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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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looking to cover themselves. but we will continue to follow this situation at community college of philadelphia. it is on lockdown, as is masterman high school just directly across the street on 17th and spring garden and we'll continue to follow this breaking news situation out of downtown philadelphia. and that breaking news is a lockdown in place at the community college of philadelphia following the reports of a person with a gun. skyforce 10 live over the scene along spring garden street. we are told that swat teams are on the scene and roads nearby
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are being shut down. canine and homeland security is also on the scene. masterman high school across the street, directly across the street, is also on lockdown. let's bring in harry hairston who's in the digital operations center. harry? >> reporter: taking a good look at this situation with officers milling about that is the silver lining which apparently indicates things might not be as serious as what they could be. you know, at this day in age, of course, any talk about a weapon being brought into the school, especially with what happened just last week, this is going to make out of abundance of caution to move. cops will do what they call going in hard to make sure they have everything that they need as far as swat, as far as homeland security to make sure they secure the building.
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the number one priority is to make sure everyone in that area and everyone in that college is safe and for officers to make sure they're safe. what swat is probably doing right now -- and this is something i believe able to learn from going through swat training many years ago, is that they will go in as teams and they will clear different areas of the college and different rooms to make sure they are looking at hopefully only one person with a weapon but if there are more they want to make sure they are ready for that as well and to clear people out of that building if that becomes necessary we evacuating the area as quickly as they think that may need to be happening. i'm trying to take a closer look at what we're zooming in on. just from the posture of the officers, that does not indicate that there is any type of
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confrontation that may be going on inside. let's go back to may of 2014 when we were -- and pretty much same situation at this same college. that's when a student, 23 years old, went into a classroom and brandished a weapon in a confrontation with another student and left the school. just to give you an idea of the abundance of caution that swat and police officers would use that student left the school but they weren't certain of that but it was hours before they cleared the school with officers constantly going through room to room, checking room, checking each and every nook and cranny of the building to make sure they had the entire thing contained and to make sure there was no gunman on the loose. the way that turned out. the individual at that time turned himself in, i believe it was the northeast detectives and
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then was taken into custody and later charged with a crime. so vai the way things are looking from the outside it doesn't appear to be that there's any type of confrontation going on inside this building so we can only speculate that by a matter of what is standard operating proceed yours is that officers and swat officers would go into this building and they would search methodically through the hallways and classrooms looking for whomever it is that may have a weapon and to see if there's possible more people without a weapon and also staying in contact. now, i bet you they are on contact through someone with cell phones that's inside that building that's giving them information and direction to help them out as well. >> harry, it might be worthy to point out about what you're reading, the tea leaves you're reading and seeing police officers walking around. it may be helpful as well to recognize and point out that
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there are no emergency vehicles. i don't see an ambulance in this scene so we don't know for certain but we have told no reported shots have been fired but a man was seen with a gun so the fact that there's not an emergency vehicle or ambulance in the scene that's probably a good thing. >> if, in fact, there was any sound of any shots being fired you better believe ems vehicles would be on the scene a long time ago so that is a good sign for right now. but let's go back. i want to show you. we have some video coming up in just a few moments and when we get it i want to show you that video from 2014 from the lockdown there. if we have that, we'll roll this
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in and once we get that going in let's take a look. this is from may of 2014 when their suite team, people going inside or swat police moving inside you can see the type of evacuation going on at that time. officers were -- the posture of officers, they were a little more firm. they knew that it was a serious type of condition. they moved in special police teams to go inside. so we just wanted to show you that, that's what the scene looked like back then. vai? >> thank you very much for that video and giving us insight on the situation perhaps similar to this back in may of 2014. and, of course, as anybody can imagine, everybody's jumpy and a little nervous given what happened in oregon last thursday when the gunman there killed
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nine people and took his own life. this is winnet building, the win net student life building on the campus. there are a number of things in this campus. there's student clubs on the second floor. student leadership involvement center is on the first floor. there's a women's outreach and advocacy center on the third floor. a coffee house and great hall are also located in this building. it's the kind of building that you would imagine college students with a little bit of time off may be seated read iin perhaps working on their computer, studying, preparing for a class, there's a coffee house here as i mentioned so the place is probably a gathering place for students and as far as we know the information that we're getting is that this is the building that's in lockdown.
