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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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rushed out to help search. >> i went out and checked my property and looked around in case he had wandered down this far. i figured if he walked away, they'd find him alive somewhere. >> reporter: police eventually found the body of 3-year-old brendan creato in a wooded area near the cooper river. he got deep into the woods. >> i'm devastated, i can't believe it, it's so sad. >> reporter: i hiked into the area myself, it would have been a long way for brendan to walk on his own. police aren't offering theories, neighbors want to know exactly what happened to brendan and if a crime was committed, they want someone held accountable and locked up. >> 3 year old, you know? just not something that happens around here. >> reporter: in haddon township, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> in the next hour, the community is planning to hold a candlelight vigil in honor of brendan creato. we've seen a few showers throughout the day, but now it's
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the temperature that begins to fall. >> meteorologist sheena parveen joins us with a closer look. sheena? >> yeah, we have a cold front that's about to move through, so cooler day tomorrow, so enjoy the 70-degree temperatures that we still have around right now. one area in the low 70s, cape may, nice look at cape may, but we have the clouds in place. now the rest of the area mostly dry. we just have the cloud cover and we're watching some more moderate rain showers around maryland, about to make their way into parts of delaware, otherwise just scattered sprinkles up through the lehigh valley and more scattered spr g sprinkles to the west. you'll notice tomorrow temperatures in the 50s and 60s, but in philadelphia we are sitting in the mid 70s so we are still fairly mild today, then the cool down tomorrow. allentown at 69 degrees, pottstown 68, reading 70 degrees. so as we go through the rest of your evening, going to be pretty
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nice. by 6:00 p.m., 72 degrees, clouds around, but can't rule out a couple sprinkles until the cold front moves through. 8:00 p.m. this evening temperature around 67 degrees, then by 10:00 around 63 degrees, then you'll notice an even bigger cool down tomorrow, but especially as we go into the weekend, wait until you see the temperatures come sunday morning. some areas in the 30s. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> sheena, thank you. in the meantime, a father of three is dead after a home invasion in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. tony harris was shot in the head last night shortly after 11:00 when three armed men stormed in through his unlocked front door. we'll tell you what the robbers dmam demanded coming up in a live report at 5:30. a search is under way for two men accused of brutally beating a 70-year-old man in his own home. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is live in the digital operations center with the story.
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jim? >> jacqueline, we have some new video to show you that police released just today of this attack. take a look here, these are the two men waiting for the victim to answer his door. once he does answer the door, the two men push their way inside, hit the man repeatedly. afterwards, both men just simply walk out of the home. the victim, though, is in critical condition right now, he has a cracked skull, heavy bleeding on the brain, and multiple staples on one side of his head. if you recognize these two men in this video, police would like to hear from you. live in the digital operations center, jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. back to you. pennsylvania's budget battle and the growing impact on its schools. in philadelphia the district has already been forced to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars and now they are preparing for the worst case scenario. lauren mayk looks at the possibility of a school shut down. >> this is a gigantic problem for districts and a big problem in philadelphia. >> reporter: it's a problem that
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keeps getting more expensive with the district borrowing millions because pennsylvania still doesn't have a budget. >> maybe it would be a different reaction if the state government did shut down, as opposed to keep operating, but this is -- schools are starting to feel the brunt of this. >> reporter: and it's not just philadelphia public schools. some private schools owed money for books are using photo copies or like the episcopal academy, buying and hoping the cash comes through. >> each passing week you can feel in this area increasing anxiety about what that fallout might be. >> reporter: charter schools also count on commonwealth cash sent through the districts. >> right now we're receiving it where we need it, but eventually the school district's going to lose its ability to pay us, which means we're going to lose our ability to pay everyone. >> reporter: what happens then? >> i have no idea, actually, i have no idea what will happen if we reach that point. >> reporter: the district is already doing some research on whether a school shut down is a
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possibility. are you required to keep the doors open? >> i don't know what the law states on that, and then in you cannot -- absolutely, we'll look into it. >> reporter: lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. new information tonight on the body of a man found in a clothing bin in burlington county. a customer walking into the convenience store found the man lodged in the bin. investigators now say 58-year-old james shea died of asphyxiation. police say shea tried to retrieve items from the bin when he lost his footing and tripped, trapping him in the opening. his death has been ruled an accident. a teenager who left the scene after hitting a temple university student with his car was sentenced to at least 11 and a half years in prison today, plus five years probation. roberts only had his learner's permit when he hit the student back in april. 22-year-old rachel hall was riding her bike when she was run
