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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that breaking news, tense moments at another philadelphia school this morning. skyforce 10 was over mlk high school in germantown as police investigated the threat involving a gun. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. right now police have one student in custody and they lifted the lockdown that was in place earlier. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at mlk high. monique, what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: hi, vai. investigators tell us a student who was registered here at mlk high school but never attended class this is year has been picked up at fern rock transit center. they also tell us, according to my sources, he did not have a gun. here's how the scene looks when we arrived at the high school a
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short time ago. police say just before 9:00 this morning a caller said a teen with a gun was on his way here to mlk. the school was placed in lockdown. police also say this stems from an investigation earlier this week regarding a stolen gun used in an armed robbery. >> the lockdown was put in place because a student was identified as being a member of the martin luther king student community. >> reporter: did he bring a gun to school, sir? >> no, he did not bring a gun to school. he never entered the school grounds. >> reporter: again, police tell us there was never a threat to anyone at the school or the school itself but nonetheless we have seen parents arriving to pick up their students, their children, we're working on that for you at 11:30. live in germantown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. meanwhile, police have a teenage suspect but still no
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weapon following yesterday's gun scare at the community college of philadelphia. this was the breaking news that we first brought you yesterday on nbc 10 news at 11:00. police say the 17-year-old suspect had a personal dispute with a student at the college. they say he threatened that student with a gun and then ran into a building on campus. the college and surrounding community was put on lockdown. students and faculty were told to stay in their classrooms. >> one of the other instructors came in and asked me to keep my students in so i had my students in for about an hour. then we saw people walking our floors so the students left and i left. >> a student recorded this video of officers taking the suspect away. police said the scare had nothing to do with an fbi warning about an online threat against local colleges. as pennsylvania approaches 100 days without a budget, statehouse members today are set to weigh in on governor tom wolf's plan to pay for state spending with new tax increases.
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nbc 10's matt delucia is monitoring developments in harrisburg and he's live in the digital operations center. matt, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: vai, the debate continues in harrisburg right now. i've been watching since it began around 9:30 this morning. it's not an entirely new debate. the budget battle has been going back and forth for months governor wolf introduced his proposal in march and pennsylvania has been without a budget since july 1. it's yet to pass. republicans called the democratic governor's original plan excessive. governor wolf is still trying to raise money for schools. is he originally wanted to fund that with a failed tax increase but now it's been adjusted to include an increase in personal income tax and a new tax on natural gas drilling. it's a $30 billion budget, we're talking about it. without it, democrats say the deficit along with cuts to education and human services would get worse. here's a brief taste of what's happened on the floor so far this morning. >> reporter: pennsylvania is in a fiscal mess.
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if we don't raise more revenue, if we continue to kick the can down the road, the resulting cuts will make the previous administrations's cuts seem like child's play. >> it's a shame that this debate didn't take place in june instead of october. and i say that because it's taking too long to get in touch with reality. >> the republican you just heard from, the chair of the house appropriations committee, called for a no vote on the plan today. the debate is expected to continue through at least the early afternoon. i'm looking at the monitors right here. it's still going on right now. we, of course, will let you know what happens. until then, pennsylvania is still without a budget now for almost 100 days. is live in the digital operations center, i'm matt
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delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. happening now, former pro wrestler jimmy superfly snooka is expected to appear in court on charges he killed his girl friend 1983. police say she repeatedly assaulted nancy arjentino in a hotel and left her to die. his lawyers say it's a biased and rose colored version of the facts. the trial continues for two men charged in a case of kidnapping on philadelphia's famous jeweler's row. authorities say in april the two men kidnapped a woman and beat and tortured her while demanding codes to the safe at the jewelry store where she worked. a third suspect who pleaded guilty comes up for sentencing next month. sunshine and pleasant
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conditions throughout our area. here's a live look at boat house row right now along the schuylkill river in philadelphia. brittney shipp is here with the forecast. hey, brittney. >> hi, vai. we are going to see a beautiful day. warmer than yesterday. definitely above average for us. here's a current look at temperatures. 58 in mount pocono, 65 in allentown, 64 in pottstown and mid-60s to start in philadelphia and we're at 64 currently in wildwood. high pressure still in control, all we're seeing is just a few clouds streaming in from the north and we'll continue to see dry conditions for the rest of today, tomorrow, friday things start to change. as far as today is concerned, expect temperatures to push into the high 60s by 1:00 p.m. by 4:00 p.m. 72 degrees and mostly clear skies, temperatures at 68 degrees by 7:00 p.m. coming up, i am tracking warmer werth, we're staying in the 70s, tracking showers, as we get into the weekend, cooler conditions
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along the way. i'll let you know what to expect coming up in my seven day forecast. >> see you then. police want to find a woman who they believe used a little girl as her lookout while she stole a purse at a philadelphia store. check out this surveillance video from cassie's world furniture store in juniata on sunday. the woman snuck into her office and took a purse containing around $1600 in cash. the owner says she can replace the stolen items but she's worried about that little girl who appeared to be scared. >> this thing is the major thing it's the child. that's -- that gets me, makes me sick to my stomach with that. >> if you recognize the woman or child, you're asked to call police, detectives believe the girl is about five years old. sunshine in flood-ravaged south carolina. so why are more people being forced to leave their homes? new information about the threat for more flooding for so many people already hard hit.
