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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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óññ@ . no ifs, no buts, no education cuts! 100 days without a budget in pennsylvania and this morning students in philadelphia took to the streets. good morning, i'm strikes. they are demanding a solution to the fight they say is destroying their education. dozens of high school students  marched from south philadelphia more than a mile to school district headquarters, taking their message out of the classroom and on to broad street. they say they're fed up with how their education is being handled by the city and harrisburg. students we spoke with say they're seeing and feeling the effects of cuts and layoffs in their own classrooms and they
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fear there are more to come. the budget battle is having a noticeable impact on one particular school in philadelphia. this school, something very obvious is missing here, as you can see, all because of the budget impasse. we'll have that story coming up in the next half hour. meanwhile, skyforce 10 was over this crash on i-95 in bucks county that blocks traffic for more than an hour this morning. two cars collided in the northbound lanes between academy and wood haven roads around bensalem at 6:45. we're trying to find out if anyone was hurt in that crash. >> our region is enjoying sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s. tomorrow it will be warmer but rain and cooler conditions are coming. brittney shipp is here with our forecast, good morning, brittney. >> good morning, vai. we'll have one more nice day. temperatures will stay in the 70s but a cold front will come
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in, i'm also tracking showers but right now our temperatures are at 67 degrees in philadelphia. humidsy is 63%. wind speeds about seven miles per hour and across the region low 60s. in the poconos 66 degrees. temperatures closer to the shore almost at 70 so we have a big drop in our temperatures coming. our average is 70 for this time of the year. today we'll stay in the low 70s. we'll climb well above average tomorrow then we have the big drop by the time the weekend starts so keep this that in mind. temperatures will drop down into the mid-60s. city planner shows that as we go into the rest of today we stay into the low 60s. a mild evening ahead. coming up, i am tracking how much cooler we'll get as we push into the weekend, what's in store on saturday and sunday. that's in my full forecast. >> see you then, brittney. fire investigators are looking into a massive warehouse
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fire in philadelphia. the warehouse is near 70th street and the cobbs creek parkway and there are lots of homes and business nearby that warehouse. this is what it looks like this morning. a burned out hole with nothing but charred rafters and debris left behind. skyforce 10 over this building earlier today. this is what the fire looked like last night. raging out of control around 9:00. crews were there all night just to make sure nothing flared up again. this video was sent to us by an's 10 viewer, this is just after firefighters got there and jake caught the hugh flames, fire crews working to get the trucks as close to the building as they could and breaking down a fence in order do that. neighbors told us they could not avoid all the motion. >> i looked around and there was billows of smoke coming from over on this direction.
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so of course i wanted to know what was happening. it's pretty bad. officials tell us there that no company was using the warehouse but there might have been squatter inside. the ridley township recreation department sent us these pictures in hopes of finding who wrecked their dugouts. if you happen to know who may be responsible, you're asked to call ridley township police. philadelphia police honored one of their fallen. the department unveiled a hero plaque yesterday commemorating sergeant robert wilson, iii. wilson was killed in the line of duty this past march. after his death, wilson was awarded the department's highest honors, the medal of honor and the medal of valor. wilson walked into a became the stop store in north philadelphia
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to buy a game for his son's birthday and while he was there two brothers tried to rob the store. officer wilson separated himself from the employees and the customers during a shootout with the men. both are now charged with wilson's murder. an officer who graduated with wilson spoke directly to his family at the plaque dedication. >> your grandson will be legend. i'll make sure no one forgets his name and i'm sure everybody in the 22nd, the double deuce, is proud to have worked with that man. >> game stop sponsored wilson's hero plaque. two men could face life in prison for kidnapping and torture ago woman in a botched jewelry heist in philadelphia. the two men pleaded guilty yesterday on the second day of the testimony in their trial. in april, they kidnapped a woman in a parking garage and they beat and tortured her, demanding codes of the safe at the jewelry store where she worked. the two men will be sentenced in
