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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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good morning, i'm chris cato. we are following breaking news right now. police have made an arrest in the murder of a transgender woman brutally killed last week after she got out of a car. this morning, philadelphia police arrested 24-year-old pedro redding, he is charged with murder. here is his photo. he is charged with murder, weapons charges, other offenses. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in our digital operations center with more on how police tracked this guy down. matt? >> chris, homicide investigators tell us they got a tip that led them to 24-year-old pedro redding. going to show you that mugshot one more time here. he is accused of being involved in the beating and shooting
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death of 22-year-old keshia jenkins. she was found murdered last tuesday morning at 13th and wing hawking streets, show you her photo now. police say she had been attacked by five or six men after getting out of a car. at this point, there is just this one arrest. no word on anyone else in custody, but early on in the investigation, detectives believe that the motive here was robbery and not a hate crime. and police this morning telling us that robbery does still appear to be the motive in this case. but redding is facing several charges, as we mentioned, including murder and conspiracy. this morning, a judge denied bail. pedro redding, he has a fairly long rap sheet. in fact, several charges, including violent crimes, looking through some of those documents now. i will be back again in about 30 minutes with an update from that. now live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. on this columbus day, the weather is perfect for exploring the outdoors.
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nbc 10's first alert meteorologist, bill henley, is here with the forecast. bill, another nice one. christopher, love the sunshine, but the winds light for sailing today. look at this beautiful blue sky, a case of severe year in the area, no sign of any clouds today, 65 degrees in philadelphia. the humidity, that number is coming down. satellite imagery showing clouds way off to the southeast, they are offshore, no sign of any clouds for our area until we get to tomorrow and that's when we will likely see showers sweep in from the west later tomorrow morning. for today, a quick warmup already near 70 degrees northeast philadelphia, wilmington, philadelphia international, trenton at 65 degrees and climate. sunshine stay through the afternoon, 69 at 1:00. by 4:00, 73. this evening, our skies will be clear, 67 degrees by 7:00. it's tomorrow that we will see clouds and a chance of some showers, too. futurecast when i come back
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later this half hour. chris? >> we have new information this morning on southwest airlines. it says it has fixed the computer glitch still causing delays nationwide. long lines were the norm at most ticketing counters yesterday but this morning, we found short lines and little to no delays at philadelphia international. southwest asked passengers to arrive two hours earlier than scheduled for their flights. bear still waiting to find out exactly what caused that computer glitch but they say it is now resolved. philadelphia police are still looking for a man who robbed a convenience store early this morning. it harped around 5 a.m. at a 7-11 on roosevelt boulevard at mattress street in feltonville. a man walked in with a gun, demanded money, got that money and left. we spoke with one man who lives nearby and stops at the store most mornings on his way to work. >> sorry it happened to him, but a repeated thing with this 7-11. this is not something that's new. >> police say employees actually chased after the robber but he
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got away. no one was hurt. in burkes county, a college football player is charged with attempted homicide after police say he got know a fight with a teammate. 18-year-old marquis stewart of beth la hem stabbed damire madison with a corkscrew at all bright college in redding. he is in stable condition. stewart is suspended from school. now to the race for mayor of philadelphia. two candidates will hold their second debate tonight. the candidates will discuss the issues facing the city in that debate on whyy. the general election is set for november 3rd. well, firefighters in burlington county are grieving the death of a former colleague who died when his lawnmower caught fire yesterday. 79-year-old roger lippencot was mowing his lawn in jobstown when his riding mower burst into flames. he suffered severe burns and die
