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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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update. drew? >> police are telling us there was more than just a victim and gunman involved in this case. they are looking for a whole group of people and anyone who may have seen how and why this happened, the killing at 2:30 this morning in the middle of the street. we have some video from sky force 10 which shows the scene where this happened near 13th street. here's what investigators tell us. a transgender woman got out of her car. men ran up and began to assault her. jenkins was shot twice in the back. doctors pronounced her dead at the hospital. detectives returned to the scene later today to search for surveillance and talk to witnesses, but right now it's not clear why this attack happened. >> we don't have a motive, don't know if it's a hate crime, a robbery, we don't know. too early in the investigation. >> jenkins was from north philadelphia, 22 years old, and police have also spoken to her family and they said they will do everything in their power to
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figure out who is behind this brutal assault and killing. live, drew smith, nbc 10 news. a gun scare sent the community college of philadelphia into lockdown. police now with the suspect in custody, no one was hurt, but police are still searching for an important piece of evidence. >> lauren mayk was on campus during this morning's lockdown. lauren, so scary and unsettling for the school and students. >> very. it was just yesterday campuses around philadelphia were on heightened alert after internet postings. today police tell us this all started with a confrontation and reports one person involved had a gun. for quite some time students and residents around the community college of philadelphia didn't know what to think. streets were taped off for blocks around the campus. students pushed back by police, waiting for word on what prompted the alerts they got by phone and e-mail today warning them to shelter in place for a
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lockdown. inside the school, students watched as officers entered the building. they searched room by room for a gun, but they didn't find one. they did take a suspect into custody and we were there as police led him inside. police tell us the response was seamless today. the city police worked with campus security. >> big part of this was the ready access to tapes, videotapes, as well as school records. >> the lockdown has been lifted, however, classes are cancelled this evening on the main campus. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, thank you. as you can imagine, the sight of s.w.a.t. teams searching the community college of philadelphia really rattled some students. >> doug shimell tells us how they learned about the lockdown and how they stayed safe. >> reporter: those on the outside were worried about the ones locked down inside. >> i need to leave and go home,
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but my cousin is still in the building, he also is in school, so i'm not going nowhere until i know he's okay. >> reporter: the alerts students were getting at the community college of philadelphia stopped them cold. ment i just got a text someone was with a gun. >> we were in class, then they told us to stay in class and we're going to be on lockdown until they find the guy. so we've been there for like two hours. >> reporter: while police and s.w.a.t. teams combed the buildings, students were told to stay quiet and not move. >> couple of kids had -- one of the parents called, wanted to talk to me to make sure they were okay. it was nervous, you know, kids were nervous. it was nerve racking for a bit. >> reporter: a student recorded the eventual arrest on her cell phone. >> see the cops escorting him out the cbi building, so he was in the same building as us. it's creepy, it's scary. >> reporter: in spring garden, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> this isn't the first time a
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gun scare has sent this school into lockdown. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00, harry hairston looks back at how the first incident unfolded and what happened to the person responsible. meanwhile, a middle school teacher is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a little girl younger than five years old. 44-year-old rick gazzola is in salem county jail tonight. police say he sexually assaulted the girl inside his home while her parents were visiting in another room. this happened in late june. gazzola has been suspended from his job as a fifth grade social studies teacher at salem middle school. neighbors had no idea he surrendered to police yesterday. >> i'd be in jail. i'd be in jail, because i'd kill him. i would, i really would kill him. any child of mine, i would have killed him. so i'd be in jail, too. >> the salem city school superintendent tells nbc 10 gazzola will not be allowed to
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have any contact with children pending further investigation. penn state student's-run pawn has cancelled after a student died, 19-year-old sepot of connecticut was killed after the car she was in crashed last month. she and six others were returning from collecting donations when they crashed. this is a picture of sepot doing what is called canning, where members hold a can to collect donations. money raised goes to fight pediatric cancer. testing is under way right now for dozens of health care workers in mercer county. 67 employees received flu shots from a nurse who used the same syringe over and over. they are being tested for hepatitis and hiv. the nurse also may have used less than the recommended dose of the flu vaccine. they are recommending a new shot for everyone. turning to this now, tom wolf wants a half point increase
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in the state's personal income tax. it's just one of the ways he wants to solve the state's budget impasse. he's also asking for a new extraction tax on natural gas drilling. the proposal includes property tax cuts for seniors and disabled and no increase in the state's sales tax. house republican leader dave reid has said none of his members have told them they will vote yes for the new proposal. pennsylvania is entering its fourth month without a state budget. happening right now, a high profile speaker has taken the stage at forbes 30 under 30 summit. monica lewinsky is speaking at the event for a second year in a row. last year she spoke about cyber bullying and cyber humiliation. lewinsky received a standing ovation. forbes 30 under 30 summit is an
