked down that very same aisle as bride and groom. they were just 4 and 5 years old at the first time that they made the aisle walk. well, brooke says she had a huge crush on adrian. back then though the feeling was not mutual. he says she used to annoy him. that is, until, 2011 when the two former classmates reconnected and they then fell in love. it was fate that intervened. >> that's how boys express their
8:06 am
love they say you annoy me. >> so true. >> so adorable. up next in trending, more money out of your wallet y.going to the atm could be taking a bigger bite out of your bank account. >> plus, battle of the jobs. is shade being thrown at ashton cup. er about the steve jobs movie? >> and ♪
8:07 am
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we're back. it's 8:90 and time for trending. >> let's do it. first up, the eight magical words that could save you from a terrible conversation. has this ever happened to you? i'll get to the words in a second. ever happened to you. you're at a party and someone engages you in a conversation and you don't want to be in that conversation and they dominate your time even as you're looking and there are people around you'd rather be in a conversation w. >> getting back to the bar
8:10 am
doesn't work? >> an article in "new york" magazine offers a straightforward and tricky solution. look the person right in the eye and say great talking to you. i'll see you soon. >> ouch, and turn and walk away. >> that seems cold. >> like, what did i do, did i say something wrong? >> maybe even accompanying it with a well-meaning hug. >> that didn't seem well meaning. >> could you do that? >> you could do it. >> it won't go over well? it's cold. >> if you're at a party and have been talking to a while. i'm awesome talking to you, i'm going to go mingle, go to the bar. people would understand that. >> not in the middle of the guy's sentence. >> or matt lauer who is the master of just disappearing into the night. one minute he's there and the next minute you see matt? >> no. >> it's called the irish good-bye. >> yeah. >> where's matt? where did he go? >> years of practice, so good, so good. >> an art to behold. if somebody offered you money would you name your child after them? >> how much?
8:11 am
>> depends on the name. >> it's funny that you say that. >> somebody related to you or a stranger? >> good question. >> somebody with money, or a relative. >> how much you talking? >> that's what i want to know. >> clearly you have more questions. the "new york times" actually profiled a couple whose parent, this is the baby's grandparents, offered the couple $10,000. they desperately wanted the family name to live on so the parents thought it over. they ended up turning down the offer for $10,000. >> for a family name. >> a child's education. that's like getting into school. >> the way i read it it was a reaction to some of the wild names that people are naming their children now and the grandparents wanted more traditional, so like no rocket man. we'd rather have like finnegan or something like that. >> right, right. >> do you have to sign a contract, take the cash and then name them whatever you sfwhant. >> the kid's name is finnegan and his nickname will be rocket man. >> your middle name will be
8:12 am
lawsuit. we asked our "today" viewers. 85% said no way. >> might want to take the cash because you'll need to offset the report fees at atm. fees you're charge the the for using an out-of-network machine, one in the affiliated with the bank, and the average rate has jump jumped 5% and the lowest average fee found in san francisco 3.85. folks in atlanta, you're paying the most, $5.15 just to use an out-of-network machine. >> that's a lunch right there how much is too much? >> how much is too high? >> 2.50, 3. >> i cap it at at couple bucks, $34, $5 it's ridiculous. >> i have no cash. i'm writing a cash at 7-eleven for big bulk. >> that's very efficient. >> very friendly competition between the actors playing steve
8:13 am
jobs. carson, "pop smarts. ". >> the why some are saying fassbender was throwing shade at. aon kutcher. his movie about steve jobs opened a couple months ago and he played steve jobs and that movie did not have a ton of fans and facebender was asked how he prepared to play steve jobs and his response i studied ashton kutcher and it bothered him that he doesn't look anything like steve jobs. >> he does and acts amazingly. >> cate blanchett, she and her husband andrew have been married for 18 years and during an interview with ellen she said she knew pretty early on that andrew was the one. >> after 20 days or something you decided, right? >> no, actually after three days he turned to me, and we were in bed as you are after three days, and -- and he said -- he said, cat e, and i thought [ bleep ], he's going to ask me to marry him and i'll have to say yes, and he said, i'm hungry, do you want to go get something to eat
8:14 am
and he asked me after about 21 days and i said yes. >> that's moving pretty quick. >> wow. >> after 21 days and it's lasted 18 years. that full episode of "ellen" airs later today. and finally chris pratt winning rave reviews for a short film, a very, very moving emotional pictures called "hi guys." >> hi, guys. hi, guys. >> that's it. >> hi, guys. >> that's it. directed by jennifer lawrence. >> oh, wow. >> director of photography amy schumer no. word on a release date but we'll keep you posted. >> "the notebook" and "hi, guys." gets me every time. >> how about a check of the weather. >> i smell oscar. a look at what's going on right now at the congaree river down there in columbia, south carolina. the good news it is going down. of course, we do have those dams that still are in danger of
8:15 am
breaching but the good news is the major river is starting to go down. we've got showers off the south carolina coast and the north carolina coast. beautiful weather here in the northeast, through the great lakes. a few showers in central, missouri. that's good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. beautiful day ahead. a chilly start but with bright sunshine, nice and comfortable, low humidity. we're headed to the 70s this afternoon. and a little bit warmer tomorrow in the morning and in the afternoon. high clouds will be coming in for wednesday. they're out of here for thursday. the high of 73. clouds return with a chance of late-day showers on friday and shower threat continues into saturday. sunny skies for sunday and monday. have a great day. ? and that's your latest weather. our shine a light initiative allowed each of us here to get involved in an important cause. savannah and i focused on creating a safe place to play for a community in immediate.
8:16 am
>> and that community, pasek, new jersey, is very excited this morning. we have more than 200 parents and kids along with a marching band eagerly waiting at big reveal of their new playground. it took more than a year coordinating with city officials, planning, fund-raising, and you're about to see it was well worth the effort. our mission is simple. i would love to do something that brought joy to kids who have too little of it. a place to run free, to laugh, to feel safe. >> we are going to build a fantastic playground right in this field here. >> you excited about the park? >> yes. >> we zero in on pasek, new jersey, and as we set the stage the community does its part from cookoffs to zumba-thons raising thousands for the cause all leading up to the day we break ground.
8:17 am
this is build day. >> let's do it! >> there you go. >> it is an outpouring of support, a force 200 strong. >> one, two, three, let's go. >> thank you, sir. >> we're gooded. >> go ahead, guys, pull. >> where all hands come together in the spirit of building something great. >> there we go. >> yay! >> go ahead and fill that wheelbarrow up. >> see, with teamwork this thing fills up quick. >> i all right. you want to rake? >> come on. it's nothing. it's easy. >> safety first. >> and there's only one way to get down. >> here we go. oh, i beat you. >> making a place where big ideas come true. you janet a playground without swings. >> and dreams are just starting point. >> this is a transformation of the pasek town square. it's really reimagining it with kids and families in mind.
