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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> outside this warehouse in southwest philadelphia, a live look from sky 410. in inhours ano, the scene looked much different. the flames engulfed the two-story building. now firefighters are watching for flare-ups. dozens of children in one education center are caught in the middle of pennsylvania's budget impasse. families are having to make difficult choices when it comes to child care. gran your sun class ifs, it's 6:00 right now. 60 degrees outside. i'm tracy davidson. another throwback thursday. i got my shades ready. let's go to meteorologist bill henley. >> you are able to put them to good use today. we saw bright sunshine break out yesterday. we will see it. mostly clear right now. 49 degrees. we are now down to 48 for potts
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town, philadelphia drops to 59 degrees. a cool pleasant start t. humidity is a little elevated this morning. we will be developing dazz day goes on. 59 degrees at 8:00. by 11's, 67. there are the 70s this afternoon. a few scattered clouds. mostly sunny skies, yes, even warmer weather is ahead. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we are seeing delays on the schuylkill expressway. you can see that westbound delay right in here. they're approaching a disabled vehicle. and the accident scene is taking out some lanes, you see this 33 minute drivetime from the vine street expressway to the blue route. crawling pretty much in the schuylkill and early for. that hopefully we will recover from that before we get into the heart of our rush hour. if are you traveling over the matt privilege this morning,
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watch out for disabled vehicle times t. right-hand lane is blocked. when i come back, we do a check in with mass transit. >> right now, fire investigators are still looking into a massive warehouse fire in southwest philadelphia. the warehouse is near 70th street and the cobb creek parkway. there are lots of homes and businesses nearby. we are getting our first look at what the burned out warehouse looks like this morning. sky force 10 giving us a bird's eye view of it. from this video, it really gives a good view of how large the fire was as it burned out of control. and then this video sent to us by a viewer, just after firefighters got there huge flame, tons of smoke. fire crews working as hard as they could to get the truck as close to that building as they possibly can. even breaking down a fence to get near the building. neighbors told us they couldn't
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avoid all the composition. >> i looked around and then there was all of these billows of smoke coming from over in this direction. first i wanted to know what was happening and it's pretty bad. >> yeah, pretty bad all right. another look at what the fire looked like around 9:00 last night. officials tell us that no company was using the warehouse, but there might have been some squatters inside. now to the pennsylvania budget battle. this is day 100 without a state bucket. yesterday the republican-led state house voted down the governor's revised plan. today we expect to get an update on the budget delay, including its impact on education. the democratic care of the state senate appropriations committee will be given a briefing later this morning at philadelphia headquarters. meanwhile, pennsylvania students and their families are caught in the middle. nbc 10 is live at the early learning center, that is really feeling the pinch. can you tell us how? >> reporter: it is, tracy,
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behind me, this kindser academy just opened, specifically for kids in this neighborhood. inside, it is state of the art. but it is missing a key piece. we are talking about its students. young kids, who should be at this pre school but they're not and it's all because of the budget impasse in harrisburg. most of the families who are enrolled their kids qualify for early childhood education, but that money is tied up as long as there is no past state budget. it has been weeks that families have had to fine other pre school "options action" or child care "options action." things they cannot afford. >> a family misses one day of work. our families are hourly workers, 20% of their pay. that's the food money. so families can't afford not to be at work. so they have to do whatever they can do to find some kind of care for their child while they raise them. >> and coming up in the next half hour, we will look at why some advocates say the problem that kinder academy and other early childhood education
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centers are facing will discourage some from opening up these much needed centers throughout philadelphia. reporting live in the northeast, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. two men could now face life in prison for kidnapping and torturing a woman in a botched jewelry heist. they pled guilty yesterday on the second day of testimony in their trial n. april, that i kidnapped a woman in a parking garage, beats and tortured her. the two will be sentenced in january, the defense attorney says its client had a victim in mind when he chose to admit his guilt. >> one of the major considerations was that this woman would have to testify again and my client recognized he didn't want to put her through that trauma yet again. >> a third suspect pleaded guilty earlier in the case. he comes up with sentencing next month. 6:05 it is domestic violence
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awareness month. they are announcing a way to fight it. a specialized team of officers focused solely on domestic violence. an intern came up with the idea. this past april, shelves critically injured when she was hit by a car in philadelphia. the driver was never caught dmpblts lehigh valley murder case against jimmy superfly snuka is headed to trial after his lawyers and prosecutors agreed to bypass a preliminary hearing a. grand jury indicted him last month for the murder of nancy argentina in 1993. officers say he assaulted her in a whitehall township hotel and left her to die. investigators reopened the case because of conflicting accounts of what happened the night of the murder. philadelphia police honor one of their fallen. [ playing taps ] >> the department unveiled a
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hero plaque yesterday commemorating sergeant wilson, iii, wilson was killed in the line of indict the past march. after his death, wellson was awarded the highest moners, the med am of honor and the medal of valor. he walked into a dame stop to buy a game for his son's birthday. while he was there two robbers tried to rob the store. he separated himself from the examiners in a shootout with the men. an officer who graduated with wilson spoke directly to his family at the plaque dedication. >> your grandson will be legend. i'll make sure no one forgets his name. i'm sure everyone in the 22nd with double duty is proud to have worked with that man. >> game stop sponsored wilson's hero plaque. now your nbc 101st alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's pretty nice outside, that thick cloud cover we started with yesterday.
