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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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stays low. >> where are you going to be on sunday? >> the wine fest call, a great fun raiser. the "today" show is next. good morning. breaking overnight. nuclear ambitions. the fbi reportedly foiling a frightening plot by russian-linked smugglers to sell nuclear material to isis, at least four attempts over the past five years, the material enough to contaminate several city blocks. we have a live report this morning. breaking point. a dangerous situation in south carolina today. several major dams on the verge of giving way. entire neighborhoods still threatened long after the rain has stopped. we'll be live on the flood lines in south carolina. the political clock is ticking. new calls this morning for vice president joe biden to run for president. the new ad urging him to get into the race while bill clinton makes a late night pitch.
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>> please try to be impartial here. who do you think is the most qualified to hold office in 2016? >> the lady i saw singing on "saturday night live." >> and speaking of late night, "tonight show" takeover. >> i think i pulled a hammy on that one. i think i have to tag out on that one. >> a surprise appearance for jay leno jumping in on fallon's monologue. this morning jay is live with us from "tonight" to "today," today, wednesday, october 7th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. we've got willie in this morning for matt and some breaking news at the top this morning, a startling revelation. the associated press is reporting this morning that the fbi has helped foil several
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attempts by russian-linked smugglers to sell nuclear materials to muslim extremists, including isis. let's get right to nbc's key simmons in london >> reporter: implications are chilling, an attempt to sell nuclear material to jihadists in the middle east. the fbi has uncovered four such instances acourt the to the associated press, and in one case earlier this year it's claim and arm smuggler offered to sell creasium for $2.8 million and this manage toedor chetrus wanted to sell uranium to isis for 35 million per kilo. much of this, as you might expect is a little confusing. chetrus was elected back in 2011 before people heard of isis and while in some cases radioactive
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material was seized in every case it was small amounts or not very potent but we do know isis would certainly like to get its hands on the materials which is known as a dirty bomb which may not spread radiation far but can cause mass fierce of it and in our own hour pete williams has been speaking to his own sources saying the fbi has been involved in stings like this, but it's not clear yet what their role was in these particular stings. savannah? >> zier with the breaking news out of london. let's turn to michael leiter who joins us by phone. on the one hand you have russian smugglers who want to sell nuclear material and we know from the past that isis is potentially a willing buyer. >> any time you have reports, the extremists and terrorists being interested in nuclear materials or any weapons of mass destruction pre-cursor it's a real concern. i will say it's not a terribly new concern.
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we've really been worried about this since after 9/11 and al qaeda had an even more focused effort to get weapons of mass destruction than i think isis did, and in many cases what the sellers are selling isn't as nuclear or isn't as dangerous as it first appears but all that being said this is something that the u.s. and we hope russia has to take very seriously because the consequences of missing nuclear material and allowing it to get to a group like isis would certainly be catastrophic. >> concern that has been going on for many, many years now. mike leiter, always good to get your perspective on it breaking news. >> let's turn now to a precarious situation we're watching in south carolina where several dams could give way at any moment. residents looking to see what will happen next after massive rains and flooding over the past week. nbc's kerry sanders is live in columbia, south carolina this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have an ongoing search and rescue going on here in
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eastover, south carolina. you can see a live picture that we have here. there are dive teams that are in the water. apparently, according to the sheriff's office, early this morning a truck with five people inside went around the barricade as they drove down a road, didn't realize that the road was washed out, even though the barricade was there. the truck went into the water. three people were able to swim out. two, however, are still missing. it's a sign that there is really danger here literally around every corner. this morning south carolina is keeping a nervous eye on its struggling dams. more than half a dozen hanging on but in danger of giving way. national guard helicopters dropped huge one-ton sandbags to plug breaks trying to hold back the rushing water. >> a lot of holes in the system we're filling right now but we'll turn it around. >> reporter: capital city of columbia has a massive mop-up job. 40,000 residents have no water and forced to rely on bottled
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water and officials say it could be another four or five days before service is restored. >> the next several days, several weeks, several months ahead are going to be difficult but we'll be successful. >> reporter: for many here success is being measured one memory at a time. >> going to keep this. >> set it out back and threat dry and see what happens. >> reporter: lawns littered with flood-soaked possessions. while pumps and chainsaws clear away remnants of south carolina's disastrous deadly deluge. >> i learned during times like this the things you really treasure are your family and friends. >> reporter: and then there's 2-week-old annie reading, the family says the infant's hiccups in the middle of the night woke them up alerting them that the house was flooding with just enough time for them to get out. >> does she have a nickname now? >> little hiccup. >> might do something like that. this will be a runny funny to
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tell her years from now. >> reporter: now overnight residents who live near the beaver creek dam got reverse 911 calls at their homes and cell phones telling them that the dam there may breach and that they needed to seek higher ground. meantime this morning folks in the neighborhood that are now drying out are hoping for a sunny day so that the sun will dry out these possessions like these treasured photos. savannah, willie. >> staggering pictures coming out of south carolina. kerry sanders, thanks. move now to politics and time is running out for vp joe biden to decide if he's going to run for president. this morning we're getting a first look at a new ad campaign that's urging him to get in this race. nbc news national correspondent peter alexander is here from washington with all the headlines were politics. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the campaign calling for a biden campaign is now up and running. today nbc news is getting an exclusive first look at the first pro-biden ad to hit the air, produced in hopes of
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drafting the vice president into the 2016 race. all that's missing is the candidate. >> you're on the cusp of some of the most astonishing breakthroughs in the history of mankind. >> reporter: this powerful and personal ad produced by a group of biden supporters with a simple message. joe, run. >> when joe biden sees this ad i hope he understands that there's millions of americans who are eager to see him enter the presidential race. >> my dad's definition of success is when you look at your son and daughter and realize they turned out better than you, and they did. >> reporter: ad debuts on cable tv next tuesday, the day the first democratic debate where biden is not expected on stage, and just this morning a new poll shows democratic front-runner hillary clinton still in the lead but losing ground in florida, ohio and pennsylvania, but biden outperforms clinton in general election matchups in those critical swing states. it all comes as biden's aides are blasting as offensive and categorically false a report accusing him of being
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politically calculating while mourning his son's passing. the report maintains biden himself first leaked his son's death bet plea to run. and bill clinton sat down with stephen colbert. >> please be impartial here. who do you think is the most qualified to be president? >> the woman i say singing on saturday saturday? >> and weighed in on the republican. >> he's a master brander and most interesting character. >> did you call donald trump and ask him to run for president of the united states? >> no. no. >> no? because that would be pretty smart, man. >> yeah. yeah, i get credit for doing a lot of things i didn't do like that. >> reporter: a longtime biden supporter says the vice president is still deliberating so for now biden 2016 remains a hypothetical, and as another
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biden friend said to me the moment he gets in he becomes another candidate and their words the warm and fuzzy feelings quickly if away. >> peter, thanks so much. let's turn to mark halperin, managing editor of bloomberg politics. this story had a pretty devastating thesis, the notion that the vice president himself talked to the reporter for the purpose of floating a potential candidacy and told them this incredibly heart wrenching story about his own son's death. the vice president's office shot this down pretty hard. what do you make of in? >> joe biden likes to talk and he likes to talk now allotted about whether he wants to run for president, the personal aspects of it and politics of it so he's talking to lots of people, including reporters, including his friends and including donors. i don't think he was out there to try to pitch this story. he just likes to talk and he's emotional right now over all of the confluence in his life i don't think this is a big deal. >> mark, however the story got out there, clearly the death of beau biden and family
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considerations will factor into the vice president's situation. he's not sure he has the emotional energy to run a campaign. where do you think he is over that? >> he's conflicted and thinks some parts of his conversation and thinking are about could he run, the mechanics, when could he get in, should he get? a lot is still personal. is it the right thing for his family? is he up to it? and people who talked to said he's not prepared to do it, running for president and being vice president at the same time, two pretty big jobs and the jobs he's thinking about, as often as anything else is father, grandfather, husband and someone who is still very much grieving the death of his son. >> and hillary clinton has this ghost candidate in terms of biden and his potential run and bernie sanders on his left and so far she hasn't really engaged on biden. do you think that's going to change. >> engaged a little bit with you when she asked about the possible run and went out of her way on monday in new hampshire say you get in this rough and
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things are tough. peter alexander cited a biden adviser who said if you get in, things change. a lot of people around joe biden say, hey, look, joe biden is a competitive guy. look at head-to-head polls mythical matchups with republicans, doing better than hillary clinton in a lot of places. when he thinks not about the personal stuff but when he thinks about the competition, get in now, maybe wait and get in in january, if hillary clinton or february if hillary clinton loses. >> could he get in the that late? >> a lot of people in democratic politics, including people around joe biden wait and see. don't worry about the benghazi hearing this month or the debates. wait to see if she loses to bernie sanders, because if she loses to bernie sanders in iowa or new hampshire or both, i guarantee you, look at history of the democratic party, there will be panic and joe biden i believe maybe that's the right time. see what things look like. if she loses people say we need somebody else in this race and when he thinks about the possibility of getting in, he thinks about winning, not about the some message, not about fulfilling some family obligation. he wants to be president of the
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united states, and as i said before he's so competitive. he thinks he'd be a better president than hillary clinton and that's what is fueling a lot of this. >> we'll see what happens there. mark halperin, lots to talk about, thank you. the ntsb will be on the scene today to help find out what happened to that missing cargo ship. so far debris has been found but no sign of the ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin. nbc's kristen dahlgren is here with us more. good morning, kristen moo it's been a week since the "el faro" set sail and one key piece of evidence they are looking for now is the black box. out at sea, more evidence of a broken and battered ship, debris for miles but still no sign of any survivors. the crew was remembered in a candlelight vigil at the maine maritime academy tuesday night. while the ntsb met with family members in florida, the agency is now investigating the disaster. questions like why the "el faro"
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set sail into the path of such a powerful storm, and what cause the it to lose propulsion at the worst possible time? >> and we will be studying the meteorological conditions and all of the factors that went into the decision-making to sail on that day. >> reporter: merchant marines like kenneth benton on the "el faro" last month say the crew would have had little say in the decision to leave. >> i feel that the company and the captain are going to decide what's in their best interest money-wise as opposed to how the crew feels. >> reporter: the 790-foot cargo ship was on a regular run, delivering supplies to puerto rico, but tote maritime insists the storm's forecast shifted after its ship "el faro" set sail. the company is now hiring a third party to conduct an independent an public safety assessment. >> he was my son. >> reporter: val champ r champo was recently widowed and telling nbc's raheema ellis she's
7:15 am
worried about her son lieuies. >> this can't be happening. just lost his father and, you know, my whole insides are just being ripped out. >> reporter: the coast guard is considering when to suspend its search. meantime, that data recorder will only ping for 30 days so time is of the essence. the ntsb will be looking at maintenance records and any e-mails between the captain and the company about its decision to leave, guys. >> so many human stories in the middle of all this investigation. >> thanks, kristen. we turn now to natalie. calls for a new investigation after this air strike by the u.s. at a hospital in afghanistan. >> that's right, good morning to you, guys. doctors without boarders is calling for an unprecedented fact-finding mission under the rules of the geneva conventions into a u.s. air strike on that hospital in afghanistan that killed at least 22 people. the medical aid group says its call would mark the first time such a fact-finding mission would be launched under the conventions. according to the "new york times" the american commander in
7:16 am
afghanistan now believes that u.s. troops probably did not follow their own rules in calling in the air strike. a big conte is heating up this morning in the unregulated world of fantasy sports. new york's attorney general has sent letters to fantasy sports websites draft kings and fan duel demanding they turn over details of any investigations into their employees. the move is prompted by media reports of possible insider trading, that a draft kings employee may have had access to valuable company data before then winning $350,000 in a fan duel contest. the companies say there is no evidence, however, that anyone misused company data. nbc's parent company comcast and nbc sports have invested in fan duel. and the major league baseball playoffs swung into action tuesday night as the houston astros beat the new york yankees 3-0 in the american league wild card game. lots of sad yankees fans.