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extension of forbes magazine's annual 30 under 30 list. the event runs through tomorrow. it has drawn thousands of people to our area. >> a police chase comes to a crashing end and left neighbors with a chaotic scene right outside their windows. who police were chasing and how an innocent person ended up in the hospital. plus, the rain has stopped in south carolina. now the long road to recovery begins. live report from some of the worst flood damaged areas is next. and we have nice weather in store for almost the rest of the week, then i'm tracking some showers followed by a bigger cool down that's coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> more victims found today in the flooded carolinas. >> 15 people are now confirmed dead as a result of those storms. two more were killed in north carolina. today for the first time in almost a week there was no rain across that region and many people got their first chance to start the difficult recovery. >> one of the hardest hit cities is columbia. that's where nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray is live tonight with an update. hard to imagine the physical or emotional toll from this, jay. >> reporter: no, jacqueline, keith, you're absolutely right. this is the kind of mess that so many across the carolinas are dealing with right now.
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as they begin this cleanup, they are also concerned more water could be on the way here. finally, there's some sunshine in south carolina. giving many their first chance to work through the overwhelming devastation flood waters left behind. pulling away debris, piling up pieces of their homes and lives ravaged by the storm. the tireless effort of so many who lost so much, a reflection of the strength and determination in this battered community. >> we are resilient people, a hopeful people. thank god we're caring folks, folks are coming together. >> reporter: evidence of that, sky hawks and high landers, rival football teams that huddled together today in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. >> trying to help out the best we can. >> reporter: in other communities, the national guard is helping out. flood waters continue to rise, testing dams and bridges across the region. >> the next 48 hours are going
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to be volatile. >> structural issues, bridges, damages, roads, there's a lot of work that has to be done. >> reporter: ironically, one of the biggest needs here continues to be water. with the city's water system compromised -- >> need water? >> reporter: -- truck loads of bottled water are being moved in. with the hope that all of this unwanted water will start to move out. it could be a week or more before the lakes and rivers start to recede, and right now that's a big concern, the dams are in jeopardy and a lot of teams are watching and waiting to see what happens next. that's the latest live here in columbia, south carolina, i'm jay gray, back to you. >> what about neighborhoods at risk for more flooding, are preparations being made for evacuation? >> reporter: they are. there are teams on standby, as we were just talking about,
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first responders in scuba gear and boats ready if there's a breach. they've warned people in the neighborhoods closest to the dams they need to have everything together now and they need to be ready to move at a moment's notice. the flow of water could be two feet or more every minute. >> just unbelievable. jay gray live for us in columbia, south carolina. thank you very much. we turn to this now, a flag flying at half staff at many new jersey buildings today. nbc 10 at salem city high school. governor christie signed the order to honor those killed in umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon, last week. ten people, including the gunman, were killed and seven others injured. marco rubio says stricter gun laws would not prevent mass shootings. the florida senator appeared on the "today" show. he said focusing on mental illness screenings and treatments would be more effective. >> we need to start examining why it is people are taking violent action, not what they
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are using to commit the violent act with and we have two issues in this country, one is mental illness, and the other, of course, is why have we become so violent as individuals? >> hillary clinton says more gun restrictions are the answer. the clinton plan would close the loophole that doesn't require background checks for private sellers at gun shows and online. she'd also close the so-called charleston loophole, which allows criminals to buy guns if their background checks aren't completed within three days. gop presidential candidate john kasich took on the immigration debate while appearing at a forum hosted by the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce. this comes as an nbc poll released sunday shows his support slipping in the early nominating state of new hampshire. the ohio governor pushed back against opponents like donald trump who supports mass deportation of undocumented immigrants saying it's not acceptable. >> the idea that we're going to pick these folks up and ship them out, i mean that is just
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unbelievable. the thought of it, what are we going to do, ride in neighborhoods and announce, come on out now, you're going to the border? >> governor kasich supports a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants already in the country. and this comes as the obama administration has deported fewer immigrants over the past year than at any time since 2006. that's according to new numbers obtained by the associated press. deportations of criminal immigrants have fallen to the lowest levels since president obama took office in 2009. this comes despite his pledge to find and deport criminals living in the country illegally. total deportations have fallen 42% since 2012. today senate lawmakers are searching for answers after a deadly strike on a doctors without borders hospital in northern afghanistan. at a senate armed services committee today on capitol hill, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says the hospital was mistakenly struck. general john campbell says u.s.
