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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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happening all day today on the floor of the house. we saw this debate happen. and you know, this really, though, has been going on for three months not just today. for three months, contractors had been waiting to get paid throughout pennsylvania, in philadelphia the schools had been borrowing millions of dollars. expected to pay $1 million in fees because of it. some students have been waiting to get their books because of the budget impasse happening here in harrisburg. i asked both sides, republicans and democrats, what can you do to fix this? what is the next step here? >> i think we'll go back to the drawing board to see if we can all work together. we can't drag this out forever because people of pennsylvania are in dire need of education, human services to get things done. >> the next step is a real negotiating process. >> reporter: you think you haven't had one at this point? >> i don't believe so.
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i think it's just been hard line one way and hard line the other way. >> reporter: so, the next step that republican leadership were talking about is meeting with the governor, sitting at the table, going over things to figure out where to go from here. now 99 days in pennsylvania without a budget. checking in with the governor soon and finding out what his next step is. live in harrisburg, lauren mayk. >> governor wolf expected to make a statement here any minute. we'll monitor that news conference and bring you his response at 5:00. in the meantime, new information about the gun scare that paralyzed a local college campus and sent s.w.a.t. teams storming the school. >> nbc 10 has learned there may not have been a gun there after all and the person taken into custody might not face charges. george spencer found out more how the incident at community
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college of philadelphia unfolded yesterday and how students are feeling today. >> reporter: for college leaders yesterday's incident another remind that schools like ccp are effectively always on high alert. and a campus wide security update, details how yesterday's event happened and the mood at this school. this student cell phone video captured the s.w.a.t. teams arriving on campus yesterday responding to reports of a gun on campus. after a lockdown and major police response, no gun was ever found. and yet for many uneasiness lingers. >> any little thing is a problem. starts like shock and fear between everybody. >> reporter: at campus meetings students and staff discuss concerns. the university now says incident began after two young men, one a current student, the other a former student, argued near a coffee bar here at the building, it was 20 minutes later, the
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university says, before one of those students reported to philly police the other had a gun. but police confirmed, no other witnesses ever reported seeing it. >> i was satisfied. for the first hour, we were in the unknown. >> reporter: d.c.p president admitted there was confusion about a lockdown versus a shelter in place order, as sent to the campus wide text alert system. phones in classrooms, installed after the gun on campus incident in may of last year, never broadcast the emergency alert as staff expected. >> we had no clue what was going on when it was happening. when we -- we didn't get out of lockdown until trying to leave the building, you can't leave. >> reporter: vigilance will be essential among both students and staff. the school also offered counseling on a drop-in basis. george spencer, nbc 10 news. a philadelphia high school
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was on lockdown this morning after police learned about a threat there. investigators say they got a report which said a student was on his way to martin luther king high school with a gun. officers arrested that student two miles from the school at the transportation center. investigators say he didn't have a gun and he had not attended class all year. some parents showed up after they learned about the lockdown. >> a lot is guying on. you don't know what's inside someone's mind and everything comes last. first comes my children. that's it. that's the bottom line. >> police this stems from an investigation this week involving armed robbery and stolen gun. and across the country today, two schools are closed because of recent campus threats. this is eastern kentucky university where classes have been canceled for the rest of the week because of what officials are calling an escalating threat. the school says it's increased police presence on campus and it comes after a threat found
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inside a bathroom monday with the message "kill all by 10-8-15" spray painted on the wall. classes at southern university campus, police found a note containing potential threat. that note found yesterday but police and school officials didn't say what it said. students have been asked to stay in their dorm room. learning new information about the deadly shooting at umpqua community college. that suspect, 26-year-old chris harper mercer, shot by detectives but before he took his own life. president obama will be in roseburg friday for a closed door visit with the families of the victims. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's change gears to weather. worth getting outside in north wilmington new castle county, people enjoying the sun, setting out pumpkins and fall favorites at old country gardens here spot shorts and short sleeved shirts
