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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we're still an hour before sunrise. and a big warm-up before we see activity on the screen. the showers and thunderstorms moving through pennsylvania. some lightning being detected. you can expect that late this afternoon. probably timed for the evening commute. by then, though, these temperatures will be much warmer. in fact, they're already warmer compared to yesterday morning. look at the 50s and low 60s. millville and dover at 62 degrees. 63 right now in atlantic city and 61 in philadelphia. watching some clouds move through the area. no sign of any rain from these clouds, and we will get some sunshine to warm temperatures up quickly. and the other element here, the wind, which has shifted, that's going to bring in warmer temperatures and more humidity to fuel those late-day showers. 63 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00, 72 degrees, and that's warmer than our normal high temperature of 69 degrees. and 78 degrees, and still climbing at 2:00 this afternoon. neighborhood by neighborhood
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forecast, when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your friday morning commute. >> and if you're heading out the door in new jersey, i have exactly what you need to know right here. we do have some construction on the 42 freeway northbound between 55 and 295. lane restrictions there. that is pretty much reopened. but watch out for crews, still, in the area. watch out for construction on 295. both directions, north and south between 47 and the 42 freeway. and the white horse pike between airport circle. if you're out the door on the schuylkill expressway right now, you're going to do okay. this is around 202, eastbound lanes right in here, and that's still a 13-minute drive time from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds of 60 miles per hour. you're good to go there. and in philadelphia right now, you can see this water main break right here, closing the intersection of 5th and south street. so the good news is, not a lot of traffic around the city area right now. you can take 6th street. really, pretty much anywhere to get around the block. and more updates to come.
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>> right. let's talk about that breaking news in south philadelphia. this water main break. nbc 10's monique braxton has an update. monique? >> i do have some new information for you since our last report. i spoke with someone who lives west of 5th and south. and she told me she was able to take a shower. she does have water. but this is what the scene looked like when we arrived here about an hour ago. you can see police tape is up. you also see now water is gushing from two areas on 5th street heading north. there is a larger area here right in front of johnny rockets. you'll be able to see as soon as this car passes. and over to the left, just below the handicap sign there is a small area of water gushing from the street. now, we've reached out to the philadelphia water department to find out exactly what time this happened, what may have caused it. the size of the main that broke, and when they expect crews to come out and repair it so that water is restored to this area.
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so far, we have been unable to get a response. but as you know, south street is a very busy part of town. there are dozens of businesses near this intersection as well as residents who live near this intersection. but so far, a bit of good news from someone i spoke to just before our report. and that is that folks who live west of 5th and south don't appear to be affected. live now in south philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> and we have more breaking news in south philadelphia. someone set several small fires, and authorities are treating them as suspicious. sky force 10 was over the 9th and wharton. we are told that have trash was set on fire in front of that apartment building. no one was hurt. we'll continue to follow the breaking news and bring you updates on air and on our nbc 10 news app. and international breaking news. a democracy group won the nobel peace prize. the announcement came about an hour ago.
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the first and most successful arab spring movement. some of the notable nominees for this year's prize, pope francis, german chancellor merkel and edward snowden. a man escaped serious injury after he was stabbed with what police describe as a large knife or a sword. nbc 10 was on the scene on juniper drive in cherry hill. police have not said what role this person played in the crime. investigators tell us the victim was stabbed in the hand and taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. no word yet on a motive. meantime, another stabbing, this one in southwest philadelphia. philadelphia. police say someone robbed and stabbed an auto tag shop owner 20 times. police say the robber went into the shop about five minutes bf closing time last night and in a matter of two minutes, police say he robbed and repeatedly stabbed the own. owner. the owner managed to call 911. john walker says police had to kick in the door to save him.
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>> i know the people here, this guy's been here for many years. >> police are already reviewing video, which shows the robber. police also say the timing of the crime right before the owner was closing up for the night was no accident. they think the suspect knew exactly what he was doing. >> i should have walked away. that testimony from one of the men charged in the center city building collapse as the trial gets closer to wrapping up. on the stand yesterday was the one man who has admitted playing a part in the deadly accident. benschop took a deal that will give him 10 to 20 years in prison. he was the heavy machine operator working on demolition at the collapse site at 22nd and market. six people were killed and more than a dozen hurt when a four-story brick wall fell on to a salvation army thrift store 2 years ago. benschop testified against griffin campbell, he's facing murder charges. his construction company was in charge of the demolition.
