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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. the high cost of not having a budget. pennsylvania stalemate is now at 100 day, caught right in the middle are students and parents. delaware county, right now police need your help in whoever committed a rather unsportsman like crime. we warm into the 70s today the first alert weather team is tracking storms to the end of the week. it's 4:30. good morning, this is nbc news today. >> it's nice and clear out there this morning, we may see a few
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stars o. our favorite star bill henley is standing by. >> chris, we got sunshine on the way, that's my favorite star. right now i'm watching for a few areas of fog, light fog in the lancaster area. the rest is clear. most areas will stay clear today. temperatures running cooler. 49 now in doyles town, wilmington is 55. 51 in mill mail. rocks borough -- roxborough 54 degrees. these numbers climb nook the 70s again this afternoon. mostly sunny skies the cloud from yesterday morning, they're gone. sunshine 62 degrees at 9:00. by noontime today, 69 degrees and climbing. jessco boyington has your first alert forecast. >> we will do a big check on the bridges right now. starting off in south jersey, approaching the pal myra bridge.
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they are right back in here. can you see no problems. headed towards the bridge there. the rest of the bridges in philadelphia, no problems on the betsy ross t. ben franklin is okay. if you are if delaware, watch out, eheaded on the delaware memorial bridge, the left lane is closed headed into new jersey. when i come pack in the next ten minutes, there is construction. i'm tell you where it is when i come back. ♪ a developing story out of southwest philadelphia now where this morning an investigation into a warehouse fire continues. it took fire crews more than two hours to put out the massive fire. you are looking at the video here a viewer shared with us. this is what it looked like from warehouse 10. people tell us it wasn't used by a company. officials say squatters may have been inside. this is video that our cameras
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got from across the street. this warehouse is on 70th street and cobb street parkway. the fire started around 8:30 last night. it took a long time to put it out. it is 4:33. today marks 100 days pennsylvania has been without a budget. much of the ongoing economic fight is over new taxes. as politicians in harrisburg continue to battle it out, the school students are caught in the middle of this. some of the youngest here in philadelphia are suffering. katie zachary got a first-hand view of this. >> reporter: behind me, kinder academy, is a brand-new early childhood education center. inside it is gorgeous, but it is missing a necessary piece. this children, 80 students, in fact, are missing from inside this classroom. they should all be at this pre school. but because of the budget impacts in harrisburg, they're not. because moem most of their family, they qualify for some
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type of state funding for early childhood education. that money is tied up while lawmakers debate the budget. it has been weeks since family had to find other child care "options action." some say they can't afford. >> if a family misses one day of work, our families are hourly workers, that's 20% of their pay. so families have to do whatever they can do to find some kind of care for their child while they wait. >> reporter: and coming up in the next half hour, we will have more on this ripple effect and some tell me they fear this will have drastic effects on early childhood education throughout our area. reporting live in northeast philadelphia, katie zachary, nbc 10 news. new this morning the ridley township recreation center sent us these photos in hoping to find the people in dugouts. someone broke through the dugout roof at plaque rock park. few know who may be responsible,
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call ridley police. a philadelphia police officer is suspended and in the custody of u.s. marshalls after he refused to unlock files on his personal computer. a magistrate ordered him to turn over unencrypted hard drive. he failed to comply and was taken into custody for contempt of court. chief ramsay says he plans to fire him for officer unbecoming of an officer. 4:35 the lehigh valley murder case involving former wrestleer jimmy superfly "snuka." last mon atmosphere grand jury indicted him for the murder of nancy argentina in 1983. they say he repeatedly beat her at a hotel and left her to die. he is now 72. he lives in south jersey. investigators reopened the case due to his conflicting rkt
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accounts on the night she died. october is violence awareness month. today police are announcing a comprehensive domestic violence initiative. they will focus solely on domestic violence. police say it was an intern who came up with the idea, rachel hall interned with the police in the summer of 2014. this past april, she was critically injured in philadelphia. the driver was never caught. a local organization that serves people living with hiv want to make sure you know about the services they offer. philadelphia's fight is hop hosting an open house this afternoon. the building houses both the institute for community justice and the health center. between the two patients have access to everything from laundry services and ged classes and counseling. a teacher is being investigated and fired after a special needs student fell out of the
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wheelchair. images of that whine-year-old girl has been shown online. we have blurred the images to protect her identity. the management says it is truly sorry a student entrusted to its care was injured. the girl was in a wheelchair. she ended up falling off occurb face down on the pavement. >> i never heard of this. usually, this is a good school district and teachers are nice here. >> the family of the student has hired a lawyer t. teacher is on leave while school officials go through what they call the termination process. as parts of the south continue to try to recover from that deadly flooding, there is word this morning that the clean-up bill could top $1 billion. and generous people from our area are lending a helping hand. hear what they're dock for storm victimles. >> also ahead, looking to build some buzz, governor chris christie has a brand-new campaign ad. but something is missing from
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it. it's 60 degrees here at nbc 10. the rest of the area a cooler, cape may at 4:38. .
