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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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plus, hang the price for the pope, the real impact pope francis' visit had on local businesses' bottom lines, breaking down the numbers. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts now. we'll bring you that in just a moment. first we begin in the lehigh valley. >> that's where an emergency room doctor in beth what whom is charged with sexually abusing two children. the arrest came as a shock to those who knew him. >> reporter: the police affidavit is uncomfortable to read as it details abuse that stretches over a three-year period. when he surrendered to authorities on child sex abuse charges it was a shock to those who knew dr. korrapati. >> the children had made some statements to people that were involved in that that suggested there was abuse going on. of course it led to a police investigation. >> reporter: prosecutors say the emergency room physician is accused of indecent assault of a 5-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy from 2011 to 2014.
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>> the decision to charge was made based on the statements of the child and from what i was told the children are very credible and are able to relay what happened to them. >> my client claims that he is innocent of these charges. >> reporter: philip lawer is the doctor's defense attorney and is hopeful prospective jurors will listen to both sides. >> we're looking forward to our day in court. our hope is that notwithstanding the type of charge this is, that everybody will keep an open mind. >> reporter: prosecutors also want to know if the case against dr. korrapati begins and ends here. >> there's no evidence that the doctor's done anything else, but when the charges are filed and public become you never know, more information could come in and we will follow it up. >> reporter: the doctor is free on bail and prosecutors say he is working but not as a physician. to this now, an act of revenge. police say that was the motive behind a deadly home invasion in montgomery county last month.
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authorities arrested naadir abdul-ali and desmond smith today. they say ali wanted revenge after his ex-girlfriend refused to take him back. investigators say ali and smith went inside the home in lower moreland township last month and ali shot his ex-girlfriend's father, 53-year-old kevin brown, while he was trying to escape through a bedroom window. the 18-year-old ex-girlfriend was home at the time but was able to hide with her infant son. investigators say what ali told her is proof that this was an act of vengeance. >> he told her he wanted another chance, she refused. he told her that, if we can't be together someone's got to go." >> ali and smith are facing second-degree murder charges. coming up at 5:30, a closer look at domestic violence and how it's reported across the delaware valley. the nbc 10 investigators dug into the issue. we'll tell you what they found coming up. now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
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it was another day in the 70s. not exactly warm enough to take a dip, though. this is a live look at our camera in cape may atop the lafayette hotel. changes are coming. >> they are. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us with more. >> tomorrow you'll want your umbrella. and over the weekend you'll want a jacket and sunglasses. big changes over the next couple of days. in the meantime, though, nice and dry across the area. a live look across philadelphia where we have just about mostly sunny skies. a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures still comfortable. we're going to stay dry as we go through tonight. the rain up to our north and west, that's what we're watching as we go into tomorrow. i think a majority of this will be in the afternoon. so i think the p.m. rush, the afternoon rush, will be the rainy part of your day. morning commute i think should be on the drier side. right now we're in the low 70s through the lehigh valley. mid-70s philadelphia. low 70s for millville. we're in the upper 60s now for wild wood, atlantic city, and
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dover. comfortable again tonight. you'll notice clouds increasing. that's going to be ahead of this rain. as we go into your friday the rain approaches. most of it coming through the evening hours. big changes as we go into the weekend because of this rain. it's part of a cold front that will be dropping temperatures. i think you will notice that change come saturday morning. we'll talk about how cool it will get and your eagles forecast coming up. a new decision in the dune battle playing out on the beaches of margate. new jersey went to court to seize 87 properties through eminent domain. the state wants to widen beaches and build protective sand dunes following superstorm sandy. some owresidents are opposed. 100th day without a budget. the fight over taxes and school students are caught in the middle. stalemate, protesting in the
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stleets of philadelphia. the school district is operating on $275 million of borrowed funds. they're delaying payment toth vendors and holding off on improvement projects. students are noticing the problems and demanding a resolution. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think they have a job to do and i think they know what the right thing to do is. they're playing their politics game and we're the pawns in that game. i think it needs to come to a stop. >> the school district says the clock is ticking. that borrowed money is going to run out at the end of the month. his kinder academy just opened, brand new inside but missing a necessary piece, the kids. 80 children, in fact. they're not here at preschool where they should be. most of the families who send their kids qualify for some type of state funding for early childhood education and that money is tied up while lawmakers debate the putting budget. >> a family misses one day of work, our families are hourly
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workers, that's 20% of their pay. families can't afford not to be at work so they do whatever they can do to find care for their child while they wait. >> lessee spina who heads kinder academy fears people will be turned away from early childhood education centers as problems like this persist. in 2009 the budget was 101 days late resulting in many state workers not getting paid as a result of state supreme court later ruled that was illegal. in 2003 the budget wasn't signed for 176 days. many school districts came close to running out of money and warn they might not reopen after the christmas holiday. the viewing for a philadelphia civil rights leader is moving to a larger and more prominent location. jerry mondesayer died sunday. his viewing was supposed to be at the saffin fume rneral home.