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over. hall's family says she is still recovering at a local rehab facility. roberts surrendered to police a week after the incident. his parents called authorities and told them their son was the one driving. today the contractor charged with murder in the deadly market street collapse in philadelphia started making his case to the jury. prosecutors argued griffin campbell valued money over life, but when the defense put the witness on the stand today, he pointed the finger at someone else. doug shimell has more from the courtroom. >> reporter: both sides agree it was a chain of bad decisions that collapsed a wall on the salvation army thrift store in 2013, killing six people and injuring 13 others, but the attorney for defendant griffin campbell claims the demolition contractor was not part of the decision making and was kept out of the loop by the architect on the project. the first defense witness of the murder case contend e-mails and
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records show little involvement by campbell. the defense says architect controlled everything from the bidding to the fateful use of heavy equipment that eventually toppled a wall. prosecutors argued all along griffin campbell was fully involved in the project and fully aware of the danger. the defense's case continues wednesday at the criminal justice center, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. a warning for residents in one montgomery county town. police say a scammer is going door to door asking for donations. it's happened at least twice, police say the woman asked for money or halloween costumes for the upper darby multicultural center. in another she went inside an unlocked door of a home and was confronted by the home owner. she claims she had a food delivery. after she left, the home owner realized a cell phone was missing. the delaware supreme court says it won't overturn guilty pleas of drug defendants because of evidence tampering at a drug
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testing lab. public defenders say the plea should be tossed because it's not clear if the state could have met its burden of proving guilt. a judge noted problems at the lab did not include planting evidence and none of the defendants involved in the appeal argued that he or she did not possess illegal drugs. the race for wilmington's mayor is getting crowded. today wilmington native eugene young announced his bid for next year's election. young is the advocacy director of the delaware center for justice. the 32-year-old's plat form includes public safety, economic development, and helping young people. let's take a look at the candidates so far, young joins gregory, griffiths, kelley sr. in the challenge. tonight, the democratic presidential candidates take the debate stage for the very first time, but tonight it's the host that's also facing questions, why some are questions if he's the right choice.
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plus, supporters of joe biden give it another go. the new ad they've created after the vice president asked them not to air the original. and if you don't have time to go to the doctor's office, you can get an important medical checkup right on the streets of philadelphia.
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decision 2016, here's a live look at the las vegas strip where final preparations are under way for tonight's democratic debate. the stage is set for contenders hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, jim webb, lincoln chafee. experts say tonight's debate is really a chance to give everyone a look at clinton and sanders head to head. >> on a big stage next to hillary clinton, show people not just his ideas they like, but ready to be commander in chief, ready to run the country. >> the wynn hotel and casino is the venue for tonight's inaugural democratic debate and the candidates won't be the only big names on the stage. steve wynn hosting the debate at his hotel the wynn. playing host is a point of pride for the company and that he expects 250 wynn employees in the crowd. he's been an outspoken critic of the obama administration and has been linked to several republican candidates having donated to new jersey governor
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chris christie's campaign. joe biden will not take part in tonight's debate. the vice president instead is deciding to watch from his home in washington, but one thing that's for sure, his presence will still be felt. >> never failed to remind us that a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. >> the super pac urging biden to make a white house run released this new ad that will air during tonight's debate. the ad features sound from the vice president's 2012 dnc speech where he talks about learning the value of a job from his dad. republican presidential candidate donald trump will be back to host "saturday night live" next month. this is footage from the last time trump hosted "snl" back in 2004. he'll host on november 7th this year, almost exactly a year before election day. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton made a cameo on the show's season premiere last month. and republican presidential hopeful jeb bush is on a three-day swing through the key voting state of new hampshire
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this week. during a speech at a manchester college, bush unveiled his plans to repeal and replace obamacare. florida's former governor referred to the health care as an essential element of what the next president must do to boost the economy. >> the one thing i know is this, we can't stick with the status quo. we can't leave this up to the lobbyists and to the politicians in washington, d.c., because the system we have today, obamacare in its most current form, was written by the special interests, for the special interests. >> following his speech, bush told nbc's chris jansing off camera that he'll watch the democratic debate joking if he can get tips to do better in his next debate. a potentially dangerous situation has come to light in a new study. doctors find some women are not taking the medicine that could save their lives. according to the research, women who have survived heart attacks are less likely than men to take all of the drugs necessary to prevent a second attack.
