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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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sit a crisis in your own backyard. the victims are your classmates and co-workers yet they hide a dark secret. young people on the streets bouncing from couches to shelters to abandoned homes. >> at night people will be down there waiting for you to bust you upside the head. >> digital exclusive. the faces of homeless youth. our top story tonight random crime or is it family members that focus the investigation into the death of a toddler in
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south jersey. police are tight lipped of those close to the boy's family are not. >> this evening the community held a vigil for 3-year-old brandon. a law enforcement source says his death is considered suspicious. >> we have live team coverage beginning with nbc 10 live at the police department. denise you spoke to people who are defending the boy's father. >> reporter: people say he's a loving four who did not know this was going on. he was in panic when he found out his son disappeared. he's been here since this morning and they haven't been able to talk to him all day. the discovery of brandon's body brought out hundreds of people to grieve in the neighborhood where he disappeared. some in the crowd also came support and rally behind the
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3-year-old's father. >> he loves his baby. >> reporter: police have not named a suspect and whether this is case of foul play. friends and family wonder why the investigation appears to focus on him. >> no one believes this is possible. >> reporter: detectives had the area of cooper street and virginia avenue blocked off while they conducted an investigation that lasted into the evening. the last known place where the 3-year-old was seen alive. his grandparented dropped him off. >> basically devastating to hear something like that. the closer it gets to home really affects you. >> reporter: an all out search ended less than three hours from when his father reported him missing. canine unit found his body less than a mile from his home. >> just what happens. we don't know why. >> reporter: we got a statement from his mother. she's thanking everyone for
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their support in the search and asking for privacy. from theers say there's been no arrest in this case and although an autopsy has been performed the investigation is pending on that. >> as we've seen tonight haddon township is grieving. neighbors went searching as soon as he went missing but they never found him. >> keith jones continues our coverage from the apartment comet plex where the boip was supposed to be. keith. >> reporter: hundreds of people gathered behind me on this corner. the focus was a makeshift memorial right where the single candle stands. it's located at the foot of the building where this little boy was reported missing. candle, stuffed animals,
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pictures of a little boy. >> love is patient. love is kind. love is not self-centered. >> reporter: brendan, just 3 years old tragically gone but not forgotten. >> he was part of a family. he grew up here. >> i woke up this morning. my kids were texting from high school that one of their friends son was missing and everyone needed to start looking. >> reporter: while many loved ones prayed. >>ive us this day our daily bread. >> reporter: father john met with the family this morning. they're in shock. >> grandfather has been asked for prayers today when i was
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with him. >> we see how much evil there is in the world. >> reporter: the wrenching pain still too fresh. >> he was loved. he was an amazing child. this should never have happened. >> reporter: there is a go fund me page set up in brendan's name to support the family. many people are interested in how he died. many people said it won't do anything in terms of finding closure and bringing back brendan. tomorrow philadelphia's mayor said he's making major public safety announcement. he's holding a news conference tomorrow morning. his office staying tight lipped about what the announcement is. nbc 10 will be there. count on us for updates through the nbc 10 app.
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no justice. no peace. black lives matter. >> protesters made their voices heard at a public policing town hall discussion tonight led by philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey chanting black lives matter and no justice, no peace. several protesters were escorted out at the national constitution center. no word if any arrests were made. enough of e-mails. let's talk about the real issues facing america. >> tonight political rivals turned to allies. bernie sanders defending hillary clinton who is still feeling the effects of her e-mail scandal. >> the boxing gloves did come off. drew smith is live with details. >> this was the first chance of a democratic candidates to go head to head on a national stage. tonight they tried to stake out their differences on foreign policy, gun control and the economy.