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so the temperatures are running a little cooler. we'll see a nice warm-up, though, mostly clear skies and plenty of sunshine today, sun grasss today, get your umbrella ready for later tomorrow. showers and possibly some thunderstorms ahead of the showers, a big warm-up. this weekend, we are clearing out. so food news for saturday and for sunday. right now, it's a little chilly this morning for point poek pocono, low 50s in atlantic city. northeast philadelphia is slowly falling at this hour. very little wind. look at the delaware, reflecting the lights from the building, from the city. the bright sunshine we saw yesterday afternoon is going to be back to the day today a. quick warm-up a. little fog in some spots. it has been a bit thicker. a mile and a quarter invisible. it's improving in blue bell. you might see an isolated fog in southeast pennsylvania t. rest of the area is doing just fine. as far as cloud cover, you are not going to see much in the way of clouds today.
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it's tomorrow that we will see the arrival of source and thunderstorms later in the afternoon. for today, we will be watching the temperatures. low 70s for fleetwood, bethlehem up to 70. 71 in morgan town, sunshine for new hope, abington and morris town. 70s today with less chili champions p conditions this afternoon. alone the coastline, hovering along 70 degrees for vendor, avalon, cape may. you will find wood town this afternoon 74 degrees. it was 75 degrees yesterday in philadelphia. we will be back in that same territory this afternoon. low 70s, a nice day today, a good looking weekend, too. we will see clearing, skies on saturday and lots of sunshine for sunday. perfect weather to take advantage of the wine festival from noon until 4:00, the dover town wine festival. it happens every year. they raise a lot of money to crush cancer for chester county hospital. it looks like perfect weather to
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enjoy some of the good stuff. >> any event i have. let's check in with traffic and what's happening on the blue route. no, schuylkill. >> nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered for all of it. >> those with wines are all flustered. we are seeing a bit of an upswing t. drive times lower right now. moments ago, we were at 40 minutes on the westbound drive time. can you see we're lowering a bit. we are still a little slow. our cameras here are going if and out, due to an earlier accident around belmonte. so backed up to this point. now we are starting at the new jersey area. watch out for disabled vehicles if you are traveling over the matt bridge today. westbound, we have the right-hand lane blocked and some construction out in the center
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city area. >> that slows between vine street and the ben frankly in parkway. when i come back, we will do a check in with mass transit. >> jessica, thanks. 11 minutes past 6:00. receding flood waters in south carolina lead to heart break for people returning home. now people from our area are reaching out to help. a tanker truck driver is dead and the cause of the crash may have come down to a pile of mattresses.