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if you look closely today. warmer out there than what's normal for this time of year. >> maybe i'll be inspired to get a pumpkin and carve it. >> there you go. >> brittney shipp is here with a look at the forecast. make it's good for pumpkin shopping. >> it is. or use a sharpie. that's cheating. live look outside now. seeing clouds. we did see more sunshine as we pushed into the afternoon. temperatures for philadelphia up to 74. humidity is at 45%. so nice can and comfortable, light wind speeds out of the north, 8 miles per hour. but seeing wind gusts to 21 plils per hour. here's a closer look at current temperatures 63 in pocono. 72 in allen town. 72 pottstown. mid 70s wilmington. 70 degrees in wildwood. we continue to stay above average. here's a closer look at temperature trend. average for this time of year, 70 degrees. we've pushed to 74 for today. heading into tomorrow, 72. and then as we push towards the
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end of your work week, temperatures will get close to 80 degrees. after that, i am tracking cooler temperatures, cold front on its way and a chance of showers. but as far as tonight is concerned, by 6:00 p.m., nice and dry, 70. by 9:00 p.m., 65. and by midnight low 60s. coming up, more about the showers, when expected to move in, what's in for for the weekend. >> two men on trial for abducting and torturing a philadelphia jewelry store worker pleaded guilty today. pleas came just as the trial was getting under way. nbc 10's doug shimell has more from inside the courtroom. >> no doubt the crime happened. this is not whether it happened this is a who done it. >> reporter: by noon, all three men in the notorious burgundy van entered guilty pleas to the kidnapping and torture of a 53-year-old employee of the national watch and diamond exchange. >> a horrific crime in that one of the major considerations was that this woman would have to testify to it and recount it
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again and my client recognized hi didn't want to put her through that trauma again. >> reporter: salahudin and shahid and basil buie accepted the punishment. >> they came up with a plan to rob national watch and recruited the other two to do that. >> reporter: juror nick swlas 11 others just selected tuesday and only heard from one witness. >> we were excited for that not to make the decision and hear the testimony of the victim and have her go through it. >> reporter: all three could face life in prison when sentenced early next year at federal courthouse. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10. philadelphia police aren't calling the murder of a transgender woman in hunting park a hate crime. shot twice in the back yesterday morning. detectives believe she was attacked by a group of men after dropped off. police haven't said what they think the motive is.
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the crime has sent shockwaves through the lgbt community. >> she was a kind person, kind woman, and what happened to her, she didn't deserve what happened under any circumstances. she didn't deserve it. >> police believe five of six men were responsible for the attack. south carolina, the death toll from history ex-flooding is now at least 17. the bodies of two men found after they were swallowed up by floodwaters. the state is facing another anxious day as high waters flow east. that's causing rivers to rise and stressing dams to the max. the cost of all of this. senator graham warns the flooding disaster could cost more than $1 billion in federal emergency funds. there is some good news. a dam expected to collapse is now stabilized, that means hundreds of families can go back home. authorities have originally ordered residents in about 1,000 homes to evacuate but governor nikki haley wants to remind everyone to remain cautious.
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>> it's not over yet. that's what we have to remember. this is not over yet. but we need to continue our prayers. we need to continue to be responsible and diligent as we move forward. and we need to continue to remember that it is all hands on deck. >> governor haley says more than 400 roads and bridges are closed. that number could go up as water flows towards the koift. fema's administrator says his teams are on the ground working with flood victims as quickly as possible. >> the coast guard is ending the sent for missing crew members from a cargo ship that sang during hurricane joaquin. the news comes after four days of intense search for the ship. and survivors. officials say the captain had plans to go around the storm but suffered unexplainable engine failure. a team from the national transportation safety board is on its way to jacksonville to investigate. to decision 2016 and the pressures on.
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a group trying to persuade vice president bide tonight run for president is launchingite first tv ad. >> incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had, had i not been through what i went through. >> using audio from a commencement speech biden gave in may, he recalled the car crash that killed his wife and daughter after he was first elected senator back in 1972. a political action committee called draft biden is responsible for the 90-second ad. biden has not announced whether he'll enter the 2016 race. the ad ends with white lettering that reads, joe. run. hillary clinton is on the campaign trail in the battleground state of iowa trying to distance herself from her old boss. the democratic presidential front-runner spoke in a forum in iowa. in an interview airing on telemundo she calls president obama for his strict deportation laws.