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the study does not pinpoint if it's because women aren't prescribed the drugs or if they simply don't fill the prescription. doctors say the research suggests a gender gap when it comes to women's heart health, not taking it seriously. they believe some health care workers still wrongly believe heart disease is a man's problem. virtua memorial hospital and penn medicine are merging. it will allow for easier access to complex care for south jersey residents. the alliance includes programs for cancer and neuroscience. penn doctors will perform surgery in burlington county. as a result, patients no longer have to leave the area to get specialized care. and here's an opportunity to get screened for brain cancer free of charge. the brain tumor foundation set up a mobile unit outside the comcast center to offer free mri brain scans to the public. comcast is the parent company of
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nbc juuniversal. it's part of the foundation's nationwide road to early detection campaign. the foundation hopes the free scans will save lives. >> when they find a brain tumor is present, it's sort of too late. once you get symptomatic. if we can detect it earlier, there's more hope, the outlook is brighter and so forth. so awareness and early detect n detection. >> the mobile unit will be available for free scans in center city until tuesday, october 20th. speaking of being outside, it's certainly beginning to feel like fall. >> it is, and up in vermont it looks like it, too. check out this new video. the camera starts out on a wooded overlook, then zooms out to catch the majestic view, greens, yellows, oranges, and reds, the colors of autumn as far as the eye can see. a man used a drone to capture this video. he posted it online and it has made national headlines because of its beauty. and looking like fall, feeling
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like fall, too, sheena. >> yes, it will, and in the poconos right now it really looks like fall with all the fall foliage around and it will be feeling possibly little bit more like winter come sunday morning. wait until you see those temperatures. we have a cold front moving through currently, it will be cooler and windier tomorrow for the rest of this afternoon and evening, though, it will still be fairly mild, so enjoy today. then we have weekend cold coming, so aside from the cooldown the rest of the week, a bigger one for the weekend and that's when temperatures are near freezing mostly sunday and monday morning through parts of the lehigh valley especially. philadelphia area now, mostly cloudy, 75 degrees. still fairly comfortable. temperatures still close to 70 through the lehigh valley, 70 reading, 72 westchester, still in the mid to low 70s for south jersey and delaware, but we will be seeing these numbers drop into the 60s tomorrow. the average high is 68 for this time of year, today so far we've
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gotten 75. yesterday we were at 76. tomorrow, though, once that cold front moves through we'll be into the upper 60s thursday and friday, just about the mid to upper 60s, then another cold front moves through friday, into saturday. that is the big one. that's the one that's really going to make us colder for the weekend. right now, though, we have a few sprinkles north and west of philadelphia. one area of some moderate to heavier showers. this is in maryland, but approaching parts of delaware. we'll be watching that. nothing severe, though, just all part of this cold front about to move through. once that swings through, then we'll start to see that change in temperature. so today we are mild, pretty much the last mild day in the 70s, once that cold front swings by, we drop into the 60s. this is going to last for the rest of the week, so a stretch of 60 degrees temperatures, but we go into the weekend, another cold front moves through, this is a big cold front, the one that's going to bring down a big area of high pressure from canada, setting us up for strong