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. the time is 6 c. 14. the investigation into this deadly tanker truck crash could impact their morning commute on the jersey tonpike. the dash-cam video shows the moment it swerved, flynned over
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a guardrail and burst into flames. the crash killed the driver yesterday afternoon. witnesses blame a pile of mattresses that fell of a cargo van. in a small way, the driver of the tanker truck tried not to hit the suv. swerved to the right and ended up flipping over. nature has once again proven to be too powerful in south carolina. yesterday the air national guard used a helicopter to lift a massive sandbag but it didn't work. other "options action" are being considered to keep the city from running out of drinking water. meantime, more people are dead this morning. two men died yesterday after their pick-up truck went off a washed out road. they were a part of a crew that was send to the area to repair railroad tracks. three other people managed to get out of the truck and reach safety. now the people in columbia
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need help with food, water and cleanup. >> the red cross brought in volunteers, zo we spoke with red cross volunteer anthony tornetta from skype. he is helping in south carolina on the ground since the weekend. he says they could use more help. >> we have emergency buses from across the country that are coming in throughout the community. >> the red cross is still collecting clothing, water and cash donations, crews from our area estimate they could be several more days before they are able to return home. and happening today almost one year after a destructive fire, the columbus farmer's market is reopening. last november a fast moving fire spread along route 1206 destroying part of the market t. state fire marshall ruled the cause of the fire undetermine.
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the market which opened in 1929 claims delaware valley's oldest and largest flee market, people living with hiv wants to make sure you know about the services they offer. philadelphia fight is hosting an open house from 4:00 to:00 p.m. tonight. it hosts the community justice and the health center. between the two, patients have access to everything from laundry services and ged classes to health screening and also counseling. 6:17, let's check your ride to work. >> jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> these are the days of the schuylkill expressway. we are on the schuylkill around montgomery drive with police activity on the westbound side, two vehicles here at a stop traffic is moving by the scene. have you the two lanes opened.
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it's still moving with that earlier disabled vehicle. as for the p.a. turn mike, you are good to go there. most construction projects out of the way. no problems for delays so far, 23 minutes from route 1 to valley forge. no delays on seta. when i come back, we will check in on the schuylkill. no need to go anywhere to see leaves this fall. >> an entrepreneur wants to sell you foliage instead. they offer to send a mix of red, yellow and orange color leaves right to your doorstep. a man carefully selects the leaves, he preserves them. it includes three leaves in a
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mix of colors all for $19.99 plus shipping. he says he booked 50 orders in the first 20 hours online. here's an example of what you debt. he says he goes hiking to find perfect leaves. this is not his first seasonal business that relies on mother nature. he sold 700 pounds of boston snow with an endeavor called ship snow yo. >> i'm going to start pressing leaves, get out the waxed paper, iron and give them to you all as gifts for the fall. >> i'm make a dale on a big pile of leaves. i won't deliver them. can you come get them. it's much less expensive than that mail order. going on. >> hey, we got a beautiful day ahead. fought seeing too much fall leaves. look, blue skies, some clouds in the distance. a live look here.
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cooler this morning by 1 degree in philadelphia. there are some spots in the 40s this morning. the temperatures are coming down. with sun just about 40 minutes away from coming up, we will see a lot of today. it's going to be a faster warm-up than yesterday, which is perfect timing. you mentioned the domestic vie license awareness month. women against abuse has their i pledge campaign at noontime at love park. perfect weather for that. 70 degrees, a light breeze proceeding the banners. so stands by for a nice day today. the nice weather continues through the around. the satellite says we are in the clear. lots of sunshine today. tomorrow you get to give your sun class ifs later in the day. look at that time showers and thunderstorms, moving into wisconsin. that's on track for our area tomorrow afternoon. at 4:00 in the afternoon, just a few light showers to start with. heavy downpours as each storm tweets through the area. some spots could see a quarter of an inch or less, but others
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closer to an inch, trenton and tom's river could see heavy downpours as those move to later tomorrow. for today, it's temperatures moving up, mostly sunny skies, nice and comfortable. temperatures in the 70s today and tomorrow, going for 80 degrees ahead of those showers and thunderstorms. that's a morning low of 58 degrees. it won't last, turning cooler for saturday. sunday, lots of sunshine, not just for the wine festival. the eagles have something going in south a philadelphia. >> yes, they do. >> plenty of sunshine for monday. tuesday we see the return. in fact, the eagles forecast is looking food with plenty of sunshine and warming to near 70 sunday afternoon. >> all right, bill, thanks. it's 21 minutes past 6:00 right now. it's an unusual habit. look at this experts say the collapsed house floateding in the cape may bay is a danger to boaters. we'll tell you what they plan to do about it today. plus, powerball revamp.