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special forces were near the hospital and were in contact with the aircraft that launched the attack. 22 doctors and patients died. general campbell also called on president obama to reconsider his plan to pull all remaining u.s. forces from afghanistan. >> when we made -- when the president made that decision, it did not take into account the change over the last two years, so the courses of action that i have provided to my senior leadership provide options to adjust that. >> and new reports also indicate that isis is trying to expand from iraq and syria into afghanistan. the u.s. justice department is doing something it's never done before, releasing thousands of federal prisoners in the span of just four days. the washington post is reporting 6,000 inmates will be released between october 30th and november 2nd. it is the single largest release of federal prisoners as part of an effort to reduce overcrowding in prisons nationwide and
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relieve drug offenders who face harsh sentences. most of the inmates will go to halfway houses before put on supervised release. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a beautiful fall day today. plenty of sunshine. temperatures warmer than they were yesterday at this time, and we're going to keep seeing this as we go through tomorrow, then we'll have a bit of a cooldown, then more rain before the week is over. before we get to about friday, we're going to have really nice weather in store for the area. after the rain moves through, though, we are talking about another cool down in time for your weekend. right now we have clouds around center city, but some areas still seeing completely clear skies. right now in philadelphia it's 75 degrees. seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday. so we have warmed up compared to yesterday and tomorrow we'll be pretty similar. 73 in allentown, 74 in reading, 71 lancaster, 72 degrees westchester, 73 mt. holly, 73
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millville. low 70s the farther south you go. 67, though, in atlantic city. the water temperature in the atlantic ocean, that's about 63 degrees right now, so we are seeing it much cooler at the shore in the afternoon hours. right now on sate lite and radar we're nice and clear. the clouds are just off to our west. they don't have any rain with them, but we will see some of the clouds move through overnight tonight. that's going to keep temperatures cool, just not as cool as they were last night. now we look down to the south and that historic flooding in some areas is still in place, but the rain, that has moved offshore, so good news for the southeast. the rain is out and the drying is at least starting to take place. improvements there. locally, though, we'll keep on having nice weather through the next few days. here's future weather. clouds move in overnight, then clear out for your afternoon tomorrow. more sunshine once again in the forecast for your wednesday afternoon. then we'll have a back door cold front move in from the north giving us cooler temperatures come thursday. tomorrow like today, thursday
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we're going to be cooler, might want the jacket longer through the day. then by friday we'll see rain approaching. so we have another system bringing rain for friday. that's a cold front. once it does move through and clear up, we're going to get quite a bit cooler into the weekend. for tonight, though, still cool, 52 for the low in allentown and reading, 55 pottstown, about the mid 50s for millville and atlantic city, philadelphia area about the upper 50s. for tomorrow, though, a day like today, some areas could be a couple degrees warmer. sunny and nice through the afternoon. 75 for quakertown, 76 for doylestown, 77 philadelphia, 78 possibly in wilmington. closer to the shore tomorrow mid 70s. 78 degrees in dover and the sunshine continues even through thursday. we will be cooler thursday, around 70 for the high. then we go into friday. 77 comes back into the forecast with rain and over the weekend windy and cooler saturday. could have a couple morning showers trying to linger, then we start to clear out.
