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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 14, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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weather center. >> good morning. we're getting a nice start this morning. our skies are mostly clear right now and it is cool. the temperatures have dropped down into the 50s for most of the area. but we're seeing a couple of 40s. lancaster, pottstown in the upper 40s right now. and south philadelphia, 51 degrees. that's at fifth and ward along the delaware river trail at 61 degrees. we'll see sunshine, and some fair weather clouds. you won't need your umbrella. 56 degrees at 7:00. a little more of a breeze at 10:00 and the wind will be increasing as we go into the afternoon. that will deliver some clouds. and some places will get warmer than others. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. right now a check with jessica boyington who has your first alert traffic. >> good news all across the board. the vine street expressway back open was closed earlier east and westbound between the schuylkill and broad street. you can see from our cameras around 24th everything is moving along fine. the westbound lanes here, still have no problems heading to the
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schuylkill right now. this won't be the last time you're dealing with this. we do have this ongoing construction at least one more time so till thursday the 15th it will start tonight and continue until 5:00 a.m. we'll have more to come and tomorrow morning as well. we look at the schuylkill expressway, through the conshohocken curve no problems. 12 minutes between the blue route and the vine street expressway. >> more on this mystery. was it an accident or something else? this morning police continue to investigate the death of a 3-year-old boy in camden county. and a source tells nbc 10 it is considered suspicious. matt delucia is live for us and matt, the boy's family made its first comments about this tragedy. >> that's right. brendan creato's mother released a statement thanking the community for helping in the search and for support. that support was visible last night at a vigil in haddon township near the spot where the
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boy's body was found. brendan's father reported him missing yesterday morning. his body was found by a canine unit. he was last seen alive at his father's apartment. his grandparents dropped him off there around 9:30 monday night. family and neighbors now are baffled. >> my kids were texting from high school and that one of their friends sons was missing and everyone needed to start looking. >> he was part of a family. he was part of many people's families. they grow up here. >> and the boy's father was questioned by township police and an autopsy was performed but information from that autopsy has not yet been released. of course we'll stay on top of this one. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 5:02, a community in north philadelphia is also grieving, they came together last night to remember a 14-year-old boy who was shot to death.
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this was the scene near the corner of tenth and thompson streets where friends and family gathered. we know the boy's name but police haven't released it. officials say he was shot in the head monday night. taken to the hospital. he died from his injuries yesterday. the investigation is ongoing. at this point no arrests have been made. >> happening today, philadelphia's mayor says he is making what he call as major public safety announcement. he is holding a news conference at city hall. his office is staying tight-lipped but nbc 10 will be there. you can count on us for updates through the nbc 10 app. at 5:03, on to decision 2016. after two republican debates, the democratic candidates for president got their turn on the stage. and all of the focus was on hillary clinton who got a big assist from her rival. senator bernie sanders. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your
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damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. >> i think we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. >> secretary clinton, you want to respond? >> no. >> there were a lot of jabs and a lot of substantive talk on several issues ranging from income and policy. you'll hear from more ahead in our next half hour. from our delaware bureau now, dover's legislative hall is expected to reopen to employees today, one week after a fire caused extensive damage to parts of the building. officials say cleanup is almost complete but some areas need new carpet, cubicles and furniture. the fire started when an exhaust pipe for a generator was tested. >> in delaware county today, peco crews back with to fix a power failure that forced a school to close yesterday.
