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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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i don't know if he wandered out or what happened. i don't know where he is the door was locked i guess he unlocked it and left. >> what happened to brennan. >> autopsy results aren't giving investigators any clues. cydney long live along cooper river. detectives are back out where you are today? >> reporter: yes, in fact, twice that we know of. first, csi detectives early, told they walked the refootsteps from the apartment to the wooded location. what they were looking for was surveillance cameras on homes. this, as we also know, the father is not being held for questioning and no one has been charged with any crime. only nbc 10 cameras were there, as detectives with the prosecutor's office and crime scene investigators headed back national woods in their search for evidence and answers. >> at the level of --
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>> reporter: judy remembers the very moment her heart sank tuesday morning. >> there were 12 detectives and i knew something had happened because i saw one detective, even not even here yet, put her arm around another detective. >> reporter: a source confirms to nbc 10, brendan didn't wander into the woods on his own. instead, quote, definitely placed there. but a second day of searching turned up no material evidence. >> i don't know what brought me down here, but you know, i was 40 paces from finding that child. >> reporter: a close friend of brendan's mother didn't want to show his face but told us, he's praying for the family and that brendan is with god now. >> saw k-9 officer, i think i think the officer found something. she said, i know. i said, should i keep looking? she said, no. >> reporter: sources confirm it doesn't appear he suffered
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broken bones but the community, very much broken and hopeful for answers. >> pray, let them come up with this child like this, not like this. and -- and when there wasn't an ambulance here and then i couldn't take it anymore. >> reporter: you still see the crime scene tape out here in the woods. we're told by investigators that the father and all extended family members are being cooperative with this investigation. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" and 6:00, hear more of that 911 call and the exchange between brendan's father and 911 operator. live in hadden township. cydney long. the murder of a delaware doctor, found dead in her home. now police are looking for the killer. the psychiatrist's daughter discovered the body. >> the family live on withers way in sanford ridge in new
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castle county. tim furlong live after the police station there. >> working on gathering information on the victim and suspect. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. this morning my phone started lighting up about a suspicious death. you don't hear about that too much. this crime has that area shaken up. neighbors in sanford ridge neighborhood woke up to crime tape and police officers knocking on the doors. this neighbor didn't want his face on camera. >> inquiring about whether i heard anything, saw any cars that were parked. >> reporter: police say before 4:00 a.m. a young woman called police to say her mother, a well-respected psychiatrist who works locally with younger patients had been murdered at the home. you see the cream scecrime scen >> we received a call from the individual. provided enough detail that we
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gave it attention aresponded to his location. >> reporter: police picked that person up at this home, ten minutes away from the crime scene. police are tight-lipped about the murder and won't offer up specifics on the doctor's relationship to the man who told police he killed her. neighbors relieved to hear police believe they have the killer but will miss their neighbor. >> extremely nice. the nicest person you can imagine. the biggest, warmest smile. >> reporter: i heard from that a lot of people. as a matter of fact. we have information about the relationship between the victim and the person who turned himself in to police this morning. police are still deciding how much they need to with hold and release in this case as connected to their investigation. stay tuned for more. i did just get a news release from the center where the doctor worked. they would only say they're cooperating with law enforcement and they extend prayers to the doctor's family. stay with us. police still coming up with new information, deciding what's released. we'll be sure to bring it to
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you. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. hii'm here to announce something that's the worst kept secret in philadelphia, i plan to retiree effective first of the year. >> police commissioner charles ramsey leaving the post of top cop. he is retiring after eight years, at the same time mayor michael nutter's term is up. ramsey hinted his retirement could be temporary. he leaves after hitting the national spotlight by leading president obama's leading task force. randy gyllenhaal look as the impact the commissioner had on the force. >> reporter: eight years ago, mayor michael nutter introduced charles ramsey to philadelphia. the new commissioner promised to cut crime in the city, and now eight years later, as he walked to his retirement, the mayor says job well done. >> thank you for saying yes.