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mid 60s across the weekend, perfect for the eagles, that is definitely some football weather and next week back into the mid 70s. >> hopefully that will be good luck for them on football sunday. if you don't like the winter, i'm with you, but we might have some good news about your winter heating bill. why experts think they'll be lower this year. plus, first of its kind in pennsylvania. how a new facility is making sure sick babies are getting the nourishment they need.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> crews in vermont are working to clear the wreckage of yesterday's amtrak train derail m. >> the train was on its way from vermont to washington, d.c., when it jumped the tracks and had a planned stop at philadelphia's 30th street station. nbc brings us up to date. >> reporter: big equipment rumbles into place tuesday to start the tough job of righting train cars that violently left the rails monday morning. a new photo showing the southbound amtrak vermonter colliding into boulders that fell on to the track after a rock ledge gave way. >> had the best possible outcome that it can. >> reporter: the governor delivering the good news that all seven people hospitalized after the chaos have been
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released from the hospital. a crew member needed an air lift from the crash scene is recovering from a concussion and bad bumps and bruises. >> we're grateful that he's back at home. >> reporter: the governor told reporters he hopes repairs, including cleanup of a diesel spill, will be complete in days, not weeks, to get the vermonter running again. in the meantime -- >> nobody got killed. >> reporter: these people and others who expected to travel through vermont by rail are instead taking buses. >> we're going to get where we're going only by bus and not amtrak. darn. >> that was nbc's jack thurston reporting. now to this, a first of its kind in the keystone state. pennsylvania's first breast milk bank is now accepting donations as it prepares to open. the three rivers mothers milk bank will open in pittsburgh next month. the building will include a pass chewrization and bottling laboratory, freezer, and classroom. it will serve sick babies
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throughout pennsylvania and west virginia. the milk is intended for infants in neonatal intensive care units. they'll distribute to outpatient babies. this comes as health experts say hospitals are doing more to encourage new mothers to breast feed. according to a new report from the centers of disease control and prevention more than two-thirds of hospitals helped women start breast feeding. that's up 44% from six years ago, but only one-quarter of hospitals avoid giving infants breast milk alternatives like formula unless medically necessary. earlier this year nbc 10 told you delaware banned its hospitals from handing out gift bags with formula to new mothers. all of philadelphia's major birthing hospitals have also stopped this practice. a delaware shoe repair store is throwing its soul into the fight against breast cancer.
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they are now offering pink soles on their shoe repair jobs. they've convinced about 60 other shoe repair stores to do the same too. proceeds from each pink shoe repair will go to help the fight against breast cancer. fast feet says this isn't just for breast cancer awareness month, if you want pink soles at any time, they'll do it. to one of our top stories here on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we've been talking about a gun scare on a college campus. >> tonight the community college in philadelphia is no longer in lockdown, but for some students the scene was all too familiar. coming up, we'll look back at how a lockdown unfolded last year and what happened to the person responsible. and coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, recent eagles games don't normally leave you feeling lucky afterwards, but you could get lucky with a new casino possibly opening near the stadium complex. what happened today to move the project closer to reality.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> sky force 10 is live over breaking news along i-95 in newark, delaware. take a look at this scene. crews are there. it's an accident involving a tour bus and a car. this is happening in the southbound lanes of 95. five people are being taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. several southbound lanes of 95 are blocked right now. of course, the middle of rush