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january. a defense attorney said his client had the victim in mind when he chose to admit his guilt. >> one of the major consideration was that this woman would have to testify to and recount it all again and my client recognized that he didn't want to put her through that trauma yet again. >> a third suspect pleaded guilty earlier in the case. he comes up for sentencing next month. allentown city council haas passed an anti-pay to play ordnance amid an fbi probe into city contracting. that means campaign contributors can't receive no-bid contracts and city financial assistance worth more than $2,500. it applies to anyone contributing more than $250 a year to an elected city official or candidate. it also applies to donors' family, business associates and subcontractors. fbi agents raided city hall back in july. they took computers and cell phones and requested hundreds of
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documents. and from our jersey shore bureau, the army corps of engineers is launching a search to find this house. storms caused the house to collapse and pieces of it are lodged in grassy sound channel, a popular spot for fishing and crabbing. the coast guard is urging boaters to be very care informal this area. >> there could be debris underbeneath the water so ensuring you're going at a safe speed and operating your vessel properly is important. >> the new jersey department of environmental protection says it's working to have what's left of the house removed from the water. the owner tells us he's trying to salvage whatever he can. and here she is, and you're paying for it. atlantic city taxpayers are on the hook for $65,000 in security
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costs for this year's miss america pageant parade. the city was forced to pick up the tab after organizers claimed they couldn't pay. the press of atlantic city was able to get that through an open records request. it's not the first time the miss america organization couldn't pay up. in 2013 it was in a nearly $900,000 deficit. a big announcement and a big decision from hillary clinton. the former secretary of state is making a break from president obama. we'll tell you about the new stance that's putting her at odds with the current commander-in-chief. and a joke lands another presidential candidate in hot water. we'll tell you what he said and who he upset coming up. i'm tracking another nice day as we head into tomorrow. that's when the changes will start. i'm also tracking rain and cooler temperatures for your weekend. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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decision 2016 and hillary clinton makes her first big break from the president, opposing the trade deal with asia that she once supported. it's a move critics are calling a major flip-flop. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on what it all means. >> reporter: with the nomination in the balance, what's happened to the team of rivals? barack obama's former secretary of state has now broken with her former boss, opposing his high priority trade treaty with asia, even before she had read it, telling judy woodruff of pbs -- >> what i know about it as of today i am not in favor of what
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i have learned about it. i don't have the text. we don't yet have all the details. i don't believe it's going to meet the high bar i have set. >> reporter: republicans immediately cried flip-flop. as secretary, clinton called the treaty the gold standard in trade agreements, although before the details were negotiated. the move neutralizes bernie sanders, a lock-time treaty opponent. >> i'm glad she reached the conclusion. this is a conclusion that i reached from day one. >> and it puts joe biden on the spot. if he runs he has to choose between organized labor and the president. the trade decision is clinton's most dramatic break from obama, coming out against the keystone pipeline going far beyond the president on gun laws and criticizing the white house for deporting so many undocumented immigrants. as joe biden weighs weather to run. there's new criticism of a "draft biden" ad set to run next week. >> by focusing on my sons, i
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found my redemption. >> reporter: former advisor david axelrod on twitter. >> am i alone in finding this ad taste lest? it's powerful but explo i taive the. can't believe he'd approve. the organizer pushed back with kate snow. >> i worked for beau for a long time and i never would have approved an ad that i thought was problematic. >> with the political world waiting for his decision the vice president with labor leaders wednesday joked about not overstaying his welcome since the president was up next. >> if i don't move i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that. [ laughter ] that's a joke. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. a joke at a campaign event for republican presidential candidate john kasich lands him in hot water. when a student raised her hand to ask the ohio governor a question at the university of richmond monday, kasich responded with a statement referencing taylor swift. the 18-year-old says the response was insulting. take a look. >> i don't have any tickets for,
