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tv   Today  NBC  October 8, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> that's "i feel good." >> he was out here on the plaza once -- >> yeah, good. >> you know what today is? >> what? >> today is "thirstday thursday." hope you're having a lovely day. >> i am, thank you. >> you have to have a lovely day when ms. julie andrews is here. she's with us again. and sam smith -- she's here with her daughter, by the way. look at her.
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the first human who made me fall in love with singing, sam smith says. >> and just in time for halloween, there's a new children's book out. >> and billy eichner is here. he's crazy. somehow he convinces celebs to participate with him, which is shocking. but he's got a game he's going to play with us called "hoda or yoda." >> hello, john. every time he shows up anywhere, he gets emmy-nominated. >> you're going to be emmy-nominated for your guest appearance on our show today. everywhere you -- >> all right. he's in a series called "the librarian". >> which apparently is great. >> in its second season. >> we can't wait. >> and it's ambush makeover day. and unfortunately, it's by hoda,
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too. >> a good reason to have fun today. >> julianne moore, a lot of people love her and we found another reason to fall in love with her. >> well, you did. >> she's on "ellen" and she was talking about her hair issues. >> which i never knew she had, did you? >> no. when you see her hair, it looks like she wakes up like that. yesterday, she revealed to ellen that sometimes she tries to avoid going out in the summer because of her hair. >> somebody did this to my hair. i can't do this to my hair. i can't blowdry my own hair or straighten it -- >> you can't do that? >> no. my hair is wavy but frizzy. in the summertime, i let it be and i try not to go anywhere because i can't control my hair. there it is! >> i like that. >> doesn't that make you love her? someone asked me once, what's your favorite beauty secret, and
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mine was an umbrella. >> i don't think so. i think i know what your favorite secret is. >> what? >> keratin. >> yes, keratin. >> if you had a choice. >> you're right. i don't think that was necessary. >> it does make the point. >> what's it going to be, an umbrella or keratin? >> that was pre-keratin hair. that was bad. >> blake shelton is available, you know that. or is he? >> or is he? apparently there's been a lot of talk and a lot of hay about how he has been out with other women or whatever. anyway, i guess either he got sick of it or he was having fun and drinking and on twitter last night and he decided -- >> or all of it. >> or all of it, which is the most likely scenario. this is what he said on twitter to try to shut down those tabloid reports. "the stuff i read about myself blows my mind. shouldn't i get to do all these
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things since i'm already accused of them?" #doublejeopardy. when he went on to say other things about drinking. >> he did? >> he was in an interview with this woman -- he dropped a lot of weight since he got divorced. a lot of people go the other way. when you get divorced, you gain weight and turn into a blob. >> did you ever see the movie "the blob"? >> no, i didn't. anyway. blake sat down with this woman named katy cook of tmz and he was talking about the weight loss. he basically says the reason he lost all of his weight is because he had to push a lawn mower. take a listen. >> one day in the middle of crisis and chaos with my personal life, i walked out and i was thinking, what's going on in my life? what the hell is going on with my yard? it's like, are you kidding me? it's three feet tall out here. what happened?
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>> you've lost like 20 pounds. it must be a big yard. >> well, it's like a push mower. why do i even have a push mower? what am i doing? aren't i somebody? somebody? >> doesn't he have somebody to push the lawn mower for him? >> he goes, why don't i have a rider? but i have a push mower. >> or a landscaper or gardner. >> i think he likes to do his own stuff. >> i've heard him admit that his life was -- they all just seem so blase about it. you know, what, we tried, it didn't work. we waved from our tour buses at each other. it wasn't much of a marriage. so they seem to have the most amicable divorce ever. >> and they both seem to be doing well. if you read about miranda and blake, he's lost weight, she's lost weight. she looks fantastic. >> amazing. so there you have it. >> what are the rumors?
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that he's dating gwen stefani? >> that's what people are saying. they do a little flirting on the show. >> it's show business. >> it is. >> we see flirting around here all the time. doesn't mean much. >> unless a few people are on and then it does mean something. have you ever gone to the gym and you're decked out and all you have to do is get on the machine but somehow you find excuses or reasons not to get right to the workout? buzz driver's license fe buzz ld s of the ways -- here we not stepping on the machine until you have the right song or playlist picked out. >> what if you're watching tv? >> or that. or wait for the right channel. i sometimes get on the stairmaster and i click around or trying to download something to watch. that's a waste of time. >> you in -- now got at 5:00. >> and i'm out by 6:00. but in that hour, i'll look around.
