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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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right now the search continues for the person who shot a teenager in the head, that 14-year-old is in the hospital in critical condition. >> happening tonight, democrats take center stage, ahead a preview of the first democratic debate for decision 2016. as we take a live look at center city across the delaware river, skyline some in pink there for breast cancer awareness month in october. 60 degrees a nice warmer start but we are tracking showers moving into parts of the area. and boy, in the seven-day forecast, get ready for a weekend chill on the way. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" on this tuesday. i'm chris cato.
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let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his all important first alert forecast. hello, bill. >> good morning, chris. we have clouds with us and we're tracking showers. you see the showers along the coast. there's low pressure offshore, that's missing us. another round of showers starting to creep into the shot off to the northwest. that's going to be here later this morning. philadelphia for now is dry, most of the morning is dry but as we go through the day those clouds will thicken up. temperatures will be climbing in spite of the clouds. we'll start at 60 degrees. 9:00, 63, and midday showers in philadelphia and 69 degrees. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> bill, we are a big story of the morning so far the closure of the vine street expressway with ongoing construction. so east and westbound closed between broad street. that's going to be set until about 5:00 a.m. this morning.
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so if they pick up a little early we will let you know. i'm going to let you see what it looks like. right here, this is our camera from the schuylkill expressway around the vine but they have turned it around so now we can see it from the ben franklin parkway. the exit here, it's police activity in the area, lane restrictions and they don't allow you to access it from those points. follow the detours they have posted and you'll be fine. for the rest of our drive times in the philadelphia area, currently no problems or delays on 95, the schuylkill and the blue route. when i come back we'll do a check with mass transit. >> a story we brought you last night at 11:00 p.m., a 14-year-old boy fighting for his life after being shot in the head in north philadelphia. nbc 10's katy zachry joins us live. what's this boy's condition and what do you know now about how he was shot? >> reporter: chris, minutes ago i got off the phone with detectives handling this case. this boy, this teenage boy, is in such bad shape, he has not
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regained consciousness since he was shot. there are a lot of questions about the shooting. here is video from the scene. the victim just 14 years old. he was found lying in the middle of north tenth street in north philadelphia after 8:30 last night. he was shot once in the forehead. police did find a bb gun wrapped up in the boy's clothes but police believe he was injured by a revolver. right now there are no known witnesses. coming up in the next half hour, you'll hear from investigators at the scene and they do not hold back when describing this teen's condition. reporting live in north philadelphia, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." thank you. 4:03 now. in ocean count' family dog attacked a 3-year-old causing serious injuries, sky force 10 was over the scene in toms river as that toddler was air lifted to cooper medical center. police tell us the dog is a mastiff and attacked the child in the family's home in toms
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river. we're working to find out the child's condition and what will happen to the dog. new this morning, delaware state police are looking for two people they say tried to break into a church in wilmington last month. police released these images of the two suspects, this is new, this is why we're telling you about this now. authorities say they used tools to try to get into st. mark's united methodist on september 20, and if you recognize those men and pretty clear shots of them there, call police. it is sentencing day for the teen driver who fled after an accident that put a student in a coma. rashaun roberts had a learner's permit. he pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident with injury. hall, the victim, rachel hall, was a senior lacrosse player at the empell at the time. police say roberts' car hit her after she rode her bike through a stop sign. she suffered a serious brain
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injury and is still recovering at a rehab center. a judge denied bail for the man charged with the murder of a transgender woman in philadelphia. the police are still looking for three other men they say were involved in the killing of keisha jenkins. police arrested pedro reading after getting a tip. he has four previous arrests for violent crimes. nbc 10 spoke to friends of the victim and say they hope justice will be delivered. >> no matter the lifestyles, nobody deserves this. >> here is what happened. one week ago jenkins was getting out of a car in hunting park when a group of men attacked her, beating her and shooting her. police believe robbery was the motive that her death was not a hate crime. they say reading, the suspect, is cooperating and insists he is not the one who pulled the trigger. >> happening today, a viewing will be held for former
