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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ >> announcer: from nbc news, u$@vo5 co &÷ this is "today" with kathie lee u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 gifford and hoda kotb live from u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ right-o. uh-huh. >> who u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ is that? u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ >> rachel and her new song "stand by you." u$@vo5 co and she had u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 that one great song and this is another one. >> yeah, yeah. it is october 13th, and a v a good fun show, and he keeps it hot on "chicago fire" and find out where u$@vo5 co taylor kinney keeps it hot u$@vo5 co &÷ next.
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>> he was u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co downstairs with his mother. >> and he loves his mom yo u l naugg rreooapto chips from u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co regular food u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ to joy food. >> i like ow you ladle. >> thank yo delobth d gnr gr union on "being u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 maryjane " co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co maryjane" and she has just had yi liohshd. deo ge rekea never heard. u$@vo5 co &÷ and these guys are well strung. >> yes. and from hollyd lo atdat tt o u$@vo5 co cost you with the neiman marcus 2015 fantasy u$@vo5 co &÷ gifts. >> and fun in store u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co for you shgs u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5, too. >> yes, a motorized surprise. >> yes,o trr tesb ti about kathie lee co gifford. and u$@vo5 random co &÷
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u$@vo5 co &÷ channels, u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ and this one happened on the late late show with james cordon, asked nathan lane which talk show host was the u$@vo5 co &÷ most intimidating. >> and you have been on so many talk shows, and who u$ was co the most u$@vo5 co &÷ terrify inging talk show u$@vo5 host? >> u$@vo5 co kathie lee gifford, five drink u$@vo5 co &÷ minimum. i would say is u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 cooprah because she u$@vo5 co &÷ is a super natural being and all powerful. >> there you go, you are tdnnho powerful. >> and keep u$@vo5 co in mind that he is a most u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ miserable man co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$. >> don't you forget it. great news for chrissy tee ginn and john co &÷legend. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ they are gog u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷
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ing to be parents. they posted this picture and wrote as ykwt wvetrngov baby and we have been trying for a u$@vo5 co &÷ while, because u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ we can't wait to bring our first child this u$@vo5 co &÷ the world and it is finally u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ going to u$@vo5 co happen. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ and all of the belly touching. >> and she has been struggling. and 29 years ol y fl ke you are young and in shape and it is u$@vo5 co &÷ going to be natural thing in the world, and it is a u$@vo5 co &÷ surprise is that u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ it is not happening as quickly or naturally. >> and you lec cshh nge se0ar tys since 2015 u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ . all right. so our friend billy eichner. >> and he u$@vo5 co &÷ is a whack job and we loved u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ him. >> he want u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 ed to give chris pratt a dose of humble pie. you know who is cs >hse ar of the top grossing film "jurassic u$@vo5 world"
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and also "guardians of u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 the league u league" also a top grossing u$@vo5 co &÷ hit and to very u$@vo5 talented. >> and u$@vo5 co &÷ so there s u$is this question posted to people on the street. do you know who this is? >> this is one of the biggest u$@vo5 co &÷ stars u$ of t co &÷ he world. do you know who it is? "guardians of the u$@vo5 co &÷ galaxy." u$@vo5 co >> u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ we don't watch tv. >> with what! it is a movie. do you think he is i m . w it? >> liam? >> u$@vo5 co &÷ no! biggest star in the u$@vo5 co &÷ world u$@vo5 co hollywood re u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ porter says. who is it? >> i don't know. >> sir, for a dollar, who is i > d'tno hottest star in the world, do you know u$@vo5 co &÷ who this u$@vo5 co &÷ sis? >> chris evert. >> no, u$@vo5 co &÷ chris pratt! u$@vo5 co