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it's 20 minute before 5:00. we started off with a few thin clouds in the area. partly cloudy skies, a cooler start. down 6 degrees in northeast philadelphia compared to yesterday at this time. 53 degrees right now. the whipped has waumed for most of the area. you can see fog develop. so far the areas have gone very light. hazelton has one mile visibility. blue bell, really not an issue in new jersey or delaware. but we'll keep an eye on it. the temperatures are still cool at this hour. we may see a few more spots
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develop. high clouds in the pocono mountains, they're on the move in the new york area. they'll steer clear of our area. we will see enough sunshine to warm back in the area. camelback 67. 72 in fleetwood, morgan town up to 71. sunny skies for borden town, a bington, 71 in avalon and rehoboth. plenty of sunshine and the humidity will be lower this afternoon than what we're experiencing right now. low 70s for melbourne, wilmington, inside up to 74 degrees this afternoon. the weekend forecast and some showers and thunderstorms, the timing with the 7 day when i come back. >> okay. bill. you say so. 4:41 now. it is time to get a check of the highways out there, including route 309. >> jessic ka boyington is walk riu watching that. >> right around route 63 on thor noth bound side, can you see them taking out that center
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lane, cars moving on by to either side. watch out for that. crews are on the scene trying to get the disabled vehicle out of the way for now. if you are headed out this door this morning on the roosevelt boulevard. watch out, north and southbound, that's going to be there until about 5:30 this morning. if you are out the door on 202 this morning, we're in the clear. 11 minutes north or southbound to the schuylkill expressway. there is ongoing construction. i will show you where when we come back. tracy. >> amid the construction from this week's flooding down south, comes the story of survivoral. >> i kept telling myself, amber, fight, amber, fight, you can't go like that. >> next you will hear how she survived. you will watch as she was reunited with those who helped save her. adding up the masses, we have new information about how many people stopped pope francis if
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philadelphia. plus one company's bottom line.
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. >> the nominee to precede the house. danielle webster of florida is challenging him. the full house, including democrats, will vote on a new speaker october 29th. two more men died yesterday in columbia, south carolina, after driving through a washed out road. now 19 people are dead from historic rains and flooding there and drinking problem is a huge problem. crews had to abandon the effort after a portion of it now collapsed. meantime, volunteers from montgomery county are helping out. we spoke to anthony coletta.