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philadelphia naacp leader and activist jerry mondesire. he died six days shy of his 66th birthday. the viewing will be from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. at bright hope baptist church. a celebration of life ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow. the burial service is private. there is that information on screen for you there. bright hope baptist church on 12th street. decision 2016 now, the democratic candidates for president will square off tonight in las vegas. nbc 10's tracy davidson is here with a preview. they will have five podiums on the stage but a sixth one just in case. >> yes, how about that. just in case, that is reserved for joe biden should he decide to get in the race. as of now there is no change in the democratic lineup. let's show you who is all talking. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln chafy
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and jim webb will share the stage. sanders said he is ready to explain his differences with clinton. >> people will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to wall street and corporations, big corporations, with the secretary. >> former secretary of state clinton leads the democratic field in many national polls, sanders is topping clinton in new hampshire and is gaining on her in iowa. as for o'malley, webb and chafy, the debate could be their only chance to gain a foothold in the race. >> new this morning the latest poll shows governor chris christie still has low popularity numbers in new jersey. the latest rutgers-eagleton poll shows 35% of registered voters in new jersey have a favorable opinion of christie. while that is up 5% from ah, it's still the second lowest rating he's received. on the issue of taxes just 25% of voters like his policies. the poll also found 6 in 10
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voters believe new jersey is on the wrong track. happening today, philadelphia sugar house casino hosting the second of three job fairs this month. a lot of jobs because of an expansion, adding 500 full time positions. if you are interested in landing one of those, head over to the pennsylvania convention center at 10:00 a.m. representatives will be there until 2:00 p.m. new york mets fans are riding high after a big playoff win last night. but they are looking for something else. we want utley. that was the crowd last night. mets fans calling on the dodgers to bring out chase utley whose illegal slide broke ruben tejada's leg. he got a huge ovation before the game tipping the hat there. even without him the mets crushed the dodgers, 13-7. and are now one win away from
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the national league championship series. major league baseball suspended chase utley for two games, he is allowed to play until his appeal is heard though the dodgers never used him last night. kept him in the dugout. his slide into tejada created a fire storm, even chris christie got involved calling utley a dog. utley apologized to tejada after the game and said he never intended to hurt him. nine minutes after 4:00. we're tracking showers, they will be in the area during the day today. we're starting off dry. once the showers leave we'll be turning colder for the rest of the week. the real chill arrives this weekend. some of the coldest air of the season so far. right now 50 in allentown with clear skies, northeast philadelphia 58 degrees, atlantic city 59. we'll get some sunshine during the day today. right now we're waiting for the
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showers to arrive. there are some showers right along the coast, but most of the area is dry. dry now for trenton and wilmingt wilmington, atlantic city is dry as the showers are affecting ocean county and farther to the north, that's low-pressure area heading away from us. meantime, this is a cold front that's on the way for showers during the midday hour in philadelphia, and behind those showers will come the cooler weather starting tomorrow. for today, scattered showers, camelback, 65 action 68 in bethlehem up to 70 degrees for pennsburg. you'll see a dry start to the day, but new hope could see scattered light showers midday today. mostly sunny skies to partly sunny skies at the shore, a little warmer for avalon, up to 74. 73 in millville. are showers will likely say to to the north of these locations. there is a chance of showers during the midday hours and into the afternoon we could see
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scattered showers in malvern and wilmington in the low 70s today. showers will be light. we'll go through it hour by hour with the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 11 minutes after 4:00. the vine street expressway is closed this morning. jessica boyington told us about that now checking out the roosevelt boulevard. >> it's smooth sailing there. the vine street expressway will be closed until about 5:00 a.m. in between the schuylkill and broad street. for the roosevelt boulevard looking great around henry avenue. you can see all lanes moving along. northbound or southbound, no problems there so far. heading out the door in center city closures and construction on 19th street south, closed between the vine street -- between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. there are detours posted. follow those and you'll do fine to hop around the block. mass transit, no problems or delays so far. when i come back in the next ten minutes we'll check with new jersey roads. >> every day an online audience
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of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands get to see what happens behind the scenes here at nbc 10 courtesy of the app called pair a scope. we told you about this. it's the same app that this woman used to show folks her night out bar hopping. next you'll see how it also got her thrown in jail. and he was always one of the toughest guys on the philliy ie macho row. the surprise that left darren daulton in tears.