8:18 am
>> we talked about the playground and we were dreaming about it. >> did you think it would be this good? >> i had some dreams about what it would look like but like monof them were as good as this though. it's really beautiful so i hope everyone takes care of the park. >> it was fun spending time with them. nbc's craig melvin is standing by in pasek to help us reveal our brand new "today" show playground, but before we get to the that lets say hi to the pasek mayor dr. alex blanco and james siegel, the president of kaboom, and some of the kids going to enjoy the playground. good morning to all of you. >> hi, matt. >> mr. mayor, let me start with you, this is at heart of pasek. it's right in the town square. it used to be an empty lot. what does it feel like to see it transformed? >> oh, it feels great, matt. first of all, good morning, matt, savannah. this is a great day for the city. as you can see the kids are so
8:19 am
happy. this is one of the moest -- a lt of kids and people around this area, so this -- this park is going to provide a lot of joy for them. as you know, our community doesn't have a lot of cars. there's low car ownership in the county so the kids will -- will be so excited to use this park. this is an amusement park for them, so i thank you guys. i thank you kaboom and car max and microsoft for making this dream come true. >> thrilled to be a part of it. >> really are. let's talk to james from kaboom, saw you out there getting dirty and getting the finishing touches on this playground. i mean, the cool thing about this it's really part of town. it's real at center of the town, so this could real transform the whole town. >> yeah. this really shows how play can transform an entire community when you put kids first and make sure you focus on kids and
8:20 am
family. >> well, again, thank you for your help. craig, we're going to turn this over to you because you are the man on the scene, and you've got our big reveal. >> reporter: this is fun. guys, you ready. are you ready. whoa, whoa, whoa. here we go. one, are you ready? >> yes! >> reporter: okay. one, two, three, wait, wait, wait, let's move the truck for the reveal. have at it. have at it. have at it. ♪ so here's the thing, guys. this is not your grandmother's playground, by the way. we want to give you a quick tour. 250 volunteers over four days brought this thing together, and keep in mind over the weekend here we're talking wind, we're talking rain, threats of a hurricane as well, and now look, and it's not just the kids that
8:21 am
ran over from the school. i mean, this is what you just heard from the mayor there, this is going to be a neighborhood playground. you've got a wishing well here. you've got an amazing slide. you've got some musical equipment over here. look at those monkey bars over to the left there. look at those monkey bars, so passaic, new jersey, very excited this morning, guys. >> be careful of the monkey bars because savannah actually put those together. >> no, i told them to check my work. >> we had a great time and thanks to everybody in passaic for being so willing to take part in this great project. >> we made so many friend and little faces along the way. great to see them smile. well, let's take a trip down memory lane, perhaps we should do the time warp again, ring a bell? 40 years since "the rocky horror picture show" hit big screen and when the cast sat down together for the first time in 25 years nbc's joe fryer was the lucky one to be there.
8:22 am
>> classic is a term thrown around carelessly but the true definition can be summed up in five words, "the rocky horror picture show." the film first hit theaters in 1975. and now 40 years later the cast is reunited. barry bostwick and susan sarandon who played brad and sharon and meatloaf and patricia quinn and tim curry, the man behind the mad scientist dr. frankenfurther. >> seeing everyone is like a time warp? >> oh, no. >> did you ever learn the time warp in. >> absolutely. i've had to do it on numerous the occasions. >> yes. >> at every wedding that you had to go to. >> so often it rears its head. >> reporter: for those who don't know. >> jump to the left. and do it to the right. ♪ and take a step to the right >> put your hands on your hips. ♪ but it's a pelvic --
8:23 am
♪ let's do the time warp again >> once more in the key of "m." >> reporter: movie is about a newly engaged couple. they stumble upon a rather bizarre convention after their car breaks down. from beginning to end it's filled with iconic songs one of which paves the way for curry's jaw-dropping entrance. how did you even come up with the character? >> well, originally i played him as a german, dr. frankinfurter and one day i was on a london pus and i heard a woman say do you have a house in town and i said that's it, he should sound like that queen. >> i have that knowledge. >> brilliant idea. that fantastic. >> it changed everything. >> reporter: before it was a picture show, "rocky horror" was a play and curry, meatloaf and
8:24 am
quinn were part of the stage production. >> i weighed about 315 pounds. hi on a garter belt with initial net stockings and high heel shoes. >> reporter: sarandon and bostwick joined the cast when "rocky horror" jumped to the big screen. was this a tough move toe make? mean, were the conditions difficult at times? >> are we telling the truth now. >> i think we have to. >> i got pneumonia. >> look, i'm cold and wet and i'm just plain scared. >> we were in a house and they hadn't put the roof back on. that was leaking and open and it was december, january. it was winter. >> reporter: ticket sales were just as frigid when the movie first opened. "rocky horror" struggled at box office but over time it is a appeared in smaller theaters the film's popularity grew, eventually becoming a saturday night destination, the longest theatrical release in movie history. >> the fans just keep getting younger and younger. >> no, we're getting older and older. >> that's what it is. i knew it was something. >> reporter: for devoted fan the passion centers around the
8:25 am
movie's final message. ♪ don't dream, it be it >> the thing that resonated for me more than anything was don't dream it be it which was a really good slogan. >> i've had so many people come up to me and said that film helped them through a dark time. >> reporter: you see, in the end hollywood might make the movies, but it's the fans who make them cult classic. ♪ let's do the time warp again >> reporter: for "today" joe fryer nbc news, los angeles. >> tell us about the '70s, matt. >> i think i saw it once, probably in the '70s. i haven't seen it since. youfies see it? >> i saw it and went to a sing-along once. it's amazing how the fans know all the words to all the songs. >> by the way, the cast gathered to 3450rk9th anniversary and the release of the new blue rae, and if you like reminiscing tune in all this week for more entertainment reunions. now let's send it over to carson standing by in the original room with a buddy from "the voice."
