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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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overtime. >> we put in about ten hours on saturday. this is all storm damage and we're cleaning up this area right now, then we got some more down the street. >> reporter: while corn says that the storm reminds him of the aftermath of the tornado that hit this area in the '90s, thankfully, he says he's glad no one was hurt. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. off to your first alert weather, we enjoyed warmer temperatures today. really was nice out there, but rain is moving in. >> meteorologist sheena parveen is here with a closer look at the forecast. sheena? >> changes coming tomorrow, so enjoy today and enjoy the temperatures, too, because we have a cool down coming. this is a live look in the poconos where we have the colors changing. the fall foliage is near its peak in the poconos, too, so you might want to see that, along with clear skies, perfect day. the entire area seeing clear skies, especially on radar. no rain around. the closest rain is back around chicago, down to st. louis, and
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this is all part of a cold front. so this is a system that will be moving in tomorrow. so we'll see the increase in clouds, we'll see some scattered showers around and once it leaves the area, we're going to get cooler as we go into wednesday. temperatures very comfortable, still in the mid 70s, 74 degrees now philadelphia, 69 atlantic city, 68 degrees wildwood. lehigh valley still sitting around the 60s, poconos dropping now to the upper 60s, and for the start of your evening we'll have mostly clear skies, then see the clouds increasing overnight. by 6:00 p.m., temperature will be around 70 degrees. by 8:00 tonight, mid 60s around the philadelphia area and by 10:00 we should start to see ar. then tomorrow we'll see some scattered showers. won't be something that will last all day, but at least for part of your day. we'll show you the timing and how cool it gets once the rain leaves coming up. >> thank you. one person is under arrest and police are looking for three more in connection with the brutal beating and murder of a
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transgender woman ambushed in philadelphia last week. detectives arrested pedro redding yesterday after receiving a tip he was a known robber in the neighborhood. now redding is facing a number of charges, including murder. according to police, redding confessed to targeting 22-year-old jenkins as she got out of a car on 13th and hawkings street last tuesday. police say she's a known prostitute in the area. he punched and kicked her, but he wasn't the one who fatally shot jenkins twice in the back. >> not a hate crime at all. it's a sad and senseless murder, but it is not a hate crime. it had nothing to do with the individual being a transgender. >> detectives say the men wanted money, but they don't believe they got away with anything. nbc 10 spoke to keisha's friends today about this arrest. police are still looking for the person who hit a man in atlantic city on saturday and drove off.
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a man walking down route 30 was seriously hurt after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. police believe the man was hit as he crossed over a traffic barrier to get to a convenience store. anyone who witnessed the crash is asked to call authorities. a teenaged driver who fled the scene after hitting a temple university student is scheduled for sentencing tomorrow. 22-year-old rachel hall was riding her bike when she was run over. hall's family says she's still recovering at a local rehab facility. the driver, 18-year-old roberts, only had his learner's permit when he hit hall in april. he surrendered after his parents called authorities and told them their son was the one driving. he waved his preliminary hearing back in may and pleaded guilty to all charges. more than 100 days without a budget in pennsylvania. now republicans say they are looking for a different way to raise cash flow without raising taxes. republican senators would expand the gambling act, allowing
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internet gambling at pennsylvania casinos, more slot machines, horse racing, betting parlors, and airports in pennsylvania, but even supporters know it's tough to get how much money the state will make off this. for example, in 2013 lawmakers estimated that legalized gambling in bars would bring in about $150 million a year for the state, but only a small fraction has materialized. about half a million dollars in the last fiscal year. still, gambling money has helped finance pennsylvania. taxes from table games, lottery tickets, and slot machines added up to $2 billion just in the last fiscal year. >> if you're a politician in delaware, it's just what you do on columbus day. nbc 10 in wilmington for the annual columbus day communion breakfast. delaware's congressional delegation with hundreds of guests to celebrate contributions italian americans made in delaware.