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&÷ >> people get on the spot too, sometimes. >> and sometis when you are screaming, two cute stars, and what did u$@vo5 co &÷ they say? u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co j.lo and matthew u$@vmodine. >> co &÷ we were like at the same u$@vo5 time matthew modine? u$@vo5 co &÷ random. >> and "voice" was on this last night u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ and this s u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ is the fun part of the battle round and this is teadm slenela a look. u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ain't u$ no co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ valley high enough ♪ ♪ ain't no mountain high enough u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 ain't no co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ valley low u$ enough ♪ ♪ ain't co &÷ no u$@vo5 co &÷ valley low enough ♪ ♪ ain't no u$@vo5 co &÷ mountain u$ high enough ♪ ♪ co &÷ ain't no river wide enough ♪ ♪ to keep me from u$@vo5 co
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&÷ getting to u$@vo5 co &÷ you baby baby ♪ co &÷ >> that is u$ co hard, because they are both terrific. u$@vo5 co &÷ would you say u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ ? >> i think that i'd save the girl, but i don't knce eab g. t ces u$@vo5 but then somebody u$@vo5 co can pick the other one, right? >> u$@vo5 co fa rel -- u$@vo5 co u$@vo5 co &÷ pharrell who s u$@vo5 co &÷ is the winner of this battle? >> mark. >> mark ms t knockout. >> celes y that you would like to say to u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷pharrell? >> just thank u$@vo5 you. i'm of course wanting to move u$ on, but it is not co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ over. >> no. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ u$@vo5 co whatever my life u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 co
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&÷ u$@vo5 co thou has me to say u$@vo5 co ♪ ♪ it is worth u$ my co &÷ soul ♪ it is well. it u$@vo5 is well. >> ladies and gentlemen a big u$@vo5 co &÷ thank you so u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co celeste. >> how u$@vo5 co &÷ did u$ nobody steal u$@vo5 co &÷ her? >> i don't know but with that attitude she isite n love her. i love her. let's have u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ her on. u$@vo5 co &÷ >> we like her. >> we like a her a lot. >> and finally framh a regina versus jordan. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ ♪ co &÷ you u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ are looking down the wrong road ♪ ♪ mine is a soul that is whole ♪ ♪ there may u$@vo5 co &÷ be lovers that hold out their hand ♪ ♪ but they can't love u$ you co &÷ like i can u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ♪ no shgs u$@vo5 co
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&÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ they cannot love you like i can can ♪ aea eu e c u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co ♪ they can't love you u$@vo5 co like i can can ♪ >> oh, wow! u$ >> co oh my god! >> the invincible u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ one u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ . >> they are so talented. >> i would go with jordan the. >> i will go with are regi. >> okay. tough decision, we know. but who is the u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ winner of u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ this battle? the win-f this battle is jordan. >> jordan is going me prenng adam u$@vo5 co &÷ levine in u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 the knockout. congratulations. >> coaches let mem aea ile to steal. u$@vo5 co steal. >> gwen steals u$@vo5 co &÷ regina! u$ >> co &÷ save your voice u$@vo5 regina. >> what about adam's u$@vo5 co &÷
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u$@vo5 co head? is u$@vo5 co &÷ he a good looking bald man? >> no. >> he looks much better with hair, right? >> i think so, u$@vo5 co &÷ but he does u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vn't care what i think. you went to see mar low in something last night? >>esits fows called "clever co &÷ little u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 colies" and u$@vo5 co &÷ she is going to be here next week and anyway waa bng quiet u$@vo5 outside. >> and i went to see my children over the weekend u$@vo5 co &÷ and cass co and i went to see a movie that i want to suggest to everybody and they u$@vo5 co &÷ sent out u$@vo5 co &÷ screeners and set up, if you have not seen him i have had no u$@vo5 co &÷ desire to see u$@vo5 co the intern u$@vo5 co &÷ and it is fapt stick, and robert denear roar is so great it in u$@vo5 co &÷ and it is a u$@vo5 co &÷ nancy u$@vo5 myer u$@vo5 co &÷s movie in it and anne hathaway and it will not chaeu lt going to be
10:10 am
