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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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fluzone high-dose vaccine. this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. that should have been us by torii kelly. it is winesday wednesday and glad you are joining us today. we have a good show. >> he is back. >> he's back. >> jay leno, and with us live and he has a lot to be revved up about. and he is going to give us i lesso or something. >> we are going to take him for a ride. >> wait, is he taking us or we are going to be taking him?
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>> we are taking him. he has a big show coming up. >> and what abotrh d snetn >h z thin slice, hoda, and this is too big. >> i could have eaten an entire pie in re zoar thin slice like that. >> and all of the calieare gone. and i said that i won't eat d dinner last night and i stood over the pot of delicious tot sisawavhi aan >nsnai and i was standing there and i had four bowls of it, but because i was standing up, i was doing everything wrong, right? >> yes, posture. >> since we are confessing, i went to cvs, not cvs, but the grocery store next to cvs, and entenmann's section and i willed myself not to do it and then i
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bought it. the chocolate case with the vanilla icitt slices. and by the time i went to bed, only one-third. better than before. >dele healthy snack today, right? and this is sounding like an oxymoron. >> there is a new trend in jeans for under $50 and lilly yaw ian going to talk to us about them. >> and words of wisdom, hoda. >> and music, please. or not. be kind -- >> there it is. ♪ >> be kind when it is possible, and it isa i the dalai lama said that. >> i like that one a lot. that is how you should live your life. and you know how che ld out len sisters and how much i love them. >> yes. >> and so go see them in branson
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because they have a christmas show down there, and a lot of wineries in missouri. and also, there is christine's brother, dan, right there. and give my love to the girls. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and i want to thank people on fa facebook, because if you say that you have a prmn e problem-solve rs, and i had that tattoo, and everyone said to put baby oil and coconut oil, and i was scrubbing it with soap is and water and lieu fa and nothing was working. so i put the baby oil and the coconut oil, and nothing was happening, and then i put on the loufa. >> and then you real ized. >> if you get into the shower and the huty and all of that, it starts to come off and it comes off like nothing.
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i have bruising from the scrubbing. >> and did you shave? >> yes, i did. >> and now, thank you, jamie alexander for that tattoo. >> and i am still crazy about her. i love her. >> she is great, right? >> she is fantastic. and you are excite ed about thi but i am not so much in the majority. >> and rene zellweger is playing the pregnant bridget jones. and she was spotted in london shooting the scenes, and where is she? far right. boy, she looks little. mcdreamy? >> yes! >> what is happening? who are those children? what is going on? >> you know, that is not a still from the movie, but that is them sitting on the set. >> who knows, maybe it is a scene from the movie. well, he may be bridget's love
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interest, and you are right, he can't be, because -- >> colin firth is in it. >> i like any guy that is english with a darcy in it. wasn't there a "pride an prejudice" mr. darcy. >> and the actress is sally philips in the picture in ce u wondering. >> this i said that we should not show, and hide the children. >> you did not. >> and i said, be sure that our audience can take this. >> ellen degenerous decided spoof on some of matt damon's success in "martian. " "". >> you loved it? >> yes. and everybody leaves him behind and heuce, and so ellen released a sequel to "martian" and this time he visits another planet. take a look. >> "stuck on uranus."
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>> even if i could make contact, it would take years to bring me home. >> get him home, now. >> and introducing kim kardashian as an expert. >> did someone say uranus. >> tell my family i never stopped fightinging to get off of your uranus. >> one man, one joke. >> ellen has it. >> and it is humpday and we always introduce a hunk on humpday to get us through to friday and this is somebody who can we can agree on. bradley cooper. >> yes, and he is on "burnt" and he is changing his reputation as the bad boy of the culinary world, and we pulled some stills, and take a look.
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ooh, i like the chef one. >> and he does ride a motorcycle at times. >> and that is like new orleans because being a chef is the coolest thner oohas good. you like him as a chef or the biker guy? we want you to let us know on facebook, but it does not matter. >> and sandra bullock, and we all love her, and has she been in a movie with bradley? >> she is in a new movie where she plays a campaign manager. >> and she was asked in the magazine, when did you p first feel like an adult. >> when you graduated from school, got your first car -- when did you feel like an adult? >> i went off to work when i was 18 years old down in miami. so i felt like an adult the minute you start to pay your own bills. what about you, hoed? >> i was in college when my dad passed. i think it is then.
