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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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meteorologist brittney shipp. hey, brittney. >> hi, keith. this is the update here. we have the tornado warning in effect until 5:15. it's for this cell right here. it's what's moving into limerick. you can see how fast it's moving. this is moving 45 miles per hour. a quick moving system. let me go ahead and pause it so we can show you exactly where we are seeing the most dangerous conditions. this is it right here, starting to turn into more of a bow echo here, so let's zoom in, show you near limerick, some of the heaviest rainfall, east whiteland and norristown, so if i go ahead and track this for you, we'll show you where some of the heaviest rainfall is going to start to move in and that's going to be closest to the norristown area and king of prussia and plymouth, so that's going to start to move into those locations in a matter of minutes. king of prussia maybe in a minute or two you're going to start to hear heavy rain outside of your window. 5:02 easttown, 5:04 norristown,
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plymouth, and it is for this cell right here that's starting to curve a little bit and it's going to go from pottstown through limerick. so here is the area that is highlighted under this tornado warning until 5:15. at least 14 more minutes for us and we'll take it closer, show you exactly which roads and cities are under this tornado warning and they include collegeville, egypt road, dayton street, we'll show you where it is. anywhere highlighted in red i know you probably can't see your tv if you live near these locations, turn the tv up, head for the basement. i'm calling out the roads for you. collegeville, trooper, egypt road, stretching out to henderson road, king of prussia, norristown, whitehall, whitplain all included, butler pike, wells road, stump hall road, these are
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all areas, flower town road, all areas under a tornado warning until 5:15. move to a basement, lower floor, avoid all windows if you can. if you're outdoors, move to the closest substantial structure that you can find and also protect yourself from flying debris. now we're going to send it over to sheena parveen, who's tracking the latest on this tornado warning. sheena. >> still tracking it until 5:15 until we're told otherwise and we really do see a pretty good signature on the radar that does show there is good potential for possibly a tornado, maybe at least a funnel cloud, so the tornado warning here is for the area including norristown, conshohocken, areas along the pa turnpike, you want to get into a basement, the lowest level of your home if you don't have a basement, hallway, or interior closet and you want to stay away from windows. here is the warned area until
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5:15, norristown, conshohocken, king of prussia, white marsh township, too. we're going to watch these areas closely as the very strong winds approach. as it travels to the east, it's moving around 45 miles an hour or so, so fast, but still damaging winds, near 60 miles an hour, 70 miles an hour, even if we don't have a tornado on the ground, still a very severe thunderstorm. plymouth you can expect it moving in right now and your conditions are rapidly decreasing. whitpain 5:03, blue bell 5:04 traveling east towards the philadelphia area. if you're tuning in with us, it is a tornado warning across this area that we are watching very closely. the radar showing very heavy rain across norristown, the pa turnpike. conshohocken starting to see heavy rain, king of prussia seeing the heavy rain, as well. it's not just heavy rain, it's also high winds. we have lightning in this storm, we also have the potential for
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some small hail. here's where you start to see a bit of a hook within the radar signature here, that's where we really look to determine whether or not this could be a potential tornado. so limerick you're seeing the heavy rain, with some strong winds. this is all part of a very severe storm and here's philadelphia now. so we're going to see this storm approach the philadelphia area very soon. if you are in marian, you can expect upper darby, philadelphia, camden, then it will be crossing over into new jersey. again, the warning, the tornado warning goes until 5:15, but the severe thunderstorm warning for this entire area is going to last for a little while. we do expect, again, very damaging winds, lightning, potential for small hail, also heavy rain and it's also moving mostly to the east right around 45 miles per hour. so we go back to heavy rain near salford, limerick, also down towards norristown, king of prussia, across the pa turnpike,
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conshohocken, so if you know anyone in these areas maybe driving home, you might want to give them a call, let them know, because what we're seeing on these major interstates right now, very heavy rain and very strong winds approaching. so damaging winds, that is going to be a huge issue and again what we're seeing is a tornado warning in this area. so we don't have a tornado on the ground just yet, but there is a potential for the storm to produce that. precip rates are over an inch and a half, but that would be if the storm sat in one place for this long period of time. the storm still moving towards the east. plymou plymouth, you're seeing this right now as we go into this area and norristown you're seeing the heavy rain. it is approaching the philadelphia area, again, it's going to be moving into the philadelphia area. i would say in about ten minutes or so from now. 5:05, i would say by about 5:14, 5:15, this tomorrow will be moving into philadelphia. so again, a very strong storm with a potential of producing a tornado. we are seeing signs of rotation