something to enjoy. >> and mar u$@vo5 co &÷ low isleaumarlo u$@vo5 co &÷ is going to be on u$@vo5 co &÷ next week, u$@vo5 co &÷ and so you will enjoy it. >> and he u$@vo5 co &÷ is u$@vo5 co
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> captain patterson ll taking over command u$@vo5 co &÷
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of squad three effective immediately, but i want to remain u$@vo5 co &÷ with the u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co company, because your u$@vo5 co &÷ question as a firefighter is not in question. >> just my ability to lead. >>re is a big turnover u$ on co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ squad which si u$@vo5 my company and over the year you know, it is the foadfe u$@vo5 co people a an they say oh yeah, you will get din ant it is u$@vo5 co &÷ your fault. it gives me tons to play u$@vo5 co &÷ with, and u$@vo5 co &÷ brian white, the actor, he does not take my role, but he is a captain and u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ i have to answer for him, and that is new for me. >> and yes. and it does also u$@vo5 co &÷ does give u$@vo5 co &÷ meyou the opportunity for u$@vo5 co a new love interest. >> yes, i have to go to management u$@vtraining, co and i meet somebody to help each other get back on -- >> and speaking of the love u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 interest, can we talk about your co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷
10:15 am
real love u$ interest. you and co &÷ gaga were u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ on the red carpet carpet, and we have not seen you guys together li that, the general public but what was it u$@vo5 co &÷ like watch ging her on screen when she was u$@vo5 co &÷ involved in the -- >> u$ co &÷orgy. >> it was for "american horror u$ story." >> and the co &÷ premier is in los angeles and i could not be more proud to see what she is doing now, and i u$ think that she co &÷ killed it u$@vo5 co &÷ but it was as u$@vo5 co &÷ awkward as it could be u$@vo5 co &÷ sitting with her fa co &÷ ther and watching these love scenes. >> love scenes? they are called u$@vo5 co &÷ orgies. >> orgy. >> and having her -- u$@vo5 co &÷ how did u$@vo5 co her u$@vo5 co &÷ dad u$ handle that? >> well, i won't speak for him but it co &÷ was u$@vo5 awkward. yeah, just awkward. but i remember ryan u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ murphy after u$@vo5 co
10:16 am
&÷ afterwards and he said, what is the fern ' k t stcd think of anything, and i was trying to process it. >> can we u$@vo5 co talk about u$@vo5 co &÷ somebody who s u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 is u$@v over there, co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ joyby joy bauer, u$@vo5 co &÷ and u$@vo5 co &÷ if that was your son over there in u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ an orgy would that bother you? >> yes. >> okay. >> and your mom is adorable and did u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co she encourage you u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ to go to to -- into acting? >> u$yes, she co did u$@vo5 co &÷ encourage me u$@vo5 co &÷ to go into college or theater and acting and i letnd mom has been supporting me since. >> way to go mom. she is u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co adorable, and told me not to say a word.
10:17 am
>> u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ taylor, thank you. >> and when the show first started. >> yes. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ happy for you, tailor. and "chicago fire" returns u$@vo5 co tonight at u$@vo5 co &÷ 10:00 p.m. >> and what u$@vo5 co &÷ what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. before there could be a nation there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry.
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>>oo i it has been 15 years since u$@vo5 co &÷ gabrielle union u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co cheered her way into the hearts as the compton clovers in the hit mov rg it on." >> and now she u$ is co &÷ star of the u$@vo5 b.e.t. series called "being maryjane" and u$@vo5 co stripping back her personal life after the big cliffhanger which u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ involve ed ad a car crash, and we were worried aboyo a nd be worried? >> she is u$@vo5 co &÷ alive. u$@vo5 co &÷ she is alive. how are you? >> she is up doing something? >> and if you can be a u$@vo5 co best friend for being shady. >> what happened? >> well she is in the car and she overhears her u$@vo5 co &÷ ex-boyfriend the love her life u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@v butt co &÷ dial her, and he is in the kitchen with her best friend talking about how they had been hooking up for years. >> and she was u$@vo5 listening to it? >> yes and so overcome she u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ gets into the car accident. and when she wakes up honey, si no happy. >> she is co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ mad?