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yeah, because i didn't feel like a grown-up at all before that, and my parents were paying the bills, and everything is just as it should be and when yn su e you grow up fast. she says that she grew up when she got divorced. that is when she realized that, you know what, she has own her stuff. and she said this i have the greatest gift in little louie and i am going to let him see the woman i want him to know, and a child makes you get your stuff together in the best way. >> and i just love her. >> what is not to love. >> and would you go on vacation for yourself? well, it seems it is ob the ris rise. >> yes, i have done it. >> and 20% say they would. >> i went to cozumel, and i had a lot of books to read and
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journal, and i had a late lunch and went to bed by 8:30 or 9:00, and planned the day to where i needed to leave. >> is something going on in your life where you say, i need to eat, pray, love, and that is it. >> and you want to check out and not hear all of the noise sometimes. i think it can be good sometimes. would you do it? >> i don'tnk d't think so. >> no, i got you. >> i go off some place to study. >> and you go in a group, and if there were a great group going to israel, you would go in a minute. >> yes, yes, i would go in a minute. and that is what i have to think about now, because all of all of the things that happen when you lose your partner and it is a whole new normal, and so far, i have not found it. >> i know it. >> and he was ai force >> and he was ai force for more than 20 years. before there could be a nation,
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he's a tv icon who has made a few appearances here on the show as the host of "the tonight show" for 22 years. >> great to be back with you xwi girls. >> and you have always had a
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passion for cars, and he has a new hit coming on "jay leno's garage." and he may throw in doughnuts. take a look. >> you look like my wife in that car. >> the sad thing is that i do look like your wife. >> and now we will see who is the king of burnt rubber. >> nice. that was tim allen there. >> and never underestimate the imma ch immaturity factor of two grown men. itt >aelk about last night. >> yes. >> and jimmy fallon is about to do his monologue and he has pulled a hamstring. and look at who steps in. >> i have been waiting 18 months for that hamstring. >> how was it? >> it was a lot of fun. >> did you have butterflies?
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>> no, waz standup xheed -- i was a standup comedian before i did "tonight show" and so it was fun. >> and you are still doing shows? >> yes, about 200 a year. >> and you go home the your lovely wife every night. >> yes. >> and how long eu married? >> 35. >> and is it the same since your job has changed? >> no sh, it is not really any different, and i mean,to fe t n did "the tonight show" you had still had to write 14 minutes for the next day and is so that took up a lot of time and that is four or five hours after you get home, and so we don't have to do that anymore and we can watch "law and order" and stuff like that. >> when you take a vacation -- >> i have never taken a vacation. >> and she does not like to?
10:16 am
>> well, i will send her and the high school graduating class and pay for the whole thing, and th thing, and i will go home, and come leave friday and i came home sunday. i don't -- >> wait, what do you relax? >> this is a relaxing job. show business is not hard. i like to fix things or work on thing, and going to hawaii, and what? what? a wave comes in and a wave goes out. i got it after ten minutes, and the wave goes out and the wave comes n and what is it that i don't understand. >nhpioo hoa es >acawaabt e show. >> sure. >> and this has been your passion since you ea boy. >> and i started to do jay leno's garage on the web, and to talk about cars and then it went into the third biggest automotive website youtube and
10:17 am
without any advertising so we thought we would take it to the network. >> and it is on nbc, and what is each slike? what happens? how does it unfold? >> well sh, it is sometimes the past and the present, and the fun is getting celebrities that you don't know are car people. >> like who? >> francis ford coppola, and he is named after henry ford. >> and you know that all sorts of trivia. you are fun at the cocktail parties. >> and henry ford had one of the industrs the henry ford industrial hour, and in italy you named your middle name after the employer, and so it is francis ford coppola. >> and that is fascinating.