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in the storm, upper darby expect it by 5:14, drexel hill 5:10, about five minutes from now, moving about 45 miles an hour. this is a severe storm capable of producing a tornado. we've been seeing indications of rotation inside the storm and now you'll see the motion of it moving from west to east. a very strong storm and where you see that signature hook shape right here, that's where we see the rotation in the storm and some of the strongest rotation may be approaching norristown and 476 right now, so in this general area if you're in lower montgomery county, in these sections, you are under the tornado warning. again, get into a basement, interior hallway or closet. there's the tornado warning right now until 5:15. if you are in these sections, get into a basement. if you don't have a basement, lowest level of your home, interior hallway or closet and stay away from windows. it's not just a tornado warning we're keeping an eye on, it's this entire area because it is under a severe thunderstorm
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warning, as well. again, there is a tornado warning, conshohocken, south of you, but you're going to expect strong winds and heavy rain. this is moving towards the major interstates here. if you know anybody on the road, if you're about to head out on the road you might want to just wait because we're seeing very high winds and heavy rain. don't be driving in this area any time soon until the storm passes, but i'm sure a lot of cars are stuck in traffic with the heavy rain and high winds coming down. again, this is a severe storm. if you're just tuning in with us, a tornado warning is traveling to the east mostly around 45 miles an hour, conshohocken, heavy rain, norristown, king of prussia, there's the pa turnpike, the red is showing us the heaviest of the rain. a lot of lightning developing, whitpain township seeing that, as well, across 476 and along with this we expect damaging winds, winds near 60 miles an hour or greater. it is a tornado warning, so again if we don't have the tornado on the ground, we still have the high potential of
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seeing those damaging winds. we're still getting signs of rotation within this storm, but really the main area could be right near skipback township near 476. seeing very heavy rain, possibly damaging winds there, as well. this is heading towards the philadelphia area, so something we are definitely keeping a very close eye on. i'm going to step off for a second, there you see it across 476. this is where we have heavy rain, potentially some very, very high winds in this area and also looking at potential hail, brittney. >> that's right. i can show you right now, you can notice everywhere you see gray, that's where the hail has moved through. some of those really severe thunderstorms, the reason why the national weather service issued the severe thunderstorm watchings and warnings is because a lot of the cells have hail embedded inside, along with all the lightning that we're
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seeing. really strong and damaging wind speeds. what i want to show you right now is the fact we have reports of trees down near 76. this is all tracking to the east. the most important thing is the tornado warning in effect until 5:15. we have about six more minutes of watching this cell. we have not gotten a confirmed report of a tornado touching down, but right now norristown, east whiteland, you can notice that that's where the cell is. this is what we're watching here. you can see how it's starting to turn there, stretching into norristown, east whiteland. then, this is the cell we're watching, this is what prompted the national weather service to issue a tornado warning, so you have to take cover now, move to a basement if you can or interior room on the lowest floor of your house, avoid windows. if you're in a mobile home or outdoors, you have to move to
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the closest shelter that you can find. so this is tracking to the east at about 45 miles per hour. let me retrack this for you and show you exactly when some of the heaviest rain is expected to be in some places like philadelphia or even haverford. if i show you right now, 5:14 haverford, we are expecting to see some of the severe thunderstorms moving into that particular city. by 5:19 into merion, upper darby, and if we just zoom you into this tornado warning box, we want to show you exactly which streets are going to be affected. i'll call out a few of these rotations and that's going to be dayton street, black rock road, main street in collegeville, vince vincent, phoenixville, we have
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trooper, germantown pike, also included in this tornado warning, stump hall road, stretching down into pot shop road, burn side avenue, liberty avenue, harding boulevard, main street, you are all under a tornado warning. again, it is important for you to take cover for at least the next four minutes until this tornado warning expires. if you live near germantown pike, wood brook lane, plymouth road, bridgeport. all of these locations, again, highlighted in red, means they are under the tornado warning box. conshohocken stretching down, mount pleasant road, waverly road, all included in this tornado warning here. spring mill road, stretching out to, let's see, all of you if you heard your street name or live in these neighborhoods, norristown included just to the north of ratner, all under the
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tornado warning at least until 5:15. four more minutes. let's get out of this and i'll show you the cell we are watching and how fast it is quickly approaching here. let's put this in motion. we'll loop it for you. again, this is moving quickly to the east at 45 miles per hour, so right now the heaviest rain if i pause it for you is just moving out of norristown, so it's right over places like plymouth, white marsh. heavy hail in the warning zone. that's something i've been tracking. we've gotten reports of hail the size of one inch, so that's damaging hail that's coming down. also really strong wind speeds gusting up to 40, 50 miles per hour associated with this very strong thunderstorm cell, and some of the heaviest rain is right now over just to the north of ratner. this is just to the south of