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it had at the scene. and the firefighters who responded were from his former fire department, springfield township. did catch on fire, causes and other circumstances are still under investigation. >> it sounds like it was absolutely a freak accident. >> this guy hopped on a lawnmower and something like that happened. i have a lawn mower out back, you know, you just never know. >> and the fire marshal is still looking into why that lawnmower caught fire. the archdiocese of if i recall is closing a church in bucks county. st. joseph the worker church in falls township will permanently shut its doors next month. the congregation had already merged with st. francis cabrini parish and fearless hills last year with the church remaining open for funerals and weddings and things like that. but officials have to close it because the church needs more than $1 million in repairs, including a new roof and heating system. 11:05 now. in a game they had to have, the eagles overcame a slow start yesterday to bury the saints and
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keep hope alive in philadelphia. the eagles and saints were both coming in at 1-3 to yesterday's game at the linc. the birds broke things open in the third quarter, scores twice in 13 seconds. fletcher cox stripping drew brees and recover the fumble. cox three sacks on the day. sam bradford after that found a wide open brent celek in the end zone for the touchdown. the eagles dominated the second half to beat new orleans 39-17. the eagles are one game back from division-leading new york giants who won last night. wouldn't you know it, who is coming to town next week for monday night football, the giants and the eagles, next monday at the linc. we will have complete pregame and postgame coverage for you. nbc 10 is your official television station for the philadelphia eagles. ♪ the annual columbus day parade brought a lot of people out to celebrate in south philadelphia yesterday. actors, singer and former teen
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idol frankie avalon served as grand marshal, the 75-year-old joked he is the same able as christopher columbus much the parade ended at marconi plaza with a big italian festival. as for today, public schools are closed and so are many city and state offices. check the free nbc 10 app for more information on columbus day closings. and if you're filling up the gas tank for a columbus day road trip, you may notice you're paying less, but before you celebrate that savings, we will tell you how lower gas prices may be hurting your social security benefits. i come shooting out of bed, flip on the light and see this guy standing there. >> she woke up to an intruder and she introduced him to her fist and then her sword. her advice for fighting back, if you don't have a sword. [ inaudible ].
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10 minutes after 11. new this morning, iran says it has convicted a reporter from the "washington post." jason rezaian is the "post" bureau chief, accused of several charges including espionage. his closed-door trial has been widely criticized by the u.s. and press freedom organization. if rezaian is convicted, he could spend the next 10 to 20 years in prison. happening now, students that finally returned to class at that oregon community college
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where a man killed nine people a week and a half ago. now, right now, it is only 8 a.m. on the west coast, but last night, students held a vigil remembering the students and professor killed. some of them say that the help they have gotten from the community will help them get past the violence and move forward. >> its slow process to get over but i feel like i can -- i will get stronger through this. >> and as students return to class, their community members, including oregon's governor, are lining the road to campus to welcome them back. police in texas will continue looking into what led to a shooting after the cowboys/patriots game yesterday. investigators say someone started shooting after a fight broke out between two men in a parking lot near the stadium. one man is in critical condition. the other was arrested. some california officials are now considering using inmates convicted of violent crimes to help battle wildfires. now the state has been using non-violent inmates to help fight those fires. but now, its largest and oldest
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inmate firefighting unit has 800 fewer members than it did a few years ago. officials are proposing using inmates who have a violent record but are known for good behavior in prison. well, california has become the first state to ban public schools from using the term redskins as a team name or mascot. governor jerry brown signed that law yesterday. it's impacting four schools that are still using the name. the bill was defeated four times in the state dating back to 2002 before it was recently passed. an indiana woman is getting praise for what she did to fight off an intruder when a man broke into her home in indianapolis on friday morning. karen dolly was ready with a japanese-style sword. >> i come shooting out of bed, flick on the light and see this guy standing there. >> reporter: karen dolly had just fallen asleep in her east side home when she heard a man's voice in her hallway.
