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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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signs. mass transit, we're okay but thorndale 514 train is still running on 30-minute delays. following breaking news just in from philadelphia's neighborhood, one man is in critical condition following a home invasion and shooting around 11:30 last night on south ruby street. the victim was a 50-year-old man, not expected to survive. we're also learning that his wife and three children were also at home at the time. they weren't hurt. matt delucia is on his way to the scene now and we'll have a live report in the next half hour. also this morning a 14-year-old boy is fighting for his life after police say he was shot in the head. the teen was found lying in the middle of 10th street in front of a philadelphia housing authority police building. police say they also found a bb gun on the victim but believe that he was shot with a revolver. investigators are now hoping
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surveillance footage can show them what happened. today a federal judge will sentence a former army major and his wife who were convicted of child abuse. john and caroline jackson broke their children's bones, denied them medical attention, withheld water, and forced fed them hot sauce. the case falls under federal jurisdiction because the crimes were committed on a military base in morris county. from our south jersey bureau, a family's search for justice. they want to find the driver who hit and killed their loved one and kept going. police said iva was riding his bike when a car hit him fromle behind. he was only two blocks from his home. he slipped into a coma and died from his injuries last week. the accident happened on sharp street near harrison avenue. the stretch of road is difficult for her family. >> can't sleep at night, wondering what happened. you wake up one day we don't have a chance to say good-bye.
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or that you love them. >> police say the driver left behind some clues including a side view mirror and a headlight. the victim's family is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. >> 5:32. this morning a business owner in north philadelphia needs help to catch a thief who made off with thousands of dollars in construction equipment. take a look. this is surveillance video of the burglary, the owner says the suspect made his way over a 15-foot fence before making off with the tools early sunday morning. the owner also says those tools are worth about $3,000. >> i feel bad but you know, like disrespect people when you try doing something, you try living honest you know, hard work. >> the owner says he was forced to shut down his business. he will have to buy new tools to get back to work. >> a columbus day controversy. one local group is gathering support and taking their fight to philadelphia city hall.
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we'll explain what they want to have happen. balancing the budget without raising taxes. we'll tell you what some pennsylvania lawmakers are betting on to solve the spending plan problem. 5:33, 60 degrees here at nbc 10 and dry at the shore. tracking some showers that may change that during the day today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is just ahead. do
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>> 5:35 and warmer. the temperatures have not dropped that much since we warmed into the 70s yesterday afternoon. 57 now in philadelphia, 9 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. start off with a few showers at the shore, those are moving out and these are moving in. moving through western pennsylvania, that's a cold front. doesn't look like a lot of actheist. this line is going to be falling apart as it moves into the area.
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so 10:00 in the morning, just scattered showers into the pocono mountains, light showers at noon time for allentown, reading and chester county. then a chance of scattered showers during the early afternoon, that's 1:00 this afternoon. and a few spotty showers late this afternoon. nothing heavy about them. so neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, a chance of some showers for the pocono mountains, 61 degrees. low 70s for allentown and quakertown. you'll see breaks of sunshine for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. a scattered shower possible during the day. vineland, cape may likely dry with partly to mostly sunny skies. philadelphia, williams town low 70s, scattered light showers today. there is a round of showers possible later this week before we get some cold weather moving in. the seven-day forecast when i come back. >> you just hang on to the cold weather. you can just wait on that. 5:36 now. a look at what's happening on
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the highway. >> right now with jessica boyington. >> right now we're watching an abington on meeting house road there are lane restrictions there. not an active scene. but it's north and southbound still in place even though there aren't crew on the scene at this moment between 42 and the black horse pike. and get to the 42 freeway this is around the new jersey turnpike, the northbound lanes here headed to 295, if you have to get to philadelphia this morning we still have a five-minute drive time up to the walt whitman bridge. the rest of the area bridges we checked in headed to the walt, no problem, the betsy, the tacony palmyra doing okay, watch out on the ben franklin bridge we're losing a lane into philadelphia for construction. we're following breaking news from kingsessing neighborhood. one man is in critical condition
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following a home invasion and shooting last night on south ruby street. the victim, a 50-year-old man, is not expected to survive. we're also learning that his wife and three children were at the home at the time, held at gunpoint. the wife said we're poor, we don't have anything. they weren't hurt. nbc 10's matt delucia is on the way to the scene. we'll have a live report coming up in the next half hour. for many people columbus day was a celebration of italian heritage. for others it's becoming a growing controversy and a call to action. a petition launched on is addressed to mayor nutter. supporters want monuments to christopher columbus removed because they claim columbus' role in wiping out indigenous people in the americas should not be celebrated. >> this holiday we have resolutions, these streets, these monuments, it's outrageous and must be changed. >> opponents say the monuments are part of this country's
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heritage and a turning point in history that should not be erased. >> 5:39. tonight the democrats will take center stage for their first debate. we'll tell you what to expect and waiting on a decision as the democrats prepare for the debate, vice president joe biden still weighing that run for the white house. new numbers break down chris christie's popularity in his home state. what people in new jersey are saying.