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masterman school across -- directly across the street is also in lockdown. this is community college of philadelphia, if you're just tuning in a man was seen with a gun on this campus and that has been reported and so that is why there's a huge police presence at 17th and spring garden. there were no reported, that gun, whatever it was, was not reported to be fired but nonetheless there's a lockdown and there's also a lockdown at masterman school just across the street. heavy police presence milling about. traffic has been detoured, stopped in this area. so you can see that these police officers are walking along 17th
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and spring garden because they have completely closed off traffic in this area. i can see no fewer than a dozen police vehicles in this area. but as harry hairston was first pointing out, harry for our story a number of years ago followed a swat team and did training with them so he understands somewhat more than most the procedures that they undergo in situations like this when they happen as harry was pointing out they would go in teams and go through room to room to make sure that it's cleared so perhaps that's what's happening because we don't see swat units here but they are there and they are on the premise. we've been told that. as is homeland security.
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as harry was pointing out. it's a good sign these officers are walking about so they clearly do not feel any imminent threat or danger from this situation. jeremy, can you hear me? jeremy is our pilot on skyforce 10. can you hear me, jeremy? >> i can hear you, vai. i'm a photographer. >> jeremy, thanks for joining us. i want to bring you in here and have you chime in and give me any other insight. is we're limited by your camera to what we can see in front of us on the screen but you have a better view of what's happening in the area describe for us what you see and what's happening that we may not be able to see with the naxd eyked eye.
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>> reporter: basically, what you see on the camera is what's going on. spring garden street is completely shut down. it looks like probably the whole block in front of the school. if i zoom out you can see. there's a large police presence in the center of your screen. when we first got here there was maybe like a dozen cars and everybody was still moving around. there were a lot of students moving around but now it's locked down, you don't see anybody else other than law enforcement and down in this corner is the high school. the school you were talking about also on lockdown. and if i zoom out really wide you can see a lot of rest of the campus and it doesn't look like a lot of activity. earlier we saw a lot of students moving around and even over leer everything seems to be quieted
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down on lockdown at the moment. so that's pretty much all we can see at the moment from skyforce 10. >> jeremy, that's helpful. thank you. let's go toly colleague doug on the ground. we're trying to get connected to doug shimell. >> i can hear you. there were a group of students either on their way to campus or from campus they started getting alerts from the college that there's been some sort of security concern and just trying to get their school work done out here on the sidewalk as they sit and watch police do their little grid pattern search to figure out what that initial
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sighting indeed founded and if so where was it. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: there was a lot of consternation and concern yesterday about the unspecified threat against philadelphia area schools and concerns for your fellow students? >> i feel a little troubled.
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now it's my life in danger. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: police have establish established a cordon around the station. and most of the officers whether they've been flight control guys or swat folks, not seeing a whole heck of a lot because there's a pro your they have to go through i would say probably from what i see student wise, 40, 50, 60 students standing at the prerimeter where we are at the base of the retail shops
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that they have and looking back at the east a good police contingent there. >> as we reported yesterday there was a social media threat that something may happen at 2:00 yesterday afternoon.
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all the local universities were on high alert. any idea, doug, and you may not have this information. i'm thinking out loud and wondering out loud with you if this may be related to the social media threat everyone was aware of at least yesterday. >> i guess when you talk to folks who hands l these cases. the one thing that's always been the concern when any media report comes out about this unspecified threat is copy cats. that came on the heels of the incident at the oregon community college and i think that is always the concern in law enforcement that they're going to be having these sort of -- i guess candidates who may be considered on a razor's edge somewhere and consider these campus shootings or calls for campus shootings is kind of their call arm.