7:17 am
houston's colby rasmus gave the astros the lead with the home run in the second inning. that's all they need. the astros will now face the kansas city royals. and we now know who the winner of the $300 million powerball jacket winner is. she's a factory worker from michigan and didn't take her long to realize she doesn't have to work again. >> reporter: she was on her way to work. >> i stopped and bought a cove. >> reporter: she drove to the fiberglass company where she's worked for 22 years not realizing she hit it big until she took a meal break. >> having a bad day at work and thought i might as well check my numbers while i'm waiting for my lunch. >> reporter: and now she's the sole winner of the second largest jackpot in michigan history. >> i'm overwhelmed.
7:18 am
>> reporter: her first reaction, oh, i get automatically. i was done. >> leech hurried home to tell her partner von avery. between them they have three children and 11 grand children. been together for 36 years and never mayor i'd. >> never really wanted to. i've asked to several times. >> i said he'd have to sign a pre-nup now. >> after taking a lump sum payment option, minus taxes, they will have a whopping $140 million dollars. in case you're wondering, that could may 9,324 carats worth of the finest diamonds, seven years at most expensive hotel in the world and 5,600 trips around the world. >> it's crazy. >> at moment leach has far less extravagant plans. she will buy property in michigan with homes for their children. >> we want to be debt-free. we've got bills. >> something she will never have
7:19 am
to worry about again. once they pay off their bills they have will donate to charity and have trips to alaska and go enjoy you. >> always hope that's the person who wins that kind of lottery. >> great for them. natalie, thank you so much. >> al, what's the weather looking like out west right now in. >> we've got some severe weather going on and it's going to continue. look at these storms. normally you see that kind of storm in the midwest and look at rain that's come with it. flash flooding and roads washed out and we could see more of the same today and looking a little further east. can you see the spin in the upper atmosphere. got a big upper level low. this cutoff low pressure system and that means there's no jet stream steering it and showers are moving around. we've got risk of severe weather today from albuquerque down to pecos and presidio, texas. wind gusts of over 50 miles per hour and look at rainfall amounts. some areas up to 5 inches of
7:20 am
rain from rosswell into del rio, texas. we'll get to your i'm. sun shine this afternoon, back in the 0s, nice an comfortable with low humidity today. cooler tomorrow morning, 55 to start with, some of the suburbs in the 40s, 73 nice and comfortable thursday afternoon. a warmup on friday, near 80 degrees, then late day showers, thunderstorms and heavy
7:21 am
downpours, they end early saturday morning. drying out saturday, warming up with sunshine on sunday. nice weather ahead for monday. have a great day. latest weather. willie? >> al, thanks very much. coming up next, breaking his silence, the comedian who admitted he lied about being inside the world trade center on 9/11 and why he opened up about the lie. >> finally, is it okay to surrender your ipad to your toddler? but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. just before 7:30. going to be a gore dpous dgeous >> the clouds that you see this morning will be clearing out this afternoon and that will warm u us back in the 70s. that's a cloudy view from the comcast center. temperatures right now 50s and 60s. we're holding at 60 degrees in philadelphia. a slow warmup to begin with thanks to the clouds. the clouds will be thinning out this afternoon. by noontime into the 70s. time to get a check on traffic. hey, jessica. >> the schuylkill expressway has seen better days.
7:27 am
'ear watching on accident clear out around the vine street expressway. early earlier this was blocking off lanes. but still we're doing okay because now we only have work crews left in the center median. and we can see right here around the curve were the schuylkill expressway eastbound, this is push into a right hand shoulder. police activity on the scene pretty much jammed. today in the pennsylvania budget battle, republican lawmakers will vote on governor tom wolf's new spending plan. yesterday the governor proposed a half point increase in the personal income tax. that's a change from his original plan for a new sales tax on several ie testimonies. gop leaders said wolf's plant doesn't have enough support to past. the tate thaz been without a budget for nearly three month zblo. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. now bam to the "today" show.
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we'll see you back in about half an hour.
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it's 7:30 on wednesday morning, the 7th of october, 2015, and a beautiful fall morning. a happy crowd outside and we'll step outside to say hello in a few minutes. >> let's take a look at what's making headlines. we're learning about a scary plot overseas. the fbi has reportedly foiled at least four attempts by russian-linked gangs to sell nuclear material to isis. some of the smugglers may have ties to the kgb. a major dam in south carolina is close to giving way, putting residents who live nearby it on edge this morning. the rain stopped on tuesday but rain-swollen rivers are still rising and causing major concerns there. and the shouldn't on for the voice recorder from that doomed cargo ship that sailed into
7:31 am
hurricane joaquin. it's believed to have sunk in waters three miles deep. the ntsb is on the scene. we begin with a standup comedian who for years claimed he was inside the world trade center on 9/11 and then he was exposed and now he's speaking out about why he told that lie. nbc's stephanie gosk has more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: he lived in new york on 9/11 but was miles away in midtown when the attacks took place and talked with howard stern about the mistakes he say he made when he first told the story 14 years ago and feeling too ashamed and to embarassed correct them ever since. >> i don't want this to be who i am or to walk around with this anymore. >> reporter: the comedian opened up to howard stern three weeks after being outed for lying about 9/11. >> i'm ashamed of what i did. >> right. >> i'm ashamed of telling that lie, that horrible immature lie.
7:32 am
>> reporter: one month after the the attacks when he was 23 he moved to los angeles. he explained how he started telling people he was inside the world trade center when the first plane struck. >> it's not like i moved to los angeles with this story, with the thought of like i'm going to go out and trick everyone out there and tell them this is what it is. >> it wasn't calculated? >> it wasn't calculated at all. it was as simple as sitting at comedy store and hey, you're from new york. >> yeah. >> you were just there, you were around, yeah, yeah. >> you work there? >> yeah, yeah, did i. >> reporter: standup choked up worried about how his mistake might hurt his two young children. >> what i felt was hurting meet mostsy hope no one takes it out on them. >> right. >> because they just started a new school and, you know, i -- you can yell at me. can you scream at me, you can rebate me and i will sit there and i will listen to it, but if anybody ever took something out on my kid, they don't deserve
7:33 am
that. >> it's not their burden. >> they didn't do anything wrong. >> we start off in our thirst to compete. >> reporter: buffalo wild wings dropped his with their ad campaign shortly after his lie was exposed by the "new york times." >> the hurt and the pain and nervousness that you hear now comes from because i know what i did was terrible and i know that i hurt a lot of people. >> right. >> people, that you know, that lost people, people that helped people survive. >> right. >> people that -- and those people -- those are the people that i truly am sorry. >> reporter: he also says over the years his wife was put on the spot forced to lie and back up his story on multiple occasions. he credited her with sticking by him, especially through the last month. savannah? >> interesting to hear his position. stephanie, thanks very much, appreciate it. >> let's swing over and get a check of the forecast with al. >> you don't have any idea of the power of water. take a look at this.
7:34 am
this is route 12 along north carolina, the outer banks, and can you see how much the waves, the wave action, even with sandbagging, it eroded the road, the beach and they are just hanging on. it's going to be weeks before this is able to be opened up again. we've got a little bit of a break coming forward. we've got this the cool front trying to drop down and then we've got high pressure that's pumping up warmer air from the south so right now we're looking at a beautiful day in memphis and chicago 89 and new orleans 82. front pushes through. chicago by friday 60 and 71 in louisville and doesn't quite get to memphis. it will stay in the 80s that. cool air makes its way east. today temperatures above average average. new york, richmond and on into indianapolis and watch that front come through. cleveland from thursday 74 and saturday 60 and 64 new york city and richmond 61. the big cooldown in the fall weather is here. that's what's going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley.
7:35 am
another beautiful day. clouds moving out. sunshine this amp. we're back in the 70s, nice and comfort nlable. cooler tomorrow morning, 55 to start with, some of the suburbs in the 40s. 73 nice and comfortable on thursday. a warmup on flid, near 80 degrees, late day showers, thunderstorms and heavy downpours, they end early saturday morning. drying out saturday, worm warming up with sunshine on sunday, nice weather ahead for monday. have a great day. >> and that is your late weather. savannah? >> guys, get this. still to come, how would you feel if your spouse gave you a performance review. why some marriage counselors said this might be a really good thing for your relationship. >> looking forward to that one, and up next, a special rossen report. hey, jeff. >> we're live in columbus, georgia, this morning and the community is -- [ cheers and applause ] >> is here to support a local hero who builds bikes for needy
7:36 am
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80 calories vs 100 in the other non-fat greek brands. try to beat that! light & fit greek. we're back now at 7:40 as "rossen reports" and our special series rossen to the action. jeff jumped into action after hearing thieves were targeting one of the nicest men in a georgia town. >> he gives bikes away to free
7:41 am
in the community and today national correspondent jeff rossen is live in columbus, georgia, with his story. jeff, good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. we're live with the boys and girls club right now and the community is out with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and they are energetic this morning and they are cheering for this local hero and his name is chester jackson and they are also angry because there's a huge crime wave that is spreading through this town. as you mention the, those thieves are targeting this man who builds bikes for needy kids. could you imagine somebody doing anything nicer. these heartless thieves are going in and doing it and these crimes caught on tape. chester thinks we're here doing a story about him and he has no idea about all these people and has no idea what's behind the two double doors, a big surprise and first this mornings chester's story. >> that's another smile for some child and getting this ready to go. >> reporter: chester jackson is a hero around here. he owns this small auto body shop, but when he isn't fixing
7:42 am
cars he's building bikes. how often do you work on these bikes? >> i work on the bikes every day. >> every day. in the morning, before i come to work and in the evening when we're closed and at night and at weekends. >> reporter: and these aren't just any bikes. chester does it all for charity giving them all away to needy kids in the neighborhood. >> to you and i a bike doesn't mean that much but to a child it means the world to them. they are not asking much. they just want to be loved. >> reporter: does this show them that they are loved? >> it shows them that this is love. it shows them that this is sharing. it shows them that this is caring throughout a simple bicycle. >> reporter: so chester was stunned when he saw this on the surveillance cameras, heartless thieves stealing the bikes meant for the need kids but chester didn't give up, going back to work building more and guess what?
