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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. right now at 11:00, skyforce 10 over breaking news in wilmington new castle county. crews are searching the brandywine creek after someone saw a stroller tossed off the bridge there. keith, what are police saying about this report? >> reporter: jim, they are taking this very seriously, let me show you what's happening behind me. take a look at the water behind me, the boat in the brandywine creek. there is one diver in the water. this is the east street bridge and it's shut down and police are looking in the water for the past two and a half hours and that's when a woman allegedly saw a woman throw a stroller into the water. take a look at skyforce 10,
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state police and police are on the bridge. we've had two different dive teams show up. one officer told me they're erring on the side of caution. they don't know whether a baby was in the stroller. it bears repeating there. we have video of a rescue boat. it is a 20-foot drop from the bridge to the water. the witness, the woman wasn't able to give a good description of the person who allegedly tossed the stroller. back live now. police are still out here, you see some of them are gathered there on the deck of the bridge shiepi shining lights to the water. they continue to monitor the situation. so far we haven't seen any activity, if we do see any sign of a stroller or heaven forbid any sign of a child, we'll bring it to you live. keith jones, nbc 10 news. storms bring lightning, heavy rain and strong winds to our area and this lightning strike was caught by a driver on the p.a. turnpike tonight and look at the wind and rain
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blowing through conshohocken montgomery county. they were the worse during rush hour. we're checking out damage after the storm while sheena parveen is watching the temperatures in time for the weekend. sheena? >> we are still watching these falling temperatures. they brought a drastic change for theec wooend and you will notice it overnight tonight and some areas may be see something patchy fog as we go through the overnight hours because of the rain from today. we also have some storm reports and this is mostly north and west of philadelphia where we saw some very strong winds this afternoon and new morgan and brooks county. we had trees down 76 here and other areas also seeing trees down, but wires down on hickory grove road. this is in chester county near east vincent township. so a lot of storm damage from the high winds and heavy rain in these areas and the rain has all moved offshore. clouds are still with us, but no
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more rain left in the area and that will keep clearing out as we go through tonight and again, that patchy fog starting to develop. this is all part of a cold front and temperatures will be dropping as we go overnight and take a look at future temperatures dropping into the 50s and some areas into the 40s, by 9:00, 10:00 and we'll be in the mid to low 50s across the area and you'll definitely want your jacket tomorrow and i think you'll want your jacket tomorrow as we go into sunday and we'll take a look at the entire weekend forecast and your eagles forecast coming up. >> some of the worst damage is in montgomery county, nbc 10's george spencer spoke to people cleaning up in royalsburg. >> all of a sudden the whole house started snapping. >> the sycamore tree came crashing down into his roof. >> at first i thought i was getting hit by a tornado because you heard the wind and you could hear all of these branches
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going. >> and he was want alone. at other homes we saw large limbs and even entire trees down. the broken branches were snapped in two. they did their damage almost in a straight line passing through the backyard and slicing right through the neighborhood. >> just the wind picking up and things started to fly. an nbc 10 viewer sent us these photos showing us toppled and uprooted trees this evening. the storms delayed the friday night football game on that campus, that john ross i and his >> the wind really shook my truck down the highway and my pickup truck went back and forth and he went to drive really slow, and for tim corn facing roof damage, tomorrow they'll be full of cleanup and repairs. george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> and stay ahead of the storms
