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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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degrees. sun's not up yet. once the sun comes up, any light fog around will disappear. there are just a couple of spots this morning. and look at the warm-up. by 10:00, 69 degrees, 76 degrees by 1:00 this afternoon. and during the afternoon, that sunshine we'll see early on will be fading. with those storms rolling through. hour by hour in ten minutes. right now, a look at your friday first alert traffic. >> yeah, we're on the roosevelt boulevard right now out of northeast philadelphia. you can see right in here. that's going to be out there until about 5:30. and since it's 5:30 right now, expect crews to be cleaning up right now. and again, that's the boulevard in both directions north and southbound. let's head out into new jersey, as well. no problems on the 42 freeway right now. we do have a five-minute drive time northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. but we do have ongoing
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construction. watch out for the off ramp, 295 northbound, that is going to be closed until about 6:00 a.m. watch out for crews there, as well. if you're on 422, right around trooper road, no problems in here. eastbound, that actually heads toward the schuylkill expressway. from 29 to the schuylkill, we only have an eight-minute drive time. more updates and mass transit when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> breaking news from south philadelphia. we've been covering this over the next half hour. monique braxton arrived on the scene of a water main break. what can you tell us? >> good morning. this is what we saw. police tape blocking the intersection here at 5th and south and also water gushing from the pavement. now, we've made calls to the philadelphia water department to find out exactly what time this break occurred. how large the pipe is, what caused it as well as when customers and the residents in this area might have water service restored. so far, i've been told they are
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checking into the situation. we did not see utility crews here on the scene when we arrived. but we can tell you that dozens of businesses, dozens of people live in this busy part of philadelphia. so no doubt, they're waking up this morning without water service. we're going to continue to stay in touch with the utility company to find out exactly what is the bottom cause of this situation here. and we'll be live throughout the morning with developments. live now in south philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. and we have international breaking news this morning. this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to a group. the national dialogue quartet has been cited for the contributions to the first arab spring movement. the norwegian nobel committee says the quartet established an alternative and peaceful political process at a tile when tunisia was on the brink of civil war. new from overnight in camden county, a man in the hospital
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after he was stabbed with what police describe as a large knife or sword. nbc 10 on the scene on juniper drive in cherry hill as police took someone away in handcuffs. they have not said what role that person may have played in the stabbing or if he's been charged with any crime. investigators tell us the victim was stabbed in the hand and is expected to be okay. no word yet on a motive. neighbors in southwest philadelphia are hoping that police make a quick arrest after a well-known businessman was brutally attacked. police say the man walked into an auto tag shop right before closing time yesterday. and police say the man robbed and stabbed the owner of the shop 20 times. before he left, he locked the owner inside. the owner was able to call 911. police had to break down the door to get to him. they're also asking the community for help. surveillance video is what led police to a suspect in the case of a sexual assault and robbery of a temple university student. investigators say they arrested him on an unrelated probation
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violation. they say that suspect is the same person seen here on this surveillance video right there. they released to the public last friday. the student says she was on her way home from the library last week when a man grabbed her from behind. it happened blocks away from temple's campus. and from our jersey shore bureau, the state makes another move in a battle playing out on the beaches of margate. the state went to court yesterday to seize 87 public properties through eminent domain. the state wants to widen beaches and build protective sand dunes following superstorm sandy. but some residents of margate and other shore towns are opposed to the plan saying other issues need to be addressed to prevent flooding. meanwhile, this morning, republicans are scrambling to find the next speaker of the house after a move that shocked the gop. >> i just think it's best we have a new face. coming up, we'll explain what's next on the search for a speaker and we'll hear donald
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trump's take on the situation. plus, peta says it'll pitch in tens of thousands of dollars to help repair a landmark. but there's a catch. we'll tell you what they want out of the deal. few clouds overhead. no sign of the wet weather that we'll see later on. it's not here just yet. but the warm weather, well, it's already started. it's 60 degrees now at 5:35. forecast is just ahead.