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as president she would be much less harsh. they've been disagreeing on syria and trade into on the republican side, ben carson today depended comments he made about mass shootings. he says his remarks were intended as advice for future attacks. in a recent interview he said, he would have tried to overwhelm the shooter to help stop last week's deadly school attack in oregon. critics have said comments appear to blame the victims. but carson wants to plant in people's minds what to do in a situation like that. fellow republican jeb bush is campaigning in iowa. today we learned how much is being spent on tv ads. bush is the top spender on television ads. this week alone his team dropped $2 million in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. next closest candidate this week, senator marco rubio, campaign spending $700,000.
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the latest national poll has rubio moving into third place on the republican side. he jumped six points moving him closer to front-runner donald trump. trump campaigned in iowa holding this rally. recent nbc news poll finds trump leads the republican pack in iowa and new hampshire. but support is slipping. iowa and new hampshire are both key early voting states. ben carson is in iowa and carly fiorina is close behind in new hampshire. former new jersey senator barbara buono will have to pay $1600 fine tied to governor two years ago. the commission announced the fine today. it says she used funds from her senatorial account to poll voters about the governor's race before she established a gubernatorial account. the democrat filed a form for the candidacy almost a year late. chris christie defeated buono in
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2013. >> president obama appalliologi to doctors without borders after an air strike killed 22. staphers and patients were killed in a doctors without borders facility. the organization is calling for an independent investigation of the attack to determine if it was a war crime. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan called the air strike a mistake. >> today we say enough. in kunduz, patients burned in their beds, doctors, nurses and staff were killed as they worked. facts and circumstances of the attack must be investigated independently and impartially. >> the president also told doctors without borders today that, if necessary, he would implement changes to prevent tragedies like this one in the future. we have new information on the estimated number of people who attended papal mass on the ben franklin parkway than number is nearly 900,000 people.
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archbishop chapeau mentioned it, 900,000 are the very best of the united states, he said the archbishop went on to discuss the opening of the senate global gathering of bishops, the focus of this is renewing the health of today's families. if the first day was a sign, delegates will have no trouble being frank during this meeting. a new jersey nurse reused syringes giving flu shots. today, we learned that any risk of infection is low. a nurse giving flu shots at a pharmaceutical company reused syringes between 67 patients. the health department says needles were not reused. still, it is recommending those patients get tested for hiv and hepatitis b and c. nurse's name was not released and nurse's employer has not returned messages seeking a comment. philadelphia school district and city council announced a new agreement when it comes to
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financial transparency. council members, along with school reform commissioners, signed the agreement, it comes after series of contentious hearings between council and the school district. members asked for more information and insight into school district finances before approving funding for the district. city council says it's a big step but far from a solution. >> today, we hope we're going to be in a position not only have a spirit of cooperation but be in the mix. we think with everybody at the table coming up with solutions, working on strategies as it related to fiscal challenges of the district, we'll have a good time put together what people will like at the end of the day and fully fund the district. >> quarterly reports, the five-year plan, cooperation of financial officers, and briefings as well as support for council members.
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the district will also appoint a liaison to city council. breaking news now out of northern new jersey. check out these flames coming live to us. this is a tanker trunk on fire in carney in hudson county outside new york city. a fir truck arrived to try to put out this large fire here. this is on the new jersey turnpike. the tanker flipped over the guardrail on the turnpike. we have no word op of injuries but we'll monitor this. you sigh foam has been sprayed it appears around that tanker. again on the new jersey turnpike. not sure whether this is northbound or southbound lanes but obviously there's going to be a big backup there on the turnpike as the chopper pulls out a little bit wider. you see fire trucks on the scene. i'm told -- which lanes is this? northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike shut down as this tanker fire you see right
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here just developing in the last few minutes or so. we'll continue to watch this and try to get more information on whether there are in fact any injuries. to other news, a time line of when volin i val volkswagen wil cars. the recall is start in january and all cars should be fixed by the end of 2016. up to 11 million diesel engine cars worldwide have software designed to cheat u.s. emissions tests. most cars recalled will need a software update but some might need new parts. >> now your nbc 10 first ahert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> as we head into tonight we will see mostly clear skies and as we head into tomorrow, temperatures will stay nice and warm. 70s are here to stay for the next couple of days. i am tracking showers. it won't be until friday.