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the morning began with mass down the street in wilmington's little italy neighborhood. turning to the decision 2016 after a weekend at home in delaware, we're still not sure if joe biden will run for president. the vice president postponed the decision after the death of his son beau in may. a university of delaware analyst says after beau's death, voters understand him taking time with the decision, but it may not affect how they vote. >> as they might sympathize with him, they might understand his need to take the time to make the decision, but as far as deciding whom they'll vote for in the election, i don't think it's going to have that much affect. >> the democratic candidates are set to debate in las vegas tuesday night. cnn says they would add a podium to the stage if the vice president decides to run and then participate. right now five candidates will take the stage. >> tomorrow's debate will affect poll numbers for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. steve handelsman has more.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton went to nevada, where crews are getting ready for the debate at the wynn hotel that's advertising vegas tile. hillary clinton versus bernie sanders and the other three democrats face to face on the same stage for the first time. >> the one everyone's going to be watching, of course, is bernie sanders. >> people will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to big corporations. >> reporter: sanders leads in iowa and new hampshire, but trails clinton in more diverse states that vote later like nevada. on the vegas strip today, people from across the nation said they'll watch the debate. >> i care about what they have to say. i care about where the country's going. >> all we've been hearing about is trump. >> i think it's not going to be very well rated. trump isn't in the debate. >> reporter: for the lesser known candidates, martin o'malley, jim webb, and lincoln chafee, it's a chance to be heard. o'malley today. >> it's a wonderful idea, isn't
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it, both parties having debates? >> reporter: for clinton it's a chance to move past her e-mail controversy. >> now she gets to make her case directly to the american people. >> reporter: a second insider has revealed the benghazi committee's real role was to kill her cancandidacy. the committee's chair today firing back. now in a race that's been dominated by donald trump, it's the democrats' turn. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, las vegas. also tonight, one of the phillies' most deloved former players at the center of controversy and many are wondering if chase utley will become a target for revenge. folks, it's the slide that sparked debate from coast to coast. you see right there utley ran into another player and broke his leg. supporters say it was an unfortunate accident. critics, though, are calling it a dirty play. even the league suspended him for two games.
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>> the dodgers confirmed he is not in tonight's starting lineup, but utley has appealed tonight's starting lineup, which means he can play. nbc 10's lauren mayk found that many phillies fans still support him. >> reporter: this is the kind of thing where if you've seen it, you probably have an opinion on it, and we found some here. to sports fans here, the slide wasn't just any slide, it involved a guy who was their guy for more than a decade. so when manager tom carroll saw it -- >> i thought to myself, take the man out of philly, but can't take philadelphia out of the man. >> reporter: you think that this slide embodied philadelphia? >> a little bit, yeah. it's got to be tough. >> reporter: the play in los angeles got utley a two-game suspension, but to jim -- >> it was a legal slide. if you watch the last two weeks of baseball, everyone did that slide. >> reporter: across the table, a cubs fan. >> i think it was aggressive, but i agree with what my friend here said. it happens in baseball all the
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time. >> reporter: aggressive but not illegal. >> yeah, aggressive but not illegal. until they make a rules change, he was well within his rights to do what he did. >> reporter: should there be a rule change? >> yeah, yeah, guy had his leg broke. >> reporter: all the fuss over the slide reached michelle this morning. >> i was surprised. it was pretty violent crash. i thought it was pretty dirty play. >> reporter: do you think it was intentional? >> i want to say no, because i really like chase, but it seemed a little on the deliberate side, yeah. >> reporter: as for that punishment, she's not so sure. >> maybe one game. i think one game is probably appropriate. >> reporter: chase utley still has fans here, but they are not all letting him off the hook completely. in philadelphia, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> philly fans might remember these two players have a history. we found the video you're about to see from 2010. you can see utley crashing into the same guy, ruben tejada,
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during a game at citizens bank park. this time there were no injuries after that play there. as we mentioned before, many are wondering if the mets will try to get revenge against utley tonight, and today's "new york daily news" seems to be fanning the flames. it reads "payback is a pitch." despite the appeal not being heard, utley's availability is anything but guaranteed. >> dodgers' manager don mattingly could choose to keep him out of the game tonight. nancy wrote, for instance, "he absolutely should have been suspended for at least the two games he got, maybe more. terrible play, chase." sydney says, "he totally meant it. did he try to break a leg? no, but geez, utley took him out like a sucker punch. dirt bag play." >> kandi saw it a different way. she said "he shouldn't be suspended, it was a slide, he wouldn't intentionally try to
