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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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who killed this 22-year-old transgender woman. philadelphia police need your help in cracking the murder case that has the city's lgbt community on edge. safety on the rails, investigators said that technology could have prevented the deadly derailment in philadelphia but amtrak is threatening congress about a deadline to implement the technology. temperatures in the mid 70s. there is the sight of rain closer to the weekend. 4:30, 60 degrees outside.
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this is nbc 10 news today, i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. first alert meteorologist bill henley is standing by with a first look at the weather. >> this morning with a few clouds moving through the area, we're looking at 50s and 60s. 57 in pottstown, lancaster is 59 degrees, toms river dropped to 48, 61 degrees at philadelphia international. northeast philadelphia just into the upper 50s. we'll see plenty of sunshine like yesterday. the humidity stays low, another warm one. 59 at 6:00 within by 9:00, 62 degrees, wind at 10 miles an hour at lunchtime, 59 degrees. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back at in 10 a lot of roadwork around
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garrard afd has pingd up. head out the door on 422 were everything is in the green eastbound where we see the delay. but that's not happening yet. we only have a 9 minute drive time right now. on the boulevard, watch out for the inner drive blocked. when i come back we'll going to check in with the vine street expressway. in dhorthis morning there'sd investigation. >> a group of men killed a 22-year-old transgender woman. katy zachary is live with the details. what do we know about this? >> i just got off the phone with homicide detectives who tell any no arrest has been named. they still haven't named a suspect and they still need to talk to a key witness.
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the victim, 22-year-old keisha jenkins was found beaten and shot to death. not long before the attack early yesterday she hand been dropped off on the street. police believe a group of five or six men beat her and shot her twice in the back. it's still too early to call this a hate crime. >> it's tragic loss for the city of philadelphia, for the lgbt community and for this individual's family, friends and loved ones. >> reporter: now jerng kins is the second transgender woman to be murdered in philadelphia this year. coming up in the next half-hour, we'll take a look at what the detectives spent the day doing yesterday to learn more about this murder. it's 4: 33 happening today, a hearing on the school district resumes in delaware county. a judge begn hearing arguments
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last month and last week governor wolf's administration presented a revised plan for it to climb out of the $20 million debt. the state shelled out $5 million for teachers and staff could be paid. a new audit shows no one has updated the master plan for pennsylvania's schools in 16 years. the master plan is a road map for statewide education policy. the auditor general says the reason it hasn't been updated is because of misguided leadership on the department of education board. he says without the master plan, state does not have a strategic way to deal with issues facing public schools. but the board chairman says yes, the plan does need to be updated by the board has tried to meet obligations in spite of limited resources. amtrak is threatening to shut down train service until congress extends the deadline for adding safety technology.
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it's called positive train control. if nbc 10 investigators first diskord it miss on a track in may in philadelphia. the northeast corner is one of the only places in the country where amtrak says it will have positive train control installed by the end of the dloin. the vast majority of the met work would be up operable without the safety measure so it will have to cancel service beginning december 1st. 56 miles between new haven connecticut and new rochelle new york will not have pcp installed by the end of the year. a rutgers football player is no longer charged with assault. a judge has dismissed the case against la ron taye ka radio because his accuser didn't want to testify against him.
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this comes at a time that the rutgers team is in turmoil. several players have been charged with crimes, including robbery, and assault and the head coach was suspended for asking a teacher about changing a player's grade. yesterday, the city's planning commission approved a master plan for a casino facility on packer avenue. it would include a las vegas style casino floor with 2,000 slot machines. there will be a hotel, a spa and a parking garage. joe biden continues to be the undecided presidential candidate that everyone is curious about. >> but not everyone is fixated on who he'll run in 2016. hear how his office is responding to the vp easter final moments with his son beau. there's a chill in the air this morning.
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ahead, why some of us could see your heating bills drop once the snow arrives. not quite as cold this morning. a live view from center city. right now 60 degrees at 4:37. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is just ahead. (cheering) ♪
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so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. 4:39, we're looking at another beautiful day ahead. it's cool this morning, but not quite as chilly as yesterday. we're up nine degrees compared to yesterday at this time. 59 degrees in philadelphia, just a gentle breeze. 14 degrees warmer for pottstown and redding, lancaster, same story, wilmington up by 10 degrees. which means no sign of the 50s just yet. a couple of spots getting close. toms river is in the upper 40s right now. but it's 57 in wilmington. and the reason it's warmer, right there, clouds moving
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through. those act as a blanket for our area keeping in some of the heat left over from yesterday where it did warm up to 75 yesterday afternoon. the clouds are on the move as you can see. they'll be moving out, we'll be back into the middle 70s again today. 63 degrees for the pocono mountains, scattered clouds there, allentown and redding, 74 later today. plenty of sunshine this afternoon for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly, atlantic city a little warmer at 73 degrees. a beautiful day ahead just like yesterday, the humidity stays low, the clouds starting off with this morning clear off. 75 for philadelphia, wilmington up to 74 degrees. scattered clouds today but no sign of any wet weather for our area today. but as we get closer to the weekend, there is a chance we'll get some showers and an outside chance of a thunderstorm. i'm back in ten minutes with a
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look at the seven-day forecast. now we have a large network of cameras to keep us abreast of what's happening on the roadways out there. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is always scanning them. >> drive times on down. so that's definitely a good thing. we're right around 24th street here, westbound lanes, not a car in site right now. but if you're headed toward 30th street station on the schuylkill, no problem, eastbound towards 95, all the drive times under three minutes. but once you're in philadelphia we have a lot of construction project to talk about, waun on 19th street south closed between vine treat and the ben franklin pork way, also some work on the ben franklin park way, the left lane is closed between 21st and 20th. boulevard northbound will be blocked until 5:30 a.m.