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he worked the amtrak derailment in philly. now he is helping in south carolina ocean this weekend. he says they can really use some more help. >> we have emergency vehicles from across the country that have come in and they're out in the community collecteding food and water. >> crews from our area estimate it could be several more days before they're able return home. and out of south carolina, this amazing story, a woman there has a lot to be thankful for this morning, she was reunited world trade center officers who rescued her from the flood waters over the weekend. they were walking down the road, her boyfriend flipped and fell into a drainage ditch while she was trying to help him out, shelves caught in the fast moving water and stuck beneath the roadway through a drainage pipe. officers found her and somehow pulled her out. >> i tried to stay calm. i knew every ounce of power i had to keep myself from going
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through that pipe earlier you saw her with those officers, she says the whole time she was thinking of her daughter. body camera video shows the moments before officers shot and killed theater johnson. the president of cleveland's police union says the video clearly shows the officers were dealing with a man who wanted to commit suicide by cop. he says the officers did everything to avoid shooting johnson and only pulled the trigger after he opened fire on them. certainly, there is nothing left to the imagination with it in this case. the president said it took too long, ache months for that body camera video to be released. two new york state police officer involved in the mistaken arrest of tennis star james blake will face an ad administrative trial this comes after the review board agreed
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officers used excessive force. under surveillance video shows blake was tossed outside the grand hyatt last month. the officers could face disciplinary action or lose their jobs. the board of trustees is closer now to decide who will fill the seat vacated by bill cosby. they tell us tamron hall is scheduled to replace that seat. if she's approved, she will be the fourth woman appointed to the board. cosby resigned from the board in the wake of his sex assault scandal. meanwhile, speaking of that scandal, cosby will testify under oath if response to a lawsuit filed in december. this will be the first time he's done so since his deposition in montgomery county nine years ago. that was filed by a former temple university employee. this new suit alleges cosby sexually assaulted a woman at the playboy mansion in 1974.
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she says she was 15 at the time. another township in berkes county is under quarantine, for the first time it applies to townships in montgomery county. they include east greenville, pence burg and red hill and berks county. they restrict materials that can spread the pests, firewood, how'dhold items, lawn powers and grills. the lantern fly is not known to hurt humans, but it is a threat to trees. coming up on ten minutes before a 5:00. scattered sunshine, will you see bright sunshine that, will warm us back into the 70s this afternoon. right now a mix of 50s and low 60s. 50 in allentown and atlantic city, philadelphia international
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is 60 degrees. you will see another nice sunny day at the shore. near 70 degrees today. sunshine today, turning warmer tomorrow. for today, we're starting off with a few thin clouds moving through, ticker clouds tomorrow. in fact, there they are. this is what will give us this chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow through the day, way off to the west. tomorrow morning, a line of showers across central pennsylvania. that first line falls apart. during the afternoon, different story, showers and thunderstorms will hold together. heavy downpours in the pocono mountains, those showers destined for philadelphia during the evening hours and into the late evening hours, we see those showers and thunderstorms move right off shore. so a fast moving system for tomorrow. for today, grab the sun class ifs once again, mostly sunny, nice, comfortable. humidity stays low, temperatures in the 70s this afternoon, tomorrow morning, 55 degrees,
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look at tomorrow afternoon up to y. late day showers and thunderstorms, a cold front coming through, a one-day warm-up to y. behind the cold front, cooler weather for saturday. 65 degrees. lots of sunshine for sunday, great weather for the eagles game and the wine festival on sunday, the beautiful weather continues into monday with the high temperature into the 70s. >> nine minutes before 5:00 if you are headed otut door, let's check the roads. >> jessica boyington watching all the roads, what's going on there? >> we have some construction brocking off some lanes right now. the main strength of it westbound on the opposite side of our camera. right around route 1, but this construction stretches between academy road and route 1. watch out for that warehouse fire on south 70th street at cobb creek parkway and chester avenue and also looking into our system, seeing reports to avoid
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small delays there. if you are out in center city, philadelphia, also 19th street south is closed between vine street and the ben franklin parkway, but they do have detours posted throughout the area. headed around the block right now, there is not enough volume or traffic. when i come back, i will check in with 95 and the schuylkill expressway, chris. a historic ship in southeast philadelphia may soon be sold for scrap. a fawn profit group just sent an sos message to supporters this week saying that it urgently feeds funding to cover the rehabilitation of the ship. be that you funding will cost more than $60,000 per month. otherwise, the ship will be sold at the end of this month. the ss united states was launched after a secret cold war project to the build the world's fastest ship. to this day, it holds the record for fastest speeds crossing the atlantic. and even 100 days, that's
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how long pennsylvania has gone without a state budget. there is no end in sight at this point. next in a live report at 5:00, we will meet the unintended victims from the impasse. some of the state's youngest students. and stumping for votes. chris christie's campaign unveils a brand-new ad. next, something obvious is missing from the commercial.