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hurt someone. he's always been a great guy." and kelly had this to say, "the only reason he was suspended is because the guy's leg broke, otherwise it wouldn't have been looked at." you can join in the discussion, too, by posting comments on our nbc 10 facebook page. also tonight, other sports news, a local college football player arrested. who police say he attacked and the serious charges he's now facing. plus, police didn't have a hard time finding one drunk driver. >> i'm driving home drunk. >> that's because she admitted to the crime live on the internet. what she said after her arrest coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> students are back in class today for the first time since a deadly college shooting in oregon. the umpqua community college in roseburg was reopened four days after the rampage, but classes were on hold until now. however, the school's hall where the massacre occurred will remain closed. there was a stepped up police presence, along with counselors and volunteers. >> still a lot of healing that needs to happen. the students that i met and talked to need a lot of support and they need a lot of love. >> college administrators say
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support teams will remain on campus for the time being. south carolina is in full recovery mode after historic flooding killed 19 people last week. governor nikki haley said today fema has approved more than $13 million in disaster assistance to the state. the governor also assured residents that response teams are working to remove mounds of debris and find housing for displaced residents. >> our focus now is very much counties reducing the number of people in shelters, which is making sure they have good permit housing and good permanent places where they are going to go, so we're going to be working on that all this week. >> some 300 people are still staying at relief shelters across the state. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a perfect day today. tomorrow we'll see some changes, but for now sunny skies. here's a live look in the poconos at the fall foliage,
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which is pretty much near its peak, so great place to go locally to see a lot of fall foliage. tomorrow, though, different conditions than today, we had the clear skies out there in the poconos and everywhere, but tomorrow showers and clouds moving in. another cooldown after the rain leaves, so that will mostly be wednesday, you'll notice the cool down, then over the weekend an even bigger cool down. you can call it colder over the weekend, especially when you see sunday morning's temperature. live look at center city, sunny skies, 74 degrees, low humidity, very comfortable. and through the lehigh valley we're still in the mid 70s, mid 70s for allentown. 71 westchester, 73 glassboro. some areas in the upper 60s like atlantic city, dover coming in at 69 degrees. your evening will be comfortable, clear skies, radar nice and dry, but tomorrow we'll see more clouds around and even some scattered showers. it's all back to our west near chicago, moving into parts of ohio and part of a cold front, so once we see the clouds and
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rain leave the area, that's when that cool air starts to move in. here's future weather through the overnight hours. tonight will still be cool, dropping into the 50s and then tomorrow morning 9:00 you'll notice more clouds moving in. i think most of the morning commute should be on the dry side, couldn't rule out a few showers by the later part of the commute, but then through the middle of the day we could still be mostly dry, temperatures in the 70s, mild day, and most models have been consistent with showing another line of showers moving in around the evening commute. should be a pretty quick mover here leaving the area by about 8:00, 9:00, then we start to cool down into wednesday. clouds will be with us through part of the day wednesday, temperatures though only in about the mid to upper 60s and that's going to stay that way through the rest of the week. once that cold front moves through, look at this cool air mass moving in. that's wednesday. milder air gets pushed down south, then thursday, friday, cool air sits with us over the weekend, though, big cold air mass from the north, that starts
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to move in and this is what will be really dropping those weekend temperatures. so the rest of this week will be cool, aside from tomorrow, and then an even bigger drop for your saturday and sunday. tonight, though, low temperatures will be in the 50s, more clouds around, 50 degrees for the lehigh valley. 57 philadelphia, new jersey and delaware about the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow mostly cloudy, scattered showers around, we'll see some spotty showers around through the afternoon, i think, through most of the area. temperatures anywhere from 73 to 76 degrees. still fairly mild until we see that drop into wednesday, 67 degrees, cooler and breezy for your wednesday, then thursday and friday still in the mid 60s, average high is 68 degrees. today and tomorrow both we're going to be well above normal, then we drop down to below normal as we end out the week. going into the weekend, we have another drop in temperatures saturday, colder and breezy, high temperature around 60 degrees. some areas may not even get out of the 50s for daytime highs.
