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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new at 11:00 this breaking news that a southwest philadelphia warehouse up in flames tonight. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. this fire took place just after 8:30 tonight. nbc 10's keith jones is on the scene for us. keith. >> reporter: jim, i just learned that police at one point considered evacuating part of this neighborhood. let me show you where this fire is right behind me. that is the warehouse right there in question. you see the ladders that are up right now over the two-story structure. firefighte firefighters. it was recorded by nbc viewer jake shortly after the fire started around 8:30. you can see how hard it is for
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firefighters to get to the three-alarm fire. in one section a resident told me they even had to break down a gate. you can see a better view of the flames. this is what dozens of firefighters are up against. it was blazing out of control. back on the ground you can see how crews are attacking this fire. police are telling me the warehouse was abandoned, it was empty. residents, though, worry that squatters were inside. >> i looked around and then there was all of these billows of smoke coming from over on this direction, so, of course, i wanted to know what was happening, and that's pretty bad. >> back live now. the smoke is hovering over this entire neighborhood. that's what you are looking at right now. so far we haven't heard about anybody swrurd. we've talked to firefighters and also police. so far the fire marshall has not determined a cause. live in southwest philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. we have this just into our
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newsroom tonight. new video of the moment the new video of the moment the tanger'çg burst into flames. this killed the driver in hudson county this afternoon. investigators blame a pile of mattress on top of a cargo van. police say the mattresses came loose. that forced the truck driver to swerve and flip over the guardrail. a bucks county teacher is in trouble tonight while thousands of people on the internet share images of an injured special needs student. tonight we've learned that teacher is facing termination proceedings. nbc 10's drew smith explains what has people so upset. >> reporter: it was here on the east campus of penn berry high school where people admit the disabled girl was out. flipped and landed on the pavement. we showed the photos of a bloodied and bruised student to local parents. the image spread across social media showing the swrrz to the student's face that september
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her to the hospital. we chose to blur the photo to protect her identity. >> i'm surprised. i never heard of the girl, and then usually this is a good school district and teachers are nice here. >> reporter: a facebook page asking for justice has 5,000 followers. neighbors are puzzled how a girl with cerebral paralysis where i who can't walk or talk could end up in this situation. >> all day long there's activity here. i don't know how something like that could possibly happen. >> reporter: we've reached out to the bucks county intermediate unit that handles some of the special education here. the spokeswoman said it launched an investigation the same day as the accident. the teacher is on leave and facing termination proceedings. in a statement the spokeswoman said, "we are truly sorry that a student entrusted to our care was injured. we are fully cooperating with both the school district and the police investigation into this accident." >> it's surprising. i know that the teachers are great, and the kids are always on point and where they're supposed to be. that's a shame to hear.
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>> reporter: we did make contact with the family of the student, but they now have a lawyer, and they're choosing not to speak with the media on that lawyer's advice. pennsylvania lawmakers remain at an impasse tonight after today's much anticipated budget vote didn't pass in the house. it's now nearly 100 days without a budget in pennsylvania. nbc 10's lauren was in harrisburg and has more on the impact of this afternoon's vote. >> reporter: for lawmakers here there is more work to do now to agree on a budget. the soolz and organizes that count on state funding, there is more waiting. napping peacefully, the little ones here are too young to understand. they don't know what it takes to keep the doors open at baring house crisis nursery and why politics are in the way of funding for places like this, but gwen bailey knows. >> i have not seen anything that could perhaps give me a glimmer of hope. >> reporter: still no release
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where the governor's budget proposal was defeated. >> next step is sitting down with the leaders, and there's a new reality as a result of what happened today, and i think the conversation will be a lot more constructive. >> reporter: now it's back to the drawing board with both sides looking for more revenue to cover costs and the deficit. is there any tax increase that you would be okay with? is there any number that you would be okay with? >> once we come to an agreed to spend number, lauren, then we can see how we're going to pay for it. >> reporter: meanwhile, philadelphia schools are borrowing millions to replace state funding. >> philadelphia school is costing about $1 million to bore re this extra money. is that worth it? >> well, i think if you are going to solve a problem in the long-term, you know, it is probably worth it to fiend a long-term solution that we need. >> reporter: the group that runs baring house is also borrowing to keep the doors open and the kids safe. >> how long can you keep going like this? >> a couple of more weeks. >> reporter: groups like that are finding ways to make it through, but we all know from