7:43 am
thieves struck again, stealing those bikes, too. even police are appalled. >> mr. jackson does so much for the community and for needy children and for someone to enter his business and take these bikes is a terrible thing and we intend to find a suspect. >> reporter: you're still looking. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: crimes rippling through the community, not just chester victimized. >> red light. >> reporter: it's these kids who don't have much and don't ask for much. >> my dream bike would be green with a basket up front and a cup holder. >> it would be pink with purple and a basket in the front and a barrel on the side. >> my dream bike would look like a mountain bike that's blue with red stripes. >> reporter: but now because of these brazen criminals there will be children who won't get one. when i first pulled up to you i said are you angry at these criminals, and what did you say to me? >> no, i'm not angry. >> reporter: how is that possible? >> if i got angry because you
7:44 am
stole the bikes, i would just fold up and walk away. not as long as there's a child. i will never walk away. >> reporter: you are a hero in this community and to all of us. thank you for everything that you do. >> appreciate it, and you just continue to believe that wherever there's a child there will be a bicycle and also a smile. >> reporter: and it came from chester. >> it came from chester. >> reporter: chester is here with us live right now in the boys and girls club. you're such an inspiration to everybody but you're not just an inspiration to us you're an inspiration for so many people. we have a little surprise planned. i hope you don't mind. can you walk through here for me, please. come on in. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: they are all here for you, chester. they are all here for you. this isn't the only surprise we have planned for you. you always say this is about the children, right? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: it's not but. it's about the kids. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we've assembled
7:45 am
several of the needy children that you help in this community, these children don't have much. these are the children that you would normally give the bikes to and i see you tearing up already. you're about to tear up even more. we have an even bigger surprise. >> bring in the bikes! chester, the today show has spent -- you're crying. hold on, guys, hold on. hold on. what is it like to see this now. we're going to be giving the bikes away to all the children that you wanted to help. what do you think seeing this? >> it's beautiful. it's real nice. >> reporter: these are the children that you try to help. >> these are the children. >> reporter: and these thieves took it away from you and we're here to help them. by the way, the bikes are just about out. why don't you tell them to go and get the bikes. >> just go and get the bikes.
7:46 am
>> yes. just look at smiles, the smiles. just look at smiles. >> it's about the smiles. >> it's about the smiles. >> reporter: back to you guys in the studio as these kids get their bikes. chest err, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> well done, chester. >> just look at the smiles. >> the little girl who was just overcome. like grabbing each other, it's so cute. >> that was terrific. >> i have to say rossen report stories don't usually make me cry but that's so awesome. >> and then it makes you happy. >> which is a whole other story which we will not get into here. >> chester, thank you more than anyone. >> still to come, jay leno on his return to "the tonight show," his love of cars and a whole lot more. >> and up next, tom hanks to the rescue. how the actor played savior to one college student after these messages. ♪ ♪
7:47 am
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7:51 am
back at 7:50. tom hanks took to social media recently and helped her student get her lost i.d. i wish that would happen to me. >> lost iphones, all need tom hanks when we lose something. here's the story, good morning, everyone. tom hanks tweeted this picture saying, lauren, i found your student i.d. if you still need it my office will get to you. tom used his thumb to protect her last night, tom hanks, very smart. twitter started buzzing, strangers, lauren's friends, the professors and university and everyone seemed to get involved. in just over an hour social media identified lauren but get this, she doesn't even have twitter. >> wow. >> she's a college student not on twitter. this is a unicorn, ladies and gentlemen. we spoke to her via skype, and we asked her how she learned that her -- that she's now famous and her i.d. was found. >> i checked my e-mail and had an e-mail from one of my professors so i opened it, and
7:52 am
it said you're famous. hearing from people i haven't really heard from in a couple of years. media has reached, you know, as far as england i saw something online so it's pretty cool. >> so many agreed it is pretty cool. this guy ty posted this. i'm going to drop my i.d. on purpose and just hope that tom hanks find it so lauren has yet to get her i.d. back but she did point out she already spent 20 bucks on a new one and is hoping as a college opportunity to get that cash back. you know, $20 is a lot but nevertheless happy ending there. guys, there's a big birthday today. >> what's that? >> it's wrangler's men-month birthday and we can't find him anywhere. either had a late-night party. >> happy birthday, buddy. you're 11 months tied. >> hi. i
7:53 am
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good morning. it's just before 8:00 and it's shaping up to be a nice day. he's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley rnls we're starting off this morning with clouds. you can see there's no sunshine on boathouse row, no precipitation at all. the temperatures 60 degrees in wilmington and philadelphia. we'll see the clouds thin out as we go into the afternoon hours. 3:00, 73 degrees. thank you. let's get a check on traffic with jessica boyington. >> we're watching out for da bree on the blue route. there's a ladder or something oef here in the southbound lanes
7:57 am
right around the schuylkill express way. watch out in shelton hamm township for an accident. this morning police are looking for the killers of a transgender woman. police found key what jeng kins dead early yesterday. he was beaten and shot. minutes before attack she was dropped off on the street. investigators believe or five possibly six men beat her and then shot her. she is the second transgender woman murdered in philadelphia this year. and today, a hearing resumes on the financial future of the chester upland school district in delaware county. last week the governor submitted a revised plan to help the district climb out if from under more than $20 million of debt. we'll have another update in 25 minute and you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
we'll see you in another half-hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. it's 8:00 on today. today, kids and screen time. not so bad at all. the new guidelines for parents that may finally put your mind at ease. plus, the ties that bind. >> this is everything you would want for president. >> alex, put this away. it will frighten him. >> the ultimate sitcom family and now the keatons are together again. >> it was like a family and it was so great and we all loved each other but we really did. >> we've got the exclusive family ties reunion 30 years in the making. and celebs in the city. how about a graeme winner, oscar winner and emmy winner. we've got all three as a treo of
8:01 am
big names, kag layera, kate winslet and jay leno all join us on wednesday, october 7, 2015. >> here from huntsville, alabama to see your city. >> good morning, st. louis. >> good morning, arizona! >> good morning minnesota. >> #birthday. >> we're from atlanta, georgia. celebrating mindy's 40th birthday! and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." beautiful morning out on our plaza, 7th of october, 2015. we are so excited to have that man right across the way. jay leno is here on our plaza this morning. >> thanks. >> so happy to have him. we'll catch up with jay.
8:02 am
>> a little cameo tonight on "the tonight show." >> very fun. >> we'll catch up with jay. he looks very sharp today, very sharp. we have a very special announcement this morning, guys. next week we'll be getting our brand new city concert series here on "today." we've got a new partner city and they are helping to bring a huge lineup of amazing performers to the plaza? this is very exciting, so starting on next monday, columbus day, pop sensation selena gomez will rock this plaza. can't wait to hear her and then october 23rd we're going country with country superstar carrie underwierd and you might want to get here early for this one, 5 seconds of summer. >> oh, boy. >> they will be here on october 26th the. we know we'll see a lot of you. so many of those acts and a lot more here on the city concert series on "today" what. a line yup.
8:03 am
>> head inside to natalie with this morning's top stories. good morning once again, everyone. the fbi has foiled several attempts by smugglers to sell nuclear materials to isis. the smugglers reportedly offered to sell enough material that would contaminate several city blocks for $2.8 million and in some cases the radioactive material was seized. each time the amounts were small or not very potent but enough to cause mass panic. a serious new threat this morning to parts of south carolina raff ajtd by record flooding. more than half a dozen dams are in danger of giving way. national guard helicopters dropped one-ton sandbags to try to hold back rushing water but people living within half a mile of the beaver creek dam have
8:04 am
already been warned to head for higher ground. more debris has been found in the search for a cargo ship that went down during a hurricane in the bahamas last week with 28 americans and five polish workers on board. there has been no sign of any survivors from the "el faro." it was heading from florida to puerto rico at the time. meantime, the ntsb is now on the scene in florida. they are investigating why the ship set sail into the path of the storm. there was worldwide outrage this summer after a minnesota dentist killed cecil the lion during a paid safari hunt in zimbabwe and tonight msnbc will air "blood lions" about the captive or canned hunting industry where animals are bred solely to become killed for profit.
8:05 am
pall >> i'll till you the don't take a photo of you. i warned you. don't take a photo of me! >> "blood lions" airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. a lucky photographer was able to capture two of the most spectacular sights in nature at the same time. he was filming the northern lights off the coast of norway when a group of humpback whales swam right into that frame as they surfaced. two wonders at one. a spectacular shot. amazing. >> if you widen it out there's a little unicorn to theest. >> a photographer's dream. >> natalie, thank you so much. here's a question i think we can all confess. you've given your child a smartphone or ipad from time to time. >> more than from time to time. >> we've all done it. pretty well established rule that says keep those screens away for the most part and that advice is getting a 21st century
8:06 am
makeover. >> reporter: parenting experts are finally getting down with the digital age and issuing brand new guidelines for kids and screen time. this is what child's play looks like in the modern age. screen, screen and more screen. the numbers are climbing. according to researchers at the einstein health care network 52% of babies watch tv on smartphones. 36% use smartphones regularly and 15% learn to use apps all before their first birthdays. thanks to the popularity of tvs and tablets parenting experts are finally calling a truce with technology. the american academy of pediatrics is revising its suggested limits on screen time for kids saying, quote, in a world where screen time is simply becoming time, our policies must evolve or become obsolete, putting parents and pediatricians on the same page.