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then come sunday morning, 39 degrees. that's through the philadelphia area, i think the lehigh valley could be closer to freezing, then by sunday afternoon some areas still not even getting out of the 50s and we start the following week on the chilly side. we have new developments in the case of a man accused of killing his toddler by leaving him in a hot car. detectives now say the man intentionally left the child there and wanted freedom from his family. justin harris is accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son in an suv in june 2014. harris is facing multiple charges, including murder. his attorneys argue the death was a tragic accident. the judge says his trial could start as early as february 2016. the washington post says it will keep fighting in court for its reporter convicted of espionage in iran. iran's state media says jason rezaian has been convicted but didn't say anything about his sentence. the newspaper says it's already working with the family to file an appeal and try to get him
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released on bail. jason rezaian was arrested in july last year before he was put on a secretive trial about five months ago. both the state department and the post called his charges absurd. the vatican is reaching out to help the homeless in a big way. a homeless shelter that can house up to 34 people a night opened a few days ago just steps away from saint peter's square, offering beds, toilets, showers, laundry, and breakfast. already has 20 people staying there, despite only opening last thursday. so many people dealing with stress at work, extra vacation days would be a dream come true, and one company is actually offering unlimited days off to its workers. how they are pulling it off and is it too good to be true? plus, if you can't get outside to see the fall foliage, one company is offering an unusual alternative.
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now your nbc 10 first alert traffic. >> hey, everyone, i'm jessica bioington. big closures going on this week in the philadelphia area and i'm going to tell you what you need to know. starting tonight, october 12th until october 15th between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. they are going to be doing bridge resurfacing closing the
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schuylkill expressway eastbound. now, you have detours in the area, so you will be fine to get around, but i have all those details now and can help you out. exit at grays ferry, make a left at the 34th street ramp, left on the 34th street and back on the expressway eastbound and you'll be fine. they are closing the vine street expressway east and westbound from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. tonight until thursday the 15th, as well. so watch out for that closure. that's going to mess with your morning commute. heading ou the door this evening, watch out for the flyers game. that's going to be at the wells fargo center starting at 7:00 p.m. you can expect extra volume around the stadium area. >> as jessica said, tonight's the home opener of the flyers. a key member of the team is not going to be on the ice. john clark is going to join us to talk about the loss of goalie steve mason.
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linkedin just became the newest company to offer unlimited vacation for its employees. the social networking site has a new vacation policy called dto, discretionary time off. it means employees don't have a minimum or maximum amount of vacation time. the company says it's part of a growing movement to place more focus on results instead of hours worked. but many american workers currently don't use all the vacation they are allotted, so some argue an unlimited policy might not make a difference. >> as much as they hear they get unlimited vacation, in the back of their minds they think wait a minute, if the economy turns, i don't want to be seen as not a team player, so i'm not going to take my vacation. >> several other companies also offer unlimited time off, including netflix, virgin, and groupon. >> fall is in full swing, but one company wants to bring the foliage to your doorstep. a start up will collect,
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preserve, and ship new england fall leaves straight to you. listen to this deal, you'll get a three-leaf bundle for $20. that's right, $20, three leaves, folks. a massachusetts entrepreneur launched the site last week. he similarly boxed and marketed snow last winter. i get that part of it, the snow, some people don't get snow, but leaves? >> i don't get the leaves. i would get the sunshine. >> exactly. >> that i would always need. >> that's right. an animal rights group wanted to save a jersey shore landmark. >> but tonight supporters of lucy the elephant are turning the money down. find out why coming up next. plus, a local college football player under arrest for attacking one of his own teammates. now he's facing serious charges. we're live on campus next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now at 5:00, a fight involving a corkscrew lands one college football player in the hospital and another in jail. >> police say the pair from albright college in berks county got into a fight and one of them was stabbed. nbc 10's doug shimell joins us live in reading where he talked to students about this incident. doug? >> reporter: from students to friends of both players, all of them say nothing about this case makes any sense at all. albright college football player
5:30 pm
dameer madison lay in a hospital bed after police say his teammate, marquis stewart, stabbed him with a corkscrew early sunday morning. >> they were on the same team together. they had to have been friends. it boiled over so much it escalated to violence. >> i hung out with him a lot. >> reporter: marquis stewart's friends contend he is not the type of person to do that. >> he had problems with the people he got in an altercation before previously, and they were antagonizing him a lot and just led to that. >> reporter: text alerts had gone out all over campus. >> if something like that happens, it's kind of jarring. it's real life still. >> yeah, i feel really bad, because they are off the team and stuff i heard, so it's shocking they are this young and their whole life is ruined basically. >> reporter: prosecutors say students should not be worried about some sort of crime spree. >> pretty much an anomaly. it's not a place we have these
