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tv   Today  NBC  October 12, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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&÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ >> narrator: from nbc u$@vo5 co &÷ news, this is it u$@vo5 co &÷ "today" with kathie lee gifford and u$@vo5 co &÷ hoda kotb live from u$@vo5 co &÷ studio 1a u$@vo5 co &÷ in rockefeller u$@vo5 plaza. u$ >> yes, it is punfun day co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ monday and what's more u$@vo5 co &÷ fun than being joined u$@vo5 co &÷ by jenna elfman. >> this is a dance co &÷ party. >> she's in a new u$@vo5 co film coming out. >> comes out this u$@vo5 weekend. >> go u$@vo5 co &÷ to u$@vo5 co your u$@vo5 co &÷ theaters. >> big stone gap. and we also have in addition to you u$@vo5 co
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&÷ being here the writer of the movie is with us. >> and best selling novel. >> yeah, u$ of the co same title. >> do you like that song we were u$@vo5 co &÷ just playing? something in the way you you've. she has co &÷ a haunting beautiful voice. so a lot of stuff coming've. she has a haunting beautiful voice. so a lot of stuff coming up u$@vo5 co &÷ celebrity buzz, we'll be talking about steven u$@vo5 co &÷ tyler. and you'll like this one. plastic u$@vo5 surgeon brian glatt u$@vo5 co &÷ is going to perform a u$@vo5 co &÷ five u$@vo5 co &÷ minute facelift. pull it out. u$@vo5 okay. >> she's very calm. >> she is calm. but he said it happens in five hints. she has a peace u$@vo5 sign. there we go. so we'll revise u$@vo5 co &÷ it the five minute u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ facelift. >> facelifts achd ss ss and world peace p. >> so you u$ actually shot this co &÷ movie in a small town in u$@vo5 co &÷ virginia. >> yes.
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she was born and raised this big stone u$ gap, virginia. a beautiful co &÷ town of 5,000 people. lots of characters there. they're u$@vo5 co &÷ all u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 lovely. >> describe your character. >> it's a movie set in 1978 and i play the mobile u$@vo5 co &÷ book librarian. u$@vo5 co &÷ i got to drive a u$ big co &÷ truck. u$@vo5 co &÷ i'm obsessed romance and love and i want my best friend u$@vo5 co played by ashley judd to find true romance. and this is u$@vo5 co about your u$@vo5 co &÷ community, your u$ friends and co &÷ u$ loves. i haven't seen a dry eye at the end yet, co even from men. and in this day and age where it's hard to find u$@vo5 movies that you can take multigenerations to u$@vo5 co &÷ and really enjoy the characters. and this u$ movie co you can do that. and you can take your co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ daughters. my little boy u$@vo5 co &÷ saw the movie. >> how u$@vo5 co &÷ old are your kids?
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>> 5 and 8. u$@vo5 >> and you're a big instragram person. there was u$@vo5 co &÷ one of you, i think you're with a leaf u$@vo5 co &÷ blower. >> yeah, there they are with a u$@vo5 co leap frog tablet dancing and having a good time. u$@vo5 co &÷ >> are you strict with them or u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ not at all? co &÷ >> he's laughing so hard he can't even breathe. this u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co is what we do at our house. and then u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ my co &÷ mother-in-law it her own version of it. yeah, it's not a co &÷ quiet u$@vo5 co &÷ boring u$@vo5 household. >> did you see yourself as co a mom and wife? >> yeah. always. i'm a horrible wife. come on. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co we have a podcast we do called kicking and screaming. been there 25 years. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co >> 25? >> u$@vo5 co &÷ uh-huh. i just turned 44. i was 19 when i met him. and we've been married 20 u$@vo5 co &÷ years.
