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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i'm tracy davidson. >> i think it's going to be the best day of the week. let's get to meteorologist will henley. >> that's the right attitude, vai. the clouds are on the move. they're preventing the temperatures from cooling down like they did yesterday morning. instead of 40s, we're in the 50s for most of the area and it's completely dry. nothing is falling from the clouds. and a nice light northerly wind, that's dry air coming into play. we're starting off with clouds, 61 degrees, look at that, 11:00, 67, then the clouds break as we warm into the low 70s at 2:00 and top out in the middle 70s just like yesterday. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check in on traffic. jessica boyington has your first
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alert traffic >> we're watching construction in new jersey. that will only be out there until 6:00 which is about right now. we'll have updates for you as soon as they're cleerds out of the way. if you're heading out of the door on to the schuylkill expressway, right now currently no problems. this is right around the vine street expressway. eastbound, no problems from the blue route to the vine. still a 13-minute trip if you're heading eastbound. we haven't budged in our drive tame, so a good time. mass transit, we're in the clear this morning. vai? a transgender woman is murdered by a group of men in the middle of a philadelphia street but police say it's too early to call it a hate crime. katy zachry is live for us right
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now. what are the police waiting for in order to rule this homicide a hate crime? >> reporter: they're waiting for more information. yesterday they spent the information talk to people in this area and they're also looking for surveillance video. we asked them about the motive mind t behind the murder and they say it's too early to label it a hate crime. they need to talk to a key witness. the victim of this murder, 22-year-old keisha jenkins was found shot in the back here in this neighborhood. this happened early yesterday morning about 2:30. minutes before jenkins was attacked someone dropped her off in the area and police want to talk to the driver. the suspects right now, they're looking for five or six men who beat jenkins then shot her. >> right now we don't have any motive, we don't know if it's a poenlty will a hate crime or a robbery. we really don't know.
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it's too early in the investigation to tell. >> reporter: now a trending topic on social media last night and this morning is the #sayhername. poli raises oping that awareness and drums up support and information. yesterday the plips spent the day interviewing people here in the naeighborhood. they've also talked to jenkins family and they haven't released why she was in this area. reporting d/pĂș)u@d9no carrierri.
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then we saw people walking our
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floors, so the students left and i left. >> the student reported this video of the officers taking the suspect away. police say the scare had nothing to do with an fbi warning about an online threat against local colleges. today in the pennsylvania budget battle, republican lawmakers will vote on governor tom wolf's new spending plan. yesterday the governor proposed a half cent increase which is a change from his original plan which called for a new sales tax. he still wants to tax natural gas drilling. gop leaders say the governor's plan still doesn't have enough support to pass. the state has been without a budget now for three months. meantime, who has been updating the master plan for pennsylvania's schools for the past 16 years. according to a new audit, no one. it's a road map for the statewide education policy. the reason it's not been updated is because of misguided leadership.
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but the board chair says that the plan needs to be updated and the board has tried to meet its obligations despite limited resource zblo resource. a judge began hearing arguments on the recovery plan last month. last week governor wolf's administration presented a revised plan to help the district climb out from more than a $2 million debt. citizens living in the state capital of columbia can breathe a little easier. crews working overnight managed to fix a dam. crews have made dozens of water rescues and hundreds of roads remain impassable and throw it all the community is staying strong r strong. >> we are restill yaent people,
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hopeful people. >> south carolina's governor said it's too soon the assess the damage across her state where more than a dozen people have died. seven minutes after 6:00 this morning. we're warmer than yesterday morning. it was in the 40s for most of the region yesterday. we have some scattered clouds this morning. it's a cool start but not the big chill that we saw yesterday morning. late this week showers, fossably some thunderstorm, heavy downpours and that will bring a change that weekend. we're looking at a cooler weekend as we dry out sat and sunday. clouds over redding and philadelphia. 58 in redding, philadelphia 60 and cape may is at 55 degrees. there you can see the scattered clouds. this is a live view from the nbc 10 studios. closer to sunrise just after 7:00, the skies will brighten
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up. as the day goes on we'll watch the clouds move out of here. they're on the move. the clouds are keeping the temperatures warmer. up 13 compared to yesterday. redding, allentowns with pottstown, 12 degrees warmer. clouds will keep going to the east. we'll see thinning clouds as we go into the afternoon which means another beautiful day, very sim to yesterday. amp temperatures right back in the middle 70s. radar is dry today. nothing falling from the clouds this morning. that changes later this week. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 68 degrees this afternoon, 7 for bethlehem and morgan town. plenty of sunshine for morristown, 74. avalon, 73, milford topping out at 74 degrees and plenty of sunshine for wilmington and woodstown this afternoon.
