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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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look outside. bill, it was perfect fall weather. hopefully we'll continue. >> bright sunshine, we were up to 70 yesterday afternoon. today is going to be warmer. and also nice and dry. nothing to show you on the radar today. that will be changing for tomorrow. right now it's the temperatures that are coming down with clear skies and dry air for most of the area. looking at low 40s now in millville and atlantic city, pottstown at 42, allentown 43, and now in the 40s in the pocono mountains, and 48 in northeast philadelphia and wilmington. sunshine bright, our skies are clear. sun is coming up in over an hour's time. we'll see enough sunshine to warm us in the low to mid 70s. but there is a cool change on the way. for later in the week. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, right now jessica has your first alert traffic. >> we're checking with an accident scene on route 73. these are our cameras around the new jersey turnpike.
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you can look closely here it's in the right-hand shoulder. the southbound side of route 73. right around fellow ship road or the new jersey turnpike. traffic is moving by the scene. there was a police officer back here, i'm not sure what he was doing in the center lanes. just use caution if you are traveling through. should be cleaned up in the next couple minutes. seem to be doing a good job there. as far 55 in new jersey, southbound between exit they 9 and vineland. use 35. the right lane will be closed for construction until about 3:30. and more construction, so not in new jersey but heading to new jersey this might affect you between route 9 and new castle avenue. the west lane is closed heading into new jersey. >> we're following a developing story. >> this is causing problems for people. thousands of southwest airline customers told to show up hours
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earlier than normal because of a computer glitch. matt delucia is here in the studio with more. >> passengers are still feeling the effects nearly 24 hours later, southwest is telling customers to be prepared heading to the airport. here is a look at the ticket counter at philadelphia international. it looked longer in terms of lines about an hour or so ago. in the past 30 minutes not too bad. the airline is continuing to deal with the computer glitch. the problem started yesterday. this is mainly affecting the service desks inside the airports nation a wide along with the southwest website and mobile app. we're only experiencing issues with southwest airlines, no other airlines are affected. at the moment the airline is using backup systems but there are as i mentioned still delays and this is happening nation wide and a 1 in 10 southwest flights experienced a delay because of this technical issue.
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there have been long reported lines because workers have resort ed resorted resorted to writing each boarding pass by hand. >> it hasn't even finished. it's approximately three miles. >> and if you have a southwest flight scheduled for today, the airline suggests trying to print your boarding pass before you get to the airport, or use one of the self serve kiosks inside. and flights getting off the ground mostly on time but it's a good nd just to be prepared if you have a southwest flight before you head to the airport get that done ahead of time. >> 6:03. detectives in burlington count very a mystery after someone found a man's body in a clothing bin. an investigation is under way after that discovery. police say someone found the remains of a male victim yesterday afternoon in a --
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behind the country farms float pcs store. so far police haven't determined how the person died. >> it's 6:04. neighbors and firefighters in burlington county have heavy hearts after retired firefighter died yesterday. and how he died was especially surprising. katy zachry joins us with more. >> reporter: so sad, a lot of people waking up in disbelief over what happened. this long time firefighter was killed doing something so many of us do and don't even think about it. this morning you'll find black bunting up across the springfield fire department in honor of roger lippincott. the retired firefighter from burlington county was killed yesterday afternoon after the lawn mower he was riding burst into flames. the first emergency responders to get there were from the same fire department where lippincott worked for years. they say he died at the scene. >> it's shocking. it's very shocking, mr.
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lippincott was a fixture in this town. >> going to be dearly is med. in our organization and in springfield township. >> a lot of people affected. roger lippincott is the second retired firefighter from this fire department to die in a fire. i did call and e-mail the chief this morning for why the mower caught on fire. it's being investigated and i'm still weight for still waiting for an update on that. >> two men are in critical condition after they were shot last night in north philadelphia. both had multiple gunshot wounds. this happened near 17th and cumberland. police have not found a weapon nor a suspect at this point. in south philadelphia, police are investigating a double stabbing that left a 16-year-old in critical condition. it happened around 6:30 last night. investigators say the second victim is also a teen, and is in stable condition. so far no arrests.