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about an hour and a half away from sunrise. and we will see some sunshine today. to start with, we're warm. but it gets warmer this afternoon. summer-like temperatures later on. tracking some late-day showers, possibly some thunderstorms and then clearing skies for the weekend. right now, temperatures are in the 50s and low 60s. we'll see them climb into the upper 70s. 80 degrees is a possibility
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today. and, yes, we'll see showers develop late this afternoon for south philadelphia. but most of the day will be dry. and you may even need your sunglasses at times. right now, 58 degrees. humidity is 84%, the wind is calm at this hour. but there's a little bit of a southerly breeze that's developing down to the south at 7 miles an hour at wildwood, and that's going to bring in additional humidity and help boost our temperatures. see the clouds moving through south philadelphia right now. and delaware and south jersey, as well. off to the north and west. here's the wet weather that will be coming in for late this afternoon and this evening. those will be fast-moving showers. they won't last long and most of the day will be dry. and before the showers move in, a warm-up. 77 for fleetwood. bethlehem topping out at 76 degrees this afternoon. new hope, 80 degrees, 81 for moorstown. and at the shower, upper 70s. during the day, dry, but early this evening, that's when you'll
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see the showers and thunderstorms sweep through, and looks like those showers and thunderstorms will be here for the evening commute. philadelphia before they roll in will hit 80 degrees along with berlin, new jersey, 78 degrees in wilmington. the weekend forecast and beyond when i'm back in ten minutes. about 20 minutes before 6:00. time to get a look at traffic this time in south jersey. >> jessica, what are you seeing? >> vai and tracy and, good morning, everyone. we are starting out in south new jersey, again on route 73. watching for an accident approaching this scene northbound right approaching the tolls. but you can see no delay or backup heading in that direction. everything's still moving along just fine. as for drive times around the philadelphia area, no problems on 95 or the schuylkill expressway heading into the center city area. the blue route is doing just fine. mass transit, no problems or
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delays so far this morning for patco. we'll have more updates to come in the next ten minutes. >> thanks. it's 20 minutes before 6:00 right now. a popular jersey shore landmark is on the verge of extincti extinction. lucy the elephant in need of major repairs. needs to raise $35,000 for her survival. and now the animal rights group peta could help lucy live on. yesterday, peta sent a letter to the committee in charge of lucy. peta offered to pitch in and pay for the repairs. there's a catch, peta wants to decorate with a message about elephants and the circus. we called her director who told us lucy would love to accept the help but need more information about exactly the message would say to make sure it doesn't scare off children. stirring up controversy for republican presidential candidate. next, we'll explain how ben carson used the holocaust to make his point. plus, under oath.
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bill cosby is scheduled to go to court to give his side of the story that an accuser says ended in a sexual assault. we will break down what is expected at the deposition.
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and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. sincerely, elizabeth trackler. fellow working mom and fellow citizen. we're following breaking news through the morning. this is a water main break in
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south philadelphia. this is 5th and south street as you see. they've roped off that area. the water department is still not on the scene. monique braxton has been there for almost an hour. she spoke with neighbors who told her that they do have water. nonetheless, a dozen or so businesses in the area and lots of people will be affected because of the closed streets. we have a live report coming up in about 15 minutes. i think i shocked some of you, huh? we're serving. we should put this conference first. and i think there's something to be said for us to unite. we probably need a fresh face. >> an abrupt announcement who was the front runner for speaker of the house. now what? john boehner has agreed to stay until an election was held. one potential speaker who republicans could rally around was paul ryan. the washington post reports he's boehner's choice, but ryan's aides insist he's not interested. boehner announced last month he'd step down as house speaker
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at the end of october. he had endorsed mccarthy. he was scheduled to appear on the "tonight show" last night. but canceled at the last minute. donald trump says washington is bedlam after the decision to end his bid to be speaker of the house. trump spoke about the congressman during a campaign event in las vegas. the presidential candidate drew cheers when announcing mccarthy was dropping out and claims he was receiving credit for the change. trump says republicans need what he calls a very tough negotiator. >> kevin is a nice guy, and i hope now they find somebody that's going to be, you know, have those qualities where we can negotiate. where we can use that debt ceiling that's coming up very rapidly and do something really, really significant. >> trump also discussed hillary clinton's opposition to a proposed 12-nation pacific free trade deal. meantime, republican presidential candidate ben carson is raising eyebrows with his latest comment. he suggested that the holocaust