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and i always knew i would be married and have u$@vo5 co children. i always wanted to u$@v have co children. i'm a great friend and great mom. i'm not a good u$ wife. i'm not wifey, but i'm a great friend. >> you can't be everything. >> but i'm pretty awesome. >> you are. you know who else is pretty awesome selena gomez was on the u$ plaza today, that girl can u$@vo5 co &÷ sing. >> i can sing a little better but she can really co &÷ sing good. >> listen u$@vo5 co &÷ to this. >> she can also move. cute tattoo. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ >> that plaza was packed. i know it's a u$ holiday but every co phone is up like -- >> it's really hard to watch the concert because you're watching it u$@vo5 co &÷ through a teeny screen. but she was pretty terrific. >> she can u$@vo5 co move she can sing, she's u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ beautiful. u$@v and she's hit a thefshnerve with many generations. because co &÷ you can't help but admire confidence.
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anyone who is confidence u$ with what they do. co >> there you are. look at her face. >> u$ you've been working all morning. >> what i like about her, she lets it go. she doesn't -- some are u$ buttoned co up. and she seems to have a looser attitude. >> i think when you have an u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ abundance oftal lebt talent and confidence, you're no so co &÷ protective of every moment. >> you have confidence. is u$@vo5 co this the first time you've hosted? >> yeah, this is fun. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ like if you're co &÷ nervous about flying, you know that pilot is like great, they seem really co competent you're like, it's going to be okay. you're awesome. i feel welcome here. we're good. >> so daniel craig, this co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ is u$@vo5 interesting, u$@vo5 co &÷ he's been jamgses bond four cop secretary could you have difference times. and he did an u$@vo5 co &÷ interview recently and the london reporter asked co &÷ secretary could you have difference times. and he did an interview recently
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and the london repas u$@vo5 co if he wanted to play james bond again and he said i'd rather break this glass and u$@vo5 co &÷ slash my wrist. >> u$@vo5 you have to do co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co it with being a anccent. i'd rather u$@vo5 co &÷ break this glass and co &÷ slash my wrists. all i want do is u$@vo5 move on. >> that's what he said. and on who should be the next bond do you know what he said? u$ he co &÷ didn't give a -- u$ that's what co &÷ he said. >> and then he probably took another shot of u$@vo5 co &÷ his bourbon. >> what do you think about u$@v that? co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ >> i can speak u$ with trfrom both sides. as a person, co normal person in the world like take away the fact that i'm an being a investigation in hollywood or whatever, as a human being u$@vo5 co &÷ the way my parents raised u$@vme, i co say dude you're a bond man. like okay u$@vo5 co just be grateful you're employed and -- u$@v but co &÷
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then u$@vo5 co i also understand, you know the first bond, you're like co &÷ -- >> exciting. >> and then the second one u$@vo5 co &÷ and third one and then the u$@vo5 co pourt onefourth one. so i understand creatively how you may be like i'm u$ over it, but i think you have to know the company you're in. and know your audience with anything in life. u$@vo5 co &÷ you have to know your u$@v audience. so maybe in that interview with that journalist he felt very comfortable and u$@vo5 co was like dude, i'd rather slit my wrists. i can't take it u$@vo5 co anymore. >> have you ever said anything in an interview where you were like i can't u$@vo5 co &÷ believe i u$@vo5 co &÷ did thatoing this? >> i've been doing this since my mid 20s and there a u$ learning co curve. i'm just glad i did u$@vo5 co &÷ all that before there was social media so all the mistakes aren't translated across the u$@vo5 co universe in five seconds. u$@vo5 co &÷ >> it seems like every stumble u$ gets repeated 1,000 times. >> and i think a lot of the people attacking the artists or u$@vo5
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co whatever, if we turned the light on them, like if you were to put an investigator and followed them around in their private life, u$@vo5 you'd see some serious questionable behavior. and it's a lot of u$ the pot co &÷ calling the kettle u$ black. co &÷ if you start pulling the string as to who is behind all of the things, there is u$@vo5 co a lot of people equally guilty of their own discreditable acts. and u$@vo5 co &÷ that's where i think parting comes into play and why i u$ love co &÷ big stone gap so much, that town in virginia. these are people who would give the shirt off their u$@vo5 back for you. and it's like they're so genuine and kind and u$@vo5 co &÷ warm. u$@vo5 co &÷ and it's like why do we have to have campaigns without kindness and bully something why u$@vo5 can't we co &÷ just have parents raise their children and show respect? you don't always have to agree, but you can have respect. >> and u$@vo5 co speaking of respect, this u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ was in the social cues u$@vo5 co &÷ column. and they asked at what time can you start u$@vo5 co &÷