8:07 am
>> the task of parenting is the same, but the tools are rapidly changing. we don't want them to feel guilty. we want them to make choices that are based in science and sound advice >> reporter: old guidelines discouraged all form of screen time for toddlers under age 2 and limits screen time to just two hours for older kids. the new guidelines do away with these specific numbers. instead telling parents to carefully curate content, get pluggeded in with your kids by playing video games together, and find time to unplug with some good old-fashioned play time. >> times have changed and the a.p. guidelines. you can't keep your kids away from screens even if you want to. >> so they focus on fostering a child with their digital habits early. these guidelines are also a reality check for parents. >> be a good role model with your own behavior because screens are everywhere and your children are watching. >> screen time may be replacing play time and story time, but
8:08 am
there's still no substitute for quality time. the full guidelines aren't coming out until 2016 but here are a couple of other great screen time tips from the aap. set screen limits. reasonable limits are still important. also, you should create tech-free zones around your house as a way to help enforce those limits, and finally, remember that kids will be kids and they will make mistakes with media so try your best to turn them into teachable moment. don't scream at them or take the phone and throw it. try to teach them. up until now i'll add mitt it i have failed miserably. i have three. >> i just hand off the ipad. >> reporter: totally in diapers on a screen. >> we've all done it. so many educational apps and games now that help the kids and then the youtube worm holes that you have to take it away from them. >> the key is to be with them and the tech-free zone, maybe the room, bedroom should be a
8:09 am
tech-free zone. >> dinner table. >> unplug the wireless in the teen's bedroom, a thought. >> tell us what you think. head to to take our screen time poll. s he einelle, thank you very much. coming up, are your kids driving their teachers to drink? wait until you see one mother's idea for the perfect's teachers gift. >> and from "the tonight show" to "today" jay leno joins us for a special edition of trending an pop stars. and our conversation with the cast of "family ties" as we sit down more than 25 years after the hit show came to an end. end. i promise you don't want to miss the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back déjà vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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♪ nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life. johnson's believes that bath time is more than cleansing and moisturizing, it's a time for development. your loving touch stimulates his senses and nurtures his growing mind. the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles in a johnson's bath help to enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby, when you can give him so much more? johnson's. so much more™ we are back at 8:13. time for what's trending today. the internet as read to you
8:14 am
right on the tv and look who is here for it today. jay leno. >> good day, good day. >> it's a special trending. >> jay, you've been on trending before. you feel ready? >> i'm ready to trend. >> okay. >> this is big for you. >> let us trend. >> jay's got a new show called "jay leno's garage" on cnbc. more on that in a minute. first item, you've been married a long time. >> 35 years. >> any secrets for a happy marriage? >> actually nothing that's really worth arguing about. i think the trick is to marry like a normal person. >> yes. >> because i always meet people who go i met this girl who is crazy, the sex is wonderful. i know, i know, but when the sex is over she's still crazy, okay? that's the problem. if she's crazy. >> that's true. >> walk away. >> when the sex is over she's still crazy. okay. stop it! you know. >> this has kind of gotten off. >> that's why we love you, jay. what was the question again? >> you know, secrets to a happy
8:15 am
marriage and there's a suggestion on the internet, this is trending, what about a performance review. what if you gave your spouse a performance review kind of like you get from your boss at work. experts in "the wall street journal" are suggesting. >> listen, i've got to run. >> they say regular reviews to discuss goals and the biggest strengths and weaknesses in your relationship, one expert called tlt equivalent of the six-month dental checkup. >> who doesn't love to go to the dentist. >> i know. >> yeah, yeah. >> here's the secret. you marry your conscience. that's what i tell people. >> that's good. >> you marry the person which you could be. that's what i did. i mean, i'm in show business which is a selfish profession so i married a woman that works very hard for women's rights and other issues like that and it balances out so you marry the person that you wish you could be. >> i like that. >> i don't usually get that profound in trending and so glad you raised the level. >> so much better than having a spreadsheet performance review.
8:16 am
i don't think that's good for anybody. >> a lot of patient-teacher conferences are happening at schools around the country right now and some parents like to bring the teachary little gifts for all the hard work they do. a company called ever mind has one creative considered and on the label a picture of the child with the message our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us. we ordered a couple of bottles. here's what they look like. cute little guy. get a shot of that. >> good idea. >> and we dug into the archives, mr. leno. something your parents might have sent along to some of your teachers. >> you know something. you'll have to give my teachers crack, i think. >> wow. >> wine is not going to be enough. >> one more. >> savannah. >> wow, wow. >> look at that. >> aren't you glad we were able to trot that the out. >> still having trouble with that part, like a horseshoe right there. >> and when a teacher gets caught drinking a bottle of wine with a kid's picture on the
8:17 am
front that won't cause any problems. what are you, some kind of pedophile, what is that? >> oh, my gosh. >> where did we go wrong? >> i don't think this has been thought through. it's creepy, creepy. >> on second thought, let's put these away. >> you are the voice of reason, jay leno. >> you are. you're on fire. >> creepy. >> we have a special "pop start" with jay today and you're on fire this morning. >> yeah. >> there's so much talk about jay so this is a "pop start" dedicated to jay leno. first up jay's return to "the tonight show" during the monologue and jimmy fallon said he pulled his hamstring telling a bernie sanders joke so he needed someone to tag in, and look who came to the rescue. >> after that last debate marco rubio being called the best communicator in the republican party which is kind of like being the smartest kardashian. you know, a lot of people when the republican field begins to clear it will be down to jeb
8:18 am
bush and dry. kind of lake a race between the tortoise and the bad hair. >> in the middle of a presidential race, fertile ground. >> this is proof you get the government you deserve. >> did it feel good to be on that stage? >> it was fun. done the show a couple of time and it's fun to go out rather than just sit down and do panels, it's fun to do standup because that's what i like to do. >> do you stay up and watch all the late night talk shows? >> i can't watch. i go around and tend to watch the jokes because i sort of talk to all the celebrities so you kind of know what that is, but i like the monologue, i like jimmy, colbert, they are all good, yeah. >> i was talk you go to last week and you have a genuine affection for jimmy fallon and say you love what he's doing. >> jimmy is closer to johnny than anybody who has ever done the show because johnny had the same boyish -- all remember johnny in the '60s johnny was in his 30s when he started and looked like jimmy could, play
8:19 am
musical instruments and played drums and did magic and could do impressions so i think jimmy has done a terrific job. >> what a compliment. >> look, there's one host who has been kind of tough on you, and you've kind of given back a little back to jimmy kimmel saying he's a little on the mean side. >> he comes from radio and you come from that era, you find an enemy and then you make up a phony battle. i never had any problems with the guy, but he chose to go after me. that's fine. welcome to show business. >> speaking of show business, you've got a new show "jay leno's garage" and we all wanted your cars. >> willie came to the garage. >> fantasyland, really is. >> and we're going to have more on that visit in the 9:00, but do you love being back on tv doing the show on cnbc. >> yeah, it's fun. you know, i can talk to celebrities about cars and motor cycles. reality stars are always my
8:20 am
nightmar nightmare. the idiots. >> now the truth can be told. >> yeah, yeah. >> the funniest part is when you do a show like a garage show you don't have-publicists don't tell what you geniuses their clients are. i met more geniuses hosteding. my client is a genius. i meant more geniuses. it's fantastic. >> by the way, the show premiers tonight on cnbc at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> and jay's back with us in our next hour at 9:00. more of jay. >> love that picture. you look really cool in the leather jacket. >> remember, after the sex is over, she's still crazy. >> that's right. >> just to put a bow on that. >> a pearl from jay. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds will move out. s sunshine this afternoon. back in the 70s. nice and comfortable with low humidity today. little cooler tomorrow morning. 55 to start with. some of the suburbs in the 40s.
8:21 am
73, nice and comfortable thursday afternoon. a warm-up on friday, near 80 degrees of the late-day showers and thunderstorms, heavy downpours end early saturday morning. then drying out saturday, warming up with sunshine on sunday. nice weather ahead for monday. have a great day. >> guys? >> it's fun to get the old gang back together and that's what "entertainment weekly" is doing as it celebrates its 25th anniversary and to market milestone we've teamed up with them to reunite cast members from some of our tv shows and movies and willie you are so lucky. >> do i love this show. from 1982 to 1989 nbc's "family ties" was one of the most watched shows on tv. you hear the theme song and it takes you back. i caught up with the actors who gave life to that family and one thing is clear. their love and affection for one another was no act. more than three decades after we
8:22 am
met the keatons. >> ♪ what will we do, baby without us ♪ >> one of tv's favorite families is reuniting for "entertainment weekly" 25th anniversary. >> such a quality group of people on the show. like every single one, just a great, great selection of people. >> cliche to say it was like a family and it was so great and we all loved each other and we real de. >> a love that spanned seven successful seasons. >> in 33 years since the series started, 26 1/2 or so since it ended, does feel to you all like it's been that long? >> i can't could be receive that it's that long. >> i'm 42 years old. >> okay. that helped. >> which is seven years older than i was when i first played her father. >> yeah. >> i was 35. >> i remember turning 35 and thinking, wow, this is the age that meredith and michael were when they started the show.
8:23 am
>> why am i alive? >> in between laughs the show tackled hot button issues with free spirited parents steve and elise keaton played by michael gross and meredith baxter mixing it up with their son michael j. fox's iconic young republican alex p. keaton. >> the most immature thing i've ever seen in my life. >> i did the sglooet justine bateman played fashion-obsessed mallory and tina yothers was the tom boy little sister jennifer and in season three little brother andy joined the family. >> this is everything you would want in a president. >> alex, put this away, you'll frighten him. >> with such a show that captured that moment in time in america, it was about the 1980s. it was about baby boomers and liberalism versus their son who was conservative. michael, what do you think that show said about the age that it lived in? >> well, it was -- you have a
8:24 am
kind of an understanding in the way that we're struggling for now. i mean, you can't joke about the season between the left and the right. it's so angry and so charged. i mean, it was funny. we were so political but it wasn't political at all. >> you're not tristan armstrong, are you? >> no, i'm el enreid. >> the show launched michael j. fox's career, but it also launched a relationship with actress tracy pollen, his real life wife of 27 years. >> i was there for a very short time. i was only there for one season, and in so many ways it became -- it was such an important part of my life both obviously personally and also in terms of my career, and it was such a short intense period of time, but, i mean, it changed my life in every way. >> and their lives are still changing. fox went on to appear in a few movies, you may have heard of. >> where? >> back to the future. >> you ready to put this the to bed. >> he's still acting and serves
8:25 am
as brave public face of parkinson's disease which he's battled for 24 years. justine bateman went back to school a yew years ago and enrolled as an undergraduate at ucla where she is now in his senior year studying computer science and michael gross recently guest starred on netflix hit why the grace and frankie. " >> the we were not compatible. >> in 2009 meredith baxter came out in an interview with matt on today. >> i guess i should just say i'm a lesbian. >> and is now married to her longtime partner and tina yothers is raising a family away from the bright lights of hollywood. >> what's cool is the show has lived on in reruns and you can stream it and watch it online so now there's a whole new generation of people, your kids' age or even younger, who know about "family ties." >> our kids won't go near it. >> our kids haven't seen one episode. >> you kidding. >> their kids haven't seen it.
