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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> we begin with several breaking news stories. first, to camden county. skyforce 10s live over this crash in magnolia. we can tell you that a car and a dump truck collided at warrick road. one of the vehicles, as you can see right there, crashed into the side of that building. and we flow at least one person is trapped. they're working on getting that person out. you can see, the fir trucks and ambulances on the scene and a light pole that has come down with that sign on it. we can widen out, we can see how much of a backup this is causing at this intersection, some of those roads blocked off. again, magnolia in camden county, new jersey. this car crash, a truck, and a car that crashed into the side of a building. also, new information tonight about the breaking news we first told you about this afternoon in dover. investigators say two first responders suffered smoke
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inhalation battling a fire at the state capitol building. skyforce 10 was over the scene an hour ago. it started in a generator in the basement and the closet on the second floor. crews evacuated that building. however, lawmakers are not in session. smoke started to fill the third floor hallway. there was a wall in the third floor. it's unclear how to started. update on more breaking news. this time, out of north jersey. take a look at these shots. we brought you them first at 4:00. tanker truck caught fire on the turnpike, kearny, hudson county, after flipping over a guardrail. it's just outside of new york. the fire, we've learned, is now out. no word on injuries. today's police horned one of their fallen. [ taps playing ] >> a police hero plaque unveiled today commemorating sergeant
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robert wilson iii, killed in the line of duty last march. after his death, wilson was awarded the department's highest honor, medal of honor and medal of valor. on march 5th, wilson walked into a game stop on westly high avenue to buy a game for his son's birthday while his partner waited outside. two brothers walked into the store and announced a robbery. officer wilson separated himself from employees and customers, as he engaged in a shoot-out with the men. one of the suspects was shot by wilson's partner. both are charged with wilson's murder and an officer that graduated with wilson spoke directly to his family at the ceremony. >> your grandson will be legend. i'll make sure no one forgets his name. i'm sure everybody in the 22nd, the double deuce, is proud to have worked with that man. >> game stop sponsor. new information on a story
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we first brought you yesterday at 5:00. the death of a woman whose body found in hamilton township, mercer county, ruled a homicide. the body of the 38-year-old was found at 9:00 tuesday morning in robeling park. police aren't saying how she died. anyone with information is asked to call police. a philadelphia high school on lockdown after police learned about a threat. investigators say they got a report a student was on his way to martin luther king high school with a gun. officers arrested that student and investigators say they didn't have a gun on him. some parents showed up to the school after they learned about the lockdown. >> a lot is going on. you don't know what's inside someone's mind. everything comes last. but first comes my children. that's it. that's the bottom line. >> police say this stems from an investigation this week involving an armed robbery and a stolen gun. two men charged in the case of robbery and kidnapping on
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philadelphia's famous jeweler's row pleaded guilty today. authorities say in april, salahudin shaheed and basil buie kidnapped a woman and beat and tortured her. while demanding codes to the safe of the jewelry store where she worked. two men will be sentenced in january. a third suspect khayree gay comes up for sentencing next month. pennsylvania budget battle isn't over. republicans said no deal to tom wolf's proposal today. the state's 3-month-old budget impasse will continue. governor wolf spoke after the vote acknowledging big problems need solved but remained hopeful. >> there is a very big gap between where we are, what we want to spend, and what our revenues are. i'm all ears when it comes to figuring out how we bridge that gap. we have to get real about that. today we showed we want to get real. >> some republicans say the next step toward a permanent budget is a real negotiating process
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instead of each side hard lining their own views. delaware county, residents will not see an increase in taxes this year. after months of budget meetings, council says its 2016 budget holds the line on taxes for the second year in a row. council insists it will maintain crucial county services. >> to our first alert weather. it is the fall season but our temperatures have been warmer than normal. >> not bad. let's talk to meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we are looking at nice conditions again today. we are in the 70s again, more like mid-70s. really comfortable outside. we have the clouds this morning, cleared out to sunshine. still seeing mostly clear skies, low clouds to the north and west. other than that, nice conditions as we go into the evening. here's a live look, up in the poconos, beautiful sunset as we go through tonight. temperatures will be much cooler tone, too. areas north and west of the
