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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> for making my city a safer city. >> it's been a good ride. i've been blessed. an emotion almay yoal mayor nutter announced charles ramsey is retiring after eight years of leading and in many ways reshaping public safety in philadelphia. we live team coverage of this breaking announcement that came down an hour ago. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal was there at city hall for the news conference and nbc 10 reese monique braxton will have a closer look at ramsey's career, his accomplishments and disappointments but let's begin with randy at city hall. randy?
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>> reporter: chuck, ramsey in his eighth year as police commissioner announced he will be stepping down in early january. he tells us this decision was entirely personal, not political, related to the upcoming election for the mayor this coming november. he was flanked by the mayor and a number of other city officials who credited him with the historic drop in the city's crime rate over the past eight years. now, ramsey has worked in law enforcement for 47 years with stops in chicago and washington. during his tenure here in philadelphia. officials say the homicide rate dropped by more than 30%. ramsey was also a key figure in getting the department of justice to issue reforms on the city's police department. but his time here was not without heart break. eight police officers were killed in the line of duty, and today the commissioner had a message for their families. >> thank the families of the officers that we've lost in the line of duty since i've been here. eight families. eight families. that are without their loved
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one. and the strength and courage that they've shown has given me the strength and the courage to move on. >> reporter: the emotional ceremony at city hall, at one point mayor nutter tearing up thanking the commissioner for coming here saying it likely saved the lives of young people throughout the city. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> mayor nutter said "we have the best police commissioner the united states of america." his time in office as seen a significant decline in the city's murder rate and his career accomplishments have earned him national respect and more titles. nbc 10's monique braxton is live with more on charles ramsey's resume. monique? >> reporter: hey, chris. well, charles ramsey is known as a police officer's policeman. nearly 50 years of experience, a stop in his hometown of chicago as deputy superintendent then on to washington, d.c. as chief. in washington, as you know, he oversaw the investigation into the bombing of the pentagon on
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9/11 as well as the murder and disappearance of federal prison intern chandra levy. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey arrived in philadelphia in 2008 after being appointed police commissioner by mayor nutter. shortly after he took over, four officers were killed in the line of duty. in all, eight officers have been killed while he's been commissioner. recently, an additional two died in car accidents. the funeral processions changed under ramsey's reign with police from the rank-and-file to patrol officers walking in unison. >> we all know about the very real danger the brave men and women face in a daily basis when they put on their uniforms and head out their front doors. and we were reminded of that danger tragically once again this year with the death of officer robert wilson, iii. >> ramsey is both nationally and internationally recognized by
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his peers in law enforcement. he created the leadership executive institute to help prepare police chiefs of the future while serving as president of the major city chiefs association. president barack obama named ramsey co-chair of the president's task force on 21st century policing to seek ways to help strengthen police/community relations across the country. he currently serves on the u.s. homeland security advisory council. >> philadelphia is, was, and will be very, very lucky to have benefited from the talent and dedication of police commissioner charles ramsey. >> reporter: but ramsey has also faced controversy during his tenure. he defends 2 department's policy of stop and frisk because he believes it keeps officers and communities safe. days before the mayoral primary in may, candidate anthony williams said ramsey is a good person but should lose his job
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because of the stop and frisk policy. when demonstrators interrupted an event on policing in a democratic society, ramsey called the black lives matter movement narrowly focused, suggesting a dialogue that leads to real change. he's admitted in some communities they've struggled but in other areas the police have great relationships with people. now, ramsey has been honored by organizations all across the country. at one of those ceremonies, i heard him say after retirement he plans to stay in philadelphia and just moments ago he said he's going to spend time with his wife of 30 years. and, by the way, his son charles rams ramsey, jr., just graduated from the police academy in june. in the digital operations center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thanks. we will continue to get reaction throughout the day on the announcement of commissioner ramsey's retirement. who may replace him. we're seeking answers for you.