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and he's facing up to life in prison if he's found guilty. it's 6:06. take a look at surveillance video of two guys wanted for robbing a delivery driver in kensington. the delivery man says one of the men pulled out a gun last month and demanded his money and wallet. this video shows the men using the driver's credit card at a gas station and then at a walmart a short time later. police say a deadly home invasion in montgomery county last month was an act of revenge. authorities arrested desmond smith and ali yesterday. they say ali wanted revenge after his ex-girlfriend refused to take him back. investigators say the two shot and killed the ex-girlfriend's father, kevin brown inside his lower moreland township home. the ex-girlfriend was able to hide with her infant son. investigators say what he told her is proof this was an act of vengeance. >> he told her he wanted another chance, she refused. he told her, if we can't be
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together, someone's got to go. >> ali and smith are now charged with second-degree murder. a new clue has emerged in connection with the murder of a mercer county woman. police are looking for a black ford f-150 extended cab truck similar to the one you see on the screen. police aren't saying how she died, but the truck in question has new jersey plates l44eru. meanwhile, a former boy scout leader who headed a troop in delaware county will spend 20 years in prison for distributing child pornography online. a judge says -- sentenced. he was arrested while trying to get back into the u.s. from canada. he was a troop leader from 1999 to 2001. surveillance video was key to helping police arrest the suspect in connection with an assault on a temple student. here is that video that police released a week ago. investigators say they have
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arrested that man on an unrelated probation violation. the student who was attacked says she was on her way home from the library when the man grabbed her from behind last week, blocks away from temple's campus near carlisle and master. 8 minutes after 6:00 on an october friday that's going to feel more like september. like a light -- summer-like day. a late summer day. that's what i was trying to say. showers, thunderstorms, late this afternoon. after the big warm-up today. and then this weekend, back to autumn-like conditions. we will see clearing skies for saturday, lots of sunshine sunday. clouds over doylestown. few in philadelphia. but we will see sunshine before showers develop later today. and eventually, those showers will scream past the shore. fast-moving showers and thunderstorms, brief heavy downpours that will be out of here for late this evening. satellite shows some clouds over
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delaware and south jersey. those are completely dry. you can see some breaks in the clouds before we get to this. and this is the wet weather that's going to be moving in this afternoon. those are thunderstorms that are already in northwestern pennsylvania. the hour by hour future cast shows a spotty shower at noontime for redding and allentown is possible. but the heavier weather will wait until the afternoon hours. 2:00 in the afternoon, just off the north and west at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, we'll see the storms move through philadelphia. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for 70s, upper 70s for allentown and redding. 76 in quakertown. late day showers and thunderstorms for trenton and norristown up to 79 today. the showers will sweep through the shore this evening. 80 for vineland. dover also up to 80. and afternoon showers and thunderstorms, but before they move in, we'll get some sunshine to see the temperatures warm up in the upper 70s and lower 80s. the weekend and beyond with the 7-day when i'm back in ten.
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>> 6:10, just about. we were dealing with water main breaks not only in south philly, but one in morristown. and both going to affect traffic. >> let's get details. jessica? >> yes, sky force 10 over top of the scene of a water main break. this is burlington county where main street is actually closed right now. you can see crew on the scene trying to clean this area up. and that's between church street and chester avenue. so with all of these roadways closed, we will see some backup. that is a bad time for this right now. there are busy roads, as it is. your best bet considering the accident scene is in this area and that intersection is closed, you can take route 38 to get by that area. you can see right now, everything's all in the green. you're good to go there. but plan accordingly before you head out the door. might take you an extra 5 to 10 minutes. 95 right now around broad street. we do have in the southbound lanes, an accident or disabled vehicle over into the right-hand
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shoulder. it's not really into the actual lanes and traffic still moving by right now. but let's see if it's affecting those drive times. we're seeing the typical delays right now, though, on 95 northbound having no problems. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. that's about a 20-minute trip. it could get worse before it gets better in south carolina. we'll take you live to columbia with a new flood warning. the south carolina governor has for residents.