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you know, taylor swift or anything or, you know, or -- go ahead, yes, i know, you're just so excited, yes. >> a staff writer with the college newspaper fired back with a serious question about undocumented immigrants, kasich's campaign has not addressed the students' concerns. fellow republican candidate new jersey governor chris christie is campaigning in new hampshire. he held a town hall in manchester this morning. christie cover misdemeanor topics, including the need for alternative energy sources to protect the environment and also the need for aggressive mental health treatment to prevent tragedies like the mass shooting in oregon. jeb bush the pitching his campaign in iowa this morning. the republican candidate spoke before the greater des moines partnership iowa caucus consortium candidate forum. that's a mouthful. happening today in washington in the next hour, house republicans will vote behind closed doors for their
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nominee to succeed john baber as speaker of the house. current house speaker -- current house majority leader kevin mccarthy of california is the front-runner, but utah's jason chaffetz and daniel webster of florida are challenging him. the full house, including democrats, will vote on a new speaker on october 29. we are going to see another nice day with temperatures staying in the 70s. a little above average and slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday. one more nice day, nice and dry throughout the day, mostly sunny skies, a few clouds. i am tracking rain. i'm also tracking a cold front that will help cool us down as we get closer to the weekend. a live look outside right now. barely any clouds over the philadelphia skyline. our temperatures are at 67 degrees right now. wind speeds out of the east at seven miles per hour. humidity is at a comfortable level so it's a beautiful fall day for us. across the region, lots of
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sunshine in allentown, 66. atlantic city, a few more clouds 68. right now temperatures throughout the rest of the region at 66 in reading, 68 in coatesville, 66 in pottstown. 68 in wilmington. 68 in northeast philly, 66 in trenton and closer to the mid-60s for mount holly. along the shoreline, a bit on the cooler side. so a chilly start there but our 24 hour temperature change map shows we're seeing similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. it's warmer if you're closer to millville and dover and our satellite shows us that. really a beautiful day on tap but let me widen out the picture. we'll fly you back to green bay and the great lakes. this is where our chance of rain will come from as we head into friday so not friday morning but closer to friday evening. it won't a whole lot of rainfall. you'll notice most locations stay under an inch so half an inch closer to allentown, same thing in the poconos.
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.6 in philadelphia. maybe three quarters of an inch if you live closer to atlantic city. there's a system there. it will move closer as we go into the afternoon. closer to 4:00 p.m. is when the heaviest rain will start near the poconos and we'll see this move through the entire area. there will be periods of moderate downpours but we expect to see light rain associated with the system that will move through. closer to 11:00 p.m., that's when we're done. you'll notice the moisture offshore and we see clearing as we head into saturday. we stay dry into sunday which is nice. but there is a cold front associated with all that rain and that's going to drop our temperatures into the mid-60s as we head into saturday and into sunday but for today we are still going to stay nice and mild. temperatures mainly in the 70s. your seven-day forecast shows we jump up a bit as we head into friday but that's before the cold front and all the rain gets here and then we start to see a big drop in our temperatures, close to 15 degrees heading into the weekend. a cool start to the weekend by
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sunday with the eagles game, 69 degrees and nice heading into next week we're back to the 70s with another chance of showers on tuesday. >> thank you, brittney. an event this weekend will honor several local civil rights champions. the philadelphia naacp will hold its 2015 awards gala friday. here's full disclosure, the event is sponsored by comcast, the parent company of nbc 10. here to tell us more the president of the fill fill ch-- philadelphia chapter of naacp rodney mohammed. you talked to talk about the passing of jerry. tell us about friday's gala and why this is so important to the work of the nbc. >> it's an annual tradition of the naacp. it started again and really revived by a former president who just passed, jerry
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mondesire. i was newly elected president in 2014 and so we're happy to announce that the awards gala is on again and our special honoree this year is dick gregory, comedian, author, lecturer, civil rights, human rights activist. and we're recognizing others in the community doing good work. >> tell us about the others. we know the work dick gregory has done for years. tell us about the others you'll be honoring. >> we're -- we have our judge at n the juvenile system kevin dockerty who i believe is running for the supreme court. >> he is. >> we have a young man named anton more down in south philadelphia, point breeze, been doing incredible work against violence in the community and doing things for those who are disadvantaged and underserved. we have suleiman rahman, a sharp young businessman. paula peeples who is the state