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the university of delaware may have been one that was named and there are others that were named. all of them seem to be types of folks who felt compelled to do that. it may be related but is. >> we're looking at pictures from skyforce 10. the swat unit is wearing their vest. they're dressed in what is traditionally for them their black uniforms and they are milling about.
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they don't seem to be -- sense any danger and i see perhaps a student or faculty member. a couple people standing there next to that light poll. and some of them are coming out of the building. we're told that two buildings are being checked. the bonnell building and the winnet building are the two buildings being searched and we don't know if that search is over but we see swat people coming out of the building. if you look at this map, the bonnel building is d in the diagram there on the left-hand side. and the winnet building is the coded s building. they're just directly across from each and they look at least the bonnel building looks like a
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big build,. i. >> reporter: this is just observational. you kind of look and see there -- and if you see rigidity among those swat teams, the armored guys and if you see urgency and hand signals it generally means that they have got a kind of rapid-fire chain of command going but i think that body language starts too loosen up a little bit you start to wonder if they've made their chicks. have they done the grid, the perimeter in one area is deemed safe. i'm looking at plainclothes and a couple guys with armor heading back in my direction and i don't see emergency in their demeanor as they go up and talk to the uniform officers who are holding this western edge of the barricade here, vai.
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>> doug shimell, our vet rap reporter has covered these scenes over and over and we trust your instincts and your gut. as you read the tea leave, doug, i'm also sitting here at the set looking at pictures from skyforce 10 i'm seeing the same thing with just at a glance probably a dozen swat officers. some of them have removed their helmets and are just in their vests. a number of them are holding rifles. but they seem to be just chatting among themselves and there's not a sense of urgency as you minxed, domentioned, dou. repeat that, jason. i'm speaking to my producer. my producer is telling me that
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st. joseph's prep which is on 18th and girard is also on lockdown isas is a condominium unit about a block away from the situation is also on lockdown. so, again, st. joseph's prep has been added to masterman school and there's also a condominium unit that is roughly a block from the winnet student life building here that you see. clear ly marked and labelled. those places are on lockdown. so while we were talking -- while doug and i were discussing this, ironically as doug is reading the faces of the men and women who are patrolling the area, they don't seem to be tense, they don't -- their body language is not rigid as they -- to use doug's word and i'm
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looking at these men and women in and out of that building. not a real sense of urgency. having said that, we have just been told that st. joe've says prep is on lo lockedown. st. joseph's prep is an 18th and girard. just a few blocks from the school, from the community college in philadelphia. >> stand by. just to interject. >> go ahead, doug. >> it may not be indicative of anything other than an abundance of caution. i think when they know they have large concentrations they'll try to expand the perimeter as far as they can to make certain. you don't want one of 's this situations where you've got a
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tight perimeter, you scan that and find out somebody has gotten out of your grasp. i think it's those sort of massive footprints they'll create are pretty typical of just that you err on the side of caution. >> and obviously police departments have bigger things to cover than release this information. so we get this information piecemeal and it's entirely possible that st. joseph's prep and the condominium unit were on lockdown anyway.