8:26 am
>> they have not seen it. they should see this show. >> why? >> what a treat to get down and sit with them and the affection an good wednesday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> sun is up. we haven't seen a lot of it. just a few breaks of sunshine. we'll see more and more sunshine as the day goes on. right now we're holding at 60 degrees at nbc 10. live view of the clouds moving through the area at the comcast center. philadelphia international, northeast philadelphia at the airport. 61 degrees. still seeing 50s in rocksboro and south philadelphia. clouds thin out. bright sunshine this afternoon. we'll see temperatures back into the 70s. >> if you're getting ready to head out the door, let's check the roads. jessica boyington is watching the traffic.
8:27 am
jessica? >> watch out for disabled vehicle on the right-hand side of the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill around 202. watch out for that. let's take a look at our drive times, 95 southbound to divine street expressway with a 42-minute trip. eastbound and blue ridge southbound, adding 20 minutes to your commute there this morning. trace sni. >> jessica, thanks. authorities say in april, chaheed and buoy demand the victim gave them the code to the safe where she worked. sentencing is next month. i'm tracy davidson. another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the updates with the latest news and weather on the nbc 10 news app.
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8:30 am
8:30 on this wednesday morning, october 7th, 2015. we're smack dab in the middle of a beautiful fall, and it's great to have you along on this wednesday morning. got a good crowd out here on the plaza, and we are playing that song, one of my favorite, "brave" and we have singer/songwriter sara bareilles herself. she's adding another skill to her resume.
8:31 am
she's time, isn't she? she's an author now and has just written her first book and a lot of people think sayre ark looks like brittany. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. never saw it until now. >> like looking in a mirror. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's amazing. >> so they say everyone has a doppelganger and now a new website called twin strangers can help you find yours so if you want the chance to meet your look-alike head to -- >> they have the same smile, that's crazy. >> wow. >> wow. >> also ahead, academy award-winning actress kate winslet on her role in the new film about late apple founder steve jobs. >> and just talking with kate, she has a 10-month-old who has never seen her on tv before. her first chance to see her
8:32 am
on -- isn't that adorable? >> there's mommy. >> there's mommy. >> also we have my conversation with grammy winner christina aguilera as part of our divas today series and what it means about being latdna today and she recently went to ecuador. how is that. >> let's get a check of the weather from al. >> first off today we're looking at sunshine in the southeast and trying to dry out in the carolinas. slight risk of strong storms down two southern texas and on into new mexico and up around the northern plains. for tomorrow that wet weather moves into the central great lakes all the way down a swath bound into texas. we're looking at sunshine and some showers in the pacific northwest. look for sunny skies up and down the eastern seaboard tomorrow. that's wha good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. another beautiful day. clouds will move out. sunshine this afternoon. we are back in the 70s. nice and comfortable with low humidity today.
8:33 am
little cooler tomorrow morning. 65 to start with. suburbs in the 40s. 3. nice and comfortable thursday afternoon. a warm-up on friday near 80 degrees. late day showers, thunderstorms, and heavy downpours end early saturday morning. then drying out saturday. warming up with sunshine on sunday. nice weather ahead for monday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. in case you missed "best time ever with neil patrick harris" had a real exciting show t.ended with a big blue bang. take a look at some of the highlights. a few of the ladies from "housewives of atlanta" were hands on in an undercover hidden camera surprise. they were surprising one of their favorite bands without her knowing and even more fun came at end of the program when neil, seen right here, practiced with the by-law man group in next conclusive behind-the-scenes footage and finished the show in the most spectacular and colorful way. ♪
8:34 am
>> "the best time ever with neil patrick harris" tuesday at 10:00 central, 9:00 central right here on nbc. every loves neil patrick harris. willie? >> thanks a lot. now to the star of one of the most buzzed about movies. kate kinslet is a movie about steve jobs. >> she plays johanna hawthorne, a marketing expert, who stood up to the notoriously difficult steve jobs. >> you don't think you're having a bizarre overreaction to a 19-year-old girl allowing her mother to list her own house? >> she could have tried. >> she's supposed to stop her mother. that particular mother from living. >> she gave the blessing to sell the house and did to spite me. >> i don't care if she put a part-time bomb in the water heater, you're going to fix it now. >> she's been acting weird for
8:35 am
months. fix it. >> take it easy. >> take it's or i quit. how about that. i quit and you never see me again, how about that? >> kate winslet, good morning. >> kate. >> good morning. >> you're playing this real person joanna hoffman, and we found video of her from this time period. we wanted to troll for you because you nailed it. >> i've probably seen it. we trold everything. >> distortion is reality, distortion and it has motivational value and that's fine and i think has a very strong point. >> you captured everything about her but that accent in particular because it's actually such a light trace of an accent. >> yes, thank you, thank you, because i have to say i think it probably was the hardest accent that i've ever had to do because she was born in poland. the real joanna went to armenia and some of her family was speaking russian and came to america as a teenager so there was a lot to fit in.
8:36 am
i had to be a little bit forensic about the whole thing? one of the few people who could stand up to steve jobs in a room. who was she exactly within apple? >> in apple she was in reality part of steve's working life for five years and remained friends with him for a lot longer, head of market for the macintosh and start right until his time at next and there were strong women and a composite character in many ways representing several of those women, i would say, and yeah, she just wasn't afraid of him and she also respected him and add mired him and had great affection for him so there was a lot of camaraderie and, you know, they definitely kind of drove each other along i think. >> and we saw you transform yourself for this role, and we see joanna over time. i was watching with my husband and he said that's kate winslet but it was like halfway through the movie. i hear that you really fought for this part. you wanted in on this. >> i really did want in, for sure. you know, when you hear about a project like this one which just sounded so extraordinary, you
8:37 am
know, directed by danny boyle and written by aaron sorkin with michael fassbender with the lead. i want to sign up for the lead and i want them to send me the script. luckily it went my way. >> you heard some of the criticism of the movie and steve jobs' widow doesn't want to the see it and she in fact tried to get move killed and tim cook the head of apple right now said it's an unfair portrayal. what do you make that have criticism? >> well, people are obviously going to react in very sensitive ways, especially if they have had something very specific to do with steve's personal life but ton honest, you know, i don't know that those people who say the film and this is speaking from joanna hawthorne herself and said it was really lovely to seat real steve and she's talking about the softer side of him that she got to experience as a friend, and the stiller sides of him that i do think that the film really do reveal in ways that they perhaps haven't been seen before and he's very much a man and a
8:38 am
father in this story as well as perfectionist that he was and, you know, i'm very proud of the film, i have to say. i think it's a very, very honest portrayal of who he really was as a man. >> we're all talking in the commercial. you just recently turned 40. >> i did. >> how are you liking the 40s so we're all in the 40s club now. >> it's wonderful, you know. i sort of feel like i've been preparing to be 40. i was kind of building up that moment. i wanted to go rocketing to 40 and when i got to it that day on monday i really did feel pretty triumphant and calm and happy, and, yeah, it's a good place to be. >> you made it across the finish line in the book the. >> i got there and i said oh, my god, i did it. i'm there. >> well, kate, it's great to see you. thank you so very much. >> thank you. >> steve jobs from our parent universal opens in theaters today. >> coming, our conversation with grammy winner christina aguilera, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back at 8:40 with "viva today" our week long series that looks at latin music heritage and culture. recently natalie sat down with christina aguilera and her recent trip to ecuador. >> that's right. she was in ecuador as the ambassador of the world food program, and while she told over 50 million albums worldwide, she told me it's trips like this that keep her grounded. ♪ >> the five-time grammy-award winning singer is one of the biggest names in pop music. ♪ lady marmalade >> but she also lends her voice to helping others. you just got back from ecuador as an ambassador to the world food program. what was that like for you? >> the world food program is so important. i was approached by yum brands who partnered with the world food program in the u.n. to help provide feud and nutrition and
8:42 am
meals. ♪ >> aguilera has served as food ambassador since 2009 traveling to ruined ark, haiti and guatemala. and now ecuador. it gets emotional for me because it is really, really hard to see some other situations. i love going on these trips and going into the field and meeting these people that have these incredible stories of survival and of struggle. >> for the 34-year-old mother of two her trip to ecuador was a personal one. >> being half ecuadorian, going to ecuador and seeing the kids there, was that personally more meaningful for you as well? >> well, it was interesting to go into a place that you know your blood line is from. i mean, i'm literally half ecuadorian right down the middle, and my father, my grandfather having been born there, i were sort of look into the faces and think oh, these are my people, this is where i'm from. >> i got to see a little bit of the video from the trip and the
8:43 am
interaction you had with the kids and you even got to sing to the kids a little bit. >> i did. ♪ >> yeah, it was so cute because i was like, okay, what's something that we can sing together, that they might know. ♪ >> and their little faces just light up with joy with song. >> in 2000 aguilera released a spanish album, and the she's currently working on a follow-up. what's it mean for you to be latina? >> it means everything. it means passion. it means fire. it means, you know, part of my blood. >> she's also working on her eighth album. >> i've been loosely working, you know, and sort of accumulating ideas for what my next album will be over the next couple of years. i'm excited for my nance to finally be getting something from me. it's been a while. ♪ ♪ i am beautiful >> but it's her experiences that make her music meaningful.
8:44 am
>> you come back from these trips in ecuador and all of these places, and you think, you know, you are humbled and you truly are appreciative of everything that you have. >> gracias. thanks, guys. >> oh, you see how much that means to her and some exciting news also for all the christina aguilera fans. she will be returning as a coach to "the voice" next season and is working on her two albums and a mom of two kids so she's got a lot going on. a lot on her plate. >> very busy. >> and good on the voice, too. good to have her back in the rotation. up next, singer and songwriter sara bareilles on how show's taking on a new venture as author. first, this is "today" on nbc the
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are back at 8:46 with grammy nominated singer/songwriter sara bareilles
8:47 am
who we know for "long song" and brave" and she's using her talents to write her new book writing a memoir "sounds like me." good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i love how you put this in the forward to the book. i said yes to the project because i loved the idea of writing a book. that's like buying white jeans because you like the idea of looking good in them. well said. when you started to write, did you think, maybe i bit off more than i could chew here? >> that was the phrase i was going to -- yeah, i loved the idea of a challenge and loved the idea of getting to express, you know, sort of my story from pulling back the curtain from that perspective but once i got into the nitty-gritty of how much time and attention and internal mining takes place in terms of writing a book, it was much more challenging than i thought it would be. >> well, i have to hand it to you because it's a true memoir, and i think there's a word to describe it brave.