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cooler conditions as we head into the weekend. staying above average for this time of year. right now temperatures, 74 in philadelphia. low humidity, wind speeds light out of the north at 8 miles per hour. gusting up to 21. across the region, sunshine and allentown, stretching out to atlantic city. it's closer to the philadelphia area that we're seeing a few of these thin clouds. for the rest of the area, mostly clear skies as we go into tonight. we're in the 60s in the poconos, 73 in redding. 74 in coatesville. if you're with us in wilmington, 75. temperatures in northeast philly 74, 73 in trenton. 71 doylestown along the shoreline. lewis, 66 degrees. and we're seeing conditions in dover at 73. radar, barely anything out there. dry conditions heading into today and into tomorrow. so big area of high pressure means dry conditions and warm temperatures for us.
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we'll stay above average. even start to see temperatures pushing into mid-70s, high 70s as we go into friday. but we have changes on the way by friday as well. we're going to watch this weather disturbance that's going to sweep through the great lakes. it's going to head our way as we push into the end of your work week. by the time you head to work friday you're fine. heading home from work, that's when we'll see light rain showers moving through. and this is going to continue at least through midnight before moving out. by the time the weekend rolls around, we'll be dry. but a cold front associated with that. temperatures will start to drop down. it's going to feel cooler as we get into saturday and sunday. highs around the region, as we need tomorrow, stay in the low 70s, 70 degrees in potstown. 71 in allentown. 60s in poconos. eagles football game this sunday at 1:00 p.m. by the time you start to tailgate, 59 degrees. on the cool side. by kick-off 61. by the fourth quarter 65. it's going to be a big difference in what we've been seeing with temperatures in the
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70s. as far as tonight, 56 degrees for philadelphia. 49 for suburbs to north and west. tomorrow, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures range between 70 and 73. seven-day forecast shows slightly normal weather friday. friday night the cold front comes through, drops back down into the 60s, below average. as we head into sunday, 67 gris. sunny and cool but back to 70 next week. starting today, your odds to win powerball are much higher. new rule change giving you an advantage. police thought this car chase was over but it's what the suspect did after that has video popping up across the country. then -- health experts explain what's making new fathers more likely to develop depression.
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historic cruise ship docked in philadelphia could be sold for scrap metal. a nonprofit with the ss united states conservancy needs more than $60,000 a month to keep its
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rehabilitation project afloat. otherwise, it will be sold at the end of the month. the ss united states launched after a secret cold war project and still holds the record for fastest speeds in the transatlantic. speaking of speed, speed bumps in place along roads in mt. laurel where a walmart is being built. the traffic control devices installed at beaver and oregon avenues. the plan approved in 2013 but residents in homes along the back of the property were worried about noise and traffic. so they demanded natural buff somewhere traffic control along the street. and this is part of the agreement made by the developer. >> it's high honors for teacher in salem county, new jersey. sixth grade teacher chelsea collins named new jersey's teacher of the year. the language arts teacher at woods town middle school beat out four other finalists. praised for developing effective reading practices for students
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in several grade levels and producing data to increase classroom production. >> fantasy football, a scandal making it a bigger topic of conversation. >> this comes after an employee allegedly used inside information to win big. next, the controversy that's causing outrage among people who put their money on the line to win.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> the ads during pro football games promise big prize money and millions of people have signed on to play. but there is a major controversy in the rules of fantasy sports after an employee from one of the sites cashed in big himself. an employee of one site is accused of using inside
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information to score big on a competitor's site. >> the fallout has both fantasy sports companies in damage control mode. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter with more on the controversy and player reaction. people upset about this. >> reporter: jim, they are. not everybody wanted to talk about it on tv but some told us offcamera they texted us their done with some of these websites, online betting sites. so they are consciously concerned. it has been the talk today and not just on national tv. for those who take part inni choosing teams, they are aren't convinced they've done anything wrong. they are listening to closely to the debate. >> reporter: it is a billion dollar industry that puts football lovers in the driver's seat to choose a player, a roster, profit big tile. they promise payouts in the millions. >> i do draft kings, they're the
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same thing. >> reporter: ryan clafknows the have investigating the transparency of it all. >> i like having the option, last week he was out of the country, didn't do it. i had a regular fantasy league i'd be stuck that week. >> reporter: stuck in hot water now, the sites themselves. how employees with fan duel or draft kings may be privy to strategic info. clancy is anxious to hear how people at sites can see what's trending who conses contestants are choosing. >> it's frustrating to hear but i wonder, how much insider you can know. the games have to be played. you don't have factually know what player's going to do well and which won't. the players control it, not you.