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after two republican debates in the race for president, the democrats get their first chance tonight in the bright lights of las vegas. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln chafee and jim webb share the stage. a sixth podium is ready in case a certain vice president decides to enter the race today. we still don't know if joe biden will run for the white house. the vice president spent time with his family in delaware over the weekend. he postponed his decision after the death of his son in may. and analysts from the university of delaware said that voters understand biden taking time with his decision to run, and it may not affect how they would vote. >> people will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to wall street and corporations, big
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corporations. >> now former secretary of state clinton leads the democratic field in many national polls but sanders is topping her in new hampshire and gaining ground in iowa. the democratic debate is also on donald trump's mind. yesterday the republican front-runner faced questions in new hampshire. he was one of eight candidates from both parties in a day-long convention there. he took questions after his speech when he weighed in on the democrats. >> well, i think it's not going to be very well rated. trump isn't in the debate. only kidding. i think it's not going to be highly rated. i think it's going to be you'll watch it for 10 or 15 minutes, get bored and turn it off. >> the debate is the first of six scheduled for the democrats. new this morning, the latest poll shows governor chris christie has low numbers. over a third of registered voters have a favorable opinion of christie who is running for president. and while that is up a few
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points from august, when he got his lowest rating ever, it's still his second lowest rating. on the issue of taxes a quarter of the state's voters like christie's policies. >> republican lawmakers in pennsylvania are considering an increase to gaming to balance the budget deficit without raising taxes. supporters say the third expansion of gambling in the last six years could bring in millions in one-time licensing fees plus more tax money from gaming profits. wednesday the house voted down governor tom wolf's budget which included a 16% increase in state income tax. >> in the race for philadelphia mayor we know a bit more about where the two candidates stand on the issues following their debate. jim kenny and melissa bailey faced off on the issue of police bailey said she would add 500 officers to the ranks. kenny repeated his opposition to the department's stop and frisk policy. election is tuesday, november 3.
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>> from the south jersey bureau, the city of camden learned it's not getting a $30 million grant. it was a final ips for the money but lost out to other cities. camden officials planned to use the grant to build new homes and skills and improve parks. the city can apply for the grant next year and they say they will. the committee in charge of saving lucy the elephant is turning down a donation from the organize people for ethical treatment of animals, peta. pet ar says it wanted the landmark to promote awareness of the treatment of circus animals in exchange for a donation to repair the elephant. it would have included shackling one of lucy's feet and adding a tear drop below an eye. the board declined saying lucy must be a happy place to visit. >> a perfect example why dogs are man's best friend. >> a man a hero after running into a burning home to save a dog moments before the roof
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collapsed. take a look. this is where police say tim ran into a burning house on saturday, came without an 80 pound dog who had been trapped inside. he says he was driving to his daughter's birthday party, saw the home on fire, the family wasn't there so he jumped into action. witnesses say after he saved the dog named sampson, he just left the scene. >> he got in his car and left. it was so weird. he took off. >> real hero to me were the volunteers because they aren't getting paid. they come and do this for free. i don't do it for people to say thank you and pat me on the back. >> he reunited with sampson after the owners reached out to him to say thank you for saving our dog. about quarter to 6 and we're starting off warmer. some scattered clouds but no sign of rain just yet. some scattered showers moving in during the day. 60 degrees in philadelphia.
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the humidity is up 83%, no sign of fog. doesn't look like that's going to be in the cards. you can see the clouds moving through the area. we will get some breaks of sunshine before the rain moves in. but it's only going to be scattered light rainfall. the clouds are actually helping us stay warmer this morning. look, it's 9 degrees warmer in pottstown, mount holly is 14 degrees warmer and at the shore, atlantic city and wildwood, both 18 degrees warmer this morning. still cool this morning for pottstown, doylestown, now 49 degrees. and it's in the 50s in blue bell, collegeville dropped. it's a little cool north and west, too. gilbertson also in the upper 40s. the clouds, they are scattered around the area, rain clouds are still to the west at this time. you see that line of clouds moving through pennsylvania. steady showers, light showers in western pennsylvania, but i expect this line to fall apart. we'll see scattered light
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showers during the day. clouds and sunshine back in the 70s. but not tomorrow, once the showers clear, the wind picks up and that's cooler air that starts moving in. 52 in the morning, 67 in the afternoon on wednesday. chillier. 40s on friday morning. late friday could see showers that will cool things down for the weekend. a chillier day saturday up to 60 with sunshine. the temperature saturday earning getting cold in a hurry. sunday morning 36 degrees and even colder monday morning. sunday and monday with sunshine will only warm into the 50s. >> all right, bill. 5:48. the ride to work. >> jessica boyington watching one of the -- 95 it looks like. >> yes, it is 95. good morning. we are on 95 or the betsy ross bridge. moving along nicely. look at this drive time. still early for that.
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maybe a minute or so longer but that's okay. southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway 14 minutes, all lanes moving along nicely there. and a lot of ongoing construction to talk about if you're out in the center city area, 19th street is closed. south between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. they have signs posted so you can get around, just go around the block and you'll be fine. out the door and have to get to the p.a. turnpike, just checked in there, no problems westbound or eastbound. when i come back in the next ten minutes we'll check with more construction projects and jersey roads. >> thanks. 5:49. we follow that breaking news out of kingsessing neighborhood, a home invasion and shooting with small children in the home. >> matt delucia is in sky force 10 now arriving over that scene on south ruby street.