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northwest wind and what that's going to do is pull down the colder air mass. into the weekend we are looking at temperatures near freezing for parts of the lehigh valley, mostly sunday and monday morning, philadelphia areas, surrounding suburbs expect to be in the 30s, mostly the upper 30s. of course, we'll be adjusting that forecast as we get closer, but i don't think it's going to be getting any warmer. does look to stay on the cold side. tonight, partly cloudy, 55 for the low in philadelphia, then tomorrow we'll see a cooler breezy day. temperatures anywhere from 66 to 69 degrees, but this is actually seasonable for this time of year. that's where we should be with those temperatures. thursday and friday still in the 60s, but we'll have cool mornings in the 40s going into the weekend we'll be starting out in the mid 40s by the afternoon. not even getting out of the 50s. upper 50s for saturday, sunny, but it will be a breezy day. sunday, colder in the morning, look at that, 38 degrees for the philadelphia area, near freezing, lehigh valley same thing monday morning, then for the eagles game monday night
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it's going to be chilly. back into the mid 60s by tuesday, but make sure you change out your jacket for a little heavier one over the weekend. >> we're hosting that special monday night before the eagles game on the field at the link, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. i guess we better bring warm clothes. >> heavier jackets for sure. tonight you're going to have another chance to have the best time ever with neil patrick harris. if you tune in tonight, you might see your neighbor. >> this is a fun show. listen to this. we've heard two people from our area will be featured on the show tonight. we can't give away the secret just yet, but we're told it will be a big part of the show. the live show includes celebrities, skits, games, and prizes. watch it all at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. a new jersey whole foods is under fire over its treatment of a 70-year-old customer. why some say she was unfairly banned from the store and how the company is responding to the
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criticism. plus, caught on tape, the unusual piece of equipment two thieves dragged out of a philadelphia restaurant. vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the
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atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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this is nbc 10 news. two men are on the run after stealing an ice cream machine from a restaurant in philadelphia's fern rock neighborhood.
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on september 29th, the two men were caught on surveillance video taking the machine from a stock room inside ron's cafe on north broad street. the get away car is a blue and white chevy suburban. the machine, by the way, is worth $9,000. if you know anything, call police>> well, a whole foods in north jersey says its fired the security company after it acc e accused a 70-year-old woman of stealing from the store. >> she bought about $60 worth of items, she forgot to ring up cheese which was hiding beneath a bag in her cart. when she realized the mistake and went back into the store to return the cheese, lost prevention agents took her to the back of the store, photographed her, and banned her from the chain in three states. a spokesman says the security firm has been removed and replaced. king of prussia mall is said to hire between 1,500 and 2,000 workers to help during the holiday season. the holiday rush runs between
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thanksgiving and new years. the mall wants to hire early to get people trained and ready. now in addition to holiday health, the clothing store will occupy 100,000 square feet in the old sears building. after years of waiting, a vietnam veteran is now decorated. today outside philadelphia city hall, bob brady presented a number of medals. he is serving in the navy during the war, he served in the navy during the war, but because of a paperwork mixup, his contribution was questioned. he contacted brady's office, they did some research, and today presented him with four medals for his service. philadelphia's first ever veterans day parade begins at noon november 8th in center city, stretching from south broad and walnut streets to independence mall. listen to this, comedian tracy morgan was back on stage for the first time in 16 months.