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if someone's on my machine, i go, oh, no, and i'll walk around. burn time. it just happens. >> okay. how many people are at the gym at 5:00 in the morning? >> there are the same exact eight people. >> wow. >> the same people on the same machine. >> okay. >> every morning, just about. >> i don't i love what dolly parton once said. they said, do you work out? she said, honey, i like to choose the people i sweat with. so we asked you yesterday which baradei cooper you preferred. is it when he plays a chef -- motorcycle-riding chef. >> first of all, how do you choose? just look at those two pictures. >> this is how you choose. >> wow. >> i would invite him to the house and he could come in his motorcycle and then cook. >> perfect. why do you have to choose? a lot of people did like both. but the winner was biker brad.
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>> we like bad boys. >> yes, we do. and facebook fan rhonda williams says, baradradley cooper, doesn matter. it's baradei cooper. >> when i did the red carpet with al, he was there with his mom and sister which made me love him all the more. they're a very close family. >> you want a little fun? i'm playing "i hoda" today and it's because summertime is dogo and it's a bummer. this is called summertime. and it's by kenny chesney. ♪ ♪ and it's two bare feet on the dashboard ♪ ♪ young love ♪ cheap shades and a tattoo ♪ bottle on the floorboard ♪ perfect song on the radio
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♪ sing along ♪ it's a smile it's a kiss ♪ it's a sip of wine, it's summertime ♪ >> an actual song? >> puts you in a great mood. >> he's always barefoot. >> kenny chesney likes that. we are on sirius xm channel 108. >> hoda is there every monday and wednesday and 2:00. >> and you're coming up soon -- >> did you already do yours? >> i did. each of us is doing a different hour on sirius -- >> i'm doing the broadway channel. and cara lee carmelo is my guest for the entire hour. if you're coming to new york city, watch out because billy eichner is back walking the streets and he may pop up around you. and two very fair ladies, julie andrews and her daughter on their new project, mary
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she's a hollywood legend and one of the most recognized entertainers in the world. >> we're talking about the great julie andrews. she made her film debut in the disney classic "mary poppins" which earned her an academy award.1 >> she didn't deserve it. >> the following year, the hills were alive as julie portrayed maria in "the sound of music," the highest grossing film of 1965. >> and in 2001, julie came back to the big screen in "the princess diaries" alongside a then-newcomer anne hathaway. she and her daughter, emma walton hamilton, are ruling the scene with their new book. it's called "a spooky sparkly halloween". >> my god, what an introduction. >> i know. is this the ninth -- >> it's the seventh. >> actually, it's the eighth but the eighth isn't out yet. >> in other words, you'll be back next week with the eighth
10:14 am
and in a month for the ninth in time for -- >> exactly a year since we met. >> we have to check on that. >> we want to check our calen r calendar. >> maybe because carol was here last month and we talked so much about you. >> a very special thing she's d. saw her four days ago. >> she said she was going to see you. did you ever expect this kind of success when you started with the first book because it really -- >> no. this is not the first of our books. we've been doing this now 17 years. >> 19 years. >> but the very fairly princess series -- >> we never expected it but we're thrilled. >> we do books for all ages in the collection. but this has just been so lovely. >> i will say this one is sort of close to our heart. >> because? >> because it was largely inspired by my daughter, mom's granddaughter, hope, who was the
10:15 am
initial impetus -- >> the embodiment? >> yes. and we love to be able to hopefully empower girls and boys to let their sparkle out. >> why is that important? what are you noticing with your own daughter? >> it's tough to be a kid anytime. >> harder than it was -- >> definitely. the books are all about what makes you sparkle. the fact that she's a princess, it's nothing to do with outward glamour. it's what's really inside. >> and with common core and all that's going on today, it's hard for kids. >> when emma was a little girl -- >> was she in touch with her inner sparkle? >> as far as i was concerned, i thought she was. she was a great, great kid and put up with a lot because mom
10:16 am
w was busy and traveling. >> i remember one year being a spider and going with my friend back to back, one head -- >> what is your answer to the word that there's going to be a new "mary poppins"? >> i'm kind of interested in it. it's not going to be the recreation of the original "mary poppins." disney has long had, i think, about seven stories that they've had in the vault of the "mary poppins" series. so i just think they think, why waste that? and after 50 years, which it is since it was made, it's about time, i guess. >> what about anne hathaway? people are saying she may be the one. >> who said that? she sings wonderfully. and she's so talented. >> isn't she great? >> she can do anything.