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>> investigators in kansas city will continue looking into what caused an apartment fire that killed two firefighters last night. officials say crews were on the scene about 30 minutes when the
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building's roof collapsed. two other crew members were injured and still in the hospital. everyone living inside was evacuated before the collapse thankfully. the american red cross is in south carolina giving away cleaning supplies to people affected by last week's historic flooding. volunteers giving out mops, bleach, anything people can use to get properties back to normal. south carolina governor nikki haley says it's time to start recovering. it will be a long road for a lot of people including the many animal shelters now filled with displaced pets. volunteers at one shelter say 20 dogs were brought in on friday alone. and many shelters are flooded with low lying kennels washed out and indoor cages crowded. >> since i've been involved with st. francis i can't think of a natural disaster of this magnitude and proportion. >> before the flooding the humane society took three dozen animals at the overcrowded
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shelters to facilities in a different city. today, two local members of congress will call for justice for american victims of iranian backed terror. pennsylvania senator pat toomey and congressman patrick me han to urge passage after bill that would ban president obama from lifting sanction on iran until it awards billions in damages to the victims. the house passed meehan's legislation. it needs senate approval. "the washington post" says it will keep fighting for its reporter convicted in iran of espionage. iran media reported that jason -- they reported the conviction but they didn't say anything about sentencing. the post said it's working with his family to try to get him released on bail. rezaian was arrested last year and secretly tried this year, that trial just ending yesterday. both the pope and the state department called his charges
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absurd. actor randy quaid and his wife are being held on half million bail each. the judge arraigned the couple yesterday. the quaids accused of skipping the country after being charged with vandalizing a guest house five years ago. police at the border arrested the couple as they tried to re-enter the u.s. friday night. california has become the first state to ban public schools from using the ternl red skins as a team name or mascot. governor brown signed that. it goes into effect january 2017. it affects four schools still using the term. they will be allowed to phase out material using the redskins name because of concerns about cost. >> here in this area, students at a high school in bucks county battled the school board over use of the word redskins in the student newspaper. after debate they approved the power to force the editors to
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print the name of the mascot but only in letters in editorials, not in news stories. >> here it is, the periscope story. a florida woman is learning the hard way about drinking and driving after posting something for the whole world to see. >> i think i'm drunk. let's see if i kget a dui. >> police say the 23-year-old turned the camera on herself using periscope to show herself driving home drunk. well, people on periscope are smart, they called 911. and it didn't take police long to find her on the side of the road with damage to her car. thankfully no one else was hurt. they took her into custody. >> in minutes they found her driving, flat front tire. she hit the curb again, they
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pulled her over and it was obvious from that point she was intoxicated. she went to jail. >> after her arrest she told reporters she doesn't remember much. she said it was a huge mistake and that she has learned her lesson. clouds are moving into the area. getting ready to move out the door might want to take an umbrella. it's dry now. the showers later this morning and into this afternoon. right now we're seeing temperatures come down, but it's a warmer start than yesterday. about 10 degrees warmer for much of the area. philadelphia international is 8 degrees warmer which puts us at 61 degrees right now and calm. this is a view, a clear view, dry clear of rainfall, just scattered clouds so far coming in. the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. the temperatures, 50s and 60s, it's 51 in pottstown and doylestown, wrightstown at 56
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degrees. 61 at philadelphia international in the 50s solidly in gloucester county, logan township, swedesboro at 55 degrees at this hour. you can see clouds to the east, but it's the clouds coming in from the west that are going to bring us change in the form of showers today and cooler weather coming tomorrow. the showers sweep through later this morning, and then they clear out tonight and by tomorrow morning you'll feel the cooler air in our area. for today, keep an eye on the sky. most of the day it's going to be dry. 59 degrees at 6:00, 9:00, 63. we'll see more clouds and some scattered showers at noon time today. full seven-day forecast with more on the cooldown ahead coming up in the next half hour. >> we'll look forward to that. i like your tie this morning. first time i've said that to bill henley. doesn't mean i haven't liked past ties but this one here, something about it. just got me. spectacular. >> you like my hair? >> let's talk about traffic.