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>> reporter: lawmakers who want sports betting legalized in the garden state says it raises the question of sports gaming and potential for insider trading. what new jersey is doing to explore all of this and regulate it, we'll have that coming up for you at 5:30. live in cherry hill, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> nbc's parent company comcast and nbc sports have invested in fan duel. crews trying to figure out what started a fire at delaware's state capitol building. sky 4 was over the scene. the capital was evacuated. no one was hurt. republicans said no deal today to governor tom wolf's budget proposal. that means the state's 3-month-old budget impasse is going to continue. governor wolf spoke after the vote saying today is an important step forward on the path to a responsible budget. we'll have more on his reaction coming up on nbc 10 ne"nbc 10 n
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5:0 5:00". the gun scare that sent philadelphia community college into lockdown, police aren't certain there was a gun there after all and the person taken into custody has not been charged. the school put into lockdown after believed 17-year-old threatened a student with a gun and ran into a building on campus. >> a jeweler's row worker tortured last spring as relieved last two defendants entered guilty pleas today. in the second dive the trial, salahudin shaheed and basil buie pleaded guilty to kidnapping and attempting robbery. they told the judge they stalked, abducted and tased the employee at national watch and diamond exchange to get codes to that store's safe. new information from the lehigh valley in the murder case against former wrestling great jimmy super fly snooka.
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prosecutor as agreed to bypass a preliminary hearing. the grand jury indicted him last month for the murder. he repeatedly assaulted her in a white hall township hotel and left her in bed to die in 1983. he's now 72. investigators recently reopened the case because of his conflicting accounts of what happened night of the murder. caught on camera, a dramatic police car chase overseas that ends in the ocean. check it out. this happened yesterday in australia. police officers were chasing the suspect when he drove on to a beach and right into the sea. the escaped tactic did not pay off. the drive of was arrested after he got out of the car and slammed back to shore. also caught on camera overseas, jewelry heist and police chase. this in england, six men used axes and sledgehammers to smash their way into the jewelry store. they took $45,000 worth of luxury watches before escaping in a van. police were able to truck them down, recover watches.
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all six found guilty and senten to 37 years in prison. a toddler recovering after getting into a car crash with his mother and sister. >> doctors were able to reattach the toddler's head after servered from his spine. doctors at an australian hmo hospital performed the six-hour surgery. the force of the crash tore jackson's head from his neck internally. >> it is a miracle. >> taken two kids and put them back together. very, very thankful. >> doctors said jackson will have to wear this brace on his head for eight weeks. >> bill changes start for the powerball jackpot drawing. >> good news and bad news if your one of the millions who play. the overhaul that will impact lotto lovers and what it means for odds of hitting it big. plus, college student got some a-list help finding her
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missing i.d. next, celebrity who turned to twitter after finding her card. vote for high school football game of the week. early voting. this week's choices mainland versus st. augustine, potsgrove versus spring-forward, coatesville versus west chester east. call or text 610-624-4111. voting closes tomorrow. we'll announce the winner tomorrow night 11:00.
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sky 4 10 live over breaking news in northeast philadelphia. we can tell you, from the scene, at least one person is being rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. the camera can wind down, we can see a backup. the crash happened along charter road. two cars collided here.