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>> and i'm tracking warmer weather as we head into the middle part of your work week. cooler temperatures by the weekend and a chance of showers. i'll let you know what to expect in my full forecast.
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they're now searching for data recorder from the cargo ship that sank off the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. nbc's kristen dalghren has the latest on the investigation into what happened during the ship's last hours.
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out at sea, more evidence of a broken and battered ship, debris for miles, but still no sign of any survivors. the crew was remembered in a candlelight vigil at the maine maritime academy tuesday night, while the ntsb met with family members in florida. the agency is now investigating the disaster. questions like while the "el r fa faro" set sail and what caused it to lose propulsion. >> we will be studying the meteorological conditions and the factors that went into the decision making to sail on that day. >> reporter: merchant marines like kenneth benton who was on the "el faro" last month say the crew would have had little say in the decision to leave. >> i feel the company and the captain are going to decide what niece their best interest money wise as opposed to how the crew feels. >> reporter: the 790-foot cargo ship was on a regular run, delivering supplies to puerto rico. but tote maritime insists the storm forecast shifted of its
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ship "el faro" set sail. the company is hiring a third party to conduct an independent and public safety assessment. >> that's my son. >> reporter: value tampa was recently widowed tell rag he in ellis that she's holding out hope. >> this can't be happening. my whole insides are being ripped out. i just lost his father. >> that was kristen dalghren reporting. meanwhile, dozens of chicago firefighters battled to save an historic church. flames destroyed much of the shrine of christ the king catholic church on the city's south side. no word on injuries or what may have caused the fire. there's been another difficult and busy 24 hours across south carolina. teams frantically trying to secure dams being tested right now by rising floodwaters.
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columbia has been one of the areas hardest hit, that's where jay gray is with the latest. >> reporter: a rush to higher ground. families near beaver creek urge to evacuate as crews struggle to reinforce the dam, pushed past its limited by growing flood water. >> we have a lot of holes in the system we're filling right now. >> reporter: national guard helicopters dropped massive sandbags trying to plug some of the holes while on the ground trucks and cranes are moving in rocks to fill in the cracks. >> they put almost 400 tons of rock or in the process of putting 400 tons of rock in. >> reporter: for now it seems to be working. >> the dam had been stabilized then unstabilized then stabilized and unstabilized. you have to know these crews have been working non-stop since sunday. the latest word that we have now, it has been stabilized. >> reporter: there are more than a half dozen dams in the area in jeopardy right now and teams work frantically to shore them up. families in some of the
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hardest-hit neighborhoods are starting to clear away and clean up what they can. >> times like this, the things you really treasure are your family and friends. >> reporter: support so many will continue to need during long and difficult recovery. they insist this community will recover. >> i'm not going anywhere. been here for 64 years. >> reporter: the strength and determination stronger than the water here. jay gray, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. and take a look at this. a severe thunderstorm brought heavy wind and rain to southern a arizona. dash cam video showing the supercell storm forming near the city of casa grande. and check out this light show in the skies over like superior in duluth, minnesota. this time lapse video of the aurora borealis, otherwise known as the northern lights, was taken last night. the lights appear when gas
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particles collide from the earth r earth's atmosphere combine with charged particles released by the sun. good morning as we head into the rest of today. our temperatures will post into the high 70s, so we have a nice day on tap for us. temperatures will stay warm, above average. we'll also track a few showers and cooler temperatures are expected for us as we head closer to the weekend. here's a live look outside right now. you can see mostly cloudy skies. we are dealing with a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in philadelphia at 65 and our humidity is at 65%. wind speeds out of the northwest at eight miles per hour across the rest of the region. 56 in allentown, 68 with mostly cloudy skies in atlantic city and temperatures in philadelphia in the mid-60s. temperatures in the poconos at 58, 23467 dover and 68 in wilmington.