10:22 am
>> is u$@vo5 co she u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 madder at u$@vo5 co &÷ who? >> the u$@vo5 co &÷ friend because she was holding her u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ to a higher standard. >> and you have been going on a tour of shows, and you were o falla nht >> fun. >> and what did you u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 do? we have a clip and set it up a little bit. >> weer a u$@vo5 co &÷ principal and vice principal of u$@vo5 co &÷ a u$@vo5 co u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ school. >> this year we have finally u$@vo5 co &÷ have internet u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ co reception in the school, so you won't be u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ distracted. ♪ that means that co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ you can't use u$@v the cell phone at the school co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ♪ can't use it ♪ ♪ just can't use it like u$@vo5 co
10:23 am
&÷ humans u$@vo5 co &÷ do u$@vo5 ♪ ♪ you are robots ♪ >> did he have to talk you into that? >> u$@vo5 co &÷ no i u$@vo5 co &÷ am a ham and i will do anything. that is how u$@vo5 co &÷ i live life ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@v she oes on the top of the world looking down on creation ♪ ♪ is and the only explanation that i can find u$@vo5 ♪ >> i co &÷ cannot get that high up. >> and speaking of your u$@vo5 life, and -- u$ >> co &÷ u$@vo5 your husband u$@vo5 co &÷ dwyane wade u$@vo5 co &÷ . >> he is like a cherub. >> how do you deal wa that? >> and he is giving you the u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co "zoolander" in that. >> and how has it been one year of marriage anwil in the u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co beginning? >> you know what? it is 1,000 times betterd so u$@vo5 we were not the best boyfriend and girlfriend and we are amazing co &÷ spouses. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ it is not usually that way. >> u$@vo5 co
10:24 am
&÷ and was u$@vo5 not that way in my first marriage. and it u$@vo5 co &÷ was like three u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ days before the wedding the weight u$@vo5 co &÷ of the world was lifted off of his u$@vo5 co shoulder u$@vo5 co &÷ and for u$@vo5 co &÷ a lot of people it is the end the end of freedom of fun and for us it is u$@vo5 co &÷ u$security, and we co &÷ are just legitimately enjoy each other. >> so you are excited when it is basketball u$@vo5 co &÷ season and you will be getting to see him? >> i would be more excited, but i am working, so rightt the movie, i am starting u$@vo5 co &÷ "myers christmas" and u$@vo5 co starring in and producing, and u$@vo5 normally co &÷ i'm home and i can be a cheerleader u$ but this year the cheerleader went to work. >> yes. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ and you r u$are a stepmom to dewayne the's kids, and you are doing fine in that department too. >> co &÷ yes. >> u$@vo5well, it looks fine co on
10:25 am
you, and you have to see this u$@vo5 co &÷ "catching marey u$ jane." >> it is so funny. co &÷ daddy gator couldn't push the throttle on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well they completely forget their experience... daddy gator sees all and forgets nothing. "i've got to motor out of here," he thinks. "this is no place to raise a child." quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. ♪ ♪ crisp garden vegetables... now we've added even more of them. to philadelphia® garden vegetable. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly.
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10:27 am
a missing three-year-old child found dead. the boy was reported missing around 9:00 last night. this morning someone found his body along side the cooper river on the haddon township side. we don't know how the boy died or who initially reported him missing. we'll keep gathering information for you and keep you posted on this breaking news throughout the day. time to check your forecast now. some clouds have moved in. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with that. bill? philadelphia has clouds still seeing sunshine at the shore. temperatures will warm into the 70s at the shore. it's inland that's going to see the rain drops fall first. just scattered clouds over beach avenue a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the radar view shows scattered light showers arriveing in delaware, newcastle county. 67 in philadelphia, wrightstown, atlantic city with more sunshine, up to 70 degrees. as the clouds move in
10:28 am
temperatures are going to be warming more slowly. south philadelphia is at 61, mostly cloudy afternoon with some breaks of sunshine but also scattered light showers. skyforce 10 was over a house fire in delaware county earlier this morning. it started at a home in garden lane in aston just after 6:00 ame. no one was injured but a family of three lost their home. the red cross is helping them. i'm chris cato. a full hour of news in 30 minutes. you can get the latest on the nbc 10 news app. i
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f)qjm/h6g& u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ i's boozeday tuesday and u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ nothing scream s u$@vo5s the holidays like bollywood co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷dancers. >> talking about the holidays because the neiman marcus is out w anticipated "christmas u$@vo5book." >> u$@vo5 co &÷ and judith u$@vo5 co is here with all tastes and budgets and it is quite sn it? >> yes. >> and explain the beautiful had don downship.don downship.