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a north jersey priest was in court for a gun investigation. >> the weapon in question is a civil war era musket and he's accused of pointing it at an 8-year-old boy and wait until you hear why. do you find exercise to be a real pill? hear about the work that scientists are doing to get the power of a workout in a tiny tablet. >> finally.
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♪ we're having an open house and you're invited (cheering) ♪
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watch this. it is surveillance video showing a group of teens crashing a car into a gun shop in virginia and stealing at least 25 guns. police used the video to catch the teens and later found out the car was stolen. volkswagen's new ceo says a recall of cars hit by e meigs scandal should start by january and they plan to fix all of the cars by the end of next year. according to volkswagen, up to 11 million vehicles contain the diesel engine with software that cheats u.s. emissions tests. the c ex-o says the software
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update should fix most cases. it's a quarter to 5 o'clock now. not guilty, that's the plea entered buy a priest in north jersey who's accused of pointing a civil war musket at an 8-year-old boy while they argued about football. reverend kevin carter is charged with child endangerment. authorities say he pointed the an treek weapon at the boy. the boy is a cowboys fan, the reverend an avid giants fan. the reverend said they were joking around. the country prosecutor said it was no joke. >> put him up against the wall and pointed a long arm rifle and said i'm going to shoot you. >> the father did hold the musket but the boy was never ever put against the wall. >> reverend carter said he'll be vindicated. the u.s. transportation department will unveil a new
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program to educate drivers. researchers show that drivers are unsure of the new technology in their cars. they're going to unveil new videos and graphic to help drivers understand the technology. across the country miswill seeing a new device that mimics the signal from your key fob. it allows thieves to unlock your door. >> one gm key fob is not going to wrk on another one but i believe this goes through a series of transmissions until it gets the right one. >> they also use power amplifiers to boost your key fob's signal. even if your key fob is in your house, your car is fooled by the new device. be all of this it's best not to leave valuables in your car. aggressive bears are farcest forcing a new jersey forest to
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close this week. a series of incidents have occurred in ramapo forest. wildlife crews captured and euthanized one bear. they'll keep bear traps across the park. a bear killed a student in passaic county. he was killed while hiking in the preserve. we'll all fantasized about this before. getting in shape, what if it were -- i fantasize about getting in shape what if it were as easy as taking a pill. >> scientists are working on an exercise pill that would mimic the effects of working out. the pill is still in the very early stages of development. for now you still have to hit the gym. experts say no gym can truly
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reproduce the all of the benefits of exercise. clouds overhead. we are seeing a few scattered clouds in the area but they're not going to last all day. they're going to be clearing out. we're on our way to another nice sunny day today. right now we're starting off dry from the city to the shore. cape may is going to warm back into the low 70s this afternoon. it was a gorgeous day yesterday, going to be another nice day today. but things are changing by the end of the week. boathouse row is glowing this morning. you'll see bright sunshine there. we're starting off at 61 degrees, wind up in the middle 70s today. right now completely clear of any rain for our area. but later this week that will likely change as showers and thunderstorms are a possible just as we get toward the weekend. 57 in pottstown, wilmington is 57 degrees, 52 in mill vul. the cool spot this morning is toms river at 48 degrees.