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you can get updates at or through the nbc 10 app. and police in camden county have a big job on their hands. they're still trying to figure out how a three-year-old boy died. our south jersey borrow reporter cydney long is live for us again in haddon township. they was there all day yesterday as the search for this boy turned into a death investigation. cydney, a law enforcement source told you this boy's death is suspicious? >> reporter: that is correct, chris. that information came to us yesterday afternoon, but i have brand new information also the from a source very close to this investigation. we're told that the little boy, brendon credo, did not leave the apartment building where he lived and take himself by himself down to cooper river park in this direction. we're told he simply did not do that alone. instead, brendon credo's body was "definitely placed there." this information, again, from a source. crime scene investigators i'm told walked from the apartment to that wooded area near the river that we saw from skyforce
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10 yesterday morning. they retraced those steps and that route this morning looking for any evidence or surveillance cameras on homes. so far there is no video to speak of. detectives, though, are anxious for a break on this. they say the autopsy results right now are pending or inconclusive and that x-rays taken for any broken bones came back negative. brendon's father, we now know, is not in police custody and no one has been arrested but we are told extended family members are still being questioned. obviously about what led to the little boy's disappearance. residents in this community also anxious for a lead that provides them some answers. judy ladd is one resident we spoke to down by the river a short time ago. she recalls detectives running into the woods just about this time yesterday morning, a little bit earlier, chris, about 9:30. she did see one detective console another one, put their arms around one another and when an ambulance showed up, she said
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she knew to expect the worst in this case. it does come as the community came together last night in prayer right at dusk. a vigil was held for brendon. his mother in a statement also thanking supporters for their search during her time and her family's time of sadness. so many here have told me yesterday and again this morning that brendon was well loved, well cared for, well taken care of, they are just beside themselves and they are certainly anxiouses a and await any answers in this case. just as soon as we get any information, we'll bring it to you, live in haddon township, cydney long, nbc 10 news. in newcastle county, police say a man called 911 claiming responsibility for a woman's death. authorities say around 4:00 a.m. a woman reported finding her mother dead inside a home of whithers way in sanford ridge. police say a half hour later, a man called 911 and claimed responsibility for that woman's death. officers responded to the man's home in autumn wood and took him into custody.
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he's being held at police headquarters but at this point he has not been charged with anything. look at this. someone shot up cars and a home in the frankford section of philadelphia. bullets hit several cars and went through the window of a home there. no one was hurt, there were people inside that home. so far police have not made any arrests. and philadelphia police are hoping tips from the public will help them track down the robbers who murdered a man as his three young children slept inside their home. tony harris worked out of his home in kingsessing as an electronics repair. . police say three armed men, possibly teens, stormed in through his unlocked front door and shot him in the head. the robbers held a gun to his wife head and demanded money, cash police say the couple did not have. >> they kept saying "where is the money?" so it sort of lets us believe they felt it was a large amount of money somewhere in the house.
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why they thought that we don't know. we'll get to the bottom of it, though. >> about a mile away from harris' home police were called out to a car crash. a chevy malibu slammed into a park car. whoever was inside the malibu ran off. police say they found a bloody handgun inside and detectives believe that car may have been the killers' getaway car. happening right now, civil rights leader jerry mondesire is being laid to rest. they was head of the philadelphia chapter of the naacp. a celebration of life is happening inside bright hope baptist church at 12th and cecil b. moore in philadelphia. his burial service will follow. happening today, the archdiocese of philadelphia hopes that pope francis's recent visit will bring more candidates to the priesthood. today the archdiocese will formally announce its new recruitme recruitment program. "called by name" is the name of
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it. it invites parishioners to suggest suitable candidates for priest. the news conference will be held at st. charles borromeo where the pope stayed during his visit last month. a new leader is officially in charge at citizens bank park. andy mcphail assumed the job. he was hired in june. since then macphail has been special assistant to pat gillick and macphail's first order of business will be to hire a general moto general manager to replace ruben amarrow. showdown on the strip. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. >> we've been hearing that soundbite but we'll hear about the rest of the drama from last night's democratic debate in las vegas. plus, a plain crash mystery in florida.