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lehigh valley could be upper 40s. around 70 for the lehigh valley. 73 redding. 75 philadelphia. and wilmington. 73 millville. average high is 70. we've been running five degrees or so above this sotoday or yesterday. temperatures might have been through early evening 57 in the poconos. shore temperatures in mid-60s. as we go into overnight hours clear skies. so that's going to let temperatures cool down a little bit more than last night in the poconos, by 11:00 in the low 50s. along the shore, upper 50s. philadelphia area already in the low 60s. now, as we go into the end of the week, we have some rain in the forecast. that's going to give us a big cooldown as we head into the weekend. i'll show you the timing of the rain and how cool the temperatures will be coming up. >> nbc 10 learned new details about this how here in the
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video. we've been showing it to you for days. it collapsed into the water during astrong high decide in north wildwood and still there now. when it could be moved. >> reporter: curiosity brings them in for a closer look at spectacle off of north wildwooder wood that makes debbie and jim worried. >> dangerous. >> reporter: pieces of the house lodged in an area popular for fishing and crabbing since friday night stormy weather, when the home collapsed into water. the moores own the marina nearby. >> two big structures, we took our boat out. four other locations large amounts of debris. >> nice weekend, they'll be flying around turtle creek and god knows what they're going to hit. >> reporter: the coast guard has issued a warning to boaters urging them to use extreme caution in the area. >> there could be debris underneath the watt that you
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can't see. >> reporter: and the coast guard says pieces of the house could be on the move thanks to changing tides and shifting currents. >> ensuring that you're going at a safe speed, operating your vessel properly is very important. >> reporter: although the new jersey department of environmental protection says it's arranging to have the house removed quickly and efficiency, the home's owner, stewart tate, says he's been trying to do the work himself. >> i've tried my hardest. i worked yesterday. i picked up a lot of debris. it's my stuff. i have to get my stuff. >> reporter: neighbors complained the house was deteriorating for years and its watery demise was bound to happen. tate has been strapped for cash since hurricane sandy caused severe damage three years ago. >> need to get out of there asap. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, army corps of engineers will use side scan sonar to look for debris in the water. the search could take four days
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and will follow the flow of the house. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> new information on the search for survivors. after a cargo ship sunk during hurricane joaquin, crews will call off the rescue mission. the coast guard took the families, crews have found one body out of 33 crew members on board. national transportation safety board says it will investigate why the captain and crew ended up in the middle of the hurricane. more townships in montgomery and burkes county under quarantine because of the spotted lantern fly. the affected areas include east greenville, pennsburg and red hill and montgomery county and bush county. the quar treen restricts materials that can spread the pest including firewood, yard waste. the spotted lantern fly has no known impact on humans, it's a
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threat to the state's great fruit tree and logging industry. supporters making a new push for joe biden's presidential run by using his own words. >> things can change in a heartbeat. i know. >> who is behind the new ad? how pennsylvania could help bide fun he decides to enter the race. as we mark breast cancer awareness month, one state says it will make it easier for women to get life saving mammograms. >> and confronting a killer. we have new details of how police put a stop to the oregon school shooter's rampage.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> getting a detailed account today of the oregon school shooting. the district attorney laid out what happened last week at umpqua community college. who two plainclothes officers saw christopher harper. mercer, the shooter fired several rounds and officers, they returned fire injuring him. harper mercer went back into the classroom and shot himself. the d.a. says the officers' actions saved lives. >> once the suspect engaged the police officers, he did not
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shoot another student. these men saved lives that day. >> nine people died in the massacre. nine others were wounded. now to decision 2016. a new quinnipiac poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton are the top candidates in the race for president among pennsylvania voters. trump has 23% support in the poll while hillary clinton has 36%. that is still a drop for clinton. in august, she had 45% of the voters supporting her. the voters asked supporting her. joe biden, not in the race, would get 47% of the vote. compared to ben carson. donald trump is ahead in big swing states like florida and ohio. that means three men running for president are trailing the donald in their home state. >> nbc 10 national correspondent steve handlesman.