8:26 am
>> my buddy following breaking news, police chase in glenolden delaware county. you're looking at the scene at the contemporary village of apartments. look at all those vehicles involved. police have not told us why they were chasing the car but the driver drove into the complex and slammed into several parked vehicles. at least one person was hurt. we don't yet know if that was the suspect or someone else. nor do we know how seriously they were injured. check the nbc 10 news app for updates on this story. it's warming up out there. another day with sunshine. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist bill henley is standing by with your forecast. bill? >> bright sunshine, temperatures chilly to start with will warm up nicely this afternoon with
8:27 am
much less wind than we've seen the last couple of days. general breeze blowing. live view for the lafayette hotel. 53 in philadelphia. trenton, pottstown and atlantic city at the airport. not for long. forecast is calling for 70s this afternoon. let's see how the morning rush is shaping up with nbc 10's traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica? >> the schuylkill expressway has seen better days. 202 westbound, police activity, accident over on the right-hand shoulder. schuylkill right here montgomery drive eastbound, disabled vehicles in the right-hand shoulder around belmont. disabled truck overblocking that ramp. traffic moving by eastbound. and boulevard jammed solid in either direction. chris? >> we'll be back with another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather through the nbc 10 news app. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
with a buddy from "the voice ♪ because i'm happy >> we're back now. 13:00 on a tuesday morning. it's the 6th day of october, 2015. it's a gorgeous day here in new york city. bright blue skies and big crowd on the plaza. perfect combination. we love that. coming up, pharrell williams is here. he'll tell us how he turned that grammy award-winning song "happy" into a page-turner for kids and i'm sure he and carson will tell all kinds of stories
8:31 am
from backstage at "voice. ". >> the oh, we could. >> and get the scoop from carson on pharrell. and hugh jackman joins us who plays the pirate black beard in the new movie "pan" and we'll sit down with him. >> and this morning we're kicking off our special series viva today music and the smash new song live. >> the look at the impact on culture. >> and basketball great shaquille o'neal will make a slam dunk appearance as the guest announcer and music superstar gloria estefan will lead the sing along live. that show is tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on nbc. this friday's "dateline" an exclusive for the first time in one room, nearly 0 women who have made accusations against bill cosby. they are speaking out to kate snow. she interviewed them about their
8:32 am
claims of drugging, sexual assault and sexual harassment, charges that cosby denies. that's dalt line friday, 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. >> mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> for today we're looking at a gorgeous day in the northeast, new england, great lakes, on into the southwest. we're looking at a strong risk of strong storms and wet weather in the four corners and beautiful in the pacific northwest. then for tomorrow, i should say, beautiful weather up and down the east coast. the rain is done, but we are looking for showers and thunderstorms from the plains all the way to the southwest. sunshine through the gulf coast. a few showers start to move into the pacific northwest. remnants of a storm called oho may be causing problems, oh, no, for the pacific northwest. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. beautiful day ahead. chilly start but with bright sunshine, nice and comfortable, low humidity. we're headed for the 70s this afternoon. and a little bit warmer
8:33 am
tomorrow. in the morning and in the afternoon. some high clouds will be coming in for wednesday. they're out of here for thursday. the high of 73. but clouds return with a chance of late-day showers on friday. shower threat continues into saturday. and sunny skies for sunday and monday. have a great day. >> here's a good looking family from arizona. >> go sun devils! >> let's head back inside to savannah. >> all right. great state of arizona. pharrell williams has won an amazing ten grammys, two them for his hit song "happy." >> theers that, the singer, songwriter and producer and coach can add children's book author to his new list of titles. the new book "happy. ". >> the you're so good at this, man. >> stop, it this is so weird for us. >> you won ten grammys, this one won a grammy, "happy" did.
8:34 am
why turn the song into a children's book? >> we all realized my team we were given a voice and a platform with this song, so to lend it to literacy and the cause is just -- just looks like something you're supposed to do. >> it's also about listsy but it's also about happiness. you wrote a really sweet letter to your readers at the end of the book, and the message is basically spread the love. spread the happiness. >> absolutely. i mean, look at world right now. >> right. >> we need it. and like i said, it's not like trying to beat a dead horse and push the song. if anything, it just made the most sense, and like i said literacy is something that like our -- i feel like our country cannot get enough of at this sgloint who are the happy helpers? >> those are people who have good intentions and, you know, just want to the do goodwill. i know that wasn't like this fantastical answer, but it's literally -- >> have you -- did you try like
8:35 am
a dramatic reading for rocket, your little boy who is 7 or about to be 7. >> about to be 7. >> did you have to try it out on him? is it going to work at a children's book? >> what books does he read backstage, he reads like crazy about the stars and the universe. >> he likes astronomy. if someone buys the book and reading with the kids, because it's literal lit lyrics to the song. do you want them to sing it or read it? >> i have the same problem trying to read it to people. you try to not read it with the pacing of some sort of poetry but it just sort are -- >> that's because it's a huge hit song so when you see the words, it might sound crazy, you can't help but sing it. >> what i'm about to say, you know, and it just sill ends up rhyming. >> works for a book though because it starts like a story, i'm about to tell you something. >> yeah. >> let's talk about "the voice." >> first of all, let me say thank you to the folks over at penguin because they have given me this opportunity. >> yeah.
8:36 am
>> and just ever so grateful to them. just wanted to say that. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> your team is set. >> yes. >> you're the defending champ you feeling good? >> i'm feeling great. but, you know, carson will tell you that i never go into it like, you know, trying to win. i go into it like just trying to strengthen my team and make everybody better than when they arrived. >> yeah. fr pharrell is like yoda and even though he knows a country star will go with him he still wants these people to leave with some sense of encouragement because to pharrell everything zooms out. always about a lesson, everything is about a teaching moment to this man and he's been a great asset as a coach. >> what about a new album out there for music fans. >> i answered the question and said of course and all of a sudden it turned into when are you guys doing it? >> it's been five years. >> not that anyone is counting. >> maybe. you want to change that of course to maybe? >> no, no, no, it's of course. it's just a matter of. when yes, sir. >> how about carson in the
8:37 am
morning. you see him at evening and now you see the morning version. >> i'm absolutely tripping out right now because seeing him in a different iteration and he's so good in it. >> usually in cargo shorts drinking a bloody mary with blake or something like that. >> and again, the book is called "happy" and you can buy it. >> yes. >> wow, this guy is good tat. >> we love him, too. we have to share him. >> awesome, gets up at 49:30 in the morning. >> stop. >> unbelievable. >> we're not digging ditches. pharrell williams, again, the book is called "happy." >> the well done and you can catch "the voice" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here hon nbc. >> good to see you. >> you, too. coming up, neverland like you've never seen it before. hugh jackman talks about how a young boy became peter pan, but,
8:38 am
patients across the country have spoken.
8:39 am
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
8:40 am
we all know the story of the famous boy who never grew up, but what happened before that boy became peter pan? that's the premise behind the thrilling new adventure film "pan" and this morning we have one of the stars of the film. we have hugh jackman joining us and, of course, he plays the pirate. >> black beard. >> black beard. >> i like the way you say it. you get right into it. >> or as my son would call it black and white beard. >> black beard. >> black and white beard, be honest. >> is playing a pirate the hardest thick you can do on film? we've all been playing pirates since we were kids. >> you put a group of 15 male actors in a room and say you're going to be pie race. we had a pirate boot camp for a week. you've never seen like grown-ups behaving like children so much. i mean, it was a blast. we had dressups and sang songs and sing nirvana songs and basically a boyhood dream. >> but the hard smart there's so
8:41 am
many iconic pirates, and we all have this image, almost a sta stereotypical image. how do you find a way to bring something different to a character like black beard? >> i thought we would do something close to the original black beard. he used to put incense sticks into beard and light them before going into battle so he would look like his head was on fire. no, no, no. a picture of my face and a wig of marie antoinette and the costume of louis xiv. we're in neverland, going to shave your head. >> they actually shaved your head. >> they offered me a bald cap and i said how long, 45 minutes every day and i said give meet clippers. >> you've got beautiful hair. would you worried it would never come back or it was going to come back gray. >> no, that's great. five minutes of my day i get back, don't have it worry about gel, up and let's go. by the way, everyone should try shaving their head at some point and having a shower, it's the greatest feeling in the world. >> you don't need a comb. >> don't need a comb.
