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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> not so it friendly skies computer trouble continues to delay southwest airlines flights just ahead what you need to know before you head to the airport. >> and it's the play seen around the major league. chase utley is officially suspended for bowling over a mets player but he's not planning to sit out quietly. and it is a quiet morning, quiet and clear. 53 in philadelphia. the work week begins with beautiful temperatures in mid-70s today. lots of sunshine. but we are tracking showers ahead for tomorrow. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" on this monday. i'm chris cato. and we begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. what a weekend it was.
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>> gorgeous. one more. a beautiful day ahead, our skies are nice and clear, so that means at this hour it's getting cool, we're dropping into the 40s for most spots, philadelphia international 53, 48 in northeast philadelphia, wilmington, trenton both 49 and low 40s for much of new jersey, atlantic city, millville and mount holly, allentown in the low 40s. and that could lead to little light fog, so far not much to show you, a hint of fog in montgomery county, lancaster, the visibility is fine at 5 miles but things will thicken up in spots as the temperatures keep coming down. this morning we'll start off cool. 52 degree, but with sunshine like yesterday it's going to be another fast warm-up. 55 degrees at 9:00, and by noon time, upper 60s heading back into the 70s again today. as you can see the winds will stay light today. back with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast in 10 minutes. right now it's a monday morning.
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let's find out how the commute is looking. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we are checking out the vine street expressway, at least we're trying to here. from 24th street, no problems, under 5 minutes westbound or eastbound, heading out the door in the rest of the philadelphia area checking the drive times on the schuylkill and the blue route we're in the green, no increase there. watch out for some ongoing construction in northeast philadelphia on the roosevelt boulevard on the inner drive closed between rhawn and woodward. more construction sites when i come back. >> there is some travel trouble to tell you about. on this developing story, if you booked a flight on southwest airlines, be sure to leave extra early for the airport this morning and bring something with you. technical problems continue to cause delays. matt delucia is live in our operations center. what's the trouble? >> as of late last night
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southwest has technical teams trying to figure out what is causing the glitch. right now there is a travel advisory on southwest website asking customers to show up at the airport at least two hours early. the problem started yesterday just after noon impacting the service desk inside the airports nationwide. again we're only talking about southwest airlines being affected. others have not reported issues. right now the airline is using backup systems but there are still delays. a little vor one in 10 southwest flights experienced a delay because of this issue. and there have been long lines reported at the airports because workers have in some cases resorted to writing each boarding pass by hand. >> lines from where you have to start to where we are now. it hasn't even finished. it's about three miles. >> so what can you do? the airlines suggest trying to check in and print your boarding passes before you get to the
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airport. or use one of those self serve kiosks. you can still check in luggage at the airport but in short flights are getting off the ground but as of this morning still be prepared for delays at the airport. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." on the topic of transportation, former governor ed rendell and congressman brendan boyle calling on congress to pass a highway transportation bill. theysh hosting an event to highlight the importance of federal funding fixing roads and bridging. >> authorities are investigating a death they had to call in a hazmat team. someone called police to report a dead person in a home in lower pottsgrove. responders smelled a strong odor and had to evacuate the home. police and the coroner are investigating that person's death. and detectives in burlington county have a mystery on their
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hands after a dead body turned up in a clothing bin. police tell us yesterday someone found a man's body in that bin behind the country farm store on pemberton browns mills road. at this point police haven't identified the man nor determined how or when he died. neighbors and firefighters in burlington county have heavy hearts this morning after a retired firefighter died yesterday, how he died was especially surprising to everyone. nbc 10's katy zachry joins us live with more. this man's lawn mower burst into flames. >> it has gripped this small town. this man was a fixture there. he spent his life putting out fires. we're talking about 79-year-old roger lippincott. he was mowing his lawn sunday at his home when for some reason fire authorities tell us his riding lawn mower burst into flames. he suffered severe burns and
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died. the first responders to get to him were from his own former fire department. >> sounds like it was absolutely a freak accident. >> this guy hopped on a lawn mower and something like that happened. i have a lawn mower out back. you never know. >> you never know. the fire marshal tells us he is looking into why the mower caught on fire. coming up we'll take a look at what the department is doing today to help people heal. keep in mind this is not the only fire-related death of a retired firefighter that they had to deal with. chris. six minutes after 4:00. this morning we have new information on chase utley's suspension. the former phillies hero will appeal major league baseball's punishment for that play that broke a mets players leg. here is another look at the move. major league baseball suspended starting tonight.
