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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> after early morning fog in some parts in our region, we'll find out what's ahead for your weekend. right now, 60 degrees at 4:30. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and apparently changes on the way. we're anxious to what that is. and perhaps one of those changes. bill? >> yeah, today is the day of change. the last few days have been beautiful with temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. we're going to see 80 degrees. and this morning, we're starting with some areas of fog. thicker fog than what we've seen the last couple of mornings. visibility down 1/2 mile in trenton. the temperatures, 50s and 60s for most of the area. atlantic city, philadelphia and wilmington in the low 60s. dover now 61 degrees. 50s for most of the rest of the area. and a big warm-up today. we'll start in the low 60s. at 6:00. by 9:00, some breaks in the cloud cover and a southerly wind at 9 miles an hour. the southerly wind does two things for us. brings additional humidity and helps to boost our temperature.
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and you'll see that by noontime. today, 74 degrees as the wind increases. it's later this afternoon that the next change happens, showers and thunderstorms. i'll be back with the timing of those in ten minutes. but right now, jessica boyington has your traffic. >> we're on the vine street expressway right now. cameras around 24th street. all traffic moving along. just checked in with the drive time. westbound or eastbound, it's under a 5-minute trip to 95. good news there. the camera blurry right in here. but you can see ongoing construction. this is on the eastbound side. headed toward 95, watch out for some ramp restrictions when heading out the door. but otherwise, everything's moving along. if we look at the drive times for the rest of the philadelphia area, we're still doing great. 95 southbound. we have a 13-minute trip there. watch out on 95, right around gerard avenue, the northbound ramp off gerard avenue is closed so far this morning. for the schuylkill expressway. eastbound from the blue route to the vine, we have a 12-minute
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trip. no problems on the blue route. when i come back, we'll check in with the p.a. turnpike. >> communities across our region are having trouble staffing their volunteer firefighters and ems departments from a high of 300,000 in the 1970s. the numbers across the state have fallen to just 50,000. and today, one county's putting out a call for new volunteers. nbc 10's katy zachary with a look at how they're conducting this recruitment drive. hi, katy. >> reporter: hi. those numbers are startling, right? to help in that effort. this fire house behind me and others throughout delaware county will have their front doors open inside the trucks and equipment will be on display. now, it's part of the county's first annual recruitment effort. and there is a big push to attract volunteer firefighters today and tomorrow. now, this and other fire houses throughout the area are making a plea for more volunteers during national fire prevention week. we're in it right now. in abington, montgomery county.
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they've had an open house each night this week to raise awareness for fire safety. they're also hoping, the opportunity to meet firefighters and learn about the equipment this week will pique the interest of potential volunteers. back out here live, some may be surprised to learn there is a specific time of day when fire houses like this one behind me are most at risk. in other words, when their volunteers are not available. coming up at 5:00, we'll address that. reporting live in delaware county, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. the time is 4:33. today pennsylvania state budget is 101 days overdue. and still, lawmakers on both sides have not budged on a balancing act. each have different ideas on how to pay for everything. the governor's proposal includes increasing a tax and enacting a severance tax. suggesting looking at liquor, privatization, and online gambling.
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>> if we balance the budget this year, we're looking at a $2 billion deficit next year. online gaming is not going to be the panacea to that. >> if we start raising people's taxes, you need to do some reforms. and i really believe that pension reform is necessary. >> in the meantime, school districts across pennsylvania, including philadelphia have been borrowing millions to cover costs to keep the doors open. yesterday, philadelphia's students protested calling for an end to the stalemate. neighbors in south philadelphia are helping police make a quick arrest after a well-known businessman was brutally attacked. police say a man walked into an auto tag shop near 63rd street right before closing time yesterday. police say the man then robbed and stabbed the owner of that shop 20 times. and before he left, he locked the owner inside. the owner was able to call 911. police had to break the door down to get him. police are looking through surveillance video. but are also asking the community for help.