8:42 am
>> use a wash cloth. >> your kids kind of treat you like one of the three stooges. there's a lot of this, daddy, good morning. >> you love plight villain? >> love it. >> because you don't do it that often. >> i don't get offered it that often, you're right. took me a long time to work out that the hero gets beat up the entire movie pretty much and the villain sails through, maybe not at end, but it was great fun. great costumes, great sort of dialogue and it was great fun. >> rumor has it is that when you were shooting this and would you come home at night, sometimes probably still with the black beard attitude going that it kind worked for your wife. >> the summer of 2014 was a good summer. and it wasn't the weather in england. >> she liked the bad boy pirate feel? >> yeah. she calls me an oversharer and i'm about to overshare. she likes the bad boys. way too clean cut for her actually. we met on a prison drama. that's the only reason we got married and she kind of dug it. she also really likes that --
8:43 am
remember when david beckham was wearing kind of saris and skirts and she was like, hugh, that looks so good and like, no, not for me so my character's outfit was a little resembling a dress so she kind of -- it was all good for her. this is the oversharing part. >> a million pirate puns i can't use and stay on the air this morning but i'm glad. maybe after we do this. >> let's do it. >> you can share a little bit more. speaking of this, you've go the at 0th anniversary. >> 20 years next april. >> what are you going to do? >> that's a big one. >> you got any tips for me. >> i just -- this weekend 17. >> 17, congrats, yeah. >> thank you. >> i'm still working on it. i've got six months to work it out, but i'll have to get big, you know. i'm an actor and prone to exaggeration. i want to do something where i don't have to exaggerate the story. >> you good at surprising her? >> pretty good. she likes surprises and i figure that's sort of the way to go with romance, sort of mix it up, change it up a little bit so i'll be doing something special.
8:44 am
>> just dress up as black beard. it worked for the summer of 2014. >> i was going to do it for halloween, but i'll save it. thank you, man. love it. marriage counseling with matt lauer, love it. >> the hugh jackman, thanks. >> appreciate it. >> "pan" opens in theaters this friday. savannah? >> all right, matt. thanks, and let the fiesta begin. the new pop artist jbalvin is here and he'll perform his number one hit "ginza" getting ready for that. but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ this morning we launch our special series viva today as we sell operate hispanic heritage month just time for the first ever latin american music awards set to air on our sister network telemundo. >> in just a moment a live concert from one of the hottest acts in latin music j balvin but
8:47 am
first a look at latin music. >> in the upcoming hbo documentary "the latin explosion" proves it by showcasing the impact of latin music and culture through the years. ♪ music to make you move. music that sparked a movement. the latin explosion is a passion project for music mogul tommy mattola and has as bald some of the biggest stars of latin america to talk about the rise of latin music in america. why is this so timely and so important? >> so many people don't even quite understand the power of the latin community and the latin culture. >> the film charts of the course of that influence over the decades, from desi or nez of "i love lucy" fame in the 1950s to band breeder perez prado and singer celia cruz in the '60s. through the '70s and stars like
8:48 am
carlos santana before gloria estefan hit it big in the '80s. latin music erupted in the 1990s with stars like jennifer lopez, ricky martin and marc anthony. the stage was set for shakira and emerge is sand like romeo santos and jennifer lopez says what happened in the documentary transcends performance, that it becomes bigger than that, this movement that is happening. would you agree with that? >> absolutely. i mean, you're talking about a demographic that is still considered a minority but is really becoming a majority. very quickly. >> that impact is sure to grow. but 2050 one estimate says nearly one in three americans will be latino. >> the there are 50 million latinos here who have the ability to spend 1.3 trillion a year making them the world's 15th largest economy. >> actor john leguizamo fanarras
8:49 am
film and is happy to share his love of latin music. >> it's all about living life and being in the moment. it just grabs you in that place in your heart that wants to be present and wants to be alive. >> the present is wide open for the newest stars on the latin music scene stars like singers j balvin. what do you think it takes to make it, not just as a star or a musician in the latin world, but in mainstream america? >> i don't pretend to be somebody else. i just do my music and i'm just being me and working really hard. >> balvin reaches fans around the world with more than 5 million following his every move on instagram. >> can you do a little, we don't have the music. >> of course, of course. >> go ahead. >> the couch is yours. ♪ >> savannah's been beginning singing that tune all morning long.
8:50 am
"latin explosion in america" premiers on hbo. >> doesn't need music, perfect. talk about a song zooming up the charts and a video being seen more times than taylor swift on the weekend. headlining a u.s. tour. how do you get your arms around this? >> wow, it's amazing. we've been blessed, and i'm really happy for what we're doing for latino culture and we're here working hard. >> you have your own style of music and now i have a new favorite word reggatone. it's like spanish rap. that's the easy way that people understand what we're doing, like our own latin urban move sglnt awesome. >> is it salt & pepper, that you liked their influence, their sound? >> why not. >> i read that somewhere. i like them. >> really. >> has his own. >> you read that. >> really, really? >> right here, as a matter of fact.
8:51 am
>> i love it. >> the name of the song "ginza." >> the that's the name. song. thank you. >> take it away. >> let's go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ >> one, two, three, let's go. ♪ j balvin, man, "today" show. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 am
>> thank you very much. we're back with much more on this tuesday morning, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:55 am
guys, what's coming up next in. >> we've got aaron sorkin. he'll be on with us talking about the movie "steve jobs," of course and some of the backlash that's resulted from the movie
8:56 am
as well. >> okay. >> we'll also catch up with abigail breslin and her new role in the new television show "scream queens." my daughter loves this show. >> we were talking with jamie lee curtis about it. >> tomorrow on "today" our big reunion features the cast of "family ties." >> my favorite show. >> oh, breaking news within the past 15 minutes we confirmed the details of a deadly crash from overnight. a car crashed into a canal near phoenixville killing two people, injuring three. apparently it took a while for the crash scene to be discovered. we're working on recovering more details for you.