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hour, you can see the traffic as we zoom north. that's in the southbound side, all that traffic backed up. we'll continue to monitor the situation. as soon as we learn more, we'll bring it to you. also tonight a teenager who sparked the lockdown of a local college is now in custody. at 9:30 this morning police were called to the community college of philadelphia in the city's spring garden section. witnesses saw two students arguing and one had a gun. the scare sent the school into lockdown and student s into panic. no one was hurt. police are still searching for the gun. students and faculty were told to stay in their classrooms and stay quiet. text alerts went out as police and s.w.a.t. units surrounded the college. >> we were in class, then they told us to stay in class and we were going to be on lockdown until they find the guy. we've been there for like two hours. >> one student given the all clear was able to record the video of the suspect being led
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away by police. and today's gun scare isn't a first for the community college of philadelphia. >> nbc 10 investigator harry hairston covered the incident last year that paralyzed the college for hours. harry, walk us through what happened that day and where that case stands right now. >> first of all, seems it was just a little over a year ago, can you believe that, twice in less than two years, it all started at the normal day, staff members going about their duties, students to their classes, then suddenly reports of a man with a gun in a classroom. >> it was chaos, there was a bunch of confusion. >> reporter: may 2014, philadelphia police put the community college of philadelphia on lockdown. this man, ryan fitch, a student argued with another student over his girlfriend and then pulled out a gun. the incident happened inside a classroom. philadelphia's s.w.a.t. officers evacuated the west building and ordered others to stay locked in their classrooms and offices. two hours passed before police talked to fitch's father and learned fitch was no longer on
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campus. nbc 10 news confirmed through police and the college it took 19 minutes from when the incident started to when a campus alert went out to students and faculty. that did not sit well with some students. >> any moment a student or a faculty member could have walked into a situation and had no clue what they were getting themselves into because people on the outside knew, but we didn't and we were in the situation. >> reporter: police later arrested fitch after he turned himself in. fitch was sentenced to four years probation, also forfeited his right to own a gun. back to you guys. >> harry hairston, thank you very much. many of you learned about today's campus scare through an alert through our nbc 10 news app. you can get these news alerts, as well, for big stories like this and weather alerts, too. download the news app right now for your smartphone or tablet. right now at 5:00, police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body in hamilton township mercer county.
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it was found in the park off civil street after 9:00 this morning. an autopsy is being conducted to determine how the woman died, but police say it appears to be a homicide. the victim is believed to be about 40 years old. she has not been identified yet. two people died this morning after a car plunged into a canal in montgomery county and crashed into the schuylkill canal. five people were in the car at the time of the crash. two of them died. we still don't know the extent of the injuries of the other three people in the car and detectives are still working to find out what led to the wreck. a police chase comes to a crashing end, sending one person to the hospital and damaging several cars. a pedestrian is in critical condition tonight and it's lucky more people weren't seriously hurt. the chase came to an end at an apartment complex in delaware county. nbc 10's has more on how this all unfolded.
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>> reporter: police say it started with a chase and ended in this apartment complex with several of the residents' vehicles looking like this. >> huge, bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: this is what residents in contemporary village apartments woke up to this morning. >> we jumped out of bed, looked out the window. i heard a policeman say get out of the car. >> reporter: several cars were damaged, some severely. police say just before 7:00 they were trying to pull a man over. instead he turned into the parking lot, not stopping for anybody. >> it's a dangerous situation and you have children, people walking, people going to work. >> reporter: angela ferrie's dog woke her up to the commotion out front. meanwhile, this woman's car was among the damaged. she was not hurt, but underneath one of the cars was an innocent pedestrian trapped. that victim, we're told, is in critical condition. >> pretty alarming, especially i know a couple of the individuals that's their cars and they've lived here a long time.