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>> former secretary of state hillary clinton stood in the middle of the stage as the front-runner candidate. many of her positions became the focal point. when it came to her e-mail scandal, bernie sanders came to her defense. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your e-mails. >> thank you. me too. >> they were less generous on clinton's record on iraq. >> the worst foreign policy blunder. >> you're looking at someone that made thatqecision in 2002 to go into iraq when there was no real evidence. >> clinton said the president's decision to make her secretary of state should clear up questions about her judgment. >> he valued my judgment. >> the other big issue in the debate, gun control offering a chance for the lesser known candidates to jump in. >> we did it by leading to principle and not expanding to the nra. >> we have to respect the tradition in this country of people who want to defend
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themselves and their family. >> clinton and sanders fought over whether there should be a socialist or capitalist in the white house. >> we would be making a mistake to turn our backs on what built the greatest middle class. >> it's wrong today in a rigged economy that 57% of all income is going to the top 1%. >> there will only be six debate this is primary season for the democrats. the winner of the primary will accept the nomination here in philadelphia next year. back to you. >> drew smith, thank you. vice president biden did not take part in tonight's di bait buzz his supporters are urging him to run. >> never fail to remind us that a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. >> that's part of an ad from a super pac that wants the vice president to run for the oval office. the ad features sound from his 2012 dnc speech where he talks about learning the value of a
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job from his father. critics said that ad was in poor taste. new jersey governor chris christie isn't getting the job done according to a recent survey. a poll shows 56% of garden state residents disapprove of job he's doing. 55% have a negative view of the governor contrasted by only 39% in favor. this comes as christie continues to make modest gains in presidential polling numbers. we have breaking news right now. former nba player lamar odom is fighting for his life in a las vegas hospital. that after being found unresponsive at a nevada brothel. he's a two time nba champion with the los angeles lakers. he gained reality tv fame as the
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ex-husband of khloe kardashian. tomorrow civil rights leader will be laid to rest. he was the form head of the philadelphia chapter of the naacp. tomorrow's celebration of life will happen at 11:00 a.m. a north philadelphia community came together to remember a 14-year-old boy killed in a shooting. this was the scene near the corner of 10th and thompson street where friends and family of the victim gathered. police have not released the boy's identity but he was shot in the head last night. the victim was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. he died today. no arrests have been made. a jury has decided a milwaukee gun store was negligent in the sale of a gun that was used to shoot and seriously wound to police officers. the jury found badger guns at fault for the illegal of a
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weapon used in the june 2009 shooting. the 18-year-old who shot both officers got the gun from a straw buyer. that's a person who buys the gun for someone who can't legally do so. badger guns has been ordered to pay nearly 6 million dollar to the injured police officers in addition to more than 7 $700,00 in punitive damages. temperatures near freezing just in time for your weekend. when you'll need to break out your winter coat. an nbc 10 exclusive. >> being homeless means you have nowhere to go. >> meets face home less youth sleeping on our streets. >> why dozens of homeless kids seeking help are being turned away.
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i was just sleeping anywhere i could sleep for about a month. >> hundreds of philadelphia young people in their late teens
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and early 20s are homeless. they will walk the street, sleep in parks or abandoned homes. >> homeless because of families shattered by drug and alcohol abuse, violence and poverty and mostly invisible. our nbc digital team spent more than two months meeting the kids on the streets and the homeless shelters who were the face of homeless youth. >> reporter: you probably walked by them on the street or sat next to them. >> i'm going to end up getting locked up. >> reporter: their young mothers and bright homeless students. >> i was sleeping anywhere i could sleep for about a month. >> reporter: he was 17 sleeping on benches in parks, on the couch in an lobby. one time he said he walked from
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wilmington to philadelphia. >> i would hang out with my friends or do something after school. around 8:00 i would just find somewhere to sleep. >> reporter: she spent three years without a home. she says she left her parents house because she was abused. she was in high school when she started couch surfing at friends places. eventually she woenund up on th street and hit her breaking point while riding the l for hours just to get some sleeps. >> i didn't feel love at all. >> reporter: they are just two of many young people fighting for place to call home. a count in january found more than 600 people between the ages of 18 to 24 homeless in philadelphia. experts like temple university si believe the number is unaccounted. >> it seems like the numbers are smaller but it is a very big
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problem. >> reporter: we interviewed nearly two dozen current and homeless youth. too old for children services but not really adults. >> that stage gives us the last best opportunity to help them change their path. >> reporter: john is with covenant house pennsylvania. the city's only crisis shelter serving this age group. space is limited. about 34 kids a month are turned away. many are young or expectant mothers. >> the city of philadelphia has left homeless kids out in the cold. >> reporter: city officials say they are committed to the issue but the u.s. department of housing and urban development provides the majority of funding. not until the end of this decade. too late for kids who have no place to stay tonight. >> frankly, if we don't catch them here, the data is clear, they will go to become the next generation of chronically homeless adults. >> reporter: when given help
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they thrive. he's now in college and emma has her own apartment. >> when you have your own place, you don't have to depend on nobody and you have a job, believe me, it's a beautiful thing. >> you can go in-depth with this digital exclusive investigation on there you can meet each of the young people we interviewed, hear their experiences in their words. find out how you can get involved to help them. it's all available exclusively on >> tomorrow at noon join vince and fellow reporter for a facebook question and answer session about the investigation. that's at noon tomorrow on the nbc 10 facebook page. a montgomery county dad is facing backlash afterpicking up his kids from school on his lawn mower. >> school officials say it's unsafe but dad disagrees. here is the video that's causing
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a stir. christopher hitched a few wagons to his riding mower and headed off to pick his kids up at fort washington elementary school. >> family says several other parents thought it was a nice touch but school officials didn't see it that way. >> my husband know that they wanted him to stick to traditional methods of pick up in car line. >> they say they will abide by the school's wishes but they aren't ready to give up on mower rides in the future. today we were in the 70s again. a mild day but tomorrow you will feel some changes. a cooler day with the winds increasing. kind of breezy tomorrow. cold front moved through the area. we're going to see the cooldown. into the weekend we have another cold front moving through. we'll get even colder and we are talking about temperatures near freezing for some areas especially as we go into sunday.