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morgan tweeted a photo of himself at the comedy cellar in new york city monday night. it's the first time he performed stand up since the tragic accident that left morgan in a coma. prior to monday night's performance, morgan made a brief appearance during the emmys, where he received a standing ovation. by the way, tracy morgan is this week's host of "saturday night live." of course, he's a former "snl" cast member. watch his return saturday night, 11:30 right here on nbc 10. if you think delays at the airport are bad now, one group is sounding the alarm that they could get worse. that story coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00. first, a family terrorized and a father killed. tonight we have new details on a deadly home invasion and why the thieves may have mistakenly targeted the victim.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a camden county child is dead tonight after disappearing from his haddon township apartment. the 3-year-old's body was discovered about three hours after he was reported missing. >> now sources tell nbc 10 the death is suspicious. >> police are still actively investigating this case. >> nbc 10's jim rosenfield joins
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us live from the digital operations center with the latest on the case. jim? >> keith and jacqueline, we are watching every new detail in the case. we now know the boy's name, brendan creato. neighbors are now confirming a picture of brendan that was posted on a facebook page for haddon township. we're going to show you that picture of this 3-year-old boy. sources tell us he was in his father's care, reported him missing at 6:00 this morning from the 100 block of cooper street in the township's west mont neighborhood. investigators won't confirm forced entry to the home or what evidence, if any, was recovered from the wooded area near the boy's body. the k-9 unit led to the sad discovery today. >> k-9 unit tracked him to a wooded area off of south park drive in haddon township and sadly the child was found deceased. >> i'm just kind of in shock, as i said earlier. i mean, he's only 3. it's really, really sad. >> we will have another update on this developing story coming
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up tonight at 6:00. for now, i'm jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. back to you. our coverage of the still developing story continues online at you can also count on updates throughout our newscast every half hour here on nbc 10 news. an update now on your first alert weather. we saw a few showers today, but an even bigger change is on the way. >> that's right, sheena parveen joins us now. let me get this right, we might need to bundle up a lot. >> yeah, going into the weekend, especially in the overnight hours if you're up early or out late, definitely need to bundle up quite a bit, but that's not until the weekend. in the meantime, we have a cool down coming as we go into tomorrow after the cold front moves through and a couple showers popping up on radar as the cold front approaches. it's sparking a few areas with isolated moderate rain showers near allentown, 78 there, 476, parts of montgomery county
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seeing small, moderate showers and some in newcastle county in from maryland, so we are going to watch a few showers pop up on radar, it's all part of that cold front and behind it we'll have colder air moving in as we go into tomorrow or i should say cooler air, because by the weekend, we're going to call that colder air. but off to our west right now we have 50s and 60s. locally we are still in the 70s. still fairly mild this afternoon. we've been in the mid 70s, but areas in the lehigh valley now in the upper 60s with a few light rain showers, 74 degrees millville, 76 dover, 75 atlantic city. can't rule out a couple more showers before the evening is lower. they shouldn't be anything major or anything too heavy for too long of a period of time, but by 6:00 p.m., low 70s, by 8:00 p.m., 67 degrees, and by 10:00 tonight, temperatures around 63 degrees, then a cooler, windier day tomorrow, but we do have a bigger cool down for the weekend. how cool it will get coming up. >> sheena, thank you.
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right now at 5:00, new details on a home invasion that terrorized a south philadelphia family and left a father dead. nbc 10's george spencer has been following this case. george, what have you found out? >> keith, witnesses say they will not soon forget the aftermath of this killing. little children who had woken up surrounding their dying father, and late today detectives told us these robbers looking for cash, apparently, didn't get away with even one dollar. this morning we saw children's toys on the porch of this home, a home that was the scene of a deadly shooting late last night. investigators tell us armed robbers shot 50-year-old tony harris in the head, a father of three killed in the living room as his kids slept upstairs. >> it's just awful. i was shocked to hear that. >> reporter: investigators say three teenagers barged into the home through an unlocked front door around 11:00 last night. they pushed the man's wife into the kitchen and demanded money. she said we're poorks we don't