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>> the archdiocese of philadelphia is closing a bucks county church, st. joseph the worker church in falls town shl wip shut next month. officials announced yesterday citing high maintenance and repair costs of more than $1 million. the church merged with st. francis last year but has served as the worship site since then. ♪ the annual columbus day parade brought people out to celebrate in south philadelphia yesterday. frankie avalon served as grand marshall. he joked he is the same age as christopher columbus. it ended with a huge italian festival. for today philadelphia public schools are closed, so are many city and state offices, you can tap the free nbc 10 app for more information on columbus day closings. chris. >> the saints can come marching in any time they want. the eagles fans are rejoicing
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after a win that pretty much salvaged hope for the season. the eagles and saints needed a win, both coming in at 1-3 after yesterday's game. the birds broke the came open. fletcher cox there recovering the fumble. cox had three sacks. sam bradford after that found brent celek wide open for a touchdown. the eagles dominated the second half and beat new orleans 39-17. after what we were able to do in the preseason i think everyone had been waiting for this. it's obviously a great feeling to go out there and be able to do that, to know when we're clicking we can go out and do that. i think that's going to give us confidence to do it more often. >> the offense was clicking. the eagles racked up over 500 yards. >> they have more confidence, they looked a lot better. a lot of plays went our way and i was so proud. i love the eagles.
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>> when muhammad ali was down did you count him out? this is a comeback. did you see demarco murray. this is the game. >> eagles may want to hire that guy for pep talk. or this guy. giants won last night, and guess who is coming to town. for "monday night football", the g-men in a must win game for the eagles. we'll have complete pre-and most game coverage. nbc 10 is your tflo official television station of the philadelphia eagles. >> the temperatures were down yesterday morning, it was chilly but we saw a nice recovery during the day, a similar scenario today. clear skies, plenty of sunshine, we'll be back in the 70s in fact
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it will be a warmer day today than it was yesterday. perfect for columbus day festivities. it's tomorrow we'll see showers moving in, then behind those showers turning cooler later in the week. another round may turn it chillier for the the weekend. reading now 44, middle 40s for cape may and philadelphia at 52 degrees right now. clear skies over boathouse row, we're an hour, actually 59 minutes from sunrise, we'll see temperatures warm in a hurry. a breeze in the pocono mountains. most of the area is calm. frequently you'll get fog and we're tracking fog now, haven't is improving a it wille bit, down to a quarter mile about an hour so a bit of fog to start with. then we're in the clear. no clouds for us today, clear from philadelphia to the jersey shore. tomorrow, though, keep an eye on the sky for showers. developing later in the morning.
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nothing but sunshine for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. at the shore around 70 degrees for atlantic city. rehobeth 70 degrees, warmer for dover, 72 this afternoon. and middle 70s for philadelphia and williamstown. the weekend, see these 70s, we're looking at 50s for saturday and sunday. a breezy day saturday and really chilly morning sunday. we could see 30s to start with. we'll go through it with the 7-day when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> 10 minutes after 6:00. a lot of people may have a long weekend. it's columbus day, federal offices closed. no postal delivery. no school. >> if you're heading out let's get a check of the roads. jessica boyington has that including the problem on 73. >> we're dealing with this problem on 73, we have an accident and police activity on the southbound side on 73 in mount laurel around the new
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jersey turnpike. you can see it's bright the headlights coming in. but right in here is where the accident scene is. you can see there's flashing lights, also the poles in here. on the right-hand shoulder. if you're heading to berlin or maurlton you can see that's what's going to set you back. small lane restrictions there somebody on 73. for mass transit, no problems or delays for putt coor new jersey transit. delays for the ellen line. for 75, 89 j and k started around 6:00 a.m. >> 11 minutes past 6:00. can you guess who this guy is? he is a woman's movie star with an a-list brother in the business. why he's in court next. plus this. an explosive mistake.
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the demolition of these six high rise buildings didn't go exactly as planned. vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that.