10:18 am
>> and you know, when you go through the publicist, and don't ask about the cocaine arre. > d u e edo at >>ye and whereas this, i would call up lawrence fishburne or any of the guys and i would say, don't ask me about comedy or the matrix, but we want to a abot passion of the cars and the motorcycles, and that is it. and everybody comes on and that is it. >> and it is a lot of fun. >> they are just waiting for gotcha question. that is not what we do. it is more about what they like to do and have fun. >> and why is tim there? tim allen? >> he is a big car guy. >> you friends? >> yes sh, i have known him for friends. god, we have been friends for years. >> and what is going on with the facial stuff? >> no. >> a beard, goatee or something. >> did he? >> that was tim allen. we are not going anywhere, and we are going to have a game. i want to show you a picture of
10:19 am
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crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. we are are back with jay leno and since he loves cars so much, we decided to take a drive with him. and we are going to play a game called jay driving. >> and we aeit o a game show or tv show and ask him what we are talking about. and you can't use the rear-view mirror. >> and you glson use that anyway. >> we are ready to play. >> this is like one of those jukiads and you have to guess what car we are talking about. the car with no engine. >> the "flintstones." >> you have to take it out of the program, because we can see
10:23 am
it, guys. >> and now, we are in a musical. >> "chit ti chitty bang bang." >> did you write these yourselves. and the year is 1955, and the flux capacitor is working -- >> oh, oh, oh. "back to the future." >> good one. all right. go. >> and the car built for a super hero. >> "badman." >> this is so easy. >> all right. another musical, a car that goes -- >> "sound of music." >> the "sound of music?" >> the car is fast as lightning. >> "grease." >> wow n is the stupid iist gam >> why? because i am getting every one of them right. >> yes. >> and what now? >> we have to tell people, and
10:24 am
we have two more minutes to go, and what are we going to do? >> keep your eyes on the road! you are killing me, buddy. >> should we act like we are driving here. >> okay. jay, more? >> what is the question? >> i asked you if you had a favorite car. >> fi had a favorite i would not have all of these car. aseywork a is there a car that you want? >> no, not really. >> you got a tesla. >> yes, that is a great car. >> what is the first car that you bought? >> a 344, and here is the story, i have a '55 road master that i bought in 1972 and my wife and i dated in that ca t erpeaerf h i thought that after 25 years, i still have the car and i thought, well, let's go back to the place where we in the car -- >> poughkeepsie in the car. >> that is what we call it. >> and the housing development
10:25 am
where it used to be just an empty field, and so we figured where it is, and i'm in some guy's driveway and it is one of these things where you get older, ow, my hair, and thin accidentally, i get the horn, and the guy's porch light comes out, and i am trying to put my shirt on. shirt on. >> and jay and may vis in thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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craving the taste of chocolate but watching calories? introducing light & fit greek with chocolate on top. so chocolatey good... you won't believe it's 100 calories. try new light & fit greek chocolate on top. it's just about 10:30 and we just found out about a lockdown at mlk's high school in the germantown neighborhood has lifted. police arrested after getting
10:27 am
what they call a threat of a gun at school. skyforce 10 was there. we don't know if they found a weapon. we have a crew headed there. much more on this just ahead during the -- on nbc 10 news at 11:00. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill. sunshine in some spots, clouds for others. clouds for now over center city. they won't last all day. we'll get sunshine this afternoon. that's a mostly cloudy view across the delaware. you can see trenton, wilmington getting sunshine that extends to atlantic city. cape may has been in and out of the clouds. temperatures are climbing is n spite of the clouds. 66 degrees in northeast philadelphia as the clouds clear out this afternoon, the temperatures back in the 70s. >> thank you, bill. police are looking for whoever killed a transgender woman and the driver who dropped her off moments before the attack happened. police found keisha jenkins dead yesterday. she was beaten and shot. investigators say minutes before the attack she was dropped off
10:28 am
on wing o hockey street. police believe a group of five or perhaps six men beat her and shot her. she is the second transgender woman murdered in philadelphia just this year. today walk to school day in philadelphia. mayor michael nutter says it's up to all adults to teach children safety tips for walking to school. drivers are encouraged to slow down in school zone, watch out for kids and put away cell phones and other distractions. i'm vai sikahema, we'll have a full hour of news in 30 minutes.
10:29 am
10:30 am
it is winesday wednesday and we are ready for the weekly trivia game "who knew" in honor of the 25th reunion issue, we are testing your classic tv show and reunion shows. and hoda is over there across the street to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right. and for those who don't get it right, they get one of my signed cds. [ applause ] >> and today, all of the participants will go home with int entertainment weekly's new book "the muts an joining me in the studio is senior writer and we love him and in fact, we call him stackable. >> first time together. and be gentle, virgins.