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>> reporter: donald trump in iowa exuberant and talking tough on undocumented immigranted. >> if i win and become president they are going back. they're going back. they're going back. >> reporter: the billionaire leads in iowa and got good news in two big swing states that vote in march. in florida, trump is at 28% in today's quinnipiac poll, beating ben karsen and two floridians running, marco rubio and jeb bush. in ohio trump's at 23, 10 points ahead of the state's popular sitting governor john kasich. jeb bush admits he's in trouble. >> if the election is held in the first week in october, i'd say uh-oh. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton is in iowa. >> the economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house, that's a fact. >> reporter: getting a boost in washington where the likely next house speaker ken kevin mccarthy admitted the gop investigating clinton's e-mail in benghazi used to kill her campaign. not true, said the chair today.
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>> kevin screwed up. >> reporter: mccarthy backtracked. >> let's be clear. benghazi is not political. >> reporter: in iowa, a whole different tone from donald trump. >> who would be better at this? me or them? huh? >> reporter: on the iran deal and on everything else, trump is planning his campaign's next phase including the tv ads because he believes republican nomination is within his grasp. steve handlesman, nbc news washington. pressure's on. a group trying to persuade joe bide tonight run for president is launching its first tv ad. listen. >> the incredible bond i had with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had. had i not been through what i went through. >> the ad uses audio from a commencement speech biden gave in may. he recalls the car crash that killed his wife and daughter after first elected senator in
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1972. a political action committee called draft biden is responsible for the 90-second ad. biden hasn't announced whether he'll enter the 2016 race. "joe run. >> the government is using technology to track down drone operators. the technology would let the government detect drone radial signals in a five-mile radius. the hearing was held today. >> our preferences for people to voluntarily comply with regulations but we won't hesitate to take strong enfor enforcement action against anyone who flies the aircraft in an unsafe and illegal manner the faa gets a hundred report as month from pilots and drones flying near planes and airports.
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>> new cars today have a lot of safety features that can be confusing. >> turns out, many drivers are turning them off instead of learning how to use them. a campaign kicking off to inform drivers how to use safety features properly. they treated the website my car does, you can find video demonstrations and other advice to keep you driving safely. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, another day with temperatures in the mid-70s. so we're still feeling comfortable, still above normal for this time of year. 70-degree temperatures are going to continue as we go into tomorrow. more like the low 70s. but still a really nice day. we are tracking rain in the forecast. this will be by friday. so, you'll want your umbrella come friday. that's part of a cold front. once it moves through for the weekend, our temperatures will start dropping into the mid-60s,
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by 10 degrees cooler than today. live look at center city. still looking at mostly sunny skies. right now, philadelphia 75. the same where we are at this time yesterday. winds from the west northwest 12 miles an hour. a bit of a breeze. humidity's low enough to be very comfortable. 70 degrees now in allen town 71 pottstown. mid-70s will ming-to-low 70s for south jersey. dover 72. with clear skies we will be cooler than last night. also, some areas in the upper 40s through the overnight hours. dry on satellite and radar. nothing in the way of cloud cover through most of the area. and no rain heading this way for now. that will change as we go into friday. clear skies. rocket launch tonight 7:00 p.m. notice a bluish-green shading with red clouds thrown in there. seeing this to the south. look south six to seven minutes
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after 7:00 p.m. to see the launch. we have clear skies. you should be able to see it by then. future weather, though, keeps us dry as we go through the overnight hours, clear. then tomorrow a cold front swinging down from the north. temperatures in the 70s. more like the low 70s. we'll see clouds with that, too. but rain gets here as we go into friday. friday 10:00, cold front closer. but i think most of the first half of the day will be on the drier side. it's the second half of the day we'll be watching showers move through. this is 6:00 p.m. i think the early afternoon and evening hours, that's when we'll see rain moving through with the cold front. once it clears the area we could have clouds lingering early saturday, maybe a shower south of philadelphia. otherwise clearing throughout the day saturday. breezy and cooler with temperatures in the mid-60s. it's going to stay cooler as we go into sunday. for the eagles game sunday, if you're tailgating temperatures upper 50s and breezy. cool kick-off, low 60s. by the fourth quarter,
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temperatures will be in the mid-60s. pretty nice football weather. tonight, low temperatures drop into the upper 40s north and west around the mid-50s philadelphia. tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the low 70s. still nice day. notice more clouds. then friday, showers around. temperatures upper 70s. big drop for the weekend, mid-60s. a summit in washington focused on the workers' voice. vice president joe biden took part. the group to ensure working americans are being heard in a challenging corporate environment. one of the people who attended was amir. he was nominated because of his ability to get best out of his workers. >> really making sure that leaders understand that they have a responsibility to their community, to their employees, to make sure that barriers are removed, that employees are em
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b empowered. we know it pays to shop around but that rule doesn't stop at the mall. the new research you need to hear before heading to the doctor's office. plus, why one pennsylvania town is ditching the traditional red fire truck for purple.