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someone else is trapped inside one of the cars. crews are working to rescue that person. as you can see. overseas now with brazil in deep recession, olympic organizers are cutting costs now the rio games. they made that announcement today. they're going to cut back on printed material and reduce staffing at dozens of test events. they'll trim costs for the opening and closing ceremonies. brazil's economy expected to remain in a steep recession through the games. construction work still ongoing at venues with workers putting on roofs and beams. the rio olympics begin in less than ten months. and you'll be able to watch them here on nbc 10. college student? new york became famous overnight because she lost her i. di. >> thanks to the hollywood legend who found her card. check this out. after tom hanks found the student i.d. that belongs to lauren at fordham, he tweeted out this picture saying he found it in central park.
4:41 pm
it didn't take throng find lauren after the picture was retweeted more than 8,000 times. no word if hanks will personally meet with lauren to give her that i.d. >> or if he's following her now. >> arrival of a new baby, emotional time for parents. >> new study shows impact on first-time fathers. how dads are hit with the baby blues. then, danger of being helicopter parents. you know if you hoover and can't let go? the harm that can be done by being overprotective of their children. it was a beautiful day, look at boathouse row. how long these conditions will stick around. i'm tracking changes as we head into the end of the work week and weekend.
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>> expectant fathers may be at a
4:45 pm
higher risk for depression. researchers surveyed more than 600 men during the third trimester of their partner's pregnancy and found 13% showed some symptoms of depression. men who were having trouble sleeping were at a higher risk and teaching fathers to be on the lookout for symptoms early on may help prevent problems down the road and after the baby's born. lead by example, that's what doctors are telling parents today when it comes to their kids and screen time. that includes playing games with your children, tracking their media use, and becoming role models. by limiting your own use of technology, the quality of the content is more important than quantity. making sure it is age appropriate and educational, if at all possible. it's quite natural for parents to warrant children to be safe and protected. >> trying to shield a child from all of life's complications can actually do more harm than good. erica edwards reports.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: it comes as a surprise to many parents. >> there came a day where my kid was 9 and i did realize she doesn't know how to toast a bagel. >> reporter: when it hits them, they've become helicopter parents. author stephanie wilder taylor the mother of three young girl whose found herself guilty of this behavior. >> no independence. i was like i need to change my ways a little bit. >> reporter: helicopter parents, the definition, those who are often overly involved in the lives of their children hovering over them to resolve conflicts, solve problems, make decisions. this isn't really a growing problem, but a pattern more parents are noticing. >> i don't think people are coming for help recognizing i'm a helicopter parent, help me. i think they're coming saying this is what i'm noticing in my child, this is what i'm upset about. >> reporter: this parenting style could have a negative effect on a child's well-being. >> if we're always solving their problems, they will go off in
4:47 pm
the world and first problem they're faced with will seem like a ka as it catastrophe. >> a little bit of suffering will help their child to go. >> parents want kids to go into the right preschool to go to the right private school, it doesn't matter. children will grow up and succeed and do what they're destined to do. >> reporter: giving up that pilot's license may make parents feel better, too. erica edwards, nbc news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. another beautiful day for us. as we head into the next couple of days. we'll see our temperatures staying above average, which is nice. right in the 70s, at least through friday. but changes on the way. start with showers going to move in heading into friday evening and cooler temperatures by the weekend. with the cold front going to drop us back to mid-60s. right now look outside.
4:48 pm
barely seeing clouds. just a few light clouds for the philadelphia international airport. wind speeds out of the north around eight miles per hour, 74 degrees. a comfortable evening out, low humidity for us, sunshine and allentown, 71 degrees. plenty of sunshine in atlantic city, in the low 70s. it's only philadelphia and i-95 corridor dealing with light clouds moving through. 63 currently in poconos. 73 in redding. 74 in coatesville. mid-70s wilmington. 74 in northeast philly. temperatures in treptnton 73. along the shoreline, 70s. but cooler closer to lewis, temperatures there only in the mid-60s with wind speeds still moving in from the north. radar shot shows we are not seeing any rainfall satellite shows us we're dealing with clouds. high pressure is going to stay in control and that means dry and warm conditions will condition for us and clear skies
4:49 pm
for tonight. and that's important because nasa's actually launching a rocket as we head into the evening scheduled for 7:00 p.m. it's launching to the south of our area. you'll notice glowing clouds, blue, green, red as we head into the evening around between 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., look south after the launch, six or seven minutes, launching from wallace island in virginia to the south of us. as we head into the next couple of days, we are going to track this weather disturbance. it's going to move through the great lakes area and bring us a chance of showers as we head into friday evening. by the time you head to work friday morning, you'll nice and dry, it won't be until we head home closer to 5:00, 6:00 we'll deal with light showers. they should be out of here as we get closer to midnight. as we start the weekend, dry and stay dry saturday and sunday. highs around the region tomorrow, low 60s poconos. 70s in allen town.