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[both sigh] the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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we have a list of powerball changes to tell you about that went into effect last night. instead of 59 numbers to choose from, there are now 69 numbers, there are ten fewer powerball numbers to pick. the odds of a smaller cash prize is better. the odds of a top jackpot is much worse. the first prize matching the powerball jumps from 10,000 to $50,000. there are changes to the play. >> the odds of 50 grand, where am i going? i'd rather have the jackpot now. >> the big one? in there the big one. >> powerball thinks more people getting smaller prizes leads to more people playingened that leads to a much higher average
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jackpot. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic on the schuylkill expressway, an earlier accident around belmonte avenue. now police activity on montgomery drive on the westbound side, we are seeing a 28 minute drive time from the vine to the blue. we'll have more updates on this and more to come at 6:30. let's get a check on the forecast. >> jessica, skies are clear this morning. we are going to see lots of sunshine, a nice warm week. we hit the jackpot yesterday afternoon with sunshine, looks like another winner today. with clear skies this morning. it's a bit cooler. especially in potts town. running eight degrees chillier. >> a budget battle in harrisburg is having a real impact on those most in need in pennsylvania. katy zachary takes us inside the early childhood center that has one big problem. it's missing students. good morning, katy. >> reporter: good morning,
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that's right. inside the school, there are more empty seats tan students. coming up after the break, we'll take a look at what parents are forced to do affecting the livelihood of these families. and a special feeds student's fall causes outrage and investigation into a teacher. .
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. the real cost of pennsylvania's budget stalemate, classrooms are completely empty. one early indication center, it's all because of money tied up in politics. we are live to explain the tough choices families are being forced to make. ten hours later, fire crews watch for flare-ups in southeast philadelphia where a fire last night. here's a live look at sky force 10. meanwhile, sunny skies are on tap today. but we're tracking change for
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the end of the week. we will tell you what that means for your weekend and your plans for a weekend. good morning, welcome to nbc news today. >> let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first look forecast today. >> it looks good this morning. the temperatures that are cool right now will be warming with bright sunshine this afternoon, in fact, faster warm-ups from yesterday. wilmington is 54. 54 degrees in northeast philadelphia. sunshine just minutes away. we will see temperatures climb. from 59 degrees at 8:00 to 67 by 11:00 and it's into the 70s this afternoon. the winds through the day will stay light. hour by hour, neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington is watching your first alert forecast. >> we are watching a zrabd truck on 95. these are cameras stakesed
6:32 am
around mill road. can you see that activity still in the center lanes, just watching pen doth crews coming out to go help these guys. they were pulled over onto the shoulder for now. so some small delays behind the scene, approaching state road. south to the vine street expressway right now. that's normal around this time. we haven't hit a huge delay there. definitely seeing better days on the westbound side. a 28 minute trip through the blue route. we have a disabled vehicle and police activity around milwaukee and an earlier accident westbound around belmonte that's causing delays, tracy. >> jessica, thanks. today marks 100 days the state of pennsylvania has been without a budget. house republicans voted down governor wolf's latest proposal yesterday. today we expect to get an update on the state's budget crisis, including an impact on education. the senate state appropriations committee plans to give a
6:33 am
briefing at the school district headquarters. nbc 10 is taking a look at how it's impacting the youngest if philadelphia. katy. >> reporter: yes, tracy, we know a lot of eyes and ears will be on that meeting later this morning. let's zay take you inside an early education center behind me, kinder academy. it started when you walked inside. this was built for kids in this neighborhood t. kids are not here. >> after calling saying i'm going to lose my job, parents are saying i'm going to have to use a different baby-sitter every day. >> many of the classrooms inside consistenter academy on cottman avenue are empty. 80 of the students, 80, enrolled at this education center are at home or lower quality centers because the state funds their families rely on to send them here, that money is tied up in harrisburg, while lawmakers battle the budget. the head of the kinder academy says she answered the stated's call for better early childhood
6:34 am
centers and there is what happened. >> the risk has been so high that as people are watching me struggle in this industry they're less likely to take those chances because now we're several months in and still waiting for a budget to pass. you. >> the kids are affected. the parents are affected and teachers are affected, too. here at this center, most of the teachers who were scheduled to work at the start of the year have not been able to. the center does not have the money to pay them. reporting live in northeast philadelphia, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, katy. an investigation into a massive fire that torched a southwest philadelphia warehouse continues today. on the left of the screen there, the fire you see last night from sky 10. it's shaping up to be a long cleanup process. this video shows the warehouse near 70th street and the cobb