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this is nbc 10 news. look at this. something unusual's hitting the roads in central pennsylvania. check out the purple fire truck used to remote awareness of domestic violencen the truck will go to parades and shows in blair county. insurance companies are
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required to cover 3-d mammograms in pennsylvania without forcing women to pay extra. pennsylvania has a policy of free mammograms, reports of insurance companies charging extra for 3-d technology that makes it easier for doctors to see cancer. according to our partners at news works, the fees range from 50 to $600. governor wolf's administration is clarifying the 3-d mammograms are also supposed to be free. it pays to shop around for a doctor. women's health services can have dramatically different prices depending on the office you visit. in philly, a routine gynecological exam can cost from $85 to $464. a mammogram can range anywhere from $106 to 758. study comes from castlight health. switching gears now. how many people do you know that
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play fantasy sports. >> we both do. >> we dabble in it. >> it's an industry that has exploded in popularity. >> i need eagles to do better. some wonder if the companies are playing by the rules and want new laws in place. see if it could affect the way you play. >> though the rain has stopped, people in south carolina are still at risk. why more dams are in danger of breaking and what's being done to protect people and homes now. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," art installation blessed by pope francis is getting a second life to help a cause close to the pope's heart.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now at 5:00, after police and s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the community college of philadelphia, nbc 10 has learned about new security changes. tonight, we've also learned the person taken into custody for the gun scare may not face charges. >> because police aren't sure there was ever a gun on campus. nbc 10's george spencer brings us details. >> reporter: college leaders are emphasizing successful cooperation with philadelphia police as essential to the community's safety yesterday. but today, ccp announced
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additional security plans are now in the works. students shuffled in and out of class as normal. it was a stark contrast to the s.w.a.t. teams that filed through these buildings around the same time yesterday, searching for someone with a gun. police now believe there might never have been a gun on campus. but after the unrelated threat on monday, times are tense. >> students are frightened and scared because of the threat on monday. >> reporter: at school wide forums, ccp's president detailed yesterday's time line starting with the dispute between i current student and former student, no longer registered, outside a campus coffee bar. he described new efforts now in the works including required i.d. swipes for every person entering a campus building. it's a major change that has been sped up and will now take effect on monday. >> i think it's really important for us to know who our students are and who's supposed to be on
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campus versus who is not. >> we have badges but never use them. now using badges, what kind of protocol is that? we go backwards. >> reporter: new normal? >> new normal. >> reporter: the person taken into custody yesterday will not be charged, some in today's crowd push ford locks on every dar and encouraged making the campus a gun-free zone. >> i don't think it's something we've wrestled with as a community in terms of debating and campaigning against it but it's something we will take into account now. >> reporter: the college president praised the campus community for complying effectively with the request of first responders yesterday, but he vowed moving forward, he would remain open to suggestions. reporting in spring garden, george spencer nbc 10 news. today is the second day without rain in flood ravaged south carolina. still, there is an ongoing threat of dams that making way as raging water continues to
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build. >> jay gray has been there through the storm and now as the cleanup begins he brings us the latest from columbia. >> reporter: sheriff'ses deputies going door-to-door in dodds of communities on edge now as rushing waters continue to test bridges and dams stretched to the limits. >> water is flowing and as it is flowing we are watching. >> reporter: 13 dams have failed, 62 across state are being monitored as crews work around the clock to patch those starting to give away. >> placed 401-ton sandbags in place working to get to 750 one-ton sandbags. >> reporter: in other communities work is focused on clearing out and cleaning up. >> all right. >> reporter: families saving what they can, pulling away the rest, piling up the pieces of their homes and lives ravaged by the storm. many getting help from volunteers who, like the water
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before them are pouring into the hardest hit areas. >> don't have to know people, just know they need help. >> reporter: karen is one of them. >> waiting to drown. >> reporter: she and her husband rescued by boat as floodwaters rushed in. >> it's not too heavy. >> reporter: now, friends and neighbors are helping them move out what's left of their home. >> angels. angels here. i keep saying thank you, they keep saying we're family. >> reporter: family bound together by the storm and determination to make sure their community comes all the way back jay gray, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. >> turning our sighted to our weather now. first alert meteorology sheena parveen joins us. >> this area's been through so much. are they out of the woods now? >> no, they're not. now the rain is gone, so that's great news. no rain heading towards south carolina right now where we saw that massive flooding. so, this is good because of the