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weekend forecast and the look at the showers when we're back in ten minutes. 6:09 before you grab your keys, come to the tv, we'll give you a little help on your commute to work. >> nbc first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the boulevard. >> all cars moving along nicely. if you're heading to the ben franklin bridge right now, you're fine. let's do an area check of the bridges. currently clear on the walt. the ben is dealing with ongoing construction but that's something we're used to, not really going to affect traffic until rush hour really begins to get underway. we're losing a lane in boast directions. and as for ongoing construction, we have a few projects that are clear right now, 676, don't
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and the down bridge, that's open as well. more updates in the next ten minutes. the sexual assault claims against bill cosby may move from the court of public opinion to the courtroom. next, a new lawsuit against the comedian. a woman is caught on camera stealing cash from a store. we'll tell you why the victim in the case is more concerned about the thief's accomplice than getting her stuff back.
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today in philadelphia, the salvation army will celebrate 150 years of service. the salvation army of greater philadelphia will gather with monies of community member to mark the milestone with their celebrate hope luncheon.
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it will also honor several people who have done work for the charity during the last year. police want to find a woman who they believe used a little girl for a lookout while she stole a purse in a philadelphia store. check out the surveillance video from casey's world fun chur store on sunday. the owner says the woman sneaked into her office and took a purse containing $1600 in cash. she's worried about the little girl who appeared to be scared. >> the child involved, that gets me, makes me sick to my stomach. bill cosby is in for more legal trouble. a model accused him of sexually assault him in 2008 filed a lawsuit against him. cloely goins does not list a specific date of alleged crime.
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the suit is being filed under a rule that allows victims of sexual abuse to sue for several years after they turn 18. goins turned 18 in 2008. the comedian's lawyer denied goins' accusations. and for the first time more than two dozen of his accusers are come together with a group interview with nbc's kay snow. they're appear in a date line special airing friday at 9 o'clock. you with watch ith right here on nbc 10. philadelphia will honor a fallen police officer are a permanent marker. the city will unveil a hero plaque for robert wilson, iii later this morning. and new this morning, vx's new ceo wants to start a recall in january for cars hit by the
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emissions scandal. the dealer plans to fix the cars by the end of next year. the ceo says a software update should fix most cases but some vehicles could need new parts. thieves have a new way to break into your car and it's as if they have their own key. police are seeing a device that mimics the signal in your key fob. it allows the thieves to unlock your door. >> one gm key fob is not going to work on another but but i believe this goes through a sequence of transmissions until it gets the right one to unlock the doors. >> there's another way that hackers are outsmarting your locks. even if you key fob is inside your house, the car is fooled by the device and the door will open. amazingly this driver only
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has major injuries. you ask see it starts when the white car cuts in front of the truck, hits the truck's cab. the driver talked about what it was like inside the cab. >> i thought it was in a transformer's movie with the broken glaesz and the screeching and the rubber and the burning. >> police are still looking for the driver of the car. by the way we have an accident on the boulevard this morning. >> where on the boulevard? >> right around broad street on the boulevard southbound. you can see not even a heavy police activity presence right there right now. this dent is relatively new, just happened on the southbound side. you can see the backup behind the scene. we know sky force 10 is headed to the scene right now. as for construction, watch out in city center on ben franklin park way.