8:48 am
>> oh, thank you. >> you're very honest in it, and i could tell that meant a lot to you. going to do a memoir then be real about it. >> i really feel like that's part of my legacy is just wanting to put art out and expression out that at least feels very oughttic to who i am and that's the easiest way for me to express is kind of dig into whatever it is that feels the most honest. >> you look at different parts of your life. i think one part that people will really relate to is you saying in third grade that you were singled out as a fat gadd kid which as a fellow fat kid i can relate to and how that affected everything in your life and you talk a lot about body image. >> i do. it was a very formative experience for me. it's something i still -- i say this in the book, like i still see that girl every single day so it's been a real exploration in learning to practice positive self-speak and to -- and also to share that because i think -- i
8:49 am
have a younger sister and two young nieces and lots of young women in my world, and i think about them and wanting to encourage them to know that you don't necessarily grow out of it. >> yes. >> it's something that you have to continue to practice and to nurture. >> you say you still see that girl but you say that's also one of the reasons why you became a singer. >> yes. >> explain how that's connect sglid felt ostracized and felt sort of invisible in my peer community and so i -- i went towards a place where i -- i felt like i could find my voice, and that ended up for me initially being the theater, the theater community, and then eventually just kind of finding my voice through finding my songs, and i went to journal writing because i didn't know where else to sort of pour out my emotions and stacks of horribly embarrassing journals. >> don't we all. >> letters to leonardo dicaprio, kate winslet was on the show. >> we love your song "brave" of course but we learned in the
8:50 am
book that you didn't necessarily love it at first. >> i loved the song and then i got very nervous about how it was being presented and i was worried that it was too slick and too shiny and it was an experiment in kind of releasing what felt precious about it, and believing in the message and the song has taken on a life of its own. i'm so grateful. >> and i have to mention that you have a huge project in the works. you are part of the broadway musical "waitress can the "writing the music. >> yes, yes, i came on board about three years ago and we just finished our run up at the american repertoiry theater in boston and just a blissful project, i have to say. it's been a lot of hard work, don't get me wrong, but it will be opening on broadway in the spring. >> and your new record is all the music. >> yes. >> thank you so much.
8:51 am
coming up. how to get together for a meal your friends can help others. serving up generosity, b
8:52 am
this morning in "today food" one organization is taking a different approach raising money to combat hunger in this country and abroad and making it social and fun.
8:53 am
today's food analyst sam cass is here. >> so great to be here. wonderful. all have dinner parties at our home but we're trying to turn that into a mission to actually solve hunger worldwide. an amazing organize saying. you guys should have a look. across the country the power of the plate is being put front and center. for one month feed, known best for fighting hunger through fashion is trading totes for totes inviting you to share a meal. >> a big part of feed is empowering individuals to take action so talk to me about feed is uppers. >> folks are already hosting suppers, getting together with their friends and family around the dinner table. why not make for a good cause and give back. >> they are gathering for good and anyone can host a supper, anywhere. the caveat. guests are asked to make a donation. feed's goal is to raise 2 million meals by october 16th, world food day.
8:54 am
>> you measure your impact in terms of meals instead of dollars. why do you make that decision? >> because it makes it more real and tangible for folks participating. you know, feed is really founded on that power of the individual consumer to make that one purchase, to help that one kid and really help move the needle on hunger. >> needs like this where you have so many different types of people asking different types of questions and sharing different types of perspectives and that's where we can help them. >> around the world close to 800 million people go hungry every day, and in our country one in 48 million americans need help putting food on the table in front of 15 million children and yet a single school meal can lost as little as ten cents. >> the unfortunate reality is 1 in 19 people around the world are hungry and what we've seen is this incredible kind of coming out of our community to support hunger. >> one meal, one supper at a time. >> what a cool idea. >> yeah, i love it.
8:55 am
>> you've inspired us, sam. >> i think what's brilliant about feed is they use innovative models, using fashion, really a business and a business for a service of a global community and now taking a supper we would all have with our friends and making that a really powerful tool to solve some of the greatest issues of our time. i think it's just growing. >> makes you feel better about drinking all that wine, right? >> wine with a purpose. >> we've got at dinner party and you're cooking. >> i'm in. >> not me, tamron. >> if you want to learn more about how you can host a spuper go to, you'll find out all the details. >> nice job, sam. >> thanks. >> coming up next hour, guys. >> jay leno. >> yeah. >> "jay's garage." >> the a behind-the-scenes look inside his garage. not a lot of people go inside. 200 cars and motorcycles over 100 years. incredible. a parting gift for every
8:56 am
visitor. >> the one-on-one with joe good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> tracy, clouds are in philadelphia. at the shore, bright sunshine for cape may. the temperatures are climbing into the 70s for cape may today. look at that nice view over beach avenue. 63 in philadelphia. northeast philadelphia, little
8:57 am
warmer, 64 degrees. for cape may, 63. just a bit warmer at the cape may airport. clouds overhead. more sunshine later today. the trial continues for two men charged in the case of kidnapping on philadelphia's famous jeweler's row. in april, authorities say chaheed and base ill booy kidnapped a woman while demanding codes to the safe where she worked. they come up for sentencing next month. closer to seeing a new casino complex. yesterday the city's planning commission approved a plan on packer avenue. 2,000 slot machines, dozens of table games, hotel, spa and a parking garage. today is walk to school day in philadelphia. mayor michael nutter said it's up to all adults safety t-- to
8:58 am
teach kids safety tips to walking to school. put way cell phones and other distractions. another wrup date in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and aerth with the nbc 10 app. now backed to "today" show.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on requested today's take" jay leno back in the driver's seat in primetime and he's taking us along for the ride. then "real housewives" star joe giudice breaking his silence for the first time since theresa was sent to prison and a rocker performance by adam lambert coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a lovely wednesday morning. october 7th, 2015 here in new york city. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron and this morning's jam didn't come from us. your idea last week was to get
9:01 am
the viewers to send us the song. brenda parish, "beautiful day" of course by u2. >> it is going to be a beautiful day. >> good portion of the country and thankfully for our friends down in south carolina, even though the dams are still on pressure. >> yeah. >> the weather is good. >> wow. >> drying out a little bit. >> wow, good news. >> we'll talk more about that in just a little bit. let's jump into presidential politics. dr. ben carson is a guy who has surprised a lot of people, at or near many of the national polls tied with donald trump in some of them and he lit up the gun control debate with some new comments on mass shootings, of course, reflecting on last week's terrible day in oregon. what dr. carson said in "fox & friends" and how he would have responded if a gunman asked him what religion are you. >> not only would i probably not cooperate with them, i would -- i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say, hey, guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> he said that this morning -- yesterday morning and then
9:02 am
reiterate it had again when he was asked again and again. a lot of people taking great offense to someone stepping back from the comfort of a presidential campaign and say here's what i would have done at nine people were shot, many of them reportedly asked what their religion was when they said christian. they were gunned down. >> yeah. i mean, it's beyond insensitive. it's hard to hear that. >> bill kristol, the conservative columnist, legend in the conservative world attempted to defend the remarks this morning on "morning joe," the show that willie is on as well and his point was dr. carson was not saying that these victims did anything wrong. >> right. >> that he was pointing, to for example, 9/11, with united flight 39 when we know those passengers fought back. that's at least one person's explanation perhaps for dr. carson's remarks. >> right. >> but then he went on and made similar comments on another program, dr. carson did. >> i just think as a rule, don't explain what you would have done
9:03 am
in a moment none of us could imagine. >> are you don't know how you're going to react. >> if he wants to comment on it, good for him, but i think there are many people who would probably say, you know what, i'm not in those people's shoes, i'm not going to even begin to presume. >> and isn't it more important that we hear your policy proposals potentially on this conversation, a more substantive conversation rather than if then scenarios that certainly lead people to assume that you are saying that these poor people who lost their lives were passive and that you somehow would have been aggressive. >> and that wasn't the point i think he was intending to say, that these people were not passive. i think it was just more his idea of if we, you know, work together and take down the shooter, but, yeah. >> but when the shooter's armed with a semiautomatic weapon, it wasn't this case in this shooting and bottom line is one of those conversations that we have. i always think when we all watch the same video and majority of people go what did he say?
9:04 am
that's usually not -- we're not all crazy here. >> part of his explanation last night when he was asked about it on a different show is i want to plant the seed for the next victim so that they react in a different way, but my goodness, who would ever second guess people in that situation. >> i don't understand it. >> you mentioned policy. part of it is here. dr. carson suggested in an interview with "usa today" that if he had a child in kindergarten he would want school security guards and even possibly that child's teacher to be armed saying if the teacher was trained in the use of that weapon and had access to it i would be much more comfortable if they had -- if they had one than if they didn't. later in the day he appeared on "the view" and was asked to clarify that comment. >> not only kindergarten teachers, i said people who are trained. >> okay. >> and understand all the implications, and you obviously are not just going to have a weapon sitting on the kindergarten teacher's desk. >> where would the weapon be? >> secured in a place where kids could not get to it.
9:05 am
>> if a gunman -- if a gunman comes in with an cuak-45 or ar-, how fast can that teacher go to the locked drawer and get that gun? >> well, i want that teacher trained. >> you want that teacher trained. >> i want that teacher trained in diversionary tactics and whatever needs to be done in order to get there. >> by the way, that's not an unpopular position. >> a lot of people that feel that way. >> there's a strong argument to be made that you could employ a retired police officer or a veteran who is looking for work to be in the parking lot, in a are can a and to be a security guard at a school. >> what the other argument is that there were armed security people at columbine. >> right. >> and so, again, that's a part of the substantive conversation that you can have, but it has to be an informed conversation, and when people say and support the statement from dr. carson and many people do there is the other side of columbine. >> it's such a sad commentary, you know, on where we are in the world today. >> absolutely. >> we're desperate to find a
9:06 am
safe way. >> need a conversation about arming our teachers and i think a lot of people are having that conversation across the country, but at the same time it just makes you -- as a parent the sick to your stomach the thought that you have to think that way. now our schools have -- our school put multiple security features on top of what's already there. >> i don't know if you saw this oregon mom. her daughter was inside the community college umpqua when this happened and she said very clearly that if her daughter had been armed she feels that her daughter could have helped out, and there she is a parent frightened to death that she lost her daughter. >> right. >> and she strongly believed and to your point about, you know, this is something that many people support. she said if my daughter -- i wish my daughter had been armed. >> yeah. >> and that's a parent speaking. >> we're not going to solve this obviously, but there's a lot of back and forth that's going to continue. >> yeah. >> to a lighter story, one that might put a smile on your face.