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street parkway. matt deluca has been covering the investigations this morning. he joins us live. >> reporter: ten hours later and fire crews are still out there on the ground right pow. can you see the activity out here by 70th and cobb street parkway as you make your way through southeast philadelphia. in a few moments, firefighters will roll it up a bit. they were flowing water as of about an hour ago. . they are starting to do cleanup because of the area is filled with residents, businesses, trying to get everything back to normal later this morning. this is an abandoned warehouse. we are getting more daylight. when we pull out here, we can get a better view of the magnitude of the size of this warehouse here. it is right here in this general area. >> that is that warehouse abandoned and right now fire
6:36 am
investigators are going to be going to that building trying to figure out what started this fire. water may have been inside at the time. there was at pun point the idea thrown around that evacuations would be in order. but many of the residents were able to put a watch on there. we have video, viewer video, from yesterday, where someone was out there on the scene watching this and really we see how much the flames, the smoke, were coming out of the top of this building. and we also had sky 10 on the scene where you can see the flames and smoke billowing from the top of the building. white quite an intense scene out here. three alarms in all. as we come out here this morning, a little darkness here as we're approaching dawn here, getting more daylight. >> that would certainly help the fire investigator in this area where there is cannot a whole lot of artificial light at the moment. but you see, this entire area that has to be investigated right now, fire crews still out
6:37 am
here on 70 there trees blocked off the top of the parkway, though, doesn't appear to be affected at this point at this point. matt deluca, nbc 4, 10 news. a bucks county teacher investigation and could be fired after a special needs student fell out of a wheelchair. it has been seen by thousands of people. the organization that manages says these services -- says they are truly sorry a student entrusted to its care was injured was in a wheelchair ended up outside falling over occurb face down on the pavement. >> usually, this is a good school district and teachers are nice here. >> the family of the student has hired a lawyer. the teacher and school officials are going through what they are calling the termination process. the army core of engineers will start work today to find debris from a home that collapsed.
6:38 am
>> yeah, strong tide swept that house into the inlet waters in cape may county . the army core will using sonar equipment. last friday's storm cause it is house to collapse. pieces are it are now lost in grasscy sound channel. it's a popular spot for fishing and crabing. the coast guard is urging boaters to be very careful. >> the debris underneath the water you can't see. if you are going at a safe speed and operating your vessel properly is very important. >> the new jersey department of environmental protection says it's working to have what's left of the house removed from the water. the owner tells us he is trying to salvage whatever he can. it's 6:38. less than a half an hor away from sunrise, getting a cool start, cooler than yesterday
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morning, just a few cloud in the area this morning. it's tomorrow, later in the day, tracking some showers, possibly needed thunderstorms. but clearing this week. the temperatures will be recovering over the weekend. 48 right now in doyles town, philadelphia is 59. millvale in the low 50s. mostly clear skies to start with. a few thin clouds in the area. no sign of any rain, that's the view from center city and sunshine will warm us back into the 70 again today. we saw 75 yesterday afternoon. we saw some isolated spots of fog first. this morning. very light fog, hazelton has two-and-a-half miles visibility. it's been improving now 4 pile invisible there. so fog is out of the question for the rest of the day. sunshine for today. it's tomorrow there is wet weather moving in. so grab your sun grasss today. leave the umbrella at home until tomorrow. 64 right now. the forecast for mount pocono, 70s this afternoon for allentown, reading and humidity
6:40 am
is a bittel rate issed. doyles town will be coming down as the afternoon temperatures climb in the low 70s. trenton, cape may, and atlantic city, dover will hit 72 degrees this afternoon and plenty of sunshine for philadelphia, williams town, wilmington, all in the mid-70s today. the weekend forecast and the seven-day coming up. 20 minutes before 7. :00. it looks -- 7:00. >> i have learned a whole lot is going on, on 95 right now. right around academy road on the northbound side. northbound drive times for the morning hours, typically don't even really have a delay. we're at 37 minutes now, northbound from the vine to wood haven road. can you see a whole messes going on in here. yes, police activity. penndot crews on the scene. with elad a disabled truck and a
6:41 am
whole bunch going on in the center lane, which is why you see the backup. it's forced around it. they try to push everything over into the right-hand shoulder. we'll have more updates, now here in new jersey, we will tell you what you need to know with ongoing construction on the 42 freeway exit 12 and 295, watch out for lane restrictions there. construction on 295 in both directions between the 47 and the 42 freeway. and if you are out in center city the ben franklin parkway dealing eastbound between 21st and logan square. lane restrictions there. the outer drive closed. >> all right, thank you. temple university is looking to fill a board spot vacated by bill cosby and the "today" show and correspondent could be the person to do it. and hillary clinton is breaking away from president obama. the democratic presidential candidate changes her stance on the president's transpacific
6:42 am
trade deal. papal art gets a second life. who you the homeless will be helped be i the thousands of ribbons tied to a grotto.