10:09 am
u$@vo5 co &÷ calling someone tom u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ -- >> as a u$@vo5 stalker, as u$@vo5 co a dating thing? >> what do you think it's only, 9:00, co 8:00? >> is it saturday morning and u$@vo5 co &÷ your friend was out partying the night before? let them sleep in or touch base u$@vo5 co the u$@vo5 co day before when should i call you. if it's a mom, you know u$@vo5 co they're up at 6:00. >> what is the co &÷ latest you'll call somebody? >> i won't call anyone past 7:30. >> u$really? >> yeah. co maybe i might send a text. because usually i u$@vo5 co &÷ put my u$@vo5 co &÷ phone on silent when i go to bed. maybe 8:00 maybe. u$@vo5 co &÷ i won't call because -- i troo to do the u$@vo5 co golden rule. u$@vo5 co &÷ >> they said this woman had loose weekend plans, there was a movie playing at 10:00 a.m. and called her good friend and said do you want to u$go, the woman said why are you calling me so early and slammed u$@vo5 co
10:10 am
the phone down and they haven't spoken since. >> is that really your friend? >> they have other issues. the social u$@vo5 co cues guy says 10:00 is not too early, just apologize the next time you u$@vo5 co &÷ see her. >> if you're not up by 10:00 unless you were doing clarity work in the middle u$@v of the night at the hospital -- co >> exactly. >> then you're off the hook. >> i want to u$@vo5 co &÷ say u$ a co &÷ couple his to u$@vo5 co &÷ some friends u$@vo5 co &÷ visiting. thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you u$ for co having us. >> we have a question. feeling a the hot flash coming on? u$@vo5 co &÷ by the way, i'm starting to have those. thank you for that. we have music, wine, u$@vo5 co chocolates, dancing. >> chocolates? u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ we take away your stuffy nose. you keep the peace. we calm your congestion and pain. you rally the team. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve
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>> u$@vo5 co &÷ here is the co &÷ scoop, nina. u$@vo5 co &÷ >> let's get u$@vo5 co &÷ started. u$ kanye west co &÷ miraculously -- >> something weird happened u$@vo5 co &÷ with kanye? >> he was on u$@vo5 co &÷ "american idol." >> that's right. he was in san francisco with his wife and guess u$@vo5 co &÷ who else was in town, the whole crew from "american idol" holding u$@vo5 co auditions. so kanye decided to go in u$@vo5 co &÷ and audition. he reportedly performed gold digger. and i guess he did a good job because he got u$ that ticket to co go on to hollywood. >> did they really give will him a ticket is this. >> they u$@vo5 co &÷ did. but i can't imagine. we don't know if it was a prank. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ but she was so u$@vo5 co proud like babe, baby, you did it, we're going to hollywood! >> also making u$@vo5 co &÷ headlines, steven tyler is asking the trump campaign to u$@v stop co &÷ using his co
10:15 am
aerosmith dream song. >> i love that song. >> i think i u$@vo5 co &÷ had a makeout session u$@vo5 to co &÷ that song. but he's u$@vo5 co a registered republican and he says it's the not u$@vo5 co &÷ political, just a copyright issue. >> that's right. he's been using it at u$@vo5 co &÷ rallies and campaign u$@vo5 co events. and he's saying it's not about u$@vo5 co &÷ friendship or anything personal, but you have to stop using my song because there are copyright issues u$@vo5 involved. and aerosmith i guess is u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ some u$@vo5 co &÷ how backing trump. and he sent a east andcease and desist letter. >> and trump probably co saying i don't care. >> yeah he's u$@vo5 asked before. and trump went ahead and used it. >> i think it's important to respect artists. and if you're going to be a leader u$@vo5 co &÷ in this country co &÷ culture depends u$@vo5 co &÷ upon artists flourishing for its side identity. and if you're going to be a u$@vo5 co &÷ leader, i'd suggest respecting
10:16 am
artists. >> that's true. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ thank u$@vo5 co you for all that p. so randy quaid with a huge beard. what's happening? >> this is u$incredible. randy quaid and his wife have been facing vandalism charges in california five u$@vo5 years ago. co rather than face them, u$@vo5 co they went to canada where randy quaid applied for residency. his application was denied. and as u$@vo5 of october 14, he was going to be deported back to the u$@vo5 co &÷ states. rather than deal with that he did actually -- he u$@vo5 co &÷ and his wife left for u$@v vermont where they were both arrested and now co &÷ they're both this jail. today is the arraignment. so we'll see how it shapes u$up. co but it's all over vandalism u$@vo5 co &÷ charges. he and his wife were u$@vo5 co &÷ squatting u$@vo5 co &÷ in the guest house in california. so not that they really did anything bad. >> were they squatting or did the person who u$@v bought it co is insane and accusing them of something that they're not u$@vo5 co guilty of? >> it's murky.