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the long-time journalist and community activist died over the weekend at age 65. he began making his mark while working at the philadelphia inquirer. in 1996 mondesire was elected local chapter president of the naacp. capitol hill, another shocker, the man seemed set to win the election as the new house speaker instead dropped out. the election was postponed. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman has the story from capitol hill. >> good morning. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy wore a smile maybe because he was quitting the battle. the right-hand man to speaker john boehner looked a shoo-in to succeed him. despite tea party challenges from daniel webster and jason chaifetz. when mccarthy tallied his votes he was short. >> i think i shocked some of you. >> reporter: he dropped out. >> if we are going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to
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help do that. >> reporter: mccarthy made republicans look bad last week, admitting the point of a house committee investigating hillary clinton is to kill her presidential prospects. but republicans were already in turmoil. that's why boehner is leaving. >> our conference is going to have to do a lot of deep soul searching. >> reporter: key parties claim they beat the old guard again. >> victory for the american people that are demanding change in washington. >> reporter: change on the hill might not be for the better. >> house republican disarray could make all of the things that people hate about washington even worse. >> reporter: fights this fall over the debt ceiling, planned pai parenthood, and spenting that could close down government. more speaker candidates seem sure to jump in. the election's been delayed and boehner might have to stay on as speaker into november. now to the biggest event of the year. tonight we have new information
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about the pope's visit to philadelphia. and just how bad it was for city businesses. according to a new report, more than 80% of businesses surveyed said they lost money that weekend. nbc 10's andrea kline thomas spoke to local businesses and joins us live with more. what did you find out? >> reporter: we went to different restaurants and most owners described the weekend as slow. some even called business horrible. the controller is blaming the city's administration and telling them what they should do differently. the idea of pope francis making a historic trip to philadelphia had area businesses preparing for crowds. >> having the pope come was very, very exciting. just because you think, well, you're going to have -- the restaurant's going to be packed every day, all day, because of the amount of people coming to philadelphia. >> reporter: hundreds of those of people did come. but many restaurant owners had to watch as droves just walked by. >> the people that came to see >> reporter: la castana restaurant is not alone.
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by that sunday employees had to hand ow out flyers hoping business will come through its doors. 90 of the 108 businesses that responded to a survey said they lost money during the papal weekend. >> they packed lunches. they ate at maybe a corner store, that kind thing. >> reporter: located just a block away from one of the entrances near the art museum, the parkway corner deli is one of the very few exceptions. >> the lines from the register to the ordering station, there was a lot of people sitting down, a lot of people sitting on the outdoor patios. >> reporter: the controller says next time city leaders need better coordination that keeps locals in town and allows businesses to know what to expect. >> as a business owner i had this expectation of people coming in. as a philadelphian, i wasn't disappointed because i truly believe that philadelphia rose to the occasion and showed that it was a world-class city.