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classes remain suspended until the problem is resolved. philadelphia school superintendent dr. william hite jr. is expected to testify. the issue is school funding. $25 million in real estate tax revenue that would go to the district if approved. the hearing and the funding come as the district is waiting for cash from the state which has been without a budget now for more than three months. >> job seekers listen up. there is a job fair happening today at the christiana mall in newark, u.s. senators carper and congress john carney are hosting the event to hire workers for the holiday season. store representatives will be on hand from 3:00 to 7:00 at the mall. king of prussia mall is getting ready for the shopping sochblt can you believe we're talking about holiday shopping already. get ready for it. now the mall wants to hire between 1,500 and 2,000 workers to help during the time between
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thanksgiving and new year's. mall officials say they are hiring early to get people trained and ready. in addition to that holiday help, some full-time permanent jobs coming. hiring more than 600 employees for a new king of prussia store. the clothing store will occupy 100,000 square feet in the old sears building. happening today, the philadelphia police department is honoring 80 officers today during a merit commendation ceremony. this is from another ceremony earlier this year. the department says the officers being honored have performed highly intelligent and valuable acts of police service. six minutes after 5:00. skies are dry this morning. it's a cooler start, a nice cool breeze is blowing and it will blow some clouds through the area during the day today. but it will stay dry. no sign of showers until we get later in the week, then some
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showers move through which will bring in colder weather for the weekend. right now some spots are running chillier. 47 degrees for mount pocono, 56 in trenton. and wilmington is 54. it's a view from the pocono mountains looking past camelback. light in the distance, no clouds, no fog to start with. and a nice fall day ahead with more of that fall color that has been so bright in the pocono mountains. the radar, nothing to show you here, not today. by the time we get to the weekend we'll likely be tracking showers. 60 degrees for camelback, up to 66 in morgantown, we'll hit 65 this afternoon. close to 70, though, for bordentown and morristown, new hope also 69 degrees later today and upper 60s right along the coast for rehobeth, cape may and avalon. plenty of sunshine and a warm-up. this is typical for this time of year. 67 degrees in malvern, thorndale 66, and 68 in newark. look at the weekend forecast,
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the cooler weather ahead when i'm back. it's about eight minutes after 5:00. before you hit the road on this wednesday morning a heads up to see if there is anything that can slow you down. >> let's check on 76 this morning. how is it looking? >> right now it's doing okay on the schuylkill expressway, around spring garden street, actually chose this camera, taking out the left lane they cleaned it up so no delays because of that. we have a great drive time east to the vine street expressway that's going to take you 12 minutes so that hasn't increased. out in new jersey, heading to the walt whitman bridge watch for construction. they are cleaning up. scheduled to clean up around 5:00 a.m. so crews cleaning up now. north and southbound from 676 between the walt whitman bridge and morgan boulevard with two left-hand lanes closed. speaking of bridges, the delaware memorial bridge we have construction heading into new jersey, so between route 9 at new castle avenue and the mid span of the bridge. mass transit doing great so far with no problems or delays.
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more when i come back in the next ten minutes. alone and sleeping on the street. aheads in an nbc 10 digital exclusive, find out why youth are being turned away when they seek help. a ride runs into a road block. why a montgomery county father is taking heat for using his lawn mower to pick up his kids from school. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders.
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>> alope and vulnerable. hundreds of philadelphia young people in late teens and early 20s are homeless. they walk the streets, they sleep in parks or abandoned houses, homeless because of families shattered by drug and alcohol abuse, violence or poverty. and they are mostly invisible. nbc 10's digital team spent more than two months getting to know the kids on the street and at shelters. vince lattanzio introduces us to the face of homeless youth and what's being done to help. >> reporter: you probably walk bid them on the street. sat next to them on the subway. >> i may end up being locked up, probably getting killed. >> they are young mothers and bright high school and college students, and are homeless youth. >> i would sleep anywhere i could sleep. >> he was 17 sleeping on benches
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in parks, on a couch in a lobby, one time he walked from wilmington to philadelphia after getting kicked out while attending high school every day. >> i would hang without my friends or whatever or do something at the school, go to the library or something, then around 8:00 just find somewhere to sleep. >> emma spent three years without a home. she left her parents' house because she was abused. she was in high school when she started couch surfing at friends. eventually she wound up on the street and hit her breaking point riding the el for hours just to get sleep. >> those days i was really -- i didn't feel loved at all. >> the two are two of many people fighting for a place to call home. a count in january found more than 600 people between 18-24 homeless in philadelphia. experts like professor steinberg believe the number is