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chair for reverend al sharpton's national action network will be honored and, of course, the president of philadelphia black clergy, terence griffin. so we have others but -- that's a lineup wright there. now moving forward, what are the issues and the topics that the philadelphia naacp will be focusing on in the year ahead? >> one of the things we looked at when i first became president was reconstruction. reconstruction was a post-slavery period where people of color, primarily black people, suffer from three things and one was joblessness, the other was illiteracy and the other was poor health. these are targeted areas for us. one of the things you can expect in 2016 coming is a very aggressive voter education program. we'll be working that the aggressively. we feel the cornerstone of a democracy is an enlightened mind
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and a senseless vote is still no vote so we want to put some sense and intelligence behind our votes but we want voter participation and we feel that the only way to get it is through education. >> once again, the philadelphia naacp 2015 annual awards gala is tomorrow night at first district plaza. the reception begins at 5:30. hararry hairston will be the master of ceremonies. we've posted a link on thank you mr. muhammad for coming in today. appreciate it. another possible complication from sun exposure. see how soaking in rays doesn't just mean an increased risk of skin cancer. it may also affect when people contract another disease. we'll explain that straight ahead. and an ominous potential complication from weight loss surgery. we'll tell you what researchers found patients were more likely to do within three years of the procedure.
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exposure to the sun could affect when multiple sclerosis patients affect the condition. those in the sun in their teenaged years developed multiple sclerosis almost two years later than patients who spent less time outside. experts say this adds to the
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evidence that links multiple sclerosis to a lack of sunlight and vitamin "d" but they stress this doesn't mean that sunlight will prevent or treat ms. a new study shows gay and bisexual men have higher rates of skin cancer. researchers believe this is largely due to indoor tanning since they found gay men are six times more likely than heterosexual men to use a tanning bed. they hope their findings will lead to improved public health education and regular skin cancer screenings among these high-risk men. new research points to a grim complication of weight loss surgery. researchers found patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery were more likely to harm themselves or attempt suicide within three years of the procedure. the study's author suggests patients may need more long-term behavioral health care than their doctors are providing now. and regular exercise before pregnancy may prevent pelvic pains that affect many moms to be. scientists found women who were sedentary prior to getting pregnant were more likely to
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report pelvic pain by their third trimester. the women least likely to suffer from the pain exercised between three and five times a week, especially with high impact activities like jogging. straight ahead, students take to the streets to protest possible education cuts. we'll show you how the fight in harrisburg is impacting schools. and bill cosby was removed from the temple university board amid scandal. now we know which well-known name may replace him. we'll have that straight ahead.
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students take to the streets to push lawmakers to preserve school funding as pennsylvania enters its 100th day without a
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budget. governor romney, i good morning, i'm vai sikahema. the students say they're fed up with how their education is being handled by the city and harrisburg. the students marched more than a mile too district headquarters taking their message from the classroom to broad street. students say they're seeing and feeling the effects of cuts and layoffs in their own classrooms. that i fear there are more to come so they want to see lawmakers take action now. >> it's ridiculous. i think they have a job to do and i think they know what the right thing to do is but they're playing their politics game to try to -- and we're the pawns and they need to make the right decision. >> maybe at some point they'll wake up and realize that they're doing more harm than they could ever imagine. >> the battle has caught countless pennsylvania students and their families in the middle. nbc 10's katery zachary spent time at an early childhood center in northeast philadelphia where there are more empty chairs than students these days.