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>> reporter: we reached out to the mayor's administration. they denounced the validity of the survey and accused the controller of playing politics while acknowledging that some businesses did not go well. the mayor hopes the pope's visit will create a buzz that brings an increase in tourism. from hero to victim. one of the americans credited with stopping a terrorist attack in france is now in a different kind of fight after an overnight attack sent him to the hospital. coming up, the latest on what led to the violence and how the air force airman is doing now. and some good news for drivers, at least in one part of our region. a bridge closed for more than a year is reopening ahead of schedule. plus all aboard. bring your pets as well. amtrak is introducing new rules, the good news for pet owners next.
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this is nbc 10 news. residents of roseburg, oregon, continue to mourn following the mass shooting at umpqua community colleges, graph echoed as community colleges everywhere held a collective moment of silence today to remember the victims. ten people including the gunman died in the attack.
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one week after the brutal mass shooting the pain and heartache still remain. >> there's just some days where i just cry and i don't know -- i do know why i'm crying, it's just all of a sudden it happens. >> tomorrow, president obama will visit roseburg and meet privately with family members. some people in the community are opposed to the visit because of the president's stance on gun control. however, roseburg's elected officials are welcoming him in. today democrats in the u.s. senate unveiled a list of gun control proposals. they are the foundation for sweeping new legislation. the three-part plan includes closing background check loopholes for internet and gun show sales. also expanding the background check database and cracking down on the illegal gun market. the plan is not expected to get support from republicans and may never come up for a vote in the republican-led senate. one of the three americans credited with stopping a terror attack on a crowded french commuter train in august is in the hospital tonight.
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>> police say spencer stone was stabbed several times outside of a bar in california late last night. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has that story. >> reporter: sacramento police were investigating an overnight attack on spencer stone, the air force airman who helped stop a suspected terror attack on board on french commuter train. >> this incident is not related to terrorism in any way. we do not believe in any way -- we know it's not related to what occurred in france. >> reporter: in august, the 23-year-old was honored as a hero in france and by president obama after he tackled a gunman armed with an ak-47 on a train bound for paris. he pinned the assailant using a choke hold as friends wrestled his gun away. stone was injured in that melee. this surveillance video shows last night's altercation in a downtown entertainment district during the fight that spilled into the street where stone was apparently stabbed several times. >> he was stabbed more than once, significant injuries to
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mr. stone. >> reporter: the statement released by uc dave ris advice medical center today says the family of airman spencer stone appreciates the outpouring of love and support. airman stone is in serious condition. his injuries of not considered life-threatening. police continue their search for suspects in the case. jay gray, nbc news. meanwhile, major flooding is imminent in south carolina. floodwaters continue to move downstate toward coastal towns. the western part of the state is in a process of recovery as cleanup and the return of city services like trash collection have begun. in the next three days georgetown, jamestown, and pauley's island, south carolina, are expected to be hit hard by floodwater. it's expected to be so bad the state has already closed major highways they say will be impassable. >> in the next 12 hours georgetown will start to flood. it will get worse. it's going to last up to 12 days. >> the governor went on to say
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right now the safe evacuation of georgetown is the state's number one priority. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. another beautiful day here. but we will be seeing changes as we go into tomorrow. we'll have rain moving in. we're tracking some showers not for tonight, i think a majority will be tomorrow afternoon and early evening. should be clearing out for your friday night plans. we'll show you the timing in just a second. but it's still going to be a warm day tomorrow. some some areas we could get near 80 degrees. a warm, breezy south wind also. that's all going to change going into the weekend. the rain is part of a cold front that's going to cool us down for both saturday and sunday. and we'll be dry. nice weekend forecast. a live look at center city. we have clouds around, temperatures mid 70s. humidity still comfortable, especially for this time of the year. above average with our temperatures. the average high 70. we ar bit above that. mostly mid to low 70s. low 70s through south jersey and