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conservative. >> because they are undercounted it makes it seem like their numbers are much smaller than they really are. it is a big problem. >> we interviewed nearly two dozen current and formerly homeless youth too old for children services. services are sparse. >> adolescence, that stage of development gives us the last best opportunity to help them change their path. >> john is with covenant house pennsylvania, the city's only crisis shelter serving this age group. space is limited. about 34 kids a month are turned away. many are young or expecting mothers. >> unfortunately the city of philadelphia, the city of brotherly love has left homeless kids out in the cold. >> city officials say they are committed to the issue but that the u.s. department of housing and urban development provides the majority of funding, promises to focus but not until the end of this decade. too late for kids who have no place to stay tonight. >> frankly, if we don't catch
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them here, the data is clear, they are going to go on many of these kids to become the next generation of homeless adults. >> given help they thrive. emma has her own apartment. >> you have your own place, you don't have to depend on nobody and you have a job, believe me. it's a beautiful thing. >> vince lattanzio, "nbc 10 news." >> you can go in depth with this exclusive investigation on there you can meet each of the young people we interviewed, hear their experiences in their words. and find out how you can get involved to help them. it's all available on also today at noon join vince lattanzio and morgan for a facebook question and answer session about their investigation. that's at noon on the nbc 10 facebook page. 5:15 we're waiting on word now of the condition of former
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nba player lamar odom found unconscious in a brothel in nevada last night. investigators say that employees at the love ranch in crystal, nevada found him unconscious. medics took him to the hospital. the owner said that odom is fighting for his life though the hospital hasn't released his official condition. the 35-year-old is a two-time nba champion with the l.a. lakers, also gained fame on reality tv as the ex-husband of khloe kardashian. >> an oklahoma community had two schools destroyed by a massive tornado is adding storm shelters to two dozen schools. voters in the town of moore approved the proposal during a school district meeting last night. ten storm shelters have already been built with donation and grant money. the approved measure will cover the remainder of the schools. seven children were killed in 2013 when a tornado ripped through two schools that did not have storm shelters. right now fire crews in montana continue to battle an
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8300 acre wild fire. officials say the fire is the 15% contained at last check. some homes in the area are still in danger. crews could be fighting flames from the air today if winds pick up. no injuries are reported. a proposal to erect a monument to martin luther king jr. atop georgia stone mountain is not a welcome response because of where they want to put it. civil rights groups say they oppose the monument being located next to monument of confederate soldiers. the southern christian leadership conference and two georgia chapters voiced concerns. officials are expected to meet with georgia's governor to discuss tissues. >> a lot of people locally talking about this. a dad in montgomery county facing backlash after the way he picked his kids up from school. on his lawn mower. >> that lawn mower part, that's what gets you. school officials say it's unsafe
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but the dad disagrees and here is the video that is causing a stir here. christopher malloy hitched wagons to his mower and headed out to pick up his kids. the family says several other parents thought that the homemade hay ride of sorts was a nice touch. school officials did not see it that way. >> let my husband know that they wanted him to stick to traditional methods of pickup in car line. >> they will abide by the school's wishes but they aren't ready to give up on mower rides in the future. i guess we'll be watching that. >> somebody needs to watch it. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will let us know if there are lawn mowers out there. >> we checked, there are none there. we're on 422 right now around trooper road, they keep moving this camera around. i think we're looking at here is eastbound so headed toward the
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schuylkill expressway. watch out on 422, the off ramp to trooper road, some lane restrictions there with construction. you can see the drive time still hasn't been touched. about eight minutes from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. the rest of our drive times in the philadelphia area are great. center city, no problems on 95 or the schuylkill, the blue route is okay, southbound from the schuylkill to 95 is about a 15-minute trip. we'll head to new jersey now, watch out on the white horse pike for construction between airport circle and route 130. there will be a traffic shift and that bridge work. 19 past 5. a cool start this morning, also dry. those intermittent showers yesterday are long gone and out of the picture. we'll see bright sunshine here. there will be some clouds blowing through. blowing through, the wind now west-southwest at 10 miles an hour and will be going stronger this afternoon. three degrees cooler than yesterday which puts us at 57