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have any money, then she heard the gunshot that killed her husband. some family members think this facebook photo showing wads of cash in his wife's hands made them a target. >> we do know of that post that was put up, so, obviously, that's a possible motive that we're looking at, but we don't know that definitively got him killed or not. >> reporter: about a mile away around the same time police were called to this car crash, a chevy malibu left upsidedown in the roadway. detectives are now investigating whether it may have been the get away car of the gunman. >> the gun was close to the sidewalk. >> reporter: this neighbor rushed outside and saw a handgun in the street, but the car was already empty. >> by the time i was out, 30 seconds later, the occupants of the vehicle were already gone. >> reporter: police confirm harris was a computer and smartphone repairman who worked out of his home, and until the crime last night, neighbors say they'd seen no problems for the family. and homicide investigators
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believe these three gunmen were likely just teenagers, possibly just 17 to 19 years old, investigators are asking for tips from the public and they are also working with detectives to see if those teens might be connected to other robberies in that same part of the city. jacqueline and keith? >> all right, george, thank you. temple university school of medicine has a new name, katz, a 1963 graduate of the university and co-owner of the philadelphia enquirer was a long-time trustee and benefactor of both the university and the school of medicine. katz and six others died in a plane crash in may of 2014. the private jet ran off the runway and crashed at an airport in bedford, massachusetts, after the plane failed to take off. just into our newsroom, tamron hall will replace bill cosby on temple university's board of trustees. hall is co-host of the "today" show and graduated from temple in 1992. the 36-member board of trustees
5:36 pm
has been under pressure to appoint more women. hall is now the fourth woman on the board. dover's legislative hall is expected to reopen to employees tomorrow. it's been a week since a fire caused extensive damage to parts of the building. cleanup is almost complete. some areas still need new carpet, cubicles, and furniture. investigators say the fire began de accidently when an exhaust pipe was being tested. helping victims of drug abuse by making the drug dealers pay. we'll take a look at montgomery county's new strategy. plus, how a church gave this pizza delivery worker the surprise of her life.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> m. night sham lan is coming back to philadelphia to shoot a move. this is video from his last film
5:39 pm
titled "the visit." production on the new movie is expected to start next month. no word on the plot of this one. according to variety magazine, the film will likely include something to do with the supernatural. the cast includes james mcivoy and betty barkley. >> looking forward to that. an ohio pastor really puts his money where his mouth is after preaching about generosity. >> listen to this, he turned the tables on a pizza delivery driver, delivering her a wad of dough. >> that's your gift we're going to give you, okay? from our three services combined, we collected this much money, $1,000. >> $1,006 to be exact. that's the reverend on stage near columbus on sunday. he made the day and so much more for that delighted domino's driver named natasha. >> apparently the church had been doing a series on random acts of kindness and she became
5:40 pm
the example. before that, the largest tip she received was $10. >> easy to look at that and say you've got to pay it forward after that. >> hopefully it will inspire a lot of people. hey, get ready for a big change in the weather this weekend. sheena? >> if you like 30-degree temperatures, you'll love the forecast as we go into the weekend, especially if you live in the lehigh valley. coming up, how cold it will get and the cool down that's going to start tomorrow. we'll look at those numbers coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> today the dutch safety board's report says malaysia airlines flight mh-17, which crashed in july of last year, was hit by a missile. the report gave chilling details of the flight's final moments.
5:43 pm
nbc's kurt gregory reports. >> reporter: dutch investigators blame a missile launched from the ukraine area held by rebels for the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17. in the final report presented today, investigators say the buk missile tore the cockpit and broke off the front of the plane. it took about 90 seconds of the fuselage to hit the ground. investigators showed a reconstruction of the forward section of the plane. some of the nose, cockpit, and business class section of the plane were rebuilt from parts recovered from the crash scene and taken to the netherlands. the dutch safety board said if the air space had been closed to passenger planes, the tragedy that killed all 298 people aboard the flight from amsterdam to kuala lumpur wouldn't have happened. most of the victims of the crash were dutch, so the netherlands was allowed to take the lead role in the investigation, although ukraine is also conducting a separate criminal probe. the 15-month review said the
5:44 pm
warhead that struck the plane came from a surface-to-air missile. missile fragments found inside the crew's bodies and paint traces linked the buk missile. while ukraine and western countries believe the missile was launched by rebels, russia says it must have been launched by ukraine government troops. the netherlands investigators say the next step is tracking down and prosecuting the perpetrators. kirk gregory, nbc news. switching gears now, take a look at this. an unusual sight this morning for commuters in boise, idaho. a plane landed in the eastbound lanes of a busy interstate. no one was hurt here. the plane had minor damage on it. no word yet on what caused the pilot to make an emergency landing. flight delays could soon be on the rise, that's the warning from the union that represents air traffic controllers. they say the faa has failed to meet hiring goals for the fifth straight year. the number of certified professional controllers has