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rainwater falling. we don't have ta in the forecast but we have flooding concerns. flood warnings, charleton, surrounding areas, major interstate. that's going until thursday 2:30. the other concern they're dealing with in south carolina are the rivers. rivers are at major flood stage. many of them. some are five feet over flood stage and some of them aren't forecasted to drop to moderate flood stage until next week. once we have floodwaters they will recede in some areas, maybe a day or two after but people for get rivers and creeks last things to recede, in some cases end up rising even after the rain is over. but that is one thing they're dealing with here, river and creek flooding, again some may not be dropping down until next week. they don't have rain heading their way. we do have rain heading our way and cooler temperatures. i'll talk more about that coming up.
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from our south jersey bureau, results are in after an investigation into a police-involved shooting in edge water township, burlington county. a grand jury said off-duty officer acted lawfully when shot a man allegedly trying to steal his car. despite calls to stop the car, the officer said the driver revved the engine and thought the driver was going to run him over. the suspect survived the shooting and charged with attempted theft. camden county helping treat drug addicts at a crucial time. separation sal uncovers treatment costs for people hospitalized after opiate overdoses. sometimes after people receive the drug and revived from overdose they immediately leave the hospital to get more drugs. the goal is to offer detox and counselling once patients are out of the hospital. pennsylvania's in dire need
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of volunteer firefighters and ems across the state. delaware county, first ever recruitment drive. doors to county fire and ems stations will open to residents' businesses wanting to learn more and about how they can can volunteer. the county needs firefighters, fire police officers, emts and paramedics. nbc 10 investigators looked into the struggle to recruit volunteer firefighters in pennsylvania. listen to this, 50,000 volunteers left across the state, down from 300,000 20 years ago. most volunteer fire companies require new recruits to complete 180 hours of training. volunteers pay for the training themselves. a group of volunteers and lawmakers are working on a bill to relieve costs. did you catch that? south jersey students got an important lesson about electrical lines.
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inactive demonstration in atlanta county. students learned about the lurking dangers behind power lines, poles, transformers, lights, and electrical meters. >> we hope they keep themselves safe and can share with their sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers so that we don't have any fatalities or injuries. >> this week is national fire prevention week. the master plan for philadelphia's casino has the green light from the planning commission. here's what it would look like. live hotel and casino built on packer avenue and cost $500 million to complete, according to our partners at philadelphia business journal. few changes to the original plan. some changes include billboards, lighting and landscape. tonight, the murder of a transgender woman in philadelphia has police searching for a killer. and members of the community looking for answers.
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how this crime has sent shockwaves through the city. plus, the police officer puts on a show. how he stunned members of the high school band.
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♪ you felt it, didn't you? pop up free concert in philadelphia where stevie wonders announced songs in the key of life tour. the sing somewhere songwriter on the road performing songs from the double album in its entirety. the tour will bring him here to philly. stevie will be performing at the wells fargo center at 8:00. >> high school football games are a big part of life for some students. >> that's right. in the last weekend, texas
5:41 pm
sheriff's deputy fell in line with the school's drum line and it was all caught on tape. ♪ >> look at him go. deputy menendez is a quick draw with the drumstick. he hit all of the right notes. he never missed a beat, as you can see here from the sheriff's facebook page. he's a 2005 graduate of the school. he played in that band. >> nice. >> excellent. >> killing it. >> excellent like the weather as well. we've enjoyed warm weather lately. >> rain and cooler temps are on the way whether we like it or not. >> that's right. before the end of the week, you want your umbrella with you, then big temperature changes for the weekend. just in time for the eagles game. if you like football weather i have that in the forecast, too. we'll look at numbers coming up
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. philadelphia police aren't calling the murder of a transgender woman in park a hate crime. shot twice in the back. detectives believed attacked about a group of men after dropped off. police haven't said what they think the motive is. the crime has sint shockwaves through the lgbt community. >> she was a kind person, kind woman, and what happened to her? she didn't deserve what happened under any circumstances.
