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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. philly pride takes over ten city blocks today for the country's biggest national coming out day festival. but first, fly eagles fly. the birds emparis the saints at lincoln financial field so all of eagles nation can breathe a sigh of relief. good evening. i'm denise nakano. we're bringing you live team coverage of today's eagles win. we have some elated fans. let's start with john clark live at the linc. >> reporter: i tell you this is exactly what eagle fans needed. this is their first win at home
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this season, their first win at the linc in almost 11 monthsment the eagles have two wins, the first one when the pope was in town, the second now that the saints have come to town. chip kelly and the birds cannot lose this one. no eagles team has ever started 1-4 and made the playoffs. eagles up 17-10, drew brees stripped by cox and then flexor recovers the fumble. three sacks for cox, two fumble recoveries, four turnovers for the birds defense. sam bradford dropping back. wide open, the eagles dominate the second half of this game. they win it 39-17 over 500 yards of offense. this is the eagles best performance so far this season. >> after what we were able to do in the preseason i think everyone kind of had been waiting for this. it's obviously a great feeling to go out there and to be able to do that today.
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now it's just something we've got to build on. obviously it won't be like this every week, but to know when we're clicking and rolling we can go out and do that, i think that's just going to give us confidence to go out and do it nor often. >> reporter: sam bradford before the game got his offensive players together in the shower. he gave them a pregame speech saying we have all the talent in the world. let's just go show everybody what we have. we'll hear from the birds talking about sam's pregame speech in sports. john clark inside lincoln financial field. let's go across the street to xfinity live and doug shimell is there with birds fans. >> reporter: it's actually nice to be here for once after a game when it doesn't feel like you're attending someone's wake. a lot of these fans coming in today had a team with one win and three losses. but after today's performance, they've started to think that maybe they're climbing out of this really deep hole and suddenly 2-3 doesn't look that bad. and the word you keep hearing
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thrown around now is "comeback." is tht turnaround? >> it's definitely a turnaround. we've got a comeback, keep it going, rolling. fly eagles, fly! >> they have more confidence. they just look a lot better out on the field. a lot of the plays went our way, and i was so proud of them. i love the eagles. >> what mohammuhammad ali was d did you count him out? when jim aany cricket was down, did you count him out? did you see demarco murray? this is the game, dog! >> reporter: if there's two things in life i've learned, never to count out the philadelphia eagles and jim aany cricket. that's ae's xfinity live. >> the eagles played in absolutely perfect weather this afternoon. you're looking live inside lincoln financial field where fans have filtered out. let's bring in nbc 10's brittney shipp with more on this game
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winning weather. >> beautiful conditions. it was perfect for fail tailgating. temperatures in the high 60s, 68 for philadelphia, 66 in pottstown. we're in the mid-60s in allentown, 64 in millville. our high today at 70, we're slowly seeing our temperatures recover. we'll be even warmer as we head into tomorrow. but we're already up seven degrees in the poconos, up four degrees in pottstown and four degrees in philadelphia. as far as tonight is concerned, expect to see another beautiful evening ahead by 8:00 p.m., 62 degrees, 11 p.m. we drop into the mid-gi 50s. tonight we drop into the 40s. we're tracking a nice start to your workweek. you'll like the temperatures. also, we're tracking showers heading into tuesday. and we stay mild into moist of next week. i'll go over all the details in my seven-day forecast. denise? we're following a developing story in burlington county. police in pemberton are trying to figure out how a body ended up in a clothing bin. officers found the victim around
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3:00 this afternoon at an outside bin along pemberton browns mills road behind the country farms and metro pcs store. so far police aren't saying how this person may have died. we'll keep tracking this story and bring you an updated story tonight after the game. also developing in burlington county right now, a 79-year-old man is seriously hurt after a lawnmower accident this afternoon. police say the victim was using the mower around 2:00 this afternoon when he was seriously burned. neighbors say they're shocked. >> if it's true, this guy hopped on a lawnmower and something like that happened, i have a lawnmower out back. you just never know. >> so far it's not clear what caused the accident. technical troubles are delaying southwest airlines flights. employees have to process passengers manually as they arrive at the airport. southwest is asking travelers to arrive at least a couple of
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hours before their flight. the airline says the technology issues are affecting its website and mobile app as well as its reservation centers and airport check-in system. catholic officials are shutting down a bucks county church that needs more than a million dollars in repairs. the archdiocese of philadelphia announced today st. joseph the worker church in fallston will permanently close next month. officials cite maintenance costs as reasons for the closure. ♪ his voice mesmerized the pope at the festival of families in philadelphia. and today bobby hill is still charming crowds with his angelic voice. ♪ the he sang along with the keystone boys choir and other children's choirs performing at the children's sabbath.