8:57 am
looking outside now, looking at center city, no clouds in the sky. bright sunshine. let's see if it will warm things up there. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with your forecast. >> chilly start, yes. temperatures are slowly climbing. on our way to a warmer day overall. few scattered clouds. nice view from center city from the comcast center. philadelphia, 57 degrees. that's up four degrees in the last hour with a light breeze out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour. that's dry air flowing into the area. 58 in northeast philadelphia. wilmington is now 56. 55 in atlantic city. a police chase in glenolden delaware county ended with the suspect's car crashing into other cars and hitting a pedestrian t happened around 7:00 this morning at the contemporary village apartmens s on east glenolden avenue. police haven't told us why they were chasing this car. the pedestrian was critically injured. check the nbc 10 news app for updates on this developing
8:58 am
story. today in philadelphia, prosecutors will continue laying out their case in the center city building collapse trial n 2013, you all remember this story. a four-story -- [ no audit ] >> architect took the stand during the trial yesterday and he testified that he told the demolition contractors that the building was in imminent danger of collapsing and needed to come down immediately. i'm chris cato. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," scare in the air. a co-pilot being hailed as a hero this morning after a dramatic mid-flight emergency. then, oscar winner aaron sorkin on his controversial new film "steve jobs." and will you love it or lease it? you decide when we show you fall's hottest trends coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take" with al roker, al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's tuesday morning, october 6th, 2015. beautiful fall day here in new york city. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. natalie, what you got in the. >> burn it up, the new janet
9:01 am
jackson song. out with missy elliott. hopefully maybe going to number one. i think they say it's on track. >> she's been on tour and took a break because she had some vocal problems from her vegas show and then because i saw her she's in paris with her husband. >> really. >> on the front row. >> what did she have for breakfast? >> well, janet, call in. yeah, she's had some vocal problems but the energy from this is hot. >> that's great, and i love the combination of her and missy elliott together. >> love having her back in the culture. "rhythm nation" a defining album. >> you have that album? >> he wore the whole thing. >> yeah. >> like a tie whoed a in its. >> i used to dress up like janet jackson, a story for another day. some of the news, amazing story and terrible story in many ways but it ended well for the passengers on the plane. american airlines flight from phoenix to boston forced to make an emergency landing in syracuse when the captain actually collapsed and died in the
9:02 am
cockpit. the co-pilot landed the plane. the passengers didn't know the reason for the emergency landing until the plane had landed. here's how some of the passengers described what they knew that was going on. >> the pilot was really sick and that was it, and then we saw like ambulances pulling up. >> all of a sudden they are like we're emergency landing in syracuse, and that was it. >> if it wasn't for the co-pilot using a cool head, it might have been more disastrous. >> and a sad story for the pilot, 57-year-old michael johnston. his wife betty jean johnston and daughter paying tribute. >> we've cried on and off today and just kind of feels like he's still on a trip and we can expect him home on wednesday. >> loved everyone that was around him, an amazing father to his children and the best husband i could ever ask for. >> oh, my gosh. so sad. so obviously this is why they have two pilots. >> right. >> in commercial aircraft.
9:03 am
this is the seventh time, according to the faa, a commercial pilot has died in flight in the last two decades, one charter pilot died as well. pilots do have to retire by the time they are 65. they have yearly physicals, but this was a freak accident, and the co-pilot had to take control of the plane. >> apparently he had had a bypass i guess a few years before and after that obviously, you know, they check the pilots out medically, but they do all the tests and with him in his case even more so after the bypass, but, unfortunately, things happen and this is just so sad but the crew did such a great job, and i think when you hear the passengers describe how broken up the flight attendants were as well. >> sure. >> and the plane landed, you know, to know what had happened. >> technology back up, rightfully so, the crew got huge praise from everyone. what is the technology backup? >> there's a lot of automated systems on plane. >> redundancies in both cases so that one stops for whatever reason the other can take over right away. >> interesting.
9:04 am
>> just a -- what a sad story. >> and you think about that co-pilot having to deal with the death and a medical emergency. >> of a co-worker. >> and to land the plane safely for the passengers. >> well, on to another story that caught our eye. this is one of the situations where you're at a restaurant and maybe the family next to you, they have a baby, 10-month-old, we can say he's a babe, gets a little bit loud, right? sometimes that happens, okay this. happened in idaho, and a mom is saying that her 10-month-old son, they were there at a texas roadhouse restaurant having dinner when he began yelling. she doesed a nate that is sort of his new thing, learning how to yell so he's expressing himself vocally, 10 months old. halfway through dinner allegedly two women slammed a note down on her table and then sat back down at table, and the note said thank you for ruining our dinner with your screaming kid. sincerely the table behind you. >> ew. >> not very nice.
9:05 am
she actually went to the people who were sitting at table and apologized and said my son is learning how to express himself, i'm sorry, but women were like our grandchildren don't do that, you know. need have better manners. >> gosh. >> they did not accept the apology. >> people are a little tense in idaho. >> i know. >> texas roadhouse buffet, supposed to be happy. >> texas roadhouse, according to the spokesperson and said "consumer reports" has rated us one of the loudest restaurants. >> you don't exactly go there for like quiet dining. >> exactly. >> and they pride themselves on the noise and the fun, so if a child is, you know, having some fun and getting excited in the moment. >> look at that the. >> come on. >> both sides of this. >> really? >> i think i'm dissenting opinion on this. >> i would never leave a note like that. >> of course not. >> but we have a quick trigger with our kids. >> yeah. >> it doesn't happen anymore, but if you're in a restaurant
9:06 am
in, a church, at a wedding, movie theater, if the kid starts screaming, get them out. >> i agree. >> how is it possible that the only person without a child here, i'm not bothered and i'm not just saying this for tv love, trust me. i am not -- and i've had kids kick the back of my chair. i've had in the plane and i've been in restaurants where like everyone, we've all seen it. i don't get that -- that anger. i don't. >> maybe it's because you have more tolerance because you don't have children whereas we've been in those situations i think you're like mortified. >> i'm looking from the parent prism, but other kids do they bother you like that? >> i can get a parent going oh, my gosh, everyone is looking at me but from your prism when it's someone else's child do you get irritated? >> yes. >> you do? >> if there's a kid in the restaurant, time to pull the trigger, let's go. >> really? >> if the parent does not show that they are parenting and remove the kid from -- yes, you start to get amoyd. >> i don't say it to the other
9:07 am
parent. >> you start giving the eye. >> like a 10-month-old, come on. >> if nick has been kicking the back of the seat, stop, stop, stop. >> well, yeah. so that's the point. as long as the parent is trying to do something. >> sure. >> and in this care, and i'm in full compliance with mr. geist, you get out of there as quickly as possible to minimize. >> texas roadhouse buffet, that's not church. >> i know, but still. >> you're eating. >> why ruin everyone else's night. >> how is it ruining? i don't get the perception that it ruins -- >> if they are eating dinner with your husband or wife. >> i think these people were a little overly sensitive and probably a little obnoxious, to be honest. >> i think so. >> by the way, the mom is trying to teach her son an inside voice, as she said. >> that's how you teach it. you say, okay, this is not acceptable, you've got to go. >> so she's trying to teach them. not like she wasn't parenting. >> how about an enjoyable moment. >> okay. i'm still thinking about the 4l
9:08 am
been attacked by the mean grandmas behind him. i've got your barks little shorty. here we go. speaking of -- what is this? this is the enjoy the moment, i'm sorry. moved ahead to something else in my head. this is a photo. >> a whole different show going on. >> a whole different show going on. a photo showed, these are fans of johnny depp's new movie "black mask" and take a look at this moment. can you tell why this picture is being called the best photo ever. aaron sorkin is over there. he's looking at it. come over, aaron sorkin early, come, come, come. >> really? >> there's no guardrail or baby gate. >> okay. >> hello, mr. sorkin. >> good morning, everybody. >> how are you? >> good to see you back here. >> good to see you. >> you have the eye of the television guru. tell us what -- why this has gone viral? >> the fun game. >> okay. well at the premiere.