10:17 am
>> the other one i heard was emily blunt. >> i think you should play their mother no matter who it is. >> oh, thank you, darling. whose mom? or mary poppins' mother? i wonder if she had a mom. >> everyone has a mom. >> i'm sure about mary poppins. >> your children's book may be turned into a tv series? >> we are so excited about this. a wonderful production company has optioned "the very fairy princess" for a children's animated series. >> congratulations, ladies. we'll see you in a week. >> we wish you great luck. not that you need it. these books are all terrific. >> thank you. >> it's a pleasure. i just gave it to a little girl for her birthday and she was thrilled. from fairy princesses to a modern-day night.
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he set the record for the most consecutive emmy wins for best supporting actor in a comedy series back in the late '80s when he played the narcissistic prosecutor dan fielding on "night court" which scored him four golden statues. >> he said, enough's enough. john larroquette is back in our living rooms with a great family show called "the librarian." >> let's take a look at that, shall we? >> i told you once, the library did not choose you, your ability. the job is not to save the librarians' bodies. it is to save their souls. and you did that admirably today. >> he's getting another emmy. >> i smell it. >> i can feel it. good morning.
10:22 am
you play an immortal. >> he is a semiimmortal. what we find out about him -- good morning, everyone. he cannot be killed but he can die. i think that was the producer's caveat to be able to fire me if i cause too much trouble. but he got a disease and he went away. >> and you have a nice cast that you work with, rebecca romijn. >> and noah wile wiley. >> it's lovely. i paraphrase it as harry potter meets indian jones. >> where did you shoot it? >> in the environment of portland, oregon, the northwest. the studio out in the woods somewhere that we used, the main library set. but we use all the environments around -- >> a long way from home. you were born in new orleans, raised in the ninth ward.
10:23 am
>> i was. >> we were totally connecting in the commercial break. do you miss it? >> yes, i do. i once described new orleans as a big wet magnet that you can sort of move away. but it's always tugging on you. >> a lot of cities don't have a soul but this one does. >> it has a huge soul. growing up, i think any kid that grows up and has the kind of ambitions that i did about acting and stuff, you want to pull away from your hometown. so it wasn't until i left that i realized it was a special place -- i realized it was special. but it's unique. all the bars aren't open 24 hours a day everywhere else where you get a good gum bow at 3:00 in the rest of the world? >> did you love reading when you were a kid? >> yes. i grew up as an only child, a single parent. so my mother worked downtown new orleans on canal street selling clothes for a living. >> and you bought her a house when you first started making money and you said, mom, where
10:24 am
do you want to live? >> i did. the ninth ward where i grew up was changing and i said, go pick a house. and because of how she grew up in new orleans, metairie was her nirvana of suburbia, so she got a little house out there. >> we're going to play a game with you. >> show my ignorance here. >> no. we're going to create an action movie tag line about a famous book and you tell us what the book is.
10:25 am
10:26 am
good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it's just before 10:30 and it's a little cool out there. let's check in with bill henley and the first alert forecast. right, bill? >> it's true.
10:27 am
but we're seeing more sunshine than we did yesterday at this time. looking towards university city just a few scattered fair weather clouds. we're up to 65 and climbing. philadelphia international is 67. 66 in wilmington. 60s in doylestown which saw 40s to start with. northeast philadelphia and south philadelphia 64. we'll top out in the 70s just like the last couple days. a few scattered clouds through this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. we have new video over the scene of last night's massive warehouse fire in southwest philadelphia. skyforce 10 flew over the scene on 70th street and cobbs creek parkway. you can see the gaping hole in the middle of the building. this was the scene from skyforce 10 around 9:00. officials tell us the two-story warehouse was not being used by a company but they say squatters were likely inside. now crews are on the scene investigating what may have caused the fire. today we'll get an update on
10:28 am
the pennsylvania budget delay, including its impact on education. yesterday the republican-led statehouse voted down the governor's revised plan. the democratic chairman of the state senate appropriations committee plans to give a briefing at philadelphia school district headquarters. and wawa is launching its own credit card that can only be used at wawa however card users gate 25 cent per gallon discount for the first 100 gallons they buy. after that it's a five cent discount. applications can be picked up at wawa stores. a few hour of news in 30 minutes.
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it's a beautiful fall "thirstday thursday." a perfect day for ambush makeovers. >> making it a great morning to stand out on the plaza for a chance to get pampered by our team. so the stylist of the stars, louis licari. and all-around fashionista. >> a great beauty. >> yes, she is. beautiful outside today. >> beautiful outside. many people to pick from and we found two wonderful ladies. >> one of your ladies is becky emrick, 57 years old from salisbury, missouri. three kids, five grandchildren. she lives on a farm with lots of cows. she's in town with her girlfriends that really want to get ambushed because her youngest son is getting married soon and she wants to look good for the wedding.