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>> my instinct took over and started punching him in the face about eight to ten times yelling get out. get out. >> reporter: karen could at the time intruder was on drugs. she was able to shuffle him into a back bedroom and started calling 911. >> i pulled out and put it down. >> reporter: though she reached for her gun, it was in a different drawer, her secondary weapon was this japanese-style sword. >> i grabbed my sword and i put it -- put it at his back and told him to get down and he got down flat on the ground. got a little hairy at one point. did he start reaching into his right front pocket and i -- you take your hand out of your pocket, you put it in front of you or i will run you through. i know how to use this. >> reporter: she is not kidding. this 43-year-old was in a violent relationship about 25 years ago and karen has learned a thing or two since then. >> i'll punching a big dude in the face and chasing him out of my house, well, chase him into the arms of police. if you don't have an opportunity to get out and you can't barricade, you know, just make
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it as miserable for the person as possible. punch him in the face, gouge their eyes, punch them in the throat, rip their ear off. i mean, take out their knees. do whatever you can, make as much noise as possible. and just go at them. go at them. because you are fully within your rights to protect yourself. >> detailed advice there from a woman who is not a victim. decision 2016 now. we are just one day away from the first democratic presidential debate. and we are also waiting, still waiting to see if vice president joe biden will jump into the race. now, even if he decides today, that's still not too late for him to join the candidates on same for the debate in las vegas tomorrow. the vice president was with his family in delaware over the weekend, still pondering whether or not to run. the other big political question is who is replacing john boehner as house speaker? republicans are urging budget chair paul ryan to run. >> i think he would be a wonderful speaker. >> we need a town was we don't
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have there now. >> i don't think it is personality, who is going to go to the conference and say i'm willing to fight for our beliefs. >> no interest from ryan in spite of the intense pressure to get things on track in the house. and president obama says hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server was a mistake but he said it did not endanger national security. the president told an interviewer that criticism of clinton has been hyped because of politics. clinton used the server to conduct government business when she was president obama's secretary of state. federal investigations into that e-mail issue continue. well, don't look for a cost of living increase next year if you're on social security. and the government says you can blame that on gas prices. this is the third time in 40 years that there will be no cost of living increase and benefits. the annual cost of living adjustment is tied to inflation and inflation is low this year, so low, that a benefit increase for next year isn't expected to happen. gas prices are used as an indicator of inflation for the government. there you go.
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there's the connection. speaking of gas prices, they are lower. they remain low in this area. aaa mid-atlantic says drivers in every state are paying less than $3 a gallon for the first time since 2009. that's in every state. in the philly area, drivers are paying $2.32 a gallon for regular. delaware drivers pay $2.21. of course, it's always cheapest to fill up in new jersey, now $1.93 a gallon. load up on the sunshine today, brilliant sunshine through the afternoon. we saw plenty of it over the weekend, but today, we are already seeing some warmer temperatures and clear skies that will carry into this evening. it's tomorrow likely see some showers or tracking those showers well off to the northwest. light showers moving through -- during the morning hours and then the autumn chill returns in the wake of those showers. most of the rest of the workweek will see the temperatures come down. 63 right now as we warm up in
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allentown, northeast philadelphia, 69 and 68 degrees, lots of sunshine in atlantic city and there's the blue sky over center city, looking toward university city this morning, a quick warmup through the 60s into the 70s this afternoon. and through it all, the wind, very light. many locations still reporting calm conditions, just the light southwesterly breeze in philadelphia, 8 miles an hour. clear skies for the shore, for philadelphia, do a little traveling, see what's on the way for tomorrow. this is the storm system moving in to minnesota, producing rain and that's going to be here tomorrow morning. by 9:00 this evening, those showers arrive in western pennsylvania. this time tomorrow morning, we will see some showers to our west and they will sweep through the area around lunchtime and quickly move offshore during the afternoon hours. then there's just a slight chance of a spotty shower during the afternoon hours tomorrow. and then the temperatures start to drop. but today, they are going up.