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delaware. some spots in the upper 60s. 69 in dover. 69 right now in atlantic city. so it's still going to be a comfortable evening for the area. tomorrow you will start to notice changes moving in. nice and dry right now. no rain moving in tonight. the rain is mostly toward north and west moving across the great lakes. it's all part of a cold front. once the rain moves through and clears out, that's when you'll notice temperatures dropping. that's not going to be tomorrow. not the temperature drop, at least. here's future weather and with the temperatures as well. tonight we'll have the clouds around. temperatures staying in the upper 50s for most of the area. tomorrow morning, 9:00, we'll be around 70. you'll notice that warmer south wind blowing in. we'll see the clouds and maybe some spotty showers around lunchtime. a majority of it's going to be around the evening commute. 6:00 p.m., a lot of areas will see wet roads for the evening rush. temperatures will be dropping once that rain moves through into the 60s. by 8:00 p.m. we could have a line moving into south jersey and delaware. we can't rule out the
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possibility of a couple of thunderstorms too. it really should be clearing out not out for friday night. into saturday, take a look at the temperatures by noon saturday. right around 60 degrees. some areas could be in the upper 50s. and it will be sunny so we are talking about a nice drive. a cool weekend forecast. even cool for the eagles. definitely of course weather. tailgaters expect temperatures near 60 degrees. by kickoff low 60s. fourth quarter sunny and mid-60s. if you're wondering about fall foliage, you have to go north and west. mostly near the poconos and northern pennsylvania, catskills. 50% color up there, higher elevations obviously seeing more of that. heading into upstate new york, vermont, also new hampshire, we're seeing fall foliage there. the adirondacks, this is where you want to go to catch fall foliage. it doesn't last belong. tonight lows mid-50s lehigh valley. upper 50s philadelphia area. tomorrow we're going to be warm,
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breezy. the showers mostly in the afternoon. temperatures still close to 80 degrees in some spots. big changes as we go into the weekend. part of a cold front, temperatures mid 60s. next week, we are back in the 70s. down the jersey shore, the owners of the former revel casino are facing daily fines of $1,000, the reason, investors never responded to a violation notice last week. that's according to atlantic city's acting fire chief. he says the polo north country club isn't properly overseeing the hotel's alarms and emergency equipment. lead investor glen straub let go nine engineers who were planning the fire center. he said he's bringing in outside contractors to do the job. up next, taking a stand. the white house is standing up against the common health issue. they're taking a unique approach. we'll explain. lighting up. cigarette says are on the rise.
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the surprising reason behind the spike in says.
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this is nbc 10 news. pet owners will be able to travel with their pets on select amtrak trains. the service starts monday on trains traveling from boston to lynchburg, newport news, and
5:25 pm
norfolk, virginia. between boston and brunswick maine too. travelers can bring one cat and one dog in the carrier, total weight can't compete 20 pounds. animals must be at least 8 weeks old with current vaccination records. there's a $25 fee. the program is scheduled through february 15th. >> you could take your charlie, he's not 20 pounds. >> not yet. 15 pounds, he's good. more people are buying cigarettes. if the trend continues it would mark the first year-to-year increase in cigarette sales since 2006. some analysts say the spike is largely due to lower gas prices as the price of gas drops, consumers have more disposable income. one of the most popular spots to buy cigarettes, gas station convenience stores. gas prices are at the lowest point in seven months in the philadelphia air. an average of $2.30 for a gallon of regular. delaware drivers $2.18. south jersey, regular gas is going for $1.90. the white house is apparently taking a stand against sitting too much.
5:26 pm
according to reports, the white house wants to allocate $700,000 for standing desks. research has repeatedly linked excessive sitting with increased risk for obesity, heart disease, even early death. >> good idea. we're going to take a look at domestic violence. the nbc 10 investigators are looking at numbers in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. >> harry hairston will have more on how domestic violence cases are tracked and the problem this is causing. as mayive fire forced local businesses to close their doors. now a year later new hope. we'll take you inside the south jersey farmers market where life is slowly getting back to normal and what it means for the future of the shopping landmark. at 6:00, she's one of the shore's most historic attractions. lucy could be getting a makeover as long as she's willing to fight against elephants being in the circus.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now at 5:30 a push to happens. south jersey today. gloucester township police and the county prosecutor unveiled a new program call ed home involvd violence intervention strategies.