11:31 am
>> reporter: it's startling when you walk into kinder academy, an early childhood education center. it's brand new, built for children in this neighborhood. but those kids are not inside. >> parents are calling saying "i'm going to lose my job." they're saying "i'm going to use a different baby sitter everyday." >> reporter: 80 of the students enrolled in this early childhood education center are at home or at a lower quality center because the state funds their families need to sent them here are tied up in harrisburg while lawmakers battle the budget. the woman who heads kinder academy says she answered the call for better early education centers and this is what happened. >> the risk has been so high that as people are watching these struggles in this industry they're less likely to take those chances because now we're several months in and still waiting for a budget to pass. >> reporter: the students are affected, their families are a affected and teachers are affected, too.
11:32 am
many teachers planning on teaching here since the start of the year have not been because the center doesn't have money to pay them because there's so few kids coming here. reporting from the northeast, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. meanwhile, we have sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s in lots of places. 65 degrees right now where the station is, but enjoy it while you can, it won't last much longer. changes are ahead. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast and those changes. brittney? i'm tracking changes into the next 24 hours or so. so it won't be until tomorrow evening that we see rain moving in and then our temperatures dropping into the 60s. but for today dealing with a few clouds. lots of sunshine as we go into the rest of your thursday but here's the friday rain. this will be light rain with a few moderate downpours that will start to move in as we head into friday evening. so your evening commute will be affected. your friday night dinner plans probably need an umbrella.
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as we go into the rest of today. we'll warm up nicely, pushing into the low 70s today for philadelphia, allentown stretching up down to wilmington. along the shoreline we'll stay close to 70 degrees. as we head into tonight around 9:00 p.m. we'll be in the low 60s and as we push into friday, that's when things warm up more so temperatures heading into the mid to high 70s on friday before the rain get there is and before the cold front moves in and that will help drop temperatures. so here's a closer look at your headlines. one more nice dry day, then i'm tracking rain and a weekend cooldown. i'll let you know what to expect saturday and sunday. that's coming up in my full forecast. right now, volkswagen's ceo is testifying before members of congress about the emissions-rigging scandal. just a short time ago, michael horn offered a sincere apology for the companies use of a software program that defeated the regular emissions testing regime. he said volkswagen broke the trust of its customers, its
11:34 am
dealerships and employees as well as the public and regulators. the german automaker admitted it installed the software in nearly 500,000 of its clean diesel cars. volkswagen is planning a recall in january to correct the issue. temple university's board of trustees is close to a decision on who will feel the seat vacated by bill cosby and it could be a face familiar to nbc news viewers. testimony nepal offici temple officials say tamron hall from nbc is set to fill the seat. the "today" show host graduated from temple back in 1992. here's our own britt b-- brittneyship. meantime, cosby will testify under oath in response to a lawsuit in december. it will be the first time he's done so since a deposition he gave in montgomery county nine
11:35 am
years ago with a former temple university employee. this new lawsuit alleged cosby sexually assaulted a woman at the playboy mansion in 1974 and she says she was 15 years old at the time. meanwhile, new information on a story you saw first on nbc 10. state regulators say the nurse who gave dozens of people flu shots with a used syringe is licensed by the state. this happened last beak at a flu shot clinic for employees of a pharmaceutical company in west windsor, mercer county. health officials say the nurse gave 67 people the flu vaccine using the same syringe. she changed the needle each time but not the syringe. the patients are now being tested for hiv and hepatitis. the new jersey board of nursing tells us it has not taken disciplinary action against the nurse but it is still investigating. we asked a doctor how to make sure you're safe when you get a flu shot. he said the vaccine should be
11:36 am
taken from a sterile air-tight package. the vaccine should be used only one at a time. the technician that gives you the vaccine should properly dispose of it after they're finished and you should watch the entire process. >> so if you see that process being done, you can rest assured that they're administering the medication or the vaccine properly. >> the person who gives you the vaccine should be wearing gloves and clean your skin before administering the shot. if you still have concerns, ask your doctor or nurse to walk you through the process. 900,000. that's the estimate for the amount of people who attended the papal mass on the parkway. archbishop charles chaput mentioned the figure his column on he added that they are the best of the united states. he would not discuss the opening of the synod, a global gathering of bishops. the focus of the synod is
11:37 am
renewing the health of today's families. chaput says the if first day was a sign, delegates will have no trouble being frank during this meeting. an art installation blessed by pope francis during his trip to philadelphia is being disassembled and repurposed to help the needy. thousands of ribbons tied to a grotto will become installation for housing development for the homeless. the grotto structure will be moved to the courtyard of a different affordable housing project. more than 110,000 visitors wrote their suggestions on ribbons and tied them to the grotto outside the cathedral ga babasilica of s peter and paul. one company wasn't happy about the pope's visit to the u.s. cosi owns more than 30 restaurants, many in new york, d.c. and philly. the company says its profits were down about 30% during the papal visit. shares of cosi stock fell 16% yesterday. with.