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five coalition members are dead after a military helicopter crashed at the nato base in kabul, afghanistan. five others were injured in the crash. we're told it happened yesterday. british authorities say two of the victims belong to the royal air force. afghan security says the helicopter appeared to strike an observation balloon as it was landing. >> 48 hours after deadly bombings in turkey no group has taken responsibility. nearly 100 died in two suicide explosions saturday. officials are trying to figure out who sent them into the rally. government opponents blame
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turkish security forces for failing to protect the demonstrators. the attack is similar to a suicide bombing in july that killed dozens of peace activists. at the vatican pope francis led a silent prayer for the bombing victims. the pontiff prayed with thousands of people. he later said that he was deeply saddened by the killing of defenseless people demonstrating for peace. the best laid plans. plans to destroy six apartment towers in scotland with controlled explosions didn't quite work out. all six crumbled but two didn't fall completely down. one of them looks like it starts at the 13th floor. the housing association will have to finish the work at a later date. fertilizer plant explosion in texas reached an agreement
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with the plant. jury selection had been scheduled to start today in the case but now potential jurors have been excused. 2013 blast killed 15 people. no details about the agreement have been released. about 100 miles away in austin, two people are dead after the boat they were riding in crashed into a concrete barge. three other passengers suffered life threatening injuries. investigation continues. 6:17. actor randy quaid is set to appear in court today. he and his wife were arrested on friday when they tried to enter the country in vermont, record check showed they were wanted in california for felony vandalism charges. state police believe someone tipped off the border patrol the couple was trying to get back in the country. the 65-year-old actor says he just wants to resolve his legal issues and move on with his life. 6:17. if you have to work today, if you are heading somewhere, out on the roads now, let's check,
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see what you have to encounter. >> there have been a couple of accidents in south jersey to avoid. nbc 10's jessica boyington will let us know. >> we're watching this accident scene now. it's pretty quiet this morning but we have an accident in mount laurel, new jersey on route 73. so all traffic is coming toward the camera, that's why it looks so bright. you can see flashing lights when you look here. this accident is right around the new jersey turnpike on 73 southbound. that's actually police activity in there, i saw two cop cars there, a person pulled over. it's something to watch out for. traffic is making its way through. for the rest of our drive times, a little bit of a slowdown on 95. southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway is at 15 minutes, up about 3 minutes or so. for the schuylkill eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, 14 minutes, no problems yet on the blue
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route and we'll give you a heads up later on this evening, heading out around 7:00 p.m. watch for extra stadium volume around the area because the philadelphia flyers are at the wells fargo center playing today around 7:00 p.m. 19 minutes after 6:00. nothing to freak out about weather wise. we're in for a beautiful day today. columbus day, skies are clear. we'll see lots of sunshine, sunrise after 7:00 this morning. 52 degrees. humidity is up there, we've seen a few spots of fog but most of the area is in the clear this morning. after a chilly start we'll see a quick warm-up. sunshine, bright today. it's tomorrow that we'll see the return of clouds and the chance of showers. not as chilly compared to yesterday. while philadelphia is 52, there's plenty of schoare cool. look at cape may in the 40s.
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46 degrees now in cape may. chillier woodbine at 38 degrees. we'll see clear skies and sunshine today. the radar is clear this morning, but you can see what's on the way for tomorrow. showers are moving through canada, north dakota, minnesota, a long way from us but that will be moving in tomorrow morning. we'll start off dry. by 9:00 we could see showers for lancaster, reading, sweeping through philadelphia by 11:00 tomorrow morning. we should get a quick tenth of an inch or more, .13 rain in philadelphia. by 1:00 the showers are moving to the shore. for today we will be rain-free. and the temperatures good with bright sunny skies in the 60s by 11:00 this morning. up to 73 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. and the seven-day forecast, that's calling for a mild day in spite of the showers, 75 the
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high after a morning low of 55 degrees. the chill arrivings for wednesday and thursday with readings in the 60s in the afternoon. after a cool morning thursday, then turning chillier this weekend saturday and sunday, highs in the 50s. >> 6:21. all aboard, a new day for amtrak. the new riders you could see next to you on your daily commute. reservations set to be starting today. favoring so called ugly food. tons of unwanted fruits and vegetables become a meal for the masses. (child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo? you have a pos, not a ppo that means... i want a ppo? (child crying) you have a pos, it's like a hmo. it means you a referral from a pcp. a pcp? a primary care physician. a pos means i need a pcp? (child crying) a referral. (child crying)
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more than a ton of unwanted fruits and vegetables were turned into food for thousands of people in greece yesterday. >> this is called feeding the 5,000. officials say most of this food would have been thrown out and they say yesterday's veent raised a lot of awareness about
6:25 am
wasting food. >> food that is thrown away when there are so many that need it especially these times when we have the problems here in athens. >> they fed thousands of people with the food. greece's debt crisis and the austerity wiped out a quarter of the economy and caused many to fall into poverty. >> good morning. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're taking a live look now at the blue route around germantown pike moving along nicely. we'll have updates going on in laurel, new jersey for now a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill. >> quiet this morning in the clear and waiting for sunrise. that's a live view from center city from the mellon bank building. 51 degrees at 6:25. the radar, completely clear. >> still ahead, technical problems have caused nationwide delays for southwest airlines.