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>> we are over the 1100 block of south ruby. you can see police are in front of that house. this is what we learned from police, three men entered the home flew the unlocked front door. police have a light shining on the property. inside there was a 10-month-old a 2-year-old, 5-year-old kids and woman and a man. the man was in the living room we're told that he was shot. a 50-year-old man, a lot of blood in the living room. the wife was taken by some masked gun men and told to give them money. she apparently said they were poor and didn't have any. she heard a gun shot so the husband was in the room. the three men ran out, they left behind a rifle on the front porch. that husband we're told is not expected to survive. after all of this happened we're told that eight blocks away, a chevy malibu hit a parked car and overturned. there was a bloody handgun inside but no one was in the
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car. police are now looking into the possibility that may be the getaway car from the home invasion so. over the scene, police are still out there at the scene. we'll keep an eye on what happens with the development but for now drive, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." wonder what happens behind the scenes here? >> i do. >> you do? well, you can see for yourself, interact with us, ask questions about what you had for breakfast, what you're going to be for halloween. >> anything. we're an open book. all you have to do is follow us using the app periscope. the address is nbc philadelphia. we'll talk to some of you in a minute. up next, mets fans had one request last night. they want utley. next where the crowd was all over for his move that broke a
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mets player's leg.
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>>. >> temple university will name its school of medicine in honor
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of the late lewis katz. the former co-owner was killed in a plane crash. he donated $25 million to the school. a 1963 graduate of temple and long time been a factor his contribution is the largest single donation in temple's history. >> a princeton professor says he hopes his nobel prize isn't a dream. >> he won in economics. the announcement came yesterday. he studies poverty and his work raised doubts about anti-poverty programs and aid programs. he accepted the prize over the phone. >> i'm so delighted not just for myself but that this work is being recognized. >> the prize includes a cash award of about $975,000. he doesn't have big plans for the money yet. >> new york mets fans are riding high after a big playoff win but they are still looking for
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something else. we want utley. that was the crowd last night. mets fans calling on the dodgers to bring out chase utley whose illegal slide broke ruben tejada's leg. the mets crushed the dodgers 13-7 and are now one win away from the national league championship series. major league baseball suspended lit for two games, he is allowed to play until his appeal is heard though the dodgers never used him last night. the slide into tejada created a fire storm on social media. even new jersey governor christie got involved calling utley a dog. utley apologized to tejada and said he never intended to hurt him. >> today new jersey senator robert menendez. >> and congressman frank falone will talk about efforts to make
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sure that daily fantasy football sites are fair. top sites draftkings and fanduel of scoring in a big way. there were a record 7.4 million entries for this past weekend's games. comcast, nbc 10's parent company, invested in fanduel. >> the battle continues over a mascot name, talking about redskins here. and students at a high school in bucks county took on the school board over the use of the word redskins in the student newspaper. the students didn't want to see it. the board approved a policy that gives administrators the power to force the editors of the school paper to print the name of the school's mascot but only in letters to the editor and editorials, not in news stories. on the other side of the country, california the first state to ban public schools using the name redskins as a team name or mascot. governor brown signed that law. it will go into effect in
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january 2017. it affects four schools that will be allowed to phase out materials that use the term because of concerns about cost. >> no matter the team's mascot how you can support them by voting in our game of the week, this week's choices upper dublin, plymouth, whitemarsh, oxford at bishop shanahan and malvern prep. go to, you can also call or text your vote. voting closes thursday. we'll announce the winner thursday night on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. we'll probably tell you about it friday morning too. an olympic hopeful from this area is now in the running to be named "sports illustrated's" sports kid of the year. >> this is cool because you can help him get there. reese is an accomplished swimmer and sophomore at penn charter. reese qualified to swim the 100 meter and 200 meter breast
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stroke at the olympic trials in june. he is one of five finalists for the sports kid of the year. you can vote coming to our website or the app. voting ends today at noon. if he wins it would be the second year in a row that young philadelphia athlete takes om home the title. the first girl to pitch a shutout in the little league world series. >> she made the cover of the regular "sports illustrated." i remember it said remember my name. how can we forget it now. you're watching "nbc 10 news." we are following breaking news of a home invasion in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. sky force 10 is live over the home where three men walked through an unlocked door and attacked the family. we're live with the latest. a 14-year-old boy is
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clinging to life this morning after being shot in the head in north philadelphia. police are still looking for the gunman. >> a live look outside. we're about an hour from sunrise. you'll see less sunshine today. cooler temperatures on the horizon. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. off to a warm start compared to yesterday. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with a look at our forecast. >> good deal warmer up to 18 degrees warmer in some areas this morning. but, we also have some clouds and we've seen showers. the first round is pulling away from our area right now. another round moving in from the west. that's a possibility during the day today. that's not a very impressive line. looks like the showers probably fall apart as they start to move into the area. but we'll still see spotty showers during the day today. and we'll still be in the 70s this afternoon. but that changes tomorrow.


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