10:31 am
she says the last time she wore makeup was when her other son got married four years ago. take a listen to her story. >> we saw your sign and i know you want this makeover for a big day. >> yes. my son's getting married soon and i'd love to look good. he's my baby and my last one to get married. and i just need to really look good. >> we are going to give you this gift. you're going to look beautiful. >> thank you. because i've seen other ones and they all look gorgeous. >> all right. let's keep the streak alive. she's here with debby and barb. keep your blindfolds on for a second. here is becky emrick before. all right, becky, come out and let's see the new you. oh, my gosh! >> debby and barb, take off your blindfolds. >> oh, my gosh! >> spin right around. >> oh!
10:32 am
oh, gosh. i look good! >> it's the power of washing away the gray. takes less than a half hour. >> and a nice haircut. >> that helps a little bit. nice swept bangs. a modern bob. >> how is this for milking the cows? >> you don't have to wait another four years to wear makeup or have your hair colored. >> what do you guys think? >> beautiful, stunning. she looks great. >> awesome. >> how about that wedding? >> this is from the newest collection. we have this outfit for the rehearsal dinner. >> perfect. >> it won't wrinkle, she can run around. >> it's perfect. a big round of applause for
10:33 am
becky. becky, congratulations. our second lady is anna campbell, 48 from georgetown, kentucky. she works with her local town and is in town with her daughter's local girl scout group. her friend recently colored her hair for her. but she said her morning routine consists of showering and throwing it in a ponytail. listen to her story. >> here with your daughter and the girl scouts. tell me why you were flipping out when we asked you. >> oh, my gosh, i watch the "today" show every morning and i watch kathie lee and hoda. and i love them. so i thought, i'm going to say hi and there you guys were. so excited. >> are you ready for a totally different look? yes, yes. i work a lot. and then i do a lot for my daughter. and i don't put a lot of time into myself. i'm like, i'm all up for it. up for the challenge.
10:34 am
>> i like her. >> what's not to like? she's fantastic. she's her with her daughter alexisis and parent volunteers. let's take one last look before at anna campbell. and let's bring out the new anna. keep your blinds on, please. >> wow! >> ladies, take off your blindfolds. >> oh, my gosh! >> anna, you want to see what they're talking about? turn around sweetheart. >> oh, my gosh! oh! i love it! >> you look so great. >> you look hot. >> you're a redhead. >> yes! >> look right there. >> some of them are tearing up. sweet. >> here you go.
10:35 am
so sweet. your friends love you. >> alexis, you're a good daughter, sweetie. >> wow. this could be a problem. >> she had very bright red on the bottom. i had to neutralize it and make it look a bit more natural. enid did the makeup which brought the hair colors together. >> your entire family is boo-hooing. you guys all right? >> alexis, you all right? >> yeah. >> you like that? we know that jacket. >> you're going to be borrowing it a lot. >> i love it. >> you were wearing it this morning when you walked in. >> it looks leather but it's not. it's a fabric. it's even washable. >> you can wash that.
10:36 am
it has just the appropriate amount of hardware and then the jeans fit her perfectly. >> let's bring becky back out. big round of applause. beautiful, beautiful. billy eichner says ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go,♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go,♪ for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well
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we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering. our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything. ♪ we might have more ambushes in store but these have nothing to do with makeovers. >> hilarious and outrageous, billy eichner is terrorizing the streets of new york. he's assaulting strangers and looking for answers. >> you guys, it's billy. i have cash in hand and hoping to give it away for anyone who knows anything. name two celebrities? >> jefferson lopez, matthew modine. >> name three clintons -- >> kennedy. >> emma stone is down to earth?
10:41 am
>> what. >> oh, my god! >> you guys know this insanely popular show and the first season kicks off tonight. when you do that, do people get offended and -- >> oh, yes. >> angry with you? >> yes. >> then what happens? >> an old lady slapped me across the face one time -- >> i did not slap you! i wanted to. >> it was something about sex. i don't even remember. she just heard the word sex -- you were just talking about sex -- >> never mind! i was giving them a little advice. >> you have celebs that sometimes tag along with you. is it easy for you to recruit a tina fey or -- >> it's not easy. we have tina fey tonight. >> these are all a-listers. >> yes. >> did you ever think it would be like this? >> no! it's shocking. >> i love doing the show with you -- the people one -- >> the people.