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>> it's 6:45. temple university board of trustees is close to the decision who will fill the void by bill cosby. tamron hall has been voted. the "today" show host graduated from temple in 1992. if approved, she will be the fourth woman appointed to the board. cosby resigned in the wake of his sex assault scandal. meanwhile, cosby will testify under oath in response to a lawsuit in november. it will be the first time he has done so since a deposition he gave in montgomery county nine
6:46 am
years ago. thousands of temple employees alleges that cosby sexually assaulted a woman at the playboy mansion back in 1974. she says she was just 15 at the time. meanwhile, hillary clinton is slamming a 12 nation trade deal that she once supported. labor unions call it a job killer. now she agrees. as secretary of state with the transpacific partnership. now she doesn't. her trade of heart pits her alongside fellow bernie sanders who opposes the deal. >> i will do work for the american people to raise income and create food jobs! >> vice president joe biden who remains undecided on a presidential run supports the partnership. >> the incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been true.
6:47 am
>> they encouraged biden to run for president, it uses audio from a commencement speech in may and recalls the crash that killed his first wife and daughter just after being selected for his first senate term. it reads, joe run. >> is there anyway of getting common sense back into government? >> and that's a quote from the new presidential video that new jersey governor chris christie released online. you won't see him in the ad. he says people described as attendees of his town hall meeting. meantime, a joke tore john kasich lands him in hot water a. student rayes raised her hand to ask the ohio governor a question on monday eat the university of richmond, he responded with a statement references taylor swift. the 18-year-old says the response was insulting. take a look. >> i don't have any tickets for,
6:48 am
you know, taylor swift or anything or, you know, or lincoln park, go ahead, yeah, i know you are just so excited. yes. >> well, the 18-year-old is a after the writer at the college knew she asked a serious question about undocumented immigrants. kasich's campaign has not addressed the student's concern. happening today in wall, closed doors for their nominee to succeeds john boehner as speaker of the house. the current house majority leader kevin mccarthy of california is a front runner, utah's jason chaffus are challenging him. they will vote on a new speaker on october 29th harry reid is suing the company that made excercise equipment that he says broke and injured him on new year's day. he and his wife seek more than doctor 50 million in damages from a flexible exercise band. he lost sight in his right eye.
6:49 am
a fractured rib and cuts and bruises when the band broke. the company has not commented on the lawsuit. today congress will open hearings on volkswagon's diesel emissions cheating scandal. they will question the ceo. the company admits it made up to 11 million diesel vehicles with software that helps the cars cheat on emissions tests. volkswagon says it is sorry and intends to fix the problem. they stay affected cars are safe to drive. the chairman of the hospital hit and the president obama apologized. a u.s. airstrike killed 22 people. the president called the bombing a mistake. even so, doctors without borders want an international investigation to find out what happened, how it happened and why. >> it doesn't change anything.