5:30 pm
>> there's a question now, who's keeping track of the violence? we sent the nbc 10 investigators to look into it. investigative reporter harry hairston is live at the digital operations center. >> we dug into the numbers to see how domestic abuse is tracked in the delaware valley. we found it isn't tracked that well. some of the most up-to-date numbers are still two years old. plus the cases are compiled differently in each state. new jersey, take a look, the most recent numbers available from new jersey's official website are from 2013. the state recorded about 65,000 cases of domestic violence. down 1% from 2012. the most recent numbers in delaware are also from 2013. the state's domestic violence coordinating council only shows police response to domestic violence incidents, 24,000. the number of protection from abuse petitions processed, 3,000. hotline calls received, 4,000.
5:31 pm
and pennsylvania, the numbers are also two years old. they do not directly reflect the number of domestic violence cases. what they do show from 2013, the state reports the following. there were almost 39,000 petitions requesting temporary restraining orders. almost 34,000 were granted. now, on average, the site shows it receives about 85,000 requests a year for domestic violence services including shelters, legal assistance, and counseling. now we also reached out to the national coalition against they want to see uniform in each local municipality. track domestic violence. we have new video. the suspects in a burglary. philadelphia police hope you recognize the two guys caught on camera breaking into the
5:32 pm
associated grocery on west york street in the city's strawberry mansion neighborhood. they stole money, a cash register, a computer, and other items. a couple is passing fake bills and police need your help identifying them. take a look at these pictures on september 19th. investigators in burlington county say the two were caught faus using fake $100 bills at a walmart. if you recognize them, call police. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. another winner in the weather department today. so nice. you know what? it's not sticking around. >> unfortunately. let's turn to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. nice day today but you're tracking changes? >> yeah, even though today was nice and tomorrow not as nice, i think a lot of people will like the cool fall feel as we go into the weekend. big changes for your weekend forecast. right now we are nice and dry. very comfortable outside.
5:33 pm
tomorrow we'll be watching this area of rain just to our north and west. that's going to move in for friday. not the entire day. mostly in the afternoon. but there is rain in the forecast to end out the week. grab your umbrella before you head out tomorrow. right now temperatures still comfortable. mostly the mid to low 70s. some areas in delaware and parts of new jersey. closer to shore in the upper 60s. but this evening will stay on the comfortable side. we'll see more clouds through the area by 6:00 p.m. still around 70, nice. by 8:00 tonight mid-skis. mostly cloudy through the overnight hours. by 10:00 temperatures mid-60s. tomorrow that's when we do see changes. there you see that line of rain getting closer for your friday, part of a cold front. once this swings through going into the weekend, we're going to see our temperatures drop pretty big about a 15-degree drop from friday to saturday afternoon. we'll take a look at how cool it will be and a closer look at the timing of the rain coming up. good news for drivers in chester county. a bridge closed over a year is
5:34 pm
reopening ahead of schedule. the historic ratsdam road covered bridge in east pike township, damaged by a tractor-trailer in april last year. the bridge was scheduled to reopen a week from today but the repair work finished early and it opened this morning. it's the first of three covered bridges to be repaired under a $3 million project. today volkswagen continued to anger congress insisting a few engineers came up with the scheme to cheat on emissions tests and that management didn't know about it. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman has the story from washington. >> >> under oath, volkswagen usa ceo michael horn says he's story. >> we're determined to make things right. >> reporter: lawmakers are furious. >> how do you sleep at night? how do you call yourself a member of the human race? when you knowingly poisoned the planet? >> reporter: for years 500,000
5:35 pm
vw diesels spewed 40 times the legal level of pollutants. and vw got away with it because software code built into the cars switched to a clean mode when being tested. worse fuel economy, slower acceleration, put for a few minutes clean. horn testified no one in top vw management knew. >> this was a couple of software engineers who put this in, for whatever reasons. i agree it's very hard to believe. >> reporter: and lawmakers didn't. >> vw is trying to get the united states of america to believe these are a couple of rogue engineers? i categorically reject that. >> reporter: could people go to jail? yes, horn agreed, people could. german police today raided vw headquarters looking for records that could reveal who knew what and when. if you have a vw diesel, you can legally drive it for now while volkswagen figures out if the cars can be fixed and how to compensate owners.