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why authorities aren't sure after the number of victims after a small plane crashed into a mobile home park in florida. sunshine, some clouds blowing through the area. we have gusty winds which are going to bring us a chilly change ahead. i'm tracking some late-week showers making for an even colder weekend. your first alert forecast is just ahead.
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11:15 and on to decision
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2016, new analysis last night shows who gained the most from last night's democratic first presidential debate. most observers say front-runner hillary clinton delivered a polished performance but as nbc's tracie potts shows us, bernie sanders is getting all the buzz on social media. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails! >> reporter: it was one of the most memorable moments of the democrats' first debate and one of the reasons the social media analyst net base reports this morning that bernie sanders got more hits online than any other candidate. he also got the highest positive rating during the debate. followed by former maryland governor martin o'malley. o'malley challenged hillary clinton on creating a no-fly zone over syria. >> that i believe a no-fly zone in syria at this time actually, secretary, would be a mistake. >> reporter: net bay says clinton game it had most support. she slammed the benghazi
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committee and challenged bernie sanders on gun control. >> he was going to give immunity to the only industry in america. everybody else has to be accountable but not the gun manufacturers. >> lincoln chafee questioned clinton's "yes" vote on the iraq war. >> if you're going to make those poor judgment calls at a critical time in our history, that's an indication of how someone will perform in the future and that's what's important. >> jim webb's repeated frustration with not getting enough time -- >> i've been waiting for ten minutes. >> you're over your time now. >> well, you've let a lot of people go over their time. >> reporter: -- lands him at the bottom. so numbers indicate performance, not just poll numbers but money in the pocket. and we're hearing from bernie sanders campaign that he raised $1.3 million just in the four hours from the beginning of the debate. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. a shooting near the campus of tennessee state university overnight sent at least three people to the hospital. nashville police say those shots were fired just after midnight
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during an off campus party, a few hundred people were at that party when police say a group of armed men tried to get into the party, they were turned away and that's when police say the people started shooting into the crowd of more than 100 people, picking random targets, police said. one of the victims is in critical condition, the other two victims have minor wounds. look at this. a security camera captured a plane crash as it happened in florida. you can see the plane come down sideways. the aircraft slammed into a mobile home park in palm beach county and burst into flames and two mobile homes were destroyed. a man says his daughter died in the crash. the death toll is uncertain because survivors are still looking for missing family members. this is an aerial look at the scene there this morning. you can see what's left of those mobile homes there. residents have been allowed to
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return. federal investigators are looking for clues to into what caused the crash. >> a nice breeze is blowing. and that will give us a few clouds at time. just a few fair weather clouds, no sign of the showers we had yesterday. look at the wind. it's out of the west at 16 miles per hour. now gusting to 21 miles an hour running four degrees cooler than yesterday. we've seen clouds move through cape may, live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. now mostly sunny skies and it will be near 70 this afternoon at the shore. 60 in doylestown, wilmington 65. it dropped down to the 40s, then 46 degrees and climbing. winds will be steady so temperatures will stay in the
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60s for most spots. the clouds will have a hard time moving into the area but at times we'll get clouds. not much in the way of showers, just light scattered showers to the northwest. i don't expect showers today but later this week, a different story. another cold front will be moving in and on friday we'll be watching for some showers. you can see them in western pennsylvania friday afternoon. we'll see them develop and move through the philadelphia area as a cold front comes through here. just some light spotty showers at the end of the work week. today partly to mostly sunny skies, breezy with temperatures in the 60s to near 70 degrees. it's tomorrow we'll start even chillier than today with clear skies and less wind overnight tonight. we'll drop down to 46 tomorrow morning then bright sunshine tomorrow afternoon, up to 67 degrees. friday you might need your umbrella. a chance of some showers, they
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will be light, 64 degrees with mostly cloudy skies friday. then? it turns colder over the weekend. a high of 59 on saturday and come sunday morning it will feel more like later in november. 37 the morning temperature just 55 in the afternoon. and it gets colder monday morning down to 34 degrees. zom improvement tuesday afternoon with sunshine back into the 60s. >> frost on the pumpkins. thank you, bill. worst ad ever? still ahead, this connecticut woman took her nephew to court for something that happened during his eighth birthday party. plus, kissed by the pope. it's a moment this local family will never forget. a special blessing during the holy father's first few minutes in philadelphia last month. now we have an update on the support that family has received since that happened.