9:07 am
50-year-old michigan want julie leach pick pentagon up a powerball check for a cool $310.5 million. >> gosh. >> yesterday. >> she's adorable. >> yeah. she drove to the fiberglass factory where she worked for 22 years and didn't realize she had think the big. >> went to work, having a real bad night at work and went to mcdonald's for lunch, thought, well, i might as well check my numbers while i'm sitting here waiting for my lunch, and that's when i realized that i was the winner. did i believe it. i had to go back to work and get verified from a couple other co-workers and just -- just couldn't believe it. i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things that i had to deal with over life. i just want to make it a good life for them. >> good bless her. >> so sweet. >> fantastic. >> she quit her job right away though. >> right away. >> and she's got three kids, 11
9:08 am
grandchildren. >> oh, wow. >> she will take the lump sum which is almost like $198 million after -- actually it already-140 million after taxes, so it's just terrific. they will buy a couple of houses, get the kids houses. she's -- she and her husband are going on trips to hawaii and alaska, god bless her. >> she said they used to fant sides, if we live the lottery we'll all build houses together and live together. >> and then she will build another mansion away because she is like here i am. >> a vacation place. >> when i first saw the check, i thought -- oh, look, that's nice, 300,000. >> more zeros there. >> 310 million, amazing. you know what's not so bad having tom hanks rescue you. >> wow. >> talking about this earlier. so tom hanks tweet the out a picture of an i.d. card actually. it says, lauren, i found your student i.d. do you still need it? my office will get to you, so obviously tom hanks tweets. people listen.
9:09 am
the university, lauren's friends, professors, everyone tried to get in contact with lauren. you would think it would be pretty easy in this age of social media. well, lauren's not on twitter, so everyone saw it except for her. she ended up getting a call from a professor. take a listen. >> i checked my e-mail and had an e-mail from one of my professors, and so i opened it. and it said you're famous. hearing from people i haven't really heard from in a couple of years. media has reached, you know, as far as england i saw something online so it's pretty cool. >> i said she got an e-mail from the professor, but here's the catch here. she paid $20 already to get a replacement i.d. 20 bucks for a college kid, that's like 200 million and she wants her money for -- she's like hoping she can get her cash back. >> she's a celebrity now at school and on campus. she said she wants her money back celebrity or not. i want my 20 back.
9:10 am
>> had that one great tweet and now people are going to go around dropping their i.d.s wherever celebrities hang out. leonardo dicaprio found my i.d. >> that's a good one. >> i'm going to litter the world with my i.d. >> all right. let's get a check of the weather, al. >> we'll show you some video. this normally would look like what you would see in oklahoma. take a look at this video, but, in fact, this is over arizona, that's right. heavy rain coming down. they had flash flooding, washing out roads, a real mess there, and we got the potential for more today. let's look on the radar, and you can see this upper level low spinning. it's a closed off low pressure system. there's no jet stream to steer it so it's just going to kind of hang out so we've got the risk of severe weather from albuquerque all the way down to presidio and what we're looking at is favorable conditions for some super cells, large hail possible and we're looking at wind gusts over 50-mile-per-hour and look at rainfall. some of these thunderstorms could produce upwards of 3 to 5 inches of rain.
9:11 am
th good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. another beautiful day. clouds will move out. sunshine in the afternoon. nice and comfortable with low humidity today. little cooler tomorrow morning. 55 to start with. suburbs in the 40s. 73, nice and comfortable. thursday afternoon. warm-up near friday, 80 degrees of the late-day showers, thunderstorms, heavy downpours. they end early saturday morning. drying out saturday, warming up with sunshine sunday. nice weather for monday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. up next, i got to hit the road with jay leno in one of the coolest rides ever made. oh, my gosh. '57 corvette convertible. >> nice. >> jay gives us a rare peek >> jay gives us a rare peek inside when you take a sip of our ocean spray cranberry juice, it's a little like...
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9:15 am
court on late night for two decades and now the car enthusiast is back on television with his hoe "jay leno's garage why the "on cnbc. i got a chance thanks to jay to check out his one of a kind car collection. >> this is a steam car, howard hughes' car. howard hughes owned this car in 1925. >> if he's not on stage telling jokes there's a pretty good chance jay leno can be found right here working on one of his prized cars. this is much more than a garage. it's a gearhead's fantasy land. with ancient technology restored to perfect sitting next to futuristic custom built vehicles created by jay and his team. >> a car we built here at the shop. used a jet engine out of an attack helicopter. built the whole car here, yeah. >> jay's encyclopedic knowledge of cars is on full display on his cnbc show "jay leno's garage." >> call it a tank car, patented
9:16 am
tank engine from the korean war area. this is actually schwarzenegger's favorite car. >> this would be a fantastic car to drive. >> mind if we take one of these for a spin. sure. the corvette nice. like corvettes? >> that will work. >> '57, sure? and i'm driving, right? >> yeah, that will happen. yeah, yeah, sure. >> leno now owns more than 200 cars and motorcycles but jay says the big collection was never the goal. >> i never thought of it as a collection and then i realize the i could never bring myself to sell any of them. it's kind of like imagine every girl you ever went out with in high school still looks exactly the same and when you go to visit them nothing's changed. that's kind of what this is like, and believe me this is cheaper than girlfriends. >> leno loves cars. he loves comedy and he loves maevies, his wife of 35 years, and, man, does he love denim.
9:17 am
>> it's a denim car. >> the meet the leno 501. >> jay and the team at funny or die having fun with his everyday uniform. >> every piece of denim on this car has been worn personally by me. >> despite the fame achieved by being on television every might for 22 years leno has managed to do the impossible in hollywood. he remains normal, showing up to interviews with no entourage whatsoever. >> the funny thing about show business is the more successful you are the more mentally challenged people think you are, like people say how did you get here to the studio? i drove myself. jay drove himself. like -- you drove yourself. i mean, people seem generally amazed that you're able to comb your own hair and perform hygiene functions on your own. >> success it comes, leno says, from keeping it simple whether on stage or under the hood. what a thrill to drive around in that car.
9:18 am
>> i loved the eulogy. i didn't pass away. >> it was a good ride. >> thank you, good night, everybody. >> i'm going to put you on the spot the. in that incredible garage that i was so privileged to see. >> yeah. >> if you had to drive one car out of that garage which one would it be? >> my '55 buick because that's the first car i drove to california and met my wife in that car. >> you go out with what you came in with. >> talk a lot more with jay. "jay len osh's garage" airs
9:19 am
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9:22 am
we're back with jay leno already getting sick of us. on "jay leno's garage." do you mind telling us about the vintage fire truck, about the guy who came in to paint the line. >> the fire trucks, the goal leaf, all beautifulfully and hand leathered and i have a friend of mine and that's what he does and the fire truck costs enormous, it's enormous, 60 feet long, and he's got his gold paint and brush and bottle of scotch. he takes a drink and he draws a perfectly straight line all the way down the truck, which is really hard, try it. >> i saw it. >> all the way down and finishes takes another swig and goes the other side, another perfectly straight line and then he did some of the filigree in the front and then after about -- he just passes out. and i have to wait until
9:23 am
tomorrow, and he sleeps all day and then he wakes up the next day, okay. takes a swig, and draws -- i mean, it took three days. it's fantastic and looks great but he can only do it drunk. couldn't draw the line straight and you would think it would be exactly the opposite. >> you keep running out to pie more jamiesons because he was doing such a good job. >> buy more johnny walker, here you go. >> jay, you seemed to me as i spent more time with me in the garage, a guy totally content. you happy off tv and late night tv? >> happiness is a privilege, it's a right. it's a privilege, and it's one of those things you should just enjoy it when it happens and that's what i to. >> when you look at late night landscape, you've moved on and david letterman has moved on, stephen colbert and jon stewart moves on. trevor noah. >> the movement of the white guys. it's a white guy migration as more white guys come in. >> you've said that a lot over the last couple of weeks. you would hike to see more
9:24 am
diversity. >> i'm doing my friend lille wilmore's show tonight and just to get a different perspective. it's probably for a female host in one of the late night positions and certainly plenty out there that are qualified. >> from a pure comedy standpoint is late night in good shape? >> i think it's in great shape. it's still the easiest way for networks to make money, you know. you write jokes which don't require sets and cgi and all kind of stuff like that and if something is funny, you know -- the monologues usually takes up, when we did the show 10 or 11 minutes, so that's 10 or 11 minutes which is pretty cheap to do yeah fangsly for the network. so, yeah, yeah. i think it's in great shape. colbert is doing well, jimmy fallon is still number one and i'm really proud of him. >> one of the things that's amazing about you, a guy that can rest on what he's done, you're out on the road more than 200 nights doing standup. >> i did a show, did a corporate
9:25 am
event a couple months ago and a guy says my wife and i really enjoyed "the tonight show" and i said, well, you know, i haven't done it for a while? >> i said, no, i left about 18 months. oh, you're not on anymore? >> no, no. nobody pays attention to this stuff. we either only ones that pay attention. >> great to see you. >> great to see you, my friend. >> great to see you, my friend. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin.
9:26 am
following this breaking news over marpt lutin luther king hi school in philadelphia. that school is in lockdown and a student has been arrested there. this is in the germantown section of the city. police told us earlier that officers were searching the outside of the school in regard to a threat that was made involving a gun. now moments ago we just learned that a student at that school has been arrested. we're getting more information for you now. you can check the nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking story. looking now outside, it's going to be another nice day out there. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> a combination of clouds and sunshine in the area. breaks of sunshine in the pocono mountains.