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with the nbc 10 news app and you can now get alerts 15 minutes before the storm is forecast to hit your neighborhood. you can also add other locations like work or your child's school for alerts. other news now, three robberies all within an hour and tonight police released new video of the busy armed gunman. lauren walks us through what happened last saturday. >> the first time it happened that night a group of people were walking on the 300 block of fifth street when someone with a gun approached them. it's the first incident we know of of that night, but it's not the last. >> in this video you can see him walking up to them. police say what happened next was a robbery involving a gun, and they believe the suspect you see did this three times inside an hour, all within blocks and all before 10:00 at night. >> that is pretty bold. >> it is, and that's the emphasis of trying to get this information out and putting the video out and the importance of people knowing that this
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individual is armed and we ned to get this person off the streets. >> reporter: before, he says, it gets more dangerous. it happened in old city, an area where folks we talked to feel safe. >> how does that make you feel? >> it's really scary because i would say i'm not -- i usually don't have my guard up when i'm walking through this neighborhood. >> reporter: surveillance video also captured what police believe is the suspect's vehicle, possibly a dark-colored infinity suv crossover down the street. >> do you feel pretty safe here? >> totally. i've never not felt safe in this neighborhood. >> reporter: tonight he was on his way to a local store. >> it's a little ironic, i was wearing headphones and usually i would not be wearing headphones at night. >> reporter: police say it might be a crime of opportunity looking for people that might be distracted. >> that's what they do. they look for the opportunity to strike. >> reporter: police urge people not to approach the suspect if they see him, but they hope this
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video helps to identify him. >> camden county prosecutor's office is warning about a new phone scam that may ring familiar to some of you, callers pretending to be the sheriff's office threatening to, if they don't send money that's supposedly owed to the irs. they use spoofing center. sgroo to decision 2016. vice president's motorcade rolled into the capitol today. biden is meeting with his family here and he could be deciding whether he will launch a presidential campaign. right now biden is not scheduled to take part in a democratic debate tuesday night. >> shock on two college campuses in the southwest tonight after a pair of unrelated deadly shootings. a freshman at northern arizona university is in custody tonight after a shooting that killed one person and injured three others. police say this morning's gun fire began as a fight between two groups.
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shots were fired in a parking lot outside a dorm that's home to many sororities and fraternities. in houston, police have detained two people tonight and they're looking for a third after a deadly shooting on the campus ever texas southern university. it happened this morning at a student housing complex. one student was killed and another person wounded. that person is in stable condition tonight. president obama was in roseburg, oregon, today to meet with the families of last week's campus shooting there. he was also met by some gun rights activists. a gunman killed nine people at a community college in roseburg before taking his own life. the president immediately called for new gun restrictions and some locals were angry with the president for doing so and they protested today's visit. >> philadelphia's naacp chapter is remembering former leader and civil rights activist jerry mondesire. nbc's harry hairston served as emcee. he died sunday from a brain aneurism. he was elected as the local want
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chaer president of the naacp in 1996. he eventually served on the board of the national organization. mondesire was 65. severe storms, hail and strong winds. the evening rush turns dangerous. coming up, how quickly we will try out and how cool temperatures will get. >> how this philadelphia musician was busted allegedly trying to meet up with a teenage boy. >> plus pennsylvania's budget battle now costing local people their jobs. where salaries are being slashed and pink slips handed out.