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while he believes he did not intend to injure tejada it still broke the rules. >> you know, it's unfortunate chase utley is a great player, he has always played hard. i always admired that about him. unfortunately this time his playing hard just you know, it happened to have a bad result. >> utley's agent called the suspension outrageous. the dodgers say his appeal will be heard quickly which means if the suspension is overturned he could play in tonight's game in new york. the new york daily news is fanning the flames with this headline. it reads "payback is a pitch." it implies that mets pitchers would throw at utley the next time he comes up to bat. >> eagles fans are rejoicing after a win that pretty much saved the season from despair. the eagles and saints were 1-3 coming into yesterday's game. both needing a win. the birds broke the game open
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finally in the third quarter, scoring twice in 13 seconds. thanks in part to fletcher cox stripping drew brees and recovering the fumble. then after that sam bradford found brent sellic. the eagles dominated to beat new orleans 39-17. >> after what we were able to do in the preseason i think everyone kind of waiting for this. it's obviously a great feeling to go out there and to be able to do that, to know when we're clicking and rolling we can do that. i think that's going to give us confidence now to go out and do it more often. >> and the eagles racked up more than 500 yards of offense against the saints, something birds fans had been waiting for. >> have more confidence. they look a lot better out on the field. a lot more plays went our way and i was so proud. i love the eagles. >> when mohammed ali was down did you count him out? when jim a knee cricket was down did you count him out.
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this is a comeback. did you see demarco murray. this is the game! >> the eagles are now one game back of the division leading new york giants who won last night in a thriller over the 49ers to improve to 3-2. and what do you know, guess who is up next for the birds, hosting the g-men next monday night. nbc 10 is your official eagles television station. we'll have complete pre-game and post-game coverage for you. columbus day and the offices are closed. the columbus day parade yesterday brought out people to celebrate in south philadelphia. ♪ fansing stepping. frankie avalon was grand marsha marshall. the parade ended at marconi
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plaza with a huge festival. 10 minutes after 4:00. a nice day ahead. our skies are nice and clear right now. which means we're going to see plenty of sunshine during the day. things are cooling off nicely this morning. might run into spots of fog this morning. and tomorrow morning, the tracking some showers, light showers moving through later in the morning tomorrow. and then following the showers, turning cooler for much of the rest of the week. typical fall weather. we're starting off cool. not as chilly as yesterday. 46 in reading, 53 philadelphia, and cape may is 46. clear view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. plenty of sunshine and like yesterday it's going to be a quick warm-up. back in the 70s today. temperatures right now, 51 at kennett square, chester springs 43, 41 in quakertown. could cool into the 30s this
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morning. the air is dry enough for that. we're watching for some areas of fog. north and west. not so much in newark. it's 43 degrees in woodbine. light fog in the blue bell area, 2 1/2 mile visibility there, under a mile in lancaster. so not much in the way of fog for central new jersey or south jersey. doesn't look like it's going to be forming there. so fog, though, will quickly disappear with sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon. we're going to see a quick warm-up into the 70s for fleetwood, morgantown and each camel back up to 73 degrees this afternoon. 76 in bordentown, abington in the 70s. lots of sunshine at the shore near the 70-degree mark for avalon and cape may. milford 73 this afternoon. and 75 for philadelphia, brilliant sunshine today.