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thank you for coming to philadelphia. >> reporter: ramsey previousbly worked in the nation's capital where homicide rates dropped under his watch, and the same thing happened in phillip 30% reduction in homicides, robberies and shootings, down, too, but today ramsey admits not everybody feels safe. >> still neighborhoods that are far too unsafe, too many people being shot on the streets of our city. too many murders. too many robberies. too many -- it too much crime. >> reporter: his tenure included massive change at the department, including investigation he requested by the department of justice. issuing reforms to root out corruption and limit the use of force. philadelphia had one of the highest rates of officer-involved shootings. >> i knew we had issues. but went cles close to somethint always see what you need to see. having the third party come in, take a look is important. >> reporter: heartbreak hit home, too. eight of his officers were killed in the line of duty.
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the most recent, officer robert wilson iii. >> eight families, eight families that were without their loved one. >> reporter: ramsey will officially step down after the november mayoral election. his last day will be some time in early january. he's been a cop for 47 years. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10. >> chief ramsey's 47-year history in law enforcement began when ramsey was an 18-year-old recruit for the chicago police department. he later led the plmetropolitan police department from 198 inform 2006. first attracting national attention in washington when his department investigated the death of shawn da levy in 2001. known for investigating 2002 sniper attacks in the d.c. area which left ten dead. after his time in washington, nutter nominated ramsey as police commissioner. ramsey came out of retirement
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and was sworn in at the beginning of nutter term in 2008. speculation has started as to who will be commissioner ramsey's successor. here's a look at some of the names out there right now. richard ross, kevin bethel, joseph sullivan currently members of the philadelphia police department. tom nestel and bill colarulo. no one will be named commissioner until after november's election for mayor. we'll be following the process for the next commissioner. get updates on the nbc 10 app. police make an arrest after a man exposes himself to a woman walking along the beach in rehoboth. john hurd of lewis allegedly followed the woman after pulling down his pants month morning. police charged him with indecent exposure and lewdness. he's been ordered to stay away from the victim. several dozen people back in their homes after a senior living center evacuated.
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crews tell us a resident at seashore gardens living center was mixing cleaning chemicals around noon. mixture caused a haze and fumes. as a result, 80 residents evacuated as the building was ventilated. no one was hurt in the incident. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> live look outside right now at wells fargo crone center. south philadelphia. fans heading there for the game against the blackhawks. bring a jacket. it's going to be chilly. sheena parveen is here with a cool evening forecast. >> keecolder temperatures on th way. >> talking about the weekend cold that we're looking forward to or really dreading. until we get there, talking about a cool rest of the week. we have clouds around. overcast skies across the philadelphia area. and that's what we're mostly seeing. a lot of cloud cover this afternoon. we had sunshine earlier. but clouds are moving across the
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area. but those hopes are to clear out tonight. that's going to left temperatures drop off. cooler tone. off to the west, 50s and 40s to the northwest. we are in the 60s. cooler than yesterday. 67 degrees right now in philadelphia. areas through the lehigh valley, mid to low 60s. 61 pots town. 68 atlantic city, dover. tonight, cooling into the 40s for parts of the area. for the rest of your even, clouds still around by 6:00 p.m. mid-60s, breezy and cool. 8:00 tonight, low 60s. and once clouds start to break up, closer to 10:00 p.m., see temperatures drop off. 59 degrees by 10:00 p.m. cooler start to your day tomorrow. and then we are talking about even bigger cooldown going into the weekend. areas will be in the 30s. so we'll take a look at that coming up. more than 60 lawsuits filed after the deadly amtrak train derailment will be heard bay single judge in philadelphia. lawsuits range from personal
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injury to wrongful death. amtrak says it will not oppose compensation claims for damages. sel self-lawsuits for punitive damages. eight people killed and more than 200 injured. a train derailed in may of this year. investigators are trying to find out how many people were kill after a smael plane crashed into a trailer park. two people were killed, including the pilot, one person on the ground. some say people inside those mobile homes before they were destroyed by flames. investigators say they have a lot of work ahead of them. >> looking at the experience of the pilot, we'll be looking at the weather that he may have flown through. all aspects, all phases of the flight will be reviewed. >> very fortunate in a mobile home park it wasn't larger. only two homes affected. >> one man believes his daughter was in one of those homes at the time of the crash. he hasn't seen her since. overseas, israel on high alert today with violence
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escalating between israelis and plins. gun sales are up as israel struggles to contain violence. it's deployed more soldiers. just today, a man shot dead by israeli police as he rushed past a checkpoint and appeared to be carrying a weapon, a knife. yesterday three people were killed and a dozen more ginjure in stabbing and shooting attacks in israel. today the archdiocese of philadelphia released new video in its quest to inspire more priests to the vocation. >> there's always looking something beyond what we can truly achieve in our life. >> video part of the recruitment program the archdiocese will launch next month. parishioners asked to write names of potential priests on pew cards. names will be reviewed by a vocation committee for possible follow-up. today the pope asked for forgiveness for recent scandals that have hit rome and the have the can.