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fluzone high-dose vaccine. this week's wednesday's child is a bright and bubbly girl filled with energy. she's looking to find a forever family to help make all of her dreams come true. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to gianna. >> come on, gianna! atta girl! gianna is a bright and energetic 12-year-old who loves fashion and makeup. she loves to laugh and have fun so we went to the right place for that, the funplex in mount
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laurel, new jersey. she had a great time burning up the track. >> she's very bright, she's very articulate and is enthusiastic about life. she sort of throws herself wholeheartedly into whatever she's interested in. >> reporter: she is currently in the seventh grade and really enjoys school. >> i really like computers, math lab, science lab, all things that goes with computers. and math, i'm really good at math, like, really, really good. >> reporter: gianna is a smart young lady who knows what she wants in a family. >> i'd like to have a nice loving family that would take care of me, to be there for me when i need them. like if i'm upset to be there to talk to me. >> reporter: the ideal family would be loving and nurturing. >> i think gianna would do well with a family that can provide her with structure. she does well when there are very clear expectations, either two parents or one very strong parent. >> you know what kind of family
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you'd like? mom and dad? brothers and sisters? >> a mom and some sisters and maybe brothers. i'd like a dog and a cat, too. >> you would? >> reporter: she is ready for her forever home. gianna is this week's wednesday's child. >> and she's not a bad bowler, either. if you'd like to be gianna's dream come true, go to our web site, and search wednesday's child. ux also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. we are following breaking news this morning. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey calling it a career. an emotional show of gratitude from philadelphia mayor nutter as commissioner ramsey announced his retirement this morning. you'll hear more of what he had to say. and what happened to brendan? we just heard disturbing new details in the investigation of the death of a three-year-old camden county boy. sources say he did not get to
11:26 am
his final resting place on his own.
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>> philadelphia is, was, and will be very, very lucky to have benefited from the talent of police commissioner charles ramsey. >> plenty of raise for police commissioner charles ramsey who announced he's retiring after a 47-year career in law enforcement is. randy gyllenhaal is live at city hall. you were there for that announcement. ramsey's eight years in philadelphia saw dramatic changes in public safety locally and nationally and he was involved in both, well, the mayor credits him with the significant drop in crime happening in philadelphia over the past eight years or so. chuck ramsey in office for the
11:30 am
last eight years. he'll step down some time in early january. he was flanked by the mayor and other city officials who say he was responsible for the drop in rob reis and homicides in philadelphia. now ramsey has worked in law enforcement for 47 years. he had stopped in chicago and washington. he was a key figure in philadelphia in getting the department of justice to issue recommendations for reform that involves police misconduct and officer-involved shootings but his time here also not without tragedy. eight police officers killed in the line of duty and also some critics who say that major drop in crime has not been seen in their specific neighborhoods. >> i say they're right. we haven't done enough in some neighborhoods. there are some neighborhoods that are far too unsafe. there are too many people being shot on the streets of our city. too many murders, too many robberies, too much crime in many communities. we have to keep working to find
11:31 am