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thorndale and wilmington in the low 70s later on. there are changes. enjoy the sunshine today because we've got clouds for tomorrow and a good chance you'll need your umbrella. we'll go through the futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> we'll soak up the sun while we can. it's 12 minutes after 4:00. we're checking the morning ride on the schuylkill expressway. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has us covered there. >> schuylkill expressway around spring garden street start off today, chris, we're doing great so far. you can see the drive times are still okay. haven't budged. these are the lowest they go. 13 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, these are the eastbound lanes, westbound pretty much the same. i checked the drive time before i got up here. the westbound about 13 minutes as well. for some ongoing construction watch for this in center city on 19th street south, that's closed between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. they have detours posted. they will get you around that
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area. mass transit we have no problems or delays for patco, new jersey transit, sep tap or dart. >> happening today a comedy actor will take center stage in a real drama playing out in court. randy quaid like you have probably never seen him before. why he and his wife are set to see a judge. also. ♪ he charmed the pope with that angelic voice. next, who bobby hill sang for over the weekend.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the strength to drive forward. independence blue cross. live fearless. 4:15. randy quaid is set to appear in court today after he and his
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wife were arrested friday while entering the country in vermont. record checks show they were wanted in california for felony vandalism charges. state police think border patrol was tipped off about the couple. the s65-year-old actor says he wants to resolve his legal issues and move on with his life. >> the last minute families of those killed in a plant explosion in waco, texas reached agreement with the plant in court to settle. jury selection had been scheduled to start today but now those potential jurors have been excused. the blast in 2013 killed 15 people. no details about the settlement have been released yet. about 100 miles away in awe stain two are dead after the boat they were riding in crashed into a barge. three other passengers had life threatening injuries. investigation continues today. 48 hours after a pair of
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deadly blasts in turkey's capital, no group has taken responsibility. nearly 100 people died in suicide explosions on saturday. officials are trying to find out who sent the bombers to a rally calling for turk tee make peace with kurdish rebels. government opponents are blaming turkish security forces for failing to protect the demonstrators. the attack is similar to a suicide bombing in july that killed dozens of peace activists. at the vatican yesterday pope francis led a silent prayer for those bombing victims. the pontiff prayed with thousands of people. he later said he was deeply saddened by the killing of defenseless people demonstrating for peace. the 14-year-old boy who amazed pope francis at the festival of families in philadelphia was back on stage yesterday. ♪ bobby hill is still charming crowds with that angelic voice. ♪
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hill performed at the keystone boys choir and other children's choir. the annual children's sabbath service focused on an end to child poverty. clear skies this morning and a cool start. we are watching the temperatures come down at this hour, but that's all that's coming down. our skies are clear. if you are looking for rain you have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest when we'll have showers coming through later in the morning. doesn't look like heavy rain but they will be on the way today. today you'll need your sunglasses. the showers moving in from the west will hold off until tomorrow morning. look at that, nice and clear t view from center city. 53 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's the warm spot. philadelphia international. it's 4 degrees warmer than
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yesterday. and calm. in fact, most of the area is seeing little to no wind this morning. you see the flag is barely moving here at the nbc 10 studios. a couple spots have a light breeze and with clear skies and calm conditions for the most part, and dry air, that's when you tend to see some temperatures cool enough to produce a bit of fog. most of the area will not see that this morning. radar shows8;ou we are complete dry right now for the entire region that's the case. but the storm system we're looking at tomorrow, will be likely showers spin through as this rolls our way. it's got a long way to go, north dakota this morning, it will be here later tomorrow morning. as far as rainfall amounts during the day today zero, we'll see brilliant sunshine this evening. nice and clear, and the rainfall will start to move in tomorrow morning as it rolls through the area we could see a quick shower or two, might be some very brief heavy downpours. we're looking at a quarter inch
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or less of rainfall. seven-day forecast when i'm back in the next half hour. >> sounds good. 20 minutes after 4:00. let's see how the morning drive is shaping up. we're checking out 295. jessica boyington will let us know if there are problems out there. >> we're not even seeing an active work zone like we normally see at this time. there is a work zone. watch for signs in place. i don't see workers now around the blackhorse pike. you can see huge problem in the southbound drive time doing great from 38 up to the black horse pike at this point. northbound or southbound, no real problems. if you are heading out the door, on the white horse pike watch between airport circle and route 130, they are doing construction there so there will be a traffic shift for that bridge work in here. if you are in new jersey heading over into the philadelphia area, so far this morning no problems on the area bridges, watch for ongoing construction on the ben. >> thanks. the way your tax dollars are
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spent to hope the homeless is changing. not everyone is happy about that. mitch gives us a first look at a story you'll see tomorrow afternoon on nbc 10. >> the goal is to eliminate homelessness. >> the federal government and local programs helping the homeless at odds how to accomplish their goals, the feds plan to cut money to training programs and use it on permanent housing. >> they are going to live there forever at taxpayer expense. >> the idea is help people get off public housing. that should be the goal. >> we take our question to the department of housing and urban development and introduce to you a woman trying to get back on her feet but worried the program helping her will soon shut down. >> that might make it be so that we are homeless. >> tuesday at 4:00 p.m., for the investigators i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. >> train travel is going to the dogs. next, details on amtrak's rules for four-legged passengers and which routes are becoming pet friendly.