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hill says he wants to fill the lives of the less fortunate with the joy of music. the sabbath service focused on putting an end to child poverty. coming up next on nbc 10 news, hip-hop help. for kidney failure. why one philly-based rapper is making it his personal mission to raise awareness as part of the kid any walk in center city. plus, columbus day celebrations take over south philadelphia today. we will recap all of the fun of the annual italian-american parade, next.
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the philadelphia pride community is celebrating national coming out day with their annual out fest. the block party supports -- nbc
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10 takes us inside why some say this is extra special. >> reporter: prominently displayed is the lgbt flag. this year for the first time the rainbow flag bears the philadelphia seal. the symbol is just one reason why so many are celebrating today as part of outfest dubbed the largest coming out party. >> celebrate our diversity, we welcome everyone into our city. >> reporter: no decision this year is historic as a supreme court ruling granting same sex marriages ff's amazing the progress the lgbt community has made. >> reporter: visitors are told the work is far from over spaebl in the transgender community. some in philadelphia are not mirrored across the state. >> i'm also hoping that pennsylvania passes the
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nondiscrimination bill. >> reporter: that's the next issue they're hoping to change. in center city, nbc 10 news. >> there will be no social security increase next year for millions of seniors, disabled veterans and federal retirees. and you can blame it on gas prices. this is just the third time in 40 year that's there will be no increase in benefits. the annual cost of living adjustment is tied to inflation and inflation is so low this year that a benefit increase for next year is not expected to happen. gas prices are used as an indicator of inflation for the government. those gas prices remain low in our area. aaa mid-atlantic says drivers in every state are paying less than 3 bucks a gallon for the first time since 2009. in the philadelphia area drivers are paying $2.32 a gallon for regular. delaware drivers average $2.21 while it's still cheapest to fill up in jersey at $1.93. today organ donors kidney
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patients and supporters took some lifesaving steps at the philadelphia kidney walk. local hip-hop artist freeway performed at today's event. he is committed to bringing awareness to kidney failure since he was diagnosed with the disorder last month. today's walk in center city raises money for the national kidney foundation. the group says more than 73 million american adults are at risk for kidney disease. italian-americans celebrate columbus day a day early with their annual parade through the heart of south philadelphia. actor singer and former teen idol frankie avalon served adds grand marshal and the 75-year-old joked that he is the same age as christopher columbus. the parade ends at march coney plaza where a huge italian
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festival takes place. and it definitely was a beautiful day for a parade, plus i'm tracking even warmer weather as we head back to work tomorrow. let you know what to expect in my full forecast.
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today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. today more than 1600 make-a-wish families marched through the zoo today supporting children with life threatening medical conditions. the fichbl annual walk for wishes event raises money and awareness for make-a-wish's mission for fulfilling the dreams of children who spend countless hours getting medical treatment. they grant a wish somewhere in the country every 37 minutes with the help of its more than 27,000 volunteers. a little pumpkin launching on this beautiful weekend. the engineering club used sling
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shots and cannons to catapult pumpkins into the delaware river over the weekend. it's part of the school's homecoming festivities and the weather could not have been more perfect. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good evening. it was picture-perfect today. lots of sunshine our temperatures close to 70 degrees. a few degrees above average. it's also going to be a nice start to the week. i'm tracking even warmer weather aheading into monday. then i'm tracking showers by tuesday and we will stay mild as we push into the rest of your workweek. our current temperatures in philadelphia 68 degrees. wind speeds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. our humidity at a comfortable level. across the rest of the region, 66 degrees in wilmington, 57 in wildwood, 63 in atlantic city, 63 in dover, and really close to average for us as we head into the rest of today. and even into tomorrow we'll go a little bit above average. here's your temperature trend. our average for this time of
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year 68, today we were a little above the average as we head into tomorrow we'll be well above it at 75 degrees. and by tuesday temperatures start to drop a bit down to 73, still above average for us. but we also track showers as we head into tuesday. so i'll show you that. as we go into the rest of today, our radar shot shows we're going to see clear conditions which is nice. nice and dry. into t not only for us but the eastern half of the country under an area of high pressure. lots of sunshine for us even as we head into tomorrow. but changes will start to move in as we push into tuesday. so you'll notice more moisture coming up from the south. then we'll see another cold front moving in. and our showers are going to move in as we get into tuesday morning. but the good news is, by the time you head home tuesday at 5:00 p.m., most of the showers should be out of here. we might see a few lingering showers closer to south jersey into the overnight hours. but by wednesday we're nice and clear. our temperatures return closer to average. so a beautiful monday on tap for us, expect temperatures by
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7:00 a.m. in the 40s so it will be a cool start. as we push into the afternoon, our temperatures will warm above average, pushing pretty close to 75 degrees. as far as tonight is concerned, mostly clear, patchy fog expected. temperatures drop down to 48 degrees for philadelphia, 45 for our suburbs to the north and west and by tomorrow our range will be between 72 and 75. your seven-day forecast show that's our temperatures drop down a little bit heading into tuesday and wednesday. same thing on thursday so we'll see a gradual cooling trend after tomorrow's high of 75. we also track showers as we head into tuesday. after that, we dry out and warm up. hi, i'm amy from comcast sports net. sports fans can take a sigh of relief. an easy eagles victory, josh huff flipping his way in. we hear from quarterback sam bradford next.