10:42 am
you were terrific. >> annoying and difficult people. >> don't people try to steal billy eichner's shtick? >> you can't steal this. often imitated, never duplicated. >> what kinds of questions -- >> we come up with all kinds of crazy questions all the time. my favorite question was, which makes more sense, tori spelling or a cross circle? i won't tell you the answer. >> you have a little game you want to play with us. >> this is a game we made just for you -- >> why are you yelling? >> because i always yell. it's called "hoda or yoda." these are all quos. some are from yoda, some were said by hoda. >> i'm playing? >> yes. you're both playing. >> oh, we're both. >> i'm going to give you a quote -- there we go.
10:43 am
hoda is on the other side. hoda or yod a all real quotes. truly wonderful the mind of a child? >> yoda. >> i'm good at picking threads? >> hoda. >> when 900 years old you reach -- >> that is rude. yoda. >> yes. >> i think fat guys are sexy. >> hoda! >> yes! next quote. rejoice for those around you who transform into the force? >> yoda. >> correct. next one. i wake up at 4:15, get some coffee, turn on the news to see what's happening, check the web to see what i missed and go to the gym around 5:15 and do a very light workout. i'm socializing with other nice people at the gym. then i go in to work and i'm really awake. >> yoda! >> no, it's hoda! it's hoda!
10:44 am
once you start down the dark path. >> yoda. >> correct! i'm a huge karaoke person. >> hoda. i hear yoda, too. >> do it or not, there is no try. >> yoda. >> correct. one more. my purse is gross. i once found string cheese and a tr triscuit in it. >> hoda! >> i've been waiting to play that game with you. >> what a great game. so fabulous. we love you, billy. >> love you guys, too. >> you need some b-listers or c-listers, we'd been honored. >> it starts tonight. one skillet's support tonight that will taste even better tomorrow. >> he d
10:45 am
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oh, wait a minute! hoda as yoda! >> now to our series viva today. coming to you from top of the border. >> the host of "patty's mexican table" on pbs. her corn casserole. delicious. >> so many great ingredients. >> i know. >> tell us about it. >> so ingredients that you probably have at home. you can use any shape, white, yellow. get chicken. and you use some and freeze some. sour cream, your garlic, olive oil.
10:51 am
goya. >> i love goya. >> i love beans. try the one that you like. and then make sure your mexican avocados are super ripe. you cook the tomatoes and the garlic and make sure the tomatoes are mushy -- >> mushy. >> super mushy. >> and then you put it in the blender with the skin on. >> you use everything. the core, the seeds -- everything. it will give you nutrients and flavor. >> what else goes in that? >> can you puree that? >> sure. put some onion. the chipotle tea leaves. and a little garlic, a little salt.
10:52 am
then you -- we have some chicken with oregano, salt and pepper. brown it on both sides. in this pan, a little oil and all the drippings, all that flavor -- this is the tip to this casserole, why it's so tasty. it's just a little bit of oil and then you add the pasta just like when you cook risotto and you let it brown. >> the reveal. >> you add the tomato sauce to that. >> and then chicken broth. >> look what's happening here. >> cook for like three minutes.
10:53 am
ready and go. >> wow. look at that. >> looks delicious. smells amazing. >> after a few minutes, it looks like that. then we add the cheese. >> what kind of seasoning are you using -- >> this is -- >> the recipe is at >> this is over the top. >> is it okay or not okay to fast before an event? we'll find out while we taste this. hoda, watch out. >> i'm trying. >> and cream. >> find out what people said like us. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
time for "ok or not ok." some celebrity beauties say they fast before a red carpet event.
10:57 am
>> so we asked. our bodies are our own. i have enough trouble making decisions on my own. >> i say, of course it's okay. how else do you get into the dress? but don't forget, that's always spanx. >> a couple of pairs at a time. >> those work, too. >> we were adorable. we're giving it away next week, go to for all the rules. hit the connect button to enter. >> tomorrow, seth rogen will stop by. >> and a performance by rascal flatts is. >> have an awesome óññ@
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
. no ifs, no buts, no education cuts! 100 days without a budget in pennsylvania and this morning students in philadelphia took to the streets. good morning, i'm strikes. they are demanding a solution to the fight they say is destroying their education. dozens of high school students  marched from south philadelphia more than a mile to school district headquarters, taking their message out of the classroom and on to broad street. they say they're fed up with how their education is being handled by the city and harrisburg. students we spoke with say they're seeing and feeling the effects of cuts and layoffs in their own classrooms and t


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