5:45 pm
declined 10% over that span. union officials say increased government cuffs are to blame. a u.s. mags their who ran an orphanage in haiti was shot and killed over the weekend while sitting in her car on a local street. she had worked in haiti for many years. edwards was attacked by a gunman while sitting in her car. according to a statement on the church's website. the church said a 40-year-old foster child traveling with edwards has disappeared. the church plans to continue its charitable work in haiti. officials say 15 people have been indicted for allegedly making terrorist threats against a group of african-americans at a family gathering. >> have a good day! bye! >> that was the scene in douglasville, georgia. the prosecutor says ten men and five women were charged with
5:46 pm
issuing terroristic threats and participating in gang activity. they are part of a group called respect the flag, which was formed to remove the confederate flag from public spaces after the charleston church massacre. it is a silent epidemic, a problem people don't realize exists in our neighborhoods, youth homelessness. >> it's a major issue in the philadelphia area, leaving hundreds, if not more, of young people vulnerable. here to talk about our special investigation of the issue, vince? >> keith and jackie, they are not what you expect when you think of the homeless, young people, 18 to 24 years old, sleeping in abandoned homes or on a friend's couch, no place to call their own. for two months, met with nearly two dozen current and formerly homeless people on the streets of some of the city's roughest neighborhoods and in the only crisis shelter in philadelphia helping this population. they are stuck in a tough situation. technically adults, but at a
5:47 pm
point in their lives when nurturing is still vital. what we found with a little help is these young people can be led on to a path of success. tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, we'll introduce you to the faces of homeless youth in philadelphia. i hope you join us, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we're going to see a cool down compared to today as we go into tomorrow. today, though, we already had a few showers, right now looking at a few more popping up around the area. here's a live look in the poconos. overcast skies and this is all part of a cold front moving through, so tomorrow it's going to cool us down, cooler temperatures, it will get windy for your wednesday, so you will notice a change. then we go into the weekend and we're looking at another cold front moving through, that's really going to cool us through the weekend, we are talking about temperatures near freezing come sunday morning, especially if you live in the lehigh valley. so widespread 30-degree
5:48 pm
temperatures across the area, i'll show you that forecast in just a second. here's a live look at cape may right now. nice conditions in cape may, we're still continuing to see the clouds around, 72 degrees and we have really been mainly in the 70s today. we still are, 70 for reading, 69 in allentown, 74 millville, 75 degrees in philadelphia, 76 in dover, so enjoy this weather. if you don't like the cooler weather, it's with us for awhile, but if you do you'll like the next seven days. here's a look at the radar, a few showers popping up, isolated, but some fairly heavy. heavy rain across 476, also near norristown, then up towards the allentown area we're seeing heavy to moderate rain showers. near allentown, also rockland seeing some heavier showers there, too, and farther down to the south moving into delaware just south of townsend we have some heavier line moving in from maryland. but not really much in the way
5:49 pm
of lightning with this, these are getting sparked by the cold front approaching the area, so there's that cold front, it's going to swing through into this evening and behind it that cooler air will start to move in. so future precip and temperatures here as we go into the next few hours, still a chance for isolated showers around, 9:00 p.m. we could see some with temperatures about the mid to low 60s. tomorrow morning we're mostly on the dry side. we stay that way through the afternoon, 4:00 p.m. temperatures only about the mid to upper 60s, so cooler than today. into thursday morning you'll notice cooler, too, upper 40s philadelphia, about the mid to low 40s areas north and west. thursday morning, afternoon highs staying in the 60s. then the bigger cool down comes into the weekend. so there's that cold front moving through, stretch of 60-degree temperatures to end out the week, going all the way into friday. then by friday, another cold front moves through and this is the much colder air mass. this will be here for the weekend, saturday and sunday, not even getting out of the 50s
5:50 pm
and mornings will be near freezing for some areas, mostly the lehigh valley, but i think we'll have a lot of widespread 30-degree temperatures come sunday morning and monday morning, so especially next monday morning, make sure you bundle the kids up at the bus stop before they leave. tonight partly cloudy, 55 for the low in philadelphia, 49 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow a cooler day, breezy, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. this is normal for this time of year, the average high is 68 degrees, so we should be around that tomorrow. thursday and friday will be about the mid 60s still, into the weekend you see the bigger cool down, saturday upper 50s, it will get windier and colder overnight into sunday morning, that's when we expect the 30s. 38 degrees for the philadelphia area, closer to freezing through the lehigh valley. monday morning pretty much the same thing and for the eagles game as we go into monday night, it is going to be a chilly one if you're going to be out there, but we have dry weather coming in with it, too. we have new information today about a 3-year-old boy
