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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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because of that, school districts say they're being squeezed and nonprofit organizations are nearing a crisis point. i'm jim rosenfield. we've gone nearly 100 days without a budget in pennsylvania. the pennsylvania house rejected governor wolf's latest budget plan. today nbc 10 news headed to harrisburg to ask lawmakers where's the accountability. lauren? >> reporter: well, it is back to the drawing board now be both sides saying they need to find more revenue, find more money to pay for everything and deal with the deficit. i did hear optimism from republicans and democrats. but let's be real it took 99 days to get here. the debate lasted hours on the house floor. but the budget stalemate has been going on for three months. affecting nonprofits and schools waiting for funding and books. how much longer do you think they'll have to wait?
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>> my prayer is not much longer. >> reporter: but the answer didn't come today. >> sometimes you've got to have these shoort of showdowns to se where the votes fall. >> reporter: vote 127-37, no republicans crossing over. so where to go from here. >> i think the next step is sitting down with the leaders and there's a new reality as a result of what happened today and i think the conversation will be more constructive. >> reporter: in the meantime, philly schools are borrowing millions. >> going three months, you've got schools borrowing money, you've got organizations that are not getting paid, kids who don't have books at this point what happen do you say them to? >> i talked to many nonprofits in pittsburgh, i'm from pittsburgh, and they get this. they understand that what ware trying to do is fix something in a sustainable way. and by doing -- >> reporter: how long are we talking about here? that last representative telling me he is hopeful by
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thanksgiving. live in harrisburg, lauren mayk, nbc 10. >> as mentioned, without a state budget, there's no way for money to make its way into local communities and that's having a direct impact on pennsylvania families. according to a recent report, public school borrowing in hundreds of millions with the philadelphia district the biggest at $275 million. borrowing will top $500 million statewide november 1st if the scale mate continues. last week, nbc 10 spoke with moms at students of lady of mt. carmel. day care and pre-k programs are hurting without state funding to cover cost of students who rely on subsidies. businesses have to dip into their own bank accounts to foot the bill. archdiocese is weighing in, sending a letter to parents,
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urged them to e-mail governor wolf about the stalemate, letter reads in part, it is not fair that your children and their schools are left to suffer alone due to lack of agreement in harrisburg. end quote. other news, a hectic afternoon in delaware state capital in dover. reports of a fire at legislative hall forced everyone out after 2:00. smoke filled the third floor howlway after a generator and the basement caught fire. police officer and a firefighter were treated for smoke inhalation. no damage to the outside of the building. lawmakers are not in session now. ? in decision 2016, somber new television ad aimed at convincing joe biden to join the presidential race. features the vice president talking about 1972 car accident that killed his wife and daughter. nbc 10's jacqueline london oning us live with the ad the
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political world is fixated on, redemption. >> political action committee call called biden is responsible for the 90-second ad, encouraging the vice president to run for the white house. >> the incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would had, had i not been through what i went through. >> the ad uses audio from a commencement speech biden gave in may. it recalls the crash that killed his wife and daughter. just after he was first elected senator. draft biden says it's spending $100,000 to air the 90-second ad on national cable networks. biden hasn't announced whether he'll enter the 2016 race that ends with white lettering that reads, joe. run. the ad created by the same company that worked on both of president obama's campaign. jacqueline london, nbc 10 news.
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nbc so has learned philadelphia police are not certain a gun was ever on campus during the gun scare yesterday at the community college of philadelphia and the person taken into custody will likely not be charged. at school wide forums today, the college president said, the incident began with a fight between a current and former student outside a coffee bar. it was 20 minutes later before one of the students reported to philadelphia police that the other had a gun. police say no other witnesses ever reported seeing a gun. still, opportunities are on edge. >> it's a problem. so starts like shock and fear, between everybody. >> today the school president described new efforts in the works including required i.d. swipes for every person entering campus buildings. it's a major change sped up and will now take effect on monday. the school has appointed new security director and will push
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more students to submit their phone numbers for text alerts. a threat forced a philadelphia high school into lockdown this morning. investigators got a report a student with a gun was on his way to martin luther king high school in east germantown. they arrested the student two blocks from the school. he did not have a gun on him. two kidnappers pleaded guilty today to abducting a woman from philadelphia jewelers row last april. guilty pleas came before the victim was scheduled to testify and recount the horror she survived. nbc 10's dug shimell has details from inside the courtroom. >> reporter: this juror and 11 others were only on day two of testimony when suddenly, two final guilty pleas. >> a lot of evidence presented. some of it very horrific. so as i said, it was nice not having put the victim through it or see it ourselves.