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and surveillance video led police to the suspect in the case of a temple university student. investigators say they arrested him on an unrelated probation violation. they say that suspect is the same person seen on this surveillance video they released last friday. the student says she was on her way home from the library last week when a man grabbed her from behind. it happened blocks away near carlisle and master streets. police haven't released the suspect's name. from our jersey shore bureau, the state makes another move in the battle playing out on the beaches. the state went to court yesterday to seize 87 public properties through eminent domain. the state wants to widen beaches and build protective sand dunes following superstorm sandy. but some residents and other shore towns saying other issues need to be addressed to prevent flooding. and happening today, a step toward ending homelessness among veterans. hundreds of veterans, advocates and community leaders plan a
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rally in march to raise awareness of the problem plaguing the country. today's event is called #rallyforzero. the walk will start this afternoon at 4:00. also today, celebrating the 25th anniversary with the help of local chefs. they will prepare treats at the event tonight in center city. manna provides meals across the philadelphia region. it's 4:36. ben carson is under fire again. >> yeah, first he took heat for appearing to blame the victims after a deadly college shooting. and now, he's raising eyebrows with new controversial comments. what he's saying about the holocaust and guns coming up. plus, there is more fallout for bill cosby. another pennsylvania school has pulled an honorary degree from the comedian. 60 degrees, some clouds overhead, but the rain, that will wait until later today. 4:36 the time.
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your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is just ahead.
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4:39. and this time of year, our temperatures should be in the 40s and low 50s. we're getting a warmer start this morning. and it's going to be even warmer this afternoon. a big warm-up ahead. of some showers and thunderstorms later today. we have some clouds this morning. right now, 57 degrees, and the humidity is a bit higher. along with the temperatures. up 4 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. the fog is starting to thin out now. in doylestown, some improvement in just the last few minutes. and 1/2 mile visibility in trenton and the rest of the area not dealing with fog, but seeing the clouds already. no sign of showers with these clouds, but the line you can see off to the northwest, those are the showers, and possibly some thunderstorms that are going to be moving in during the afternoon and early evening hours. and they'll move quickly through the area. camelback, 71 degrees, 77 this
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afternoon. afternoon showers and thunderstorms will sweep through trenton and morristown, and abington during the evening commute. before they get here, we'll get some breaks of sunshine. and you'll see some sunshine at the shore, upper 70s for cape may. 80 degrees for millville. late day showers and thunderstorms coming through the evening hours. woodstown, upper 70s, 80 degrees for philadelphia. the showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. the good news is, they will not last into the weekend, which means we're in great shape for the wine festival on sunday. sunny skies, temperatures in the 60s, a light breeze. i know tracy and vai want to go. >> weather's going to be perfect for it. i don't know, eagles game, too. there's a lot going on. >> yeah. >> there's that. and there's that. >> i'll have the 7-day when i'm back in ten minutes to show you what happens early next week. i think you'll like that, too. >> thanks. it's 20 minutes before 5:00.
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let's get you updated on your ride to work. >> i don't drink and i think i want to go. >> because he sells it well. >> he sells it well. let's try to sell traffic a little bit. and find out what's going on on the boulevard. >> you can drive me around and that'll be perfect. right now -- the weekend's coming. right now, we're going to start, that's right, on the boulevard right now. no real problems whether you're headed northbound or southbound. headed to the schuylkill expressway, doing great so far. heading out the door on the p.a. turnpike. we're green and moving. you can see our drive times are doing okay. westbound/eastbound, 22 minutes, 23 minutes, changes at the most from route 1. watch for a slow-moving maintenance vehicle. that'll be heading around, watching some lane restrictions there northbound between the toll plaza and lansdale. and if you're out in new jersey, there's ongoing construction, westbound. the right lane is closed and that'll be there for another 1/2 hour or so until about 5:00 a.m.
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tracy. >> thanks. jersey shore towns hit by recent storms continue to recover. >> and they're getting a unique look at what's been damaged. and still ahead, a birds's eye view of the damage and explain how the images are giving a helping hand to those shore communities. and today, president obama heads to the oregon town rocked by a deadly shooting spree on a college campus. but some in the community don't want him there. we'll tell you why.