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&÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ you know how u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ it is the 2:00 p.m. snack u$@vo5 co &÷ attack and you grab a snack. >> and u$@vo5 co &÷ now you can u$@vo5 co &÷ indulge without the guilt, because our health food team wants to turn your u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ junk food into health food. >> our nutritionist joy bauer has u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 turned co &÷ our u$@vo5 co &÷ favorite fat foods into healthy u$foods. >> this co &÷ is from knoxville u$
10:39 am
tennessee, and u$@vo5 co &÷ lezle u$@vo5 co &÷ calls and if u$@v you co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ order broccoli soup in u$@vo5 co restaurants, it is going to u$@vo5 co &÷ be at least u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co 200 calorie, but i want u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 to show you how to drive it down under 100 and drive up the u$@vo5 co &÷ proteins. so brockcoli onion vegetable u$@vo5 co &÷ broth and i like u$@vo5 co &÷ texture u$ for co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ canacan cannolini u$@vo5 co &÷ beans and u$ so what you co &÷ do u$@vo5 co &÷ is to put in u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ broccoli flor ret rets co &÷ frozen or fresh, and u$@vo5 co &÷ you
10:40 am
add the vegetable broth and u$ let co it simmer u$@vo5 co &÷ for about u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ ten minutes. and put u$@vo5 co &÷ the immersion blender in u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ there. >> and sorry, it is hot. >> and are you okay? >> that is fascinating. >> it works. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 okay. co and then you have a cup for only 85 calorie, u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ and you will season it with a little bit of salt and peppe u$@vo5 co &÷ you want a little by of the u$@vo5 co &÷ cheese, put two u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ tablespoons of shredded are u$@vo5 co &÷ reduced cheese and it will add 40 u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ calories. and the carrots. you can add five u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ grams of u$@vo5 co u$@vo5 co &÷ protein. >> that u$@vo5 co &÷ is carrots up. >> yes. that is so great and simple. s is from chris co
10:41 am
&÷ in farmingdale, new york and like a zillion people he u$@vo5 likes the salt and vinegar u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ potato chip ss, but the chips are fried and not a lot of nutrition, so u$@vo5 co &÷ we can do much better u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co so we rare making the parsnips and carrot chips. so what you do is to take a u$@vo5 co &÷ peeler and make the strips like this, and do the carrots and the u$@vo5 co &÷ parsnips and dip them in white u$@vo5 co &÷ distilled vinegar. >> dip them. >> yes. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ and spray eded two baking sheets with oil spray a n t to lay these out on u$@vtop. >> do you dry co &÷ it? >> u$@vo5 co &÷ no. you just put them out u$@vo5 co &÷ there. and put some salt on top, and pop them in the oven at 3 u$ lunn for 15 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ minute, and take them out and flip them over and fill a water bottle with white u$@vo5 co &÷ distilled vinegar and squirt them on top u$@vo5 co &÷ and put u$@vo5 co &÷
10:42 am
them back u$@vo5 co nin the oven for another 15 minutes. >> and thas? . you have to the u$@vo5 co &÷ taste these. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ oh gosh. >> oh, my! >> and if you u$@vo5 co &÷ want more vin u$@vo5 co &÷ egary flavor add it afterwards. >> two carrots. >> of course, all of the recipes are on the u$@vwebsite. >> co &÷ delicious. >> u$@vo5 really u$@vo5 co &÷ good. >> if you have junk food that you u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co want turned into a makeover send it i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin there's limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know
10:43 am
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co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ obama and at a sunday mass at the u$@vo5 co &÷ vatican. >> and u$@vo5 co &÷ for us u$@vo5 co &÷ once u$@vo5 before and co &÷ we
10:48 am
have so happy to have u$@vo5 co &÷ them back u$@vo5 co &÷ again. >> and they are well strung and they are known for the pop u$@vo5 co &÷ smashup s smashups, and the latest on deb at number 8 on the u$@v co &÷ crossover pop charts. >> we u$@vo5 co &÷ have u$@v daniel, co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ edmond, u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ jeremy and chris. >> yes. >> you are going on tour? >> yes. >> sold out tour? >> the u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ numbers are good. >> tell us about the new cd? >> "popsicle" came out last friday and we have u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ oexcite ed u$@vo5 d about it, and we are is been working on it for a long time. >> and what is this u$ going to co be? >> a u$@vo5 co &÷ smashup of u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 carl jenkin u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ s' u$@vo5 song co and u$ co &÷ lorde u$@vo5 co &÷
10:49 am