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you went there. >> tough before 5:00 in the morning. >> is that a man bun? >> in the dog house later. traffic before chris gets into more trouble. construction right now on the 42 freeway in new jersey southbound between 295 and creek road. they have three lanes closed with the left lane moving over with intermittent stoppages. so watch out for that. you could be stuck in a small delay this morning. for the admiral wilson boulevard, these are the lanes heading to the ben franklin bridge. once you get to the bridge the only problem is the construction where westbound heading into the city we do have lane restrictions but everything is still moving right now. for the rest of the area bridges no problems for the walt, betsy, the tacony palmyra, and no scheduled openings right now. today some of the region's leading experts in education will meet to talk about the challenges facing america's schools. philadelphia school superintendent is part of that panel. that symposium begins at 9:30
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this morning in new town square. and everyone, the public included, is invited to attend. mandating school uniforms the topic tonight at the easton area school meeting after a staff survey revealed nearly 90% of people agreed to consider a uniform policy. most parents support it too. the board isn't expected to vote on the issue today. we'll keep you posted. we checked and found out the uniforms have been a topic of discussion at several nearby school districts including nazareth and bethlehem district. they considered but rejected school uniforms. allentown required them since 2013. columbus day is over but controversy about that holiday and the man it honors rages on. next at 4:30, some people want the name officially changed. and as you'll see others demand philadelphia take action to change how it remembers the explorer. and it's an annual tradition
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with a twist this time. darren daulton was in town but next the surprise that brought the ex-phillies star to tears. we talked about it once already in the past 10 minutes. again, periscope is how you can see what happens behind the scenes here at nbc 10 today maybe you can ask us a question you always wanted to ask, maybe we'll answer it. all you have to do is follow us on periscope, our address is nbc philadelphia. we'll see you there.
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>> the goal is to eliminate homelessness. >> the federal government and local programs helping the homeless are at odds over how to accomplish their goals, the feds
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plan to cut money to training programs and use it on permanent housing. >> they are going to live there forever at taxpayer expense. >> the idea is to help people get off public housing. that should be the goal. >> we take our question to the department of housing and urban development and introduce you to a woman trying to get back on her feet but worried the program helping her will soon shut down. >> that might make it be that we are homeless. >> today at 4:00 p.m. for the investigators i'm mitch blacher, "nbc 10 news." >> on to this now. an emotional surprise. that's what phillies legend darren daulton got at his golf outing yesterday. take a look. >> if there was any way in the world they would have been here tonight you can say they would have. that's why they are here tonight with you. >> how about that. there he is. his foundation paid to fly in his family to the club. the foundation said daulton is
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doing well in his battle with brain cancer. the phillies and their alumni joined the former catcher to raise a lot of money for cancer patients. it's warmer this morning and a few clouds have started to move in. it's a live view of cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. much of the area will get showers today. might want to take an umbrella with you if you're heading out the door. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> bill, we're looking live at the blue route around the mid county tolls. moving nicely there, no problems but we have a major closure this morning. on the vine street expressway. i'll tell you exactly where it is and how to avoid it when we come back. >> you know we've been telling you that lucy the elephant needs repairs but next why the shore landmark is turning its back on one offer.
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>> a philadelphia teen is in critical condition. hear what police are saying about the crime and what was found on the young victim. >> columbus controversy. these days a lot of people believe the holiday honoring the explorer is misplaced and outdated. now the push is on in philadelphia to make some obvious changes. >> speaking of changes some parts of the area could see a stray shower and then a cooldown. it's 60 degrees now. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. it's tuesday already. what do you know. got that monday over with. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with his first alert forecast. another beautiful day yesterday. >> it


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