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we have a lane closed between 21st and the square and the outer drive closed between 2 ist and 20th. later on this evening, 8:00 p.m. watch for heavy traffic around the wells fargo center. as for mass transit, we currently have no problems or delays for patco, new jersey transit and septa. more updates to come. 18 minutes after 6:00, a cool start this morning, not as chilly as yesterday. a live clear view across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. 50s and low 60s. philadelphia, clouds, 60 degrees. 58 in al lynnetolentown. this layer of clouds will not stay all day. the timing is just right to keep the temperatures a bit warmer
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this morning. satellite shows on the move however and we will see clearing skies. on our way to another really nice day today. and again tomorrow. but friday is a different story. all these clouds, they're showers that are going on on the move with a storm system that will bring us a possibility of showers and thunderstorms. early friday morning the storms are off to the northwest affecting buffalo. but friday afternoon and into friday evening and early saturday morning, this is what we'll be dealing with. this is 6:00 friday evening. in the later evening hours could see some downpours, friday evening 10:00. the clouds that we've got to start with, they're out of here by this afternoon. mostly sunny, nice and comfortable, the humidity stays low temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. tomorrow, 55 to start with, a
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little cooler. fewer clouds on thursday, sunshine will break through the clouds in the afternoon. the high clouds. 73 the high on thursday. it will warm up ahead of the showers. friday afternoon will be near 80 degrees. late day showers and thunderstorms into early saturday and then drying out. a freezy day on saturday but the winds settle down on sunday and with bright sunshine we warm up to 69 degrees. the gorgeous weather continues for monday. it's tuesday that could see the return of showers. a shoe store in delaware is putting it heart and sole into the fight against breast cancer. they're offering pink soles in repair jobs and convinced 60 shoe repair service to do the same. proceeds will go to help fight breast cancer. bringing las vegas to philadelphia. we're getting a look at the master plan for a casino project on the way to south
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philadelphia. president is never held to account, never accepts responsibility, always blames somebody else and for that result is that people believe their government doesn't cork for them. >> fiery rhetoric from republican presidential candidate jeb bush. we'll have more on his message to the voters.
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an aggressive bear is forcing new jersey official to close a park. there have been recent bear encounters in ramapo state forest. wildlife crews were able to capture and euthanize the bear they think was responsible but they'll keep bear traps across the park during the shutdown. you may remember in september of 2014 a bear killed a the 2-year-old rutgers student in a bear attack. officials say he died while hiking at the nature preserve.
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i'm matt delucia live in sky force 10 over an accident on the rose velt boulevard. it's causing quite a backup. we'll have the latest on what's happening out here coming up after this break. jessica? >> and again, looking at that accident scene right now, right around broad street, i'm checking my cameras right now and seeing where the congestion and delay is. delays up to five to ten minutes, but i think u ooh es goi it's going to be a little more than that. we'll have updates for you around the 6:30 hour. right now let's check a check of our forecast. jessica, clouds moving through the area but no sign of any rain.
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60 degrees at 6:25. we're in the 70s this afternoon. definitely warmer to start with. 13 degrees warmer this morning compared to yesterday at this time for pottstown, allentown and redding. it's nine degrees warmer in philadelphia. the transjend woman is murdered and the killers are on the loose. katy zachry is live in philadelphia with how social media is playing a role in solving this case. >> reporter: it quickly became a trending topic on social media and homicide detectives are hoping it helps raise awareness and helps them learn whether it was a hate crime.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america.
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care that never quits. appointments available now. and that breaking news is an accident on the boulevard. we have sky force 10, matt da slew sha is on board and we'll have an update coming up.
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one person may be the key to solving a homicide in huntington park neighborhood. we'll following the investigation into a 22-year-old transgender woman. and here's a laif look outside right now. it's dark of course but in about 30 minutes. sun will rise and it will warm up a little bit. don't get used to this weather, however. things will change by the end of the week. >> it's 6:30. let's find out about the day ahead with meteorologist bill henley. >> it was a dark and cloudy night but the clouds are moving out of here and we're on our way to another beautiful day. yesterday morning we saw 40s. this morning it is warmer. pottstown is 58, 55 in lancaster. toms river popped into the 50s. had dropped down to 48 degrees. and 60 at philadelphia international, a bit cooler for
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ro rocks borrow. here comes the sunshine. temperatures right back in the 70s this afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now it is time for an update on the traffic scene. >> i'm matt delucia live over the roosevelt boulevard here. the southbound lane you're looking at, there is an accident out here on the left lane. you see that some of the tow trucks have already arrived out here on the scene. initially we were told that the left and center lanes were shut down but traffic is moving in the center and right lanes. if we can pull out a little bit here, you can see how much traffic is backed here up on the roosevelt boulevard south of broad street. very close to broad street. you can see this line of traffic extends all the way up the boulevard, as far as the eye can
6:32 am
see. this is definitely anarea to avoid right now until this is cleaned up. we've been told there are may nor injuries. the tow trucks are in line trying to get this out of the way. we're close to all of the folks headed to school and work right now. this is an area to avoid. for the rest of the traffic picture, let's head over to jessica boyington. >> yes, just checking in with my maps and system watching for delays there for the roosevelt boulevard accident. the good thing is we have traffic moving by the scene, as you can see right in there. these are the cameras that we are right in front of the scene, actually around 17th street. but the accident is centered around broad street. i'll have alternates for you in the next few minutes. but right now we have a several-mile backup, all the way past our cameras.