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>> reporter: gay was joined by salahudin shaheed and basil buie in confessions that they kidnapped, robbed and tased a 53-year-old female worker at national watch and diamond exchange in order to get the codes to the safe. lawrence was shahid's defense attorney. >> when we thought about what she would say and emotional state, we thought it was best decision to spare her and that was from his heart and my heart. >> evidence would have showed that salahudin shaheed came up with a plan to rob national watch and recruited other two to do that. >> reporter: prosecutors say the victim is relieved it's over but was prepared to testify. >> she was willing to do what she needed to do to ensure that the individuals that tortured her would have been held accountable and she was ready to do that. >> reporter: sent tenting set for next january when all three men could face life in prison at the federal court. i'm dog shimell, nbc 10 news.
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temple university board of trustees will choose a today show anchor to fill a seat vacated by bill cosby. officials are telling us nbc's tamron hall to fill the seat. hall graduated from temple in 1992. if voted in the fourth woman appointed to the board. cosby resigned from the board in the wake of his sex assault scandal. to our weather. beautiful day out there today and tomorrow. but we're tracking some showers for later this week. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us with her first alert forecast. >> we're tracking showers, not until friday. so until we get to friday, comfortable weather. here's a live look at satellite and radar. we have dry conditions, barely any clouds around. no rain heading this way any time soon until we get towards the end of the week. center city, perfectly clear skies. it's going to be a nice sunset. with the clear skies overnight
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tonight, it's going to be cooler than it was through the overnight hours last night, areas north and west, upper 40s for morning low temperatures. right now, upper 60s for allentown. 68 pottstown. 74 philadelphia. low 70s through south jersey. some areas are in the 60s. cooling down quickly in wildwood. 66 degrees. 67 at ac airport there. as we go through the evening and overnight hours, clear skies about 11:00 p.m. areas already in the 50s. coming up a look how cool it will be and also the rain chance coming by the end of the week and a big cooldown for the weekend. straight ahead. dramatic video from sky force 10. the tanker fire on the western spur of the new jersey turnpike we first brought you this as breaking news at 4:00. look at these flames. fire shut down two northbound lanes near mile post 110 in carney. huge flames could be seen as far away as new york city. there's no word on any injuries.
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philadelphia police aren't calling the murder of a transgender woman in hunting park a hate crime. jenkins was shot twice in the back yesterday morning. detectives believe jenkins was attacked by a group of men after dropped off. police haven't said what they believe the motive is, but the crime has sent shockwaves through philadelphia's lgbt community. >> to me she was a kind person, kind woman. what happened to her? she didn't deserve what happened under any circumstances. she didn't deserve it. >> police believe five or six men were responsible for the attack. philadelphia police and the fbi trying to identify a man wanted for robbing a center city bank this morning. take a look at suspect wearing an eagles hat and sunglasses. investigators say he walked into the republic bank on walnut street around 10:00, handed a note to the tell somewhere walked off with cash. >> virtual s.o.s. for historic
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cruise ship in philadelphia. "ss united states" needs more than 60,000 a month to keep rehab of the ship from going under. if not the ship will be sold for scrap. "ss united states" launched in 1952. once the world's fastest ocean liner. the conservancy wants to use the ship as an museum. art project blessed by pope francis gets a second life as help for the homeless. creative way ribbons are being reused into rain has ended in south carolina but threat of dangerous flooding continues. we'll tell you how local workers are trying to make life easier for people forced out of their homes.
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art install lake blessed by pope francis is being d disassembled and repurposed to help the needy. thousands of ribbons will become insulation. it will be moved to a different affordable housing project. more than 110,000 visitors wrote personal struggles on the ribbons and tied them to the grotto outside the basilica of saints peter and paul. another anxious day of waiting and hoping floodwaters will recede.
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dive teams teams search for twoe who disappeared. dams are in danger of breaking open the red cross is on the ground. they've been assisting victims since day one. deanna durante caught up with a montgomery county native working the effort. >> number of red cross volunteers. >> reporter: anthony is no stranger to disasters. the native in texas where massive flooding and worked the amtrak in philadelphia. >> we have emergency response vehicles across the country have come in, out in the community, handing out food and watter. >> bouncing back and fovrth whee workers have never seen a disaster of this magnitude, despite the rain halting, the need could increase. battered dams in danger of being breached by floodwaters. 1,000 people are in danger of
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the flood zone. >> there's a dam close by that has been having controlled releases over the last couple of days sw day still keeping an eye on that, could have an impact on the surrounding communities as well. keep a close eye on that. if we need to open another shelter, whatever we need to do, we'll make sure residents are taken care of. >> reporter: thousands without power and the storm water impacted fresh water and sewage system. despite from being a way from family sgrenfriends the need is great. crews from our area estimate could be several more days before they're able to return home. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. unusual hazard at jersey shore prompting a warning to boaters tonight. pieces of this house have been lodged in grassy sound channel since friday's stormy weather. that's when the home collapsed into the water. exploded from a bay side
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community to the channel. an area popular for fishing and crabbing. the coast guard is urging boaters to use extreme caution in the area. >> going at a safe speed, operating the vessel properly is very important. >> the new jersey department of environmental protections says it's arranging to have the house moved quickly and efficiently. the owner is trying to do the work himself. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> another beautiful day. temperatures topping out in about the mid-70s. at least for some of the area. here's a live look out right now. cape may, beautiful conditions along the shore. cooling into the 60s at the shore. tomorrow, 70s again through afternoon. mostly low 70s. notice more cloud cover tomorrow than what we have today. friday, tracking some showers. this will be part of a cold front. going into the weekend, it will get quite a bit cooler. talking football weather sunday. clear skies across the
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philadelphia area. color bars now. but temperatures in the mid-70s. right now north and western lehigh valley 67. 68 pottstown. low 70s for south jersey. delaware, comfortable. as we go through the evening, clear skies tonight. those will be leading us to cooler temperatures specially through the lehigh valley, upper 40s. dry across the radar, satellite barely seeing cloud cover. no rain to move in soon. so future weather as we go throughout tonight, clear, tomorrow cold front from the north. we'll be in the low 70s tomorrow. notice more clouds because of that. but the rain doesn't get here until friday afternoon. early in the day friday through the first half of the day we could have a couple of spotty showers but a majority of it will be here through the evening hours. that's when the cold front will move through. some of that rain could be locally heavy. looks to be quick moving. that's 6:00 p.m. friday, could be wet evening commute for part of the area.