5:45 pm
she didn't deserve it. >> police believe fire be or si men were responsible. >> new information in the murder case against form wrestling great jimmy snooka. lawyer and prosecutors agreed to bypass a preliminary hear. indicted last month for the murder of nancy argentina. erepeated assaulted her in a hotel and left her to die in a bed in 1983. he's now 72. investigators recently reopened the case because of snuka's conflicting accounts of what happened the night of the murder. president obama apologized to doctors without borders after a u.s. air strike killed 22 people in afghanistan last weekend. now the humanitarian organization is calling for an
5:46 pm
independent investigation of the attack to determine if it was a war crime. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan called the air strike a mistake. doctors without borders wants an independent review. >> the facts and circumstances of the attack must be investigated independently and importionly given inconsistencies in the u.s. and afghan accounts of what happened over recent days. >> the president told doctors without borders, if necessary, he would implement changes to prevent tragedies like this in the future. terrorists trying to get a hold of nuclear materials, according to an investigation. gangs with ties to russia are behind black market deals for nuclear material. gangs want to connect with middle eastern extreekists like isis. authorities working with fbi interrupted four attempts by the gangs shopping radioactive material in eastern europe. >> very concerned by these different incidents off
5:47 pm
terrorists trying to acquire either nuclear or radiological material. we know that the threat is real. >> one case earlier this year, an armed smuggler reportedly offered to sell enough radioactive material to contaminate several city blks for $2.8 million. >> first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> another beautiful day with temperatures a little bit above normal for this time of year average high is 70. we've been in the mid 70s. cape may, beautiful conditions right long the shore. cool for the beach, though. but the 70s, they'll be sticking around the forecast. not just the rest of the afternoon, but also tomorrow. even friday. with that tracking showers, that will be by the end of the week. so friday, don't forget umbrella. that's going to lead us into a cooler weekend. showers are going to be part of a cold front that's going to give us nice football weather sunday for eagles.
5:48 pm
right now 63 mt. pocono 71. pottstown mid-70s through philadelphia. wilmington low 70s through south jersey and delaware. areas north and west upper 40s for overnight low. but for the rest of the evening, comfortable, 7:00 p.m. around philadelphia area, near 70. by 9:00 tonight, mid-60s. by 11:00, right around 63. mostly clear skies. cooler than it was last night. right now, nice and dry. not a lot in the way of cloud cover. no rain. and if we zoom out, we have no rain heading this way. so for tomorrow, i think you'll notice more clouds around. rain isn't going to here until friday. future weather, future temperatures. mid-70s today. cool down as we go through tonight. by 9:00 tomorrow morning waking up with temperatures mostly in the upper 50s. 60s closer to the shore. by the afternoon, low 70s. more clouds moving in. a dry cold front moving through. model here is trying to put a
5:49 pm
couple of sprinkles. can't rule that out. then we go into friday morning, temperatures still around the 70s with more cloud cover could see light showers friday afternoon. that's when we have heavier rain that will move through. this is by the evening commute friday. temperatures will be dropping into the upper 60s by 5:00 p.m. in some spots and rain cooled air. so remember by friday, you want your umbrella. that's going to be part of the cold front. as we go into saturday, rain clears but by noon saturday we'll be around 60 degrees for the area. that's middle of the day saturday. sunday looking at good football weather, too because of the cold front. if you're tailgating for sunday, eagles game 1:00 p.m., temperatures staying at about the low 60s. by fourth quarter mid-60s. plenty of sunshine. also breezy as we go into the start of the weekend. tonight, temperatures in the upper 40s through lehigh valley. mid-50s for the philadelphia area. tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds, temperatures in about the low
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70s. that's going to give us more clouds as we go into friday with a cold front and temperatures upper 70s. until the rain moves through. then we cool down going into the weekend, saturday and sunday both, temperatures mid 70s. great football weather for the eagles and back into the 70s next week. >> after playing 3 of the first 4 games on the road the eagles return home to face the saints. here's a live look inside the link from our exclusive eagles nest cam rap eagles could use home-field advantage. >> injuries could play the biggest role in the game. the birds are banged up. >> a mash unit. the eagles four days away from meeting with the saints and plenty of questions surrounding this 1 and 3 team, not the least of which who will be on the field, byron maxwell and michael kendrick did not practice today. jason peters wasn't on the field
5:51 pm
either, there he is standing around. lane johnson to his left. if peters can't go, a chance johnson could shift to left tackle, where he never played. >> just only injured in the last game. i think he played well against atlanta and dallas and the other one and the jets game. just couldn't get what we needed from him because he's hurt. he's as tough a guy as i've been around here, if he can go, he will go. but he's a guy we got to take a real good look at this week in what he can give us. >> john clark looks at one ar. >> we need good luck. thank you. sports and politics don't normally go together at all. >> they don't mix at all. lawmakers in new jersey may get involved in fantasy sports league. we'll explain why next on nbc 10
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news at 5:00.