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we're going up and down with our temperatures here. our average is 70. today we'll push into the high 70s. we drop down a few more degrees into thursday and back up on friday but then we have a cold front move in and that will have temperatures move into the 60s as we head into the weekend so we'll drop below average. the closer look at our radar shows quiet conditions. just a few clouds moving in. i'm already tracking a few changes as we head into the end of your work week so what you can expect as we head into the next few days is we'll watch this area so closer to friday afternoon as you're heading home from work you'll see the light rainfall moving in. it will be short lived and moved out around midnight. we'll see nice enjoyable temperatures. a little on the cooler side.
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as far as today is concerned, temperatures are push into the 70s for most locations including allentown with a high of 71 today. so our typical rains will be anywhere from 75 and 78. a bit cooler along the shore in our suburbs, sunny and nice. we show cooling conditions as we head into the weekend. look at your seven day forecast. by the time we get to saturday we drop down to 65 degrees, cool conditions remain into sunday, 69 on your sunday and we have another chance of showers as we push into tuesday. there's a big push to encourage healthy life-styles. a community health care will take place at the seven day adventist church in havertown. here to tell us more about it is the advertiser, marcia nelson niles. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> tell us about the health fair and who is participating. >> we're inviting the public to come and enjoy what we have to offer at the health fair and it includes everyone, the public,
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children, older adults, insured, uninsured, anyone that wants to come is invited and is welcome. >> you're casting a wide net. do you have a target more specific that you want to get? >> we are targeting havertown, drexel hill and upper darden. those are the surrounding areas. >> and why the health fair? is there a need for in the this particular part of the city? >> yes, we are targeting these audiences because healthy life-style matters and we notice that we have a lot of people with diabetes, hypertension and all these chronic diseases so we feel that we are able to help because we have a lot of people who are physicians and nurses and even alternative medicine
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representatives that will be coming to give us assistance. >> so you're drawing from -- these are people from the community you're drawing from? these health care professionals coming to help out? and they come as volunteers? >> they come as volunteers and we have many hospitals that will come to give us assistance. >> they're all involved and not just about health education, it's about fun as well, right? >> a lot of fun and we are doing bmis, blood pressure screenings, we have about 10 different physicians coming from different disciplines that will come to help us. >> fantastic. once again the community health care is sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the have ehaver seventh day adventist church. thank you for coming in. the new call for the vice president to run for president as the country waits for joe
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biden's decision. plus, problems in the pumpkin patch. why experts say you should stock up on the canned pumpkin now.
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this week's wednesday's child is a bright and fun teen who's hoping to make a huge impact in this world and he's looking for a forever family to love and support him as he pursues his dreams. i'd like to introduce you to patrick.
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>> i want to make something like that. >> patrick is a determined and wholehearted 16-year-old with a passion for robotics. and from his recent trip to villanova's robotics club, there's no doubt his curiosity will take him far. >> it went 70 miles per hour. were you the only one that worked on it? >> no. >> i think if you can imagine it with your mind you can do anything you want. >> but patrick brings more to the table than just a passion for robotics. he takes the initiative to be a leader for himself. >> if it has a claw you can bring it back out. is. >> you could do that. >> if it wasn't for me i wouldn't be the best kid i am right now. >> and the siblings he dreams of having. >> he wants younger siblings. he wants to be a role model for them. he wants to show younger kids what the right thing is to do and how to treat other people. he's been through a lot emotionally he want's had a lot of loss in his life but he still has a smile on his face. >> as for his parents, patrick
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just hopes their heart and smile will be as big as his. >> he has a lot of love that he has to give and also he would bring a lot of joy. he's a really funny kid, loves to laugh, loves to make people laugh. >> and above all, patrick values the importance of an education that he hope his forever family will give him. >> you can't do robotics without getting an education. >> pat vic this week's wednesday's child. >> go cats! >> go cats as in wildcats. thank you villanova. if you would like to help patrick's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation go to our web site at and search "wednesday's child" or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. we're following breaking news this morning. police investigate a threat at a
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local high school that led to a lockdown and a possible motive behind the threat. and another carson controversy. what the republican presidential candidate is saying about remarks he made about last week's community college shooting in oregon.