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the past week has seen a string of problems for the church. on the eve of the pontiff's big meet on the family, vatican monsignor came out as gay and rome's mayor resigned amid scandal and criticism by the church. a local child in a wheelchair blessed by pope francis during his visit to our area has been blessed with donations from as far away as hollywood. the director of an upcoming "star wars" film donated $50,000 for michael keating who has serra br cerebral palsy. pope francis topped by the boy. the family was urged to start the fund to help pay for a much-needed new van. film director j.j. abrams was inspired by the family's grace and commitment. pennsylvania housing officials gathered to focus on carrying for young adults with special needs. panel discussion held this morning in the university city.
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officials from the p.a. department of human services led the conference. numbers show more than 14,000 pennsylvania adults with disables are on waiting lists for housing and other services. today a final farewell for jerry mondesire. gathering to celebrate the life, in north philadelphia. today would have been his 66th birthday. he passed away ten days ago. he was a journalist and an activist. he took over the philadelphia chapter of the naacp in 1991. was a founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalists. city of philadelphia welcomed 35 new citizens today. mayor nutter and immigration services director leon rodriguez administered oath of allegiance. in all, 19 countries represented. a victory for supporters of sports betting in new jersey. circuit court of appeals voted
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to reconsider an earlier rule in the garden state. new jersey claims two separate rulings give two different interpretations of the law make the issue still unresolved. a pennsylvania attorney's behind bars after he allegedly robbed a bank. steven cormier entered a bank in sko sko schuylkill county. a teller filled the bag with money, and he took off. shortly after the suspect was stopped by police with nearly $16,000 in the bag. he has been held on $100,000 bail. want to go back to take another look at breaking news we are following for you. traffic not getting any better on the ramp from the blue route to the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound because of the accident on the side of the road, skyforce 10 live there now. a car had been flipped over. skyforce 10 pilot says, traffic is backed up for about a mile or
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two, as the camera widens out to see this backup because of the accident. we'll keep an eye on it. key contractor in the deadly center city building collapse is testifying now. >> griffin campbell took the stand this afternoon. nbc 10's keith jones live with the latest. >> just getting this information right now. campbell described his experience, in his words, he had very little. campbell testified he never finished high school, held a series of odd jobs before meeting an architect who allegedly brought him on to demolish two row homes, he claims he has no formal demolition construction or contracting training. after that, the same architect notified campbell about the market street demolition, promising he'd be out of bankruptcy and never have money problems again if he did a good job. >> i don't want to violate the gag order but it's a matter of public record. i said in the opening statement the jury would hear from griffin campbell. everything he did within his w
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power to make this a safe demolition. the jury will hear that. the public's invited to attend. out side of that, a gag order. >> campbell is testifying as we speak. doug shimell in the courtroom listening. he'll tell us what's happened. keith jones, nbc 10 news. turning to decision 2016, democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking to build on strong performances after the debate. clinton contrasted her record on gun restricts with sanders saying his position is too conservative on the issue. meanwhile, she suggested the vermont senator is too liberal on other issues. sanders' most memorable line, happened when he said the american people are sick of hearing about clinton's e-mails. he argued, americans now have more serious concerns. >> donald trump is weighing in on that debate.