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conshohocken near ridge pike moving into manor road, waverly road, also flat rock road will be up next in terms of this heavy, heavy rainfall that's associated with this cell that has prompted the national weather service to issue a tornado warning. sheena, are you tracking something else still? >> let's go to max three if we can, max three computer if we can take that back in the control room. there you see it on the radar here and here you see a live look towards the philadelphia area kind of looking back across the schuylkill river up towards the direction of montgomery county where the storms are coming from. very dark clouds here, strong winds coming in, all approaching the philadelphia area. so again this is from one of our cameras in philadelphia looking out across the schuylkill river, up towards the general direction of montgomery county. i'm going to take this off real quick and here you see the radar. the red, heavy rain across 476, 76, also the pa turnpike,
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norristown, abbington all approaching philadelphia. so look how close the heavy rain is to the philadelphia area. we're still seeing the tornado warning and aside from that, we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect and that is moving towards the philadelphia area. right now in this area along the main line here and pa turnpike, this is still an area that's under a tornado warning and this is still an area with a lot of lightning and also some very heavy rain. i'm going to put this in motion here, because we're still under that tornado warning and the general area that we're looking at for any rotation, i'm going to circle that for you. it's typically right near hatfield and norristown, so this is really the section that we're most concerned about at this point. and it's right across 76 and the pa turnpike near norristown and also south we're seeing some edge of that, as well, on 476. this is one section we're watching very closely and if i
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take the radar image off, there you see that tornado warning is still up. so there's the tornado warning. it's still in this area, it's going to go until about 5:15 or so and does look like it just expired. either way, doesn't matter because we still have a severe thunderstorm warning and i think in this area we still have indications of at least some rotation, which are typical in severe thunderstorms, but at least in this area we're seeing the potential for very high winds. so you definitely still want to stay away from windows in this area. this is still a very nasty looking storm and when you look at the radar, you look at signatures that typically look like this to show us strong winds, basically creating rotation and that's why the storm is shaped the way it is. haverford seeing the heavy rain now, norristown, pa turnpike, i think you're probably seeing some of the strongest winds. this is moving into the philadelphia area right now, where we see the heavy rain, the leading edge of that rain, it's moving mostly to the east around 45 miles an hour, and it will be
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crossing the delaware soon moving into new jersey. i'm going to track this for you, this storm is on its way into philadelphia and also will continue to move into new jersey, but right now it's moving still to the east around 45 miles an hour. philadelphia, you can expect it within about the next five minutes to approach the area. it is a quick mover. camden 5:25, cherry hill 5:30 and bristol about 5:33. it is a strong thunderstorm, the tornado warning has expired at this point, however, we still do have a severe thunderstorm warning out. that means winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. these are damaging winds and also lightning, the potential for small hail and heavy rain. you still want to stay away from windows, you still want to keep an eye on our radar, because this storm is still very strong and moving through the area. i'm going to loop this for you so you can see what's been happening over the last hour. this is the last hour. it's moved into montgomery county, now on its way to
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philadelphia. we're still seeing indications, though, of strong winds, we still have the severe thunderstorm warning up in the philadelphia area and if you're in philadelphia right now, you may not see much except some dark clouds, but we do have the storm approaching, so let's take another look at our live camera and here you see it now, it's really getting darker out. you can see the cloud with heavy rain, high wind, lightning in this area, as well. let's take a different look here at the philadelphia area, so now we're going to take a look at center city here from our camera at the adventure aquarium. now we're going to look across the delaware river at philadelphia from camden, new jersey. here you see some dark skies, heavy rain approaching philadelphia, but we're still also seeing it in the areas that have been under the tornado warning. and again, the strong winds are moving in, too. aside from the fact the tornado warning is cancelled, this is still a severe thunderstorm, so this can provide some damaging winds, as well. i'm going to stop it right here and this is where we have the current situation. there you see the edge of the