10:31 am
>> speaking of virgins, let's go over to hoda. >> that was rude. okay. who are you? >> brittany from minns. u it. which of the celebrities never guest starred in the 1990's hit series "family ties"? tom hanks or jennifer aniston or jason gordon left. >> and you will get a cd. >> and jennifer aniston is the one who never did guest star. and joseph gordon left was on and he played the young son that the keatons, when he was 7, he was there on the show. and tom hanks was on the show, and he played uncle n who was
10:32 am
an alcoholic. >> he can play anything. uncle ned. hoda. >> erin. >> i like the headband. >> where are you from? >> washington, d.c. >> this is the signature move the rancho karne high school cheerleading squad adopted on the 2000 film "bring it on." and what is the name -- >> it is spirit fingers. >> yep. >> spirit fingers. >> and so in "bring it on" and everybody remembers that they hire the turbo kor grag gr-- choreographer who does this thing like jazz hands, but that is the correct answer. >> and now, who are you? >> sara. these are my people. >> okay. which of these famous on screen couples have only starred in one film together, ryan gosling and
10:33 am
rachel mcadams, richard gere and julia roberts or ryan gosselin and cate blanchett. >> yes, it is ryan gosselin and cate blanchett. >> it makes me cry that day. >> and nothing is hotter than hot wet people, attractive people. yes, t ely in the "notebook" together. and apparently they didn't like each other in the filming, and that is what the director said, and then they dated afterwards. like us. >> one more, hoda. >> okay. what is your name? >> wendy. >> okay. in 1999, what did felicity starker ri russell do that caused controversy over the show's fans?
10:34 am
did she announce she was pregnant, cut her hair or announce she was leaving -- >> no. >> she cut her hair. >> and people thought that her career was over. >> and ratings plunged, and it is unfortunate haircut, because it was like a tight perm. >> and look at that face, she is gorgeou gorgeous. nn rent-a-car. tw5 i love it. >> i love you stackable. >> i love you, too. >> and happy birthday to your mom. and dr. oz and lisa are here with a recipe to the holidays bring many challenges to the feet.
10:35 am
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with fall upon us and the holidays fast approaching, can you believe that, pumpkin pies are everywhere and even at the farmstand. >> and why buy one this year, and make it yourself. >> and pick a pumpkin, because today's food team brought in dr. oz' beautiful wife lisa. >> and inside of lisa's new cookbook, it is called the oz family kitchen. >> we see you all of the time dr. oz, and now your lovely wife is here. >> and now, she learned from "the chew" learned to cook from lisa. and i am only on television because of her, and she has us eating the thing ths that are g for us, and i want to appu hbeushwoe tail off.
10:40 am
>> and you just celebrated a wedding anniversary? >> 35 years. >> and what did you fall in love with? >> what is not to fall in love with? i love those eyes. >> and you know what works in our house? the prosecution never rests. >> and it is so is eashi holiday season, a nd people think of pumpkin pie for christmas or thanksgngb o orem halloween, because we are all buying the jack lanterns, and what do you do with the insides, because we had like six jack-o'-lanterns to do something with. and this is a flaky crust which is like a short braed cookbreadd it is all butter and no shortening. and butter and flour and sugar
10:41 am
and little bit of salt. >> what is this? >> that is for the inside, and it is condensed milk to make it nice and sweet and clish shouse. first of all, you make the crust and mix it all together, and lay it right in there. >> and you like to do it perfectly. >> and put it in the pie pan. >> i first assisted. >> and then we can flute it. >> you know what that is called there when you smush it up. >> well, it is more rustic. >> i will help. >> you are an expert cutter. >> and you are literally peeling off the rind? >> yes, this is a cheese pumpkin and you can peel it like a potato and peel it, and it is not hard, but if you have a lot of kids who is making the jack-o'-lanterns, you can do this. >> i'm a surgeon, and chop, chop. >> and cheese pumpkins, but any
10:42 am
on one? >> i use a regular jack-o'-lantern, and the cheese pumpkin and the sugar pumpkin. >> do they taste different? >> well, they all have the same gourd flavor. >> and it has condensed milk and sugar, and that will help anything. >> and it has at lot of the a-vitamin. and you can tell them -- >> and the smushed up pumpkin that we buy in the cans kh >>w it is not going to t ing to taste the same. and so you boil it, and drain out the water and then blend it. >> ooh. >> we have every button but the right one. >> then press the on-button. >> details, lisa. >> he spends a lot of time cooking. he is good at the cooking. >> no, no, no. >> and we only have 30 seconds, and go ahead and put it in. >> okay. and all of this goes in there. and all of the ingredients.
10:43 am
>> and we put it in the oven. >> for how long? >> no. >> is that the oven? >> no. >> you just eat it. >> and then what? it is delicious. >> and everyone, #ozfami #ozfamilykitchen, and we will postcndfo >dec at >> it is delicious. >> and put down that tablet, because we will tell you what all of that screen time is doing to your vision. >> oh, i thought activia was for big digestive issues. until i realized our body handles a lot. 1,100 meals a year... 730 rushed snacks... add 300 stressful decisions... no wonder our digestive system sometimes acts up. so try activia! enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. the best part, it tastes great!