a solution. >> the commissioner says it will be a tough job. he didn't make any recommendations of who will be next but he said the first deputy would be a good choice but that decision would be up to the next mayor after this november's election. live at city hall, randy gyllenhaal, folks that 10 news. >> ran dirks thanks. we will continue to get reaction throughout the day on commissioner ramsey's retirement. we'll get updates and give those to you any time through the nbc 10 news app. this morning a family and community have a lot of questions about what happened to a three-year-old boy who was found dead in the woods in camden county yesterday. cydney long is live in haddon township. cydney, you brought us disturbing news from your last update. tell us what you've learned? >> i just hung up with the prosecutor's office in camden county which confirms for me that the pending autopsy with no cause and manner of death, that
11:32 am
only hinders and does not help their investigation. also, a source close to the investigation tells me little brendan credo did not walk alone from the apartment to this wooded area. they say he simply did not get here by himself. instead, brendan credo's body was "definitely placed there." this information from a source. crime scene investigators also walked from the apartment here in haddon township to this wooded area near the river this morning looking for any evidence or surveillance cameras on nearby homes. we're told brendan's father who was inconsolable yesterday is no longer in police custody and no one has been arrested. family members, though, are still being questioned about what led to the little boy's disappearance as this investigation presses forward. detectives are anxious for a break and they say x-rays taken for broken bones are negative. residents want answers, they are heartbroken for this family. judy ladd is still reeling about witnessing detectives running
11:33 am
into the woods. this time yesterday morning. >> we saw the police officers and i was praying let them come up with this child like this, not like this. and -- and when is there wasn't an ambulance here and then i couldn't take it anymore. >> and we're also about search warrants or evidence that may have been recovered here in the woods. it comes as the community came together last night at a prayer vigil. his mother thanking supporters. many have said brendan was a well loved little boy, well taken care of by his family. so many people here are hea heartbroken awaiting answers. as soon as we have information we'll bring it to you. live in had don township, i'm
11:34 am
cydney long, nbc 10 news. it's a sunny and breezy fall day across the area as we look at the art museum in philadelphia in the distance. a crisp fall day and one where it's nice outside right now. you'll see the leaves changing color. first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. we are going to see a cooldown in our future, right? >> tomorrow morning will be chillier. this morning wasn't too bad. 40s and 50s a little above normal. temperatures are still climbing in spite of the breeze. currently in the 50s and 60s. mount pocono 54. 60s for allentown and still climbing for philadelphia. sunshine will fade at times. clouds will be blowing into the area. i don't expect to see rain today but later in this week we will
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see showers. for today clouds, sunshine, 66 degrees at 1:00. 67 at 4:00. that's the normal high temperature. we'll drop down into the low 60s by 7:00 and i will be turning chillier tomorrow. but the weekend whether really be colder. it will feel like late november. the seven-day forecast when i'm back later this half hour. chris? it's 11:35. we're waiting on an update for former nba player lamar odom. he was found conscious in a brothel last night. he was found conscious in a room. medics took him to a hospital. the brothel owner said odom had been taking a lot of what the owner characterized as herbal viagra but they so no illegal drugs were found in odom's room. that's according to the owner who described odom as fighting for his life. he gained fame on reality tv as
11:36 am
the ex-husband of khloe kardashian. a jury has decided a milwaukee gun store was negligent in selling a gun that was eventually used to shoot and seriously injure two police officers. the jury found that the store, badger guns, was at fault for the illegal sale of a weapon used in that 2009 shooting. investigators say the 18-year-old who shot the officers got the gun through a straw purchase. that's when someone buys a gun for someone who can't legally do so. badger guns had been ordered to pay nearly $6 million to the injured police officers in addition to more than $700,000 in punitive damages. all right, your head shaker story of the day here. a jury rejected a connecticut woman's bid to sue her 12-year-old nephew. jennifer connell claims her nephew jumped into her arms at his eighth birthday party.