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the gop front-runner says hillary clinton won last night. >> i think she did her job. i think she got through the debate. i personally thought she won the debate. i thought bernie was off. he was not doing so well. i thought that the other people shouldn't even be up there, to be honest. a couple of them were ridiculous. >> trump says he's happy with the way his campaign is going and does not plan on changing much at all. >> joe biden has not announced whether or not he'll run for president. today, biden delivered remarks at a roundtable for the white house's build america investment initiative. talked about the need for infrastructure and for the people to finance it. >> here's the deal. i'm here to tell you, we need you. i don't care if you're a democrat or republican. i don't care what your background is. but you're business people, people who run states and systems. and you know what we have to do. >> the vice president went on to
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say he has is an optimist and believes infrastructure will continue to improve across the united states. check your refrigerator. dole foods recalled bagged spinach salad because it could be contaminated with salmonella. sold in pennsylvania and new jersey. marked with an enjoy date of october 15th. if you have it, company says throw it away. salmonella can cause serious illness, even becoming fatal. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorology sheena parveen. >> a cooler day today. but we have another big cooldown coming for the weekend. until we get there, though, it's going to stay cool as we end out the week. temperatures still staying in the mid-60s. but there is that big cooldown we've been talking about, just in time for your saturday and sunday. and even sunday morning we are talking about temperatures dropping to around 30 degrees for parts of the area. i think we'll have widespread morning lows sunday and monday morning.
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in the 30s. depends where you live, if you're going to have the coldest temperatures. live look near the art museum, cloudy skies in philadelphia. 67 degrees at the moment. i'll show you that weekend forecast in a second. but take a look what's happening now. we still have mid 60s behind us. so that was yesterday. today, though, at 67 degrees. average high is now 67. so we have a netable cooldown from yesterday. tomorrow, around mid-60s, even friday. there's that big weekend drop we're looking at, 58 degrees come saturday. that's the high temperature. so overnight into sunday morning. we expect to get down into the 30s. cold air mass moving in. low 60s through lehigh valley. 5 in the poconos. and dealing with cloudy skies. clouds are not bringing any showers, though. might look at times look it's about to rain. but these are dry clouds around. we don't have any rain with them. the closest rain back off in
4:21 pm
western p.a. this will be clearing up as we go overnight. ski skies clear. temperatures will get cooler overnight, too. here's what's going on. another cold front moving through. the cool air's going to stick around into friday. look what happens friday. another cold front approaches the area. we could see couple stray showers but most of the area will notice cloud cover. once that moves through, though, that's when that cold air mass sets up and moves. big area of high pressure drops down. pulls in canadian air mass. that's the cold we're talking about with 30-degree morning temperatures come sunday morning. tonight, cooler. but not that cold yesterday. around 49 degrees for philadelphia. low 40s. areas north and west. upper 30s pocono. suburbs and new jersey, getting 43 degrees. 48 for the morning low tomorrow in dover. so cooler overnight tonight. tomorrow, anywhere from 65 to 68 degrees. sunny and cool thursday for you. then we'll see more clouds friday. that's that other cold front moving through. most of the area will stay dry.
4:22 pm
but can't rule out showers. mid-60s. we get into the 50s over the weekend. high temperature only 55 degrees sunday. morning lows moornd mid-30s. accused of setting a local church on fire. the video police used to catch him. and how they say the damage didn't stop there. plus -- the new study that reveals more health benefits when it comes to breast-feeding. then -- a new breakthrough on alzheimer's disease. how certain lighting is helping patients coming up on nbc 10 news.
