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missing 6:00 this morning to 9:00 a.m. when his tiny body was discovered by investigators in this wooded stretch of cooper river park. you actually went out of your home this morning looking for this little boy. >> yes, i did, because i have two small children at home, so i, you know, thought i need to go look and check backyards as i was walking and things like that. it's just so sad. >> reporter: megan shaw is heart broken, the mother of two prayed for a different outcome. >> i can't imagine my 2 year old walking anywhere near this distance. >> k-9 unit tracked him to a wooded area off of south park drive in haddon township and sadly the child was found deceased. >> reporter: investigators will only tell us the boy's name, a source confides he was being cared for by his father and his death considered, quote, suspicious. authorities won't say if creato was, in fact, in pajamas or if there was forced entry to his apartment. we asked if there was visible signs of trauma to his body.
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>> we understand you guys are looking for more information, but we need you to be patient as we conduct a very thorough investigation. >> reporter: police say an autopsy was completed this afternoon, the results pending as detectives spent the day combing the neighborhood for answers, many anxious for answers, courtney says there's been recent break-in attempts. she, too, drove her car desperately looking for creato on her own. >> just to holler out and started drstart jogging around. i don't know why, but i drove down to cooper and probably drove past four times. >> reporter: courtney could not bring herself to get out of that vehicle before investigators arrived. in the meantime, folks in this community, neighbors who are feeling for brendan, they started a go fund me page just a couple of hours ago and in just a couple of hours this afternoon it's already close to $1,000 to help pay for the little boy's funeral. live in haddon township, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> neighbors were awakened by a
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phone call from police this morning about the missing boy, the phone call basically said a boy had wandered off from his home and keep an eye out for him. many neighbors, as we've heard, rushed to help search for the boy. >> i just went out and checked my property and looked around in case he had wandered down this far. i figured if he'd walked away, they'd find him alive somewhere. >> i'm devastated, i can't even believe it. it's so sad. >> as you might expect, neighbors say they want to know exactly what happened to the child. we will continue to follow this story throughout the evening, we'll bring you updates on the web,, and on air at 11:00. turning now to our weather with a live look here at boathouse row. you may have run into light showers in some areas, but they are moving out now and the big headline is cooler temperatures moving in and we could see freezing temperatures this weekend. ready or not. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the cool down in her first alert forecast. sheena? >> jim, we have a couple
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different, i should say, cold fronts moving through, so they are going to give us a few different air masses over the next several days. right now on radar we have showers getting sparked by a cold front that is going to be moving through this evening, so right now in allentown we have some moderate to heavy rain showers, lower montgomery, bucks county, abington, and one thunderstorm now developing through parts of northern kent county north of dover, so we are watching this as the cold front does continue to approach the area and move through. we can't rule out a few more as we go into tonight. otherwise the cooler air behind it is getting ready to move in into tomorrow, so you'll notice that change. right now we have cooler air back off to the west, that is all part of that cold front. 50s and 60s, we, however, are still in the 70s, so we are still mild at this hour, 74 degrees in philadelphia, low 70s south jersey, mid to low 70s through parts of delaware, but north and west through the lehigh valley we're already in the upper 60s.