11:37 am
his jump caused her to fall and she broke her wrist. yesterday jury members broke her pride and denied her the $127,000 she was seeking in damages. pope francis is asking for forgiveness for recent scandals that hit the vatican in rome. the pontiff didn't cite specific examples during his off-the-cuff remarks at the vatican but there have been several problems for the catholic church in the past week on the eve of francis' big meeting on the family. a vatican monsignor came out as gay and days later rome's mayor resigned amid criticism by the church. and speaking of the pope, this is a moment that touched people during pope francis's visit to philadelphia. he blessed ten-year-old michael keating at philadelphia international airport. we've now learned the boy's family has received nearly $100,000 in support from crowd funding. one of those pledges was $50,000 from director jj abrams. michael has cerebral palsy and
11:38 am
his family plans to buy a new van with the money to help him get around. listen to this one. a ten-year-old cincinnati boy in ohio found a locket that said "mom" at an amusement park over the weekend. now he's returned it to its rightful owner who says it's more than just a piece of jewelry. 10-year-old james metcalf found that silver heart-shaped charm on the ground by a roller coaster. his family posted the find on facebook in hopes of reuniting it with its owner and social media worked. adrian byrd says she didn't even realize she lost the locket until she heard about the facebook post. the locket contains the ashes of her mom who died of breast cancer just two months ago. >> thank you, okay? i appreciate that more than you'll ever know. i really do. >> she says her next step is to get a new necklace for the locket, one sturdier than the next one so she won't lose it again. hundreds of teens and young adults living on the streets.
11:39 am
we will meet the faces of philadelphia's homeless youth next in an nbc 10 digital exclusive.
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>> i would just sleep anywhere i could sleep for about a month. >> alone and vulnerable. in philadelphia, hundreds of young people in their late teens and early 20s are homelessment they walk the streets, sleep in parks or abandoned houses, any place they can find shelter. homeless because of families shattered by drug and alcohol
11:42 am
abuse, violence or poverty. and they're mostly invisible -- until now. nbc 10's digital team spent more than two months getting to know these kids on the streets and in shelters. nbc 10's vince lattanzio introduces us to the faces of homeless youth and what's being done to help them. >> reporter: you've probably walked by them on the street, sat next to them on the subway. >> i'm not trying to be on the street forever. i don't want to be killed. >> reporter: they're young mothers and bright high school and college students and are homeless youth. >> i was just sleeping anywhere i could sleep for about a month. >> reporter: he was 17, sleeping on benches and parks, a couch in the lobby of an apartment building. one time, he says, he walked from wilmington to philadelphia after getting kicked out. all while attending high school everyday. >> i would hang out with my friends or do something after school, go to the library or something and then around 8:00 i would just find somewhere to
11:43 am
sleep. >> reporter: emma spent three years without a home. she says she left her parents' house because she was abused. emma was in high school when she started couch surfing at friends' places. she wound up on the street eventually. she hit her breaking point while riding the l for hours just to get some sleep. >> those days i was so sad because i didn't feel love at all. >> reporter: zinquece and mame are two of many people fighting for a place to call home. more than 600 people between 18 and 24 are homeless in philadelphia. experts like dr. laurence steinberg believes that's conservative. >> because they're undercounted it makes it seem like their numbers are smaller but it's a big problem. >> reporter: we interviewed two dozen current and formerly homeless youth too old for children's services but not really adult. services tailored to them are
11:44 am
sparse. >> that stage of adolescent development gives us the last best opportunity to help them change their path. >> reporter: john dukoff is with covenant house philadelphia. space is limited. about 34 kids a month are turned away. many are young or peck tonigexp mothers. >> the city of philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, has left kids out in the cold. >> reporter: the u.s. department of housing and urban development provides the majority of funding. hud promises to focus on youth and family homelessness but not until the end of this decade. too late for kids who have no place to stay tonight. >> frankly, if we don't catch them here, the data is clear, they are going to go on many of these kids to become the next generation of chronically homeless adults. >> but when given help they thrive. zinquece is now in college and emma, now a mother, has her own apartment. >> when you have your own place,
11:45 am
you don't to depend on nobody and you have a job, believe me, it's a -- it's a beautiful thing. >> reporter: vince lattanzio, nbc 10 news. >> a remarkable point of view there. you can go in depth with this digital exclusive investigation on and there you can actually meet each of the young people we intersflud that story. hear their experiences in their words and you can find out how you can get involved to help them. it's available on and here's another thing you can do -- today at noon, join vince lattanzio for a facebook question and answer session about their investigation. that's at noon on the nbc 10 facebook page. you know breast milk has been shown to offer nutritional benefits to newborns. now a new study shows more benefits of breast-feeding. researchers found breast milk contains biomolecules that appear to help reduce inflammation and fight infection. it's the first time that such a wide variety of those molecules