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police make an arrest in a series of vandalisms in montgomery county. >> no stranger to the court system. how he was caught this time and when his alleged victims are telling bus his arrest. and she's a well-known actress who is suffering from the baby blues. her message to other women who need help. cool end to the week for the ref of the week. we have a much colder weekend. i'll show you what areas can expect to be in the 30s.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a man -- a wanted man, no more, police say they have captured a man wanted in connect with a string of vandalisms, the destruction of a church sanctuary. >> arrested this afternoon, and
4:30 pm
only nbc 10's deanna durante was there. >> reporter: a church, angry at the church? christopher rhodes didn't say much but did tell a judge, this is not his first arrest. already out on bail in philadelphia, police can't explain what happened. >> his actions right now defy any explanation. >> reporter: kicked out of the tavern early in the morning october 5th. seen on video, after the exterior of the bar was vandalized and near the grocery store minutes before trinity lutheran church was broken into. >> while in the sanctuary, the actor tore up hymn books, tore a lot of the hymn books up and lit fire on pages which was concerning to us. >> reporter: they have no idea why someone would target the church, and still don't. he stole fireplace logs and carried them to the church using some to break through to get inside. the church posted it's asking
4:31 pm
for prayers for the person responsible. now being held on a $10,000 cash bail. good news for the bartender, they feared the suspected vandal would come back. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. school bus in atlanta county damaged over the columbus day weekend. several side windows shattered. and the windshield had damage. police believe either a b.b. gun or other small caliber gun caused the problem. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a live look outside at cape may. clouds over the beach today. and it's chilly out there. first alert meteorology sheena parveen tracking even colder temperatures. this nothing today. >> no, jacket weather this evening and through the weekend, right. >> this onning, cooler, especially overnight into tomorrow morning. but wait until you see the weekend temperatures. you're going to need one of the heavier jackets, four nationally or unfortunately if you like it
4:32 pm
or not. we have the clouds around. it is cooler outside today but clouds aren't bringing rain with. we'll see clouds clear up overnight tonight. temperatures are in the 60s. yesterday at this time, in the mid-70s. so quite the cooldown, 63 allen town and redding. 67 philadelphia. 66 now wilmington. upper 60s millville to atlantic city and dover. it's a pleasant evening. but look at numbers dropping off later tonight. by 10:00 p.m., mid-50s philadelphia area, possibly upper 40s through the lehigh o vally. tomorrow morning, lie jacket. by 8:00 a.m., low 40s. philadelphia area upper 40s. suburbs and new jersey, delaware, right around the upper 40s also. we are talking about a cooler morning tomorrow. but aside that, aside from the cooler morning tomorrow, talking about another big temperature drop coming. a colder weekend in the forecast. temperatures around 30 degrees for parts of the area.
4:33 pm
take a look at that forecast coming up. >> new york couple arrested in connection with at beating death of their teenage son, charged with first degree manslaughter. the police chief says 19-year-old victim and his 17-year-old brother pummeled monday at the word of life christian church. the 17-year-old's hospitalized in serious condition. bail for the parents, bruce and deborah leonard set at $100,000. >> during the counseling session, involving lucas and his brother christopher, the session turned physical. both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours. >> four other member of the word of life christian church were charged with second-degree assault. bail set at $50,000 each. just in, president obama is offering his gratitude to outgoing philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey.
4:34 pm
the president just released a statement in the past 15 minutes that reads in part, from chicago to d.c. to philadelphia, commissioner ramsey has always supported our women and men in uniform and the communities they bravely serve and protect each and every day. commissioner ramsey announce today he's retiring next january, after eight years in philadelphia. the president wishes him an enjoyable and restful retirement. a youth football league in pennsylvania is canceling games for the rest of the season after receiving a disturbing threat, bullets found near a football field with the names of league officials written on them. it happened at field's used by the mt. pleasant area junior football league near pittsburgh. a letter said the cancellation is happening with advice from state police and the fbi. our south jersey bureau, a local animal shelter can start taking in more strays. hamilton township shelter doubled dog and cat kennels.
4:35 pm
a larger medical area two adoption rooms and grooming area. township saved money by remodeling rather than rebuilding. >> police pull over one drunk driver. >> and end up with a doubleheader here. the caught on camera moment that turned into a very close call. and the new benefits to breast-feeding. why wow could be giving extra strength to your little one.
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more break news. skyforce 10 live in wilmington, delaware, police are investigating a shooting here. happened in the past 30 minutes on north monroe street. victim, in i critical condition. police are looking for the gunman and possible motive. >> inside that car right there, 20-year-old man, michigan police pulled observe for driving drunk. watch that, another suspected drunk driver sideswiped the car. no one was hurt.