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would have been greatly diminished if german jews had been armed with guns. he drew criticism earlier this week for calling for potential victims of mass shootings to rush the attacker. carson does have at least one fan in rupert murmurdoch. but this morning, murdoch is back pedaling. apologizing after sending this tweet calling ben carson terrific and then adding, what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide? and the backlash online over real black president was immediate. the 84-year-old responded saying he finds both president obama and ben carson charming and that he meant no offense. president obama today heads to oregon. he'll meet privately with the families of the victims in the college shooting there. some in the community of roseberg, however, are opposed to the visit because of the president's stance on gun control. but, elected officials will welcome him. a gunman killed nine people at the community college last week before he took his own life. also today, disgraced
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comedian bill cosby is expected in a courtroom for a deposition in a civil lawsuit. the suit was brought by one of dozens of women who claim that cosby sexually assaulted them. judy says she was assaulted by cosby at the playboy mansion in the 1970s when she was just 15 years old. she claims the comedian gave her alcohol before the alleged attack. cosby has never been charged with a crime. meantime, a university in northeastern pennsylvania has become the latest school to distance itself from cosby. wilkes university trustees voted unanimously to revoke the doctorate it granted in 2004. officials said cosby's conduct does not live up to the school's values. for the first time, more than two dozen cosby accusers come together for an exclusive group interview with nbc's kate snow. they'll appear in a "dateline" special airing tonight at 9:00. you can watch it here on nbc 10. it's 5:47. south carolina's governor is urging residents in coastal
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areas to evacuate. flooding is anticipated as storm water flows down swollen rivers toward the coast. she's worried people who have been through hurricanes won't take this situation seriously. she says this river flooding is a different kind of bad. meantime today, homeland security secretary jay johnson will visit flooded areas. he'll meet with officials in columbia and charleston to discuss the recovery efforts. those are the two major cities hit hardest by the historic flooding. we brought you lots of stories about problems caused by people flying drones. but a man in cape may county is being praised for his recent flights after last week's weather devoured jersey shore beaches. he used his drone to survey the severe erosion in the area. north wildwood alone lost nearly 1 million cubic yards of sand, but from this unique perspective, as you can see, city leaders found out that sand hasn't actually gone very far. >> real upshot of the videos we're seeing from that is the perspective.
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it's a perspective you can't get any other way. and naturally, those sand bars, usually, eventually come back ashore and merge back on to the beach. >> emergency beach repairs are already underway in north wildwood. a larger, previously planned replenishment project is starting soon. and this is what the damage looks like in delaware. a professor from the university of delaware flew over the coast. taking pictures of beach erosion in one area, some of the beach front eroded. almost ten minutes before 6:00, we're seeing some clouds move through the area this morning. that's the moon coming up. just some scattered light clouds in the region this morning. no sign of any rain just yet. 61 degrees, that's 1 degree warmer in philadelphia. but most of the area is running
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a good deal warmer from yesterday. right now, it's dry, later today, showers and thundersto s thunderstorms, sweep through the area. that'll bring us a cool change for the weekend. but right now, it is warmer. 12 degrees warmer for atlantic city. wilmington is up by 6, 7 degrees warmer for pottstown, allentown and trenton. a warming trend that will continue through the day as we top out near 80 degrees in philadelphia. trenton is 59. 58 degrees, 61 right now in wilmington. and 50s, upper 50s for glenside and willow grove at 58 degrees. a little thicker clouds in delaware and new jersey. this this is a rain producer. showers and possibly thunderstorms rolling through late this afternoon. and you can see, they've got a ways to go before they get to us. but these showers already spotting some thunder and lightning. those will be moving in during the afternoon commute. future cast shows at 4:00, heavy downpours will not last long. they'll sweep through quickly. in fact, by 7:00, most of those storms offshore.
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later in the evening, we'll see the clouds break. that means a pretty nice-looking weekend. so showers and thunderstorms will develop later today. but before they move in, we'll get enough sunshine to warm into the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon. that's like a late summer day. but, fall is back tomorrow. tomorrow morning, 52. 65 for the afternoon high temperature. looking good for the temple game at lincoln financial field. and for the eagles game on sunday at lincoln financial field. 71 degrees the high temperature, and the town and wine festival, perfect weather for that through the afternoon. sunshine, the temperatures in the 60s. and the nice weather continues on monday. but sadly, the festival will be over by then. showers return tuesday and nice weather ahead for wednesday and thursday. >> should be interesting on monday morning. that's all i'm going to say. let's get you up to date on the ride to work. there is an accident to know about. >> that information in the area. >> yes. right approaching the bridge.
