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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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back with the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast in ten minutes. and a look at when you can expect that wet weather to start moving into the area. looks like it's going to be heading towards us just as we get closer to the weekend. but there are changes ahead for the weekend. that's ahead. jessica bioing ton has your
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traffic. >> we are watching for ongoing construction. that's on the eastbound side. headed towards 95. off of the exit ramp, watch out for that if you're headed there. we have no problems so far. as for the rest of our philadelphia drive times around the area currently no problems. 13 minutes on the schuylkill if headed toward the center city area. but watch out for some construction, ongoing construction on 676 in new jersey. north and southbound between the bridge and morgan boulevard. two left-hand lanes will be closed until about 6:00 a.m. still smoldering, the investigation into this mass iwear house fire in southwest philadelphia. this video gives us a view o how large this fire was burning out of control. so dangerous we learned that
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officials thought about evacuating the entire neighborhood. the warehouse is near the cobbs creek parkway. there are homes and businesses nearby. tracy davidson has more on this operation. >> reporter: firefighters got the call about 8:30 last night. we showed you the video from sky force 10. look at video sent to us from the ground. this is just after firefighters got there. huge flames, tons of smoke, fire crews working as hard as they could to get as close to the buildings as possible. and now this is video our cameras got from across the street. people nearby tell us the warehouse wasn't being used but that squatters probably were inside. >> there were all these billows of smoke coming from over this direction. of course i wanted to know what was happening.
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that's pretty bad. >> reporter: we're going to check with the fire department throughout the morning. in the meantime, if you want to see more of the fire, it's on our nbc 10 app. tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. >> thank. 4:04 now. today we'll get an update on the pennsylvania budget delay including its impact on education. just yesterday the republican-led state house voted down the governor's revised budget plan. the democratic chairman of the state senate appropriations committee plans to give a briefing later on this morning. today is day 100 without a budget in pennsylvania. as republicans and democrats continue to battle over taxes, caught in the middle of the budget impasse are countless students and their families. katy zachry spent some time taking a look at some empty chairs. more empty chairs there than students these days because of the budget situation, right? >> reporter: that's right. the second you walk into kinder
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academy behind me in the northeast, you realize something is not right. that's because they are missing dozens of students. entire cl assrooms, in fact, ar sitting empty because of the budget impasse. 80 families rely on state funding to send their children here. the state funds are the only way they can ensure their kids get high quality early education. but until the budget is worked out in harris burg, that money is tied up in politics. >> we have 80 families who are waiting -- they're on our wait list to come through the door. but because of the budget impasse they cannot come in. >> reporter: so where are these 80 children going in the sbir rim? coming up in the next half hour, you'll hear what some families have been forced to do that's affecting the livelihood of the entire family. that's coming up in about 25 minutes. for now reporting live in northeast philadelphia, katy
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zachry, nbc 10 news. 4:05 now. the army corps of engineers will use sonar equipment searching. last friday's storm caused a house to collapse and pieces of it are in the grassy sound channel. the coast guard is urging boaters to be careful. >> there could be debris underneath the water you can't see. ensuring you're going at a safe speed and operating your vessel properly is important. >> now, the new jersey department of environmental protection says it's working to have what's left of the house removed from the water. the owner of the home tells us he's also trying to salvage whatever he can. new information this morning on a story you first saw on nbc 10. state regulators now say the nurse who gave dozens of people flu shots with a used syringe is
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licensed by the state. it happened last week at a flu shot clinic for employees of a pharmaceutical company in mercer county. health officials say the nurse gave 67 people the flu vaccine using the same syringe. she changed the needle each time but not the syringe. they're now being tested for hiv and hepatitis. the new jersey board of nursing tells us it has not taken disciplinary action against the nurse, but it is investigating. we spoke to a doctor about how to make sure you're safe getting a flu shot. he said the vaccine should be taken from a sterile airtight package. it should be used only one time. and the technician should properly dispose of it after they're finished. and he says you should watch the entire process. >> so if you see that process being done, you can rest assured that they're administering the
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vaccine properly. >> the person who gives you that vaccine should be wearing gloves and should clean your skin before administering the shot. if you still have concerns, ask your doctor or nurse to walk you through the process. 4:08 now. two men could get life in prison for kid knapping and torturing a woman in a botched jewelry heist. the men pleaded guilty yesterday on their second day of testimony. they beat the woman and tortured her demanding codes to the safe at the jewelry store where she worked. the two men will be sentenced in january. a defense attorney for one of them said his client had the victim in mind when he chose to admit his guilt. >> one of the major considerations was that this woman would have to recount it all again and my client recognized he didn't want to put her through that trauma. and a third suspect khayree gay
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comes up for sentencing next month. happening today, almost one year after a destructive fire swept through it, the columbus farmers market is reopening. last november you'll remember this. a huge fire swept through the farmers market. the market's large red barn on route 206 destroying part of the indoor market. the cause was undetermined. the mark's owner says they plan to rebuild it making it bigger and better. and the first is reopening. the market which opened in 1929 claims to be delaware valley's oldest and largest flea market. >> almost ten minutes after 4:00 and we're on our way to another beauty autumn day. i'm tracking changes for tomorrow. showers and possibly thunderstorms. good news is clearing just in