10:17 am
we don't really though. and in-when they have the u$ arraignment today, we'll find a little bit more about the legal co &÷ u$@v details. >> all right. what else is co happening, jenna elfman? >> u$@vo5 apparently the rock, dwayne the rock, who he's so u$ amazing. he posted something fun over the weekend on instragram. >> i u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ love the rock. he had like a great u$@vo5 co &÷ workout session. apparently those endorphins were u$@vo5 co &÷ kicking because he taped this u$ hilarious dance co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ and he lip u$sync synced. co &÷ talk about a dance party. u$@vo5 co &÷ >> he has the moves about. >> for a guy with a big strong body to be able to move u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ like that. >> like co &÷ keep it in your back u$@vo5 pocket. >> it's bigger co &÷ than the nene. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ totally. >> i have a question. do you have five minutes? then you have time for u$ a facelift. >> we'll show y
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s ke$ef)qjm/h6g& u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 how about this. by this time of the next segment is over, u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ our patient, an u$bbyabby, will have had a facelift without any surgery. >> and here to u$@vo5 co &÷ demonstrate the five minute facelift is chief the plastic surgery at u$@vo5 co morris town medical center. >> and he brought along one of his u$@vo5 co &÷ patients abby, swes his u$@vo5 co
10:22 am
&÷ nurse, jennifer. so u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co you have a needle. what's the difference between what you're doing thousand, which is obviously putting a filler into u$@vo5 abby's face and just what people do to fill in laugh lines and that kind of u$ thing. >> a great question. the main difference in what u$@vo5 co we're doing today is the type of filler it is. it's really u$@vo5 co &÷ newer brand of u$@vo5 co &÷ fillers. fillers are powerful, dense, rich and they are capable of just really filling and giving robust difference in a very short period of u$@vo5 co time. >> half of her face is done and half of it isn't. so you can tell you u$@vo5 co did this will u$@v side right here. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ you did the right side -- my u$@vo5 right, her left. was it painful? >> u$@vo5 co &÷ not at all. >> these u$@vo5 co &÷ felters have numbing medicine built this within it. u$@vo5 co &÷ so as you go, it really numb u$@vo5
10:23 am
co &÷erss u$@vo5 co &÷ the area. >> i u$@vo5 co &÷ just break into u$@vo5 co opera that's what i do. >> so show us how it works. >> we've already u$@vpre-free throwed abby with a little bit co &÷ of ice to the area which i like to do. u$@vo5 co i've marked the area. and it's a really simple straightforward u$@vo5 co injection. basically just place it very deep. and again, it getting at the can u$@vo5 difference of what you spoke about before, co &÷ it's placed actually all the way down kind of on the bone. really as deep as you can go. you don't want to put it close to the surface. are you doing okay over there? >> do you want to squeeze my hand? u$ >> you're co &÷ doing great. >> squeeze it break. are you okay? u$@vo5 co &÷ shall. >> yeah. >>. >> not allowed to u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ laugh. >> now i'll allow you to pull it out. what are some side effects? u$@vo5 >> the side effects are just like any other fillers. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ bruising, lumps u$@vo5 and co &÷ bumps.
