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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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released her name. she was a well-respected psychiatrist. 30 minutes after her body discovered, the call came from a man claim he committed the crime. >> received a call from an individual who was claiming responsibility for the incident, provided enough detail that we gave it attention and we responded to his location. >> police aren't releasing the name of the person in custody tonight either, as for the victim, we've learned she worked with young people as the si psychiatrist at a behavioral health facility. the center released a statement, offering condolences to the victim. jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. now to our second big story, philadelphia's police commissioner, charles ramsey, announced he's retiring. philadelphia's top cop says he'll leave the post january 7th, last day of mayor michael nutter's term in office. commissioner ramsey came to philadelphia in 2008 from washington, d.c. he will leave a legacy, one big
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takeaway a big drop in crime. >> reporter: when charles ramsey arrived in philadelphia eight years ago, he promised to cut crime. flash forward to today, as he walks to his retirement and the numbers point to a job well done. >> homicide total for the year is down 33%. >> reporter: mayor nutter said ramsey's policies likely saved lives of many young people on philadelphia streets. ramsey previously worked in washington, where homicide rates dropped under his watch and reflecting on retirement today, he said it's clear that job's not done. >> still neighborhoods far too unsafe. too many people being shot on the streets of our city. >> reporter: and his critics point to problems within the police department itself. black lives matter protestsers routinely interrupted speeches claiming his officers used force too often. ramsey decided to spearhead an
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investigation with the justice department. it called for police reforms, rooting out corruption. >> i knew we had issues. but when close to something you don't always see everything you need to see. so having that third party come in take a look is important. >> reporter: and for eight years amid success and praise, heartbreak was never far behind. eight of his officers were killed in the line of duty, the most recent, officer robert wilson iii. >> i just want to thank them for their sacrifice, for their strength, and their courage. >> reporter: ramsey will officially step down after the november mayoral election. his last day will be some time in early january. and he's been a cop for 47 years. randy gyllenhaal. the number of murders in the city of brotherly love dropped drastically during the commissioner's tenure. 2007, there were 392 mers. took a year for that number to
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drop to 331. then last year, 248 people murdered. and it's not just murders. violent crime in general is down, 21,180 cases in 2007 compared to 15,925 last year. president obama praised the commissioner when he heard about the retirement. the president said, in part, quote, from chicago to d.c. to philadelphia, commissioner ramsey has always supported our women and men in uniform, and the communities they bravely serve and protect each and every day. and the president relied on his council and leadership when appointed him to co-chair of his 21st century policing task force. who's in line to become the next chief? ramsey said his second in command, richard ross jr., would be more than capable to run the department. but it's not his decision. that decision will fall on the next mayor of philadelphia. now to our third big story today, the death of a 3-year-old boy in new jersey. we still do not know how the boy
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died but we know police believe he did not walk into the woods by himself. half a mile from his home. the boy's father called 911 and we will have that recording for you coming up in just a bit. to other news now, new information right now about the breaking news in the alny section of philadelphia. septa bus hit a woman on 5th street and godfry. the 91-year-old is in critical condition, injuries to both legs. no passengers on the bus were hurt. police are still on the scene investigating now. turning to weather, it's now just too cool to relax on the beach at its only going to get colder. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us now with her first alert forecast. cool weekend ahead. >> yes, it's going to get cooler as we go into the weekend. today, cool day.
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but also nice day. the clouds are starting to clear out from the philadelphia skyline here. so, we're starting to see clearing at least in some areas. not everybody, up in the poconos, dealing with clouds, lehigh valley, delaware, and sprinkles trying to make their way into the poconos. but as clouds clear out overnight, temperatures will be dropping. we can't rule out isolated sprinkle, mainly west of philadelphia. but in the meantime, temperatures are now around 60 degrees for allentown and redding. mid-60s, philadelphia, pottstown at 59. about the mid-50s for south jersey and delaware. as we go through evening hours, by 10:00, we should be in about the low 50s areas north and west around 57 philadelphia. mid-50s through our suburbs and new jersey and delaware. tomorrow morning, going to be cooler. so you might neath need the jacket. 8:00 tomorrow, upper 40s, new jersey, delaware. but through lehigh valley, in about the low 40s for tomorrow morning. coming up, another big drop in
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time for the weekend. colder temperatures. we are talking about 30 degree temperatures. i'll show you when these are set to move in. a man accused of murder in the deadly market street building collapse took the stand in his own defense. griffin campbell told the jury he had no formal training as a demolition contract somewhere was told what to do by the demolition architect. campbell claims he'd only demolished two small row homes prior to agreeing to do ing tin the building that collapsed on a thrift store. he told the jury no discussion of job site safety from the architect. campbell says only time city inspectors with lni told him to stop because he didn't have enough insurance. his testimony continues tomorrow. new at 6:00, new video of a suspect want ford breaking into cars on villanova's campus. cars belong to football players.