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heavy rain, lower bucks county, you can expect that, newtown soon, as well as bensalem, chester, and this is going to be moving into parts of northern delaware. newcastle county expect rains soon, but there you see it's been confined to pennsylvania, it will be moving into south jersey and delaware soon. these are strong storms with damaging winds, heavy rain, and a lot of lightning in some cases. i'm going to redo this tracker here. it is moving mostly east around 45 miles an hour, and that's really been the motion that we've seen the storm moving through the afternoon. a lot of the storms moving quickly, dropping heavy rain, as well, and they are going to continue moving through, but clearing out by the time if you have friday evening plans, i think we'll see a lot of the storms clearing out by then. philadelphia you can expect the next few minutes here, already moving in, cherry hill 5:29, washington township, winslow,
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and vineland by 6:08. so we have the heavy rain in lower montgomery county. we've been seeing it in this area for a while now. again, rainfall rates of about an inch and a half or so per hour. this is something that could be causing some localized flooding concerns, but at this moment we're concerned with that, as well as some high winds and lightning. so this is something we'll keep tracking as we go through the next, i would say, couple hours here. we really don't expect it to clear out until about 8:00. brittney? >> one thing we've seen developing, especially on some of our live camera networks is the low hanging clouds, also the rain starting to develop over center city, so we can just fly you through a few of our cameras, we'll start with our aqua cams looking from camden at the skyline, we'll show you exactly what we're seeing and that's mainly just the rain starting to develop throughout center city. so we have one camera that we want to show you, this is our radar shot right now of the system that's moving through. the next we want to show you is
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the camera looking at center city from camden, but we have lots of cameras throughout center city, so this is another one at the ben franklin bridge right now where we are going to see heavier rainfall that's going to start to move through, so i'm going to pan through all the cameras and show you some of the rain that you can see starting to come down out of the clouds. again, we do expect to see gusty wind speeds as this gets closer to us, it's moving out of places like norristown, closer towards philadelphia, and then we have another shot we want to show you, we'll take you to south philly to the link where we can see it is actually dry right now, but you can see the gray skies there and we will continue to monitor the situation. we'll be looking at all of our cameras, show you exactly where some of the heaviest rainfall is. right now i want to send it back to keith and jacqueline. >> thank you. as we continue to watch this developing and breaking weather situation, we do want to let you know you can always get first alert weather updates any time on the nbc 10 news app. you can also track the storms
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through your neighborhood by using our interactive radar. we'll be back with more weather coverage as storms continue to move through our area.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> take a look at nbc 10 first alert radar here, damaging winds, reports of hail as large
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as an inch in diameter, severe storms after a tornado warning just expired. we continue to track this system as it moves closer and closer through our area. at the moment it's right over philadelphia. >> we can tell you it's moving west to east at 45 miles per hour, some wind speeds reported at 50 to 60 miles per hour. let's send it over to first alert meteorologist brittney shipp and sheena parveen. >> that's right. we are tracking a severe thunderstorm warning, although the tornado warning has already expired. this severe thunderstorm warning will stay in effect at least until 5:30. it's because of this severe thunderstorm cell moving through, it's no longer a threat to produce a tornado, but it's still producing hail, wind gusts possible up to about 50 miles per hour, lots of rainfall, and this just over the evening commute, so lots of folks are trying to get home from work. let's go ahead and track this for you. you can see some of the heaviest rain over places like winmore and jenkentown, this is where
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the heaviest rain pocket is right now. let's go ahead and zoom out a little bit and show you where some of that heavier rain will start to make its way into philadelphia. this is tracking to the east at 45 miles per hour, so this is moving quickly. so if you live in philadelphia, work there, have a loved one, call them and say in about three to four minutes we're going to see heavy rain moving in. 5:28, bustleton, 5:31, that's when the heavier rain will start to move into those areas. this cell is also capable of producing hail. we've already gotten reports of a few trees down and this was in chester county. i want to show you some of the hail tracks and also the gray is the hail tracks so let's end this severe thunderstorm warning box, this is the yellow here. this gray is where the hail has come down. we have reports of one-inch sized hail. also you can see multiple trees, wires down along creek road.
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these are really strong storms now moving into our region and that's why the national weather service has issued the severe thunderstorm warning and that will be affecting pottstown, lionville, springfield, philadelphia's under the severe thunderstorm warning. that's going to go all the way until 5:30 and you can see the strongest rainfall, the strongest winds are pushing through parts like abington and heading east at about 45 membershmiles per hour. so this is a quick moving cell we'll continue monitoring for you. we're going to head to break now. stay with us, another update for you in about two minutes.