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our credit cards, borrowing money all those days costs money, and tomorrow is day 100. in harrisburg, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. sky force 10 over the fire at the delaware state capitol. you can't see much from the outside, but the fire chief says extentsive clean-up will be needed. fire is blamed on a generator in the basement. firefighter and police officer needed to be treated for smoke inhalation. there is smoke damage inside, so a restoration crew is at work there. four teenagers will face charges after a philadelphia high school when it's a lockdown today because of concerns over a gun. investigators say they got a tip that a student was on his way to martin luther king high school with a gun. officers arrested that student at the fern rock transportation center. the stolen gun was recovered later in the day after being handed around between three other teens. nbc 10 has learned philadelphia police are not certain a gun was ever on campus during the gun scare yesterday
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at the community college of philadelphia, and the person taken into custody likely won't be charged. the scare has renewed safety and security concerns, though, on that campus. a schoolwide forums today, the college president said the incident began with a fight between a current and former student outside a campus coffee bar. about 20 minutes later the college says one of those students reported to philadelphia police that the other had a gun. police say no other witnesses ever reported seeing a gun and still students are on edge. >> any little thing is a problem, so it starts like shock and fear between everybody. >> new security measures new in the works require id swipes for every person entering campus buildings. that will take effect on monday. the school has adopted a new security -- appointed a new security director and will urge more students to submit phone numbers for text alerts. two men could now face life behind bars after admitting their roles in a torture and kidnapping case that began on
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philadelphia's jeweller's row. solemn shadim had he'd and basil buoy kidnapped a woman from a parking garage in april and then beat and tortured her. police say the men wanted the code to the safe at the jewelry store where she worked. the two will be sentenced in january. defense attorneys say the victim was kept in mind when today's confessions came. >> one of the major considerations was that this woman would have to testify and recount it all again, and my client recognize thad he didn't want to put her through that trauma yet again. >> the third suspect khayree gay comes up for sentencing next month. a philadelphia police officer is suspended and jailed after refusing to unlock files on his personal computers. police sergeant fraj fran is rawls was ordered by a federal magistrate to turnover unencrypted hard drives, and he refused, and he was taken into kusty for contempt of court. the commissioner says he will fire rawls for conduct unbecoming an officer.
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he is a 17-year veteran of the force. it's unclear what the government is looking for in those files. local reaction tonight to an arrest in boston more than two decades in the making. prosecutors believe science proves who murdered a college graduate from philadelphia. the man already serving time on a probation violation is now charged with killing lena bruce back in 1992. prosecutors say a recent dna match links james to the crime. she was from philadelphia. she was suffocated and sexually assaulted inside her boston apartment. we spoke to her family tonight at fairmount, and they say this can finally bring some closure. >> i'm elated that my niece can now rest in peace. >> she had just graduated with honors from tuft university in boston. let's get the latest in terms of weather and what you'll wake up to from sheena -- a nice
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day tomorrow? >> nice day tomorrow. more clouds around. morning hours will be on the chilly side too. already temperatures are starting to drop down. pottstown 52 degrees. mid 50s. philadelphia now in the low 60s. we will be cool again tomorrow morning at the bus stop. areas north and west of philadelphia through the lehigh valley, low 50s by 7:00 a.m. philadelphia area around 57 degrees. new jersey and delaware, mid 50s by the morning bus stop time, and through the afternoon temperatures about the upper 60s in some spots and, again, the clouds will be here, and no rain until friday. coming up and talking about rain moving in for the end of the week, a big weekend cooldown in the forecast, and, of course, we're talking about the eagles forecast sunday. i'll show you all the numbers and the timing of the rain coming up. >> all right, sheena. starting tomorrow the army corps of engineers will use special equipment to find debris from this floating home. pieces of the house have been lodged in grassy sound channel since friday night's storms caused it to just collapse and