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today and yesterday were in the mid-70s. average high is 68 degrees. we've been above average but tomorrow we'll drop back to seasonable temperatures staying in the mid-60s even as we end out the week. we do stay nice and cool and even as you wake i tomorrow morning you'll notice some cooler changes. your planner as we go through the day tomorrow, areas north and west of philadelphia closer to the poconos. you'll see around 50 degrees. clouds will still be around. philadelphia area upper 50s by 8:00 a.m. about the mid-60s by noon and closer to the shore you'll be the upper 60s by noon tomorrow. looking at a dry day. we still have a few showers around the area right now. we are mostly dry through most of the area but parts of cape may county some light showers still. that's all part of that cold front. the cold front is now moving through. we will see the temperatures dropping off. cooler air is on the way. this is future weather. we'll have a series of cold fronts moving through as we go
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through this week. friday is the big cold front we're talking about bringing much colder air for the weekend. friday afternoon that cool air is still here. once that cold front moves through look what happens going into your saturday and sunday. big area of high pressure moves down from canada pulling that colder air with it. we're looking at temperatures in the morning pretty widespread 30 degree temperatures by sunday morning. for tonight, we're not that cold just yet. partly cloudy. mid-50s philadelphia. tomorrow pretty nice day. just about a mix of sun and clouds. cool and breezy day. temperatures mid to upper 60s. seasonable for this time of year. then we go into thursday night, nice day. mid-60s for friday. that's when the next cold front swings in. wouldn't be surprised if we saw a couple of showers. sunny and dry across the weekend. windy and colder saturday.
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highs in the upper 50s. overnight into sunday morning upper 30s. lehigh valley closer to freezing sunday afternoon, mid-50s. the cold continues monday morning. that's going to give us a chilly monday evening for the eagles game. john. thank you. when could flyers goalie be back with the team. the cubs do something tonight they have never done at wrigley field. the celebration in chi town, that is next.
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[woman] hey, amy! [amy] hey, guys! [woman] hey, what's this?
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[man] oh, it's the new 50 times the money game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300,000. [woman] we could get 2 jet skis. [man] with a private dock! [amy] beautiful! [woman] and a house on the lake! [amy] the house looks great, you two! [in unison] thanks! the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. i'm john clark. the eagles are back to work tomorrow. it'sgoing to be for the lead in
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the division. the birds have won 11 of 14 against the giants. the other receiver also hurt his ha hammi. they had four more turnovers. they'd been preaching get after the football. they have caused 13 turnovers only the broncos have more in the nfl. malcolm jenkins said they had a goal for every time. >> the goal is three. i think we had four this game. you get plus one or four turnovers it's hard to lose a game when you get that many. you see what it does for our team. gives the offense opportunities. it gives us a boost of confidence as well. >> they're getting it done. flyers goalie steve mason is expected to be back tomorrow. he will skate in the morning.
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not sure if he will play tomorrow night. he's been dealing with a serious family matter. last night the flyers got the first win of season. they had to kill off six power plays. the captain is doing it all. >> it's important that your mind set is defense first. then a two on one or something you compete the chance. >> you have a very good chance. you want to be on edge to make a difference and help the team win. >> the chicago cubs have going to the nlcs. it's the first time the cubs have ever clenched a playoff series at wrigley field. kyle hits a huge home run. he crushes this off the wrigley scoreboard here. take a look at that. right there the ball is still stuck there. somehow it's stuck up there. i bet you they're not going to move it. the cubs eliminate the
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cardinals, one step away from their world series in 70 years. the cubs have not won a world series since 1908. they are partying on the north side of chicago. the dodgers beat the mets. i'm john clark. we're right back. i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those. one? are you kidding?
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temps are dropping off. >> it's going to be cooler tomorrow. not a huge drop. it will be cooler, pleasant. right around where we should be this time of year, 68 degrees. a little breezy. mix of sun and clouds. we stay cool thursday and friday. temperatures around the mid-60s friday but look at the drop going into the weekend. not even out of the 50s for daytime highs. it's going to be sunny and dry but overnight lows in the 30s come sunday morning even monday morning. chilly for monday night football. >> at least we'll have the sun
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for a bit. >> nice dry stretch. >> thank you. that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> thanks so much for watching. the tonight show is next. have a great night.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael strahan, eve hewson, musical guest charles kelley


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