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time for the weekend. right now 49 for mt. pocono. little cooler northeast philadelphia. and atlantic city a 50 at this hour. nice clear view from the comcast center. we will see plenty of sunshine again today. and the humidity will be nice and low. it is cooler this morning. just a few degrees cooler. compared to yesterday and off by two in wilmington. a little bit of a cool thanks to the fewer clouds we're starting off with just some scattered high clouds. do have some clouds that are on the way for tomorrow. and that will give us our chance of showers and possibly some thunderstorms. look at the heavy rain pushing to the north of minneapolis into upper wisconsin at this hour. those showers and thunderstorms possibly in time for the evening commute tomorrow. but not today. partly to mostly sunny skies. low 70s in allentown and upper
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60s along the coast. 69 for atlantic city, came may. inland, sunshine and back in the 70s today. 74 for wilmington, drexel hill. philadelphia just a couple of degrees cooler. we'll go through the hour, hour-by-hour the futurecast. show you when the storms roll in tomorrow. 11 minutes after 4:00. if you like to hit the road early in the morning, let's get a check. jessica boyington watching route 42 for us. >> in south jersey we're on the 42 freeway right there. show you some drive times. we're doing okay northbound or southbound, five-minute drive time just watch out for some construction. so right around this point as well closed for overnight construction. that's going to be there until about 6:00 a.m. we're out in camden right now. no real problems.
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right underneath our graphic in here, that's the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. no problems. and if you're on mass transit, taking patco, septa, or dart, no problem there. a deadly highway inferno. this morning we have a new detail on a tanker truck crash. next, see video of the crash as it happened and hear who police say is to blame. also next, full of fall color. trees here will soon offer this priceless view. but if you just can't wait, you can actually get fall foliage sent to your door for a little green. we'll explain.
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it's about 4:15. happening today, congress will open hearings on volkswagon cheating scandal. now the company admitted it made up to 11 million diesel vehicles with software that helped those vehicles achief emissions tests. volkswagon said it's sorry and will fix the problem t. company says the affected cars are safe to drive. the investigation into this deadly tanker crash could impact the morning commute for some of you in north jersey this morning t. dash cam shows the moment the truck swerved, flipped over a guardrail. there it is, then burst into flames. the crash killed the driver in hudson county yesterday. witnesses are blameing a pile of mattresses that fell off a cargo
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van. they say the small light suv swerved in front of the tanker, the tanker was cut off. that's when the driver tried to avoid hitting the suv by pulling to the right. as you saw, it hit that guardrail and crashed. >> we tried to get the guy out, but being a tanker and as big as the explosion was, i mean, you can see where i got was as close as you could get. >> now, police have not released the identity of the tanker truck driver saying a medical examination is pending. nature has proved to be too powerful in south carolina. yesterday the air national guard used a chinook helicopter to lift it but it didn't work a. portion of the canal still collapsed. this is the problem because this canal is the main source of drinking water in columbia. other "options action" are keeping the city from running out of water. meantime, more people are
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confirmed dead in south carolina in that flooding. two men died yesterday after their pickup truck went off a washed out road. they were actually a part of a crew sent into the area to repair a damaged railroad. three other people managed to get out of the truck and get to safety. in north carolina, the topsail beach, dunes have been damaged. you can see a lot of the boardwalks were wiped out. they received over 13 inches of rain in five days. while the state of emergency has been listed, standing water does remain on some roads in north carolina as well. ahead in our next half hour, people from this area are lending a hand to those suffering if those devastating floods. at 4:30, we spoke to the southeast pennsylvania red cross. you will hear how they are helping in south carolina. the afghanistan hospital destroyed by that u.s. airstrike is renewing its call for an
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international investigation. president obama apologized yesterday to doctors without borders, a u.s. airstrike killed 22 people, including cler three children. they called eight mistake. doctors without borders want an investigation how it happened, why it happened. >> it doesn't change anything. we appreciate the expression of condolences. it doesn't change the fact that we have 22 dead patients and staff that were killed as a result of this attack. >> now the president promised a full investigation t. pentagon said afghan troops asked for air support prior to the bombing of the hospital, but american forces were not under fire as previously reported. with brazil deep in a recession, olympic organizers are cutting costs at the rio games. yesterday they announced plans to cut back on material and reduce staffing at dozens of
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test events. they will trim costs for the opening and closing ceremony. riio's economy is expected to remain in a deep recession through the olympic game and construction work is still ongoing at many of the olympic venues with workers laying rooves and securing beams, still, officials say the work is entering the home stretch. the rio olympics begin in ten months. we will be able to watch them here on nbc 10. nowhere to go to see the leaves this time of year. an entrepreneur wants to send you a hand kraftd autumn foliage. this is a great idea. the company offers to send you a mix of red, yellow and orange leaves right to your door. the man behind this idea from boston carefully selects the leaves, himself and preserves them in his mom's basement, probably. each bundle will include three
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leaves in a mix of colors for $.99 plus ship zblk does he iron it? >> i don't know, tracy, you have to ask him when you order your leaves. he says that his website has booked 50 orders in the first 20 hours online. 25 of those from the davison household, i'm sure. here's an example of what you get t. man says he goes hiking to find the perfect leaf. he will not give any old leaf that falls into the yard. now, this is not his first seasonal business to rely on mother nature. the same guy last winter sold more than 100 pound of that boston snow through his endeavor called ship snow yo. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 4:00. we got another beautiful day ahead, whether you are hunting for leaves or sunshine, you will find the sunshine, it will come to you. right now we have mostly clear skies and cool temperatures.