5:36 pm
nasa launched a spy satellite this morning with four small research satellites known as cube sats. these cube sats are part of a nasa initiative that allows students to learn about satellite development, design, and construction. more than 50 students helped create them. the tiny satellites are designed to provide a low-cost solution for nasa to conduct space exploration and explore new technologies. a unique look at areas down the shore hit hard by recent storms. find out who why one is receiving praise for his tactics. and see the way he's lending a hand to local leaders. another knock for bill cosby. the pennsylvania school that's now pulling its degree from the controversial comedian.
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
a northeastern pennsylvania
5:39 pm
university has become the latest school to rescind an honorary degree it granted bill cosby. willings university said its trustees voted unanimously to revoke the honorary doctorate it granted cosby in 2004. willings says it's become clear cosby's conduct does not live up to the school's values. several institutions have rescinded degrees from cosby amid allegations he trucked and sexually assaulted women. bill cosby's never been charged with a crime. just yesterday we learned that temple university's board of trustees is close to a decision on who will fill the seat vacated by cosby. tamron hall who visited here has been nominated to fill the spot. for the first time more than two dozen of bill cosby's accusers have come together for an exclusive group interview with nbc's kate snow. they will appear in a "dateline" special airing tomorrow at 9:00. watch it here on nbc 10. how about this, a north
5:40 pm
jersey man says he should have had a better shot at getting super bowl tickets last season and he wants a federal appeals court to take up his case. this as the nfl released about 900 tickets to the public for last february's game between the patriots and the seahawks. that was through a lottery and it's less than 1% of the total tickets. the majority of the rest go to teams and sponsors. the man wants a court to require the nfl to release 95% of super bowl tickets to the public. rising from the ashes. part of an historical farmers market is back open after it was partially destroyed in a massive fire. we'll take you inside to the reopening still ahead. i'm tracking rain for your friday. that's going to be followed by a big weekend cool-down. i'll show you the timing of the rain and how cool it will get over your weekend coming up.
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new details tonight from our delaware bureau involving a government drug lab scandal. the state supreme court is deciding whether to toss out hundreds of guilty pleas in drug cases. delaware's drug testing lab was shut down last year because of evidence thefts and tampering. public defenders are arguing guilty pleas should be tossed out. they say it's not clear whether prosecutors could have ever proven guilt had the cases gone to trial. it's not clear when the state supreme court will rule. a local community is trying to find out who vandalized their baseball field. the ridley township recreation department sent these pictures in hopes of finding the people who vabd liesed its dugouts. someone broke through the roofs of the dugouts at black rock park. the rec department told parents to ask their kids if they saw or heard anything. it also stressed this type of
5:44 pm
vandalism hurts the spientire community. this fire knocked out one of several stores inside burlington county's popular columbus mart. >> a year ago some stores that weren't harmed continued to operate. cydney long reports today is a new day for the ones that were harmed. >> reporter: it was exactly one week and a day before thanksgiving last year that the columbus mart went up in flames. the wicker wicker empeer youm l everything. the massive fire destroyed marcie's store and nearly a dozen others last november. life. just inconceivable, the emotions you go through. it's so hard. but we're back. our customers are back too. and that's what's most important that they're supported us through the this nightmare. >> reporter: the wicker emporium is the first and so far only store to reopen after the loss.