5:35 pm
woman is a crossing guard for a local school district, so she was trying to get ready to go to work. fast. >> reporter: several of the residents i spoke with are thankful there weren't anymore serious injuries out here. in glenolden, nbc 10 news. the trial began today for two men charged in the case of kidnapping and torture that played out on philadelphia's jewelers row. the two men are accused of kidnapping a woman from a parking garage in april, then beating and torturing her. police say they want eed the co to the safe of the jewelry store where she worked. jury selection started this morning. a third suspect pleaded guilty, he's scheduled to be sentenced next month. we have the results of an audit of pennsylvania's department of education. the report shows their education master plan hasn't been updated since 1999. it also says the department failed to provide much needed
5:36 pm
help for more than 550 academically challenged schools across the state. the state's education secretary says resources were inadequate during most of the five-year audit, primarily during former governor tom corbett's administration. bethlehem city council meets tonight to talk about the future of martin tower. the 21-story empty building sits on 53 acres of land. now the council will decide what could be built there. bethlehem's mayor wants to save the building from demolition and move in shops, restaurants, and homes. some local merchants think the building should be torn down. when you go to the game, one of the most fun aspects is the food. some of the new menu items for sixer and flyers fans this year. sheena? definitely starting to feel a lot more like fall with comfortable temperatures and even bigger cool down comes this weekend after some rain. we'll take a look at that forecast coming up.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> new figures show plenty of pennsylvanians went online to make sure their vote counts next month. the state tells us more than 32,000 people registered online to vote in the november general election. more than 20,000 are new registrants. the rest are people who changed the information on their registration. in august, pennsylvania became the 23rd state to allow online registrations. yesterday was the deadline to register. a $5 pumpkin is now an internet sensation. >> the things that go viral. this is cool, though. take a look at it, an artist from illinois painted the faces of three of the 2016 presidential candidates. this one of donald trump was named the trump-kin, because why not? the artist actually decided to use fake pumpkins for the next two. >> knew the hair had to be there.
5:40 pm
here's hillary clinton right there. >> pretty good. >> and, of course, bernie sanders. the artist says he may paint more candidates, but he'll wait for the latest poll numbers before choosing which ones. >> really good artist right there. a new season at the wells fargo center means new food. >> all about this, teaming up this year for sixers and flyers games, one of the new additions, bite sized pizza logs sold in sections 112 and 124. >> i have four words, loaded mac and cheese. mac and cheese topped with pork or chicken. they are located in section 119. also chick-fil-a, we have to tell you about this, too, also new to the wells fargo center, trying their new specialty waffles and the chicken sandwiches we all love. and lee's hoegies is also a new addition. >> waffle had a little chocolate on it. >> looked good.
5:41 pm
>> you would indulge in all of that. >> of course. unbutton the jacket, though, there i go. now i feel more comfortable. >> looks good. sheena, how's the weather look? >> does not look as good as the loaded mac and cheese, but still looks pretty good. before the week's over, though, rain chances moving in. when that's set to arrive, plus how low it will drop temperatures just in time for the eagles game. that's coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a high school football player in washington state who was injured during a game last week has died. this is the second game-related death in less than two weeks. kenny bowie, a senior in evergreen high school, was critically hurt during a game on friday night. he underwent surgery at a
5:44 pm
hospital but died yesterday. the school superintendent called it a devastating loss. this, of course, follows the death of another high school football player in new jersey, 17-year-old evan murray was hurt in a game at warren hills regional high school in warren county. it happened late last month. he died on the way to the hospital. autopsy results determined murray died from internal bleeding. today a north jersey priest bleed not guilty to child endangerment and assault charges. reverend kevin carter says he did not point a civil war musket at an 8-year-old boy over an apparent sports rivalry. prosecutors say the child wore a dallas cowboys shirt to church and carter, an avid giants fan, pointed the old gun at him. a united airlines flight was diverted to mexico today after a co-pilot became sick and fell unconscious. the incident comes a day after an american airlines pilot died midair. today's united flight was headed from houston to san francisco
5:45 pm