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it's just about 11:30, we have launched skyforce 10 and it's hovering over breaking news in logan. that's where philadelphia police responded to reports of a person with a gun. now preliminary information is sketchy coming in, but here's what we know right now. one person is in custody. they're still looking for a second person and you can see the swat team was brought in but police tell us that was just a precautionary measure. again, police in the logan section of philadelphia have one person in custody after reports of a person with a gun in the neighborhood. we're making phone calls but
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stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app as we try to get that information and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. and we're following more breaking news, a philadelphia high school student is under arrest this morning after a threat prompted a lockdown in mlk high school. that lockdown has now been lifted. nbc 10's monique braxton is live for us at the school. monique, you've been following this investigation throughout the morning, what have you learned? >> hi, vai. investigators tell us a teen student registered here at mlk but never attended classes here is now in custody. here's how the scene looks when we arrived at the high school. during the commotion, police say a caller said a teen with a stolen gun was on his way to mlk high. the school was placed in lockdown as a precautionary measure. we spoke with one parent who arrived to withdraw her teen. >> there was a threat. >> a lockdown. >> uh-huh.
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a big threat. so a lot is going on, you don't know what's inside someone's mind and everything comes but last but first comes my children. that's it. that's the bottom line. >> again, there was never threat against anyone here at the high school. the teen believed to have had a gun did not but he is still under investigation in connection with an armed robbery that occurred earlier this week and sources tell us several teens were involved in that armed robbery. they seem to all be pointing the finger at each other and that's what led to the tip call. live now in germantown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. . picture-perfect conditions across our area. it's a nice warm october day outside as we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge.
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brittney shipp is here with our forecast. hi, brittney. >> hi. doesn't get much better than this. temperatures warming into the mid to high 70s. nice and dry, humidity will be low. and you can see the lake, a few clouds moving in. same thing in philadelphia. we are going to be dealing with a little bit of cloudiness but that should clear as we head into the rest of the afternoon. for philadelphia right now, 65 degrees. our humidity is at 65%. wind speeds out of the northwest at eight miles per hour. but it's still going to be a nice day. we're at 68 in wilmington, 64 in pottstown. 65 in allentown. 58 in the poconos and mid-60s along the shoreline. our temperatures over the next couple days are going go up and down a bit but still staying above average. our average for this time of year 70 degrees. today 77 will be the high. 73 heading into thursday but take a look at friday. we warm right back up to 77. i am tracking cooler weather on the way as we get into the week end. also tracking a chance of showers. i'll go over the details on that as we wind down your work week
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in my full forecast. >> see you then, brittney. rescue crews are searching if two people missing in historic flooding in south carolina. they were inside a pickup truck that went around a barricade blocking a closed road. the truck went off the road and into the water. three people managed to get out safely and they told emergency crews that the two others were stuck inside the vehicle. since the weekend, juice made dozens of water rescues and hundreds of roads remain impossibimpass impassab impassable. at least 15 people have died in the flooding. authorities are ordering people who live near a dam to evacuate immediately. crews worked throughout the night and this morning to try to stabilize the beaver dam after a sinkhole opened nearby. they pumped water out of the pond to relieve some pressure on the dam but authorities say the dam could breach at any time. the evacuation order affects about a thousand homes. and switching gear, bill cosby is in for more legal trouble. a model who accused the entertainer of drugging and sexually assaulting her at the
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playboy mansion in 2008 has now filed a lawsuit against him. chloe goins lawsuit does not allege a specific date but the suit is being filed by a rule that tae how wills victims of underage sexual abuse to sue for several years after they turned 18. she turned 18 in may of 2008. the lawsuit includes a list 406 women. the comedian's lawyer denied goins' accusation. for for the first time more than two dozen of his accusers have come together for a group interview with nbc's kate snow. they'll appear in a dateline special appearing at 9:00 on friday. authorities working with the fbi have interrupted several attempts by gangs to sell radioactive material to middle eastern extremists. according to an associated press investigation, gangs with ties to russia are behind the attempted black market deals.