9:27 am
clouds will be thinning out into the afternoon hours. that's a live view. clouds streaming through philadelphia, much of south delaware and new jersey are seeing sunshine. temperatures are responding. in the 60s already in philadelphia. philadelphia police are still looking for the man who murdered a transender woman and the driver who dropped her off just before the attack. police found the body of keisha jenkins yesterday morning. moments before she was attacked she got out of the car and the driver left. a group of five or six men, police believe, beat and shot her. they're still investigating the motive. jenkins is the second transgender woman murdered in philadelphia this year. a new audit shows no one has updated the master plan for pennsylvania schools in the last 16 years. the master plan is a road map for statewide education policies. auditor general says the reason it hasn't been updated is because of misguided leadership on the department of education board. without that plan, he says the
9:28 am
state does not have a strategic way to deal with the issues facing public schools. i'm chris cato. we're back in 25 minutes with more.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at headlines volkswagen says a recall of the cars at center of the emissions rigging scandal should start in january. the automaker intend to to fix them all by the end of next year. up to 11 million vehicles worldwide contain the software used to cheat on emissions test and in most cases a software update will suffice but some vehicles could need new injectors and catalytic converters. california has now has one of the strongest equal pay laws in the nation. on tuesday governor jerry brown signed the california fair pay act following a recent study that found that women earned 84 cents for every dollar paid to men. the bill prohibits an employer from paying any worker less money for performing similar
9:31 am
work, not just equal work. the law is being hailed by hollywood actresses gene geena davis pand tricia arquette who have pushed for wage equality. a study in denmark is suggesting that transplanted ovarian tissue following cancer may allow women to regain fertility. cancer treatment itself can damage the ovaries so some women have had their tissue removed ahead of time. researchers say about 30% of the women studied were able to become pregnant naturally or through in vitro after their ovarian tissue was removed, stored and transplanted. there's more evidence just how dominant amazon has become in online retailing. 4 in 10 people, 44%, turn to amazon first when looking for a product online. 34% say they use google, byng or yahoo! first and 41% go to a specific retailer's website. let's get a check of the
9:32 am
weather once again. here's mr. rok good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. another beautiful day. clouds will move out. sunshine this afternoon. we are back in the 70s. nice and comfortable with low humidity today. little cooler tomorrow morning. 55 to start with. some of the suburbs in the 40s. 73, nice and comfortable thursday afternoon. a warm-up on friday near 80 degrees. late-day showers and thunderstorms and heavy downpours end early saturday morning. then drying out saturday, warming up with sunshine on sunday. nice weather ahead for monday. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. >> the five new jersey families took the nation by storm when their table-flipping passion and personal drama hit the airwaves. six scenes later it's the giudice family that continues to grab headlines but for much different reasons. >> last year joe and his wife teresa pled guilty to fraud charges and now as teresa served the rest of her 15-month
9:33 am
sentence joe prepares for his time behind bars. i sat down with joe ahead of braffa's three-part special, "the real housewives of new jersey, teresa checks n." >> the giudices are one of reality's most famous families, appearing on all six seasons of prafe's "housewives of new jersey." joe, teresa and their four daughters are reality royalty but fairy tale came crashing down when they pled guilty in 2014 to multiple counts of fraud. >> john salas has imposed a 41-month of sentence on joe guide ice and 14 months of imprisonmentment for teresa and now joe is talking for the first time in a no hold barred interview set in their famous home. >> you're facing four years, is it? >> 41 months, yeah, 41 months. >> do you even think about it at this point? >> no.
9:34 am
>> why? >> why not is the. >> because if i did you're just going to drive yourself craze' tlnd 'knows point. >> guy sax 14 and gabriel is 11 and milania is 9 and adriana 6. in four years you will come home to -- >> big girls. >> one will basically be an adult. >> yeah, pretty much. >> so the question is was it all worth it? >> no, of course it's not worth it, but, you know, why it happened i don't know. >> you believe teresa is behind bars not because of something you didn't do anything wrong or illegal? >> i wouldn't say i did anything wrong or illegal but there were definitely people behind and talking to them and telling them that we did this and did that and being in the attention and being in the public help didn't help. >> i hear the economy is crashing so that's why i pay cash. >> 120, 360, 120,000360. >> also a lifestyle that was
9:35 am
presented here. >> yeah. >> i'm in your home right now. there's a lifestyle presented of great wealth. the things you were accused of and accused of were things prior to going on national television. >> yeah. it was prior. >> if you know that your xs and os aren't adding up, why go on this show presenting an opulent lifestyle that could land you behind bars and is? >> well, i didn't anticipate, you know, going on this show. i didn't want to go on the show number one. they were bothering us for over a year. we just thought we were going to do it and it would be like no big deal, you know what i mean, and we didn't know it was going to turn into this. >> phenomenon. >> yeah. >> and that's how we ended up here. >> you didn't think you were doing anything illegal? >> you know what i mean. i was just -- i was just signing my name. i would never fill out anything. i wasn't, you know -- it wasn't my -- i wasn't an accountant, wasn't a mortgage person or a banker. >> a number of people that i've told that i was going to do this interview with you, a lot of them women, fans of the show,
9:36 am
for good or for bad, and repeatedly i heard from more than a few this is joe's fault. teresa took a fall for joe. what do you say to those who believe that you are to blame for it? >> i was to blame. i took full responsibility for everything and they still put her away. >> you still feel guilt? >> i was supposed to go away, not her. that was part of plea. i don't know what happened in the courtroom that day. >> when you realize that had she would serve 15 months in addition to the years that you will serve, what -- i mean? >> i feel like somebody just snapped my neck. i mean, it was -- i felt the pain, a chill going down my spine. i couldn't believe it, but, you know. >> part of being on this show is you've become a tabloid obsession. you google your name, there it
9:37 am
is. joe on a date allegedly with a strip club employery while his wife is serving time behind bars. what's the truth? >> what's the truth? >> were you on a date, have you dated since teresa's been behind bars? >> i don't date anybody. i don't go on dates. none of that is true. that person just happened to be out one night with a friend of mine that knew her and they came and sat at the table and somehow pictures got taken and that's how that came about. listen, anybody that does anything for money, you know what i mean, so if they feel they can make a couple bucks, they are going to make it. they are going to say whatever they want to say. >> i know that this interview we're able to talk about it, some things more delicate than others, some things more sensitive and i know one of those things is the issue of deportation. so i'll ask you this, joe. you're not afraid of going to prison.
9:38 am
you've -- and i think in your words you'll toughen it out with all of this. are you afraid of being deported? you doesn't want to answer it? >> no. >> wow. >> i've never had an interview with someone remain silent that long. >> yeah. >> and he would have sat there and we would still be there. he doesn't want to answer that question. he won't find out if he's going to be deported or not until after he serves the four years but that is the topic that scares this macho guy. he -- he knows that it's a
9:39 am
chance. >> i think his reaction right there told you everything you need to know. >> by the way, they are good reality tv because they are real. that's not an act, and i -- >> oh, yeah. >> i was suspicious at them. they were living that life before the show and now they are living the fallout from it. >> i think about those four kids. >> forget about it. >> that's what gets me. >> so sad. for more on the interview head to and trust me there's plenty more of it and the three-part special, "the real housewives new jersey, teresa checks in" premiers on our sister network and i asked about rumors he's being paid for all of this. he said that's teresa's business. >> okay. we shall soon find out. we shall soon find out. still ahead, former ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently.
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trublcovergirl p!nkrfect blend for each of us blend of rockstar and mama bear. her trublend... light 4 it blends in doesn't build up for a flawless nude look find your trublend at easy breezy beautiful covergirl adam lambert burst on to the music scene on "american idol" and has had a successful solo career ever since. issing with rock out for us in a few minutes but first a look back at his journey to our stage. ♪ momma just killed a man >> adam lambert rose to fame on season eight of "american idol." >> welcome to hollywood. >> you'll kill it in hollywood.
9:44 am
♪ can't get no satisfaction >> taking the stage week after week and finishing runner up. ♪ >> adam went on to release his debut album in 2009 receiving the grammy nomination for his single "what the do you want from me?" ♪ what do you want from me what do you want from me ♪ >> which has more than 52 million views on youtube. ♪ ♪ i would hope this night never be over ♪ >> his second song top 200 on billboard and add am even returned to the small screen popping up on "glee." >> i the not be embarrassed to share the stage with you. ♪ >> now his third studio album is out as his single "ghost town" heats up the charts.
9:45 am
♪ ♪ another lonely night >> ready to rock the nation with an exclusive new look at his exclusive music video "another lonely light". >> the don't go anywhere, adam is sicking his now song what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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9:49 am
billboard chart and we'll sing the lead "ghost town" and the glamberts are psyched about this album. seven years since "american idol" and all the opportunities and touring with queen has to be right near the top. >> that's definitely the crown jewel for sure. they are amazing, these guys, brian and roger. i spent the last month, five weeks, in south america with them which was incredible. we played rock in rio for 85,000 people. it was wild. >> the album is number three. can't wait to the heart single. adam lambert, take it away. t s. adam lambert, take it away.h single. adam lambert, take it away.e single. adam lambert, take it away. ♪ died last night in my dreams
9:50 am
walking the street ♪ of some old ghost town ♪ ♪ i tried to believe in god and james do you know but hollywood sold out ♪ ♪ saw all of the saints look up the gates ♪ ♪ i could not enter ♪ walked into the flames called out your name ♪ ♪ but there was no answer ♪ and now i know my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ ♪ my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ my shatter a ghost town ♪
9:51 am
♪ my heart is a ghost town ♪ died last night in my dreams ♪ all the machines had been disconnect the ♪ ♪ time was thrown at the wind and all of my friends had been disaffected ♪ ♪ now, i'm searching for trust ♪ in asy of rust, a city of vampires ♪ ♪ tonight, elvis is dead and everyone's spread and love is a satire ♪ ♪ and now i know my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ ♪ my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ my heart is a ghost town
9:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ my heart is a ghost town ♪ there's no one left in the world ♪ ♪ i'm gunslingin ♪ don't give a dam if i go down, down, down ♪ ♪ i got a voice in my head that keeps singing ♪ ♪ oh, my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ my shatter ghost town ♪ ♪ oh, my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ my heart, my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ ♪ my heart is a ghost town
9:53 am
>> love that sound. adam lambert, thank you. the album is "the original high." we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> hello. i bet you want to know what's coming up. dr. oz and his beautiful wife lisa are going to make dinner for us. >> how about jay leno is coming back to hang with
9:56 am
we have new details on this breaking news. a student is under arrest after a threat involving a gun at school. that threat put a high school on lockdown this morning. sky 4's ten was over the scene 20 minutes ago at martin luther king high school in germantown. school district officials tell us that police initially responded to reports of a student with a gun. we know that police searched the outside of a school and arrested a student. we don't know if they found the
9:57 am
weapon or the lockdown has been lifted athis the point. a crew is headed to the scene. we'll have more information for you. check the nbc 10 news app for updates. let's check the forecast now. it's shaping up to be a nice one out there. bill? >> clouds in philadelphia. lots of sunshine at the shore. cape may is seeing temperatures climb in the 70s today, low 70s at the shore. live view from the lafayette hotel. wind is light and out of the north. humidity stays low as we warm up. now 66 in northeast philadelphia. wilmington in the 60s along with tre trenton. as we go into the afternoon, more and more sunshine and temperatures topping out in the 70s. >> today in the ongoing pennsylvania budget battle, republican lawmakers will vote on tom wilson's new spending plan. yesterday the governor proposed an increase in the state tax. he still wants to tax natural gas drilling.
9:58 am
gop leaders say the governor's plan still doesn't have enough support to pass but will vote on it anyway. the state has been without a budget nearly three months. i'm chris cato. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
9:59 am
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. that should have been us by torii kelly. it is winesday wednesday and glad you are joining us today. we have a good show. >> he is back. >> he's back. >> jay leno, and with us live and he has a lot to be revved up about. and he is going to give us i lesso or something. >> we are going to take him for a ride. >> wait, is he taking us or we are going to be tak


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