5:51 pm
bitten by the family dog. we first told you about this last night after authorities were called the to normandy beach section of toms river. the boy was taken to cooper medical center in stable condition. both of his parents were home and the dog was taken out of the home for evaluation. police are searching for two people who attempted to break into a church in wilmington. here is the look at those suspects who police believe may be juveniles. it happened last month at st. mark's united methodist church on limestone road. the pair attempted to break into the church but were unsuccessful. the attempted break-in caused damage to the door. helping families fight drug addiction. >> why authorities say something in your medicine cabinet right now could be part of the problem. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
5:52 pm
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the award-winning geico app. download it today. this is nbc 10 news. >> drug abuse doesn't just happen with illegal narcotics. >> so tonight montgomery county is making a new push to help prevent prescription drug abuse. nbc 10's deanna durante has more. >> receiving that phone call is
5:55 pm
a call that no parent in this world would ever want to receive. >> reporter: it was seven years ago today justina mcintyre's 19-year-old son, a star athlete, died from an overdose. >> he was struggling with prescription drug abuse and it started when he was 15, and he would get these prescription pills from medicine cabinets and from other students. >> reporter: officials and police from all over the county joined together to show how easy it is to drop off unused prescription drugs at local police departments and push a countywide effort this weekend to collect those drugs and keep them out of the hands of kids, but that's only part of the effort today. more than $100,000 is being used to arm police, every officer and sheriff deputy in the county with a heroin anecdote. >> the criminals of montgomery county are going to pay for this. >> 16 saves so far and we hope that there will be many more to
5:56 pm
come. >> reporter: the anecdote has been in some townships already and given to overdose patients by police. >> i need to place it up against the person's thigh. >> reporter: officers have already had to administer it and saw the life saving effects. >> we actually got him up walking and he walked out to the ambulance and went to the hospital to be treated. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> 24 police departments in montgomery county will be collecting unused prescription drugs on saturday. local officials say it's better to turn them in because washing them down the drain could contaminate the water supply. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a lawn mowing dad in trouble with one local school district for how he likes to bring his kids to class. we'll explain the drama. sheena? >> and we have a cold front about to move through. that's going to cool temperatures down, but also sparking a few showers. i'll show you how cool it will get and the much colder weekend forecast. first, a vigil is starting in minutes for the camden county
5:57 pm
toddler found dead this morning. our team coverage continues next.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now an nbc 10 news at 6:00, a vigil will begin at dusk for this 3-year-old camden county boy found dead in haddon township this morning. the investigation still very much developing at this hour, but a law enforcement source tells nbc 10 the boy's death is
5:59 pm
considered suspicious. the toddler disappeared from a relative's home along cooper street some time overnight, before a family member reported him missing at 6:00 this morning. police found the boy's body about three hours later along south park drive. that's just a few blocks away from where he was last seen. cydney long has been in haddon township since early this morning, she's joining us live once again. what new information are we learning at this hour? >> reporter: well, jim, i can tell you we do know little brendan's autopsy is complete, but so far there is no cause and manner of death. this as detectives are still out here on the scene and some in this community plan to gather for a vigil within the hour to light candles and pray. they say they saw the boy's grandmother in tears this morning calling out his name and showing his picture. a window of three hours is what investigators are working with from the moment 3-year-old brendan creato was reported
6:00 pm
missing 6:00 this morning to 9:00 a.m. when his tiny body was discovered by investigators in this wooded stretch of cooper river park. you actually went out of your home this morning looking for this little boy. >> yes, i did, because i have two small children at home, so i, you know, thought i need to go look and check backyards as i was walking and things like that. it's just so sad. >> reporter: megan shaw is heart broken, the mother of two prayed for a different outcome. >> i can't imagine my 2 year old walking anywhere near this distance. >> k-9 unit tracked him to a wooded area off of south park drive in haddon township and sadly the child was found deceased. >> reporter: investigators will only tell us the boy's name, a source confides he was being cared for by his father and his death considered, quote, suspicious. authorities won't say if creato was, in fact, in pajamas or if there was forced entry to his apartment. we asked if there was visible signs of ma


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