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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 8, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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investigate whether someone was inside at the time. >> there are changes in the first alert forecast. good morning, well to him to nbc 10 today. >> yesterday was great. today looks pretty nice, too. >> you can use the g word again. sunshine, 70s this afternoon himf. philadelphia international is stuck at 60 degrees. look at the 40s, very low 50s and low 50s in millvale and atlantic city. philadelphia could reach into the low upper 40s you see a small distance. we'll make a big difference in the weather. mostly clear skies. we stand by at 10:00. we'll be in the 70s by early
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this afternoon and still warming at this hour. jessica boyington has your traffic. >> we have reports of traffic, headed out the door on the boulevard in northeast philadelphia. watch northbound and southbound, ongoing destruction. >> that will be out there until about 5:30. watch out for cleanup crews. no problems or delays. we'll have more updates for you on mass transit. a developing story out of southwest philadelphia this morning where the investigation into this massive warehouse fire continues. the fire started around 8:30 at a warehouse near 70th and cobb street parkway. this was is view from sky force 10 around 9:00 p.m.
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it was burning largely there. investigators say skwaters may have been inside. in ten minutes, we will show you sky force 10 is headed that way. we'll have that for you. >> today pennsylvania has been without a budget. the budget battle left some of the youngest here in philadelphia in a lurch. katie, tell us about this. >> well, tracy, i can tell you first hand the second you walk into kinder academy, you realize that something is not right. it is missing students, dozens of them. they are completely empty. the problem is 80 families that signed up rely on state funding to do so. those state funds are the only way they can insure their kids
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get high quality early education. until the budget is worked out in harrisburg, that money is tied up. >> we have 80 families who are waiting. they're on our wait list to come through the door. but because of the budget impasse, families cannot come in. their funding stream is not approved. >> reporter: and i spoke with state senator don sabatino who represents this area. he tells me in the last few weeks his office has been flooded by parents, many trying to sends them to this early childhood education center as well as parents that send their kids to schools and don't have the adequate textbooks or kids are waiting at the bus stop, their buss are dayed on a regular basis. that's the way to fly, northeast philadelphia, katie zachary. nbc 10 news. the ridley department sent us these photos in hopes of finding people that vandalize the baseball dugout.
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people rode through the roof of the dugout. if you know who is responsible, call ridley township police. a teacher in bucks county is under investigation and may be fired after a special needs student fell out of a wheel care and suffered injuries. images of that girl has been online. we murred the images to protect the student's identity. they say it is truly sorry a student entrusted to its care was injured. the girl was in a motorized wheelchair outside when she fell off occurb and landed face down on the pavement. >> i never heard of this. usually it's a good school district. teachers are nice here. >> the student's family hire as lawyer t. teacher is on leave. stool school officials say they are going through the termination process. the lehigh valley murder case against jimmy super fly snuka is
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headed to trial after his lawyers and prosecutors agreed to bypass the hearing. prosecutors say he repeatedly assaulted a woman in a whitehall township motel and left her to die. snuka is now 72. investigators reopened the case due to conflicting accounts of what happened the night of the murder afternoon. a philadelphia police officer is suspended and in the custody of u.s. marshals after he refused a federal magistrate's order to unlock files on his personal computer t. police commissioner charles ramsey says he intends to fire him for conduct unbecoming an officer. it is unclear what the governor is looking for this those files. it's 5:35. later today, it could be much clearer after who will become the next speaker of the house. next, we will explain what republicans are doing to move that process along. we will break down the fronts runners and challengers for that position. a bump in the campaign trail for gop presidential candidate
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john kasich. we will explain how his joke about taylor swift is causing him some controversy. a cool start this morning and 63 degrees.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 22 minutes before 6:00. we are on our way for another beautiful day today. yesterday we broke out into sunshine, middle 70s in the afternoon, right now, a few scattered skies. we are seeing some areas of light fog and continues visibility is down a half a mile, blue bell one mile, the rest of the area fog free this morning. a few high clouds in northern new jersey. most of the area is in the clear. we see a nice warm-up again today. 70 around 70 is normal this time of year. >> that itself where we will see
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bethlehem, morgantown, low 70s. 67, lowering humidity for new hope, abington, morris town. at the shore it will be a mix of upper 60s, low 70s. millvale, smyrna and milford into the low an mid-70s today. zief strees e degrees this afternoon t. weekend forecast is looking good. we'll be clearing out on saturday. cool saturday. plenty of sunshine sunday, plenty of time to take advantage of the many activities happening this weekend. >> we will cover those. we are intrigued. wow, how exciting. 20 minutes until 6:00. if you are headed to work or somewhere else. >> on mid-town in coal plaza, no
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problems there. southbound and around the surrounding areas in the germantown pike. we are doing good there. you are headed out in new jersey today, watch out for 676 north and southbound between the walt whitman bridge. they'll have two lanes closed another 20s minutes or so, until 6:00 a.m. ongoing construction in both directions. on the pike between 130. traffic and seta and bridge work. when i come back, we will check in with more drive times. >> this morning we have a better idea how many people saw the pope if philadelphia. we will share those numbers with you. plus, divine intervention, why a sandwich chain is bringing the pope for sale. new jersey governor chris christie wrote out a new ad company, there is one. missing that most candidates include. we'll show you what that's all about.