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more updates on that. but if you're heading out the door, the rest of the drive times, we're starting to see some slow speeds on 95 and the schuylkill. no arrested and no suspects. this morning police are still searching for the clues of a mud of a transgender woman in philadelphia. katy zachry is live. >> reporter: tracy, i talked to homicide detectives this morning. they say they need more people to come forward with information. namely the person who they say dropped the victim off in this area of hunting park and then minutes later she was beaten and shot to death. here's a picture of the victim, 22-year-old keisha jenkins. the transgender woman was found beaten and shot to death in hunting park. minutes before the attack someone dropped her off. they want to talk to that driver. detectives believe a group of five or six men beat jenkins and
6:34 am
shot her twice in the back. she's the second transgender woman murdered in philadelphia this year. >> it's an absolutely tragic loss for the city of philadelphia, for the lgbt community and for this individual's family, friends and loved ones. >> reporter: and detectives say it is too early to call this murder a hate crime. they're still looking into the possibility that the motivation was robbery. if you have any information, call philadelphia homicide detectives. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. a middle schoolteacher is in the salem county jail accused of sexually assaulting a little girl. authorities charged rim ga do la with assaulting a girl under the age of five in june. police say it happened inside his home while the victim's parents were in another room. his neighbors were shock to hear of his arrest. >> i'd be in jail because i'd
6:35 am
kill him. i really would kill him. to touch any child of mine, i would. i'd kill him. >> this district has suspended him from his job as a fifth grade social studies teacher at salem middle school pending further investigation. now to decision 2016. dieted congressman fattah will get an election challenge from the first openly gay stay lawmaker. sims has been a ledge later since 2013. he's the third person to challenge fattah. fattah's challenges include dan mur rof and brian gordon. fattah is vowing to stay in office while fighting federal corruption charges. he's accused of misusing his influence, stealing taxpayer money and charitable donations. he accepted a secret million
6:36 am
dollar campaign loan. fattah has denied all charges. congressman fattah is married to nbc anchor renee fattah. she's labeled as person e and an affiliate of the fattah enterpri enterprise. she is not charged and denies any wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. and now to decision 2016, democrat presidential candidate hillary clinton has sent some reading material to her republican rivals. she sent a copy of her book "hard choices" to the gop candidate. the aide says i.d. was meant as a snarky retort to criticism lobbed at her during the second debate. the aide added that the book would be an unfortif resource
6:37 am
for them. a spokesperson for vice president joe biden denies a politico report that biden leaked an account of his dies son's wish that e run for president. politico called it effectively placing an ad in the "the new york times." the reporter reported it in her column last august. the spokesman called the report categorically false. republican carly fiorina is declaring she's a front runner in response to the latest nbc news "wall street journal" marist poll. when people get to know her, they support her. well the pundits say along with the support comes increased pressure and she's had to make adjustments to her message in response to that scrutiny. people do not believe their government works for them but that doesn't mean it can't be the way it should be. >> that's from jeb bush's new
6:38 am
campaign video. the gop presidential candidate delivered an upbeat message that she can knock down barrier to economic growth in the u.s. he'll continue to campaign in iowa today. this morning we're a step closer to seeing a new casino complex near the stadium complex. yesterday the planning commission approved a master plan for the casino facility including 2,000 slot machine, 125 table games, a hotel, a spa and a parking garage. amtrak is threatening to shut down train service unless congress extends a deadline for installing safety technology. it's called positive train control. the nbc 10 investigators first discovered it missing on the stretch of track where the amtrak train derailed back in may. the northeast corridor is one of the only places in country where
6:39 am
amtrak says it will have positive train control installed by the end of the deadline. amtrak says the vast majority of its network would be inoperable without the safety measure so it will have to cancel service beginning december 1 without an extension. today is walk to school taye in philadelphia. mayor nutter citizen it's up to all adults to teach children how to walk to school. drivers are encourages to show down, watch out for kids and put away cell phones and other distractions. it's another cool morning walk to school if you're doing that. let's bring in meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> bus stop forecast, if you're skipping the bus the morning or walking, it's going nobody the 50s. that's warmer than yesterday. you can blame or thank the clouds moving through the area. that's a live view from center