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so those schools may have been on lockdown at the same time masterman was on lockdown but this is just information that reaches us as we get it. as we get the information we bring it to you. but it's not always chronologically perfect as we report it. so -- >> reporter: and, vai, one point you made earlier is that we've got a situation where, you know, we've had schools in the area, it wasn't just colleges and universities on a heightened state of security or readiness. some type of unspecified threat came out over the weekend. but they probably then kind of on a heightened sense of security and as soon as they even get wind of something like this they may not have even been given formal instruction from
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the school district or from a demonstration. they just reflectively would go in. >> doug, good information. if you're wondering about the community college of philadelphia, if you're aware of the campus, it's the 1700 block of spring garden. they have an enrollment of about 34,000. it was founded in 1964, opened in '65. faculty of roughly 1,400. i'm just getting some information here from our producers. this is according to police commissioner charles ramsey, police are looking for an african-american male, 5'4", wearing gray pants, a blue shirt and red hoodie. again, i'll repeat this. according to police commissioner charles ramsey. police are looking for an air male, about 5'4", wearing gray pants, blue shirt and red
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hoodie. we have a graphic up of this description. this started as an argument on the street between two men who know each other, one of them pulled out a gun. the other man said he'd call security, that's when the man with the gun ran into the winnet building. this started as an argument on the street. two men. one man pulled out a gun, the other man said he'd call security, that's when the man with the gun ran into the winnet you would being. hence the report we got a man was seen with a gun. the winnet building has been searched by swat teams and cleared. so the winnet building has been cleared. they are now searching a garage attached to the building and right now everyone is being told to shelter in place. it's not clear if the man with the gun left the campus. this started as an argument between two men. one said he was going to call security and the man holding the
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gun ran into the winnet building. the winnet building has been searched by swat. it's been cleared and now the search has moved to a parking garage and i suspect that's what we're looking at now. although i don't see swat units or personnel at this building but i take them at their word that swat teams are searching that facility. they believe he may be hiding there but right now everyone is told to shelter in place. the police just don't know if the man has left the campus. if he is still on the campus -- jason -- i'm talking to my producer. you have to forgive me. we're going to go to harry
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hairston. harry hairston is standing by in the digital operations center. do you have more information for us? >> reporter: i was able to locate -- contact some people -- a person inside that college that was able to tell me what police are telling them. that they are just letting them know they were looking for someone that they believe had pulled a weapon and they wouldn't let anyone out of their classrooms and/or offices all are on lockdown. they shared another important piece of information with me on the 16th street side of that campus there's a day care so a lot of concern about caution over in that area and taking care of kids that are very young that are either probably the children of some of the people that work there or some of the students that go there as well so just that new information coming from inside. folks are very concerned. they're not getting a lot of information, they say, from authorities. much of their information, they're telling me, they have
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been able to find out other than being told they can not leave their rooms and/or offices unless they are shuttered in place, a lot of that information they're turning to our web site to get additional information that we've bullpen able to learn from police and what we've been able to put other and our web and online and on air and as we are reporting it right now. and again concerns have been that some of those parents, whether you're students or staff members, if they have children in the day care area, that they are not allowed to go towards -- to their children at least at this point. they don't want any activity. they don't want anyone moving from up with location to another location but it does seep as though the concern is not so much that anyone has engaged in any gun activity or police have engaged with anyone they're
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looking for but you have to understand the concern people would have. when you have young children separated from you and this type of situation going on. >> harry, thank you for that insight. we'll take a moment, take a deep breath, recap what's happened, the community college of philadelphia has been on lockdown for the better part of an hour, perhaps two hours. this stemmed from a situation, two men had an argument, one of those men pulled out a gun, the other said he was running inside the winnet building to call security. the the man with the gun ran into that building. and so swat teams were called, they have searched that building and it has been cleared but the campus is still on lockdown and students and people there are asked to shelter in place and they have closed down spring garden. it's not an active shooter situation but they're looking for an african-american male,
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5'4" wearing gray pants, a blue shirt and a red hoodie. this is the information that police commissioner charles ramsey has given us and so the search is on. that search now is at a parking garage. where they are searching for an air male-- an african-american , 5'4". until police find him they won't give him the all clear. they're asked to shelter in place for the time being. let's bring in vince from who has pictures for us. vince, go ahead and step in. >> vai, as soon as we learn to have had lockdown we immediately started getting information via social media from kids at school here. i have a bunch of pictures we can see from the campus, people both inside that building, that lieutenant life building and the related buildings and even in that parking garage that you just talked about. this was posted a short time ago