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it's 6:14. south carolina's governor is warning people that a second round of major flooding is expected. nbc's gabe gutierrez is live in columbia where residents are trying to recover from this past week's historic flooding. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more than 11 trillion gallons of water have pounded south carolina. and now, that water is rushing
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towards the coast. rushing downstream. now, 14 dams have been breached so far, and officials throughout the state are closely watching 70 others. and nikki haley is warning residents near the coastal community of georgetown, south carolina, to voluntarily evacuate. she says that new round of flooding could linger for up to 12 days. now, local officials have opened up an emergency shelter, but they stress that the evacuations are voluntary, and that right now, they are limited to rural areas. now, so far throughout the state, more than 350 roads and bridges are still shut down. and we'll have the very latest for you coming up on "today." back to you. >> thank you, gabe. we'll take it over from here. if you're wondering when is the best time to get your flu shot, well, it's now. and that's because october is the beginning of flu season and takes two weeks for the body to build immunity against the virus. doctors say this year's vaccine is expected to be better than
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last year's which was only 19% effective. so if you're not too busy today, head over to cherry hill township municipal building, one of the places you can get a flu shot today. it's on mercer street. shots being administered from 9:00 until noon. or if you live closer to delaware, you can get a free flu shot today. every october the health department gives out flu shots  at the new castle county's farmers market. it starts this morning at 10:00 a.m. and runs until 3:00. >> it's 6:16. welcome news for drivers in chester county. a bridge closed for more than a year is reopening ahead of schedule. it was damaged when it was hit by a tractor-trailer in april of last year. the bridge was scheduled to reopen next week, but the repair work finished early and it opened yesterday. it is the first of three covered bridges to be repaired under a $3 million project. >> those kinds of bridges are just great.
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all right. let's check in now with another look at what's going on in moorestown. >> yes, we are out in new jersey. so burlington county, over top of the scene of a water main break that is actually closing a stretch in south jersey of main street between church and chester avenue. so you can see active scene right now. crew on the scene right there, blocking all of that intersection and partial stretch. beyond that trying to get this incident cleared out of the way. you can see a lot of water in the area and crews working very hard to get this out of the way. now, we go over to our maps, i can get you around this right now. so, again, main street closed between church and chester avenue. that's that intersection right in here. you can see route 38 right underneath that, no problems. that will be your alternate. you can take that with no delays so far this morning. another water main break out in philadelphia. 5th street and south street. closing this intersection right in here. you can see, actually, in the
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areas. no real red around it. but if you are going to be detoured around this scene, it's easy to get around the block. no real problems or delays. you can take 6th street or just be detoured around the block. we'll have more updates to come in the next ten minutes. >> we are on our way to a pretty nice day, but there are some changes ahead. we're getting a warmer start this morning, and seeing some scattered clouds in the area. we'll get some sunshine before wet weather moves in later on today. 61 degrees right now in philadelphia. the humidity is up. the wind in philadelphia international is calm. but we're seeing a little bit of a southerly breeze develop. that's going to warm up the entire area. late this afternoon, probably during the evening commute. that's when we'll see showers and thunderstorms. dry right now, but that southerly wind just strong enough to bring in some additional humidity. and make for a warmer morning. 12 degrees warmer in the pocono mountains, 10 degrees warmer in
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mt. holly. and the warming will continue. you can see some breaks in the clouds. we'll hit 80 degrees this afternoon, and then we'll see these clouds arrive. those are producing showers and some thunderstorms. we could have some heavy downpours as one, two lines of storms move through the area during the late afternoon and evening hours. 4:00 this afternoon, look at that line of showers. and the rainfall will quickly accumulate. possibly 1/2 inch or more in portions of south jersey, about 1/3 inch in philadelphia while some areas will see much less. pottstown, wilmington, dover and cape may could see little rainfall later today. the forecast is calling for a big warm-up ahead of showers and thunderstorms late this afternoon and this evening. they'll be fast moving. we'll see 70s and low 80s this afternoon. and then we'll be cooling for the weekend. 7-day forecast has us down to 52 tomorrow morning.