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nbc's keir simmons has there are london. >> reporter: the implications are chilling. eastern european smuggling gangs trying to sell radioactive material to jihadists in the middle east. >> we are very concerned by these different incidents of terrorists trying to acquire either nuclear or radiological material. we know that the threat is real. >> reporter: in the past five years, local investigators working at times with the fbi have uncovered four such instances according to the associated press and in one case earlier this year it's claimed an armed smuggler offered to sell enough radioactive seize dwroum c -- cesium to contaminate several city blocks. in another link, this man told investigators he wanted to sell uranium for $35 million per kilo. the associated press says while in some cases radioactive material was seized, in every case it was small amounts or not very potent. meanwhile, our own pete williams
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has been speaking to his sources he says the fbi have been involved in stings like this but it's not clear what their role was in this particular case. back to you. keir simmons reporting from london. happening now, congress is looking into whether drones pose a safety hazard for planes and helicopters. here is a live look now from washington, d.c. officials from the faa and the airline pilots' association are testifying right now before the house transportation and infrastructure committee. the hearing comes as pilots and air traffic controllers recently reported drone sightings. the faa is still in the process of crafting regulations for the use of drones. and turning to decision 2016, republican presidential candidate ben carson defending comments in which he seemed to second guess the oregon school shooting victims. the former brain surgeon said if he had been there he would have tried to get everyone to rush the gunman. nine people died in last week's
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rampage. carson says his words were meant as advice for the future. carson is a gun rights supporter and says better mental health care could help prevent future mass shootings. and florida senator marco rubio held a town hall meeting this morning in new hampshire. he took questions from internet company employees in manchester. the republican presidential candidate has two other town hall events scheduled today in new hampshire. in iowa. jeb bush met with voters at a tea and coffee shop in the town of muscatine. bush visits -- bush's visit comes as the super pac supporting his campaign spent nearly $2 million on tv ads in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina in a single week. and a new ad campaign is urging vice president joe biden to run for president. we could learn if he'll get in the race as soon as this weekend. nbc's peter alexander gives us a look at the commercial. >> reporter: all that's missing
11:37 am
is the candidate. >> you're on the cusp of some of the most astonishing breakthroughs in the history of mankind. >> reporter: this powerful and personal ad produced by a group of biden supporters with a simple message -- joe, run. >> when joe biden see this is ad i hope he understand there is's millions of americans eager to see him enter the presidential race. >> my dad's definition of success is when you look at your son and daughter and realize they turned out better and this you. and they did. >> reporter: the ad debuts on cable tv next tuesday, the day of the democratic debite with biden is not expected on stage. and a new poll shows democratic front-runner still in the lead but losing ground in florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. but biden outperforms clinton in general election matchups in those critical swing states. it all comes as biden's aides are blasting as offensive and categorically false a report of him being politically calculating while mourning his son's passing. the politico report maintains biden himself first leaked his
11:38 am
son's deathbed plea he run for president to the "new york times." hillary clinton's husband sat down with stephen colbert late tuesday. >> please try to be impartial here. [ laughter ] who do you think is the most qualified to hold office in 2016. >> the lady i saw singing on "saturday night live." >> reporter: the 42nd president weighed in on the republican front-runner. >> he's a master brander and he's the most interesting character out there. >> did you call donald trump and ask him to run for president of the united states? [ laughter ] >> no. no. >> because that would be pretty smart. >> yeah, i get credit for doing a lot of things i didn't do. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. a long-time biden supporter tells nbc news the vp is still deliberating. a tractor-trailer flips over on a detroit highway and the driver left with only minor
11:39 am
injuries. you can see it starts when a white car cuts in front of the truck and hits the truck's cab. the truck goes out of control before overturning and crashing into the median. police are still looking for the driver of that white car. a wild police chase down under. look at this. the pursuit went off road and on to the beach and ended with the suspect driving, yup, right into the ocean. it turned out to be a very good getaway plan. the driver was captured after he climbed out of his car and made his way back to shore. three scientists including one from the rust the winners of this year's nobel prize in chemistry. the royal swedish academy of sciences announced their names in sweden this morning. american paul modrich, u.s. turkish national aziz sancar and sweden's tomas lindahl were recognized on their work for dna
11:40 am