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neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, sunshine, 67 for mount pocono. allentown, quakertown, reading, up to 74 today. humidity will be low, sunshine bright for doylestown, norristown, mount holly, 74 degrees this afternoon right along the coast, 60s and 70s, atlantic city, cape may, upper 60s, but into the 70s for vineland and do every, nothing but sunshine and comfortable conditions today for wilmington, philadelphia and far th philadelphia. into the 70s. 74 in the afternoon. we will get some breaks of sunshine. we will see good deal of sunshine on wednesday, but the temperatures will be in the 60s and staying there on wednesday afternoon. by thursday morning, drop down to 46 degrees, a high of 66 thursday afternoon, then another round of showers later on friday, that's another cold front that will reinforce the cold air and make for a chillier weekend, 59 degrees saturday. look at sunday morning, down to
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37 degrees. could see some frost on the pumpkins there, chris. 36 degrees sunday?tn afternoon. >> hello. time to get out the big blankets. all right. thanks. some of you are at home enjoying nice three-day weekend, beautiful weather, too, no vacation time required because today is a federal holiday. but what if you had unlimited vacation time from work? sounds too good to be true, right? well, that's not the case for one company. nbc's joe fryer reports. >> reporter: it's not your parents' office. the headquarters for the social networking site linked in features free lunches, ping pong tables and open work spaces filled with bean bag chairs. >> i think there's a greater emphasis here placed on the employee's well being. >> reporter: now, linked in has a new vacation policy called dto, discretionary time off. it means the company no longer has a minimum or maximum amount of vacation time employees can take in a year. linked in's vice president says it's part of a growing movement to place more focus on results
11:20 am
and empowerment, not hours worked. several other companies have done the same, including netflix, virgin, groupon and southern california company called zest finance. >> you see more and more companies having a policy like this, what's your reaction? >> great. ultimately, we need to build a world where workers and mana management trust each other, companies realize people are working to live as opposed to living to work. >> reporter: founded in 2009, douglas merrill's company has always given employees unlimited vacation without tracking their days off. >> if we were to track it, some sense, sending a message, hey, it actually isn't unlimited, we don't want you to take all that. >> reporter: one study finds u.s. employees only take 51% of their eligible time off, so unlimited vacation may not make a huge difference. >> as much as they hear they get up limited vacation, in the back of their minds, they think, wait a minute, if the economy turns, i don't want to be seen as not a
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team player. so i'm not gonna take my vacation. >> reporter: in fact, some companies like kickstarter tried unlimited vacation but dumped it because employee yeses were unsure how much time was okay to take all zest finance's merrill says it is important for bosses to lead by example. >> i try to model that behavior both by taking vacation and by if you're on vacation and e-mail me, i will never answer you. >> reporter: modern-day push to vacation without limits. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. not everyone is happy today is a national holiday. call it a columbus day conundrum. the reason why some cities say we should not be celebrating christopher columbus and the name that they would change this holiday to. and it is the collision seen around the major leagues. ex-phills star chase utley officially suspended for bowling over a mets' player but utley is not sitting this one out quietly. we will tell you what is happening today that could happen back on the field tonight.
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research has shown people who have a heart attack are more likely to become depressed, which puts them at risk for another heart attack. but there are some things you can do to improve postheart attack depression. first of all, if you smoke, quit. a study of more than 1100 patients found quitting smoking more than doubled the chance of improving this kind of depression. and if you workout even a
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little, you're less likely to be depressed. new research shows a significant impact of using high-dose flu vaccines in nursing homes a study of more than 50,000 people living in nursing homes found that those who got a high-dose flu shot were 1% less likely to be hospitalized. now, you're probably thinking 1%, that doesn't sound like much of an impact. but doctors say it would actually translate to thousands fewer hospitalizations nationwide. the high-dose vaccine is four times stronger than the standard flu shot. and if you haven't had that flu shot yet, the time to do so is now, according to the cdc. they say october is typically when the virus begins to spread. nbc's lori bored narrow has more on why doctors are urging people to get vaccinated. >> so you know, we do this every year, and it helps you keep healthy. >> reporter: 9-year-old luis put on a brave face for his yearly flu shot, his dad making sure the family stays healthy. >> prevention mainly, do it to
11:26 am
prevent every year. >> reporter: prevention is key according to dr. robin altman a pediatrician. she says flu season is off to an early start. already treating several patients. >> history repeats itself. every year, there is an influenza epidemic. >> reporter: the cdc says last year's vaccine was only 20% effective against the two strains that sickened so many people. dr. altman says this year's quad vaccine casts a wider net and will protect against four strains. >> the vaccine is formulated new at the end of every flu season and the scientists do the best they can to predict and estimate what vaccine strains are going to be around for the next flu season. >> reporter: the cdc has already distributeded 92 million doses of the flu vaccine. dr. altman says that early supply is not a problem, but recommends doing it early. >> get vaccinated any point
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during the season, but the best time is before the season begins or as early as possible into flu season. >> good job. >> reporter: it is quick and easy, just ask luis who gives it a thumbs up. now, some of you have today off work. the kids are home from school. but not everyone is celebrating columbus day. in fact, more cities are recognizing native americans on this day. it's part of a push to get the name of the holiday changed to indigenous people's day. nine cities already call it that. the argument is that the painful history of colonialism is overlooked by only celebrating christopher columbus. and whatever you call today there are a lot of closures in observance of it check the free nbc 10 app for more information on columbus day closings. after this quick break, we have more information on the breaking news story we brought you at the top of the hour, the arrest in a transgender murder. nbc 10's matt delucia will join us live with the latest.