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there go the clouds, they're moving out and sunshine, you'll need your sunglasses again today. but you won't need your umbrella until later on friday. you see a cold front that is going to be forming and coming toward our area. we won't see any effect from it today or tomorrow, but friday afternoon these showers will move in. this is midnight on friday, look at the clouds on the move. it won't look too impressive fist thing in the morning, but during the afternoon the line of showers and possibly thunderstorms will head into our area later in the afternoon in time for the evening commute. today, another nice comfortable day, low to mid 70s this afternoon. tomorrow a few scattered clouds, 55 in the morning, 73, another nice one were thursday, 73, a little cooler than today. but friday will be warmer ahead of the cold front, ahead of the showers and a chance of some
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therms. early saturday morning, the showers come to an end, breezy and cooler on saturday. high of 64. sunshine is back just in time for sunday with a high of 69 degrees. that's ls game, the dovertown wine festival on sunday amp and then monday possibly warmer. 74 the high temperature, another round of showers possible on tuesday. ten minutes before 5:00 right now let's check your ride to work. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will show us how things are moving out there for the buses and the trains. >> i wanted to start off with a good note. we're going to talk about mass transit, no delays, you're good to go right now. i swear it's back here, there it is, right around trooper road, no problems. we have an 8-minute drivetime eastbound to the schuylkill expressway. no problems right now. as for the rest of the drive times around the philadelphia
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area, currently no problems heading into the center city area and the blue route southbound from the schuylkill to 79, we're a little low there, about a 14-minute trip. here's another way of getting around. today is walk to school day in philadelphia. mayor michael nutter is urging everyone to obey traffic safety laws, especially in traffic safety zones. it's up to every adult to teach children safety tips on walking to school, including stop, look and listen. drivers are being encouraged to slow down in school zones, watch out for kids and put away the cell phones and other distractions. the u.s. energy department predicts most heating bills will drop this winter. propane users expect to spend more than $300 less than you did last year, even more savings for anyone using heating oil, that's $450 less than last year. these are projected on warmer
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weather and lower energy uses. police need your help solving a murder and it could also prove to be a hate crime. next, what we're learning about the shooting and beating death of a 22-year-old transgender woman. also next, controversy brewing for vice president joe biden. hear how his office is responding to allegations that he leaked a story about his son beau's dying wish.
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your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the
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injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. here are the three games vying for this week's high school game of the week, mainland very st. august teen, coatesville versus westchester field. the winning matchup is our high school game of the week. we'll have the results for you on thursday. the new york giants are taking precautions after a team member was diagnosed with mer
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so. the team has scrubbed down the locker rooms and practice facility that's after the doctors examining daniel feld found the staph infection. it can be fatal if it enters the bloodstream. now to decision 2016. democrat presidential candidate hillary clinton send sent some reading material to her rivals. clinton sent a copy of her book "hard choices" meant as a retort about the criticism aimed at her. the book would be an informative resource for them. a spoking person for vice president joe biden denies a politico report that biden leaked an account of his dying son's wish that he run for president. politico called it effectively
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publishing an ad in the "the new york times." the spokesperson called the report categorically false and that the categorization is offensive. carley fiorina has declared she's a front runner in second place. fiorina says when people get to know her, they support per. but the pundits aalong with the support comes increased pressure and she's had to make adjustments to her message inresponse to that scrutiny. people do not believe their government works for them but that doesn't mean it can't be the wait it should be. >> that's the new campaign video from jeb bush, the gop presidential candidate delivered an upbeat something that he can knock down the barrier to economic growth. he gave a similar message to the voters in iowa. four minutes until 5:00 now. on to decision 2016.
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indicted congress will get an election challenge from pennsylvania first openerly gay state lawmaker. brian simms is running next april. simms has been a state legislator since 2013. he's the first person toe challenge patta. fattah's only challenges including brian gordon. fattah is vowing to stay in office as he fights federal corruption charges. he's accuse odd misusing money and stealing charitable money. prosecutors say he accept a secret million dollar campaign law. he is married to nbc 10 news anchor. renee is listed in the criminal complaint. she's listed as person e.
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defense allege that she took part in a scheme to fraudulently close her car to pay for a vacation carp. she's on leave from nbc 10. a local county has created a fist of its kind dna database to help fight crime. all 40 townships announce on tuesday that they're gathers dna for a county database managed for a private company. it often takes month to get information from the database. so far they've been able to nab suspects across township lines. >> not a gun, not a taser, not even a web. it's q-tip. and because of it we're all much, much more safe as a community. >> police say the database has helped clear cases in other counties as well. they say it's also been a valuable tool to exonerate the innocent. well our planet as you've
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never seen it before. >> get ready to go around the world in seconds. a young british man quit his job to travel the world and he choose a unique way to record his trip. he recorded one second of every day of his trip and created this montage of all of the countries he visited. he traveled to 46 countries across four continents in a little over a year. he said he sold all of his belonging before the trip and lived on $20 a day during his journey. why not. >> wow. that's incredible. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 5:00 starts right now. and right now on nbc 10 news today, police are still looking for a group of men who beat, shot and murdered a transgender woman. we'll tell you what investigators could be the key to solving the case. today pennsylvania budget
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battles could take a step forward after a vote in harrisburg but we'll explain why republican say the spending plan is still struggling. we're getting ready for another gorgeous october day across the area. but there's always that but. we have some rain in the forecast. we'll tell you when the wet weather is expected to arrive. good morning, it's wednesday already. can you believe that? this week is zipping right by. i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. >> today we are running warmer. clouds coming through the air yb we're at 61 degrees with a light breeze out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour. temperatures across the area 50s and 60s. trenton is 56, it's 56 in lancaster, mount poc


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