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65, saturday afternoon, looks like good weather ahead for the temple game at lincoln financial field. and for the eagles game, as well. 71 degrees, sunday afternoon, and plenty of sunshine for monday. tuesday, another round of showers. >> 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. a major milestone for an organization that helps feed the sick in philadelphia. celebrating the 25th anniversary with the help of local celebrity chefs. robert bennett, jose garcist and others will prepare treats at the armory in center city tonight. manna provides more than 65,000 meals a month to critically ill people across the philadelphia area. this morning, house republicans on capitol hill are scrambling. >> been talking with a number of members. we've been thinking about this throughout the week, trying to see if we can get there. i just think it's best to have a new face. >> the top candidate in the race to be speaker of the house dropped out. and now the big question is, who will take over john boehner's
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job? and, making going to the movies an experience. a new theater in montgomery county that has the service of a restaurant and the comforts of home. vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by
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north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite. 6:24. peta has offered to save a popular landmark on the verge of extinction. lucy the elephant is in need of costly repairs. the city of margate needs to raise $35,000 for her survival. peta says it'll pitch in and pay for the repairs, but there's a catch. the group wants to decorate lucy with a message about elephants and the circus. the offer is under consideration. but officials worry that the message could scare children. dinner and a movie, a perfect way to spend a weekend night. right? well, the new movie tavern in flowertown gives you the whole experience wrapped up in one. with one tap of the call button,
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you can get burgers and a drink delivered right to your seat. it's a first in the area. the closest thing like is 40 miles away in collegeville. >> it's something that's lacked in the general area. for a long, long time. >> and it's going to bring a lot of business. and visitors to our area. >> tickets cost the same as a normal theater. but the price doesn't include the food. >> and good morning, everyone. your first alert traffic. we're on 95 right now where we have an accident over on the right-hand shoulder. this is approaching that scene around the betsy ross bridge. you can see the southbound drive time starting to climb up there. but something we're used to this time of morning. about a 26-minute trip. now, we have two water main breaks out in the area. i'm going to go over the details of those when i come back. but for now, a check on today's forecast with bill henley. hey, bill. >> look at this view.
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that's from the cockpit of sky force 10 which is flying in a warmer morning. few scattered clouds out there, no sign of showers just yet. but looks like we'll get those later today. right now, we're seeing temperatures across the area, up compared to yesterday. 63 in atlantic city. 61 in wilmington and philadelphia. >> thank you, bill. calling for help, katy zachary live at the recruitment drive to fill boots and save lives. katy? >> reporter: hi, i'm in one delaware county town where people are moving in and businesses are going up. sounds like a good thing, right? coming up after the break, i'll explain why the fire department is worried about this increase in numbers and why they're reacting by opening the station's doors.
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it is 6:30. and we have breaking news. a water main break closes a south philadelphia road. we are live at the scene. with the very latest. fire houses across pennsylvania are putting out a call for lifesavers. these are volunteer positions. and today's going to be a wild weather day. we're getting started with cloudy, foggy weather and we'll see a huge warm-up. but we could cap off the day with showers and perhaps thunderstorms. how about that. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> let's find out what's ahead with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> it'll be a typical summer day. it was a little unusual. the showers and thunderstorms for later this afternoon already tracking them in northwestern pennsylvania. these are going to be fast-moving showers. they'll be sweeping through late this afternoon, right in time for the evening commute. right now, as dry in the immediate philadelphia area. but we're seeing a few showers in the baltimore and d.c. area.