9:09 am
>> think of the woman in the front row. >> which one of these is not like the snow shower. >> the only one not doing something. >> she's great. >> yeah. >> she's fantastic, and she had to have gotten there early to be in front? >> look at her. >> she doesn't have a cell phone. she's the only one not capturing it. >> she's perfect. >> in the moment. >> she's perfect. >> there's other thing. here's the other thing the guy next to him is johnny depp disguised. >> take a look. see the guy were the beard, that's johnny depp. >> for his new role. >> you guys do your show, you're doing fantastic. >> thank you. >> i'll see you in a minute. >> thank you. >> thanks for talking to us. >> we're talking to aaron in just a moment. >> you want to the listen. if you would hike to stand right here. great have an audience. >> i'm going to stand right here. >> aaron sorkin is just leaving, okay. >> trying get out of here so bad. this is such a mistake. >> you would think there was a 10-month-old baby crying over here. >> but first this.
9:10 am
>> is he still other? here, he's still here. >> well, we've got showers. again the good news is that rain has ended in the carolinas. the bad news is, of course course, they are going to be dealing with the flooding for at least a week, maybe more, so we're going to keep an eye on that. kerry sanders is down there in new hampshire right now. 90s today down in southern texas and 80s as you get out west. a beautiful day here in the northeast and new england. 70s and 60s. the sunshine will be abundant and we're going to have a lot of heavy rain in the southwest. flash flooding yesterday in las vegas and parts of nevada, and utah. we'll have the same chance again for to . good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. beautiful day ahead. a chilly start but with bright sunshine, nice and comfortable. low humidity. we're headed for the 70s this afternoon. and a little bit warmer
9:11 am
tomorrow. in the morning and in the afternoon, high clouds will be coming in for wednesday. they're out of here for thursday. high of 73. clouds return with a chance of late-day showers on friday and shower threat continues into saturday. sunny skies for sunday and monday. have a great day. >> and that is your late fairweather. what's going on there? >> savannah ran in to say hi. >> what's going on? >> sorry. >> please don't bother our sglests i am a fan of aaron work. >> can you do one of your walk and talks as you do so often. >> let's go. >> we have to be -- we have to have purpose. >> yes. >> for literature. >> he changed the world with his revolutionary ideas, apple co-founder steve jobs playing out on the big screen and the man who may leave before the segment oscar winner aaron sorkin. >> and savannah. >> i g woke up l8, freaked, then remembered mcds all day bfast, #boomshakalaka.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
movie of the facebook generation "the social network" for which he won an academy award and now he can add another classic on the list, the film about steve jobs, a star-studded film about the crucial events in the life of the apple visionary. >> last year apple lost $1 billion. i don't even know how that's possible. went 90 days to being insolvent. i had three different accountants try to explain it to me. the whole place has to be streamlined. >> start with two of the accountants. >> can you come up stage. >> leave him right there. i started with the apple two team because we don't make that anymore. >> just acknowledge the top guys. >> have a mimosa and relax. >> aaron sorkin, good morning. >> good morning. >> no more weather, no more picture, we promise. >> incredible movie. >> how do you approach and if you said you treat it more as a painting and not a photograph.
9:16 am
>> there is a difference between the movie, for instance. walter isaacson is a tremendous journalist, but it's his job to be objective and it's my job to be subjective. so that's what the movie is. it's nonfiction but it is, as you said, it's the difference between a painting and a photograph. >> it is causing a lot of controversy in "the wall street journal" yesterday and jobs widow lore even powell was reported with him trying to kill the movie saying it paints a really negative picture of him. >> right. >> what was the response to all the controversy? >> mrs. jobs hasn't seen the movie, and it's important to remember that. when she does, if she does, i think she will be pleasantly spritsd. i don't think it's what she expects it to be. >> in fact, tim cook took some umbrage. >> tim cook also at the time that he made that statement, the
9:17 am
time he took umbrage he hadn't seen the movie, the studio since set up a screening forum and -- and he hasn't set anything since, but, again, with -- certainly with mrs. jobs and yesterday was the anniversary of steve's death, four years, with mrs. jobs, with tim cook who was such a good friend, i don't begrudge them wanting to protect an old friend who isn't here to defend himself, but, again, they haven't seen the move, and i think that they will be surprised that it's not the thing that they are scared of. >> well, you talk about them wanting to defend his legacy, his reputation and in "the times" i believe you said you write about anti-heros as if they are making their case to god about why they should be allowed into heaven. we know steve's history regarding religion and his journey. >> mm-hmm. >> but when you are looking at someone's likeness in a subjective form, how difficult is that, even as aaron sorkin,
9:18 am
this great creator? >> well, what i have to do if i'm write agukark like that is i -- i can't judge them. i have to be able to defend them and i have to be able to identify with them, so, you know, i'll be honest with steve. it was tough. he's -- i'm the father of a daughter. he denied paternity of his daughter, but it was his daughter lisa whoir spent a lot of time with who actually helped me get part that, but i i have to be able to identify with these people so that i can write them as if they are making their case. >> where do you put him, aaron, in the pantheon of american geniuses, edison, ford, up in that group? >> i think he's honestly in his own category because what he was able to do was create thee devices or at least wrangle the theme who created these devices. he himself was not a text call master the way edison was, for instance, but what he was able to do was infuse these things
9:19 am
with the personality. people have a relationship with their -- with their apple devices and -- and if you go online to the fan rooms, you'll see there's a lot of emotion there between the apple lovers and the apple haters. either group, by the way, will be able to enjoy this movie. >> wow. >> the acting is phenomenal. michael face bhender, kate winslet, seth rogue answer, incredible. >> now taken on steve zucberg and steve jobs, could kanye be next? >> i don't consider it taking on these people. they are not hit pieces. steve jobs is just a very complicated brilliant person and this movie tries to illuminate and ilstlat. >> that's shown in the film "steve jobs" that opens in theaters this friday. aaron, always good to see you. >> abigail bresl some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things.
9:20 am
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at just 19 years old abigail breslin a veteran. got a glimpse of her in the film "signs" and the her oscar nominated performance won us all over in "little miss sunshine" making abigail a household name. >> who could forget that dance, and now she's playing chanel no. 5 in "scream queens" where a college campus is terrorized by a serial killer. she's written her first bake "this may sound crazy." abigail, good morning. >> good morning. >> we'll talk about the book in a second and the show that a lot of people talking about "scream queens" i know you wanted to do this. you love ryan murphy. >> been a huge fan of ryan murphy's for so long and love "american horror story" and "glee" and as soon as i got the call he wanted me to be on something, and i'm like i'll just do it. you kind of have to get the part for.