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degrees in philadelphia. at the shore temperatures are a little bit warmer, but it's completely dry. cape may is a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. 40s in pottstown, doylestown is 51, wrightstown 54. at the shore it's low 60s for cape may. go a little further north and here are the 50s. cape may court house, woodbine down to 55 degrees. and it's in the low 50s along the tuckahoe river and in the middle 50s for northfield and somers point. the temperatures climbing but notice the clouds moving in. these are high clouds, below those clouds no sign of any rain, showers are way to the north. won't be coming our way today. so stand by for a nice fall day. temperatures climb in the mid to upper 60s this afternoon, a little breezy at times during the day today. but the winds will die down overnight. and as skies clear out, we'll see a cooler start tomorrow morning as a result down to 46 degrees, 67 in the afternoon. that is a typical fall day with
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bright sunshine for thursday. sunshine, that fades on friday. clouds moving in and a chance of some light showers moving through during the day. 63 the high on friday. it's a cold front that will produce showers and bring us a chillier weekend. 59 on saturday. and look at sunday, monday and tuesday morning, the readings in the 30s. >> it is a big blow to one of the largest tech companies in the world. we'll tell you why a judge's ruling may put apple on the hook for hundreds of millions in damages.
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>> a new study estimates that you would have to work close to 100 hours a week to get by if youered minimum wage. 100 hours a week. the report by the alliance for a just society is based on how much a person has to earn to cover basic expenses and save for emergency. in pennsylvania that estimates you would need to log over 90 hours a week to survive on minimum wage. in new jersey work 94 hours a week and in delaware 86 hours to get by on minimum wage. that is one reason behind this, students at temple university believe they should be earning at least $15 an hour for minimum wage on on campus jobs. this group rallied on campus to demand a raise in the campus wide minimum wage. the protesters say they have been trying to hold a meeting
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with temple's president more than six months now but have gotten no response. we reached out to the president's office about this issue, and we haven't yet heard back. >> apple could face over $800 million in damages after a jury found the company used technology in their iphones and ipads without permission. landon dowdy is here with the cnbc business news. good morning. >> good morning to you. apple is under the gun after losing a pa tent lawsuit. a u.s. jury found the iphone maker used technology owned by the university of wisconsin madison's licensing arm without permission. apple could face up to $862 million in damages. on wall street markets a down day as investors way earnings and weaker than expected data showing china's economy is slowing. look for mortgage applications and retail sales plus a slew of bank earnings from bank of america, wells fargo and tnc
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financial. the dow snapping a win streak down 49 to 17081, the nasdaq down 42 to 4796. back over to you. >> thanks for that. let's check on the weather. see if i need a jacket. it is cooler this morning. our temperatures are in the 40s and 50s right now. we will see sunshine, that's a live view from center city at 5:26. 56 degrees. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> and bill, we're ongoing construction all over the place right now. 100 around 113, some lane restrictions, so watch out heading northbound on route 100, but when we come back in the next five minutes or so i'm going to check in with more of the construction sites around >> i'm matt delucia working on the latest about the death of a 3-year-old boy in haddon township new jersey. what his family is saying. i'll have that coming up.
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>> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> that was one of the highlights. we'll have more and more fireworks from the first debate by the democratic presidential candidates.
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this morning the search for answers. a community remembers a 3-year-old boy found dead in haddon township. we're following the investigation. >> and remembering a well known civil rights activist in philadelphia. former naacp leader jerry mondesire will be laid to rest today. >> it will feel more like fall today. a cooler change is on the way. the timing of that ahead in first alert forecast. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm chris cato. it's wednesday morning, a little cool when you step out. you may want long sleeves. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with your first alert forecast. >> i recommend the rest of the shirt as well. breezy this morning, the wind, that dry air flooding in the area going to make for a cop fortable day. 10-mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia, and it is a bit cooler this morning. we're seeing 40s and 50s, 49 in allentown, mount pocono in the 40s, 54 in wilmington and 56 in


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