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have been seen in one place, including molecules that boost the immune system, reduce pain, and heal wounds. those molecules were not found in cow's milk or infant formula. well, toyotas may become a rare site at gas stations in the future. the japanese car maker is aiming to stop produce regular gas-powered gars by 2050. they would focus on making hybrid or fuel cell cars. toyota projects fuel cell cars will reach more than 30,000 by 2020. electric vehicles are not a part of the company's vision. the cubs are one step closer to ending their 107-year world series drought. the cubbies advanced to the national league championship series last night. they're probably still partying in chicago. the team celebrating with fans at wrigley field there after they eliminated the cardinals 6-4 to take the divisional series 3-1. the cubs are now four wins away from their first world series appearance in 70 years last
11:47 am
night's win was the first time the cubs have clinched a playoff series at wrigley field. the friendly confines even more friendlier now. their opponent is yet to be determined. the l.a. dodgers avoided elimination and beat the mets 3-1 in game four of their series in new york and, by the way, former philly chase utley who is appealing the two-game suspension for breaking a mets player's leg during an illegal slide did not play last night. game five is tomorrow night in l.a. here's something else fun you can take part in. an organization that's helped out military personnel and their families in this area for more than seven decades is having a big party. the liberty uso is getting set for a night of celebration, recognition and gratitude. joining us to talk more about this, joe brooks and joe witty. i like the uniformity in the name, guys, from the liberty uso. thank you for being here today. >> pleasure. >> let's start with joe brooks. joe, for people who aren't familiar with the uso -- and i think everyone has the general idea that the uso helps military
11:48 am
personnel and their families. but a lot of people don't know it's a nonprofit. people may think it's a government agency. tell us more about what liberty uso does. >> correct. 75 years of continuous serve service to military families in pennsylvania and southern new jersey and overseas. and that service takes a couple different forms. one, we'll distribute close to 20,000 care packages to troops serving overseas this year. but locally we're doing transformational things for military families like career transition workshops, financial literacy workshops, and taking care of kids for back-to-school supplies so compelling stuff. >> you also do a lot to help the families of fallen soldiers, too. i know there's a great program that you have that helps them get through that awful process. and tell us more, joe witty, about what you do to support military families in this area, in pennsylvania and southern new jersey. >> so my kids are about old enough now that i thought i could contribute. i was a veteran as well and i connected with one of the board
11:49 am
members and she said guess what? you'll be on the marketing communications team for the upcoming gala. it was a surprise but we have jumped in and help find some organizations that can contribute both financially, provide some auction items as well, raise awareness and just really create some good awareness for the gala to get people there to support the wlibwlib -- libber tie uso. >> this is the 74th you guys have done this. >> my first, actually. this guy has been doing it for a while but we're excited about it. it's a black-tie event. we have the centcom lloyd austin will be there, vai sikahema will be emceeing the event. >> that's right, nbc 10's vai sikahema will be emceeing. go ahead, joe. >> it comes natural to vai. he has a really strong connection to the military and
11:50 am
this night will be fun. it's going to be a good time but it will enable the uso to carry on programs and services for military families, military families that count on these programs and services. if you support the uso, you're supporting military families. >> anyone can come out to the gala, it's not just for military families. here's the information. it's next friday, october 23 at the philadelphia marriott downtown in center city. it happens from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and nbc 10's vai sikahema will be there to emcee. for more information, go to our web site, or check out the all important nbc 10 app. i know both joes have it on their phones right now. if i check them, that app would be there, wouldn't it? >> most definitely. >> good answer. thank you for being here. great luck at the gala. >> appreciate it. thank you. e. >> ten minutes away from noon. we have clouds blowing through the area but unlike yesterday is
11:51 am
no rain. blue sky, nice temperatures making steady progress. that's in spite of the wind that's gusting to 21 miles an hour in philadelphia. you can see sunshine, clouds will be blowing through during the day today and clearing out tonight the wind will get stronger this evening. at 4:00 this afternoon, gusts of 13 miles an hour wilmington seeing 20 miles an hour wind gusts. occasional clouds blowing through the area today rainfall, not today. possibly friday as another cold front moves in. scattered showers will stay well to our north and west today so that means warming into the upper 50s for camelback. clouds, sunshine and upper 60s in new hope, boar bordentown. still a few scattered clouds. high temperatures rehoboth to avalon and venter in city will warm into the upper 60s. 67 in wilmington.