6:50 am
we appreciate the expression of condolences, but it doesn't change the fact that we had 22 dead patients and staff that were killed as a result of this attack. >> the president promised a full investigation american forces were not under fire. a grand jury has cleared four cleveland police officers of any charges related to a deadly shooting. the body camera video shows the moments before officers shot and killed theodore johnson, the president of the cleveland police union says the video clearly shows officers were dealing with a man who wanted to commit suicide by cop. he says the officers did everything they could and only pulled the trigger after he opened fire on them. live in our breaking news center with break news out of switzerland and the ongoing fifa corruption scandal t. just coming out. i just got this from fifa's website t. ethics committee
6:51 am
banned fifa president seth platter for 90 days, a provision band. the vote will go into effect later. also the vice president of fifa also banned for 90 days. this all centers on the ongoing investigation surrounding statements he made and also some payments that he made a few years ago to jack warner, who was last week as we know banned for life from fithat. so more fallout this morning from the international body that governs soccer, including the world cup. seth blatter, banned for 90 days and possibly for life. we will see what proceeds in the coming months. live in our briefing newsroom. major honor this morning for vai. yesterday it was announced he was inducted into the polynesian football hall of fame. he was a running back and returner at byu. a two time selection with the cardinals. green bay packers and of course
6:52 am
the eagles and we can gefr get enough of it. congratulations. we know the ceremony is in january. >> yeah. >> in hawaii. so we're all going along to cover it. >> i think we should go. i think, why don't we take cupcakes to the boss later today? >> see if that works? i don't know, do you think that works? >> it sounds good to me. >> i will tell you what will go nice weather, by january, it will be a different situation a. beautiful day ahead for today. right now 59 degrees in philadelphia with clear skies, mostly clear overnight. chances are cooler. clouds in the pocono mountains, those will clear out. that's the view this morning. sunshine, 60 for the mountain, satellite shows most of the area is clear today. tomorrow this will be moving in. >> that will bring us showers and thunderstorms. futurecast shows those storms on the move today by the time
6:53 am
tomorrow morning, we see a line of showers and thunderstorms off to the north and west. for today, a cool start at the bus stop, temperatures in the 50s to start with. we are heading to the 70s this afternoon, nice and comfortable. low humidity today, tomorrow more summer like, we go to 80 degrees ahead of showers and thunderstorms. the storms coming through there in the evening hours will clear out just in time for the weekend. beautiful weather ahead, especially onp saturday, 70 degrees for the wine festival, sunny skies monday back into the 70s r. hi the northbound lanes are you looking at here from the air. you see the runway is live right now. we see several vehicles involved here. this one right here appears to be the most heavily damaged at this point. you see that police crews are out here. this is just past academy road between academy and wood haven
6:54 am
road. no word of any injuries at this point. but there is quite a backup. we could see for a couple miles there on the northbound lane, one lane getting by that right lane. let's go to jessica boyington. >> right, matt. well, the. is, northbound side of 95 generally doesn't have a back-up. a huge back-up anyway this time of morning. you see pressing several accidents. if we go to our cameras right here, i have have some backups to show you. that's right behind me right in here. so this is not a remembnormal. . it slams solid a. 37 minute drive time already for the northbound side from vine treat to wood haven road. it will be several miles backup as they have that for cleanup.
6:55 am
they'll see one last check on the cameras on academy road. again that's on the northbound side. with we will have more updates when we come back. we will have when we come back. we will have when we come back. we will have n we come back. we will have more we come back. e will have more u we come back. in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> and jessco boyington with your first alert traffic. we are actually watching sky force 10 over the scene with an accident at academy road you ask take the boulevard to wood haven road and get back on 95, if that is necessary to get back on 95.
6:59 am
frank forward avenue will have backups there. you can avoid 95 for now. you can see right here, a 43 minute drivetime headed northbound to wood haven road. we're also seeing a massive gape or delay headed southbound on the opposite direction. look at this delay behind it, this is cameras around cottman avenue. we have one lane getting by northbound. we'll have more updates to come. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> looking good today. we're going to see lots of sunshine, a few scattered could you describe overnight. they're already clearing the area. this is a view from center city. the view will see temperatures climb into the 70s like they did yesterday. we're not seeing the thick cloud cover we had yesterday morning the temperatures cooler at 58 degrees right now in philadelphia. doils town, potts town, 51 at millvale, wrights town in new jersey, 48 degrees. south philadelphia, a cool start, but a gorgeous afternoon.
7:00 am
>> the "today" show is up next. local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can get the nbc app, a free euan load, check it out. have a great day. good morning. reversing course. hillary clinton makes a break from the president, opposing the deal with asia she once supported. >> i don't believe it's going to meet the high bar i have set. >> is clinton feeling the pressure from bernie sanders, and did the vice president take a swipe at her? >> if i don't move, i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that. that's a joke. >> the latest on the democrat's race, live from washington. fiery scene. a tanker swerves off the new jersey turnpike, flips over a guardrail and explodes. the road shut down for hours. this morning, the passers by wh tried to rescue the driver, speaking


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