when it was diverted to albuquerque. the plane landed safely and the co-pilot was able to walk off the plane. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. captain michael johnston became sick and died on an american airlines flight monday. johnston was 57 years old. investigators ruled today that he died of natural causes. his plane was on its way from phoenix to boston, but it was diverted to syracuse, where the copilot safely landed. the plane later completed its leg to boston. it wasn't until the second flight the new crew the passengers were told the pilot had died. the airline says that is so no one would panic. for the first time, 27 of bill cosby's accusers have come together for an exclusive group interview to share their stories. they'll appear in a special airing friday on nbc's "dateline." nbc news national correspondent kate snow sat down with nearly half cosby's alleged victims who have come forward. this is a photo here of the
5:46 pm
women who range ages 46 to 80. new york magazine interviewed and photographed 45 of cosby's victims earlier this summer. former temple university employee andrea constant is one of them. she hasn't spoken publicly since the cosby scandal broke last fall because of a confidentiality agreement. constant claims cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her at his home in 2004. cosby has denied all the allegations against him and has not been charged. to watch the exclusive interview with the cosby accusers, tune into "dateline" friday night at 9:00 here on nbc 10. good news for those who heat their homes with propane or heating oil. the u.s. energy department predicts most heating bills will drop this winter. those using propane should spend more than $300 less compared to last winter. for those who used heating oil, expect a $450 savings. the projection is based on warmer weather and low energy
5:47 pm
prices. well, a new jersey state forest will shut down this week following multiple incidents involving aggressive bears. ramapo state forest will be off limits to visitors until the end of the week. wildlife crews were able to capture and euthanize a bear, they'll keep bear traps across the park while it's shut down. you may remember back in september 2014 a 22-year-old rutgers university student was killed in a bear attack in passaic county. he was killed while hiking at the nature reserve. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a beautiful fall day today, temperatures a little bit above average for this time of year, but it still feels pretty perfect outside. here's a live look at the link, clear skies and it's going to look like this into sunday for the eagles game, except it's going to be about ten degrees or
5:48 pm
so cooler than today. until then we have warming temperatures today warmer than yesterday, tomorrow will be similar to today. and our next rain chance comes before the week's over, so we are looking at showers in the forecast. mostly friday and that cool down is going to come after the rain, so going into the weekend temperatures back into the 60s for daytime highs. right now we're in the mid 70s to low 70s for most of the area. 72 in pottstown, mid 70s in philadelphia, about the mid to low 70s for south jersey and delaware. 67 degrees in atlantic city. cooler, ocean breeze there. the average high this time of year is 70 degrees. yesterday we only got to 69. today we hit 75, so five degrees above normal. tomorrow will be right around the same. then for thursday we're going to have a brief cool down to around 70 degrees. friday we warm back up again. that comes with rain, though, and take a look at what happens into the weekend. saturday highs only about the mid 60s, staying that way as we go into sunday. looking pretty good for the eagles game. definitely football weather.
5:49 pm
for tonight, though, by 6:00 p.m. temperatures around 70 degrees. mostly sunny. more clouds moving in through the late night hours. mid 60s by 10:00 p.m., so getting cool again tonight, just not as cool as it was last night. that's because of the clouds moving in. most of the area still seeing mostly sunny skies. see the clouds moving in, we'll see more clouds moving through the overnight hours. then they'll clear up. no rain with any clouds, by the way, won't be seeing the rain until friday. here's a look at future temperatures. for tonight we'll be dropping into the 50s and tomorrow morning, 8:00, most of the area about the upper 50s. about the mid 50s to low 50s areas north and west of the lehigh valley through the afternoon sun comes out again, temperatures similar to today, then thursday we'll see a cooler afternoon most of the day thursday. temperatures will be in the 60s. so a little bit cooler. then we go into friday, we are back in the 70s, so kind of a roller coaster temperature pattern here, but that's going to come with some rain, so you don't want to leave the house
5:50 pm
friday without your umbrella. then we'll clear up into the weekend. for tonight, though, 50s in the forecast. 52 in allentown and reading. 58 philadelphia. 54 pottstown and millville, 56 degrees in dover. tomorrow, though, sunny and nice, similar to today. some areas will be a couple degrees warmer than today. 75 and 78 degrees for the high temperature. then we take a cool down for thursday. we'll have a cold front moving through. friday we see the rain approaching, 77 degrees, into the weekend we could have a couple lingering showers come saturday morning, but i think a lot of that will start to clear out through the middle of the day. will get windy and cooler, temperatures in the mid 60s saturday, then for sunday take a look at the eagles forecast, 67 degrees for the highs, pretty nice, sunny and dry, then next week back into the mid 70s. >> all right, sheena, thank you. a michigan woman is counting her blessings tonight. all 310 million. >> julie leach from three