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>> the time is 5:43, investigators will continue to look at this massive fire. nbc 10 is back on the scene near 70th street and the cobb creek parkway. tell us what it looks like now.
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>> tracy, laider on this morning, for now the effort continues to give you a look right now here live from sky 410 at the scene, fire hoses are out there right now. 70 is blocked off. cobb creek parkway does not appear to be affected. there is the warehouse, you can see the fire truck in that area putting out some of those hot spots these guys have been putting water on to this building. it started at 8:30. there are a lot of homes nearby as well we talked with some of
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the residents last night. they're concerned about this, because of the smoke and flames coming from the structure here. of course, that investigation is going to continue. for now, the firefighters out here on the scene nine hours later after the fire started. >> 5:45 now. today house republicans will vote behind closed doctors for their nominee to succeed john boehner as the speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy of california is the front runner, utah's jason caaffitz is following him. on to decision 2016 now and hillary clinton is slamming a 12 nation trade deal that she once supported. labor union versus called the deal a job filler and she now
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agrees. as secretary of state, clinton supported the transpacific partnership. now she doesn't bernie sanders also opposes the deal. vice president biden supports the partnership. >> i'm going to do what works for the american people to raise income and create good jobs. >> clinton is currently leading the pack in florida and pennsylvania. so does donald trump. now he says it's time for his soaring poll numbers to level out. a new quinnipiac poll shows trump and hillary clinton are leading in the polls. hillary clinton has 36%. that's still a drop for clinton. meantime, new jersey governor chris christie has put out a campaign video online. >> is there anyway of getting common sense back into deposit? >> that's a clip.
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christie does not appear in it. instead you hear people at his town hall meeting. the candidate is seemingly narrowing his focus on voters. a joke at a campaign event for candidate john kasich landed him in hot water a. student raised her hand to ask the ohio governor a question at the university of richmond on monday and kasich we sponded with a statement references taylor swift. the 18-year-old says the response was insulting him take a look. >> i don't have any tickets for, you know, forte lor swift or anything you know or lincoln park, go ahead, i know, are you just so excited. yes. >> the 18-year-old was a staff writer with the college newspaper, firing back with a serious question about undocumented immigrants. kasich's campaign has not addressed the student's concern. bill cosby will testify under oath in response to a lawsuit filed in december. this will be the first time he's
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done so since the deposition he gave in montgomery county nine years ago. that was for a suit filed by a former temple university employee. this new lawsuit alleges that cosby sexually assaulted a woman at the playboy mansion in 1974 t. woman says she was just 15 at the time. and temple university board of trustees is close to deciding who will fill the seat vacated by cosby in the wake of that sex assault scandal. officials tell us that tamron hall has been nominated. the "today" show host graduated from temple in 1992 f. she is approved, she will be the fourth woman appointed to that board. >> 12 minutes before 6:00. we are about an hour and 20 minutes away from sunrise this morning. we will see lots of sunshine from the get go. a few thin clouds. 49 in allentown, low 50s in
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monroeville. northeast philadelphia, 55. a little cooler than yesterday. completely calm. very little wind in the area. with very light wind and mostly clear skies. you can see some areas of fog forming. humidity 100% in potts town and dover. you might run into isolated spots of fog. they won't last. more sunshine and warming first. this morning and a quick warm-up into the 70s today. tomorrow, this is what's moving in. showers, some thunderstorms and they're on the move. through michigan into northwestern pennsylvania and this time tomorrow morning, a line of showers through central pennsylvania. >> that first line falls apart. during the afternoon the next one will hold together. that's 4:00 in the afternoon, look at the heavy downpours, not everybody is going to get the heavy rain. but there is a potential in the late evening hours for the showers and thunderstorms by 10:00 in the evening, those
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showers are offshore and that clears the way for some pretty nice weekend weather. perfect weather for on eagles game. no excuses here, 1:00, 68 degrees. or if you prefer, the wine festival start at noon, it will raids some money to fight cancer for chester county hospital. beautiful sunny skies and a light breeze, temperatures in the 60s, perfect weather. today looking pretty good, too. mostly sunny skies. 70s this afternoon, the 70s warm into the '80s tomorrow. 80 degrees the high temperature for philadelphia. late day showers and thunderstorms, that's a cold front. it drops the numbers for the weekend. saturday, 65 degrees. nice and comfortable sunday, low humidity and 69 degrees and it's pack into the 70s monday. >> all right, bill, ten minutes before 6:00 right now. you travel to the schuylkill, let's check it for you. >> brake lights out there right now.