6:40 am
city. we're less than half an hour before sunrise. 58 degrees in northeast philadelphia. the clouds moving through this morning. they'll keep on going. we'll see bright sunshine this afternoon, just like yesterday, we're back into the 70s. lots of clouds. nothing to show you on the radar. but later on friday is when we'll see the return of rain. we ale see a nice warmup and sunshine this afternoon, 70s for allentown, redding and quaker town, clouds at the shore the clouds will leave this afternoon. rehoboth 71 degrees, 73 for vineland, 74 in dover. back in the middle 70s again today. as the skies clear out we'll see plenty of sunshine for philadelphia and wilmington. we continue to keep your eye on the accident on the roosevelt
6:41 am
boulevard. >> we've launched sky force 10 to get you a better view of that. >> sky force 10 over the top of an accident scene on the roosevelt boulevard southbound. quite a bit of improvement already. we had several lanes blocked. right now it's two lanes still getting by. but the backup behind that is pretty vicious. the good thing is everything is moving. all traffic pretty much at a stand still behind that as they funnel through to get by the scene. another accident just popped up, we have a camera looking live on 95 around academy road. so all lanes blocked except for one getting by right here on the right-hand side. you can see the police activity with the heavy police presence there. the cleanup will be quite some time. i'll have more on both of these accident scenes when we come back. a joke about football teams leads to a gun being picked up and the arrest of a priest now
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not guilty. that's the plea from a priest in north jersey who was accused of pointing a civil war musket an an 8-year-old boy. he's charged with child endangerment. he allegedly pointed the antique weapon at the boy. police arrested carter. his lawyer said that carter and the boy were joking around talking about their favorite football teams. the county prosecutor said it's no joke. >> put him up against the wall and pointed a long arm rifle and said i'm going to shoot you.
6:46 am
>> the father did hold the musket but the boy was never ever put against the wall. >> reverend carter said he'll be vindicated. in an hour sore so coast guard crews near the bahamas are going to continue their search. one person has been found dead and 32 are still missing. yesterday searchers spotted more debris from the missing ship. many are wondering why the boat was allowed to go out during the storm. the boat's owner says the captain and crew were not pressured to keep their delivery on time. >> i can a assure you there's in schedule that's more important to keep than that would in any way endanger the lives of our crew members or employees. >> nbc knees has confirmed the coast guard is working on a timetable for when to call off the search. ntsb investigators are in florida and will begin piecing
6:47 am
together what went wrong. in the meantime, dozens gathered at the maritime area in maine. the captain michael davidson is from maine. all four crew members from maine graduated from the academy. and in arizona, parts of west phoenix are completely washed out from nood waters with thunderstorms and possibly a tornado hit the area dropping an irj of rain in a very short amount of time. american's top commander in afghanistan says the u.s. should keep more than a thousand combat troops there beyond next year. general john campbell told a congressional hearing yesterday that conditions changed in a year since president obama announced his plan to cut numbers. the battles with the taliban, al qaeda and isis. he testified that the deadly u.s. air triek on on an afghan
6:48 am
hospital on saturday was a mistake. officials from the faa and the airline pilot's association will testify before the house tropgs and infrastructure committee. the hearing comes as pilots and air traffic controllers have increasingly reported drone sightings. a local county is fighting crime with a first of its kind dna database. they're gathering information for a data base managed by a company. police say it takes months to get results from a state database, has delay that can cripple law enforcement investigations. so far the database has been able to help nab suspects behind multiple crimes across township lines. >> this is not a gun, not a taser, not even a weapon. it's a q-tip. and because of it we're all much, much more safe as a community. >> police say the database has
6:49 am
helped solve cases in other counties as well. it's also been a valuable tool to clear the innocent. happening today, the u.s. transportation department will unveil a new prom to educate drivers called "my car does what?" a new website will offer videos and graphics to help them better understand the features. our fantasy sports fair in an employee for one site cashed in big and now many are calling foul on the play. here's how it works. a contest teant picks his rost. each team carrying a monetary value base odden the ability to score points. after the game is played scores are totaled. contestants can't see their opponents until the games begin. but experts say an employee who plays with access to the data has a clear advantage. >> knowledge is power.