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just some light showers to start with. some clouds around, this is the view from center city. the clouds will break for some sunshine, and that's going to lead to a big warm-up. summer-like temperatures this afternoon. 63 degrees at 8:00. but by 11:00, we'll be 72 degrees, and the south-southwesterly winds will do two things. bring in additional humidity, that's already happening. and also, help push our temperatures into the upper 70s and low 80s later today. hour by hour, future cast, when i'm back in 10 minutes. to show you when you can expect those showers. right now, jessica boyington is watching the friday morning commute. jessica? >> yes, and right now, we are in sky force 10 out in philadelphia where we do have a water main break. you can see blocking off the roadways there. you can look at that sign a little closely at south street and 5th street. so tying up that entire intersection right there. and alternates for you are easy considering it's in the city area. you can see this is where we have it marked off on our maps
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right here. south and 5th. you can take 6th. pretty much navigate around the block. and you'll do just fine for right now as that crew cleans up that mess. now, heading out into new jersey, another main break. and your best bet for an alternate right there to get around that scene, you can take route 38 around the area. you can start to see some red and some yellow whether you're headed east or westbound on 38, too, most of that traffic is being diverted off to the area. give yourself extra time in new jersey. and if you're on the schuylkill expressway right now, we're pretty much jammed right around 676. eastbound or westbound, we'll take a look the a the drive times, as well. this is around the curve. but these drive times are a total trip from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we're at 17 minutes eastbound and 15 minutes headed westbound. bye. >> thank you, jessica. and we have breaking news in south philadelphia this morning.
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fire crews were called this morning to several small fires at 9th and wharton streets. and authorities there say that this is very suspicious. and we have nbc 10's monique baxton disbatpatched to the situation. we'll get back to her and that information in a few minutes. it is 6:33. house republicans expected to meet to try to figure out who is in charge. but the republicans' elections have been postponed now until they can sort it out. just hours after congressman kevin mccarthy confirmed he was running to take over house speaker john boehner's job, he suddenly dropped out. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? we're serving. we should put this conference first. and i think there's something to be said for us to unite. we probably need a fresh face. >> we are just weeks away from the country reaching its debt limit.
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and another deadline for a government shutdown, budget chair paul ryan is said to be outgoing speaker john boehner's favorite. aides say ryan is not interested. he's told reporters he's not running. but they're urging him to reconsider. today pennsylvania state budget is 101 days overdue and still, lawmakers on both sides have not budged on balancing -- on a balancing act. each have different ideas in how to pay for everything. the governor's proposal includes personal income tax and enacting a severance tax affecting the natural gas industry. republicans suggest looking at liquor privatization, pension reform and online gaming. >> if we balance the budget this year, we're looking at a $2 billion deficit next year. online gaming is not going to be the panacea to that. >> i think, if we start raising people's taxes, you need to do some reforms. and i really believe that
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pension reform is necessary. >> in the meantime, school districts across pennsylvania, including philadelphia have been borrowing millions to cover costs to keep the doors open. yesterday, students protested calling for an end to the stalemate. >> no ifs, no buts, no education cuts. that's what they're chanting. that was the chant they were using throughout the streets of philadelphia as students walked out of class hoping pennsylvania lawmakers heard their cries. they're angry over the budget battle and say lawmakers should not allow education to take a backseat to a bipartisan bickering. >> they're playing their politics game and we're the pawns in that game. and i think it needs to come to a stop. >> students are now demanding a solution to the fight they say is destroying their education. and they're calling the people that we call the emergency situations, we're talking about firefighters and other first responders. >> in delaware county, it's
6:36 am
those brave men and women who are now in need of rescue. led to officials to put out the call for help. katie zachary joins us live with a look at the county's first ever recruitment drive. tell us how this will work. >> hi, we are here in delaware county. earlier, i spoke to the chief of the newtown square fire company who says there is, quote, urgent need for volunteers. he's talking about here at his fire company and throughout delaware county. in fact, he says, here in newtown square, they have such a great need for daytime help that they have hired volunteers from other towns. and they actually pay them part-time to work during the day here. now, in the past, departments like this one in montgomery county have taken a different approach to recruiting. they have posted their need on signs and billboards in the past. but today and tomorrow, back here in delaware county, they're doing things differently. fire houses are opening their doors so people who are interested in volunteering or
6:37 am
learning more about it can meet firefighters firsthand. they can ask questions, see the trucks and all of the equipment. now, the goal for the newtown square fire department throughout this recruiting effort today and tomorrow is to attract about a dozen or so new volunteers. more, of course, is better. now, here and throughout the county, they are going to be recruiting more volunteer firefighters as well as ems personnel. reporting live in newtown square, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> and prosecutors have charged an emergency room doctor in the lehigh valley with sexually assaulting two children. he turned himself in this week. police say he molested a 5-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy for the last four years. prosecutors say the assaults did not happen while the doctor was working. >> the decision to charge was made based on the statements of the child and from what i was told the children are very credible and are able to relay what happened to them. >> we're looking forward to our day in court.