6:26 am
matt delucia has more on this. >> and we are keeping our eye on what is happening a it the airport this morning as southwest continues to deal with that computer glitch. pet friendly train travel starting today, we'll tell you what you need to know before you bring your four-legged friend on board amtrak.
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you have to start to where we are now, hasn't even finished. possibly three miles. >> get ready to wait. a computer glitch causing problems at the airports. how passengers are philadelphia are making out. >> investigators are trying to
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determine how a dead body turned up in a clothing donation bin. we'll tell you how the victim was discovered. >> a live look outside at a beautiful view of center city from our camera across the river. it's 51 degree, cool but that chill will go away. we'll have a beautiful warm fall day to kick off the work week. how long will the nice weather last? we'll find out soon. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30. right to meteorologist bill henley with his fall day warm fall day forecast. >> it's going to be a beautiful columbus day. a couple of areas of fog with clear skies and light if not calm conditions when you see fog form. we have light fog right now in wilmington, the visibility is down to a mile and a quarter, lancaster has a half mile visibility. most of the rest of the area is fog free. but a bit chilly. 40s from doylestown to
6:31 am
wrightsto wrightstown. and 52 at philadelphia international is chillier for northeast philadelphia, and south philadelphia, down to 43 degrees. so a cool start but look at that. nice and clear, sunshine will be bright and the temperatures mild this afternoon. low to mid-70s today. there are some changes ahead and they will start moving in tomorrow. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington is watching i guess columbus day traffic. how is it looking? >> relatively light on the majors and the drive times, but we have an update on that accident out in mount laurel, new jersey. southbound lanes, this accident scene in the right side cleared out of the way. everybody is moving by as they should be. all traffic moving there. and if you're heading out the door in new jersey, watch out for ongoing construction. route 130, a traffic shift there and bridge work. and elsewhere, 295 north and
6:32 am
southbound between 42 and the black horse pike. i checked in with the p.a. turnpike. no problems there. we'll take a fly down there right now. no problems or lane restrictions. westbound, eastbound, the most is 23 minutes from route 1 to valley forge. >> from the roads to the skies, 6:32, southwest airlines is dealing with a glitch that is caused delays at airports nation a wide. >> matt delucia is standing by. people are toold show up two or three hours early for their flight. >> absolutely. we have seen some lines but it's not too bad. i checked and there are no departure delays for southwest airlines as of right now at philadelphia international. that is the good news. this is what it looked like in the past hour. there were some longer lines earlier but overall not too bad. southwest airlines, dealing with this glitch since yesterday afternoon. they are trying to fix, then try
6:33 am
to figure out what caused the glitch in the first place. we have seen long lines at airports throughout the country so get to the airport early. but how early should you get? southwest is recommending at least two hours prior to a scheduled departure. also they are recommending that uf try to print your boarding pass before you get to the airport, or use one of the self serve kiosks inside. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> starting today passengers on amtrak's northeast regional trains are allowed to travel with pet. they meet a certain weight requirement. they can be no heavier than 20 pounds and the pet carrier has to be put under your seat. ultimately at least 8 weeks old and have up to date vaccinations. reservations are required and tickets include a 25 candidates surcharge. >> investigation under way after
6:34 am
someone found a body in a closing donation bin. >> police say the remains belonged to a man, officers found the body sunday afternoon. behind the country storms store. neighbors and firefighters in springfield have heavy start hearts after a retired firefighter died. roger lippincott was mowing his lawn when his riding mower burst into flames, he suffered severe burns and died. the first responders were from his former fire department. >> lawn mower to catch on fire and causes and other circumstances are under investigation. >> sounds like it was absolutely a freak accident. >> i have a lawn mower out back. you just never know. >> the fire marshal is still looking into why his lawn mower caught fire. >> in montgomery county