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in sports there are rules but what about fantasy sports. >> some new jersey lawmakers aren't sure and now a new scandal calling some fantasy websites in question. >> cydney long joining us. sports fans are sounding off. >> reporter: right. we know how popular this is,
5:55 pm
daily fantasy football. they are anxious to know if the average joe can compete in the arena or any potential for inside trading or that inside information. we talked to here, very familiar with the fact that the employees of two websites, fan duel and draft kings, are temporarily banned from cashing in. >> reporter: at p.j.'s the talks about sports. for the server, the conversation on fantasy sports. football, fairness, who is fit to win. the ads promise fabulous winnings if you choose the right roster. >> because of the sharks that have taken over these websites, big players are in there and they're minimizing the amount of money that can be made by just the average joe. >> reporter: on tuesday, new york-based fan duel and draft kings banned employees from competing. this on the heels of a draft king employee scoring $350,000
5:56 pm
payout. some think he had inside information about underdog players being chosen, players that may ensure bigger jack spot if they step up their games. >> i would like to know, i guess, exactly what info he had, how it helped him but i find it odd how much it could have players dictate who does well. >> reporter: senator men dmen zz asked the commission to setting regulations saying we believe that fantasy sports should be legal and subject to appropriate consume somewhere competitive protections. consumers also expect companies to hold online contests in a fair transparent manner. >> is that something that would make you play more? >> of course. you don't want to go into a contest knowing you have less of a chance to win than your competitor. who would want that? >> anything level the playing field and make it fair for everybody is welcome in the state. let's hope so.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: after being inundated with fantasy football commercials during the nfl games, the congressman asked congress to weigh in on this fantasy football. it has become a $2.5 billion industry. fans we talked to here today say they will continue to listen to this debate before they pay to play. live in cherry hill, cydney long, nbc 10. >> comcast the parent company of nbc 10 and nbc sport invested in fan duel. next, on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," local teams to the ret cue in south carolina as dams threat tonight break. how crews from your area are lending the hand in the recovery effort. rain moving in before the week's over. a cooldown as we go into the weekend. i'll cool it will get, coming up. no bulgidge bulging on the pennsylvania budget.
5:58 pm
schools are frantic when they'll get funding. we're live next.
5:59 pm
nbc 10 is in starts now. >> can't drag this out forever because people of pennsylvania are in dire need to education, human services, to get things done. >> but just hours ago, lawmakers voted down a budget yet again.
6:00 pm
because of that, school districts say they're being squeezed and nonprofit organizations are nearing a crisis point. i'm jim rosenfield. we've gone nearly 100 days without a budget in pennsylvania. the pennsylvania house rejected governor wolf's latest budget plan. today nbc 10 news headed to harrisburg to ask lawmakers where's the accountability. lauren? >> reporter: well, it is back to the drawing board now be both sides saying they need to find more revenue, find more money to pay for everything and deal with the deficit. i did hear optimism from republicans and democrats. but let's be real it took 99 days to get here. the debate lasted hours on the house floor. but the budget stalemate has been going on for three months. affecting nonprofits and schools waiting for funding and books. how much longer do you think they'll have to wait?


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