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this is nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> we continue to follow this breaking and developing weather situation, a fast moving cell. there were signs of rotation in the storm, but no reports of a tornado on the ground. there are reports of trees and wires down though. >> the height of rush hour, as well. our team of meteorologists has been tracking the storms in your neighborhood. let's get back to sheena parveen. where are the worst conditions now, sheena? >> along the i-95 corridor, not a good place for this time of day. that's where we're seeing some of the heaviest rains and strongest winds, especially in the philadelphia area, that's where we have a severe thunderstorm warning out and this is all moving into new jersey soon. severe thunderstorm warning for this area until 5:30, so it
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should be expiring soon, however, we still do have indications of at least some small hail, very heavy rain, and with any severe storms damaging winds near 60 miles an hour, also lightning. this storm system is mostly moving east/northeast, so if you're in camden, you can expect it pretty much moving in right now, cherry hill 5:32, mount laurel, gloucester, washington township 5:47. so again, these storms all moving to the east, parts of bucks county, most of bucks county seeing very heavy rain and lightning here and this heavy rain will continue sliding into parts of lower bucks county. now we'll look at chester county, also delaware county, wilmington on the doorstep of heavy rain. this is approaching 95 and 495 and this whole area of storms, these are going to move into newcastle county, salem, cumberland county after that.
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pensville 5:40. so again, strong storms moving through and almost the entire area is under a severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 tonight. winds near 60 miles an hour, lightning, heavy rain, potential for hail all included. right now we've mostly seen it in pennsylvania, but starting to move into parts of northern delaware and also new jersey at this time if you are closer to the delaware river and i-95. we'll keep tracking these storms, i'll track them for you through the rest of the evening, also the timing of it for your friday night and how your weekend's going to shape up straight ahead. >> thank you. linkin high school in northeast philadelphia was on lockdown this morning after reports of a man with a gun. police say one person is being questioned right now, but they haven't found a gun on that person or anywhere in the school. the school operated normally for the rest of the day. but today's incident comes one day after martin luther king high school was on lockdown. investigators got a tip a student was on his way to the school with a gun. officers arrested that student and found that gun later in the
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day. then on tuesday, the community college of philadelphia was under a lockdown after a gun scare there. police say a 17 year old threatened a student with a gun and then ran into a building on campus. president obama's in oregon right now to meet with families of survivors of last week's school shooting. >> but as nbc's jennifer bjorklund shows us, the visit is being met with some controversy and protest. >> reporter: the president visiting roseburg, oregon, just after a week at the shooting of umpqua community college, a mass causality event that left obama visibly frustrated with the nation's gun laws. >> this is a political choice that we make to allow this to happen every few months in america. >> reporter: a student opened fire, killed nine classmates at the campus last thursday before dying in what the medical examiner ruled to be suicide. a quinnipiac poll in the aftermath of the shooting show while less than half americans support stricter gun control
5:33 pm
laws, an overwhelming majority want background checks for gun buyers. the roseburg community has a minority of obama supporters. he got 35% of the douglas county vote in 2012, but his critics are outspoken. >> he is not wanted out here to push his agenda. >> i think the fact he's coming to meet with the families is excellent. >> reporter: demonstrators opposed president obama's policies on gun control, protests, elected officials also opposed to gun control welcome the president. >> he is the number one elected official for our entire nation, and by coming here, he brings that whole feeling of the nation is behind us and in support of us. >> reporter: in a community divided by opinions on guns, hope to come together and heal during a debate that is sure to open old wounds. jennifer bjorklund, nbc news. philadelphia police are searching for two people in connection with a violent attack on a man in bustleton. we do want to warn you the new
5:34 pm