6:50 am
you need to now more than the next guy to win. >> employees of the companies are winning these contests. that needs to be disclosed because to me that's a conflict of interest. >> the employee who won $230,000 could not have used information in question to make decision about hi player lineup. employees there are now barred from entering fantasy sports contests for money. hey, what if getting in shape were as easy as popping a pill. >> scientists are working on a so-call exercise pill that would mimic the effects of working out. help your body develop new blood vessels and boost energy, could also help build mus. the pill is in the very early ages of development. and experts say no pill can reproduce all of the benefits of exercise. around the world in seconds. a young british man quit his job
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to travel the world and record it one is second of every day of his trip, jordon simons traveled to 46 countries across four continue physicians. he sold all of his belongings before the adventure and lived on $20 a day during his journey. very nice. nine minutes before 7:00. a cool start this morning but not as chilly as yesterday. and this is why. clouds moving through this morning are helping to keep temperatures warmer. like a blanket over the area. 58 degrees in allentown, philadelphia 60 and 54 in atlantic city. we'll see the clouds thin out in the pocono mountains. that's a live view from the frenchman nor this morning. rest of the area is heading for the 70s. you can see the movement over the last hour. the move continues and we'll see sunshine today. later in the week we're watching
6:52 am
this area of cloud cover. that's a storm system that's going to come together with showers and possibly some thunderstorms for us later on thursday. days away. but early friday morning buffalo will be seeing that rain, friday afternoon, friday evening, showers and possibly heavy downpours in the area. there's a possibility that we'll get thunderstorms in the evening. the showers could intensify in new jersey later in the evening on friday. early saturday morning we start clearing out which clears the way for improving conditions over the weekend. so no excuses. south philadelphia eagles and the saints sunshine, 60s to start with and the fourth quarter into the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. guaranteed win? well that would be the dill worthtown wine festival which is going to enjoy sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s with a light breeze, you can't go wrong with that. you know you want to go, jessica. mostly sunny and nice today.
6:53 am
we'll win out today too. back in the middle 70s this afternoon. tomorrow 55 degrees, 73 in the afternoon. then come the showers. turning breezy and cool, the showers end early saturday morning, plenty of sunshine for sunday and monday, then another round of showers are possible tuesday. let's check the roads. we' following another accident into our system. >> we have sky force so moving from the boulevard to 95. >> busy morning for me right now. we're on 95 where we have an accident scene. it's actually improved since a few moments ago. we have several vehicles involved, even a tractor trailer that's on the right hand should ur. that is sky force 10 live on top of the scene. fortunately now traffic moving through the area. that's a good thing. we did just a few minutes ago
6:54 am
had one lane squeezing by. you can except some residual delays on 95 at this time. we're going to do a check in with -- here's video from the roosevelt boulevard scene. this is what it looked like a few moments ago. right now traffic moving by the area on the boulevard southbound around broad street. heading over to the cameras right now, the schuylkill expressway right around the vine street expressway, eastbound actually just moved over into the center median right here. we're starting to see some delays. use caution when traveling. the murder of a transgender woman in philadelphia has the lgbt community reacting strongly this morning. but was the homicide a hate crime or a robbery? nbc 10's katy zachry is live. >> reporter: this morning i talked to homicide detectives and coming up i'll have the update on a murder of a transgender woman which took just a block from where i'm standing.
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um katy zachry live in hunting park. i was just ournd 24 hours ago when philadelphia police found a transgender woman lying in the middle of the street. she had been beaten and shot to death. he's identified as 22-year-old keisha jenkins. philadelphia homicide detectives say he was attacked by a group of five to six men early yesterday morning. detectives are right now trying to figure out if the motivation was hate or robbery. they are looking for witnesses to come forward. if you have any information on this murder, call homicide detectives. live in hunting park, katy
6:59 am
zachry, nbc 10 news. i'm jessica boyington. right now we're watching an accident scene on 95. we've zoomed in on the 95. and watch out for this accident scene as well on the schuylkill expressway around the vine street expressway fortunately on the eastbound side but pushed into the center median. a pleasant start this morning. we do have some clouds moving through the area. they will not last all day. the temperatures nowhere near as chilly as yesterday. 60 in philadelphia, pottstown 58, 56 in millville, and 50s in wilmington this morning. 55 in south philadelphia and 56 in roxborough, headed for the 70s. the clouds will be thinning out. we'll see bright sunshine the afternoon. 11:00 this morning, 67 degrees and a breeze out of the north-northwest at 8 miles an hour. that's dry air so the humidity
7:00 am
stays low. >> where are you going to be on sunday? >> the wine fest call, a great fun raiser. the "today" show is next. good morning. breaking overnight. nuclear ambitions. the fbi reportedly foiling a frightening plot by russian-linked smugglers to sell nuclear material to isis, at least four attempts over the past five years, the material enough to contaminate several city blocks. we have a live report this morning. breaking point. a dangerous situation in south carolina today. several major dams on the verge of giving way. entire neighborhoods still threatened long after the rain has stopped. we'll be live on the flood lines in south carolina. the political clock is ticking. new calls this morning for vice president joe biden to run for president. the new ad urging him to get into the race while bill clinton makes a late night


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