4:39 pm
both drivers under age and face dui charges. a school in our area became the latest to take away honorary degree granted to bill cosby. lehigh announcing rescinding the degree it awarded cosby in 2004, that comes after renewed alleges from women who allege cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. cosby has denied allegations and never criminally charged. sell other schools have already pulled degrees from cosby. researchers say, they have found new benefits to breast-feeding your baby. doctors in boston say, breast milk contains biomolecules that fight infections and reduce inl flamation. may even protect against pain and help heal wounds. the same benefit was not found if cow's milk or formula. experts recommend exclusively six months of breast feeding. brighten up, it's common for
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patients with alzheimer's to have sleep problems. because of the condition affects the brain's ability to process light. now nursing homes are turning on lights with short wave lengths, blue lights. they say the blue lights help keep the body clock synchronized leading to better sleep and fewer falls for alzheimer's patients. former nba reality tv star is in the hospital. >> lamar odom found inside a brothel. what police believe happened to him and how he's doing now. cooler end to the week. starting with today and even bigger cooldown as we go into your weekend. 30-degree temperatures in the forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> check out vis video of an
4:44 pm
explosion captured by i firefighter's helmet. crews battling a fire eight quarry. three firefighters and a quarry worker were hurt but expected to recover. former nba star lamar odom is in the hospital, after found unresponsive in a nevada brothel 70 miles northwest of las vegas. >> jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: former nba and reality tv star, lamar odom, fighting for his life at a las vegas hospital. after the 35-year-old was found unconscious tuesday inside a nevada brothel. >> when we called 911, immediately called 911, then 911 said, roll him on his left side, and my management did that, and he started throwing up all kinds of stuff, foaming. >> reporter: source inside the hospital tells e! news doctors are treating as an overdose.
4:45 pm
eliciting outpouring of support from friends and teammates. >> wanted to extend love and support to one of our nba brothers, lamar odom. we love you, man. keep fighting. >> reporter: on twitter, dwyane wade wrote, i pray this morning for my brother. dear god, he's one of the good ones. shaquille o'neal adding, everyone that read this post, please pray for my friend lamar odom. >> reporter: gaining notoriety when he married choey kardashian, but their marriage didn't last long. following breakup, his personal life continued to spiral out of control, including several run-ins with the law for drunk driving and drug use, adding to a mum tull tuous time in his career, playing for four teams three years, last taking the court in 2013. now the former champion is in a fight for his life inside this las vegas hospital. jay gray, nbc.
4:46 pm
>> all right. switching gears now to sports. talking about the game of the week. you can vote for your high school football game of the week. choices upper dublin at plymouth whitemarsh, october ford and bishop shanahan. go to, call or text 610-624-4111. voting thursday, announcing the winner on nbc 10 news at 11:00. delaware job seekers, grab resumes and go. seasonal job fair at christiana mall. display tables with prospective employers set up in jcpenney. second job fair november 16th noon to 4:00. nbc 10 and telemean dough 62 wants to celebrate dia dell nino. if you go, enjoy music, dancing,
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costu costumes. you can meet and take pictures with members of the nbc 10 and telemundo 62 on air team. you can get $4 discount off the cost offed admission to the aquarium. first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a cooler day today. it's going to stay that way end out the week. tomorrow, even friday, still going to be in about the mid-60s. and then into the weekend. going to get colder. another cold front moves through. big area of high pressure from canada and we start to get some of that air moving in. that's going to give us temperatures in the 30s. as we go into mornings, sunday, monday morning. it will be on the cold side. live look. center city, cloud cover across the area. nothing in the way of rain. but we're seeing mostly cloudy skies. clouds clear out tonight. all of the numbers in the
4:48 pm
mid-60s. we'll be dropping into the 40s for much of the area. 67 now philadelphia. 68 millville and dover. still low 60s through lehigh valley. that will be the coolest spot tonight. clouds still with us, they will be with us as we go into the evening. but it's overnight we ex-tech clouds to clear out. i don't expect that to move in. we'll be on the mostly dry side and it's going to be dry stretch as we go through the weekend. here's a look at future precip and temperatures. clouds are here. but we again no rain with it. temperatures drop off as we go into tomorrow morning. waking up around 9:00, temperatures around the upper 40s, near 50 philadelphia. mid-40s through lehigh valley. by the time you walk outside. afternoon, cool, friday afternoon. friday, 2:00 p.m., temperatures in the mid-60s. more clouds moving through friday. that's the second cold front. can't rule out a couple of sfra showers friday with cold front. most of us will stay dry.