video you're about to see is graphic. the victim was standing in front of a bar called betty the bums on bustleton avenue when the man and woman walked up to him last saturday night. as you saw in the video, the woman pointed at him, the man punched him, knocking him to the ground. as the victim was lying there, the man continued attacking him. the victim was taken to the hospital where he received five staples on his head. we also have new video tonight that could help solve a violent home invasion. police say these are the two men who terrorized a family in philadelphia. nbc 10's monique braxton spoke exclusively to the family after last week's break-in, also has more on the search for those responsible. >> reporter: investigators now have this surveillance videotape of three gunmen who forced their way into an apartment here in the 1300 block of seller street last week. the couple told us two men tied up the 51-year-old male, while the 52-year-old female, his wife and grandson, hid in and
5:35 pm
adjacent bedroom. >> tied me up and i cooperated with them. >> reporter: the camera captured one suspect jumping a back wall of the property. and the other two leaving the home with a flat screen. the female victim also showed us where the stolen laptop and game system, as well as keys, were once placed. >> 56-inch tv was right there. the playstation, kids' playstation, xbox was over there. >> reporter: the victims also say the suspects took about $200. if you recognize the men seen on the surveillance videotape, you're urged to call philadelphia police. in frankford, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. police in north jersey shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked a young girl and left four people hurt. this happened in hudson county. one neighbor saw the dog attack the young girl, biting her head as she was ready to get on the school bus. three people, including the dog's owner, struggled to pull
5:36 pm
the animal off the girl before the police arrived. a witness described what happened after they separated the dog from the girl. >> owner took the dog back in the gate and the dog was still trying to go after the girl. out of nowhere the dog turned and started attacking the owner itself. >> my heart goes out to her parents, but i also have compassion to the owner because i know they weren't vicious people. >> witnesses say one of the dog's owners died on wednesday. they say there had not been any previous problems with the dog. happening today, even more legal troubles for bill cosby. the disgraced comedian is giving a deposition in civil court. the lawsuit was filed by judy couth. she claimed cosby sexually assaulted her at the playboy mansion in the 1970s when she was just 15 years old. couth also claims cosby gave her alcohol before the alleged attack. she's one of several dozen women who accused the comedian of sexual assault. cosby hasn't been charged with
5:37 pm
any crimes. nbc's kate snow recently sat down with nearly 30 of cosby's accusers. the women who range in age from 46 to 80 years old told their stories and responded to skeptics. those exclusive interviews air tonight on nbc's "dateline," but first we'll talk to kate snow about the women and what surprised her about the stories. that's coming up later this hour on nbc 10 news at 5:00. in the meantime, we'll be right back.
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i want to show this live picture right now. it's a gloomy lens because it's focused on the drops there on the lens. i can assure you this is center city, philadelphia. we're tracking severe storms today after tornado threats earlier. our team of meteorologists, we'll check in with sheena and brittney shortly. in the meantime a new jersey state trooper hailed a hero tonight. >> he's being credited of saving the life of an 8-month of old. the trooper was called to a house after a child was discovered unconscious and not breathing. a family doctor was at the house and started cpr. hawken retrieved an automated external defib rate lor out of his car and used it on the little girl. tonight we can tell you she is expected to make a full recovery. party for one. it is the most sought after reservation across the country. >> and the strongest growth is in major metropolitan areas, including philadelphia. according to open table, solo dining reservations have grown nationally by 62%.
5:41 pm
philadelphia's number five on that list of the largest cities experiencing a large number of people dining alone. park in philadelphia made the top 25 of restaurants for solo diners, not a surprise there, great place to eat. >> it is. it has been a busy day in the first alert weather center, sheena parveen tracking storms on the radar. >> that's right, we had a tornado warning, severe thunderstorm warnings, now rain moving into new jersey and delaware. coming up, we'll show you what the timing looks like for the rest of your friday and your weekend. plus, remembering shane, the newborn only lived a few hours, but his parents want shane's memory to live on. how they are helping other couples fighting the same battle.