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so we will be getting cooler as we go into tomorrow. i think you'll notice it. for tonight, though, can't rule out a couple showers by about 7:00, 8:00, temperatures 67 degrees by 8:00 p.m. and by 10:00 temperatures right around 63 degrees. then changes tomorrow, those will last through the end of the week, and then another cold front before the weekend, dropping temperatures a lot lower. so we'll take a look at those numbers coming up. >> all right, sheena. new at 6:00, a handyman will stand trial for raping a drexel student this summer. preliminary hearing today, the victim, jasmin wright, was on the phone with her mother when harris attacked her in her apartment back in july. prosecutors say harris had been lurking in her home for 30 minutes before grabbing her when she walked through the door. also new at 6:00 in the wake of several deadly school shootings around the nation, princeton university's public safety officers will get rifles to use during any active shooter
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event. right now officers do not carry guns while on duty, but school officials confirmed today they changed their policy to allow the weapons in the case of campus emergencies. philadelphia police are hoping tips from the public will help them track down the men who murdered a father in his home last night as his three young children slept upstairs. 50-year-old tony harris worked out of his house as a electronics repairman. harris was shot in the head shortly after 11:00 p.m. when three armed men stormed in through his unlocked front door. the robbers pushed his wife into the kitchen at gunpoint and then shot him in the living room with the children upstairs. police say the robbers were demanding the cash the family did not even have. >> he kept saying, where is the money, so it sort of lets us believe they felt that it was a large amount of money somewhere in the house. now why they thought that, we don't know. we'll get to the bottom of it, though. >> only about a mile away around the same time police were called to this car crash. that chevy malibu was originally
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found upsidedown in the roadway and whoever was in it had taken off. detectives investigating whether it may have been the get away car in this case. investigators believe the three gunmen were teenagers, possibly 17 to 19 years old. the defense is now laying out its case against the contractor involved in the deadly building collapse in center city back in 2013. griffin campbell is charged with murder for the collapse along market street that killed six people. prosecutors say campbell valued money more than life. nbc 10's doug shimell takes us inside the courtroom with a look at the defense's counterarguments. >> when they went from demolition by hand to heavy equipment on market street in june 2013, defendant griffin campbell's defense attorney claims the contractor was not consulted. he faces murder charges with a wall collapse that killed six people in the salvation army thrift store and the defense's first expert witness contends campbell was left out of the loop on everything from bidding,
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to the danger of the unsupported wall. they were alleging the demolition architect, who has been given immunity by prosecutors, controlled the entire process and ignored structural and safety issues, but the prosecution says willing ignorance or incompetence by griffin campbell won't work. more defense witnesses expected wednesday at the criminal justice center, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. the viewing for former philadelphia naacp leader jerry mondesire is under way, he died sunday at the age of 65. he had a brain aneurysm while undergoing dialysis. a celebration of life ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow morning. temple university has its newest board of trustees member, unanimously voting to confirm tamron hall's nomination. the today show host replaces bill cosby, who resigned from
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the board last year amid his sex assault scandal. hall graduated from temple in 1992. she's the fourth woman on the board and outspoken opponent of domestic abuse. speaking of temple university, students believe they should earn at least $15 an hour for all campus jobs. the group called 15 now temple rallied on campus this afternoon to demand a raise in the campus wide minimum wage. protesters say they've been trying to hold a meeting with temple's president for more than six months but have gotten no response. we reached out to temple this afternoon but haven't heard back. a new study released today estimates you'd have to work close to 100 hours a week to get by with earning the minimum wage. the report by the alliance for a just society is based on how much a person has to earn to cover basic expenses and save for emergencies. workers need to log over 90
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hours a week to survive on the minimum wage. in new jersey they'd have to work 94 hours and in delaware 86 hours to get by on that wage. and raising the minimum wage could be a big topic of discussion tonight at the democratic candidates first debate of this election cycle. the event begins in just about two hours, but the doors still open for vice president joe biden to make a last minute entrance and tonight in biden's home state, supporters for senator bernie sanders are holding two watch debate parties, one in newark and one in wilmington. two new jersey u.s. lawmakers are throwing the challenge flag, if you will, on weekly fantasy football. senator bob menendez and congressman frank pallone want the federal trade commission to make sure there are safeguards for people who play these leagues. the two spoke this afternoon in east rutherford. they believe it's unfair for fantasy leagues to be legal while betting on sports game is illegal in new jersey.
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tonight, the camden mayor is speaking out after her city missed out on a $30 million federal grant. we first told you about this yesterday. mayor redd told us it speaks volumes camden was a finalist and despite missing out, camden will carry on to improve the mount ephraim area. next at 6:00, everything shuts down all at once. the philadelphia school superintendent says that's what could happen in the district if lawmakers don't pass a state budget and soon. plus, forget a school bus, how about a lawn mower? details on one montgomery county's dad's fight to keep picking up his kid from school in this ride right here. sheena? >> a few showers popping up on radar all because of a cold front tomorrow, but an even bigger cool down going into your weekend. i'll show you how cool it's going to get coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> in montgomery county this evening, abington police are using this new surveillance video to try to track down two chipotle robbers. these two showed up at the mexican grill after closing time sunday night.