10:24 am
this u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ is u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ made out u$offof acid that is co &÷ reversible. >> your body just absorbs u$@vo5 u$@vo5 that? u$@vo5 co >> over time it does. the chemical breaks town the u$@vo5 substance and just breaks it right out. >> and how long will it last. >> approximately two u$@vo5 co &÷ years which is another major difference. most fillers last anywhere from 9 to 15 u$@vo5 co &÷ months. these last two, a little longer, years. >> are you all right? to you like the first half that he did? u$@v >> co so far so great. >> all right. we'll take one more look at abby's before and u$@vo5 co &÷ after before we sign u$@vo5 co &÷ off today. can't wait u$@vo5 co &÷ for seeto see. guess who u$@vo5 co &÷ is u$@vo5 co here? >> could it be the "new york times" author? >> i think it could u$@vo5 co &÷ be. we'll be u$@vo5 co &÷ talking u$@vo5 movies and a lot
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city and into the mountains. look at that. blue sky. not a cloud to be found today. the clouds will wait until tomorrow. the temperatures started off in the 40s for most spots, now upper 50s and 60s, 64 for atlantic city at the airport and northeast philadelphia at the airport, 64 degrees. 70 at noontime. we will be up to 73 at 3:00 light, southerly wind will continue at 6:00 this evening. new this morning, philadelphia police are still looking for a man who robbed a convenience store at gunpoint. it happened just before 5 a.m. at this 7-11 on mattress street at rose vet boulevard in feltenville a man walked in with a gun demanded cash got that money and then left. police say employees actually chased after the robber but he got away. a shooting last night in north philadelphia left two men in critical condition. investigators say it happened just after the 5 p.m. near 17th and cumberland streets. both victims are 21. both were shot twice. police haven't told us what prompted the shooting.
10:28 am
tilt, they have made no arrests. in the race for mayor of philadelphia, the candidates will hold their second debate tonight. democrat jim kennedy and republican melissa beamy will be in a forum that will air on whyy. the general election is november 3rd. i'm chris cato. we have a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes including some breaking news on an arrest made in the local murder of a transgender woman last week. we will have that for you on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. for now, i'm chris cato. we go back the "today" show. have a great morning.
10:29 am
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u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ it's money saving monday. and we're about to get some shopping u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ tips. >> with whetherhether u$@vo5 co &÷ you're filling u$@vo5 co your shelves or making u$@vo5 new bed linen, we're u$@vo5 about on save some money. u$@vo5 >> what to buy now and what we should put off until later. >> so now is u$@vo5 co &÷ a good time to u$ buy certain co things? >> yes. absolutely. this has about five things out of the ten that are your best buys for october. u$ but i'm going to test co &÷ you guys on this. >> oh, it's game? i hate u$@vo5 games. >> i'm a horrible shopper. >> tools and kitchen u$@vo5 co &÷ appliances. >> so which one is the u$ better
10:31 am
buy for october? >> i would say kitchen appliness as based on u$zero. co >> i would say holiday is coming up so they will capitalize on everyone co &÷ cooking and charge you more, so i u$ say power tools. >> you're right. sorry, jenna. >> what? >> so power tools you want to wait, believe it or u$@vo5 not, cyber monday and black friday, home improvement stores have great deals on tool u$@vo5 co &÷ kits. but you would be correct u$@vo5 actually in what you said, which was it is the time when people are going to be shopping -- i mean cooking and it's co winter and holidays. small kitchen appliances because they want you to get their u$@v product to do the co &÷ cooking. it's reverse u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vpsychology. >> all right. co &÷ okay. what's this? >> see, i buy things and literally the week later they're on sale. >> and then you get a price u$@vo5 co adjustment but that's a whole other thing. >> so we have u$ linens co &÷ and then we u$@vo5 co &÷ have u$@vo5bedding.