5:45 pm
customer rini gray came from galloway to shop. >> we love columbus. >> how good does it feel? >> amazing. we're so happy to be back. to see everything. it's kind of like your life stops, now your life has a purpose again. >> reporter: strauss, who lost nearly $10,000 in merchandise, is anxious for the holiday crowds and restocking her store and her livelihood all over from construction crews are still working to make renovations on the rest of the mart and ten other stores that were destroyed by fire. marcie says of those ten that were a loss, only two of the owners are able to make this permanent comeback. from columbus, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. thins did not go well for the eagles the last time they took the field here at the link. they lost 20-10 to the cowboys here two weeks ago. they didn't do well away either. >> not at all. >> now the saints are marching
5:46 pm
into town this weekend and chip kelly held his final media availability this afternoon. >> so many questions remain. comcast sportsnet is all over this thing. what did chip have to say? >> eagles need to right the ship the birds are taking on water. places. monday chip kelly blamed the 1-3 start on mistakes in the kicking game and poor execution. key word execution by his players. he widened his scope when it comes to blame and everyone is under the microscope. >> we're 1-3. that falls on everybody's shoulders in this organization. coaching staff, players. we're all in this thing together. it's not one individual's fault. i think i've tried to stress that, that you can't blame it on this person, and it's not just one individual's fault, it's all of us collectively have to come together. that's the message to our team. if it's been interpreted differently it doesn't matter, i
5:47 pm
know the message sent to our team and i know they understand that. >> we'll talk to the big money free agent demarco murray. is he frustrated with the slow start to the season? we'll get answers coming up. in the meantime, i want you to see this. time is running out to vote for our high school blitz game of the week. here's a lack at where the voting stands. mainland versus st. augustine, pottsgrove versus spring-ford, coatesville versus west chester east. as you see the bottom two teams, pots burg, spring-ford, one percentage point. so cast your vote now. go to call or text 610-624-4111. voting closes today. then we'll announce the winner tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> another beautiful day with
5:48 pm
temperatures in the 70s. changes come tomorrow, though. that's going to be in the form of rain. it's going to be a little bit warmer than today too in spots. right now here's a live look out at the link. nice conditions. some clouds around. you'll notice those clouds increasing overnight tonight. that's going to be ahead of the rain for tomorrow. so showers mostly for your friday afternoon. it will be a warm and breezy into the week too. temperatures in some areas could get close to 80. once that rain moves in temperatures will be dropping mostly down into the 60s. wig weekend cool-down across the board saturday and sunday, well below normal for this time of the year. mid-60s. take a look at what's happened yesterday and today. mid-70s. tomorrow closer to 80. then the cold front moves through. and by saturday we're looking at highs around the mid-60s. almost a 15-degree drop from what we should be seeing tomorrow into your weekend. right now comfortable, mid to low 70s across the area. upper 60s closer to the shore. and overnight clouds will
5:49 pm
increase. we're not going to see the rain just yet. still nice and dry on radar. the rain is farther back up to our north and west. moving across the great labels. it's all part of that cold front. not really here until later in the day tomorrow. that's when we'll start to see changes. here is a look at the forecast hour by hour as we go overnight. clouds increase tomorrow morning. this is 8:00 tomorrow morning. i think we should be mostly dry. can't rule out some isolated showers. a majority of the rain's going to be in the afternoon. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow evening some rain around for the evening commute. take your umbrella before you leave tomorrow. the cold front moves through. by 8:00 p.m. should start to push that rain into south jersey and delaware. clearing out for most of your friday night. i think your friday night plans should be fine and dry. into saturday, we'll see sunshine, cooler, a little breezy. staying cooler as we go into sunday. so pretty good football weather for the eagles. we are looking at sunshine, dry conditions, tailgaters expect temperatures in the upper 50s. breezy, sunshine by kickoff low
5:50 pm
60s. by fourth quarter, temperatures in the mid-60s. sunny and cool. tonight we'll see mid-50s through the lehigh valley. mid-50s some of our new jersey suburbs. then tomorrow warm with a breezy south wind. showers mostly in the afternoon and early evening hours. temperatures in some areas could be close to 80. can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm. so we could see that too. then we go to the weekend. it all clears out. sunshine developing saturday. mostly sunny. as we go into sunday mid-70s. then 70s come back next week. some delaware students got to talk tv news with one of our colleagues today. nbc 10's tim furlong was at the nativity preparatory career school day in wilmington speaking about the broadcasting, legal, and finance industries. one aspiring broadcaster named steven even shot the video