11:38 am
and some jersey shore residents are criticizing a monument build on a hurricane sandy survivors. the $400,000 stone structure was donated to the town of highlands in monomount county. a top new york architectural firm sent it as a gift but some communities say it's an eyesore on a public beach. >> that's interesting because it blocks this whole view of the water. >> projects on their nature sometimes come with change and i think this will be a positive for the community. >> town leaders hope the monument will grow on community members. it will cost you to get yourself and your home decked out to celebrate halloween but who would have thought pumpkins might break the bank? nbc's chanel jones has the details in how you can save some money. >> reporter: your biggest scare this halloween may be to your wallet. >> trick-or-treat? >> >> happy halloween.
11:39 am
>> reporter: with kids, parents, even pets getting into the spirit. the spooky start of the holiday season comes with a high price tag lately thanks to the rising cost of candy, costumes, and especially those fall must haves, pumpkins. >> it's not enough to buy a bag of candy and answer the door. it's become a much bigger deal. >> reporter: according to experts at bank rate, a kids' costume, two bags of candy, a pumpkin and decorations will set the average american back more than $156 this year. the biggest jump in cost coming from your jack o'lantern. record rainfall hitting key crops in illinois means lower supplies and higher prices, up 21% this year. and even worse news for canned pumpkin? there's major concern that will be in short supply for the whole holiday season so if you want to carve a jack o'lantern for halloween or make pumpkin pie for the holidays to follow, head for the store now. but with those rising costs, how can consumers cut back?
11:40 am
bank. >> bank rate found if you shop around for things like candy you can save considerably. a 40 ounce bag of chocolates was $3 more expensive in some stores than in others. >> reporter: and cutting costs is crucial because while trick-or-treating might be the first holiday tradition this time of year, there's a long line of ones to follow. >> the down side there going all in on halloween is that this is just the first of a long holiday season. >> that was nbc's chanel jones reporting. other tips include buying medium sized pumpkins and get them at a supermarket rather than picking your own at a pumpkin patch to save more time and money. a philadelphia icon is stopping by our studios. we'll show you who it is and tell you why he's here. we'll have that coming up. if you're a renter, get ready to pay more each month. we'll show you how much your rent may increase next year and why. that coming up.
11:41 am
and i'm tracking another nice day, but showers on the way. i'll let you know when cooler temperatures are heading for the mid-60s. that's coming up in my full forecast.
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11:43 am
we have breaking news just into nbc 10. crews are working to put out fires on porches in philadelphia. skyforce 10 live over north sixth street in hunting park. we don't have any word if anybody is hurt.