10:32 am
you always need both, don't you? >> i think this is winter so u$@vo5 co &÷ this u$@v is co buy now. so. >> so either incentive or u$ they're taking advantage. >> i'm going to agree with co &÷ you. i'm going to go with this. bedding. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 you both won. so it is a u$@vo5 co &÷ brooiuy now. when it was back to school and kids going off to u$@vo5 co dorms, these were out filling the shelves. and these are big items so they need to clear the u$@vo5 shelves for other items. and you can actually get coordinating linens to go with these sets. and let me tell you why u$ you want to buy table linens u$@vo5 co &÷ and wait until later. january is u$@vo5 co &÷ historically the best time for u$@vo5 co &÷ white sales. >> okay. >> and your favorite category u$@vo5 co &÷ p. >> that's really rude. u$@vo5 co &÷ >> perfume for me. >> perfume versus wine. >> is there u$ a co &÷ bad time to buy wine? i don't think so. >> jenna what u$@vo5 co &÷ do you think? >> u$@vo5 co
10:33 am
&÷ well the theechl has beenaen theme has been it's holiday, so i would co &÷ say buy wine. i guess u$@v i'm co &÷ suspicious. >> the right u$@vo5 co &÷ answer is you buy wine u$@vo5 co &÷ thisin october. because of the early harvest. perfume, wait until co &÷ the holidays. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ okay. we have storage containers and u$ co &÷ dishes. >> storage i'd say is buy now and dishes buy u$@vo5 co &÷ later. >> i say buy now, buy u$ co later. >> jenna won. >> of course she did. >> buy now because that is the u$ bridle gift registry stone is passed, they will have clearance. and over here, the unofficial holiday for u$@v leftovers is u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ thanksgiving. >> so is this thisthis is our tie breaker. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ camping gear versus a wedding dress. that's weird. we go camping and high husband is all about the camping gear and i think these will be on sale now. co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷
10:34 am
u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ >> i'm going with the wedding dress. >> u$@vo5 co the winner? >> camping season is officially over. so this is buy u$@vo5 co &÷ now. online you'll get great deals. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co and bridle dress you can wait for great deals. >> co &÷ thanks so much. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ it will u$@vo5 co &÷ be the u$@vo5 co cast of it's olive gardens 20th anniversary
10:35 am
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mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mmmm woo! mmm! milk, fruit, cultures mmmm, yoplait '(
10:39 am
> it's worth seeing for so many reasons other than the fact that i'm in it. u$@vo5 co also following 15 best sellers she's written a new novel u$@vo5 called all the co &÷ u$@vo5 stars in the co &÷ u$@vo5 co heavens set in hollywood. >> which is totally inspired by the fact that i got to direct u$ great co &÷ actors. that's why u$@vo5 co &÷ i wrote this will book. >> big stone gap u$@vo5 has been your baby. set in your hometown. and to watch co &÷ u$@vo5 co it finally come together must be phenomenal for you. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co
10:40 am
&÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ >> i got to make the you've have i movie u$@vo5 co &÷ that we dreemd of. u$ it's the kind of a co &÷ movie when you're home and depressed u$@vo5 co &÷ and you need hope, you companyuyou go to the movies and you feel redeemed when it's u$ over. you feel co uplifted. >> just watching it you feel that way and u$@vo5 co &÷ i have to say, every step of the way from being u$@vo5 co offered this film to working u$@vo5 co with you, you're such a life force u$@vo5 co &÷ you're a beautiful u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ communicate communicator. you truly the spirit of every character. and that's why we go to the movies. and this u$@vo5 co &÷ movie is that. >> we co used to go to the movies not to get upset, u$@vo5 co &÷ but to be u$@vo5 co &÷ uplifted, to lift our spirits. and we need hope again. and this movie gives you hope and the people came u$ out co in big stone gap because we u$ needed co &÷ it. and we shot it in america.