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the man in the white t-shirt tried to use a stolen credit card at a gas station on city line. the credit card was take friend one of the vehicles last month. wilmington's may already have a lot of company in the 2016 race. u began young announced he will challenge mayor williams' reelections bid. young works as advocacy director. the fourth person to challenge williams, theo gregory, norman griffith and kevin kelly all in the race. former president bill clinton plans to stump for his wife and raise money in philadelphia a day after the democratic debate. hillary clinton telling supporters her husband will attend a private reception tomorrow in center city. the cost to attend, $500. bill clinton made a stop in philly in july at naacp convention. budget bat until pennsylvania's impacting children's education this evening.
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>> please pass the budget. >> we don't have our math books. they have to copy pages from a book. >> today the second graders at the valley christian school in huntington valley made this video. teachers starting to run out of supplies. the budget pays for journals. the paint kids use and even paper. all of the kids in class signed this petition, they plan to send it and the video to harrisburg to governor wolf and local representatives. bill cosby losing another honorary degree. lehigh resecinded the honor. inconsistent with character and high standards expected. yesterday wilkes university pulled its degree with fordham, marquette and baylor. back to the story of the 3-year-old boy found dead in haddon township, new jersey.
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cydney long has more on 911 calls. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> i just woke up and my 3-year-old's missing. >> what did you see him wearing? >> he was wearing pajamas. >> reporter: the voice of brendan's father who identified himself and his address in the moments he awoke to find his son gone. >> didn't hear anything, see anything, nothing like that? >> no i'm just woke up and he wasn't in here. i don't know where he is the door was locked. i guess he unlocked it and left. >> reporter: 3-year-old brendan didn't walk all by himself to the wooded location. instead, quote, was placed here. detectives who canvassed the seven block walk to the woods determined the location where the body was found. only nbc 10 cameras here. found no material evidence. something. >> tragic happened. we don't know what it is yet. >> reporter: residents left
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teddy bears, big and small, near his home and in the woods. his autopsy inconclusive. on the 911 tape, you can hear someone calling brendan's name in the background and father talking about door locks. >> stay on the phone. >> police are on the way. >> locked. i don't know what happened. >> he's with god. so you know, he's -- he's in paradise. but it's -- it's awful for the family. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," busted, nbc 10 is there as police arrest a man want ford a crime spree, including breaking into a church. safe ride home instead of driving drunk. new partners for a program in south jersey to cut down on drunk drivers. talking about a cool end to the week. but even colder weekend. some areas will get near freezing for some nights.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> montgomery county man is behind bars after police say he went on a vandalism spree, damage two businesses and the
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inside of an history ex-church. police arrested christopher rhodes late this in craft noon. only deanna durante was there. >> reporter: head down and arms and legs shackled, christopher rhodes didn't say anything as police led him into court. >> his actions -- >> reporter: early october 5th, police patrol discovered items outside the lands dale tavern were smashed, belonging to the bar, and had been destroyed. then the burglary call, down the street, at the lutheran church. >> in the sanctuary, he -- the actor tore up some hymn books, didn't tear a lot of the hymn book up, lit fire to pages which was concerning. >> reporter: someone smashed into the church, with stolen fireplace logs and vandalizes outside of the acne neck to the church. the footage showed this man walking between two skrim scenes when a patrol car comes down,
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they can't explain why someone caused thousands of dollars of damage inside the church hours before a funeral. >> angry at the church? >> reporter: the clothing worn by the man in the video is the same that witnesses say rhodes was wearing when he lef the bar. he has a dui convict and another arrest out of philadelphia. the judge told him he needed to place a cash bail on him. good news for people who work at tavern who fear they say, that the suspected vandal would come back. denan durante, nbc 10 muz. win for sports gambling proponents in new jersey. voted to reconsider earlier rule that banned sports betting at carrenos and racetracks. new jersey claims two separate rulings yet two different interpretations of the law making the issue unresolved. a program designed to keep people from driving drunk was a success, it will continue. tomorrow evesham's mayor will partner with the township for
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saving lives. residents can get a free ride from a number of bars and restaurants. this began labor day as a 30-day trial. more than 65 people took advantage of the first weekend. we'll be at the news conference and bring you more details tomorrow. >> coyote concerns in burlington county. a number of coyote sightings in the past few days in tabernacle. the office of emergency management told people living in the town to keep pets inside, even if you have a fenced in backyard. coyotes spotted along hawkins road, old indian mills and fox sparrow drive. coyotes don't generally attack human but was prey on small animals. it's not legal to shoot them even on your own property. tabernacle has a strict gun policy. first alert weather with sheena parveen. >> cooler today and in fact, it's going to stay this way to end out the week. so tomorrow and friday, both in the 60s again.