11:52 am
malvern a high of 66 and 68 and wrights and woodstown. 67 for tomorrow after moshing in the 40s. sunshine will be bright on thursday. it could give us a shower on friday before we clear out and it gets windy for the weekend. that's colder air driving in on those winds. 59 on saturday. 55 with a cold breeze breauxing on sunday. that's after a morning low temperature in the 30s. we'll be right back. 30s monday and tuesday mornings. we'll be right back.
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nbc 10 and telemundo 62 cordially invite you to celebrate dia del nino. it happens from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at adventure aquarium. we'll have music, we'll have dancing and costumes, arts and crafts. you can also take photos with us, members of the nbc 10 and telemundo 62 on air team. photos with bill henley will cost you extra. go to nbc to buy tickets and you can get a $4 discount by using the promo discount "four
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ninos." the end of an era for the philadelphia police force. commissioner charles ramsey announced he will retire in january. ramsey made that announcement at a news conference at city hall less than two hours ago. mayor michael nutter became emotional as he thanked ramsey for his service. during his time here, the murder rate in the city dropped 33% since he took office. there have also been a number of reforms in policing. he was previously clpolice chie in washington, d.c. >> looking outside, we've seen sunshine and rain, no clouds. but at the end of the week friday there's a chance we'll see showers. until then, we're enjoying temperatures in the 60s with a good deal of sunshine today and even more tomorrow. the clouds roll through on friday and then it gets colder over the weekend and the win wind will be blowing to make you feel colder, especially in the mornings. 44 saturday morning. then 30s for sunday, monday, and tuesday. a little wintery preview there but temperatures will climb during the wyche next week
11:57 am
starting into the low 60s on tuesday and 70s by the end of the week next week. >> but a cold one for "monday night football" with the giants coming into town. perfect for the eagles victory. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm chris cato, for bill henley and all of us here, have a great day. mirrors. they show us all our problem areas... those places that we can't wish or squish away. well now fear no mirror, and eliminate those problem areas with coolsculpting - the patented cooling technology targets and kills fat cells, with no surgery or downtime. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today
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>> nicole: oh. i love indian summer. >> daniel: ugh. i'm not looking forward to the cold, though. >> nicole: okay, hey, hey. don't think like that. all right? everything is crisp and bright. hey, what about a fall wedding? >> daniel: do you want to wait a year to get married? >> nicole: no, no. spring. spring is just fine. but you know what? right? go away for the winter, it's kind of like a destination wedding. >> daniel: or why even wait at all? >> nicole: what? >> daniel: why wait, baby? huh? i mean, who knows what tomorrow's going to bring? >> nicole: yeah, okay. uh... what did you have in mind? >> daniel: do you have plans for tomorrow? >> nicole: [chuckles]


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