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types of incidents that take place, an assault with a knife, i'm not -- i've never heard of that at albright before. >> reporter: well, dameer madison is in stable condition at a local hospital. marquis stewart is in jail facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. live in reading, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. now to your first alert weather. beautiful warmer weather today, but those cooler fall temperatures will be coming back soon. >> could have sworn i heard 30s back there from sheena parveen. first alert meteorologist joins us right now. you're also tracking rain on top of that. >> yes, rain coming tomorrow. today's perfect, then rain, then as we look ahead to this coming weekend, that's when we have morning low temperatures in the 30s, so it is going to get much colder as we get past this week, but in the meantime, still really perfect outside. here's a live look at center city, clear skies, not one cloud around, temperatures still very
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comfortable, humidity is low, we're still in the mid 70s across the area, so everything is very nice no matter where you are, poconos all the way to the shore we have clear skies. 74 degrees in philadelphia, humidity only at 23%. this is very comfortable weather. tomorrow, though, we will be seeing some changes but we'll still be in the 70s. right now we are nice and dry across the area, closest cloud cover is pretty far back off to the west, that's where we find some rain and it's part of a cold front, so this will be increasing our rain chance tomorrow. not the entire day will see showers, but spotty showers through part of the day and then we start to cool down once the rain leaves. tonight still stays really perfect by 6:00 p.m. around philadelphia, 70 degrees, poconos mid 60s by 6:00 p.m., sunny skies, same thing at the shore and as we get closer to the overnight hours, clouds increasing, leading us to rain chances coming tomorrow. coming up, timing of the rain and how cool it will be once the rain leaves and the even bigger
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cool down going into the weekend. hundreds of new jobs coming to philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. sugar house casino is adding 500 full-time jobs. you can attend a career fair form to learn more about it. the fair runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the pennsylvania convention center. part of a massive expansion which includes new restaurants, expanded gaming floor, and places for public house. sugarhouse will need new talent, including security, marketing, food and beverage, and casino operations. a local school board will discuss whether or not it will mandate school uniforms. the easton area school board is expected to discuss the topic at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow after a staff member survey revealed almost nine in ten agreed to consider a uniform policy. the board isn't expected to vote on the issue tomorrow, just get the discussion going. uniforms have already been a topic of discussion at several nearby school districts.
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nazareth and bethlehem districts considered but rejected school uniforms, but allentown has required them since 2013. the committee in charge of saving lucy the elephant is saying no to a donation from people for ethical treatment of animals. peta says that it wanted the jersey shore landmark to promote awareness of the treatment of circus animals in exchange for a donation to repair the elephant. the renovations would include shackling one of her feet and adding a tear drop below her eye. lucy's board declined it saying she must always be a happy place for children to visit. peta responded saying its statue in d.c. is hugely popular with children. speaking of animals, the real one this time, if you use amtrak, you no longer have to leave your pet behind. there is a catch, though, only pets who weigh less than 20 pounds are allowed. they also have to be in a pet
5:35 pm
carrier and that has to go under your seat. pets also have to be at least eight weeks old and be up to date on vaccinations. pet tickets cost $25. don't wait for the doctor to take your blood pressure. why experts say more people need to take their own blood pressure at home. plus, police say she admitted to her crime live on the internet. we'll hear her confession coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> millions of social security recipients, disabled veterans, and federal retirees can expect no increase in benefits this year. lower gas prices are partly to blame. the annual cost of living adjustment is tied to inflation. inflation is so low this year that a benefit increase for next year isn't expected to happen. the government uses gas prices
5:38 pm
as an indicator of inflation and the low prices at the pump are dragging it down. only twice before has there been no increase. that was 2010 and 2011. according to aaa midatlantic, drivers in every state are paying less than $3 a gallon for the first time since 2009. in the five-county philadelphia area, drivers are paying $2.32 on average. delaware drivers can expect to pay $2.21. the lowest prices in our area are in south jersey, where the average is $1.93. when it comes to booking a place to stay for your next vacation, you might want to go directly to the hotel's website. that's because of rogue hotel booking websites. a recent survey found 6% of travelers thought they were booking directly with the hotel, then discovered later they had used an imposter website. the american hotel lodging association estimates about 15 million hotel bookings were made on these rogue sites last year, costing $1.3 billion.