11:44 am
we're making phone calls trying to fiend out more information o this. we'll bring you updates as we get them. renters get out your checkbooks. landlords are raising rents next year possibly by as much as 8%. property rental web site says that's due to increasing demand and low inventory. more millennials are renting and more former homeowners are looking to rent. an increasing number of renters are renewing their leases rather than moving. one thing that might not be going up, your heating bill this winter. the energy information agency says it will cost less to stay warm this winter compared to the last two as long as conditions hold up. the agency says that's because of a combination of mild temperatures and lower energy prices. experts say no matter what kind of heating system you have you should see some savings. >> because of crude oil overall
11:45 am
energy costs are down. heating oil is down. natural gas is at its own but it's down because of oversupply. >> low oil prices will also benefit drivers. the national average for a gallon of regular gas is expected to be about $2 by december which would be the lowest price in seven years. more people are buying cigarettes and if the trend continues it would mark the first year-to-year increase in cigarette sales since 2006. some analysts say the spike is largely due to lower gas prices as the price of gas drops consumers have more disposable income. and one of the most popular spots to buy cigarettes? gas station convenience stores. you probably remember the hover board scene from the "back to the future" movie where michael j. fox's character using the skateboard to escape bullies. well, guess what? it's 2015, the year marty mcfly travels to in the movie and hover boards are a reality. a silicon valley startup built
11:46 am
one using magnetic field architecture to make it hover like they did in the movie. it only works in a specific metallic surface. bob gale, who co-wrote the famous movie, got to take a ride. >> the fact that somebody has made this into a reality is beyond anything i can imagine. it's just fantastic. workers at the take company say they were just as excited to meet the man who thought up the hover board in the first place. he is a philadelphia native who became a famous teen idol and now after decades-long career singer frankie avalon is turning his attention from the stage to the kitchen. he's released a cook book called "frankie avalon's italian family cook book." it went on sale this week and contains more than 08 of his favorite dishes. there's the book. frankie avalon joins us in our studios. you were telling me something about this studio.
11:47 am
>> this is wcau and i had my first appearance on television right here in 1951. >> that's the year the building opened! >> that's amazing to me because there was a television show call requested president children's hour" with stanley brosa and all little kids every sunday -- >> you had to have been 10, 11 years old. >> i was about 11 and i wond a prize and had the plaque in my house there from the children's hour. >> it started here, let's hope it doesn't end here. let's talk about the book. tell me why the cook book. >> i love to cook. i am of italian descent, i'm from south philadelphia and everybody's mom is one of the best cooks and i figured my mom was the better of the best so i learned from my mother and -- because i have a large family, vai, i have eight children and ten grand kids and i deep tradition of sunday dinners there and through the years my mom -- i would say mom, how do you do this?
11:48 am
how do you do that? i got her to write the recipes down so i could keep them and i glove to cook and people said "why don't you write the cook book?" so i got the time and put it together and it's wonderful because it has wonderful italian simple recipe which is i think is important. >> i love the pictures in here of you and your family sitting at a table with wine and pasta. there are also some great stories in here. like i read in here there's an italian place in las vegas where when you were starting, when you started entertaining you would meet some of the other italian entertainers there, dean martin would show up there. >> paul anka, steve and edie. and i've taken some other recipes from my friends, annette funiciello has a wonderful recipe. of course she's gone now but i put in the the book because it was very special to me. we were like family and it was a -- her recipe is of a purple
11:49 am
onion, carves out in the middle, takes a bullion and puts either a beef or chicken, puts some paper around it, puts in the the oven for about, oh, 45 minutes, something like that and take it out and take off the paper and it's a wonderful appetizer. >> throughout your career you've always come back to philadelphia. you never really left. what's the draw for you? >> vai, this is my home. i still feel like i'm on location in california. this is my home. i loved my upbringing, i lived in south philly, born on 9th and wharton and still have a lot of friends there. >> i see jerry in the pictures throughout the book. i wasn't sure if that was your book or his. >> well, we've been friends all these years and i still have -- my heart is in philadelphia always. >> well, philadelphia as their heart with you as well. >> thanks, vai. >> mr. frankie avalon, what a pleasure. the book is "frankie
11:50 am
italian family cookbook." this is my copy. he's already signed it for me. thank you so much. >> thank you. good morning. temperatures today staying similar to what we saw yesterday, above average for us once again so another nice day on tap and by nice i mean staying dry. also our humidity will be at a comfortable level but i'm tracking changes as we head into tomorrow. i'm tracking rainfall and a weekend cooldown. mid-60s we go which is below average this time of year. in philadelphia we're at 67. wind speeds out of the east at seven miles per hour. temperature wise we're at 66 in pottstown, 68 in wilmington. 70 degrees in wildwood and 68 at the atlantic city airport, millville at 70 degrees so it's a mild late morning early afternoon. we have a big drop coming.