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a philadelphia musician is charged with trying to engage in a sex act with someone he thought was a 14-year-old boy. it turns out 69-year-old charles cohen was actually meeting an upper providence township police officer and he was arrested in the wegman's parking lot. he is a jazz musician that plays at local venues and he's involved in a number of sex crimes involving a child. social service programs are running out of time as the budgets continue in harrisburg. cannot offer relocation services to victims who need to escape because there's just not enough cash. in north philadelphia, they've
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cut salaries and laid off workers and made tough choices about which programs to curtail. parenting classes and after-school care for more than 300 schoolchildren is after philadelphia, kids getting to enjoy a homecoming event and among the entertainment, temple university's dance team and st. joe's a capella group and eagles quarterback mark sanchez was on hand and the villanova football team. homecoming is something new for patients here. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. finally we've gotten rid of the rain from this afternoon and a lot of severe storms, too, and we will be dry as we go overnight tonight and one thing you will notice as you wake up tomorrow morning and a cooler weekend in store and temperatures will be topping out in the mid-60s and we'll have
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some chilly mornings especially by sunday morning and some parts of the area could be in the upper 30s and not everybody, and i'll show you who in just a second and we're dropping to the north and west and 67 degrees and philadelphia, mid to low 60s for south jersey in delaware and it will be cooler than that depending on where you are. >> we could have patchy fog developing especially in the north and west suburbs and you will see developing sunshine through the day and poconos, mid-40s and along the shore mid-50s and by noon, mostly sunny skies only around 63 degrees and poconos barely in the low 50s and around 63 degrees also. so i think you'll probably need a jacket. and at least a light jacket. the rain is all offshore now and we're seeing dry conditions and the clouds are still with us, and those will clear through the day tomorrow and it's all part of a cold front that's finally moving through. the cooler air is moving in andas we go into the weekend you will notice a big change from
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today and we were around 80 degrees and it will be about 15 degrees cooler come tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at future weather and some clouds with us and those will clear and look at the temperatures dropping by tomorrow morning and 8:00 a.m. and the land south jersey and delaware through the afternoon and the mid-60s and sunny skies. take a look at these temperatures and the mid to upper 30s and south jersey and delaware in about the mid-40s. chilly start sunday morning and afternoon high temperatures just about the mid to upper 60s which leads us into the eagles game. sunny skies and through the fourth quarter and temperatures topping out around 67 degrees and tonight, patchy fog becoming cooler overnight and 48 degrees areas north and west and tomorrow we'll see that sunshine, a cooler day, 63-66 degrees and really nice-looking week and even sunday, there you see staying in the upper 60s and
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average highs are 69 degrees now and we go into next week and we'll go back into the 70s and we drop back into the 60s come wednesday. danny? >> why the eagles may not be able to bring the house against drew brees on sunday and sam bradford will have his top pass protector a gained the saints. that's next. stay tuned.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sport. >> danny pommells. and they tin to improve as they continue through left tackle and questionable with the quad injury and peter said thursday he would play on sunday and sam
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bradford would be better off with the left tackle out there and the quarterback byron maxwell is probable. he'll be out there playing sunday and good news with the eagles with drew brees and maxwell talked about how he considers sunday a must-win. >> think every game is a must-win. this is a must win what we're trying to do and you look at the bigger picture and just get things going so yeah, it is a must win in my opinion, but what game isn't. >> the aforementioned drew brees. he threw for 359 where areds and two scores against the cowboys in an overtime win sunday night right here on nbc. chip kelly was asked if brees' accuracy makes him unblitzable. >> he's one of the best quarterbacks playing this league and he's so in tune to what they're doing and he is so sharp
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at what they do and they listen to his work ethic and how much he works with the game and it makes it very, very difficult, and i hope the answer isn't yes. we'll find out on sunday. >> now to the baseball playoffs which is taking on the local field and three of the four series this postseason have former phillies involved today and hamels looking to give his teammate a 2-0 lead up 2-0 in the first and the likely mvp, josh donaldson steps into the box and rear is back and gives this ball a long ride to center field. and the solo yolk makes it 2-1 and you know what? this one was a true battle of attrition and you go to the 15th inning and tied at four and they cost the rangers two runs and some redemption with the rbi single and texas takes a 2-0 series lead winning 6-4. stay tuned for the high school blitz. we were day dreaming. about that vip tailgate and game tickets?