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starting to get a better look at the heavy rain, damaging
5:44 pm
winds for local residents. >> we are, the storm just came through parts of montgomery county. we can tell you deanna durante is live in jenkintown with a look at conditions there. deanna? >> reporter: take a look at the traffic here, you can see traffic moving along for rush hour, but just a little while ago it was bright and sunny skies, then the storm came through. we still have bursts of thunder and lightning, as you see here, and the rain came down pretty hard, but moved out of here fairly quickly. lasted about six or seven minutes. still light rain right now, but there is ponding on the road, not a ton, but not what drivers want to see at 5:00 on a friday night, 5:44, i should say. keith and jacqueline? >> right during rush hour, too. deanna, thank you very much. she described how fast this thing moved through. one time it was clear, couple minutes later, boom, it was on top of that. >> a lot in the system, lightning, strong winds, hail,
5:45 pm
let's go right to sheena parveen. >> these storms have been moving around 45 miles an hour, so that's why the rain is really coming on so quickly, as well as the strong winds and we are still under a severe thunderstorm watch as we go into the rest of the evening. the heaviest rain is stretching from wilmington, philadelphia, up towards trenton, much of bucks county, and it is moving into new jersey and delaware. heavy rain over wilmington, pennsville, chester, these are all traveling east and southeast around 30 to 45 miles an hour, so pretty quick movers, but still dropping heavy rain, reducing visibility on the major interstates. at this time of day, not a good combination. clayton 5:56, bridgeton by 6:06. now we'll zoom into the philadelphia area. upper darby, philadelphia, all moving across the expressway. so we'll continue to see this
5:46 pm
heavy rain moving into new jersey. so right now we're watching it move towards washington township, you can expect it in that area by 5:51. williamstown by 6:00 and now we'll slide up closer to trenton, still along the i-95 corridor here, this heavy rain is continuing to move into burlington county here. east winds, 5:48 expected at chesterfield, browns mill about 6:02. so these storms still containing potentially damaging winds, but still strong winds, heavy rain, lightning, and the potential for at least small hail, but there you see the motion. we've mostly seen and confined in pennsylvania, but now moving into new jersey and northern delaware. all the pink shaded counties here, that's a severe thunderstorm watch. that's going to go until 8:00 tonight. if any severe thunderstorms we see develop from here until 8:00 p.m. or 9:00, we could see winds near 60 miles an hour, lightning, heavy rain and the potential for that small hail, but i think if you have friday night plans, the rain will be
5:47 pm
cleared out by later tonight by 9:00 p.m. or so. temperaturewise we're cooling down with the rain. look at the air off to the west. right now if you're about to head out, you're going to want a jacket. 64 degrees, pottstown 68 degrees in philadelphia right now, we were closer to 80 this afternoon. still close to 80 in atlantic city and dover, but those areas have not seen the rain yet. once that rain moves through, temperatures will be dropping. here's future weather over the next hour we'll see the line of storms getting closer to the shore, northern delaware, then by 8:00, 9:00 p.m. i think a lot of the rain is going to mostly be confined to the jersey shore and delaware beaches. by 11:00, most of the area really starting to dry out. temperatures start to drop. that rain is part of a cold front. cooler, 60s. sun we stay cool with temperatures mostly around the
5:48 pm
mid 60s. and dry weekend, great for any plans. speaking of that, we have the eagles game sunday. sunshine across the board, by fourth quarter mid 60s, but earlier in the day the upper 50s. for tonight, showers and storms moving into new jersey and delaware. clearing late tonight, mostly after about 9:00 p.m., then temperatures really starting to drop off. tomorrow high temperatures mid 60s, very different than today. you'll want a jacket across the weekend, developing sunshine and sunshine in the entire weekend forecast. nice change from this afternoon, and evening, then back into the 70s next week. coming up, another look at the radar, keep tracking the storms and a closer look at the timeline for your friday night. it's been one year since a delaware county couple's son died just hours after he was born. jenna and dan knew their son shane would not live long after his birth. he was diagnosed with a rare and terminal birth defect. while he was still in the womb, the couple visited some of their favorite places, documenting
5:49 pm
their journey on facebook titled shane's bucket list. their story inspired more than 700,000 people. >> we did all that we could for shane while we were carrying him and we thought what better way to celebrate his first birthday and help another child. >> to honor shane, the couple plans to participate with friends and family this weekend in the walk for wishes. the event raises money to help grant the wish of a child with a terminal diagnosis. the walk for wishes is sunday at 9:00 a.m. at the philadelphia zoo. go to and our mobile app for more information. if you're wondering when is the best time to get your flu shot, the answer is now. that's because october is the beginning of flu season and it takes two weeks for the body to build immunity against the virus. doctors say this year's vaccine is expected to be better than last year's, which was 19% effective. most children in the u.s. have been vaccinated for measles, but new data shows that millions are
5:50 pm
still vulnerable to the contagious disease. researchers say about 12% of kids have not gotten the mmr vaccine or didn't get both of the recommended doses. that's enough for potentially large outbreaks. doctors want parents to know that the vaccine is safe. friday night flashback is brought to you by -- philadelphia's credit union. >> we look back and show you how they once were. tonight we focus on our man malcolm jenkins. >> our eagles correspondent, but once upon a time he was a stand-up player in north jersey, where he starred both as a wide receiver and defensive back. jenkins also won the state title as the 400 meter champion, but it was on the football field where he stood out, earning all state honors as a senior and his memories of high school football
5:51 pm
are all good. >> we won three state championships here. at the time we didn't realize how good we really were, but then you look back and see we had three first rounders on one team, and it was just fun, man, i just really -- i didn't really think about playing college ball until my junior year in high school, so it was really all about just the love of the game. >> three first rounders on one team, that's all you have to hear about a high school team. my goodness. don't forget we have a full plate of high school highlights tonight in our high school blitz coverage. you can catch it oall at 11:00. >> because nbc 10 is your official eagles station, see more of malcolm jenkins during our pregame coverage of this sunday's matchup. eagles game day kickoff sunday morning at 10:00. this week we also have an exclusive sit-down with jordan matthews. we'll be right back.