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police say the two threatened the manager and forced him to give them money from the store's safe. they got away with the cash. anyone who might recognize these two is asked to call abington police. one new jersey k-9 crime fighter is now wearing special body armor to keep him safe in the line of duty. the armor will connect k-9 storm of the manchester township police department from bullets and knives. the armor is a donation from a nonprofit called vested interest. the gear is embroidered with the phrase "in memory of k-9 rocco," a pittsburgh dog killed in the line of duty. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says he cannot cave on the budget stalemate that continues in harrisburg. the state has now gone 104 days and 17 hours, to be precise, without a budget and this morning governor wolf told kdka in pittsburgh he cannot back off his push to right the state's multibillion budget deficit, but will that refusal to back down force philadelphia schools to close? philadelphia schools are now looking at what might happen if this drags on long enough for
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the district to run out of cash. the district is now borrowing money right now to keep the doors open, but the superintendent tells us he doesn't know whether pennsylvania law would allow schools to shut down, but they are looking into that. >> you can't pay people, are they required to come to work? it's all of these things that we would have to know and understand and we're looking into those things as we speak. >> hite tells us at the end of the month the district should have an idea how much longer it can operate under these conditions. well, one lawn mowing montgomery county dad is standing up to his children's school district. school officials say it's unsafe to pick up his kids on a mower, but dad disagrees. nbc 10's deanna durante has the story. >> it was really fun. >> reporter: and something 8-year-old anna malloy had never seen before. >> i kind of felt weird getting picked up in a lawn mower. >> reporter: her dad chris
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hitched a couple of wagons to the family's riding lawn mower. this is video anna took on her phone and drove her sisters lydia and gabriella to go get her at fort washington elementary school. of course, we wanted to talk to chris, but he wasn't home when he came by. that's why he wanted to make such a splash to pick up the girls because it's such a rare opportunity for daddy to be there at pickup. >> i understand moms have to do everything, but really? i can't do this, too. >> reporter: melissa was kind enough to fill us in on the details. >> he was excited about it and said people thought it was cute, but there was one person who said you have to go, this is dangerous. there wasn't even any hay for goodness sakes, because we haven't gotten our fall decorations out. >> reporter: and it was melissa who got the e-mail from the principal, one that was quickly forwarded to her husband. >> for me to let my husband know that they wanted him to stick to traditional methods of pickup in car lines. >> reporter: we also got an e-mail from the school district,
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the superintendent says the lawn mower with the cart and wagon attached was driven during a busy time a day when there was a lot of traffic and they are concerned about student safety. the malloys promised not to show up at school again like this, but say they haven't given up on their homemade hayrides. in fort washington, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we have some showers now across the area, not everybody, though, but there you see it, overcast skies through center city all because of the cold front approaching. currently philadelphia is on the dry side, but we will be seeing changes come tomorrow once all this clears up as that cold front moving through and will give us a cooler, windier day for your wednesday. then we have more weekend cold in the forecast, another cool down for your saturday and sunday with temperatures near freezing come sunday morning, even monday morning, so i'll show you that forecast in just a second. right now we're in the upper 60s in the lehigh valley, mid 70s
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still in philadelphia, so still pretty mild day, low 70s for south jersey and delaware, but we will see that temperature drop come tomorrow, so today and yesterday we've been in the mid 70s, the average highs actually 68 degrees, so over the past couple days we've been above normal. tomorrow we drop down to near average and we stay in the mid 60s as we end out the week, so that is the first cool down, second one is going to be even bigger over your weekend. right now on the radar we have a couple showers to talk about. they are small, but they are locally heavy like the one in lower bucks county around north hampton, this one is small, but locally heavy rain moving pretty quickly. also the one that's left allentown near coopersburg, heading towards milford, this one locally heavy rain, but no lightning in those. kent county, this was showing lightning earlier, but showing fairly heavy rain around kent county, approaching dover and that could be moving into bridgeton very soon here, into parts of cumberland county. again, it's part of this cold
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front, so don't be surprised if you see light to moderate rain showers as we go through the rest of the evening. as this moves through, though, later on this evening we'll see a cool down as we go into tomorrow. this is future weather, kind of a series of cold fronts over the next few days, but the big one friday. more clouds as we go through the day friday, chance of showers mostly north of philadelphia. look what happens, though, into the weekend because of that cold front. saturday and sunday big area of high pressure moves down from canada, colder temperatures really set in, especially as we go into sunday morning. we're talking about morning lows in the 30s. i think we're going to have many areas in the 30s come sunday morning, even monday morning, but if you're in the lehigh valley and the lower elevations, you'll be closer to freezing. so we are talking about a much colder weekend forecast. tonight partly cloudy, 55 for the low in philadelphia, 49 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow cool and breezy, temperatures the mid to upper 60s, but this is where we should be this time of the year.