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that's a lot of money. all right, emojis are everywhere, we all have our favorites, at least some in the newsroom have their favorites, maybe i don't. now the company is working on a brand new batch. a look at the finalists coming up next. caught on video, a good samaritan rushing in to save a dog from a burning home. sheena? well, we have rain in the forecast, changes from today as we go into your tuesday. then a big cool down coming. those numbers coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a good samaritan put himself in harm's way to save a dog trapped inside a burning dog in
5:42 pm
tennessee. this video shows the fire quickly engulfing the home just outside nashville. the home owners were out of town, but the family's dog was inside. he comes out carrying that dog in his arms. just after the roof collapses. the man left the dog in the hands of neighbors, then drove off without getting any credit for his good deed. >> what an amazing guy. to not so impressive video now. listen to this, police are thanking social media for helping them catch a woman accused of drunk driving. why? because she streamed it live. >> i'm driving home drunk. let's see if i can drive. >> police in florida say this is the video that whitney beall posted on parascope friday night. two viewers called 911. detectives say they used the video to pinpoint her location and arrest her. she's charged with driving under
5:43 pm
the influence. she told an nbc station, "it was a big mistake and i'm learning my lesson." a city councilman near houston says he still doesn't understand why a police officer tased him. >> ahhhh! >> put your hands behind your back! >> a friend of jonathan miller's recorded the moment a prairie view officer used an electric shop weapon, a group of people were rehearsing a homecoming dance outside miller's apartment when an officer approached him. miller contends the officer never explained to him what he was doing wrong. >> i stepped back. i didn't -- i didn't, you know, fight him. i asked him to keep his hands off me, please, and i stepped back. >> the police chief says the incident is under investigation. miller is charged with interfering with the duties of a public servant and resisting arrest. the officers are still on active duty.
5:44 pm
the american dentist who killed cecil the lion will not face charges. officials in zimbabwe say walter palmer did obtain legal authority for the hunt, therefore, no crime was committed. walter sparked international outrage when he killed the beloved lion with a bow and arrow in july. actor randy quaid and his wife are being held on half a million dollars bail each. they were arraigned in vermont today accused of skipping out of the country after being charged with vandalism. the quaids were found squatting in a guest house they previously owned. fast forward to friday night when the couple was detained at the canadian border while trying to re-enter the united states. today quaid blamed his legal problems on a bail bondsman who failed to notify him of a scheduled court appearance. to decision 2016, republican front-runner donald trump faced questions from bipartisan voters today in new hampshire. he was one of eight candidates
5:45 pm
from both parties involved in a day-long convention hosted by no labels. trump took questions after his speech and weighed in on tomorrow's democratic debate. >> well, i think it's not going to be very well rated. because trump isn't in the debate. i think it's not going to be highly rated. i think it's going to be you're going to watch it ten or 15 minutes, people are going to get bored and turn it off. >> tomorrow's democratic debate is the first of six schedules. dnc officials say more could be added. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we have perfect weather today, but tomorrow is going to be a bit different. clouds and showers, so the rain mostly in the forecast tomorrow, some of it will be later morning hours and another round could be moving in for part of your evening commute, but not an all day thing. after the rain clears, we're looking at another cool down by the middle of the week, this will lead us into another cool
5:46 pm