4:49 pm
then we go into the weekend. watch what happens with afternoon temperatures. noon on saturdayen only in about the low 50s by noon saturday. afternoon highs, i wouldn't expect to get out of the 50s and look at closest snow showers possibly just up to our north and northwest. so this is a very cold air mass moving in. and we will certainly be feeling that. so, cool to end out the week. there's friday and look at the cold spilling down from canada, sunday morning and monday morning, now it's not going to retreat back up to the north until tuesday. so we have a couple of days cold air moving in. tonight areas north and west, low 40s. upper 40s philadelphia. mid-40s, new jersey and delaware for the low. tomorrow, still cool. mid to upper 60s. but sunny skies. more sunshine today -- tomorrow than today. go into friday, clouds move in. stray showers possible. again, most of us will stay dry. mid-60s friday. then you see weekend drop off. it will be sunny and dry across
4:50 pm
the weekend. that's good news. and if you like the cold, that's good news. upper 50s saturday. mid-50s on sunday. go into saturday night into sunday morning. temperatures there will be in the 30s. talking about the upper 30s sunday morning for the philadelphia area. near freezing lehigh valley monday morning, mid-30s philadelphia area. 30 degrees for the lehigh valley. chilly eagles game monday night. a lot of people breaking out thicker jackets, maybe scarves this weekend. >> fair warning. >> yes. >> you're at the game, you're sitting out there for hours. you need to bundle up in layers. >> layers and probably more layers night with 30-degree temperature. >> cheer on team. keep moving. >> people will keep moving come monday night. it will be cool. >> thanks. famous actress sending a message to new mothers. she says she's suffering from a common disease but is shocked at
4:51 pm
the response she's getting from other people. what she says you should do if you're feeling the baby blues. this is nbc 10 news.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> a common problem, hayden panettiere is in treatment for postpartum depression. >> she went in voluntarily, she gave birth to her daughter a year ago, in december of 2014. it's the 26-year-old's first child. in an interview, the actress revealed her problems with
4:55 pm
postpartum depression. a lot of people don't think it's real, that it's hormones and brush it off. she said, it is very painful and scary. we spoke to the director of the women's emotional wellness center on main line and says it's important to know help is available. >> the thing to do is know the resources and have help lined up after delivery and talk about how you're feeling and ask mom, how are you doing? that kind of thing. to be prepared for a real answer. >> approximately 15% of women experience significant depression following child birth. feelings range from anger, sadness, guilt. moms may feel lack of interest in new baby and possibly thoughts of harming the child or themselves. if you think you need help, talk to your doctor. >> good to talk about it. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. a doctor murdered at her own home. chilling call that police received about the killing. and police think is behind the crime. and a cooler day today, cool
4:56 pm
end to the week. then talking about that big weekend cooldown. i'll show you numbers coming up. plus, contractor facing murder charges in the deadly market street collapse is on the stand at the this moment. nbc 10 doug shimell is in the courtroom.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
at 5:00, telling his side of the story. the contractor accused of murder in the deadly market street collapse takes the stand.
4:59 pm
plus, rating ramsey's performance. philadelphia's police commission ar announces he's retiring. nbc 10 look as the numbers to see how his department has tackled crime in the city. first, a phone call ends with a chilling confession. in delaware. now police are trying to figure out why. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" starts right now. that phone call came after the victim's daughter found her mother dead inside her new castle county home. >> the family lives on withers way and the community of sanford ridge. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong joins us live at the police department. >> reporter: yeah, that's right on the street and the phone we've heard about the possible connection of the victim and the man who called police to say he killed her. police sources tell me, for the sake of the investigation, they have to be careful what they release. they're not ready to go public with detail of the sad story out of new castle county.
5:00 pm
>> we got a call, 911 call, from a family member who arrived home to discover her mother deceased. >> reporter: the 55-year-old woman, well-respected psychiatrist, works with younger people, in the early morning hours killed in front of her house. police went door-to-do. this neighbor didn't want his face on camera. >> i'm a light sleeper, certainly would have heard something like a gunshot or a scream or something like that. >> reporter: police obviously wanted to know who killed the doctor, a half hour after arriving at the skeep they gcena phone call. >> an individual claiming responsibility for the incident. provided enough detail that we gave it attention and responded to his location. >> reporter: that person was picked up at this home not far away from the crime scene. police aren't identify the victim or person who said he killed her. the center where the doctor worked put o


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