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there's growing concern in the defense department over russia's growing involvement in syria's civil war. it's escalating by the day, and so are the risks of a confrontation with the u.s. senior u.s. defense officials say 4 of the 26 cruise missiles landed in iran. moscow says the attack was part of an expanding military campaign targeting isis. washington was never informed. even though the missiles traveled through air space where american aircraft were
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operating. meanwhile, happening today, president obama heads to oregon. he'll meet privately with the families of the victims in the college shooting there. some in the community of roseberg. elected officials will welcome him. a gunman killed 9 people at the community college last week before he took his own life. also today, homeland security secretary jay johnson will visit flooded areas of south carolina. he'll meet with officials in columbia and charleston to discuss the ongoing response and recovery efforts. those are the two major cities hit hardest by the historic flooding. meanwhile, south carolina's governor is urging residents in coastal areas to evacuate. floodings anticipated as storm water flows down swollen rivers towards the coast. the governor says she's worried people who have been through hurricanes won't take the situation seriously. but she says this river flooding is a different kind of bad. it's 4:45. and decision 2016, republican presidential candidate ben carson is raising some eyebrows
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with his latest comment. he suggested that the holocaust would have been greatly diminished if german jews had been armed with guns. it was a comment he made on wolf blitzer yesterday. he's been criticized earlier this week for calling for potential victims of mass shootings to rush the attacker. now, carson does have at least one fan in rupert murdoch. but this morning, he's back pedaling after making his own controversial comment. murdoch is apologizing after sending this tweet. calling ben carson terrific. then adding, what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide? the backlash online over "real black president" was immediate. the 84-year-old responded saying he finds both president obama and ben carson charming and meant no offense. a university in northeastern pennsylvania has become the latest school to distance from disgraced comedian bill cosby.
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voted unanimously to revoke the honorary degree given back in 2004. saying his conduct does not live up to the school's values. several institutions have rescinded degrees from the actor and allegations he drugged and sexually assaulted dozens of women. cosby had never been charged with a crime. and for the first time, more than two dozen cosby accusers come together for an exclusive group interview with kate snow. they'll appear in a date line special airing tonight at 9:00. you can watch it on nbc 10. the owners of the former revel casino are facing daily fines now of $1,000. the reason, investors never responded to a violation notice last week. that's according to atlantic city's acting fire chief. he says the group is not properly overseeing the hotel's alarms and emergency equipment. lead investor tells us that the city is wrong and that the building is covered. well, we've brought you a lot of stories lately about the problems caused by people flying drones. >> but a man is being praised
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for his recent flights after last week's stormy weather pounded the coastline for days. after last week's weather devoured jersey shore beaches, matt ulmer used his drone to survey the severe erosion. north wildwood lost sand. but city leaders found out, it hasn't gone very far. >> real upshot of the videos we're seeing from that is the perspective. it's a perspective you can't get any other way. we have sand bars just offshore. and naturally, those usually, eventually come back ashore and merge back on to the beach. >> now beach repairs are underway in north wildwood. a larger replenishment project is starting soon. as for ulmer who owns a local company, he says he flies for fun. but community members are glad he's providing these views for them. and it's not a drone, but it's another bird's eye view of the beating delaware beaches
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took by last weekend's storms. a professor flew over the delaware coast, and you can see the erosion down below in these photographs. in one area, the storm erased some of the beach front. clouds have moved in overnight. we're seeing some areas of fog. just a few spots getting the fog. not center city. it's a warm start, again. 60 degrees. that's exactly where we were yesterday at this time. it's the humidity running higher. and you can feel the difference this morning. the humidity stays with us, and we'll likely fuel some late-day showers and thunderstorms sweeping through south philadelphia. probably during the evening commute. they'll be fast-moving showers. so they're not going to stay for the weekend. 55 right now in pottstown. trenton is 58 degrees. low 60s in wilmington. and chester county, like yesterday morning, we're back in
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the 50s. for west town, it's 51 degrees. but 59 degrees in west chester and brandywein and the airport is 55 degrees. clouds thicker in delaware and south jersey. nothing falling from these clouds, but it's a different story for the cloud cover that's moving into northwestern pennsylvania. that's where we're seeing the first showers. and it's this line of showers and thunderstorms that will start moving into the area early this afternoon. there's another line behind it. so we have two chances to see showers and thunderstorms sweep through the area later today. before these roll in, though, we'll get a pretty good warm-up. in fact, into the upper 70s to 80 degrees, the showers and thunderstorms late this afternoon, this evening, will not last into the weekend. things will be clearing out just in time for saturday and sunday. a cooler day saturday, 52 in the morning, 66 in the afternoon. then it gets chillier sunday morning, but a nice rebound sunday afternoon, high of 70 degrees. and plenty of sunshine for monday.