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and all aboard. really. everyone. the whole family, even your pets can ride amtrak starting today. one exception, there's one limit amtrak is putting on its newest class of passengers. ♪
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♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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more on the breaking news we are following this morning, police say a man with a criminal past is responsible for a murder that had philadelphia's almost gbt community on edge. this morning, police arrested 24-year-old he had dro redding. he is charged with killing a transgender woman last week. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in our digital operations center now. matt, you told us earlier you were looking that the guy's criminal history. this isn't his first arrest, obviously. >> not his first arrest. pedro redding has four prior arrests including charges for narcotics and aggravated assault, a violent history and his rap sheet in philadelphia
11:32 am
dates back six years. i found that he was on a five-year probation for the aggravated assault charge. that was just handed down over a year ago. now, redding was picked up by police yesterday. detectives got a tip as to where he was. they believe the motive here was robbery. philadelphia police say he was involved in the beating and shooting death of this woman, 22-year-old keshia jenkins, who happens to be transgender. police say she was attacked after getting out of her car at 13th and wing ga who chocken st last tuesday morning. no word of anyone else in custody, redding is facing several charges, including murder and conspiracy and this morning a judge denied bail, police are telling us this morning that the investigation continues to see if anyone else was involved. matt deluge sharks nbc elucia, new jersey state police are still looking into why a lawn mower burst into flames yesterday in springfield
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township, burlington county, killing the 79-year-old man who was operating it. official say the victim, roger lippen cot, was a retired firefighter there. this armed robber -- an armed robber who if i recall police say held up a 7-11 convenience store in feltonville is still on the run. investigators say around 5:00 this morn, the man went in with a gun. the store there on mattress street. he demanded money. he took off. no one was hurt. southwest airlines says it has fixed a computer glitch that caused big problems nationwide yesterday and today. the problem affected the air line's website, mobile app and computerized check-in systems at airports a lot of delays nationwide but those have cleared up now. we are still waiting to find out what caused the computer issue. and this just in. the american dentist who killed cecil the lion will not face charges. officials in zimbabwe say walter palmer did obtain legal authority for the hunt. therefore, there's no crime.
11:34 am
walter sparked international outrage when he killed that lion with a bow and arrow outside a zimbabwe national park in july. a gorgeous monday out there, nbc 10's first alert meteorologist bill hen think with the forecast. bill, great fall weather over the weekend. some people still enjoying a long weekend. >> great timing here, saturday, sunday and holiday monday, columbus day, nice and sunny and quickly warming up. [ inaudible ] and it's 65 degrees right now with a west southwesterly wind at 8 miles an hour. around the rest of the area, 60s now for pottstown, was in the 40s to start with, millville the low 40s, 66 degrees, even lancaster in the low 60s after thick fog to start with this morning, visibility was down to zero. roxborough, south philadelphia, northeast philadelphia, all in
11:35 am
the upper 60s, won't be long, the 70s, sunshine states through the day today, no sign of any clouds for today. tomorrow is a different story. head to the midwest. there is a storm system that is producing clouds, moving toward chicago right now. this is what's going to give us some rainfall later tomorrow morning. but not today. just going to be nice and sunny through the day. this is a view from here at the nbc studios. 69 at 1:00, 73 at 4:00, then we will be mainly clear this evening. 67 at 7:00, getting cool overnight tonight. 7-day forecast when i'm back later this half hour. chris? >> all right, bill, 11:35 now. in montgomery, someone called police to report a dead person inside a home in lower pots grove. responders smelled a strong chemical odor from that home, they evacuated it. has mat crews haven't said what caused the odor. police and the coroner are still investigate the person's death. an autopsy is scheduled
11:36 am
today to determine the cause of death for a man who was found inside a closing bin. police in pemberton say the remains of the man's body was discovered yesterday afternoon in a clothing bin on pemberton browns mills road behind the country farms convenience store there. police do not suspect foul play, they say the man's death appears to be an accident. four people were hurt yesterday in philadelphia after a shooting and a stabbing, two of those injure ready teens. police say the men, two men, were shot more than once, just after 5 p.m. yesterday near 17th and cumberland. they haven't found a gun and police have not yet arrested anyone in that shooting. and then, in south philadelphia, police say 14-year-old was stabbed in the back. he is in stable company at children's hospital of philadelphia. a 16-year-old was stabbed in the neck and is in critical condition at children's hospital after being stabbed. police say those stabbings happened around 6:30 last night at 15th and oregon. no word on what prompted the