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the toll plaza to the bridge. so 73 northbound, taking out the right-hand lane. looked at my cameras, as well. no problems heading in that direction. and otherwise in new jersey on the 42 freeway northbound where we typically see that delay. no problems yet. still a five-minute drive. ongoing construction for the off ramp to 295 northbound. that has reopened. just a little bit early. that was supposed to clear about 6:00 this morning. so, let's watch out for crews in the area. if you're on 95 right now, right around the ben franklin bridge. no real problems whether you're headed northbound or southbound. from woodhaven road to this point about the vine street expressway. still a 14-minute trip. we have no real problems there. watch out for that water main break out in philadelphia which is on 5th street and south street. and you can go right around the block, lombard, 6th street and they do have that intersection closed off. but not a lot of traffic in the area. more updates on these things to
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come in the next ten minutes. >> thanks. hey, ever wonder what happens behind the scenes here? what we do during the commercial breaks? what we talk about? the story that you just told. >> we hear more about bill's wine festival. and i told the story about the former eagle and some property he bought in hawaii. that's kind of interesting stuff. >> you can join the conversation. just download the app periscope and our address is nbc philadelphia. >> up next, jchip kelly is getting the team ready for the saints. next, we'll hear about the message kelly is sending to the team after the shaky start.
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at 4 minutes before 6:00 right now. following this information out of south philadelphia. and sky force 10 live own the scene where crews put out several small fires. authorities say they are suspicious. they were in front of an apartment building. sky force 10 is live over the scene. authorities tell us trash was set on fire in the apartment building. no one was hurt, we'll have an
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update on the breaking news story in a few minutes. >> the flyers dropped the season opener to the tampa bay lightning last night. game did go into overtime because of a rule change. it was the first 3-on-3 overtime. the lightning win it 3-2. also haxtall's first game as head coach. flyers need your help. the team wants you to get flyered up. there's a pep rally and tailgate party in burlington county. the street team will be giving out flyers gear. and some lucky event goer will snatch up free tickets for the home opener on monday. the saints are marching into town this weekend and the eagles are looking for win number two. on monday, chip kelly blamed the 1-3 start on mistakes in the
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kicking game and poor execution but he did soften his stance and did widen the scope when it comes to blame a little bit more. and now everyone's under the microscope. >> that falls on everybody's shoulders in this organization. coaching staff, players, we're all in this together. not one individual's fault. i tried to stress that. you can't blame it on this person. and it's not just one individual's fault. that's the message i've had for our team. if it's interpreted here differently, i think they understand that. >> and, of course, nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. join us sunday morning for eagles game day. starts at 10:00 a.m. and about this opening game of the american league playoff series between houston and kansas city. but a grounds keeper getting more of the attention than the baseball play. whoa! a member of the grounds crew
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gets caught underneath the tarp. i think it's pretty heavy, too, by the way. he wasn't hurt but might have a little bit of a bruised -- whoa. bruised ego, perhaps. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. that breaking news, a water main break closing a south philadelphia road. we are there with the latest. >> take a look at this. you can see green and yellow on the first alert radar. that's a line of showers headed this way. we'll get you the timing of that rain, when it'll hit your neighborhood. it is just about 6:00 a.m. 60 degrees outside right now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we've got rain coming in here today, a little bit later. let's turn to bill henley with the forecast. >> yeah, a summer-like day. we're at 60 degrees right now.
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we're still an hour before sunrise. and a big warm-up before we see activity on the screen. the showers and thunderstorms moving through pennsylvania. some lightning being detected. you can expect that late this afternoon. probably timed for the evening commute. by then, though, these temperatures will be much warmer. in fact, they're already warmer compared to yesterday morning. look at the 50s and low 60s. millville and dover at 62 degrees. 63 right now in atlantic city and 61 in philadelphia. watching some clouds move through the area. no sign of any rain from these clouds, and we will get some sunshine to warm temperatures up quickly. and the other element here, the wind, which has shifted, that's going to bring in warmer temperatures and more humidity to fuel those late-day showers. 63 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00, 72 degrees, and that's warmer than our normal high temperature of 69 degrees. and 78 degrees, and still climbing at 2:00 this afternoon. neighborhoy


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