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also next, when pumpkins fly. we'll explain why these gourds were airborne and who was instrumental in launching them. another way we can have fun this morning, if you want to talk to us behind the scenes, ask questions, just check out what we're doing today. you can through the eyes of periscope. you can see what happens here off camera. some of the lighter moments. and maybe heavier moments too. we'll get to that this morning on periscope. check us out. temperature nbc philadelphia.
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in case you couldn't tell that was a pumpkin that they just shot into a river. pumpkin launching never hurts on a beautiful weekend. this was the engineering club in burlington county. they use sling shots, whatever they could rig up to propel the pumpkins into the delaware river. the sixth year 18 row they have done this part of the school's homecoming festivities. good music too. starting today passengers on amtrak's northeast trains are allowed to travel with fido. if the fido is small. officials say pets can be no heavier than 20 pounds, and the pet carrier has to be put under your seat. pets have to be at least eight weeks old and up to date vaccinations. reservations are required and tickets claude $25 surcharge. or would that be a fur charge. >> really? so early. >> you can let me have that. 40,000 supporters of the
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lgbt community gathered yesterday for the 25th annual out fest. this is considered the largest coming out party in the nation. they celebrated the supreme court's historic ruling on same-sex marriages but the people that we talked to say there is still work to be done. >> incredible the progress that the community has made. that pennsylvania passes the nondiscrimination bill. >> for the first time ever a rainbow flag flew above city hall bears the philadelphia seal. clear skies this morning, we're heading for another nice sunny day but there are changes on the way. your hour by hour forecast just ahead. jessica boyington on a monday morning in the first alert traffic center. bill, we're looking live at route 309 around the p.a.
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turnpike. smooth sailing north or southbound. >> closing time, a bucks county church will soon be a thing of the 3569. next at 4:30, st. joseph the worker church is about to close its doors for good.
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other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. airlines slowdown. a southwest airlines computer glitch continues to disrupt passengers' travel plans before boarding. >> and a much-needed win. the eagles took advantage of home field to beat the new orleans saints. we'll hear from the players and
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their relieved fans. >> how does sunny and 75 sound? that's what we can expect today. there is a threat of showers in the first alert seven day forecast. we'll get you details on that. it's 4:30. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it's columbus day. >> and monday, the beginning of -- getting back in. >> we had an awesome weekend. bill henley is here to tell us. >> it was warm in the 70s yesterday. that's where we'll be again today. this morning we've got a cool start, 40s and 50s, 49 in wilmington. it's 49 in trenton, cooler spots, wrightstown and pottstown. 40s for millville and atlantic city. cool in the 40s but we'll see a warm-up during the day with another day filled with bright sunshine. a clear view from center city. 51 degrees at 6:00, 9:00 we'll be right in the middle 50s with a hint of a breeze out of the southwest, 2 milesho


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