6:35 am
authorities investigating a death had to call in a hazmat team. someone reported a person dead. responders when they got on the scene smell add strong chemical odor coming from the home. hazmat crews haven't seen es sakt hi what caused that odor. >> 6:35. in the race for mayor of philadelphia, the candidates will hold debate tonight for the second time. democrat jim kenny and melissa murray bailey will discuss the issues in a debate on whyy. the general election is november 3. >> 6:35, a game they had to win eagles rose to the occasion. the eagles and saints 1-3 coming into the link yesterday. birds broke the came open in the third quarter scoring twice in 13 seconds with the defense in
6:36 am
between. bradford found brent celek in the corner of the end zone. >> is this the turn around? >> yes. great comeback. got to keep it going, keep it rolling, keep it flowing. fly, eagles, fly, baby! >> eagles improve today with-3 a game back of the giants who won last night. and speak of the devil they come next monday night. we'll have complete pre-and post game coverage. nbc 10 the official station of the eagles. speaking of the eagles, they use their green thumbs to plant some today. part after program to give low income citizens access to healthful foods. >> we have new information this morning on this play that are
6:37 am
cost chase lit two games, suspended two gims. the former philly expected to miss those games after this slide that broke the leg of the mets shortstop. here is another look at the play that ended tejada's season. some say that utley's move was intended to break up a double play and was legal. the umpires in the game ruled it legal. others say he intentionally set up to hit tejada and cause his injury. major league baseball suspended ali. disciplining him was the best thing to do. utley will appeal and if this appeal, if the suspension is overturned utley could be in uniform tonight. if that happens the news is fanning the flames with this headline. reading, payback is a pitch. which implies that mets pitchers could throw at utley the next time he comes up to bat.
6:38 am
>> 6:38. half an hour before sunrise and we're going to see a lot of sunshine. like yesterday clear skies and a cool morning. sunshine in the 70s this afternoon. warmer than yesterday. tomorrow, though, might be able to give your sunglasses a break in the late morning hours when we have showers, moving through the area. then behind those showers a return to autumn chill. the temperatures will be cooler for most of the rest of the week. a cool start in northeast philadelphia, 48, it's chillier. look at that. completely clear skies. a view from the com past center. temperatures will climb. the wind will stay light. a 5-mile-an-hour breeze. most of the area is calm. with a light southerly wind that will help to warm things up along with bright sunshine for
6:39 am
today. from the city to the shore nothing but sunshine. we'll be watching temperatures. 73 for bethlehem, pensburg, king of prussia, abington and bordentown, at the shore, 70 degrees for bentnor. bright sunny skies for wilmington, malvern, berlin, new jersey in the 60s. 75 for philadelphia. clear today but tracking showers. and the wan weekend chillier. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. >> let's about 20 minutes till. looks like a lot of brake lights. >> a lot of people are going to work. what are you seeing? >> they get stuck headed through the work zone where there's limited lanes and we pretty much get all brake lights down 95 southbound. still a little light though. only a 21 minute drip.
6:40 am
usually by this time we're at least up to 35 minutes. so at least we look at the glass a half full. you can see a little follow when you head out. so same places, traffic, 95, the schuylkill expressway. otherwise good to go. watch out for that south is closed between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. they have detoured posted. also watch for the ben franklin parkway between 21st and outer square. the automaticer driving is closed and the inner drive between 21 and logan square. >> still ahead, president observe weighs in on the presidential race. the mistake he says hillary clinton made. >> and hundreds turned out for this roll rally. a fight out of a denate drops a
6:41 am
nation's. >> we'll tell you why the government says low gas prices are to blame.