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then float from a nearby community to the channel. an wrar popular for fish and crabbing. the coast guard is urging boaters to use extreme caution. >> could be debris underneath the water that you can't see, so insuring that you are going at a safe speed and operating your vessel properly is very important. >> the new jersey department of environmental protection says it's arranging to have the house removed. a monument to survivors of hurricane sandy is drawing criticism from one shore community tonight. this stone structure right here was donated to the town of highland in monmouth county. it's a roughly $400,000 gift from local contractors and a top new york architectural firm. the roof is defined by the three cone-shaped rounded openings. the canopy weighs 173 tons. lifting it a dozen feet in the air and place it on the four wall panels was an unprecedented feat of engineering, but some in the community say it's an eyesore on a public beach. >> that's interesting because it
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block this is whole view of the water. >> projects on their nature sometimes come with change, and i think this is going to be a positive for the community. >> town leaders hope the monument will grow on community members. the american diabetes association is marking its 75th anniversary tonight. a celebration held here at the national constitution center. guests enjoyed dinner and presentations, and there's our own glen "hurricane" schwartz who was the emcee. rain heading our way. then temperatures drop. i'm watching how this weather will impact your weekend plans. a south jersey nurse accused of giving flu shots, re-using syringes. only we have the questions you need to ask your doctor to stay safe this season. plus, you have seen the commercials. sports betting apps promising million dollar jackpots. how one employee allegedly used gambler's knowledge to win and what lawmakers are doing about it.
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. an update to a story you saw first at 10:00 tonight. investigators say a nurse was licensed when she gave patients a flu shot with a dirty syringe. it happened for otsuka pharmaceutical. the nurse gave 67 people the flu vaccine using the same syringe for all of them. her patients are now being tested for h.i.v. and hepatitis. regulators say they're still investigating, and the nurse has not been disciplined. tonight we asked a doctor how to make sure you're safe when you get your flu shot. he says the vaccine should be taken from a sterile air tight package spshg the vaccine should be used one time only and then the technician, whoever gives you the vaccine, should properly dispose of it after he or she is finished and you should watch the entire process. >> if you see that process being done, you can be sure they're
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doing it properly. >> they should clean your skin before giving you the shot is wear gloves. if you still have concerns, ask your doctor or nurse to walk you through the process. >> the ads you see during pro football games promise you prize money and people have signed on to play. a major controversy in the world of fantasy sports has new jersey lawmakers asking questions tonight. the controversy involves two fantasy sports web sites, draft kings and fan dual. >> it is flus rating to hear, but i wonder how much insider you can know because games still have to be played. you don't factually know which player will do well and won't. the players control it. not you. >> new jersey senator bob menendez and congress mank frank malone have asked the federal trade commission to look into
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setting regulations into play for on-line games. we should mention that nbc 10's parent company comcast and nbc sports have invested in fan duel. two new york city police officers involved in the mistaken arrest of tennis star james blake will face an administrative stril. it comes after the city civilian complaint review board says excessive force charges were substantiated. surveillance video shows blake was tossed to the ground outside a grand hyatt new york last month. the trial could result in disciplinary action or termination. a rutgers football player will be back in the huddle this weekend days after a judge dropped assault charges against him. today rutgers lifted leonte carroo's suspension. he was accused of slam aing woman to the ground last month. a charge he denied. several other rutgers football players have been in trouble with the law this year. charged with assault and robbery. temple university's board of trustees is nearing a decision to fill the seat vacated by bill
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cosby. temple officials nbc 10 tam ran hall has been nominated to fill the board's empty seat. the vote is set for next two. the "today" show host graduateed in 1992. if she's voted in, she'll be the fourth woman appointed to the board. cosby resigned from temple's board in the wake of his sex assault scandal. >> those 70 degree temperatures will continue. today we made it into the mid 70s. as we go into friday, that's when we'll see changes. still rain starts to move by the end of the week mainly for your friday, and that's going to lead to a big weekend cooldown. the rain is part of a cold front that will be swinging through. right now temperatures are dropping. pottstown already at 52 for you. philadelphia, 62. 52 right now millville. 60 degrees in dover. tomorrow morning, though, some
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areas will be in the upper 40s mostly through parts of the lehigh valley. here's how it will shape up. a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. 8:00 in the morning, though, in the philadelphia area temperatures upper 50s by 10:00 a.m. around 63 degrees. by noon tomorrow we should be near 70, but maybe a couple of degrees cooler than some spots today. >> low 70s. some areas may not get out of the upper 60s and then friday we see changes. 9:00 in the morning we could have a couple of spotty showers through the afternoon. still warm. about the mid to upper 70s and scattered showers around through friday evening.