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this is the xfinitys desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> it may seem a little like groundhog day, but this afternoon's game once again a must-win game seemingly for the eagles. the good news, must-win turned into did win against the new orleans saints. chip kelly and the birds looking to avoid a 1-4 start to the season. not a great start to this one. early second quarter eagles down 7-0. bradford looking for austin, finds bro instead. later in the quarter, eagles finally find the correct player in the end zone. bradford fakes a handoff, finds josh huff. he flip it's for the 41-yard strike. we're tied 7-7.
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ryan mathews bulldozes his way in, eagles on top 17-10. defense stepped up from there. drew brees drops back. he's stripped and sacked by fletcher cox. cox a great play to recover the fumble. he had three sack onz the day. that later leads to this. bradford back looking all kinds of time, finds selleck in the corner of the end zone. eagles fpouring it on. defense would add the exclamation point. drew brees looking over the middle, picked off by walter thurman. makes a great return, all the way down to the 5 yard line. offense got on the field and demarco murray punched it in from there. eagles dominated the second half winning 39-17. for more, we're at the linc with john clark. 2-3 has to feel a whole lot better than 1-4. >> reporter: you're right about that. this is exactly what the offense needed, over 500 yards of total
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offen offense. sam bradford and the running game got it going. before the game, sam bradford inspired his offensive players. he gathered them in the shower actually, they were clothed, right before they went on the field and gave them a pretty good pregame pep talk. >> actually went out of the tunnel, went back in the showers and pretty much said, hey, guys, we vt ability. all we have to do is execute. >> what did that show you from your quart back? shows he he's a good leader and how rezyl gent our team is. this is a big test for us. saints have a good defense. felt good to get the running game going again. >> for the most part, i thought offensive line played extremely well. ryan, huff, jordan as well and sam obviously played well. i think we've got to continue to grow. >> the win is nice i. think the big thing for us and this team is just to build on this. you know, by no means are we where we want to be as a team. but i think today was a step in the right direction and i think if we can continue to build on
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this, then hopefully in three, four, five six weeks we'll be in a better position than we are now. >> reporter: and as crazy as this sounds, next monday eagles/giants could be for first place in the division. how wild is that? coming up tonight after nbc 10 news at 11 after "sunday night football," we'll go jone go one-on-one on eagles game day final. i'm john clark at lincoln financial field. back to you. >> john, thank you. time now to check in with kate snow for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> hi there. coming up tonight, new accusations of partisan will politics involvetion the house committee on benghazi and hillary clinton. plus, receithe reaction in clev after two conclude that the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy carrying a pellet gun was justified. a remarkable window on the past rediscovered after decades in a
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famous bell tower. and by popular demand, how a small town brought back high school football after an absence of 27 years when we see you in just a few minutes for "nbc nightly news". >> we'll be right back.
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> > brittney is back with more. >> plenty of sunshine as we head back to work. 75 degrees but tuesday is the only day where wre going to see a chance of showers, temperatures at 73. then we start to cool things down as we get towards the end of the workweek and into next weekend. >> thanks, brittney. that's nbc 10 news. for brittney, amy and all of us, i'm denise nakano. see you here after the game. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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on this sunday night, capitol kay, i don't the explosives new claim by a fired staffer who accuse the house benghazi committee of partisan attacks on hillary clinton while the committee chairman strongly denies that plus, after weeks of uncertainty, republicans try to persuade a familiar face to become the next house speaker. deadly force, nearly a year after the fatal police shooting of a 12-year-old boy carrying a pellet gun, what two independent reports say about the killing of tamir rice. the hidden world, forgotten in a famous bell tower, now uncovered after decades collecting dust, revealing secrets of our distant past. and the homecoming, how one small town managed to bring back high school football almost three decades after the


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