11:51 am
we'll push toward the high 70s by tomorrow and if you rook at what happens between friday and saturday we have a big drop. close to 15 degrees with the cold front that moves in late friday. we're checking out a few clouds on our satellite but if i zoom out the picture and show your our satellite radar, that shows the system that continues moving through the great lakes, pushing towards us as we head into your friday evening. so you will see dry conditions as you head to work on friday but it won't be closer until 4:00 p.m. that we see the moderate downpours. poconos, lehigh valley, light rain moves into philadelphia. this will probably affect your evening commute home and linger throughout your friday evening plans. by midnight everything should be nice and dry and we'll see more clearing as we push into most of saturday. sunday same thing, same drive. so we have a dry weekend on tap. the question is how much rain will we get? the good news is we stay under
11:52 am
an inch so closer to half an inch for philadelphia's lehigh valley. a third of an inch for reading so not too bad. light rain expected during those few hours friday night. as we head into the rest of today, low 60s for the poconos, 71 in allentown, low 70s in reading, 71 in norristown. low 70s in mount holly. along the shoreline close to 70 degrees and our high today for philadelphia closer to 73. not a bad day, a mix of sun and clouds for us. comfortable conditions. we'll continue to warm up with high pressure as we head into friday so temperatures will bump up more but then we'll track a chance of p.m. showers, maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. then the cold front moves in friday evening and we drop our temperatures almost 15 degrees. by saturday it will be a cool start. cool conditions expected throughout the day. we'll recover a little bit heading into sunday but it will still be cool out there if you plan on tailgating for the eagles game. and look at next week. we'll warm right back into the 70s.
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11:55 am
updating our breaking news a few minutes ago. a fire in philadelphia's hunting parch section is under control. this is a live shot over north seventh street. you can see the firefighters on the ground there. we were originally told the fire was on several porches and it
11:56 am
looks like crews are working on the roof. that's the roof of one of those homes. no one there was hurt. meanwhile, coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all new "ellen" with chelsea clinton and the band perry. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. pumpkins won't be flying in delaware next month as planned. the problem that's forcing the annual pumpkin chunkin contest to get cancelled for the second year in a row. right now a quick look at the weather. >> we are going to see another nice day. temperatures in the 70s, low humidity, light wind speed. a beautiful fall day. things get interesting tomorrow, it will feel more humid, temperatures heading up to 80 degrees then showers by the evening, that will help drop temperatures into the 60s. it will be a cool weekend ahead. >> and a nice week so far. >> absolutely. we deserve it. we had a crazy last week. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for brittney shipp and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. enjoy the nice weather outside.
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>> ben: [sighs] i still wish they admitted you. sorry. i know you think i'm being overprotective, but... >> abigail: no, i don't think you're being overprotective. i think that you're being... very sweet. i just--i'm happy to be home, and i'm happy that those contractions stopped on their own. thank you. >> ben: don't forget to keep your feet up. >> abigail: i know. okay. ank you. >> ben: still, preterm labor's nothing to mess around with, especially this early on. >> abigail: yeah, believe me, i know. i'm not gonna take any chances. thank you. >> ben: good. so you are gonna keep your feet elevated. you're gonna stay hydrated. and you're gonna avoid stress. >> abigail: i'll do my best. >> ben: [sighs] abigail, i think we both know


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