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friday night, though, i think if you have friday night plans, a lot of the rain will start to clear out. then we clear out even more going into saturday. >> take a look at sunday. if you are tailgating around kick swrof, we expect a lot of sunshine. for tonight upper 70s. mid 50s in the philadelphia wrar. then tomorrow temperatures anywhere from about 70 to 73. friday, the rain moves in. we're still in the 70s, and it's not until the weekend when we get it back into the 60s. clearing saturday, can't rule out an early morning shower. by next week we'll be in the 70s again. >> now another way to pay for your wawa hoeing where i. the company launching its own credit card. the card can be used at any wawa, and the big bonus will be
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at the gas pump. card users get a 25 cent per gallon discount for the first 100 gallons. after that it's a 5 cent discount. applications can be picture up at wawa stores. dan. >> thank you very much, jim. john clark joins us with the inefficiency of the eagle's offense. meanwhile, the story at practice continues to be who is not practicing as opposed to who is? we'll have the latest next.
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good evening to you. the eagles were doubling as a mash unit this week in practice. quarterback byron maxwell and michael hendricks didn't practice today. on the fe side left tackle jason
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peters did not practice. there he is standing around talking to lane swron son. swron son, if peters can coach, he could shift to left tackle. he has never played that in the pros. this is an offense that capital afford more bad news. here's swron clark. >> the main problem for the eagle's offense is staying on the field. they're the second worst team in the nfl on third downs. they have only converted 26% the eagles are averaging the fewest points and yards. they need more production so they aren't in third and longs most of the time. >> i think a lot of it is personal second down. lack of success on first and second down. i have to do a better job and putting them in better situations. we have a little bit of manageable third down situation.
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>> i think on first and second down, you know, you have to do a better job of just being efficient. you know, can't have negative plays whether they be negative runs, sacks, you know, even incompletions. those just seem to set us back. >> sam bradford has been one of the worst quarterbacks on third down completing just 40% of its passes. some drops, but some inaccurate throws as well. the eagles need to sustain drives. at the november wra care complex, i'm john clark for comcast sports net. >> the flyers open their season tomorrow night at 7:30 in tampa. the team practicing one hor time before they ship south. is it an advantage to start the sustain on the road? >> i think there's some good things to being able to be -- you get on the road with just the guys. i think you can have a real good sharp focus and, you know, it's got to be us against everybody going into that building. >> national league wild card game, wrau, it got crazy.
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cubs-pirates at pittsburgh after the cubs pitcher hits the second batter. things get heated. benches leer. pirates not happy about this. cubs beat the pirates 4-0. that's sports. i'm danny. we'll be right back.
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>> thank you. kate winslet is my guest tonight. plus, norman and -- it's a great show. do not change the channel. >> love kate winslet. >> wrau. >> we're going to like the weather tomorrow too. >> we're going to like the weather because we'll still number the 70s. the morning you'll probably need a light jacket. some areas north and westwardly have upper 40s, but very nice day regardless. mix of sun and clouds. low 70s. we have rain moving in friday. we are going to be in the upper 70s, but still warm throughout the week, but the showers will
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be here friday. >> for you will us here, hanks for watching.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kate winslet. norman reedus. faonve


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