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>> nbc 10's high school blitz is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> and time for another busy night for all involved and a couple of undefeated teams looking to stay perfect. they're hosting 4 and 1 in upper moreland with the upper hand early if you'll allow me to say that. >> casey decker put upper moreland in scoring position. decker calling on his own digits and upper moreland with the win, 35-29. >> taking on harry s. truman at home and they closed down the side line and not related to soda popinsky. shutting out truman 42-0. watch this, north 10 celebrating
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homecoming and the end of the first half and reed bobbles the snap and they fired it into the end zone and it's deflected, but keith earl dives in to make one heck of a grab and frankfurt is going for it and that is absolutely the right call. >> touch du >> touchdown! >> love the name, stone garcelli. what a touchdown! they win it 22-14. >> they get it going in the first half. casey walsh and john lee making the lead and off to the races and it was off the sprinkle, 63-21 and upper marion and sheltonham with the back side blitz and it's a fumble! sheltonham recovers and]รณ goes to win it with the nice set
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22-14. we go to the lehigh valley and liberty and parkland and liberty decides to go with gunner and globic. makes the decision a wise one. >> and he dances it away, 33 yards out and 7-6, second quarter and where's bert? i don't know. finds darian streak, and streaking down the side line. give me liberty or give me death. hamilton and clearview 14-7 hamilton and isaac flores takes the kickoff to the house. do your thing, young man and the long return 21-7 and 41-21, your final and the inquirer's number 14 in south jersey and camden battling number 9 and the comcast network. let's do it and you call him the comeback kid, trailing 8-7 and makes the pick and makes a 43-yard house call and they hang on to win by a touchdown, 21-14
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and the hermits came in undefeated and love that mascot and the hermits trying to hang in there and shamir collins to return the punt and fields the kick and end zone. the party of six. your reservation is ready and 43 yards and that puts st. augu augusti augustine, 47-3 and andrew don hugh airs it out downfield to jaret jones and he walked into the touchdown and ocean city upsets cst 19-7. time for some skylights. west catholic hosts newman garetti. the quarterback lets it fly and he is picked off by naeem sky. he's running it back more than 30 yards and west catholic wins it 28-0. cardinals holding archbishop and the quarterback, stephen hannis in trouble. o'hara's ryan harlow with the
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pick and he has nothing but open field and opportunity. he runs back 93 yards. come on, big fellow. he edges out o'hara by a point, 22-21 and what a night for episcopal, look at him slicing through defenders and get out of the way and takes this one 30 yards for his fourth t.d. of the night and finishes with five scores and he rocks him to sleep at 42-14. >> they glee play was the answer. come o rex, you have to throw that flag somewhere else. the 17 carries and it's still nine and the touchdown is a beautiful mask on 40 to 6 and frankfurt's jamar allen takes it around outside and dives in for the score. quarterback mike morel had 1:40 passing and 91 rushing yards and two tds knocks off central 18-7. we can now reveal our games of the week for next week and upper dublin and bishop shanahan and
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out of episcopal. vote right now on nbc and you can all or text your votes to 610-624-4111. this week's game oft week is on deck. westchester east has had its struggles this season, but they gave coatesville all they could handle. we'll see if east finished up the upset on the other side. stay with us.
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>> my pleasure to bring your our game of the week that lasted over this morning with over 70,000 votes, coatesville and westchester. let's see if our game of the week lived up to the hype. high school mrits gablitz game week is sponsored by your ford store e home of america's favorite brand. >> oh, baby, it was rocking like grandma's favorite chair at wc east and this one gets them more excited. second quarter, look at john roberts to alex hirsch. hirsch is gone. 83 yards and fourth quarter, jordan young decides to keep to himself and goes along the far side for six. coatesville grabs the 30-28 lead and final minute sets up 27 yards away. can i kick it? >> yes he can. the vikings pull off an upset and what a barn burner, your final in westchester and we'rity
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on of time and that's it for this weeky edition of the high school blitz. back to the studio. >> i think you covered it all, danny. >> cooler temperatures and big change. >> today we were close to 80 degrees and we had the storms this afternoon and those are clearing out and look at your weekend forecast. cool temperatures staying in the 60s across the board saturday and sunday, sunny skies and patchy fog overnight tonight and that will clear out to sunshine and sunday morning, most of the area will be in the 40s and areas north and west could be in the 30s. >> what? i'm not ready for that. >> me neither. >> that's nbc 10 news for now, for sheen adhani and all of us here, i'm gene rosenfield. good night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeff daniels, whoopi goldberg, musical guel


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