9:24 am
>> playing a mean girl for once. >> he asked me after i spent majority of our meeting talking about my boy problems and it's like sowork-wise and scream queens and what kind of character are you wanting to play. and does a really good "mean girl" and there's a group of girls call the chanel and they are very, you know, stylish and mean and i'm like perfect, wow, sign me up. >> now you've written this book and it may sound crazy. always something you wanted to do. >> i've always liked writing. i started this blog on tumblr when i was 15 just basically about teen problems. >> boys. >> boys and boys and, you know, just all that. and so. >> perfect delivery. >> i got at call from an agent
9:25 am
saying you want to write a book and what about? whatever you want to write about on your blog and i'm like okay. i can try and kind of bizarre. >> great. >> i never thought i'd actually do it. >> you've got a lot going on, abigail. all grown up, my gosh. how time has flown. abigail breslin. "scream queen" airs tonight on fox. meanwhile, ♪ music the kind of family moments that live forever, happen here every day. create your family's story at disney parks. unforgettable happens here. dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack. protein from yogurt? yeah, this greek nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch.
9:26 am
but what else? it has 0 added sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. dannon oikos triple zero. ♪ dannon breaking news, we have just confirmed the details of a deadly crash overnight in mont clare, chester county. a car crashed into a crowd kill tleeg peop ing two people and injuring three. a police chase in glenolden, delaware county, police chase ends with a car crashing into another car and hitting and injuring a pedestrian. east glenolden avenue apartments. police have not told us why they were chasing the car. check the nbc 10 news app for updates on this still-developing story. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley about today's forecast. bill? >> it's shaping up to be a
9:27 am
beautiful day. clouds to start with in the pocono mountains. clearing out. look how calm it is. that calm of temperatures drop overnight. 33 for mt. pocono. philadelphia up to 57 and 55 in millville in atlantic city. we will warm up into the 70s this afternoon. warmer than yesterday, but the humidity stays nice and low. >> happening today, camden will celebrate the completion of the first phase of the new system to help handle flooding. more than $4 million is going to the water collection basin and run-off channel. plus improvements. mayor redd and environmental officials will be at the park this afternoon to talk about the project. temple university fox school of business and tourism is hosting a panel discussion on the pope's visit. keynote speakers will talk about the economic impact and what challenge city leaders face
9:28 am
moving forward for future events. another update in 25 minutes. you can always get updates at the nbc 10 app.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at headlines. an important recall to tell you about. general mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios and the boxes were labeled as gluten free and the cereal could actually contain wheat. the recall affects boxes with better if used by dates of mid-july 2016. general mills say they have received some reports of illness by consumers online. well, exercise is always good but more is better when it comes to lowering the risk of heart failure. federal guidelines recommend at least 150 mants week of moderate physical activity like brisk walking, but a new study finds it takes double or even quadruple that amount to make a significant impact in reducing heart failure. if you're feeling depressed,
9:31 am
a little face-to-face time might be the remedy that you're looking for. according to a new report published in the "journal of the american geriatric society" people who get together regularly with family and friends are half as likely to report symptoms of depression as those who have little face-to-face contact. phone calls and e-mails did not have the same effect. well, did you ever feel guilty about the amount of tv you watch? fear not. a new study claims that watching a high quality drama series like "mad men" can make you actually a better person compared to those who watch just documentaries. that's because they say it increased your emotional intelligence. to prove it psychologists analyze the reactions of 100 students who watched both types of programs. let's get check of the weather right now from mr. roker. >> all right, natalie. thank you so much. we start the day off. the showers ending along the north carolina coast. that's great news but they have had more breeches, and that's a bad thing right now for the flooding there. sunshine new england into the
9:32 am
mid-atlantic states and gulf coast. heavier rain through the southwest. slight risk and strong storms in southern new mexico and arizona. that the wet weather moves east from the plains all the way into west texas where they could use some of that rain. rain coming into the pacific northwest and sunshine out west and the eastern third of the country looking pretty spectacular. tha good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. beautiful day ahead. chilly start. with bright sunshine, nice and comfortable low humidity. we're headed for the 70s this afternoon. little warmer tomorrow. in the morning and in the afternoon, high clouds will be coming in for wednesday. they're out of here for thursday. high of 73. clouds return with a chance of late-day showers. shower threat continues into saturday. sunny skies for sunday and monday. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. now to tamron with the reason tuesday was invented. >> oh, thank you, al.
9:33 am
>> it is time -- i like you, al roker. >> i know, it's tamron's tuesday trend. we have a special guest with us if you're wondering what he's doing here. >> i'm guy in the department store on the couch. >> yeah. >> waiting for you to do the shopping while i refresh >> okay. that's our setup. >> and many of you are familiar with that setup, but as you also know, willie. >> yeah. >> i'm all over the place. willie knows, okay, it's that time of the year where you start buying your fashion and your trends and so my friend celebrity stylist melissa garcia is here with us. i've picked out three things i want for the fall season. is that about the number of things we should say we want? >> on a good day, yeah. >> on a good day. i always want more. >> reasonable to add to your closet. >> don't go crazy. >> i love your picks, too. >> these are my picks and willie is going to judge my picks. two cards, right. >> love it. >> here's the love it. >> or leaf it. >> because it's fall. >> okay. >> got it the. >> walk me through some of my trends. >> i like a good game.
9:34 am
>> first trend i fell in love with, plain what it is. >> the platforms, great for us virtually challenged women. don't want to kill your feet. here we go. >> hi, here we go. >> these shoes are from atto, $70s, i love these, great hide. here's the problem, a little chunky so be careful with them. make sure you show your ankles. >> shall we show the celebrity picture because beyonce worrisome of these platforms just the other day to go get pizza in brooklyn, kim k, various other celebrities who rock this look. >> these are expensive. those are stella mccartneys, these will only cost you $70. if you want the trend, the great way to do it. >> i purchased these myself. love these shoes. >>in hostly you don't need to go to the gym if you wear these. they are ridiculously heavy. >> i'm usually pretty generous in this segment, not a
9:35 am
reflection of you. i'm going to leaf this one. it looks like corrective footwear. >> oh, my gosh. >> not own, though, you look great. >> i don't love it. >> but you're not vertically challenged. >> that's true. >> we're going to win you on the next two. >> thank you so much. our beautiful model. you look phenomenal. >> okay. next up, let's cue the music from "car wash" because we're looking at the car wash skirt. >> okay. >> kind of a take of fringe, i think. fringe was so big. lots of pleats and what i love about this, wear it to the office like you did here or dress it down with a chunky knit sweater. >> melissa is not preparing you. you're being judged so can you work this skirt, girl. go for it. >> oh, okay. >> when you walk out and your boyfriend is standing there, really want him to say yes. >> work it out. >> willy, love it or leaf it. >> no reflection on you. >> i like this one. >> when i'm in the car wash and those noodles are going over the car, i think skirt.