down going into the weekend, so we'll be colder as we go across your weekend. wait until you see that forecast. right now temperatures are mostly in the mid 70s, but are starting to drop. average high 68 degrees, yesterday we got to 70. today so far 76, tomorrow we still expect to be in the mid 70s with some showers and then we drop down into the 60s as we go into wednesday around 67 degrees. nice conditions outside, live look across philadelphia, clear skies, not one cloud around, but tomorrow these conditions will be changing just a bit. although we will still be in the 70s, still be pretty comfortable. 74 degrees philadelphia, 75 northeast philly, 74 in trenton, still looking at the mid 70s through the lehigh valley. areas closer to the shore about the mid 60s. wildwood coming in at 66 degrees. nice and clear on the radar. again, no clouds. the closest cloud cover is still pretty far away, right around the great lakes moving out of chicago, that's where we see a cold front, rain moving into
5:47 pm
cincinnati, kentucky, and some of those showers will be here through the day tomorrow. here's a look at future weather. tonight we stay dry, we'll see the clouds increasing overnight tonight. for your morning commute, we'll mainly have the clouds around, most of the area will be dry. can't rule out a couple spotty showers, but the best chance looks like so far the afternoon hours, so about 5:00, 6:00 we could have a line of showers moving through the philadelphia area, then heading to the shore and really moving out by about 8:00 p.m. this is not going to be a big event with the rain, but you'll want your umbrella in case you run into one of those showers. cooler into wednesday. clouds back wednesday, but the temperatures will be dropping off. and we're also talking about fall foliage. it's at its peak through much of the northeast, especially up into new england. most of maine now, too, but one area locally where you can go and see it is up in the poconos. here's a live look in the poconos right now and this is a real picture what's going on currently in the poconos, colors near its peak or at its peak,
5:48 pm
that's one area you can head to see the beautiful colors before the leaves start to fall off. we know it doesn't last long. tonight clouds increasing, temperatures around 50 degrees for the lehigh valley. 57 for the philadelphia area, about the mid 50s for new jersey and delaware, but we stay dry tonight. tomorrow mostly cloudy with scattered showers around, 73 to 76 degrees. still fairly mild, enjoy it, because we do start to cool down as we go into wednesday. around 67 degrees, mid 60s thursday and friday. another cold front moving through friday. take a look what it does to the weekend temperatures. saturday, some areas may not even get out of the 50s. saturday night into sunday morning you see the 39 going into sunday morning, some areas north and west of philadelphia like the lehigh valley could be closer to freezing. so it's going to be a cold start sunday and by sunday afternoon expect to be in the upper 50s. a return to broad street as the flyers play their first home game tonight. >> tough start losing two games in florida and now the team has
5:49 pm
lost their goalie. john clark joins us now live from the ice at the wells fargo center. john, are you on the ice? >> reporter: yeah, we're here for the flyers' home opener at the wells fargo center and there's two important people missing from the game, the chairman, the owner, ed snyder is not here. he's resting in california after going through medical therapy. of course, the chairman ed snyder battled cancer last year, but he hopefully will be back here in a couple weeks and i did text with him and he says he feels great. that is good news. let's take a look at the morning skate. goalie steve mason was not there this morning, he's left the team dealing with a serious personal family matter, so they needed an emergency goalie this morning. they brought in a worker from the wells fargo center who's played goal before. tonight it will be michael noyburt. he is the back-up goalie and steve mason's teammates are all thinking of him.
5:50 pm
>> it's, obviously, sad news, and we've got a business to do and get a good pregame skate, do my routine on my regular game day and i'm ready to go. >> we've got to play hard for him tonight. he's done it, you know, ever since he's come to philadelphia, he's been probably one of our top players every game. we owe it to him to return the favor. >> reporter: and the flyers do not know when steve mason will be back. right now the flyers are battling against another slow start. the last three seasons they have gone winless in their first three games, they are hoping to avoid that again tonight with a win over the panthers. john clark live on the flyers bench in the wells fargo center, back to you. >> thank you. for a second i thought he was on the ice, but he's not. he's staying firmly on the ground. john, thank you. >> i thought for sure he went for great live tv, too.