6:38 am
our hope is that notwithstanding the type of charge this is that everybody will keep an open mind. my client claims that he is innocent of these charges. >> the doctor is free on bail. he says he hasn't been practicing medicine for more than a year because of the pending charges. it's 6:38. an update to a story you saw first on ten. a nurse has surrendered her license after using a dirty syringe to give dozens of flu shots. it happened in mercer county. investigators say the nurse changed the needles but used the same syringe on 67 workers. they're all being tested for hiv and hepatitis. new jersey's health department says the nurse is barred from practicing pending a further ruling from the board of nursing. happening today, president obama heads to oregon. he'll meet privately with the families of the victims in the college shooting there. but at least one parent says his family will not be with the president who is calling for new gun restrictions.
6:39 am
other people in the community of roseberg planned to protest mr. obama's stance on gun control. a gunman killed nine people in a community college there last week before he took his own life. 21 minutes before 7:00. we're getting a warm start. there are some clouds that are moving through the area. they're going to keep on going. we'll get breaks of sunshine before you'll need your umbrella. and that's going to happen later today. right now, we're heading for a summer-like day. already starting warm. we'll be at 80 this afternoon. and late day, showers and thunderstorms. we could see some strong thunderstorms. there's a potential for damaging winds later on. but then the winds will clear things out for the weekend. looks like sunshine will be back in full force on sunday. clear skies in redding, 56 degrees, few scattered clouds for philadelphia and cape may in the 60s this morning. more than 10 degrees above normal. the clouds moving through the area. that's the view from the nbc 10
6:40 am
studios. blue sky to we will need sunglasses before umbrellas go up later today. at the bus stop, the humidity's higher, a little bit muggy and a mild one. 50s and low 60s to start with and a quick warm-up. won't be surprised to see students wearing shorts, especially this afternoon. the clouds are going to thin out, but then, the clouds, you can see off to the north and west, that's a cold front. already producing some showers and thunderstorms in northwestern pennsylvania. expect those later today. camelback, 71 degrees this afternoon. early this afternoon, you could see the showers and thunderstorms in the pocono mountains during the mid afternoon for fleetwood and pensburg. 77 degrees. later this afternoon, during the evening commute, most likely to see the storms in morristown. 79 for abington. and this evening, early this evening, the showers will arrive at the shore during the day today. partly sunny skies, 80 for millville. and sunshine will breakthrough
6:41 am
the clouds this morning, then the storms develop this afternoon. for philadelphia, 80 degrees today. we're on our way, though, to a nice weekend once the storms roll through, we'll be clearing out on saturday. 65 degrees. cooler on saturday. we're back into the low 70s on sunday. full 7-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. it's back over in philadelphia where police earlier had closed off 5th street at south because of a water main break. >> let's get you updated. jessica is watching that and getting you around it. >> just to get you familiar with what is going out in philadelphia right now. just to reiterate, south street at 5th street is closed due to a water main break. you can see that roadway with all the cones right in here. you can see the sign, clearly displaying south street.
6:42 am
not able to pass through this intersection at all on south street. we do have good news for you. in the city right now, you can see how the cars in the surrounding streets could move by the area. you can see it's right in here. everything green, you can take lombard, 6th street. this is a little bit yellow. that's okay. it's heading through intersections. that's why this actually factors in traffic lights when it updates with speed times. so you can see any of the surrounding streets to go around the block would be your best bet. if we're out in new jersey, as well right now, there's also another water main break out in the morristown area closing main street between church and chester avenue. your best bet for an alternate is to take route 38 and be just fine. watch out also in center city for a road closure on market street between 3rd and 4th. out until about 11:00 a.m. and it's also affecting all of these things affecting some of the mass transit problems. we have buses being detoured for septa. ben carson is speaking out
6:43 am
about guns and the holocaust. next, what he says what would've helped stop hitler from killing 6 million jews. a man hailed a hero for stopping a terror attack on a paris train.