11:37 am
violence and so far, no arrests. in cherry hill, a man trying to runaway from a bar fight ended up in the hospital after police say he accidently shot himself. police were called out to a bar near route 70 near 2 a.m. on sunday. police say the man was fighting with a woman and when they showed up, he started running away. as police were chasing him, they say they heard a gunshot and then the man realized he had shot himself. he was charged with possession of a weapon. nurses may become a thing of the past for schools within philadelphia's cash-strapped public school district. according to the philadelphia enquirer, three philadelphia school districts will not have a -- three district schools will not have nurses this year. 16 other schools lost regular coverage but will have a nurse check in on them from time to time. district officials say many nurses are just in the parket for better opportunities. district spokesperson says the issue does not reflect a lack of focus or a priority for
11:38 am
students' health. meantime, cheyney university, delaware county, is reporting its steepest enrollment drop in years. smokes person for the state system of higher education says the school has 711 students enrolled this fall. that means that cheney lost 50% of its enrollment in the last five years. the university was founded in 1837 and is the oldest historically black institution of higher learning in the country. newly released records show that stockton university has spent $8 million on the former showboat casino after purchase property last year. that mean he is the school will fall $2 million short of its $26 million if the agree tomorrow sell the site for 22 million goes through in november. a proposed sale to a philadelphia developer is still in the works much the school's interim president says stockton spends up to $500,000 each month to maintain the property. happening today if you're
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taking amtrak, you can now take your best friend along for the ride, if your best friend is a cat or a dog, a small bun. amtrak has a new policy, a new program it is rolling out today there is one catch. only smaller pets allowed. they have to weigh 20 pounds or less. they also have to stay in a pet carrier under your seat. pets also have to be at least eight weeks old and be up to date on vaccinations. you can make a reservation for your dog or cat when you make yours online, pet tickets will cost you an extra 25 bucks. hey everyone, i'm first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington, big closures going on this week in the philadelphia area. i'm going to tell you what you need to know starting tonight, october 12th, to thursday, october 15th, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., bridge resurfacing closing the schuylkill expressway eastbound between university avenue and 34th street. now, they do have detours in the area, you will be fine to get around, details to help you out.
11:40 am
exit off at grays ferry, taking the schuylkill, left on 394th street ramp, left on 394th street and back to the schuylkill eastbound and you will do just fine. they are closing the vine street expressway east and westbound between the schuylkill and broad street from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. tonight until thursday the 15th as well. so, watch out for that closure. that's going to mess with your morning commute. you're heading out the door this evening, in the stadium area, watch out for the flyers game at the wells fargo center starting at 7 p.m. expect extra volume around the stadium area. chris, back to you. >> thanks, jessica. mentioned there the orange and black, they are back in action tonight facing off against the florida panthers who beat them 7-1 saturday. the flyers held a playersable meeting after that game, we will fee it makes a difference tonight when the puck drops at 7. this is the play that got former phillies' star chase utley suspended for two games in the playoffs, he can still play tonight. that's because he is appealing
11:41 am
that suspension and his appeal will be heard today well before the start of the game. and here's the play once again, hard to watch it at some points, knowing the secondman, ruben tejada broke his leg in that collision saturday. major league baseball suspended you thely for the next two playoff games that would go into effect tonight. as we said, his appeal will be heard later today. if utley does wind up playing tonight, he may want to watch out. check out the front page of the "new york daily news" which says "pay back is a pitch" implying pitcher does throw at utley if he comes up to bat next time. tonight's game starts at 8:37 in new york, the series tied at 1-all. backup cameras, side view mirror detectors, automatic braking. cars these days are safer than ever. the major safety issue that officials think cars are now causing. bright sunshine today but things are getting ready to change. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when we come back.