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and then we go into the weekend. another cold front moves through. we are talking about colder temperatures for the weekend. and the overnight lows going into sunday and monday, in the 30s. areas north and west, lehigh valley, you'll be the coldest. live look center city. weekend forecast in a second. but right now in the mid-60s, cloudy, but a lot of the clouds breaking up across the area. and tonight, cooler. but as far as temperature trend is concerned, we've gotten cooler today. yesterday we were in the mid-70s. today in the mid-60s. so far average high is 67 degrees now. as we go into thursday and friday, near average. and then that big weekend drop comes in. so for saturday, you'll notice only in the upper 50s. you will feel the change saturday night into sunday morning. some areas will be wabing up to near freezing, lehigh valley sunday morning. could be dealing with patchy frost, too. so of course updating that tomorrow and friday.
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for now 60s. cloud cover in place, not for everybody but we still have clouds around. few sprinkles trying to move into the poconos but a wider look shows not much in the way of moisture. some rain moving into central p.a. but that's going to struggle to get here. we have one cold front moving through. this will give us 60s degree temperatures as we go through the rest of the week. for the weekend, big area of cold air starts to move in. big area of high pressure drags it down from canada. and this will be our cold across the weekend. for sunday and monday, expect morning temperatures near freezing because of this. mostly through lehigh valley. widespread temperatures in the 30s regardless as we go through both of the mornings. monday, bundle the kids up and yourself if kids are going to the bus stop. tonight, cooler with clouds clearing out. 42 for the low in alp town, pottstown, redding, upper 40s philadelphia. low 40s new jersey suburbs. upper 40s for areas like dover
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overnight. tomorrow afternoon, sunny, cool day, temperatures around the mid to upper 60s. more sunshine today. not as breezy as it was today but temperatures around averagen friday, in the mid-60s. we'll see clouds moving in, that's that second cold front moving through. and then there's a chance we can have a couple of isolated shower but was most of the area should stay dry. saturday and sunday, dry stretch across the weekend. wind will be here. look at temperature, 58 saturday. 55 for sunday. sunday morning we'll be in the 30s. coldest spots lehigh valley near freezing. monday morning mid-30s and lehigh valley 30. finally start to warm up going into the middle of next week. but looking chilly for the eagles game monday night. >> thank you. sam bradford finding his groove? detail that coming up. hear from former phillies president, next. vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk. brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. i'm danny pommells. t minus five days under the prime time lights of "monday night football." birds hoping the offensive magic they discovered sunday against the saints carries over into the showdown. john clark has more. >> reporter: eagles have gotten their big play passing game going over the last couple of weeks. three touchdowns of 39 yards or more against the redskins and the saints and it could continue against the giants, who are giving up the most passing yards in the nfl per game. sam bradford is coming off
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hissehis best game as an eagle 333 passing yards. boy he was great in the second half. one of the better quarterbacks in the nfl in the second half of games this year. his offensive coordinator here at eagles, pat shurmur, offensive coordinator first year in st. louis. he says, sam has basically been knocking off some rust in the first month of the season come back from those injuries. >> he hasn't been able to play a lot of football in last two years, and so you know, preseason's one thing. training sessions are one thing. but when you get in the uncontrolled settings of a game, you know, there's still a little bit of learning curve there. he's playing better each week. >> reporter: eagles offense scored second-most points in the nfl in the second half. they need to start coming out quicker. john clark, comcast sportsnet. >> did you see that one-man wrecking crew sunday at the
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link? fletcher cox named nfc defense everybody player of the week. how about the phillies, made it official announcing andy mcphail as the team's new president. today we asked gillick if the 2017 timetable for being competitive, he told john clark last year, was still accurate. >> realistically we'll make nothing 2016. when i say progress, win a few more games. some players will become more experienced. we'll introduce other players in the lineup during 2016 season and add to that during 2017. >> one thing about sports, old feelings come back. flyers host blackhawks. steve mason is out dealing with a personal matter. flyers honor chekimmo timonen, traded to the blackhawks where he went on to win a stanley cup. storybook ending to a strong
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akeer. tonight 8:00. that's you look at sports.
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fluzone high-dose vaccine. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 want you to help us celebrate dia del nino, adventure aquarium on the camden waterfront. you go, enjoy music, dance, costume, arts and crafts as well. you can meet and take pictures with member of nbc 10 team. head to for details and get $4 off cost of the admission by using code for ninos. you want a jacket saturday. >> it's going to get colder into the weekend. rest of the week, mid-60s. more sunshine friday, clouds move. big drop over the weekend. sunshine but breezy. temperatures in the 50s for a daytime high. 30s sunday and monday morning.
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"monday night football" chilly for the eagles. >> thanks for all of us, jim rosenfield. news continues with nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. tonight, for the win. a big night for hillary clinton. did she do enough to secure her spot at the top and box joe biden out of the race. trump's take, the republican front-runner one-on-one, striking a much different tone than we've seen before. what he regrets about his campaign so far and surprising thoughts on hillary clinton. wave of violence. a palestinian man running with a knife shot down by israeli police right in front of our nbc news team. tensions escalating with word of yet another stabbing attack today. and tipping point. why a growing number of restaurants are telling customers don't leave a tip. what that could mean the next time you dine out. "nightly news" begins


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