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as you can see swat members walking into the building there. there's the winnet student building center. this is one what it looked like in the classrooms, we have conversing with students. they say they're scared but feel safe so that's a good thing. they're sheltering in place in different classrooms. it seems from what we've learned that some of the students were pulled into different classrooms and put together so they could all be together after police went through and searched the building. this is what it looks like immediately outside as people drive around and are outside the building there. you can see a large police presence as we saw from the air from skyforce 10 but a lot of streets have been shut down. police and fire activity there on the ground. this is what i was talking about inside the parking garage. they've moved over, the swat team, to sweeping that parking garage and we've been talking to this woman, shante, she was in
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that parking garage a short time ago and swat members stopped them and as it appears they're looking that the gentleman there and that's part of the information they're going through right now. here's another view of what it looks like outside. these are from buildings around that area e. again, a large police presence and as we know right now like you said, vai. as charles ramsey said, they're searching for this potential gunman that was apparently spotted inside one of the classrooms in the community college of philadelphia. we'll continue to gather more social media. if you are at the scene and are safe and able to do so, you can use the nbc 10 app to share pictures and videos with us easily so we can get a view of what you're seeing at the scene. vai? >> vince, thank you very much. appreciate getting those pictures to us. as a news organization we're constantly doing self-assessments of your right to know but also the public's right to safety and those
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devices that allowed vince to see those pictures is the same device that a suspect may have on his person and may be able to see for himself and monitor situations so we want to be as careful about that as we can but give you the information we need to be safe. >> i'm back over at 17th and spring garden in front of the main entrance past the community college. as you were commenting about the one sweep coming up negative with no one found. we have officers. we've been in a semi standdown. the swat officers will come and go so my guess is you go through
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the whole place to make certain it's clean. the commissioner said they did not put owl the call for lockdown but even if they hadn't done that the call would have come out of [ inaudible ] . as you mentioned shelter in space. there's been times they've paraded people out but that will create chaos and potential cover if you did have somebody being searched for, vai. >> doug, thank you. again there's a shelter in
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place. they're not allowing students to go back in, far from it, but they have cleared it meaning that they have searched it and the suspect whom they're looking for who is known to have a gun was not in that building so they're currently searching right now a parking garage adjacent to that building. the person they're looking for is an african-american male 5'4" wearing a blue vest, red hoodie and sweat pants. this stemmed from an argument that happened between two people in which one of them pulled out
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a gun then went into the winnet student life building. there's probably at least a dozen police vehicles and they have searched the you would being and cleared it. it doesn't mean anybody can be allowed in it but they have cleared it so their search continues for the suspect who reportedly has a gun. as we take a look at some of the swat -- members of the swat unit here in philadelphia police are milling about as doug pointed out astutely earlier they don't seem to be in any imminent danger. they're walking around, some of them, as doug said, they've taken their vests and helmets off but they are doing due diligence to track down the person that was reported to have a gun on miz person. the two buildings that they have searched, the bonnnell building
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and the winet building. the winnet building has been cleared. we haven't received national the bonnel building has been cleared. we're searching a parking garage adjacent to the university. if we can have our photographer pull back, that's the parking garage where swat units are doing a search looking for suspect. according to the police commissioner charles ramsey, he's african-american, male 5, 4, gray pants, blue shirt wearing a red hoodie. let's bring in harry hairston again and the digital operations sent. harry, what do you have? >> reporter: i told you've been able to contact people inside of the building to talk about what the situation was like and moments ago i got off the phone with a woman by the first name of janet, we won't give you her last name at this point, she's still a little concerned and nervous. she's a 55-year-old student.
11:39 am
she tells me she is on the -- at the bonnnell building right now and she's able to look outside on the 17th street area. she says all that's been told is that they can not leave that floor but good news is they are allowing folks in those classrooms to come out, to go to their restrooms and even in her case to stay out of the rotunda which is kind of -- if you're familiar it's between the first floor and second floor and she's able to come out there and relax as much as she can under these conditions. they say they do feel better that they've been able to come out of their classrooms and it doesn't seem to be that serious of a problem right there for them. she's been understanding that they are searching a different area so it seems as though although there's no all clear on the floor, they're not being let out of the building what is over. she says she's nervous but feeling better that she's able
11:40 am
to look out to see what the activity is all about. earlier as i said we talked to another person who says that they've been told to not come out of the classrooms or out of the offices and that there is concerned by some of those staffers and students who do have children that are in the day care center that they are being looked after right now because they are not allowed to connect with their child. so you have to imagine what an unnerving experience that has to be right now if you are a student or staff member and you have a young loved one in the day care center with this type of activity that is going on and is not permitted to try to reach out to them in any way, shape or form at this point. we'll continue to talk to people who are inside the building right now and see what they can
11:41 am
tell us from the inside out as far as what is going on with police activity and what the restrictions are and how long they have been hearing that they're going to be under these restrictions. vai? >> harry, thank you very much there are roughly 1400 faculty, over 35,000 people on the campus. i would imagine police may also i suspect -- i can only suspect they're also concerned a person like this may try to fold himself right back into the student population. i can't imagine all those people know each other. so they're looking for an air male. the search continues. we'll take a moment and just take a break. we'll recalibrate, take a deep breath and cover the breaking
11:42 am
news in center city, philadelphia.