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jessica boyington lets us know if that's out of the ordinary. >> we have a disabled vehicle around belmonte avenue. we are in the yellow. westbound lane here with the string of brake lights behind them. >> that vehicle plasting off, at this time it's still about a 13 minute trip or so westbound from the vin to the blue route right now. watch out for a disabled vehicle on the bridge westbound on the upside with the right lane blocked. you can see right in here, i checkedory cameras, no real volume traveling through. between route 9 in newcastle avenue, the left lane is closed heading into new jersey. as for mass transit, no problems or delays so far. this morning, a great start. >> 900,000. that's new estimate for the amount of people who attend the papal mass on the ben franklin. they put that number in the
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weekly column on catholic he added that those 900,000 people are quote the very best of the united states. the archbishop then went on to discuss the opening of the sft. a global gathering of bishops happening now t. focus of this senate is renewing the help of today's families. he wrote that it's the first day of any indication, dem gather will have no trouble being frank during this meeting. and an art installation blessed by pope francis during his visit to philadelphia is now being disassembled. we all remember this moment. it's being repurposed to help the kneady. thousands of people tied ribbons on to that grotto, they will become insulation for a housing development for the homeless t. broughtto structure, itself, will be moved to a difficult different affordable housing project. more than 110,000 people wrote down their struggles and concerns and tied them outside the basilica.
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one person wasn't happy about the pope's visit to the u.s. cosi owns many restaurants here in d.c. and philadelphia t. company says its profits were down about 30% during the papal visit and shares of cosi stocks fell 15% yesterday. well, if you ever wanted to see what happens behind the scenes here at nbc news 10 today, check out the footwear, can you do so through the eyes of periscope. >> we have been talking to a lot of periscope people. we're on every morning. we are giving away a hat. >> no one got our trivia question either. >> we'll ask a different one coming up. it's an app. you download it, it's free. the address is nbc philadelphia. >> we'll see you tlmplts back in the '80s, "back to the future 2," in that movie there were hoverboard in 2015. now that has become reality.
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>> last night in the national kooild wild card game, a pitch hit, benefit weres cleared,
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pushing, should haveing, shoun sean rodriguez took out his frustration on the gator ade cooler. ouch. he probably hurt his knuckles. check it out, though, cubs fans relishing, taking it to the streets. fans filled the area outside the famous wrigley field. the cubs beat the pirate the cubs take on the cardinals in the quest for the world series t. best of five series starts friday in st. louis. well, you may remember this hoverboard scene from "back to the future 2." they used the skateboard, it's finally the year 2015 the year that marty mcfly traveled to in that movie, finally hoverboardss are a reality. they built one. bob gel who helped write that famous movie actually got to take a ride. >> the fact that somebody made
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this into a reality is the only. . it's just fantastic. >> workers at the tech company say they were just as excited to meet the man who thought up the hoverboard in the first place. pretty cool. well, with brazil deep in a recession, olympic organizers are cutting costs of the rio game. yesterday they announced plans to cut back on printed materials and reduce staffing at the sites of dozens of test events. they will also trim costs for the opening and closing ceremony. now brazil's economy is expected to remain in a deep recession through the game. and, in fact, construction work is still ongoing at many of the olympic venues with workers still laying loose and securing beams. officials, though, say the work is entering the home stretch. the rio olympics begin in less than ten months, of course, we will be able to watch those right here on nbc 10. at this time we want to take a moment to congratulate our friend, our colleague, he struck fear into the heart of many a defender and a goal post.
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-se being inducted into the polynesian football hall of fame. vai won a national championship at byu. a two time selection in the nfl and wait for it. >> yeah. >> i hope in your acceptance speech you are going to thank that poor goal past pad. >> he did a great job. >> thank you very much. i'm going in with a former steeler troy palomalu. one of the requirements is you should have six vowels in your name. >> tracy and i volunteered to cover it. we feel like we have to. >> the weather, jessica doing surf. >> i like that. >> it's all coming together. >> i appreciate it. you are watching nbc 10 at 6:00 a.m. starts right now.
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>> outside this warehouse in southwest philadelphia, a live look from sky 410. in inhours ano, the scene looked much different. the flames engulfed the two-story building. now firefighters are watching for flare-ups. dozens of children in one education center are caught in the middle of pennsylvania's budget impasse. families are having to make difficult choices when it comes to child care. gran your sun class ifs, it's 6:00 right now. 60 degrees outside. i'm tracy davidson. another throwback thursday. i got my shades ready. let's go to meteorologist bill henley. >> you are able to put them to good use today. we saw bright sunshine break out yesterday. we will see it. mostly clear right now. 49 degrees. we are now down to


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