9:36 am
>> absolutely. >> why wouldn't you think skirt. >> it looks good, i like it. >> the blue is trending to a basic color. little worried about the color. >> more of a statement color. can you get a black one if you like this. one was only $22.92 so definitely on the cheaper trend but this was on 15 runways. >> looks good. >> you're rocking it. >> last but not least the other trend that i bought into already, rimmed sweater dress. this is our lovely model who is coming out. you're rocking the coat like kim k, 90 degrees, has on a big coat. >> what a gentleman. >> part of deal when you go to the store. >> tell us about the ripped sweater dress is this for everyone? >> honestly, i think this can be for everyone. obviously beth is tiny, kim kardashian is pregnant and is wearing them. super comfortable. warm, cozy, great for the fall. >> all right. >> drum roll. >> tie breaker, 100% yes. >> you look great. >> tell us why.
9:37 am
>> i think it's very flattering on beth. i don't know how it looks on everyone. looks great. >> but you like because it's form fitting. >> that, yeah. >> get rid of some shoes that i already bought and i can keep my sweater dress. >> you look beautiful and thank you so much for my male companion at the store. >> mel sark thank you so much. >> is your head so congested it's ready to explode? you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose
9:38 am
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9:42 am
her efforts are already saving lives. at this lesson for administering a drug called naloxone the instructors are not doctors or nurses. >> doing the outer thigh because it's a large muscle. >> five, four, three -- >> reporter: and neither are the students. they are police officers with the arlington heights police department in el know learning how to reverse a potential drug overdose. >> they don't want to stand over a body and know they could have done something and not have a chance to intervene. >> naloxone is used by doctors to treat overdoses from opiates like prescription drugs and hair ins and as the number of americans addicted to epidemic levels it's put into the hands of those most likely to encounter an overdose first. >> it provides an opportunity to save lives that would have otherwise been lost and to prevent fatalities and give people another chance to engage
9:43 am
in treatment. >> chelsea has dedicated herself to fighting the growing problem of addiction around5n the count in honor of her younger brother alex who died from a heroin overdose six years ago. >> we know that he didn't have to die from this. we know that, and we know that so many other people out there, hundreds of thousands, millions of families, are going through this. >> nearly 2 million americans abuse or are addicted to prescription painkillers. at the same time half a million americans live with haeroin addiction. >> you'll never hear their names and families will loved their loved ones, their friend, it will happen today 120 times, the most terrifying thing and we have the power to stop it. how many people have heard about these heroin overdoses happening? ? she visits local high schools with volunteers like terry bartlet to show the young people the realities of how addiction impacts families.
9:44 am
>> terry lost her son mike to an overdose when he was 22 years old. >> it's an epidemic for sure, and if we don't talk about it and we don't become one and support each other those numbers are going to get worse. it is our responsibility and it is my responsibility to save another mother from walking in my shoes. >> near in the town of prospect height the naloxone training has already paid off. >> you always get into this field hoping that you can help somebody out, and knowing that one day your training is going to come into hand. >> last year after chelsea's group provided training two officers saved the life of a man who was overdosing on heroin. >> i injected the narcan into his left shoulder and he immediately took a gas of air and it seemed like his life came back. >> every life can be traced back to a young man. >> unfortunately he had to be the example and i would do anything to get him back, but
9:45 am
this is healing. doing this every day is healing. >> it is important to note that the if this drug naloxone is administering someone not experiencing an overdose it will not affect them in an adverse way. >> in new jersey they just made this available over the counter. you don't need a prescription anymore because people need to get so quickly. >> coming up, natalie ♪ when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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9:49 am
♪ dannon now to our seer es"viva today" celebrate being latin culture. recently i sat down with michael pena, an actor who is now starring in "the martian" and i met up with him in his favorite restaurant in los angeles. michael pena plays astronaut
9:50 am
rick martinez in "the martian" but his own path to hollywood star has been slow rising. >> i have been an actor for 20 years and 1 of those careers were struggling and just trying to be in the best possible stories and in the beginning it was all gangsters. >> yeah. >>i went to prep school and here i'm like trying to avoid gangs my whole life and then like gangster number five, four, three, two, one day gang leader. >> do you think hollywood they make you play to that stereotype? >> the reality is everyone has a stereotype, you know. everyone gets typecast so you have to work and build out of that hopefully. >> michael did build out, first in dramas like "million dollar baby" and "crash" and has now even tried comedy in "ant man. ". >> thank you for the coffee. it's not too often that you rob a place and they get welcomed back so could we just rob you. >> i think you've seen made your career about not playing to that
9:51 am
typecasting or stereotype. >> but i'm also not afraid to play latin roles. i won't turn my back ton because that was a big part of my life, acproud mexican-american. >> michael was born and raised in chicago to mexican parents. >> we grew up in like a very poor area, but the thing is i didn't really know it until i moved out. i came to los angeles when i was 19 and i saw all these palm trees and i'm like okay, this is different. this is definitely different but i grew up with a lot of love and my parents tried the best they could and i think we turned out okay. >> michael's patients worked in a factory as did michael. >> i worked two jobs on the summer to try to put myself through prep school. after two years i'm like i'm going to public schools because it was just too much. in the mornings would i go and package soap for eight hours. you get tired really quick. >> does this give you an appreciation, you know, for all the hard work that it comes to making it and living the american dream? >> high parents were subscribers to that. they became citizens and were
9:52 am
very proud americans to be honest. this, the land of sglunt what does his family think about his succession now? >> they really don't care. unless like i was a professional soccer player or football player, boxer. >> really? >> because, you know, my brother is a cop now. mike, you did a real good job, you know, pretending to be a cop, yeah. just remember i do it for real, mike, you know, so he -- he puts me in my place. >> and michael is back to pretending to be a cop again, this time taking over the role eric estrada made famous in the upcoming movie version of "c.h.i.p.s." >> i had a huge crush onishing estrada. >> that's my quota. >> with ponch you have to worry about the ponch. >> no ponch. >> it's going to be great. >> he's so funny.
9:53 am
>> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. i'm tracy davidson. first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> nice and warm. temperatures are still going, headed for the 70s this afternoon. even in the mountains. low 70s. partly cloudy skies there. nice scene from the pocono mountains. 62 in philadelphia. philadelphia international, trenton and mt. holly. 62 degrees.
9:57 am
now 62 in wilmington. brilliant sunshine. temperatures warming into the 70s by 5:00, 72 degrees. a pedestrian is in critical condition this morning after police chase that ended in a crash. here is what we know. the chase came to an end in an apartment complex on east glenolden avenue at contemporary villages apartments. police have not told us why they were chasing the car. you can check the nbc 10 news app for updates on this developing story. penn state university is canceling its upcoming weekend when a student was killed in a car accident when returning from a fund-raising trip. it was supposed to happen october 23rd to the 25th. an evaluation of canning and additional safety precautions for student volunteers. cali seapot was killed when a car she was riding in crashed.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. welcome to boozeday tuesday and we can't hear it, but apparently, you a listening to me and "the rhythm" by salena gomez. >> i like her. >> and we have a terrific show for you, hoda. >> the boys are back. >> how is yourt tattoo? >> here is the funny thing about the tat, i was in the shou


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