repair. they'll receive their nobel prizes in december. and volkswagen's new ceo says a recall of cars hit by the emission scandal should start in january. the automaker plans to fix all the cars by the end of next year. according to volkswagen, up to 11 million vehicles across several of its brands contain the diesel engine with software that cheats u.s. emissions tests. the ceo says a software update should fix most cases but some vehicles could need new parts. happening today, the u.s. transportation department is unveiling a new program to educate drivers called "my car does what?" research shows some drivers are unsure about all the new safety technology in cars so a new web site is offering videos and graphics to help them better understand the features. crop experts say there should be enough pumpkins for halloween bus supplies could be scarce for your thanksgiving pies. pumpkin maker libby says
11:41 am
supplies could be low by late november and blames heavy rainfall for washing out crops in illinois, the top pumpkin producing state. and the chuck e. cheese chain is targeting millennial moms. they hope to win them over by testing lattes and cappuccinos and expanding its beer and wine options. the chain has revamped its menu adding gluten free and thin crust pizzas. the company is trying to get parents to bring in the kids more often than the average of around three times a year. you'll probably get -- you'll probably be getting ready for halloween but nieman-marcus wants you to think about christmas and about spending lots of money. the retailer released its 2015 christmas gift catalog this morning. it's best known for its expensive fantasy gifts. this year you can order a two day motorcycle trip with actor keanu reeves. that will cost you $150,000. if you're looking for something cheap, for $90,000, you and
11:42 am
seven friends can take a balloon ride to the edge of space. nieman-marcus says it sold over $ $5 billion of luxury goods last year. rio olympic organizers gave the media a sneak peek at the facilities for next year's game. construction work is still ongoing at many of the venues with workers laying roofs and securing beams. officials say the work is entering the home stretch now. the rio olympics begin in less than 10 months and you'll be able to watch them here on nbc 10. surviving the unthinkable. the story of a little bit who literally lost almost his head in a car crash and the miracle surgery that saved his life. brittney? >> i'm tracking a nice day on tap for us. we're pushing into the mid-70s. i'll let you know how long we'll stay there. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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the stress of a new baby can take a poll on dads to be. about 13%over expectant fathers experience depression. men who have trouble sleeping were at a higher risk of developing symptoms. experts say the findings add to the argument that doctors should monitor men for depression during pregnancy and afterwards. australian surgeons reattached the head of a toddler after it was severed from his spine. 16-month-old jackson taylor was riding in a car with his mother and nine-year-old sister when
11:46 am
they collided with another car at high speed. the impact separated the toddler's head from his neck internally. jackson was airlifted to a brisbane hospital where a team of surgeons performed a six-hour surgery to reattach the head to the spine. >> it's a miracle. >> taking broken kids and put them back together. i'm very, very thankful. >> doctors said jackson thereof wear a brace over his head for eight weeks to help tissues and nerves connecting his head and spine. and today in philadelphia, the salvation army will celebrate 150 years of service. the salvation army of greater philadelphia will gather with hundreds of community members to mark the milestone. their celebrate luncheon happens at the crystal tea room in center city. the salvation army will honor several people who have done good work for the charity during the last year. an organization that has made a difference the lives of so many boys and girls throughout the years has a big
11:47 am
celebration coming up. big brothers big sisters southeastern pennsylvania is marking its 100th anniversary with a big night out gallon happening next week. marcus allen is the ceo of big brothers big sisters southeastern pennsylvania here on the far right. and he's here with marcus -- dennis jablonski -- i'm sorry. of big brothers who was matched in the hamilton lane beyond walls program nearly three years ago. thanks to both of you for coming here. marcus, tell us why this organization has been suck so successful for 100 years now. it's amazing. >> i'd like to say i think it's been successful because we've focused on what's most important in this country and that's the kids, the kids who have been at risk since 1915. we've been able to pair a kid at wrisk a caring and compassionate adult for the last 100 years and we've seen tremendous results. we've served over 120,000 kids during that time. >> dennis, tell us why you decided to become a big brother
11:48 am
and tell us what the experience has been like for you? >> the experience has been great. i'm entering my third year now with my little and just to see him grow, the transition from sophomore to senior year, we really get to experience -- cherish our experiences with each other. and just become a vital part of each other's lives and we continue to learn a lot. it's been fun. >> marcus, this thing is -- when we say big, it's big. kind of like you are, you're a big guy. give us an idea of how big this thing is. >> this celebration, this gala. >> we started looking at this maybe five years ago and when i came in two years ago we said we wanted to show philadelphia a big event. because we want to show something that shows how important our mission is to help kids achieve their full potential and success so we decided to reach out to celebrity friends of ours and said okay, we'd like you to come in and help us get a thousand to 1200 people to the kimball center to celebrate the night so