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it's 11:45. skyforce 10 is launched and hovering over the community college of philadelphia where there has been a lockdown through the better part of the morning because of a suspect with a gun. we have just learned that a 17-year-old suspect has been apprehended but there is no gun on his person. this is according to police commissioner charles ramsey. a 17-year-old suspect has been apprehend apprehended no gun on his person so i'm sure a search is on for that weapon wherever it may be. they're continuing to search for the gun but the school has been on lockdown along with masterman
11:46 am
school just directly across the street as well as st. joseph's prep a few blocks away and also a continue minute wrum complex was on lockdown residents and students were told to shelter in place. the winnet student life building was searched and subsequently cleared. the search continued on to that parking garage, the right-hand side of your screen. but they have apparently just within the last few minutes have apprehended a 17-year-old. repeat that, jason? i'm speaking to my producer. he was found a classroom in the business school at 18th and tallow hill. if suspect was found flt n the business school at 17th and callow hill but he didn't have a
11:47 am
gun with him. they believe this to be the suspect which stemmed from an argument between two people. one of them presumably the suspect. ran into the win net building with a firearm and hence the lockdown followed. let's bring in student anna avila on the phone with us. can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> tell me where you are and how you were alerted of the lockdown? >> right now i'm in the west building and we were alerted by e-mail sent to our phones and our professor as well. >> and tell me were you in the middle of a class, anna, when you received the e-mail? >> yeah, we were in the middle of studying for exams when it happened. >> so tell me the scene.
11:48 am
>> we just stood in the classroom. all the students were scared and crying and we just stood in the classroom with our professor. >> your professor received the same e-mail at the same time you did? >> uh-huh. >> so everybody then went into lockdown mode tell me where you went to shelter in place and hide. >> we went to the classroom with the doors locked. could you see anything outside of the classroom?
11:49 am
>> i didn't see people running but they were panicking and going back inside. >> did you -- were you able to call anybody? did you call your parents or alert anyone to let them know? tell me about the phone call. and she told me to remain humble and shelter where i was at. >> anna did you felt threatened at all? >> i kind of felt safe and threatened because you never know. >> yeah. >> you felt threatened because of the circumstances but at the same time you felt safe enough because your professor was there and other students were there. and i can only imagine anna that you had to have been thinking
11:50 am
about that. >> anna, stay safe. i'm told the 17-year-old suspect has been apprehended. they don't a gun on him so if that's a matter of good news -- are you still in the classroom with everybody? >> yes. >> is everybody on the phone and calling home and letting their loved ones know that they're safe and -- they're okay? >> yes. they are. yu ear following social media, reading? >> we were watching the news on the smart board, actually. >> atta girl. good job, anna.
11:51 am
hopefully you're watching nbc 10. >> yes, we were. [ laughter ] >> just a little levity in the mome moment. we appreciate you time, we wish you well with your studies and wish it didn't happen to you but given the circumstances we're glad you're safe and doing okay and hope your classmates and professor feel the same. take care, anna. >> you, too. thank you. >> that was anna avila, who is a student there sheltering in place inside the community college of philadelphia george spencer has been dispatched. he's on the phone, can you hear me? >> we just finished up a press conference with police commissioner charles ramsey. the headlines are the following.