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6:44 am
the movement to change the state flag of mississippi is gaining ground. hundreds of people marched and rallied outside the state capitol in jackson yesterday. activists want the confederate battle emblem removed from the flag. organizers said they want to change the sense of shame that the confederate emblem could portray. >> it's not about letting go of your southern history. it's having a flag people an look at and all feel proud of and not sense of fear or shame. >> supporters of the flag also showed up at the rally to counter what they called
6:45 am
negative attacks. >> about 6:45. a memphis police officer is dead after being shot multiple times yesterday. investigators say the officer was involved in an altercation with a man. police arrested the suspected shooter but unclear about what led to the fatal shooting. the officer was taken to a medical center where he later died. police in texas continue looking into what led to a shooting oof a cowboys/patriots football game yesterday. someone opened fire during the fight between two men in the parking lot near the stadium. one man is in critical condition, the other behind bars recovering from minor injuries. >> 6:45. decision 2016, we are one day away from the first democrat in presidential debate and waiting to see if vice president joe biden will join that race. each if he does not decide until today.
6:46 am
the vice president was with his family in delaware over the weekend, still pondering whether to join the race and hit the campaign trail. the other political question now is who is replacing john boehner as speaker of the house. republicans are urging paul ryan to run. >> could be a wonderful speaker. >> we need a toughness and we don't have that. >> i don't think it's personalities, who is going to go to the conference and say i'm willing to fight for our beliefs. >> so far no interest from ryan in spite of that intense pressure. president obama says hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server was a mistake, but he says it did not endanger national security. the president told an interviewer that criticism of clinton has been hyped up because of politics. federal investigations of that e-mail issue continue. don't look for a cost of
6:47 am
living increase next year if you're on social security. and you can blame it on cass prices. this is just the third time in 40 years there will be no increase in benefits, the cost of living adjustment tied to inflation and it's so low that an tren for next year is not expected to happen. gas prices are used as an indicator of inflation for the government. the gas prices remain low. triple a says drivers are paying less than $3 a gallon for the first time since 2009. in the philly area drive es pay 2.two 2 and the cheapest in jersey 1.93. >> and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell and congressman brendan boyle calling on passing a transportation bill. they are hosting an event. >> a washington, d.c. woman made a big accomplishment over the
6:48 am
weekend. kathy camp competed in her 52nd competitive running road race. the only woman out of 30 thousand runners to complete the challenge (she decided to run a race each weekend a year. >> the founder of burt's bees could face an ugly fight to create the next national park. the founder wants to donate tens of thousands of acres of woodland and millions of dollars for the park in northern maine. critics don't want her intruding into the area. >> 12 minutes before 7:00. sunshine is on the way. our skies are clear, look at this beautiful view. not a cloud to be found this morning. a cool start with calm conditions for most of the area.