10:41 am
imagine that. in u$@vvirginia. >> now, it was your first u$ time writing a movie. how tough was co &÷ to get jenna elfman u$@v ashley judd, co &÷ the rest of your cast? >> it was not hard to get me. co i read that script and it was like yes. >> you build it kind of one person at a time. whoopi was the u$@vo5 co &÷ anchor. and ashley judd was the u$ -- co &÷ u$@vo5 co and then patrick definite tlily was the anchor. his grandmother u$@v came co &÷ u$@vo5 co to me in 2000 when the book u$@vo5 co came out and said he should play this part. and i said this is about people on the brink of u$@vo5 co losing everything. >> this was our weekend, this was u$@vo5 co &÷ saturday. the whole town of 5000 people, and i swear to god 90% of them were on the streets u$@vo5 co welcoming us, celebrating the heart of this u$@vo5movie. co and the people are this movie. u$@v there i am. co people from istanbul to u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ kazakhstan to crow and iatia were
10:42 am
u$@vo5 co watching this parade. >> there is ashley and patrick in the u$@vo5 co jeep. that's the only time she's not driving it. she can u$@vo5 co drive anything and eat anything. u$@vo5 co &÷ i've never seen anything like her. there you're u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ putting u$@vo5 co &÷ your hand mis sees in cement. >> let's talk about your book for a sn>orohs in cement. >> let's talk about your book for a se a y c setng. >> i'm getting u$@vo5 co &÷ misty. there is something about you and your project and your town. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ >> now u$@vo5 co &÷ you're making me cry. >> all the stars in the u$@vo5 co heavens. this. >> this is historical fiction. it's the imagineded u$ story of clark gable co &÷ and loretta young. now, let me tell you this u$@v very quickly. when i was in college in the u$@vo5 co &÷ '80s wroi a poem about u$@vo5 co &÷ clark gable because my great u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co auptsnts mary used me and my brother and
10:43 am
sisters as slave u$@vo5 labor. anyway i wrote a poem about clark gable. and a nun delivered this picture to me very quickly. if you can see u$@vo5 it of co &÷ this little boy. this u$@vo5 is john clark gable. >> what? >> u$@vo5 co yes. u$@vo5 co &÷ and she sent my poem to mrs. u$@vo5 co gable and she said promise me when u$@vo5 co &÷ you graduate that you'll u$@vo5 meet mrs. gable. well she died before i u$@vo5 co &÷ graduated. so u$@vo5 co &÷ in a nutshell, that picture fueled me. so i researched it and i found all these xi hidden u$@vo5 co &÷ secrets and it became this story. >> she's the master u$@vo5 of co &÷ old hollywood. >> big stone gap is in u$@vo5 co theaters right now. come see it. all the stars in the u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ heavens will be about a bookstores tomorrow. believe me, i put this hair through a lot, every day. that's why i need total repair. l'oreal's total repair 5 shampoo system with ceramide fights 5 signs of damage. weak, dry, dull, rough hair - and split ends...