11:52 am
the suspect is in custody, according to commissioner ramsey. sounds like a teenager. they have the suspect in custody but the critical thing police are still looking for is the gun that was supposedly seen in the middle of all of this so that's a relief for anyone who knows someone on the community college of philadelphia campus or who works here themselves. that suspect is in custody however the gun that was apparently scene has not been found according to commissioner ramsey. a second thing he pointed out, there was a lot of news yesterday of an alleged threat to philadelphia area colleges. he says this in no way appears to be connected to the threat reported yesterday. in fact, quite the opposite. it seems this may have started with some scuffle between two
11:53 am
people and evolved into something larger. again they have the suspect in custody right now. police are working on the campus to try and locate the gun that was actually seen. all of this coming from the police commissioner, vai? >> george spencer on the phone with us. thank you for that information from the media conference, george. i've been told st. joseph's prep is in a lock in, not a lockdown and you can pick up your kid at 15th and spring garden. jason -- forgive me, i'm talking to our producer. that's student at the community college of philadelphia, at 15th and spring garden, if you have a student at community college of philadelphia you can pick up your student at 15th and spring garden. they'll have to walk a couple of blocks to an area where they can be picked up because obviously it appears in if they have a car
11:54 am
there if they went there by mass transit but if they park in the parking garage police are not letting anybody go in and out of the area until they find that gun, i suppose. so you can pick up your students at 15th and spring garden at the community college of philadelphia. to recap, a 17-year-old male suspect is in custody. this is according to police commissioner charles ramsey. this is from the media, the press conference where george spencer was and he has just reported this. the gun is still missing. that's a critical part of this search. the suspect was found inside a building at community college of philadelphia about 11:40 so -- 15, 20 minutes ago. it was in the college of business and industry at 18th and callow hill. he was found in the classroom and the arrest was made safely. let's go back to harry hairston,
11:55 am
harry? >> reporter: i'm talking to someone with the atf, alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosive agencies. those federal officers have been on the scene all day. they confirmed they are still there at this time. here's the big thing they are looking for right now. as for that weapon to be recovered, once they have the weapon, atf will stay involved with this case, although this has happened in philadelphia. their concern is determined where that weapon came from. the or gin of that weapon to find out how it got into the individual's hand and that could be a situation they're looking at about small purchases where the individual may not have been able to purchase this weapon or their own, did someone purchase it for them. how many other people may have been involved in helping the individual to get this weapon. that will brings stiffer penalties to this individual under federal laws for the violation of firearms act so right now it's to find that
11:56 am
weapon, track that weapon, trace that weapon, see how they got it into their hands, who got it to them, how many people may have been involved and also to see if there's been a small purchase or not how many other crimes may have been used. vai? >> harry, thank you very much. we have video, we're going to try to turn it around. i believe this is the video, and it is, of the apprehension and arrest. a young man there in the red hoodie is the suspect. he's 17 years old. we don't have a name, obviously. he is a minor but they will make that known later. it's a 17-year-old. this is the moment when he was arrested. we'll cover this and follow this. tune into nbc 10 at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and on our web site at and our nbc 10 app. the situation at the community college of philadelphia looks like they have an apprehension and arrest that has been made
11:57 am
and a suspect is in custody. we'll see you this afternoon. woman: my mom and i have the same hands.
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>> stefano: [sighs] >> andre: ah, i've been able to get some background on clyde weston. >> chad: and? what'd you find out? >> andre: well, no matter how much clyde donates to charity and how he pretends to be a simple fellow from the country... >> chad: it's all a load of crap. i already knew all that. >> andre: do you also know that the police informed father, our source there, that they are investigating, unofficially, allegations into drug trafficking? >> chad: [laughs] against clyde weston? they find anything? >> andre: if they found anything, it wouldn't be an unofficial investigation. >> chad: i would love it if they pulled the rug out from under that cocky bastard. i know it's him that's framing me for killing paige and serena. >> andre: is that the phone we gave you? >> chad: yeah. >> andre: who are you texting? >> chad: clyde. "i know...


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