11:49 am
we were able to secure marlon wayans, a funny comedian. we were able to secure mo'ne davis, she's so awesome and so excited to do this and we asked her -- we have some celebrity performers who are just awesome. we had someone confirmed yesterday but we have third eye blind, we have macy gray, we have a bar badian singer out of new york named chantel. yesterday we got confirmation that vanessa williams will perform and appear at our event. our goal so to raise a million dollars and this will help us take 660 kids off of our waiting list. this is huge because the average boy on our waiting list waits 20 months to get a big. as you can see from dennis and cordell's match, this is way too important. it's inappropriate to have kids on the waiting list waiting if ar big. >> i'm guessing one reason why
11:50 am
these l these celebrities are drawn to the event is because of the reputation of big brothers and sisters. >> well, we have one performer who i didn't mention, lawrence salif, a renown jazz singer who will be singing the national anthem at the event and she's a big in the program. and we have two little who will be performing but i think, vai, the reason celebrities and particularly people in general want to get involved with us outside of our brand. we have one of the most recognizable brands working with kids in the country. so i think it's more about the impact. they know that we do what we say we do. we help kids who come better and we have some amazing stats that show kids are improving. >> we appreciate the work you do on big brothers and sisters. the big night out, honoring and mentoring heroes presented by comcast nbc universal is tuesday october 13 in center city
11:51 am
philadelphia at the kimmel center. to order tickets go to our web site or check out our app. >> thank you, this is awesome, vai. thank you for having us. >> we have another warm day on tap. temperatures above average in the mid to high 70s. a few clouds throughout but we see more sunshine into the afternoon. so staying warm, tracking showers. that won't be until friday and a cooler weekend on tap with temperatures dropping down into the 60s. a little bit below average. a current look at philadelphia, 65 degrees. wind speeds out of the northwest at eight miles per hour across the rest of the region, we're at 56 in allentown. lots of clouds there, atlantic city clouds have cleared up, 68 degrees and our temperatures across the rest of the region at 58 in the poconos, 66 in lancaster. close to 70 degrees already in wilmington and we're seeing similar temperatures versus
11:52 am
yesterday. this is our 24 hour temperature change map and it shows we're down one degree in philadelphia. it will be a few degrees warmer today than yesterday. our radar shot shows quiet conditions so high pressure is in control is it will be quiet for the eastern half of our country with high pressure extending from canada to the south of us. one thing we'll watch as we head into the next couple days is this weather disturbance that will slide across the great lakes and that l bring us the chance of showers as we head into friday evening. that will last throughout most of your friday night and clear up closer to midnight. so we expect to see dry and cooler conditions on tap. as far as today is concerned, our temperatures will range in the low 70s for allentown and quakertown. 72 in norristown, low 70s in mount hally , same thing along the coast and shoreline. 70 in cape may, 17 in atlantic
11:53 am
city. around the philadelphia area, it pushes closer to 77 degrees. as far as today is concerned we'll range between 74 and 77. sunny and nice and wind speeds at the northwest. five to ten miles per hour. seven-day forecast shows we will see temperatures dropping a few days. a chance of those evening thunderstorms i mention ed and s we push into the weekend, cool conditions saturday. by sunday 69, a nice day on tap for us for the eagles game and then as we head into next week, nice with the high of 74.
11:54 am
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coming up at 3:00, it's a new ellen with sprinter you sane bolt and actress julianne moore. this afternoon, a powerball lottery overhaul. tonight's drawing will be the first following big changes that will change your odds of winning. at 4:00, the switch that could create the first one billion dollar lottery jackpot. how good that would be? >> sign me up. i'm ready. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for brittneyship a shipp and als here at nbc 10, have a great
11:57 am
day. and we'll see you later on this afternoon, britt? >> 4:00 and 5:00. .
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12:00 pm
>> victor: getting that serum developed took forever. if it turns out to be too late for caroline, i don't know... >> maggie: victor, stay positive. she could be doing much better now, any time. isn't that right, doctor? >> salinas: that's my expectation. right now the main thing is that mrs. brady's vital signs are all good. >> kayla: i'm still not sure we should have given her the serum. >> victor: oh, kayla, we had no choice. >> kayla: you know, victor, i appreciate everything that you've done, but that drug has never been tested, and we don't know how her system's gonna tolerate it. what if she never wakes up? what if she just shuts down and we--we lose her forever? i mean, roman, what if that's the last time we just-- roman? >> jj: all right, well, come on, mr. weston.


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