5:51 pm
you're looking at right now. not bad at all. >> tim is a perfect role model too. his energy, his presence. >> and kids have such good questions. >> no question. >> excellent, love to see that. next at 5:00 -- rb oa huge problem plaguing area beaches. >> surveying jersey shore storm damage with a drone. one man is providing a unique look at hard-hit areas. >> this helps us out. we're a tight-knit community here. >> why he's receiving praise from local leaders.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
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get out of the past. get fios. this is nbc 10 news. wave brought you a lot of stories about problems caused by people flying drones. >> but a man in cape may county is being praised now for his recent flights after last week's stormy weather pounded the coastline for days. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg shows us why. >> reporter: with every takeoff matt ohmer is putting a new focus. >> you don't get a understanding of what it looks like until you're above. >> reporter: after last week's weather devour jersey shore beaches he's used his drone to survey the severe erosion left behind in the wild woods and ocean city. north wild wood alone lost
5:55 pm
nearly 1 million cubic yards of sand. >> this helps us out. we're a tight-knit community down here. the upshot of the videos we're seeing from matt is the perspective you can't get any other way. >> reporter: local leaders have taken notice. >> absolutely, a benefit to the community. >> reporter: along with homeowners thanks to shooting videos and sharing them on social media. and no one's paying him to do it. >> a lot of people are always looking for that cash-in. i'm not one of those people. >> reporter: one thing local leaders say they were able to see in the drone video was that a lot of this sand hadn't gone very far. >> all of a sudden we have sand bars just offshore. and naturally those sand bars usually come back to shore and merge back on the beach. >> reporter: emergency beach repairs are already under way in north wild wood. with a large previously planned replenishment project set to begin soon. >> they sta are the observed a hobby and grew from there. >> reporter: matt ohmer says he
5:56 pm
flies for fun but the views he provides have landed him praise. tonight a clear look at the beating delaware beaches took by last weekend's storms. >> it comes from the birdseye view. >> a professor from the university of delaware flew over the delaware coast and you can see the erosion in these paragraphs. in one area the storms erased some of the beachfronts created as part of a $69 million project to pump delaware river sand onto the shoreline. coming up next at 6:00, out of the classroom and onto the front lines. philadelphia students fed up with the state budget gridlock. we'll hear their frustrations coming up in a live report. tracking changes for tomorrow. we have rain moving in, then a big weekend cool-down. the timing of the rain and how cool it will get over your time off coming up. first a man arrested for killing his ex-girlfriend's
5:57 pm
father because she refused to take him back. details on what police describe as a crime of revenge.
5:58 pm
right now on nbc 10 news at 6:00 a crime of vengeance. did an abusive ex-boyfriend orchestrate a sexual attack on his former girlfriend because she wouldn't take him back? those are the allegations
5:59 pm
tonight. and it didn't end there. police say the ex broke into her father's home and killed him. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. tonight police in mnt county say two men are arrested for murdering a father trying to protect his daughter. deanna durante has more on the allegations. >> reporter: 53-year-old kevin brown was in the second floor of his lower moreland home, shot as he was trying to escape and he fell out of the window. now police today say his daughter's ex-boyfriend was behind the brutal crime. >> she told her he wanted another chance, she refused. he told her, "if we can't be together someone's got to go." >> reporter: police say 20-year-old naadir abdul-ali made good on the threat where when he showed up at her house. >> there were threats to kill the family. >> reporter: police say ali brought others including 20-year-old desmond smith who had the gun and was ordered by
6:00 pm
ali to go after the girl's father. kevin brown. he and his wife were sleeping when police say the men kicked in a back door. the 18-year-old hid in a closet with her son. smith went after brown and shot him in the neck. the motive for the crime, revenge, police say, because the abusive relationship ended. they say the victim's daughter had reported to police ali had assaulted her. in text messages hours before the crime the woman told ali he was an abuser and would not get better, only worse. >> the relationship can best be described as possessive, obsessive, violent, and his conduct completely controlling. >> reporter: police say at least four men broke into the house. the wife escaped through a window. brown tried toes scape as well and died a short time later. abdul-ali and smith have been arraigned and charged with second-degree murder. they are now being held in the montgomery county prison. in lower moreland, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. an


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