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10:48 am
. all right. let's face it a lot of us are guilty of spending way too much time in p front of the screen whether it is at the office or checking the smartphones or the tv. >> and all fosei colek toll on the vision. and so here to protect your eyes indoors and outdoors is dr. christopher star, an
10:49 am
ophthalmologist here in new york. >> and he is my ophthalmologist. >> and you mentioned it once or twice. >> how are you? >> well, thank you. >> and one of the things that we do is to camp in front of the computer, and you have the phone out or reading or looking at a tablet. si in histo history. >> for about nine hours a day on average. >>cae >>well, kit strain the eyes and dry out the eyes. and we recommend and this is soenhw commonly and often and ever dreveryday, have some tips. >> we have a computer from the 1980s, and for you the show us. >> this is a computer laptop on the desk and something called the 20/20/20 rule which we tell patients to the follow. every 20 minutes take a break from the computer, and take a look at the distant object for 20 second ises or mrao
10:50 am
of the things that we recommend is to have the screen below eye level and looking down at it so that your eyes are not staring straight ahead. >> what if you use the bigger print so that you are not straining. >> it will reduce it, but even if you are staring at the large print at this angle, it is going to dry out your eyes. >> and i use the restasis and proud of it. i have dry eyes. >> yes. >> and what about with the tv? >> well, it is more radiation or anything that is dangerous when yo are too close back in those days, and these are safer, but the dryness is a real thing, and we sit there and we stare at the computer, and we don't blink. when you don't blink properly, you will have dry eyes, and you need a lubricant throughout the
10:51 am
day to keep your eyes from drying out. >> and now, going to the doctor and speaking for people like me. and how often should one go? >> well sh, it varies for kids newborns should be screen a especially if there is a congenital predisposition. >> and the children get screened at school, and fei problem, you get screened in school. and if there is a problem, you to the optometrist or op thal moll list. and one of the other fallacies is that if you are 40 and you are not seeing a doctor in a while, see one. as we are older, more frequent. >> down to the sunshine, because my mama always wears sunglasses. >> and you don't realize that you can do damage to thea orheri and ul -- all of those things. >> yes, and cornea and retinas
10:52 am
until you 50, but sun glasses are the equivalent for the spf and sun can cause growth on the eyes, and tumors and melanoma and you want to find a nice pair of sunglasses that blocks out the uv light. >> and after 60, as i know, you have ea i go more often. >> i wonder why? and don't take your eyes off of lilliana. >> and she is going to show you the latest trend in denim with the flair. >> thank you. >> thank you, doctor.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
no need to spend big bucks on a pair of jeans. lilliana vazquez is back with a flair for jeans. >> and flairs are coming back and we used to call them bell bottom s, and she has three styles for under $50. >> under $40 and the flairs are
10:56 am
back and i am so happy it is not about the skinny jeans for fall. th is a high waist flair from forever 21. and you want to have it hit your natural belly button. >> those were mom jeans. >> and now we have reinvented them. and you have mom jeans? bring them back. and over here, we have another high waist from american eagle outfitters, and this is $39.95, to show a little bit of the waist here. and when you are shopping for these, make sure that the flair starts at the knee down, which is the most flatter, and not from the thigh, because then they are too big. and you can go boho with it which is the '70s vibe on this one. and the most important thing about the flairs is that they go a all of the way to the ground. all of the ies t tboom and the reason for that is that if you are already tall, you want to look long and lean, and these are from h&m
10:57 am
here, and we did the '70s vibe to do this, because this is an inclusive trend which i am excited about. >> thank you, lilliana. >> and tomorre ca award winner julie andrews here. >> so funny. and plus, five-time emmy winner john arquette. >> and have a wonderful wednesday. >> and you will have to come back tomorrow. >> and you will need your rest.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
that breaking news, tense moments at another philadelphia school this morning. skyforce 10 was over mlk high school in germantown as police investigated the threat involving a gun. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. right now police have one student in custody and they lifted the lockdown that was in place earlier. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at mlk high. monique, what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: hi, vai. investigators tell us a student who was registered here at mlk high school but never attended class this is year has been picked up at fern rock transit center. they also tell us, according to my sources, he did not have a gun. here's how the scene looks when


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