s' u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co "royals." u$ ♪ co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ i've u$@vo5 co &÷ never seen a diamond in the flesh u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ♪ i cut my teeth on wedding u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co rings in the movies ♪ ♪ and i'm not u$@vo5 co &÷ proud of my u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 address ♪ ♪ in a co &÷ torn-uptown, no u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co postcode envy ♪ ♪ but u$@vo5 co every u$@vo5 co &÷ song's like gold teeth u$@vo5 co gray goose u$@vo5 co &÷ trippin co &÷ in the bathroom ♪ ♪ blood stains ball gowns u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co trashin' the hotel room we don't
10:50 am
care ♪ ♪ we're u$@vo5 co &÷ driving cadillacs in our dreams ♪ ♪ but everybody's like u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷cristal u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co maybach diamonds on u$@vo5 co &÷ your timepiece ♪ ♪ co jet plains, islands u$@vo5 co tigers on a gold leash ♪ ♪ we u$@vo5 don't care we aren't caught up in u$@vo5 co &÷ your love affair ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ and we'll never be royals ♪ ♪ it don't run in u$@vo5 co &÷ our blood ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ that kind of luxe just ain't for u$ us ♪ ♪ we crave a different kind of buzz ♪ ♪ let me be your ruler ♪ ♪ you u$ can co call me u$@vo5 co &÷ queen bee ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ and baby u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co i'll rule ♪ ♪ let me live that fantasy ♪ ♪ my friends and i ♪ ♪ we've cracked the code ♪ ♪ and we count our dollars u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co on the train to the party ♪ ♪ and everyone who knows us
10:51 am
knows u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ♪ that we're fine u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co with this ♪ ♪ we didn't come from u$@vo5 co &÷ money ♪ ♪ but u$@vo5 co &÷ every song's like gold u$@vo5 co teeth ♪ ♪ gray goose ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ tripping in the bathroom ♪ ♪ blood stains u$ ball co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ gowns trash ing u$@vo5 the hotel room ♪ ♪ we don't care ♪ ♪ we're driving cadillacs in our dreams ♪ ♪ and everybody's like u$@vo5 co &÷ crystal u$@vo5 co maybach diamonds on your time co &÷ peace ♪ ♪ jet planes islands u$@vo5 co tigers on a gold leash ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ we don't care u$@vo5 co &÷ we aren't caught up in your love affair ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ and we'll never be royals ♪ ♪ it don't run in our blood u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ♪ that kind of luxe just ain't for us ♪ ♪ we crave a different kind of buzz ♪ ♪ let me be your ruler ♪ ♪ you can u$@v call me queen bee ♪ ♪ and baby u$@vo5 co
10:52 am
&÷ i'll rule ♪ ♪ let me live u$@vo5 co &÷ that u$@vo5 co &÷ fantasy u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ ♪ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$ ♪ >> i love co that. >> that is beautiful. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ that is mewusic. >> thank you, guys. >> the cd is called u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ "popsicle " u$@vo5 co " and pick it up. >> if you could use a lift, don't miss what we are in give away. >> i loved it. u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ hey what do you say that we make five lucky viewers very happy because it is time to give it away. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ yes. and this is a new face u$@vo5 trinity with facial trainer, u$@vo5 co &÷ and this is worth $450 and u$@vo5 co &÷ i love it u$@vo5 co
10:56 am
&÷ . >> and it is gilded in 24 karat gold and u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@v contour co &÷ ss the cheeks and the jowls and the instant u$@vo5 co &÷ resultz u$@vo5 and the eliminating the crow's feet and all of it. >> and yes, a all of it. so et let's get your name out of u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co here. >> all righty. the first person is -- >> you got it? >> the rpon is sandy cutty from u$@vo5 co &÷ fredericksburg, u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@v virginia. >> and the second spern jenny co &÷ crohnhold from searsport, u$@vo5 co &÷ maine. >> and pa vish sha strom from norfolk, nebraska. >> u$ i have co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷got, who are u$@vo5 you, come to u$@vo5 co &÷ me. berth holtz u$@vo5 co &÷ garcia u$@vo5 co from san antonio, u$@vo5 co &÷ texas. >> and san u$@vo5 co &÷ bernice from wier u$@vo5 co &÷ new u$@vo5 co &÷ hampshire. >> for u$ all co &÷ of the complete rules and to u$@vo5 co
10:57 am
&÷ enter go to my favorite part. >> u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co and we will have elvis dur theran who will bring by with his ar tis u$@vo5 co &÷ of the month. >> and your halloween u$@vo5 co &÷ u$@vo5 co &÷ costume ss. >> and we will get more attention for your u$@vo5 co &÷ pets. u$@vo5 co &÷ >> it is starting to hurt but i like it. leave me alone! >> it is
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
that breaking news a missing three-year-old boy was found dead in camden county this morning. that's according to a high-ranking police source. skyforce 10 is giving thus live picture over haddon township. you can see investigators systematically looking for evidence there. this is where someone found the child's body this morning along the cooper river. i'm chris cato. it's a heart wrenching end to a search for the little boy reported missing last night. he was last seen near holy savior school in haddontownship.


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