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you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. at 6:46. we are following this breaking news just in. another shooting on a college campus. here's what we know right now. one person is dead, three others are hurt. after a shooting at northern arizona university. police do have a suspect in custody. investigators say the shooting happened in a parking lot near a dorm on the flagstaff campus. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you updates on-air and on our nbc 10 news app. the airman hailed as a hero is recovering this morning after
6:47 am
being stabbed in his hometown. airman first class spencer stone is in serious condition with three stab wounds. he was out with four friends when a fight spilled out of a bar in sacramento. this is surveillance video of the fight. police say it was fueled by alcohol late last night. they're looking for two men who took off in a car. >> republican presidential candidate ben carson is raising some eyebrows with his latest comment. he suggested the holocaust would have been greatly diminished if german jews had been armed with guns. it was a comment he made to wolf blitzer on cnn. carson drew criticism by calling for potential victims to rush the attacker. meanwhile, donald trump says washington is bedlam after mccarthy's decision to end his bid for speaker of the house. trump at a campaign event in las vegas. he says republicans need, what he calls, a very tough negotiator. >> but kevin is a nice guy, and i hope now they find somebody that's going to be, you know,
6:48 am
have those qualities where we can negotiate, where we can use that debt ceiling that's coming up very rapidly and do something really, really significant. >> trump also discussed hillary clinton's opposition to a proposed 12-nation pacific free trade deal. >> 6:48. the city of south carolina in south carolina has agreed to pay a settlement in the case of an unarmed african-american man who was shot to death by a white police officer earlier this year. north charleston will pay $6.5 million to the family of walter scott. officer michael slager shot and killed scott during a traffic stop back in april. scott was running from the officer at the time. a bystander recorded the shooting on cell phone. slager was indicted on a murder charge in june and is now being held without bond. happening today, disgraced comedian bill cosby is expected in a courtroom for a deposition in a civil lawsuit. that lawsuit was brought by one of the dozens of women claiming he sexually assaulted them.
6:49 am
she was just 15 years old. she claims the comedian gave her alcohol before the alleged attack. cosby has never been charged with a crime. meantime, a university in northeastern pennsylvania has become the latest school to distance itself from cosby. wilkes university trustees voted unanimously to revoke the honorary doctorate they granted cosby in 2004. saying his conduct does not live up to the school's values. and for the first time, more than two dozen cosby accusers come together for an exclusive group interview with kate snow. they'll appear in a date line special scheduled at 9:00. and you can watch it here on nbc 10. an agency in california has approved a $100 million expansion of the killer whale tanks at sea world in san diego. it banned the park from breeding orcas. sea world says it was disappointed by the conditions attached to the expansion, which
6:50 am
would triple the size of the existing killer whale enclosures. the company is considering its options. well, it was the opening game of the american league playoff series division. series between houston and kansas city. but a grounds keeper getting more attention than even the baseball players. they had a rain delay before the third inning and members of the grounds crew for the royals. well, this guy here gets caught underneath that tarp. that tarp is really, really heavy. and he wasn't hurt. he's okay. but kansas city may have bigger problems in this tarp because they're down one game and it's a best of five. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes before 7:00. it is a warm start this morning. we saw some clouds roll through. there's still some clouds in the area. no sign of showers just yet. that will be later today. 61 degrees in philadelphia. the humidity is higher, though it is calm in philadelphia international, a little bit of a southerly breeze. even has the pocono mountains
6:51 am
warmer this morning. that's the view from the french manor. breaks in sunshine in the mountains. wind fairly light will increase as we go into the afternoon. that brings in additional humidity that will likely lead to more of these. showers already popping up in baltimore and washington. not expecting much from those. these, a different story. two lines of showers already detecting some thunderstorms. these will sweep through our area quickly late this afternoon and this evening. there's a potential for some damaging winds later today as these move through the area. there's even a slight risk of a tornado, but that's more likely to happen to the north. we'll be watching those storms closely later today. the quick rainfall will be accumulating at 2:00 in the afternoon for allentown and redding. then watch as the storms come through philadelphia. that's at 4:00 today, a quick 1/4 inch and we could see another line bring us up to about 1/3 inch in philadelphia. how fast those are moving at 6:00 this evening. the storms are at the shore.