6:49 am
a light breeze out of the southwest. we're seeing spots of fog. you can see it in honsdale to the northeast of scranton. we'll see the fog clear out. 40s for trenton and wilmington now down to 46 degrees. and in tweetsboro, 43 in mullica hill. the middle 40s for washington township and turnersville 46 degrees. we're in the clear radar-wise for today. but tomorrow it's a different story. look at the rain in canada, north dakota. it's a fast-moving system and will be here later tomorrow morning. into the ohio valley in the afternoon hours, by tomorrow morning at this time we'll be
6:50 am
backing some showers. they will be keeping in during the late morning hours. not expecting to see a lot of rain but we'll get the rain tomorrow. for today, mostly sunny. by 11:00 at 65. yesterday we topped out at 70. warmer by 2:00. tomorrow a mild day with showers in the late morning clearing out in the afternoon. and behind that wet weather here comes the cool wednesday and thursday. temperatures in the 40s, 46 degrees. and then another round of hours an fray. saturday and sunday we'll see high temperatures in the 50s. suns morning. >> let's get you to work on this monday morning. columbus day. >> a lot of people don't have the day off, too, that's why we're seeing the typical backup on the good old schuylkill expressway. jessica boyington showing us
6:51 am
that. >> we can count on the schuylkill expressway especially on the holidays. we are on the schuylkill. you can see either direction a string of liked really. the worst of them is what is from the vine street the blue route now at 21 minutes a little less eat headed eastbound. that's going to be midday construction until 3:00 p.m. of. which is 39 and wineland. the right lane will be clothesed until this afternoon. if you are heading out the door later on this evening i'm going to give you a heads up. stadium traffic to expect. we have a game. >> 40,000 supporters of the lgbt joined for out fest considered the largest in the country. they celebrated the ruling on same-sex marriages. but participants we talked with
6:52 am
say there is work to be done. >> incredible the progress that the community has made. >> for the first time ever, a rainbow flag flying above city hall bears the seal. players play and face off against the florida panthers. beat them. >> delays for travelers across the country. matt? >> reporter: an eye on the delays in our area as people led coming up next. >> and i'm katy zachry, why a death this weekend in burlington county, new jersey, hit a fire zopt hard and why it was many thinking twice about mowing theirdown.
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i'm matt delucia checking oyn the southwest airlines computer dplich which caused long lines and delays. here's what we found at philadelphia international airport this morning. long lines were not the norm. a few lines out there earlier this morning. people have been getting on flights. no departure delays at last check, a few minutes ago. southwest airlines said it's having problems with the computers at the ticket counters so suggest that you briyou prin boarding pass and get there at least two hours early just in case. >> i'm katy zachry following a tragic story out of burlington county, new jersey.
6:57 am
i got off the phone or rather heard from the fire chief in springfield township about a death investigation of one of their own. state police are looking into why a lawn mower burst into flames yesterday afternoon, killing the 79-year-old man who was riding it. that man is roger lippincott, a retired firefighter from jobs town, burlington county. the first responders to get to him are the same men and women he worked along side for decades. there is an investigation into what caused the lawn mower to burst into flames. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> good morning. i'm traffic reporter jessica boyington with your morning traffic for columbus day. we're out on 95 now, around academy road. not a huge delay on the highway. everything moving by this disabled vehicle here. we got to the scene, so
6:58 am
something to watch for. for the rest of our drive time starting to slow in the forming spots. we're lighter than normal. wood haven to the vine street expressway, only 15 minutes on the schuylkill eastbound to the vine and the blue route slow, southbound from the schuylkill to mine fight. we're adding about five minutes so don't be scared by those street and the parkway. they have detour signs getting watch out for more construction. between 21st and 20th is blocked and the inner drive between 21st is closed. later at 7:00 watch for traffic around the stadium area. a cool start this morning,
6:59 am
we are in the clear, that's a live view from the comcast center. you can see a flight heading into philadelphia international. you look closely on your hd television. full hd today, baby. nice and sunny, we are in the clear, just minutes away from sunrise. 53 degrees in philadelphia. most of the night, though, winds had died down. now out of the southwest at 7 miles an hour. enough to help warm things up and do away with the fog. most of the area is fog free but lancaster, quarter mile visibility. there are spots low level spots in the pocono mountains that are reporting some light fog. it's not an issue in blue bell which saw light fog. it's northeast philadelphia now that is down to a mile and a quarter while it's in clear for delaware and south jersey. the radar is in the clear but that will likely change later tomorrow morning as we see showers moving in late in the day. today a warm-up in the 70s this afternoon with nothing but
7:00 am
sunshine. >> beautiful columbus day. we're out of time. we'll be back with local updates. good morning, more delays, more head lakes aches. that computer glitch that grounded many southwest flights are causing problems for tens of millions of travelers this morning. what will it take to fix it and the warning the airline is issuing to travelers. she made a mistake, president obama weighed in on the e-mail controversy plaguing hillary clinton. >> it is important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american public. >> and whether he thinks his vice president joe biden should join the race as planners for tomorrow night's first democratic debate keep an kextr podium on hand just in case. >> growing


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