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5:54 pm
another accuser takes bill cosby to court. today bill cosby, claimed he sexually assaulted her in the 1970s when she was just 15 years old and she is one of dozens to come forward with similar allegations against the comedian. >> tonight on dateline, 27 of the women sit down with nbc's kate snow to tell their stories. our own vai sikahema spoke with kate earlier today. >> kate, thanks for joining us. kate, what was the most surprising or emotional part of the interviews with cosby's accusers? >> vai, i think it was just the power of having 27 people in one room, all talking with each other, right, so patterns emerged. they were sharing their stories, some of them had never met
5:55 pm
before, and you start to hear things over and over again, so as a viewer, you start to wonder about their stories and kind of connecting those dots. of course, bill cosby has consistently denied allegations against him and has not been criminally charged with any crime. >> as you know, kate, as most people know, cosby is from philadelphia, and one of his accusers was actually an administrator at temple university. did you have a chance to interview her, and if you did, what did she tell you? >> we reached out to andrea constant, but as you know, she settled the case ten years ago with cosby out of court. there was a settlement that said she could not speak to the media, so she is not part of our dateline hour tonight. however, four of the women who were integral in that case in philadelphia, they were called the jane does at the time, they were women who were willing to testify on behalf of andrea, we sit down with four of them, and we tell that story of how that case in philadelphia was pivotal in terms of what's happening now with bill cosby. >> kate, from cosby's camp, the
5:56 pm
narrative that they are running basically is this is a money grab after speaking to all these women, you find them very credible? >> well, i think that's up to the viewers to judge for themselves. definitely the cosby camp has said, suggested in court filings even recently this week they were in court arguing about a case in l.a. around a woman named judy huff and you know bill cosby is scheduled to be deposed in that case today as we speak, and they said in those court documents the cosby team said they think judy huff is in it for money. gloria allred, her attorney, you'll hear her say that's not what she's there for, she wants justice. >> kate snow's interview with cosby's accusers tonight on "dateline" on nbc 10 starting at 9:00. and coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 -- >> we'll stand out here with him and my granddaughter, who's four, and they don't even slow down when they see the kids,
5:57 pm
they go by just as fast. >> neighbors say extra traffic outside their homes is putting children in danger. nbc 10 gets to the bottom of this problem. sheena? >> and the storms we've been tracking all afternoon now moving into new jersey and delaware. coming up we'll track the storms, the timing, what you can expect tonight and what you can expect into your weekend. plus, will joe run? the national media is camped outside vice president biden's delaware home expecting a decision about a possible presidential run. what we've uncovered outside the biden home today. coming up next. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+.
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with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. ñaaa
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nbc 10 news starts now. listen to that thunder rumbling tonight in radnor. the tornado warning is over now, but the threat of severe storms continues at this hour and it's creating a messy rush hour this evening. and this is what it looks like in delaware. all three states hit by fast moving storms in our area this afternoon. let's take a look right now at the radar, still very active storms moving through the i-95 corridor at this hour and a live look at the center city skyline, where rain is moving through, should be moving through soon, as well. very gray and wet out there. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. we are bringing you team coverage of the storms rolling through right now. meteorologist brittney shipp is
6:00 pm
timing out the rain, but let's begin with sheena parveen for a look at the radar. sheena? >> yeah, it's been a very busy afternoon. we had a tornado warning, severe thunderstorm warnings, and right now this line of storms moving into new jersey and delds, mostly newcastle county, so we'll start there, indications of small hail possibly in salem county and that's still going to be possibly through the rest of the evening. heavy rain here shown by the red, this is all moving mostly to the east and southeast around 35 to 45 miles an hour, so bridgeton you can expect by 6:13, vineland 6:18, millville by 6:22. now around the philadelphia area, some of the heaviest rain has moved across the river, into new jersey, moving across the expressway, but also still across the i-95 corridor. ashland, easton townships, and that's continuing to make its way mostly to the east, as well, moving around 35 to 45 miles an hour. winslow township you can expect it by 6:14,


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