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50 degrees in allentown, 50 in atlantic city right now and still falling at this hour. nice and clear, that's how we will stay today. tomorrow we will see clouds returning to the area and a good chance we will see showers and thunderstorms later in the day today. not today, we are in the clear, a few high clouds to the north. this is what we're watching for tomorrow. it's on the move, moving through minnesota and upper michigan as well. the showers and thunderstorms rolling tomorrow morning. the time tomorrow morning, they'll be moving through central pennsylvania. it's on track for our area in the afternoon. >> that first line of showers falls apart. the next line, 4:00 is holding together. look how quickly it moves into the area. 7:00 in the evening, heavy downpours, you can see, not everybody is going to get rain at the same time. showers and potential thunderstorms are done by 11:00. it's a fast mover. it will be out just in time for the weekend. for today, leave your sun class
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ifs again today, sunny skies through the day, the temperatures back in the low- to mid-70s this afternoon. the wind will be light today. tomorrow we're looking at some rain. but by the weekend, we're in the clear. 65 degrees on saturday. sunday up to 69. we're taking a look at traffic now. we are seeing some road closures obviously around the scene of that large warehouse fire in southwest philadelphia. nbc 10 jessica boyington has that. >> specifically, we're watching for that warehouse fire south 70th street at cobb creek parkway and chester avenue. that's where the main portion of the fire is, also some separate notes to avoid when heading through the area. there are local signs posted. from the schuylkill expressway, this morning, no real problems. you can see spring garden to the vine street expressway, that's a 13-minute terrorism. these are the eastbound lanes headed in this direction.
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currently no problems or restriction, when i come back in the next ten minutes, we will check in with the area roadways, chris. as we approach almost three years since hurricane sandy the storm and the damage it caused are remarkably fresh in the minds of many people on the jersey shore. one constant reminder is a memorial, dedicated to those who survived. why some people aren't happy with this permanent reminder towering on the shore. there is new information about just how many people packed the parkway in center city to see the pope. also ahead, why one restaurant chain says the pontiff was bad for business.
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yesterday, the philadelphia police community unveiled a hero plaque commemorating sergeant robert wilson, iii. wilson is that officer who was killed in the line of duty the past march after his death, he was awarded the department's highest honor, the medal of honor and the medal of valor him wilson walked into a game stop in north philadelphia to buy a birthday present for his son. while he was there, two men tried to rob the store. he separated himself from employees and customers, pulled out his gun and fired back at the men. both of those are now charged with wilson's murder, an officer who graduated with him spoke directly to his family at yesterday's ceremony. >> your grandson will be a legend. i'm sure nobody will forgive his name. i'm sure everyone is proud to have worked with that man. >> game stop sponsored that hero's plaque for officer wilson. and to the jersey shore now,
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where a monument built to honor hurricane sandy survivors is drawing criticism from people who live near it. now this nearly 400,000 storm structure was donated. and local contractors and an art contexttural firm sent this as a gift. some say it's actually an eyesore on their public beach. >> it's interesting because it blocks this whole view of the water. >> projects on their nature sometimes come with change and they can -- >> hopefully they will grow and they will come to like it. and some would call this an eyesore, programs, a rusty record holder. it's hard to miss the ss south in philadelphia, next we will learn why the ageing ship may be soon sold for scrap.
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nbc 10 news starts now. the high cost of not having a budget. pennsylvania stalemate is now at 100 day, caught right in the middle are students and parents. delaware county, right now police need your help in whoever committed a rather unsportsman like crime. we warm into the 70s today the first alert weather team is tracking storms to the end of the week. it's 4:30. good morning, this is nbc news today. >> it's nice and clear out there this


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