5:51 pm
don't forget to vote for the high school football game of the week. right now it looks like the bishop shanahan game has taken the lead, but still time to cast your vote. go to you can also call or text your vote to 610-624-4111. voting closes thursday, then we'll announce the winner thursday night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. all right, how do you start the next story? there are some 2016 candidates here you may not have heard about. >> that's because instead of running for president, they are running to become new emojis, which are digital icons used to express ideas or emotions, which you probably don't use, right? >> i don't use them at all. i don't use them. i don't know if it's a guy thing, girl thing, who knows. >> you probably know what emojis are. a total of 67 new emojis are being considered for next year. here are a few of the contenders. you can see a shrug, someone
5:52 pm
taking a selfie, and even a bacon emoji are being considered. a final determination of the new emojis will be made in may for release in june. not even a smiling face or laughing or tear? >> ha-ha and lol. that's what i'll do. >> letters. >> i'll stick to that. >> i think it's a guy thing. going to the doctor makes a lot of people nervous. >> enough to make your blood pressure rise, and that's why experts say more people should start taking their blood pressure at home. we'll show you how that would work and how it could help people count.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> the blood pressure measurement you get at the doctors office is valuable health information. >> but it's just a snapshot, i should say, and doesn't tell the whole story. that's one reason that experts recommend readings at home for some patients. erika edwards reports. >> reporter: sometimes just walking into a doctors office is enough to make a person's blood pressure rise. >> some people are just unhappy seeing the doctor, they might be a little nervous, they might have had some caffeine, they might be rushing around, they may be in pain. >> reporter: an estimated 15% to
5:56 pm
30% of people who have high blood pressure at the doctor actually have normal or only slightly elevated blood pressure readings otherwise. it's often called white coat hypertension. now the u.s. preventive services task force recommends doctors have patients confirm a hypertension diagnosis with readings taken at home. task force member and university of georgia profess sor says the best way is through ambulatory monitoring. >> wearing a cuff for 24 hours while the blood pressure gets checked every 20 or 30 minutes. >> reporter: you can also check your blood pressure at the drugstore. ones that use as upper arm cuffs are more accurate than a wrist cuff. there's no evidence doctors are overtreating a large number of people with white coat hypertension. >> there are an awful lot of people that are said to have white coat hypertension that actually have sustained hypertension at home. >> reporter: heart doctors' biggest concern is finding those who don't know they have high
5:57 pm
blood pressure and aren't getting the treatment they need. erika edwards, nbc news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, show off the boat or the state police will come get you. that's the promise the senate of the new jersey senate is making to his fellow lawmakers. sheena? >> and a perfect day today, but showers around tomorrow, then some cooler temperatures move in. i'll show you the forecast coming up. first, a man's in custody for the murder of a transgender woman last week. investigators say he's been in trouble for attacking another transgender victim before. we'll tell you why police believe this is not a hate crime next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a suspected killer is in custody and three other suspects are still on the run for the beating and murder of a transgender woman. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. investigators say the suspect in custody now has been in trouble before for another crime against a transgender victim in philadelphia, but as nbc 10 explains, detectives are not classifying this as a hate crime. >> it's been -- >> reporter: news about an arrest in the brutal murder of her friend keisha jenkins gives june martina bailey some hope.
6:00 pm
the transgender women met more than two years ago at an organization. >> keisha, she was funny, you know, she was funny, she was a good person, uplifted. she was into art. >> reporter: pedro redding is charged with jenkins' murder. a tip identified the 24 year old as a known robber in the neighborhood. he's been arrested four times before. he was arrested for a very similar crime, him and another individual, and they went to rob a transgender individual. they were arrested for that. i believe the victim did not show up to court and all charges were dropped. >> reporter: redding told police jenkins dropped back as he and three other men punched and kicked her last tuesday morning in the hunting park neighborhood, but redding says he did not fire the fatal shot. >> the victim was, in fact, a prostitute in the area. >> reporter: police do not believe jenkins was targeted because she was a transgender woman and ruled out her


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