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once that cold front clears later friday, we start to see improving conditions across the weekend. saturday, clouds lingering to the south with showers. overall, temperatures drop off 10 degrees cooler than what we had today. for eagles game sunday, sunny skies by sunday. temperatures, about the mid-60ss by afternoon. tailgating could be in the upper 50s before the game. low temperatures tonight, mid-50s for philadelphia. 40 for allen town even redding. 51 for the low millville. 52 atlantic city. clear skies tonight, that's why we're going to be cooler than last night. tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the low 70s through the afternoon. light winds. but we go into friday. that's when we see the more rain -- higher rain chances moving in. temperatures upper 70s. breezy south wind come saturday. winds going to switch direction. that's going to give us cooler
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temperatures as we clear out. 67 as we go into sunday. sunshine next week. we start back in the 70s. >> eagles need to get more efficient on offense. but how many players will they be missing? flyers open the season next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. eagles have quite the few wounded. maxwell did not practice with a quad injury. jason peter, did not practice today. nursing quad injury.
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right tackle lane johnson limited. if peter can't go, johnson would shift to left tackle, a position he hasn't played in the pros. offense can't afford any more bad news. here's john clark. >> reporter: the main problem for the eagles' offense is staying on the field. they're the second-worst team in the nfl on third downs. they have only converted 26% of their third downs. but the running game isn't helping. more than one-third of the birds' rushes have gone for no yards or negative yards. that is the most in the league. the eagles are averaging the fewest points, yards, and time per drive in football. they need to get more production so they aren't in third and longs most of the time. >> i think a lot of it goes to first and second down. i think lack of success on first and second down, i've got to did a better job of play call, put us in better situations so we've got a little bit manageable third down situation. >> on first and second down, you know, we've got to do a bitter
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job of being efficient. you know we can't have negative plays whether they be negative runs, sacks, even incompletions. those seem to set us back. >> reporter: sam bradford has been one of the worst quarterbacks on third downs, completing just 40% of his passes. some dropped, but some inaccurate throws as well. eagles need to sustain drives. at the nova care complex, john cla clark. vote for our high school football game of the week. early vote, this week's choices main lansdale versus saint augustine, potsgrove versus spring-ford. a tight race now. go to call the number on the screen as well. 610-624-4111. voting closes tomorrow. bea we'll announce the winner tomorrow. flyers open tomorrow in
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tampa. time to hit the ice. team on the practice ice before shipping south. head coach asked if it's an advantage to start on the road. >> i think there's some good things, you get on the road with the guys. i think you can have a good, sharp focus and it's got to be us against everybody going into that building. >> that's it for sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. nice day head.
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>> more clouds tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s, low 70s. friday, that's when we have more rain moving. grab the umbrella. into the weekend, that's a cold front bringing rain. we clear out saturday. perfect football weather sunday. look at high temperature across the weekend, mid-60s. you might need a light jacket through the afternoon. then back into the 70s as we go into next week. not too bad. >> not at all. for sheena and all of us here,
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i'm jim rosen feel. news continues with nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. tonight, obama apologizes. the president tells the head of doctors without borders he is sorry for a deadly hospital bombing that has shocked the world. but will it be enough amid growing cause for a war crimes investigation. ending the search. the coast guard calls off the mission to find dozens of americans lost at sea. families heartbroken and angry saying it is too soon to stop. confronting a killer. the campus massacre in oregon. the police detectives who ran toward the gunfire facing down a masked murderer. and your money or your life. the skyrocketing price of prescription drugs. a pill that cost a quarter million dollars a year.


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