6:52 am
and then by 8:00, 9:00, they're offshore. 1/2 inch or more in portions of south jersey. so, keep an eye on the sky this afternoon. we will see those late day showers and thunderstorms. but ffr they get here, we'll get some breaks of sunshine. and look at those temperatures, that's like a late summer day. southwesterly winds, 10-mile-an-hour. we'll turn gustier later on. and then, the wind clears things out for the weekend. a cooler weekend, yes, it'll feel like autumn once again. it looks good for the temple game at lincoln financial field. in the afternoon. temperatures will top out in the middle 60s on saturday. and then a little bit warmer on sunday. the eagles, no excuses from the weather, at least. 71 degrees, the high temperature on sunday. turning warmer on monday. then a chance we'll see showers return to the area tuesday before we dry out wednesday and thursday. unless we forget. the wine festival. >> we could never forget. >> you talk about perfect weather. look at that sunshine, 62 at
6:53 am
noon. by 2:00, 66, and then it wraps up at 4:00. people tend to linger at that fine event raising money to crush cancer for chester county hospital. >> love that. 7 minutes before 7:00 right now. let's get you updated on the roads, including this problem that sky force 10 has been over in philadelphia. >> busy this morning, so has jessica boyington. >> yeah, we have updates here if this water main break, which is closing south street around 5th street. that sky force 10 is right over top of the scene right now. word that the water has been shut off. so if that's a light at the end of the tunnel, i don't know what else is. approaching the time for maybe that will be coastline ecleaned. you can see, we do have that highlighted at south and 5th street. the easy part is about being in the city like this is a lot of the streets around it aren't dealing with a lot of traffic and volume right now. you can see lombard is a good alternate. and 6th street. any of the numbered streets to
6:54 am
get around the area for right now, but starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. as for new jersey, watch out for another water main break. main street closed between church street and chester avenue. take 38 to get through the area. vai and tracy? and i'm monique braxton in south philadelphia where the fire marshal is on the scene of a suspicious fire near 10th and wharton. what we know after the break. >> reporter: nationally, it's fire prevention week. here locally in delaware county, they're opening their doors at the fire houses to raise awareness. they're also opening their doors for another life-saving reason. i'll explain coming up.
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6:58 am
we continue to follow breaking news out of flagstaff, arizona. there's been another shooting in a college campus. one person is dead, three are injured. and we can tell you that police do have a suspect in custody. it happened at northern arizona university. we'll keep you updated. >> and i'm monique braxton live in south philadelphia where the philadelphia fire marshal is investigating a fire that was set to believed to be suspicious in the 1300 block. what we've learned from sources overnight is it appears several fires were set in a trash can in front of an apartment building. police and firefighters are also telling us there have been no injuries. but it is being treated as suspicious and the investigation continues. we'll definitely be monitoring it. live in south philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
6:59 am
>> and live where this fire house and others behind me in delaware county are in great need of more volunteer firefighters. so beginning today and tomorrow, fire stations throughout the county will be opening their station doors, as you see behind me. inviting people who are interested in volunteering to come in, meet firefighters and see the equipment. live in newtown square, nbc 10 news. >> and first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. watch out for a road closure until 11:00 a.m. also affecting the septa buses being detoured around the scene. >> tracking showers and thunderstorms in northwestern pennsylvania that will arrive here later this afternoon. likely in time for the beginning of the evening commute and there's a potential for damaging winds. scattered light showers moving through maryland. doesn't look like those are heading our way. we'll see temperatures climb to summer-like levels looking for
7:00 am
80 degrees this afternoon. >> and the festival, of course, sunday. >> yes. >> we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. >> get up to the minute information with the nbc 10 app. . good morning. congress in chaos. house republicans racing to find a new speaker this morning. one day after the leading contender, congressman kevin mccarthy suddenly drops out of the running. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> bitterly divided republicans now scrambling for a replacement. >> this is not the time or ace, guys. >> and democrats giddy. >> anybody have any news they would like to discuss? >> what happened? who is in the running now? and was mccarthy undone by a whisper campaign? >> no. come on. >> we're live on capitol hill. air scare. >> we have a bird strike. 79. >> 79 say again. did you see what happened with delta?


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