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you know the auto motive industry often gets hammered for not offering enough safety features, but as nbc's chris clackum shows us, there is another problem for the auto industry now, safety features that drivers aren't using. >> so this right here is like having a second set of eyes. >> reporter: chevy salesman logan burress take mess on a
11:45 am
tour of the latest, greatest auto safety features now being offered, like blind spot monitoring that sets off a blinking light in your rearview mirror when lane change isn't safe. >> letting you know if there's either a car right here or even in some cases, about to be right here. >> reporter: or adaptive cruise control. >> the adaptive cruise control is right in here and what it is it uses sonar to detect the vehicle in front of you. >> reporter: automatically applying the brakes if you get too close, all part of the growing list of safety features on cars and trucks these days. >> which is great when we think about how to survive crashes, but we are getting to the point where this technology is very mature and it can actually prevent crashes. >> reporter: there's a problem with many of these safety features though, some are so confusing or down right intimidating that some drivers just aren't using them. which is why the national safety council, along with others, have launched the website, my car
11:46 am
does >> my car does what is really a one-stop shop for consumers to understand all of the technology that is available in their vehicle. they can contribute to their safety behind the wheel. >> reporter: experts say the features obviously help but the best safety feature is still an alert driver. chris clackum, nbc 10 news. all right. october is domestic violence awareness month. did you know that? it is. we are observing it here. and domestic violence is one of those things that we know happens way too often, but unfortunately, it's rarely talked about, certainly not talked about as much as it should be. one local college though hoping to change that with a day-long discussion to help students and community members identify and address domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault. joining me today to talk about that is colleen lelly from cabrini college. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> this is domestic violence awareness month and people in
11:47 am
some ways wait until this month to talk about it. it's really a conversation we need to have year round. >> yeah, absolutely. it is a conversation that especially with our young people, we need to start early and talk to them about healthy relationships and what that looks like and i think that events like cabrini is hosting with the domestic violence symposium, it helps them to understand what a healthy relationship looks like. >> tell us about the symposium at cabrini. this happens when and how can people attend? >> so, we host this symposium every year, in october, because it's domestic violence awareness month. cabrini college, we believe in social justice issues and a huge social justice issue. so every year, we try to host some type of a symposium. this year, we will have various speakers, bill mitchell will be coming to speak from the kristen mitchell foundation and angela rose and tracy davidson will be moderating our panel, which will be filled with community members as well as community agencies. >> my partner in the morning ofs, nbc 10's tracy davidson who does so much to make the
11:48 am
community aware of domestic violence issues. you know, this has been in the headlines more recently, it seems, especially last year after the ray rice incident and nfl and nfl's reaction to that. there was a lot of conversation initially following that incident. it seems to have died down though, did that incident and the following discussions, did that help reporting, that help women empowered, victims come forward? >> the more we talk about and the more how to feel empowered and receive help, i think that's important. yes, i think it helped, i think we need to continue the conversation and help the victims, not just the victims, the adult victims but also child victims, so those children who are witnessing domestic violence are also victims billion is. >> it is a problem in every state and it's something that every community seems to -- seems to go back and face again and again as we see these things come up. so it's important for people to be aware of symposiums like the
11:49 am
one cabrini is hosting. for home don't know, cab breen think? easy to get to, right? >> right in radner, off of king of were you shall shah road, our event begins at 9:15, registration is 8:45, runs all day until 3:15, breakout us in the afternoon and we are serving lunch. >> some of the best speakers, tell us about some of the names you mention there had. >> kristen mitchell was a young lady who unfortunately was a victim of dating violence. so, her father, bill mitchell, heads the kristen mitchell foundation, he will be speaking in the morning. angela rose will also be speaking, she is the director and founder of an organization by the name of pave. and then we have our panel, which is also in the morning and that will have community members and community agencies represented. >> okay. something a lot of people should take advantage of. more information on the symposium go to or check out our mobile app, all flight for you. we posted a link on our website there. thank you for joining us.