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73 for philadelphia. for tonight we drop to 56 degrees for philly. 49 for suburbs to the north and west. range tomorrow 70 and 73. another day with a mix of sun and clouds. staying dry for us. slightly above average. we'll see temperatures climb as we head into friday 78 degrees. showers expected and warm and a cold front drops into the 60s saturday and sunday. >> powerball is overhauling its lottery system. >> tonight's drawing the first following big changes that will change your odds of winning. the impact on your chances to hit it big and the switch that could create the world's first $1 billion lottery jackpot.
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ss. >> sky 4 so live other more breaking news, camden county. emergency crews on the scene of this accident in magnolia. two vehicles collided at woolrick road. one person is trapped as a result of the crash. magnolia in camden county, new jersey. we'll continue to monitor breaking news and bring you updates as we get them. the odds of winning powerball jackpot are longer but your chance of winning something is greater. >> tonight's powerball drawing the first following a long list of changes to the lottery. jim furlong breaks it down. . >> powerball. >> reporter: the way you play powerball, that's changing a little bit. >> better shot at whipping. >> reporter: she's right. kind of starting with tonight's drawing there are 69 numbers to pick from instead of 59 and 10
4:55 pm
fewer powerball numbers to pick. tickets are still two bucks each but under new rules odds of winning some smaller cash prize get better, 1 in 25 compared to 1 in 32. but odds of winning the top jackpot get worse jumping from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. a third place prize for matching four balls in the powerball will jump from 10,000 to 50,000. also changes to the power play multiplier role. >> a jackpot. >> reporter: the big one. no-brainer there. >> crazy. >> reporter: we dream about ending up like the michigan factory worker here who got one of the big cardboard checks for 310 million, that's call the boss right away. >> i quit automatically. >> reporter: come on, wouldn't you take a smaller prize? >> a shot a little bit of money is easy to win. >> reporter: of course you would. >> looking for anything. i'd take 50 grand, wherever i can win. >> reporter: key word is more.
4:56 pm
powerball officials think more people winning more smaller prizes means more people playing the game in the first place which means eventually we could have higher average jackpots. maybe see a billion dollar jackpot. of course, odds of winning it would be way worse than they've ever been. in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> winning does feel nice, no matter what. >> i'd take any and all of it. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> a gun scare leads to new security. tonight, the community college of philadelphia tells nbc 10 how their making the school safer after yesterday's lockdown. and what will change for students and staff. and temperatures staying in the 70s but rain moves in before the weekend. then a big cooldown in the forecast i'll show you when the rain's coming and how cool next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." a warning to voters at jersey shore about unusual hazard. >> need to get out of there
4:57 pm
asap. >> what's being done to get this house out of the water.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, salute to a fallen officer. how philadelphia's created a permanent memorial to sergeant robert wilson. plus, a floating danger. why this collapsed home is causing even more concern on the jersey shore. nbc 10 breaking news.
5:00 pm
>> we begin with several breaking news stories. first, to camden county. skyforce 10s live over this crash in magnolia. we can tell you that a car and a dump truck collided at warrick road. one of the vehicles, as you can see right there, crashed into the side of that building. and we flow at least one person is trapped. they're working on getting that person out. you can see, the fir trucks and ambulances on the scene and a light pole that has come down with that sign on it. we can widen out, we can see how much of a backup this is causing at this intersection, some of those roads blocked off. again, magnolia in camden county, new jersey. this car crash, a truck, and a car that crashed into the side of a building. also, new information tonight about the breaking news we first told you about this afternoon in dover. investigators say two first responders sufferedke


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