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10:49 am
u$@vo5 co we have wine, chocolates, the cast of menopause the u$@vo5 co musical. very funny show about four women at a lingerie sale with nothing in common u$@vo5 co &÷ but a black lace practice and co menopause. >> for horn u$@vo5 co &÷ 11 million people have u$ seen the show and a portion of every ticket sale u$@vo5 co &÷ from this current tour will go u$@vo5 co to the susan fwg. komen and breast u$@vo5 co &÷ cancer research. three of the u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ casters are breast u$@vo5 co &÷ cancer survivors. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ linda, u$@vo5 co megan, u$@vo5 co &÷ judy are with u$@vo5 co us. i have a fan next to my bed because i can't sleep any more. i'm dripping all u$@vo5 co &÷ the time. >> i'm having a hot flash. >> everyone u$@v has a fan? >> every day all day. >> what is your crowd men and u$ women co &÷ or just women? u$
10:50 am
>> we have co &÷ both. and the then -- u$@vo5 co &÷ i always pick out a special man during the show and have him be a part of the show. i will u$@vo5 co &÷ say no more. but they love it. u$@vo5 it's like therapy. >> i saw a clip of you u$ -- co i know what happens to the men. but they do, i saw a clip and they start u$@vo5 co &÷ off kind of like -- like i have to deal with my wife and you u$@vo5 now 100 women. and halfway through the show they're like -- u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ it's like u$@vo5 relief for them. make them laugh and when the mouths are open pour the truth this. >> are you having fun while you're up there doing it? >> u$@vo5 so much fun. >> describe what it's like on stage. >> this show is a u$@vo5 co &÷ phenomenon. u$@vo5 co like you said, over 10 million people have seen it worldwide and this u$@vo5 is the same show that those people have enjoyed, but we have an added u$ component of the co &÷ u$@vo5 breast cancer you co
10:51 am
&÷ survivor theme and raising money for the cause. >> and it's a u$@vo5 co &÷ celebration for and about women. so everyone that is there u$@vo5 co &÷ comes on stage, they have something to say about it. one of the reasons why u$@vo5 co &÷ we started a website called all u$@vo5 co &÷ things so they can learn about it and everything. >> and you take u$@vo5 co songs from the '60s and '70s and you turn them into u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 parodies. co so what is a song that -- >> i u$@vo5 sing instead of puff the magic u$@vo5 co &÷ dragon i sing u$@v puff co my god i'm dragging. >> and instead u$@vo5 co of chain u$@vo5 chain chain i'm singing change change change of life. >> and will you do one for us? what is one that you could do right now? >> well, yeah, stand u$@vo5 co &÷ up with us. we have a medley that we do u$@vo5 co called the disco medley. you'll recognize them. staying u$@vo5 co &÷ alive. but we todo staying awake. deals u$@vo5 co
10:52 am
&÷ with hot flashes. u$@vo5 co &÷ night sweats. >> you need each other. >> so some simple co &÷ moves. we'll do four of these, one, two three, four. and then pop it. pop u$@v it. co and then repeat. one two, three, four, and pop u$@vo5 co &÷ it. pop it. >> all right. let's go. let's do u$@vo5 co &÷ the song. ♪ whether you're u$@vo5 co &÷ a mr., whether a mother, you're staying awake you're staying awake, cooking u$@vo5 co &÷ bacon and staying awake, u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 staying co awake, ha, ha, ha, staying awake, u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ staying awake u$@vo5 ♪ ♪ co &÷ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ >> there it is. all right. u$@vo5 co &÷ menopause the musical u$ continues co &÷ across the country u$@vo5 co &÷ until next june. >> one more look at the before and after of the five minute facelift up next. u$@vo5 co
10:53 am
&÷ >> this is "today" on nbc. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ wreer back to check in co with our five minute facelift patient. so let's look at the before and after. we'll do a split screen in camera three. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ so tell us doc. that was all in five minutes? >> that was all in five minutes. u$@vo5 co &÷ you can see her cheeks are much u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 fuller. her side is a little more swollen because we it first. but she did u$@vo5 fantastic. it will calm down. >> you look great, honey. that will do it for us on this fun day u$@vo5 co &÷ monday. thank you to coming. >> thanks for u$@vo5 co hosting me and u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co chocolate. >> kathie lee will be u$@vo5 co &÷
10:57 am
back tomorrow. wait u$@vo5 co &÷ until you see u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ what u$@vo5 co &÷ the new kneeneiman marcus christmas catalog u$@vo5 co &÷ is co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷over ingffering. jenna, sangthanks so much. bye, everyon u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning i'm chris cato. we are following breaking news right now. police have made an arrest in the murder of a transgender woman brutally killed last week after she got out of a car. this morning, philadelphia police arrested 24-year-old pedro redding, he is charged with murder. here is his photo. he is charged with murder weapons charges, other offenses. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in our digital operations center with more on how police tracked this guy down. matt? >> chris, homicide investigators tell us they got a tip that led them to 24-year-old pedro redding. going to show you that mugshot one more time here. he is accused of being involved in the beati


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