11:50 am
>> thank you so much. >> all right. getting closer to the noontime hour, still enjoying lots of sunshine, that is going to be the case for the rest of the day today. skies clear right on into this evening, it's tomorrow, tracking light showers in the area, nothing heavy about them and they will be on the move. so, gone come wednesday. and the autumn chill will be back. today, we are into the 70s this afternoon, warmer than normal this tame of year, right on the verge of it northeast philadelphia. bright sunshine for allentown and atlantic city. look at that can't see a single cloud in the sky today. sunshine will be bright and the winds staying lights, barely moving, 6 miles a hour northeast philadelphia, still calm, millville, allentown, millville started off with zero visibility, fog as thick as it gets, still have that lancaster, too but now in the clear for cape may, for philadelphia.
11:51 am
the clouds tomorrow, moving through the midwest, exiting north carolina right now, moving through pennsylvania, seeing those clouds arrive with rain tomorrow morning, could see a moderate shower, 10:00 in the morning, it will be moving quickly, a tenth of an inch falling from the sky, pottstown, a little bit more in philadelphia, but nobody's going to get a lot of rain out of this one coming tomorrow, as the showers move offshore, see a spotty afternoon shower tomorrow afternoon. none of that for today. just sunshine and mild, too, low to middle 70s this afternoon, the winds stay light today, which means a quick cooloff this evening, 40s and 50s tomorrow morning, clouds racing in here and they will keep on going. once we get the showers, we will get clearing and cooler weather for wednesday. 67 after a morning low, 52 degrees, turning chilly come thursday morning, the wind dies down, clear skies overnight, 46
11:52 am
to start with, back into the 60s thursday afternoon. we will warm into the 60s on friday, but clouds building once again, another cold front comes through, and that will drop temperatures further over the weekend. saturday, 59, high temperature that temple game is in the evening, temperatures dropping quickly by sunday morning down to 37 degrees. we will be right back.
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the way your tax dollars are being spent to help the homeless is changing and not everyone is happy about that. nbc 10's investigator, mitch blocker, has first look at a story you will see tomorrow at 4 p.m. >> the goal is to eliminate homelessness. >> reporter: the federal government and local programs helping the homeless are at odds over how to accomplish their goals. the feds plan to cut money to training programs and use it on permanent housing. >> they are just gonna live there forever at taxpayer expense? >> the idea to help people get off of public housing that should be the goal. >> reporter: we take our questions to the department of house and urban development and introduce to you a woman trying to get back on her feet, but worried the program helping her will soon shut down. >> that might make it be so that we are homeless. >> reporter: tuesday at 4 p.m., for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news.
11:56 am
now just to recap our top story, philadelphia police arrested a man in the murder of a transgender woman. 24-year-old pedro redding is the suspect, he was picked up by police after he got a tip. police say he was involved in the beating and shooting death of 22-year-old keshia jenkins last week in the city's logan section, attacked by a group of four or five men, redding the only person in custody at this point. detectives believe the motive was robbery. nbc 10's meteorologist, bill henley here, a beautiful afternoon out there, temps in the 70s? >> normal high temperatures, 68 degrees, above normal today, a beautiful monday, perfect for columbus day, fig outside today, except kite flying, the wind is light. knock that one off of your to-do list today, chris. seeing pretty sunshine from this vantage point, high atop the melon bank building in center city. sunshine stays today, tomorrow
11:57 am
morning we will see showers and turns cooler later this week. the real chill will arrive this weekend with highs in the 50s and morning temperatures sunday in the 30s. >> all right, bill. thanks. for bill and all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching, see you this afternoon at 4:00. have a great day. .
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