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five minutes before 5:00. in decision 2016 news, donald trump is ahead in big swing states like florida and ohio, which means the three men running for president are trailing the donald in their home state a. quinnipiac poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton are the top candidates in the race among president and pennsylvania voters. trump has 23% of support in the poll. hillary clinton has 36. meantime, joe biden who is not in the race would get 47% of the vote.
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a new jersey governor chris christie has a new campaign video released online. take a look here. >> is there anyway of getting common sense back into government? >> this is a clip from the new video. instead, you hear from people described at this town hall meeting. they say the candidate is choosing to nar narrow his focus on voters. a joke for presidential candidate john kasich landed him in hot water when the student raised her hand to ask him a question at the university of richmond monday, kasich responded with a reference to taylor swift t. 18-year-old says the response was insulting him take a look. >> i don't have any tickets for, you know, forte lor swift or anything or, you know lincoln park. go ahead, i know, are you so excited. yes. >> a staff writer for the
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college newspaper there fired back with a serious question about undocumented immigrants. that's who the 18-year-old was. kasich's campaign has not address it is student's concerns. 900,000, the new estimate for the amount of people who attended the papal mass two weekends ago. they mentioned the figure and added those 900,000 people are the very best of the united states. the archbishop went on to discuss a global gathering. the focus is renewing today's family. if the first. was a sign, they said delegates will have no trouble being very frank during this meeting. meanwhile, that art installation left by the pope is being disassembled and repurposed to help the needy. thousands of ribbons will become insulation for a housing development for the homeless. the grot tow structure will be moved to a courtyard of a different affordable housing
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projects. more than 110,000 visitors wrote their struggles on ribbons and tied them to the grotto outside the basilica of st. paul. one company was not happy about the pope's visit to the u.s. cosi owns many restaurants the company says profits were down about 30% during the pap pal visit. they say that's the reason their shares fell 16% yesterday. 2015 is the year marty mcfly travels to the future. >> that predicted many futuristic item, one of which is now a reality. you probably remember this hoverboard scene, where michael j. fox's character uses the floating skateboard, that was cool, wasn't it? someone thought it was cool a. silicon valley start-up decided to build one. they use magnetic field
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architecture. bab gem, who helped write the movie got to take a ride. >> the fact that somebody made this into a reality is yonld anything i can imagine, it's fantastic. >> workers say they were just as excited to meet the man who thought of the hoverboard in the first place. >> that happened in orson wells writings, his dreams he dreamed up in fiction. they said, hey, that's a great idea and they made it. >> you are watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, smoldering into the morning. almost nine hours after this warehouse went up in flames. hot spots remain. 100 days and counting. the budget battle hits another hurdle and students are caught
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in the middle. plus, it's going to be another autumn beauty today t. sun will be out. we will expect another gorgeous day. we will tell you when some rain may come back into the forecast. good morning, welcome back to nbc news 10 today. >> let's find out details of this autumn beauty in the first alert weather center. >> the streak continues. another gorgeous day today. we started yesterday, cleared out nicely in the afternoon, this morning with mostly clear skies, just a few scattered clouds, the temperatures have dropped down into the 40s and 50s. the rain and temperatures. look at mount pocono, mount howly in the upper 40s, generally in mills veil and atlantic city. but we will warm quickly with sunshine, boathouse row, very little wind. it will stay light for most of the day. 6:00, 58 degrees. by 9:00, 54, in the 70s by lunch tooichlt back with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. jessica bgt


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