5:51 pm
rivers, michigan. leach won the powerball lottery worth more than $310 million. she was an overnight worker, i said was, at a fiberglass factory. she says she was having a bad day at work anyway when she checked her ticket on her lunch break. she says it wasn't too long until she became a former employee at the factory. >> i quit automatically. i was done. i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things that i had to deal with over life. >> if leach takes the lump sum, she'll walk away with $197 million after taxes. >> good for her and good for the kids, too. >> bright future. >> yes, they do. the world's largest retailer is trying to become your destination for health care. walmart announced it will hold health fairs at more than 4,000
5:52 pm
stores nationwide this saturday. customers can get free blood pressure and blood glucose readings, flu shots and other vaccines will also be available there. most of the stores are going to help customers, too, sign up for health care during the enrollment period. why was the cargo ship out of its sea during the hurricane? >> that's the question family members are asking as crews continue their search for a ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. how the owner's responding to critics saying he cost the crew their lives.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> the national transportation safety board has joined the investigation into that cargo ship which is believed to have sunk during hurricane joaquin. this as the search for victims or survivors continuing near the bahamas. so far one body has been recovered. >> 33 crew members were onboard when that ship went down. nbc's chris pollone has the latest. >> reporter: the coast guard is scouring the seas near the islands that make up the bahamas five days after officials think the cargo ship el faro went down during the height of hurricane joaquin. debris fields, including a badly damaged life boat. one victim found, 32 others are missing, 28 of them americans.
5:56 pm
the question for families and the coast guard even outfitted in neoprene survival suits, could the experienced mariners survive such a storm? >> they were abandoning ship into a category 4 hurricane, 50 foot waves, zero visibility. >> reporter: the ship's owner says if the el faro had not lost its propulsion system the ship would have been able to avoid the storm. for some that's not enough. >> in my judgment, you never should have sailed through those waters period, period. >> reporter: some family members say the ship's captain, michael davidson, was a good sailor with more than 20 years experience who would have never taken an unnecessary risk. >> the danger's always there, and i have all the faith in the world in the captain that he did what he thought was best. >> reporter: for the family and friends of the missing, there's nothing they can do now but wait and hope. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, monica lewinsky
5:57 pm
taking the stage here in philadelphia at forbes 30 under 30 summit this afternoon. we'll have a live recap. and another beautiful sunny, warm day again tomorrow, but showers are heading in later this week and a big change in temperatures. my forecast coming up next. first, the latest on the lockdown at philadelphia's community college today, what police are saying about the gun that triggered the scare.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news at 6:00, panic at community college of philadelphia, s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the campus looking for a gunman and some students tell us security left them in the dark. >> that's the thing, no one came and alerted us about anything. if the guy was up there, we would have had no idea. >> a teenager is now in custody for prompting the lockdown, but authorities can still not find the gun. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. no one was hurt during the incident and it all started as an argument between two people. the lockdown began around 9:30 this morning at the campus in the city's spring garden section. nbc 10's george spencer is joining us live from our digital operations center with the latest from police this evening. george? >> investigators are emphasizing the school itself was never the target. this was some sort of ongoing continuing dispute between two
6:00 pm
people that reached its peak today there on the school's campus. student cell phone video captured these images of a s.w.a.t. team filing up the stairs inside this ccp building as they searched for the person allegedly armed with a gun in the middle of the spring garden campus. >> there's a gunman, everybody stay still. my mom called me, are you okay, are you okay? >> reporter: emergency calls came in mid-morning, patrol officers, s.w.a.t. teams, and detectives worked in unison with the college. ccp alerted students via text message and quickly offered surveillance video to detectives tracking the suspect. chief inspector joe sullivan led the tactical response. >> in a situation like this, you're literally being bombarded with information, and it's a matter of sorting the information out and deciding what's pertinent. >> reporter: while s.w.a.t. teams searched, detectives reviewed surveillance video and pinpointed the suspect's location. they say the ent t


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