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75. another round of showers for tuesday, then we'll clear out for the breezy day wednesday. and then lots of sunshine thursday. >> thank you, bill. not yet 5:00 this friday morning. already commuters in the city are going to have to deal with a water main break out there. >> jessica boyington has the details. >> yeah, water main break right now. you can see behind me, reading here on the map, south street, showing a string of red right around that intersection that is closed right now and blocked off. but, the good thing is right now around the city area, not a lot of traffic. so it's going to be very easy for you to navigate around. you can head down 6. walk around, drive around the city block and you'll be fine for now. we'll have more updates for you to come after that. watch out for ongoing construction out in northeast philadelphia on the boulevard. both directions north and southbound. the inner drive is closed. and that's going to be out there until about 5:30 so far this morning. if you're on the blue route. right around the schuylkill
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expressway. you can see no problems right in here headed northbound, southbound. great drive time. southbound from the schuylkill expressway. 295, about a 15-minute trip. and more updates to come when i come back on that water main break in the 5:00 hour. bye. >> thank you, jessica. with one tap, actually, dinner and a movie. a perfect way to spend a weekend night. we visited new montgomery county theater where you can have the whole experience in one. take a look. with one tap of the call button, you can get a burger, you can get a burger and a drink delivered right to your seat at the movie tavern in flower town. the new cinema eatery is a first in the area. it's the closest thing like it was 40 miles away in collegeville. >> now, this is something that's lacked in springfield township and the general area. for a long, long time. >> and it's going to bring a lot of business. and visitors to our area. >> very nice. delivered right to your seats.
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tickets cost the same as a normal theater, but the price doesn't include the food. well, putting out the call for volunteers. they're needed to fill a significant shortage of firefighters and ems personnel. coming up at 5:00, what one county is doing starting today. and you won't be seeing that this year. why delaware has chucked pumpkin chunkin, again.
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you can forget about punk kin chunkin. they can't find insurance to cover them. after volunteers was paralyzed after rolling the atv at the event. delaware might lose the event for good to neighboring states that cap insurance liability.
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more than 500 older adults will walk down boat house row at about 9:30. they'll send them off. and after the walk, participants can get free health screenings and enjoy other fitness activities and a new healthy cooking demonstration. if you're wondering when is the best time to get your flu shot, happens to be right now because october is the beginning of flu season. takes two weeks to build immunity against the virus. this year's is expected to be better than last year's, which was only 19% effective. if you're not too busies shots from 9:00 until noon. he should've had better shot at getting super bowl tickets last season and wants a federal appeals court to take up his case. >> he says the nfl released about 900 tickets between the
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pay troots and seahawks. that was through a lottery. the majority of the rest go to teams and sponsors. he wants a court to require the nfl to release 95% of the super bowl tickets to the public. well, things did not go well for the eagles the last time they took the field they lost-10 to the cowboys two weeks ago. and now the saints are marching into town this weekend. in order to do that chip kelly needs to figure out where they're taking on water. chip kelly blames the 1 in 3 start on mistakes in the kicking game and poor execution by his players. now everyone is under the microscope.
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we're all in this thing together. and it's not one individual's fault. we have we have to come together. it really doesn't matter. i know the message sent to our team and i think they understand that. >> of course, nbc 10 is your official television station. game day begins at 10:00 a.m. the flyers want you to flyered up. in burlington county. the flyer street team will be giving out flyers gear and lucky event goers will snatch up free tickets to the home eper on monday. one thing they do not want to have happen is people chanting, let's go flyers. >> never good. what will happen on sunday, do you think? they have to win this one
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fingers crossed. nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts now. two minutes of violence. police are looking for the robber who left behind a bloody scene after storming in and out of a southwest business. >> we'll explain how one local county is trying to smoke out new recruits and fill a firefighter shortage. we are expecting a warm end to the week, but spots could see rain, possibly, we'll tell you what to expect in your neighborhood and take you through the weekend. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> it's just about 5:00 a.m. let's find out about that rain on the way with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> well, you won't see it this morning. clouds will be building. along with the temperature and a little bit of a warm-up will take care of any light fog that's around this morning. already seeing improving
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conditions at trenton, 3/4 mile visibility there. right now, it is 61 in philadelphia. trenton with a light fog. it's 58 degrees. 60s in delaware, and south jersey. on our way to 80 degrees this afternoon. it's going to be a fairly quick warm-up at 6:00 this morning, 61 degrees, winds start to pick up during the morning hours. 69, that's going to help boost our temperatures into the middle 70s by lunchtime. and that sunshine later today will fade as showers and thunderstorms sweep through the area. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington watching your friday first alert traffic. >> we have construction clearing up out of the way out in new jersey. right on the atlantic city expressway, westbound, that left lane was closed. crews cleaning up early. no problems heading out the door on the a.c. expressway, but if you're out in philadelphia, we have


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