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pretty seasonal with the breeze around. thursday and friday around the mid 60s and the colder weekend. for saturday, high temperature 58 degrees, sunday 55 degrees. we're looking at sunny skies across the weekend, too, though, but come sunday morning there you see the 30s, even monday morning it's going to be chilly for the eagles game. john? >> thank you, sheena. i'm john clark. will giants' star receiver odell beckham jr. play monday night against the eagles? and don mattingly and the dodgers relates chase utley's situation to philly. you'll want to hear that. that's next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports.
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>> i'm john clark. the eagles get back to work tomorrow preparing for the giants. it's going to be for the lead in the nfc east monday night. the birds have won 11 of 14 against the giants. will they have odell beckham jr.? he hurt his hamstring sunday night. ruben randall also hurt his hamstring. coughlin hopes they can practice this week on a limited basis. best game as a bird in sunday's win over the saints, four catches for 78 yards, the big 41-yard touchdown, his first receiving touchdown as an eagle. he's in his second year and hopefully continues to be a bigger part of this offense. >> in general as a player is an extremely dynamic player. i think he's got an ability to change direction, stop and start, he is really good with the football in his hands. that's why he's doing a great job returning for us. we've used him as a running back when he was back in college, you know, he can make people miss. the other thing is he's
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extremely tough. >> on to the flyers, goalie steve mason will skate with the team tomorrow morning but no word if he'll play against the blackhawks. he's been dealing with a serious family issue. flyers got their first win of the season last night in the home opener. shin scored the flyers' only goal. what a start for the flyers goalie, he had a shutout. claude giroux called a meeting after the second game of the season, the players responded. >> i think the whole thing was to get everybody to relax and not hit the panic button right away. i think just ready to play and great to have that first win of the year. >> new york's public enemy number one, chase utley, once again not in the lineup against the mets. last night he was introduced in new york and you know how it went. >> number 26, infielder chase utley. [ booing ] >> loud boos, mets fans will not
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forgive him for breaking the leg of ruben tejada. his manager don mattingly was asked how chase is handling all of this. >> fine. he played in philly. you play in philly, this is the same, all right? i think he was fine. >> got that philly, too. i'm john clark, we're right back. >> we know how to boo in philly, right? okay. coming up tonight at 11:00, an nbc 10 exclusive, digital exclusive. we take a look at a problem hiding in plain sight, homeless young people. for two months nbc 10 went into the heart of philadelphia to see a challenge that's become a crisis. don't miss "the faces of homeless youth," a digital exclusive tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. well, we're going to be cooler tomorrow and breezy. temperatures in the 60s. and we're going to stay in the 60s to end out the week, but look at the weekend, 50s for
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high temperatures come sunday and monday morning. we'll be in the 30s. >> get ready for sunday. for all of us here at nbc 10, i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues now with nbc nightly news with lester holt. good night. tonight, the pressure is on for hillary clinton now facing all of her rivals for the first time. much of the focus is who won't be on the stage. is tonight's debate hers to lose. a packed jetliner blown out of the sky by a missile. investigators say the ckpit was ripped from the plane and some may have been conscious as it hit the ground. >> jennifer lawrence tells a story about equal pay for women and paying the price for trying to be likes. >> and a mother on a desperate jurn who collapsed in front of richard engel and tonight she in the start of a new and different journey.


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